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The Bookshelf-8 AM

The sun was just poking it's head over the horizon in the beautiful state of Nebraska. High in the sky however floated what could be considered the worlds impending doom. Atop this massive piece of land there stood a group of beings. Among them were Arthur and Kaspar Feilhaber, behind them was another five people. They stood ready and waiting, preparing themselves for the coming battle. A woman stepped forward and began to speak.

"Welcome everyone to the party that will mark the begining our fathers resurrection. He will join us once more and aid in the quest of purifying this world. With us we have the necessary pieces to grant him physical power in this world. And soon we will plunge the crystal spire beneath this Island through the door and grant him an escape from his eternal prison. The door to the Life stream is directly below us. We will soon be with him once more."

The group of people let out a cheer, this time a man in a robe stepped forward, taking his place next to the woman and speaking as well.

"If you could please lower the chains, we shall begin. The humans should not posses a force strong enough to destroy us before we can resurrect Father, let alone stop him. Thank Regulus for this valuable information, now prepare yourselves for battle."

A large cranking sound boomed out from somewhere beneath the Island as massive cannons began to emerge from the sides. Each one possessing a large metal point that appeared to be attached to a chain of some sorts. They began to rotate until they were facing downwards and then BOOOOOOMMMM the massive spear heads fired off, the chains trailing behind them.


The city of Lincoln was calm and never too busy, such was the way of the Nebraskans. They never had much excitement in their lives, that was until a few months ago when they were attacked by an alien force causing their major cities to be destroyed. Needless to say the people hoped this would never happen again, their prayers would not be answered today.

A massive chunk of metal struck the ground with insane force, plunging itself into the land before stopping. The shock wave it created was that of a small meteor striking the ground, miles of city were affected by the shock wave. Then more of these began falling from the sky, each one striking the city and claiming hundreds of lives. The only people left alive were the ones in and around city hall, what they saw next, horrified them. Large black chains seemed to be hanging from the sky above city hall. A shadow began to form. It started small and began to grow in size, until it covered city hall in darkness. The people outside saw something they thought was impossible. A massive piece of land hurtling downwards, directly above city hall. People ran but, it was futile, the island slammed into the building. The massive blue crystal beneath it, plunging into the ground just as the massive spear heads had. The Island didn't stop however, it kept going. Digging its way deeper until it struck something. The few who survived thought the day couldn't get any worse, they were wrong. Blue light began emanating from the crater that was just made, it rolled out like a mist that began to cover the land around it. Dead bodies in the mist began to change shape, turning from physical into blue light that floated back down into the mist.

The chains that were now laying against the ground tightened as if they were pulling something up. The island was lifting, every moment the grinding sound from the gears rang out through the city. It would take time however to lift the Island.


  • It's finally here, the day I have been hinting at for a while.Its pretty simple, these guys want to resurrect a powerful being to help them take over the world. The way to stop it is to stop them from raising the Island from the ground. This will take about 20 posts time to happen, in that time you people stopping this need to destroy the metal spear heads attached to the chains that are pulling the Island. Heres the catch, in order to get to the chain the person protecting it must be defeated.
  • There are 5 chains, each one will be defended by one of the five books.
  • Standard RPG rules apply
  • Street level characters are welcome, they just may not last very long
  • The only time no selling is allowed is in order to save the life of your character. However if you do this, I expect them to leave the thing. They can comeback later though.
  • Thats about it guys, any info you need will be in my About me.
  • Any other rules you think I should add, let me know.

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@twin_dragons_: I'll be back. Oh look! It's you again! I'm just gonna use Jerome this time. Zerian can be elsewhere, that'll make it harder on me.

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Forgot to add that if there have't been any posts in 7 days then the resurrection will be successful.

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@twin_dragons_: Oh my gosh! Those are the five books?! Yikes!

Anybody who is following me and has a powerful character please get over here. I'm about to have Jerome go into a suicide mission.

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Jerome arrived by teleportation, not his own but one of his men who left. Jerome had excalibure with him, although he may have needed the dialecta for this. He ran towards the blade demon first sending both light rings and sonic blasts at him keeping his face blank as usual.

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@admirallogic: The first target was Clash, he was in charge of defending the first chain. His hand grasped the hilt of his blade and he entered a crouching position, his leg muscles tensed as the rings of light headed towards him. Then he moved, it was quick and he would seem almost motionless to the human eye. A large gust of razor sharp wind shot forth slicing it's way through the sonic blasts as the light rays closed in. Clash lept into the air, the rings slicing his legs leaving a few minor scratches but, it was nothing to cry over. He flipped through the air before hitting the ground and pushing off. He was moving at Mach 15, that was 11509 mph or 6 times the speed of a bullet. He sliced his sword, attempting to use the 6 ft blade to cleave his opponent in half.

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@twin_dragons_: Seeing it, although realizing he was outmatched it speed. His only defense was he mind and excalibure. He brought his sword up and was thrown off his feet landing a few yards away. Jerome lifted a four foot rock with telekinesis, crushed it to a pebble size, and began trying to get in from any angle keeping it moving in different directions so as to confuse Clash.

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@admirallogic: Im confused as to what you are doing. Could ou please explain it a bit more.

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@twin_dragons_: Picture a small rock shooting around the air at a genius's control. Guess I did a bad job doing that.

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@admirallogic: Clash closely followed the rock with his right eye, it was moving faster then a bullet which caused some difficulties. What increased the difficulty was the fact that there was alot more then one of these rocks zooming around. Clash raised his blade making it perpendicular with his body and began to spin, the massive 6x1 blade caused his centripetal force to increase drastically. He planted his right foot hard in the ground, before allowing his left leg to keep spinning, his arms willed the blade to stop and it did just that. A large gust of razor wind shot forward, it was around 12 feet long and was moving at around 300 mph. This however was more aimed towards Jerome and taking him out of the equation along with any rocks directly in front of him. As for the ones that were on the sides and behind, those all collided with his body, pelting him like bullets would. Each one felt like a bee sting striking his body, some drawing slight trickles of blood, however it would take more then just a stoning to take him out of the fight. Clash tensed up his leg muscles and rather then running he lept through the air. His body spinning 180 degrees as he brought down the massive sword atop Jerome, hoping it would at least start some blade on blade combat.

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@twin_dragons_: The cutting wind was moving fast. Jerome attempted to block it and it shoved him back causing deep trails in the dirt. The fast moving swordsman was coming down hard on him. Jerome moved a few feet out of the way and swund his sword attempting to hit the side of Clash's own sword. He had hoped this would remove the massive, probably magical, weapon out of the mans hands and that would ease things up a bit.

(I now feel dwarfed by that massive response. Just like my pocket knife is by Clash's sword)

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@admirallogic: Clash felt the familiar clash of steel resonate through his body. The blade that struck his had caused the black blade to begin flying backwards, no doubt a disarming attempt, however the enchantment on the blade made attacks like this rarely work. The size of the blade would normally make it impossible to wield as fluently as he did however, the enchantment gave the blade a mind of it's own. It could pick up on twitches in muscle fibers and different brain waves in order to decide where it's wielder wanted it to go. It would then preform those actions, this whole process took less then a millisecond causing it to seem like the blade was being wielded rather then following orders. This is what allowed Clash to prevent disarming, he thought and the blade did, moving itself around and keeping the force into a semi wide arc. The target of the hit was Jerome's flesh, just beneath the ribs. The objective of the assault was to cleave his body in half.

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@twin_dragons_: Unfortunately this swordsman seemed to be quite agile with his sword even in midair and it swung into a different attack. Had he not been using excalibure he'd probably be dead already. Keeping pace with someone like this is very difficult without it and still a bit with it. He knew his sword wouldn't be able to counter Clash's so he used the flat of the blade as a form of gaurd and let himself get thrown again, quite painfully, and with a good cut even with his defence. It would heal soon but he could keep going. Nevertheless, he may not make it through the others if this kept up. He may end up with too many injuries. Swordfighting this man seemed to be a bad plan. Even if he could defend himself he wouldn't be getting in an attack of his own. He threw up his hand bringing a wall of underground water and rocks with it and floating into the air himself. He designed the wall in the hopes the man would break it and then it would all colapse due to pre orginized telekinesis and freeze around him while crushing into his body and then ripping it apart. Even if it didn't work his sword, and him, were ready to escape. However difficult that may be.

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@admirallogic: Clash followed suit as the man was hurled through the air, he swung his blade as a wall erected in front of him. The wall stood no chance however, when he looked up he had realized what a grave mistake it had been. The wall collapsed in on him, at least a ton worth of stone falling with it. He felt the water then freeze around his body. His skin became tough and solid, it was frozen as well. The blade demon had made a mistake in underestimating his adversary, it was pathetic and one he would not make a second time. He watched as everything around him exploded, his skin going with it, leaving only a mass of muscles and bones behind. Clash chuckled before wincing in pain, black blood began to pool underneath him as he watched the clouds in the sky. He began to speak,

"So, I was done in by a rookie mistake. No matter, we'll have to duel again, next time I'll know what to expect." he let out a harsh cough "To be honest I don't even want to do this but, my father is my family so it has to be done. Anyway, see ya around"

He looked into the sky as the massive black blade fell into his chest, his whole body jerked from the impact and then, he was dead. What remained began to turn into a greenish mist and floated into the crater. As it did, the metal piece that stuck in the ground faded with it.

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@twin_dragons_: Jerome closed his eyes for a moment his wounds healing from the opponents attack. He hoped he would not have to meet him again. He seemed to be adaptable and unless Jerome gained a new weapon he would probably need to retreat in his next duel. His next opponent, Regulus. Hopefully this one would be easier. Lifting up his hand he brought up the remains of his previous fight shooting it and him forwards while crushing it together to increase its density making it more difficult to stop.

(Phew! Man this is hard!)

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@admirallogic: All of the demons felt Clash's death, his soul would be placed in the soul pits and his resurrection would be swift. However, they also felt their father's power gaining. Regulus, however, knew he wouldn't be able to take a fighter who defeated Clash and another demon knew this as well. As the ball flew through the air a fist struck the top of it, sending it hurtling into the ground below.


An explosion ripped through the ground where the boulder had landed, creating a cloud of smoke and dust. Regulus saw this as his chance to retreat to another position, he would let the only demon he knew who could do that handle this.

No Caption Provided

The dust cloud cleared quickly revealing the body of a being who was definitely not human. He had black hair and strange things on his arms, his name was Hound. He spit on the ground and looked at Jerome,

"So, your the one strong enough to beat Clash huh? That means you'll be a pretty good match for me but, Father is a different story. A mere mortal like yourself couldn't even touch him. Your best bet is to just let me kill you now so you don't have to suffer."

Hound picked up a palm sized stone and tossed it into the air before catching it and hurling it towards Jerome. His plan was to wait for it to get close and then detonate it. The explosion would hit like a missile being fired from a fighter jet.

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@twin_dragons_: Jerome hadn't wanted to fight this one until later, hoping more would join him. But it seemed he had no choice especially with a rock flying at him. He sent a sonic blast to destroy the rock before it reached him and another two and some rings of light. These were his usual moves for fire weilders. Sonic blasts were quite effective weapons and defense strategies.

"I am not just a mortal, demon." Jerome replied continuing his genuine emotionless face, not disinterest, just not emotional, "Perhaps, if he does come. But I'm here to stop it. Besides, if I get the dialecta I can't be harmed. So it doesn't matter how powerful he is. Of you I considered Clash the easiest to kill and him and you the most likely to kill me. My powers are better adapted to fighting others. Thanks to providence it seems Clash is gone. So you and your father appear to be my biggest threat." He said it quickly as he sent more rings of light and rocks and carnage at the demon.

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@admirallogic: Hound chuckled as the rings of light hit his body, they each exploded on contact. Dissipating while only leaving light scratches, Hound began approaching Jerome, he himself speaking in rebuddle.

"Do you not understand what our father is, he is a being who could kill you before you can blink. He is a being who has ascended the very things you call rules. You say you can't be harmed by using some sort of technique Please, our father is the master of all magics and the wielder of nigh infinite power. You should tremble with fear."

Hound laughed as every attack exploded once touching his skin. Then he felt the sound waves, they halted his step, the smile vanished form his face. What replaced it was a twisted mask of anger and rage, this pathetic being had managed to effect him. It would not be allowed, Hound ran in a full circle around Jerome at Mach 10. Dragging his hand along the ground as he did it, he then lept into the air as all aorund Jerome explosions erupted. Each one with the strength and force of a missile , as he was falling Hound brought his foot down as to smash it into Jerome's face.

"Only the people who can back it up are allowed to talk big. You can't and thus you will die."

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Jerome managed to keep up. Despite not being able to run at such a speed he could track them, and predict what comes next. With the explosions around him he shot himself upwards sending sonic blasts in every direction and being covered in the magic ljght of excalibure creating a sort of light barrier. He hadn't been pleased with the light rings being so useless but at least sonic blasts could do something.As he did this he replied, "It is no technique. It is a weapon, a tool, and a defense. Only the worthy can weild it correctly. It defends me from any magic and any science. My only opponent with the Dialecta is my own pride and self want. And speaking of talking big, if your father is so powerful...why is he trapped."

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@twin_dragons_: (I kind of want to use the jackalantern alt for this if Jerome dies or something like that. Can you check him out and tell me what you think just in case Jerome does die or get neutralized or something.)

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@admirallogic: Hound felt his body get blown back by the sonic waves. He tumbled before landing a few feet away.

"Trapped isn't the propper term. Resting is more appropriate a word. Being that powerful can get tiring. No matter, look at the crater and watch what happens next."

Hound left, creating explosions to mask his escape. The Island however, was now fully out of the ground. Hovering above blue light.

(Im going to have a post up tomorrow covering the rest of the event. Feel free to make one more post until then.)

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@twin_dragons_: Jerome saw he'd been too late. Indeed, it was rising. He took a deep breath expecting the possibility of death...more important to him the death of everyone else. He flew backwards and was suddenly teleported away. In a case like this even Conjeria would help. So he intended to get as much help as he could. Conjeria, The dialecta, and anyone he could find.

(Thanks! It appears this will be difficult so I'm littlerally going to look around for help. IC on the other boards. This way I can bring Jackalantern into this since he jumps universes. I'm just gonna use admirallogic and jackalantern unless I get good help. That way it's a bit more evened out but I don't start killing everyone...lord garian, cydrus knightfall, and Zerian are going to stay away. And regina knightdall too. Garian makes things go insane by just a touch or them attacking him telepathically or empathically. Cydrus can die but returns a few moments later. You've seen Zerian. And Regina can copy any magic curse or spell so it'd be a little unfair for you. See ya tomorrow! Looking for help now.)

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The Bookshelf-9 A.M.

The time had come, Arthur and Kaspar stood overlooking the pit beneath them. Blue light pouring from it and covering the Island. Within a few moments the remaining demons arrived, they needed to prepare for the ritual. Arthur walked to the edge of the island as the demons began chanting, "Eclipse, Eclipse,Eclipse" with each chant The blond brother took another step towards the edge of the pit. Kaspar took his place next to Arthur, placing a hand on his back.

"Arthur, this is your destiny, this is the moment we have been working towards our whole lives. Our father and his father before him. Three generations devoted to this moment and here it comes to fruition."

"I know brother, we have fought for this, and now it is here. Let the ritual begin."

Arthur stepped forward, his body now plunging into the depths below. The demons gathered around the edge as Arthur began to recite the incantation.

"Ten wo hakari ten wo hiraki, Amaneku subete no hoshiboshi, Sono kagayaki wo motte, Ware ni sugata wo shimese, Tetorabiburosu yo, Ware wa hoshiboshi no shihaisha, Asupekuto wa kanzen nari, Araburu mon wo kaihōseyo, Zenten hachijūhassei, Hikaru!"

The light then engulfed his body, the rest of them watched in anticipation for what was about to come, however there was nothing. The blue light kept the same glow, there was no change. Hound was the first to react

"He FUCKED IT UP, I KNEW HE WASN'T A REMNANT." He turned his head towards Kaspar "You are going to join him at the bottom of that..." his rant was interrupted by a sharp rumbling noise.

The blue light began to change form blue to green, then from green to red. Cracks began forming in the ground, massive fissures that shot out from the crater intaking anything that was in their path. The demons watched in awe as the the display of their fathers power was shown. From these chasms magma boiled up, slowly flooding the ground around it, creating fires that quickly spread amongst the rubble. High above black clouds began to spiral, from the center black bolts began to strike. The first landed directly on the statue of Eclipse, the stone figure exploded. Then more bolts shot out, striking the ground and causing explosions on a grand scale.

Kaspar watched in a mix of awe and horror at what was going on around him, he had not expected this much power. The whole atmosphere had even changed, it became hard to breathe and it felt like gravity was crushing his body into the ground. He stepped backwards, his face sweating as he felt the presence of something too powerful for even his own good. A power that he himself couldn't even fathom, as he retreated he felt his body bump into something. He slowly turned around to see the face of Regulus, staring back at him.

"Your not thinking of leaving us are you, the fun is just getting started."

Kaspar couldn't speak or think, his only reaction was to run. He kept going, never stopping, his eyes focused on the demon. He couldn't tell if it was just an illusion or if it was real but, it seemed like they were laughing at him. He took another step and felt his body loose control, he had ran off the edge of the island. It didn't matter, at least he wouldn't have to see whatever monstrosity was creating this aura. He closed his eyes letting his body fall into the red glow, never to be seen again.

The demons all looked over the edge, they had no reason to save the human so instead they just let him fall. Their deal was done anyway, now all that remained was for their father to arrive. They all heard it, the laughter that echoed out through the air. Followed by the sound of beating wings, it was time, the next few moments would be horrific for anyone watching on the sidelines. A black shape could be seen in the red light, however it was hard to properly make out what it was. Then a shock wave ripped through the ground, everything around the crater was destroyed. Sent into a debris as a wave equal to that of a nuclear bomb ripped through the city. The black shape was now high in the sky, and it was easy to tell it was a person. However, this person had one lone wing sticking out of his back, it was massive in size, almost equaling the length of a stretch limo. The being in the sky began to float down onto the island, landing with grace as the wing became a cloud of feathers.

On the island the demons all began to bow as the creature before them approached. this was him, this was their father Eclipse. A being with unrivaled strength and wisdom, hound was the first to speak.

"Father, we welcome you back unto this earth. As your children we serve to do your bidding, please allow us to aid you in the coming war."

The being rose to his feat, looking at all of the demons before him. He gestured for them to rise and they did just that. He then turned to look over the island at the destruction before him.

"This world is weak, it must be cleansed of this weakness. Go my children, begin the cleanse, I however will await those who seek combat here. I have yet to experience a fight able to handle my skill in millennium. Let the war begin."

With that the demons all left, stepping through mirrors created by Shatter. Eclipse stayed on the island, overlooking the land around him.

This will be fun
This will be fun

Okay, any info you need on eclipse can be found HERE

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@twin_dragons_: Both Conjeria and Jerome appeared. This time Jerome had the Dialecta. With a roar Conjeria sent a flame underneath the ground so hot it melted the ground and debri and moved around Eclipse in a moment about to travel under him droping him into the ground. Out of Conjeris millions of giant fire and molten rock or meta came out running towards Eclipse and sending more flames to speed it up.

Jerome didn't even move but his eyes seemed to make clouds come together and began wirling near the speed of light.

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@admirallogic: Please rewrite this so I can understand it. I'm very confused as to what is going on.

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@admirallogic: Eclipse felt the presence of people, most likely warriors. Either way they would die a death brought on by steel. He drew his blade, all 8ft of amazonium glimmered with the light of the death and destruction around him. From his back the one lone wing came forth and lifted his body into the air. Fire roared from beneath him ripping through the ground of his Island, as it came forth he snapped his fingers and Black flames engulfed the red ones, destroying them before dissipating into the wind. He let out a slight chuckle before his wing flapped once more. The shock wave ripped through the sky, clouds were torn apart as he moved. His top speed being Mach 4236 (3,250,152 MPH) his travel was instantaneous, his blade moved as fast as he could fly, aiming to remove the head of Conjeria before landing behind him.

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@twin_dragons_: Conjeroa could see it coming. He had seen his flames destroyed and with a lift of his hand molten monsters roared from the ground. But they weren his ordinary ones. They had used the vacuum of heat making it impossible to lose anymore of it. Adfitionall fire would only increase it. They stood in front of Conjeria who randomly shot underground as Jerome sent a vacuum at Eclipse to entrap him.

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@admirallogic: Eclipse watched his blade rip through the bodies of the magma monsters. The speed and the force caused their bodies to explode, spraying magma across the ground and onto eclipse. The magma didn't bother him, it was like water falling on the skin of a regular person. It acted as more of an annoyance then a way to cause harm, then came the Vacuum. Eclipse scratched his chin before snapping his fingers once more, a large black mist formed, quickly taking the shape of a rhinoceros. The large gray beast let out a scream of pain as the Vacuum began to crush the beast, Eclipse took another step forward. This time as his foot hit the ground it froze over, the ice was black however not the regular ice color. The ice quickly covered every surface, engulfing the city and anything else it touched. Remnants of buildings were crushed by the frost. Eclipse let out a loud laugh as his wing beat once more, he launched himself into the air. Just like the other times it created a nuclear style shock wave before his body appeared in the air. His blade glinting in the light as he began swinging his sword, large gusts of black razor wind came down. They could slice through almost any material, he sent fourth hundreds of them. Each one was a city block long and they came down in a random fashion.

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@twin_dragons_: Conjeria was well protected underground and came back up covered in a firey rock like dragon the size of the empire state buidling. Jerome was protected by the power of the Dialecta. Conjeria's roaring laugh was comparable to an avalanche from Mt. Everest. In a moment all the flames he'd made previously reshaped themseleves.

"You dare attack the son of the universe?!" He roared, "Let me show you my power!"

A fire appeared above them all with a suction power enough to rip out the himalayas Into space.

"Don't!" Jerome tried to yell at him. If there were any survivors they'd be sucked inside And never seem again probably.

"Feel my wrath, fraud!" Conjeria roared again destroying nearly everything.

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@admirallogic: Eclipse laughed and let his body get pulled into the flames above, those around would assume he was dead and defeated. This however was not the case, from the center of the vortex the flames began to turn black. The black spread outwards, before the entire vortex exploded into black flames, at the center Eclipse floated. He let out laughter that rivaled that of Conjeria's, he looked down upon his enemies.

"You think you can beat me with regular elements, I wield the dark elements. They hold enough power to corrupt, consume, and destroy their regular counterparts. In fact I'm the one who created them. I have existed long before the universe child, I am what you would call one of the fallen. Alive for the creation and the bringer of it's destruction whenever I see fit. I am the concept of war, I am the angel of war. My goal is to rid this planet of the weak that scurry around like cockroaches. They take resources and do nothing in return, you however have strength, so join me. I acknowledge your strength however, you can't beat me. I have yet to unleash my full strength, let alone half of it. So either you keep up this pointless fight and die or join me and kill that man there."

Eclipse held out his right hand and kept is left on the hilt on his sword. Either outcome had a response.

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@twin_dragons_: @admirallogic

"Beware the man of false logic and over-sized ego." The Temporal Hound said as it seemed to materialize from thin air, hovering between the two combatants. The vast predator had at last arrived, sent by its one true master to act where she could not. The Temporal Hound's titanic brain had been calculating the odds and come to realize the one defender of Earth that was present was simply running out of options. He need no longer fear though, the Hound had sent word and others were coming. For now there was the Temporal Hound. He was done talking, never one for many words, especially during battle. The Temporal Hound launched itself forward through the air on great air destroying wings, it was not fast, it did not need to be fast. There were two purposes for its movement forward, one to get within striking distance and two to make Eclipse divide his attention. Even beings such as the Temporal Hound which were capable of thinking about multiple subjects at once lost something in their efficiency.

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@temporal_hound: @twin_dragons_:

Jerome thought better to simply do his best to keep things more safe. While his defenses were nigh unbeatable his attacks were less so.

Conjeria on the other hand had found exactly what he wanted. The dark fire. He could manipulate any fire, this was but another form. Even if Eclipse withdrew the flame somehow Conjerias own flame would remain relying on nothing to exist.

"It seems help has arrived, care to kill him yourself?" Conjeria roared, "Or shall I do it?"

Without waiting Conjeria began forming a creature he'd formed before. He called him Horatio. He was a humanoid made from flame itself that could travel anywhere and remained in contact with Conjeri no matter what. He could travel through flame and had as much firepower as Conjeria. But they waited to see the result.

(Yay!! Help!!!)

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@admirallogic: @temporal_hound: Eclipse followed both beings, one eye for each of them. He would devise a plan quickly, his brain worked trillions of times faster then the human mind. His entire thought process would take no longer then 0.0000000001 seconds. He let out a chuckle as both beings charged him, he waited till they were just close enough and BOOOOM His wing beat propelling his body upwards at Mach 4236 raising him into the stratosphere. Beneath him both parties should have felt the impact of his explosive shock wave. He raised his blade into the sky and the tip began glowing black. Anyone on the ground would notice their hair starting to stand. The air around would become full of static energy and then CCCRRRAAACCCKKKK a black bolt shot across the sky in a spider web fashion. From this web came more bolts of black lightning, the unique thing about black lightning was that it didn't just electrify things it downright destroyed them. Thousands of bolts struck the ground, whatever they struck exploding into a cloud of particles.

Eclipse beat his wing once more, the shock wave ripping through the sky as he flew by a bolt. His ability to manipulate the lightning allowed him to harness that bolt ad wrap his blade in the energy. He then turned his focus to, flying once more, this time releasing the bolt of energy straight at him.

"You both should make for quite the fun chew toys however, you are nothing more to me. I acknowledge your strength but, I also acknowledge your weakness. It's not going to be difficult for me to kill either of you, your weaknesses are known to me at this point fire wielder so, I suggest you start playing on the defensive. As for you mutt,"

"Lets Play"
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@twin_dragons_: @temporal_hound:

Conjeria didn't want to listen to his ridiculous speech, "If it's so easy to kill us...why has it taken you this long?" With a nod to Horatio the fire man stepped into the way of the lightning and though he was thrown apart he returned quickly. Then he stepped into the black fire becoming a giant being of black fire and sending rocks and boulders hurtling at Eclipse.

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The rocks and boulders were closing in on the mans position, but then they all shattered simultaneously sending shards of cinderblock sized rocks back at the oddly shaped flame. The flame took the appearance of a man who was many feet tall. “Im glad to see you eclipse how many of my lifetimes has it been since we last saw eachother?” she said to eclipse with a nonchalant nod. “I am here to help but in return i will need a favor later on i will brief you on the details afterwards but for now lets fight these poons what do ya say pal like olden times.” June then redirected her attention to the man who sent out the boulder attack, he seemed to be being controlled by another being *probably the man standing behind the fiery figure* june thought to herself. Junes hair began to rise slowly along with the earth around her, then a glowing aura surrounded her. She then attempted to pull the man using her attraction ability, and she was using 50 tons of force to pull the man towards her. She was charging her fist with chi so she could punch through the mans chest when he reaches her. The punch has enough force to destroy a part of a small city.”Now the fight begins” june says in a calm and collected voice.

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@temporal_hound: @twin_dragons_: @june_lasith: Conjeria roared seemingly with glee as he rose off the ground. Suddenly Horatio appeared right next to the new opponent rleasing a flame of enormous magnitude and force and a dozen magma giants appeared as well also sending molten rock and intense flame at this new opponent. Conjeria roared and suddenly dropped back to the ground. None could control his body unless he allowed them to.

(Not more opponents! And yes, Conjeria does have that ability. Just wanted to make sure y'all knew I wasn't cheating.)

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@temporal_hound: @admirallogic: Eclipse scoffed and swung his blade to the right, a shock wave came forth. The black lightning disappeared and the clouds exploded. He lowered himself to the ground, gracefully landing on his feet. The angel of war began to speak, his voice boomed across the entire state.

"Giant, your time has expired. I'm done playing with you now."

Eclipse snapped his fingers and walls of black appeared surrounding the Giant, they made up the floor beneath his feet and the walls that reached into space. They were made of corrupted darkness, a form of darkness that had none of the weaknesses and all of the strengths. The darkness was solid, like Amazonium(indestructible). Eclipse had created an arena, he snapped once more and a swirling vortex appeared inside of the inescapable prison. He laughed, as the thing he heard the roars of what he had summoned.

"What you see there is a beast of old, known as one of the Great Old Ones. Your the son of the universe, you should be able to recognize him from the long tentacles hanging from his face. His name is known as Cthulu, a being with absolute strength and durability. His sheer presence drives men mad, if you can beat him I'll give you the pleasure of having my sword thrust through your chest."

Inside the inescapable dark prison, Cthullu let out a roar that drove men insane. He began swinging his massive tentacles, each with the force of three nuclear bombs. The demon roared once more, signaling it's full intent to kill.

Eclipse then turned his attention to the matter at hand.

"Nice to see you again June, your one of the strong ones who gets to live. As for the giant man of black fire" Eclipse coughed and caused the black fire that made up Horatio to disappear. "Don't try and use something I can manipulate against me. As for your favor, I'll be glad to accept. I owe you for the whole Ghengis Khan incident."

Eclipse looked towards the Temporal hound, he readied his blade and awaited her attack.

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June's attraction ability should of worked but it had not, and then all of a sudden the large being of inferno had appeared to the back right of her. Then, it let out a large burst of fire June could move but being arrogant she bumped up into her stage 2 of her life force stages. She surrounded herself in a life force aura that blocked out the deadly fire that was engulfing her. Then she could see other fiery figures throwing rocks at her and she muttered the words,"almighty push." The earth around her began to push outwards with the force of 85 tons per square inch in every direction for a .75 mile circumference totally decimating whatever is around her. She knew the attack wouldnt reach her partner because of her control so she would put a lot of force behind it in hope to destroy all the summoned enemies, and turn them into pulverized dust.

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@june_lasith: @twin_dragons_:

(Ninja'd) The beasts were destroyed by the massive attack but reformed and in a few moments would start yet again.

With a hilarious grin Horatio seemed to move through the other flames until he disappeared completely, "See you later, dark one." His voice was soft and smooth but somewhat ominous.

Conjeia evaded at the beast moving quickly and light evading it's attacks. "What foolishness have you sent after me?" He asked through flames outside the arena, "You send a tentacle beast that is not supposed to die? You are truly humerous." With a hit to the ground Conjeria formed intensive flames. The sheer heat and power of the flames would both suffocate and lift anything into the air constricting movement and vision to near nothing. It didn't matter how tough you were if you couldn't touch the ground.

"Even in here I can fight you." Conjeria said as a rock/fire beast rose from the ground similar to the dragon he'd been encased in previously. It roared viciously sending a constant spray at all Conjeria opponents and then dispersed to do it again from another position.

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@admirallogic: Eclipse heard the comment and let out a hearty laugh.

"It's been a while since I've heard a good joke. Let alone heard of someone surviving the first hit from Cthullu. Looks like I really should stop playing with you. Last chance, leave or you die."

Eclipse snapped his fingers once more and Large black spike began to appear on top of the sphere. These had the same durability as the room and could puncture any material. They began filling in the top, leaving no gaps between them. More spike began to form, each time they would move down a layer. One set shot out, ripping through Cthullu's body. It roared before fading into blue energy. Eclipse laughed yet again, waiting for more people to show up was getting boring.

"Once I finish with the rest of you, I'm going to go about my business. This area is almost done being purged anyway."

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@twin_dragons_: Conjeria laughed as a thousand yard perfect version of himself appeaeed outside the sphere, "You think you can kill fire weakling? You are a dull creature! If my so called body dies in here Horatio and my other fire guards will forever haunt you. Never can they die! You will regret my death for every moment you think!"

"Kill me! If you think I'm bluffing!" He challanged sending more version of himself outside to attack viciously.

Jerome felt helpless having near no attack power against these beasts. He disappeared and in his place King of Logilion appeared shaping into a giant being of light and creating an impenetrable barrier around them filling it with a water so thin it could slip through anything which would freeze in a moment at his command.

"You are becoming a threat to the multiverse Eclipse. Your rein here will end soon." His voice was calm and patient but forceful.

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@admirallogic: Eclipse stepped forward towards the fire beings, he didn't like them, they were hideous.

"They will keep following me hmm, but what if they can't leave. SHATTER, FATHER NEEDS A FAVOR."

Without hesitation, Massive flowing mirrors appeared beneath the fiery creations. these were the portals into Shatters pocket dimensions. Inescapable prisons that she controlled, the beings would hopefully fall through the portals and then Shatter would close them. Trapping the beings permanently.

"You can have those back after you take a little bath."

Eclipse clenched his fist and the entire black prison crushed into a paper thin piece of material. Eclipse turned his attention to the being before him.

"King of Logilion, your here as well. Hmm, I respect your claim however, I'm simply doing my job. I am the bringer of war, Gods personal trimming service. I make sure the human population doesn't get too crowded. It even pains me to say that your stronger then me but, not stronger then a little friend of mine."

Eclipse spread his hands out in a cross like formation, blasting himself into the air as he had done multiple times before. He held his hands open as any remaining clouds funneled into them forming spheres. He lowered his head and flipped his hands, black water began pouring from the clouds. Black water, like the other dark elements, could overtake and overpower regular water. His laughter once again filled the air, he ensured however, that June was protected by a layer of Dark Wind that surrounded her without making contact. This prevented her from being touched by any of the water. He would flood the sphere, letting the dark water drown the King. Normal water couldn't but, Dark water drowned everything.

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@twin_dragons_: Each of the beings seemed to drown the rains in laughter. Conjeria was dead, at least that one. The large one made a sound and dissipated. The others continued anf Horatio returned, "We travel through flame you idiot! EVERY flame. You can't trap all fire. Only some of it." They remained where they were some of the fire drawing in only to be replaced. A sligh sad look could be seen on Horatios face looking at where Conjeria, his father, was.

The Logilion king looked at the dark waters. He allowed them to sweep over him but shifted into a tiny speck as they did, "You're trying to drown someone with enough power to elimiminate a being on another side of the universe." His voice could be heard even though he could not be seen, "You've killed Conjeria...but he created an alternate form before he died. You made a grave mistake in doing that. In addition, you made me your enemy." Perfect white flames appeared underneath the water. It should have drowned it. It was drowning it. But it returned to quickly for that to matter, "I can manipulate the sub-atomic. How do you expect to kill someone who can manipulate all elements on a sub-atamic level?"

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@twin_dragons_: @admirallogic

The Temporal Hound had vanished some time ago, but it wasn't gone. The creature had simply stepped from the ordinary flow of time, existing in the time between seconds. When it appeared again it did so immediately behind Eclipse just as he was finishing his water assault. The dark water flowed from the Temporal Hounds hide, the Great Beast lashed out with one immense claw in a downward arch, aiming to drive Eclipse into the ground. His strength was excessive and the swing of the claw brought with it a series of sonic booms. If successful the hit would drive the unsuspecting Elcipse down with enough force to shatter the ground upon impact and form a crater. The Temporal Hound was well aware this would not kill Eclipse, it might not even hurt him, but neither of those were his end goal. The other claw made a more interesting move at the same moment, it aimed not for his body but for his sword arm. If the attack was successful the sword would fall from his grasp.

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@temporal_hound: @admirallogic:

Eclipse began speaking in a purely sarcastic tone,

"A lowly Angel like myself couldn't dream of defeating you my leige."

Eclipse placed one arm across his chest before bending over, it was a mocking bow. He held the postion even as he spoke.

"However, oh great lord, their is one being who you can't defeat. Yourself"

Eclipse brought his hands up into the sky, this time a large vortex opened in the sky. It swirled with power and lashed out with lightning bolts. They struck the ground but, they didn't cause explosions. Rather they seemed to just delet the ground. Replacing it with black pits of nothing. A large roaring sound came from the portal, an overpowering roar that seemed to get louder with each moment. Eclipse let loose his voice once more, it dwarfed the roar entirely.


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The roar from the vortex only grew louder as a massive being descended from the portal. He stood nearly 100 ft above the ground. In his hand he held a golden ankh and in the other a miniature sun floated. Ra stood in the city glaring at Logilion, he took the sun and brought it down onto Logilion.

As for Eclipse he watched in distracting awe at the being before him. Ra was the Egyptian god of creation, they had met some time ago before the war on gods. Ra had admired Eclipses work and after an incident with a giant snake owed him a favor. A favor he would repay in full here. Eclipse then felt a sudden impact on his body, he hit the ground and a shock wave was sent out. A crater was made and dust filled the air, this dust quickly cleared with a swift beat of his wings. His body stood unharmed, his head turned to face his blade. He held out his right hand and a massive gust of wind blew the blade forward, landing in his hand. He chuckled as he blew the dirt off of it's edge.

"Hm, I like you, you had the balls to go in for the kill right away and timed it when I was distracted. However, your mistake was not putting your all into that hit. Knocking my sword away was a good play as well. Let me guess, you thought it was the source of my powers? Thats not the case but, you are inventive. I have other things to attend to at the moment, I'll see that someone else takes care of your combat needs."

Eclipse beat his wing once more, moving away from the hound and towards the children of flame. The battle was shaping up to be a good one. A god vs. A god, Eclipse vs the beings of flame, and a beats vs a warrior.

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@twin_dragons_: Logilion grimaced at the summoning of the great being but at didn't bother to move. He just allowed the sun to go over him. He appeared just as large as Ra behind him the moment it had covered him completely. And began beating his hands at light speed simoultaniously sending a thousand combinations of sonic blasts and light solids to crush Eclipse.

"What did you expect fire to do to me Ra?" The king asked his size continuing to grow and his entire body spining around at light speed, "And Eclipse, what did you think this would acomplish?"

Although there was no visual sign of it for most the king teleported the planets inhabitants to a much safer place.