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Tokyo or Edo as it was originally called, is one of the greatest cities on the planet Earth. Its tall buildings that displayed advanced technological designs of modern architecture rested at the center of the world mecca which was home to an advancing race of humans who pushed the boundaries of science ,business , and development while staying true to tradition forged hundreds of years in the past. The Alpha metropolis has for centuries been the seat for the Emperor of Japan and his government who rules it's forty million population with a tight a grip that has been loosening more and more because of how poorly the plague of natural disasters has been handled. Since the conception of the great empire Tokyo has always been a dangerous place to live thanks to the threat of tsunamis , earthquakes, and something primordial that was seemingly unique only to the specific geographical location of the island cities; giant monsters who have found their way through a dimensional chasm located in subterranean and aquatic depths in various surrounding areas of Japan.

Some have called these monstrous beings deities of chaos who have came from the heavens in order to occasionally cleanse the city in a raging purge, thus restoring balance to the world and Tokyo. Other's have called these terror's demons sent forth to test the will the will of man but the views on there destruction varied across the world. In the early days of Edo there was simply no stopping them and the men and woman of Japan had to simply rebuild and mourn the loss of their loved ones but as the ages moved forward they became better at killing the fiends thanks to the "super-heroes" of modern day. After nearly a decade the threat of the beast dwindled significantly and the military had developed weapons to combat the "Kaiju" but backlash from the people began to build after the government continuously refused to help the ones who suffered the most from the collateral damage. Areas that where damaged greatly became known as "Dead-Zones". These semi-radioactive sanctioned districts became desolate areas where crime flourished and hope for a better life pulled away from the hands of the people who were forced to stay there.

To go along with the creation of the Dead-Zones the government had decided to draft many young men and women against their will so that they could help the Japanese Government fight the Kaiju. This created even more tension between the rulers and the ruled and it began to reach it's boiling point, but still the people and the government had opened the doors to their home as the day arrived for them to host the Olympics. Thousands of people from every corner of the globe flocked in to witness the lighting of the torch despite the possible threat of a Kaiju striking at any moment. The Japanese army only saw this as an opportunity to display their new military might as they set up walls of heavily armed men around the coast of the city. Today every government official would be here to watch the competition between countries and Akira Yamato had constructed the perfect strategy that would see him in the throne as King of Tokyo.


Akira Overdrive listened tentatively while he stood like a statue of iron in the underground passage ways that lay below the beautiful stadium which was built to hold the Olympic Games. Behind him stood a legion of his best soldiers. A handful of the Devil's Right Hand samurai stood at the front lines as captains of the many divisons of Thrashingaikin Clan ninja who dressed in different colored camouflage garbs to distinguish their ranks. The Reckless Ronin had a look of intense focus as he awaited word from his telepathic flower Amaterasu so that he could began the overthrowing of the government. Akira did not live in doubt. He knew positively that he was the one to lead because in his mind rested hundreds of years of experience and memories passed down to him from his ancestors thanks to his Inherent Intelligence . He could recall every strategy , tactic , and political acquisition of power that the past Yamato Clan leaders have lived through and he was by far the strongest Yamato to ever live. Fate had made him the first mutant in the royal blood line and gave him gifts that no other Yamato man has had , making him the perfect candidate to show the entire world why his family name would be etched into the history of Japan forever.

A soft sweet ethereal voice began to hum in Akira's mind and he knew it was time. Amaterasu let him know that the ceremonies have started. Quickly the 14th Blade commanded his legion to disperse to the upper levels of the stadium. In a flash the Samurai disappeared with their respective squadrons into the strategic positions that was given in their directives. The grey garbed ninja who were led by Damon Hanzo would secure the perimeter of the stadium in order to stop interference from anyone who tired to enter. Their legion made themselves seen as the formed a circle of blades around the massive structure, snipers remained camouflage and ready to shoot down anyone who defied there master's will.

Satori Gensu would led the second division of ninja dressed in red to protect Akira , while also making sure that the high-ranking officials who attended did not escape. In a massive burst of telekinetic force the Raging Red Ronin shot from beneath the stadium up onto the massive field that rested in the center of the stadium and the crowd looked on in shock as they all tried to flee , but could not because of AO's ninja army. The thick cloud of ash and debris slowly cleared to reveal Akira dressed in his sleek red armor with his father's blade at his side. The half mask he wore covered the bottom part of his face and it's wide fanged smile gave Akira a sadistic look that stuck. The Yamato's smiled mimicked his masks' as he had Amaterasu commander the Tokyo's entire broadcast system so that he was displayed and heard everywhere in the country. Simultaneously she cybernetically contacted @tenjin with Akira's orders: Prevent the military from interfering and destroy any opposition. His ninja dashed with blinding speed to the skybox where the pompous officials sat, their blades easily cut through the pistol carrying men who were charged with protecting the Emperor and his council. Akira began his monologue with a muffled voice thanks to his half oni mask.

"Great people of Tokyo. I have come to relinquish you from the suffocating binds of oppression. The government has treated you with disdain as they take your children and turn them into slaves. They turn a blind eye to your fallen cities and leave the bodies buried under rubble while the select elite rest in their safe-guarded mansions. Protected from the threat of Kaiju who they barely defend against anymore. They wish to control the population with fear and propaganda , but today I, The 14th Daimyo of the Yamato Clan , Akira Yamato will usher in a new era! " his voice rang out with an infinite echo and the ninjas let the people go so that they could run to their homes or stay and watch what transpired next.

The Scarlet Shogun looked into the eyes of every soul that was watching before instantly vanishing into the skybox with his sword drawn, a camera lost him for a second but quickly latched on to his blood red attire in the luxurious viewing room with the Japanese elite.

"Now. I will rip the power you hold from your cold dead hands." AK-47 addressed his political enemies before unleashing a devastating slash that decapitated all the officials. Akira's blade did not touch them but served as the origin for the wide sweep of sharp telekinetic wave that beheaded the former governors , mayors , senators . The glass of the skybox violently erupted into an cascade of shimmering pieces after the shockwave of Akira's power followed his invisible wide slice. Most people screamed as they witnessed the vicious showing of swordsmanship, but some stood in awe and even hoped Akira would achieve his goal. They must have thought he was the leader they needed, and they would be correct in doing so. The Psychic Shogun gave an order to his general Satori to initiate the second phase of the plan and he instantly dashed towards the hole that they shot from with a squadron of shinobi. Satori was headed through the sewers to unleash something vicious.

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Tokyo, Japan

Japanese Self-Defense Force; Eastern Army Base

Timed with Akira's assault

The Belligerency

A landline phone rang on a large executive mahogany table inside a large red wallpapered room. The chambers of General Tanaka. Dressed in a officer's uniform, a decorated war-hero against the Soviets for years, his hair was cut high and tight and grey as ash. His face bore the scars of defending the ideals of his people and its allies. Seated in leather high backed chair, his large hand shot across the table and answered the phone via the intercom button. The room was dimly lit yet in repetition he was able to perform this task while simultaneously signing waivers without looking up. Only the lamplight graced his features as his thin lips sounded "<Tanaka here.>" Static was evident, causing the General to drop his pen upon the table and the phone gained his immediate attention. "<General...Hskkk...Tok-...yo is under atta...hsskk>" Tanaka's tired eyes widened, alarmed slid the chair closer and loomed over the machine like a hawk. He had looked forward to watching the games this week, taking his grandchildren to see the competition of international soccer stars. In a few moments time his world, the souls of Tokyo and the free world would change. His strong fists clenched as he responded, his voice thundering "<Attack?! Terrorists?! Who?!>"

The darkness, at that very moment behind the General stirred. Phantom hands caressed the shoulders of a shadow which seemed darker than black. Its footsteps dead silent on the thin carpet only followed by the movement of a black gauntlet which gripped the throat of Tanaka. Fingers digging into skin, crushing the larynx in an instant. Blood and gore clutched in the Grim Ghost's palm. Effortless. The war hero crashed onto the floor, writhing and scratching wildly as his hand attempted to stop the bleeding from the gaping hole in his neck. Suffocating on his own blood.

Tenjin's crimson soaked index finger pressed the end call button on the phone. The static had drowned out the sounds of the dying man. Now, it alone broke the silence. Suffering yet the Pinnacle Predator simply watched, hovering above like a carrion bird. His scarlet eyes would be the last thing his victim ever saw.

Some thirty seconds later, that same red layered index finger pressed a communication device in his ear beneath his mask. That dark organ like voice said but a few words <Initiate Operation: Demon Parade.>

Taking a seat upon the leather chair, Katsuro turned off the lamplight and remained quite, waiting to listen to the sound of his dark symphony.


Across the entire army base, a series of shadow portals emerged in various locations inside every personnel compound. Concurrently, additional shadow portals began appearing along side military vehicles ranging from stationary battle tanks and self propelled artillery to light armored vehicles. Demon Parade was a multi-faceted action plan embodying a strike and a raid along with a heist. It was only a portion of the theater of operations which Tenjin had in store for his conquest of the city.

The wail of sirens resonated in the barracks and buildings of the base. Off-duty soldiers scrambled into the halls to prepare for the unknown emergency while active soldiers began loading weaponry and rushing to doors. Officer's shouted orders, trying to bring stability to the chaos at hand, attempting to form communication with the chain of command. Yet, this was all in vain. The Ethereal Assassin had unleashed a battalion of his Blood Spider Clan in a demolitions mission; ninja armed with thermobaric explosives rushed from the portals inside the buildings in strategic preemptive zones. Those black clad killers armed the devices and cleared out back into the shadow portals before they could be engaged. The first of many guerilla style tactics to be employed across the city and against the enemies of their master. In unison, as soldiers looked on in horror, shock and confusion the explosives detonated.

The base was overtaken by number of fireball blasts and a shower of glass, concrete and other debris. The ground shook from the force as the series of pressure waves had obliterated soldiers destroyed the foundations and structural supports of the buildings, causing rapid collapsing. Save for the lone single story building which Tenjin occupied. All the while the sirens still wailed. A systematic carnal overture.

Now, mercenaries dressed in various fatigues stormed from the portals which occupied the spaces near the military vehicles and without opposition, began to hijack. One by one weapons of war were started and driven into the portals which expanded to accommodate for the size of battle tanks and howitzers. Tenjin's call to arms had brought forth many seeking occupation and fortune if he would gain a decisive victory in becoming the Warlord of Tokyo Bay. At the cost of thousands of lives.

Soon after...

Tokyo, Japan

Unknown building complex

The Virtuoso of Violence had traversed through a shadow portal and into the network of a re-purposed office floor converted into a battle station. His armor inhibited glare from the windows lining the wall, gazing upon the center of Tokyo. Like a maelstrom, he moved at a quick pace and announced to the various ninja working military grade hardware and technology. "<Status Report.>"

A senior member of his Clan came forth donning the black shinobi garb which all worn under Tenjin's rule. His voice was proud but spoke with urgency. "<Operation: Demon Parade was a success. Not only on the Army base but both the Air and Naval compounds in Tokyo as well. We possess a plethora of war machines. They and the rest of your forces await their command.>" Katsuro nodded in confirmation. He had but a simple task for such devices and thus spoke "<I want check points established throughout the city. All major roadways barricaded. Mercenary units shall take position in the determined defense zones. The first through fifth Blood Spider battalions shall patrol rooftops and maintain mobility utilizing the portals. Likewise with the sniper cells. The Yakuza have been outfitted with weaponry and will provide assistance as needed. Satellites are to be monitored continuously to alert of potential threats to the mission. All birds* will be airborne on the offensive and are to unleash hell. All other units are on stand-by.>" As always, Katsuro unveiled his liquid mask revealing his face, motioning for a strong drink to celebrate the first of many hopeful victories. The senior shinobi followed the Dark Destroyer towards one of the ceiling high windows to gaze upon the city. Receiving a crystal whiskey glass quarter filled with rye bourbon, he held it in his hand and prone to theatrics he began to stare with his crimson star-like eyes out onto the metropolis. Awaiting retaliation.

Birds*- Aerial vehicles.

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Somewhere in the turbulent waters off the coast of Japan the Whitespear slipped through layers of defenses like a great white shark; silent and smooth.

Vibranium laced nuclear power plants drove four vast and powerful turbines, making the Whitespear one of the largest and the fastest subs in the world. Tiny microfilaments of vibranium laced its titanium foam and ceramic-silicon armor, absorbing sonar waves and electromagnetic radiation, making it the next best thing to invisible while also granting it exceptional durability.

Deep inside the massive submarines guts lay the command center. Wrapped in a shell of additional armor and packed with readouts, glowing display screens and communications equipment it was also home to three figures.

The first was covered in blue fur and slate-gray armor; nanocarbon, titanium foam inserts and impact absorbing gel. A large plasma rifle was strapped to his broad back and a utility belt filled with gadgets and high tech grenades wrapped around his waist. His claws were sharpened and a metallic coating had been applied. Ivana's old Strigidae goggles rested upon his brow. Useless to the blind Shogun they were now loaded with targeting algorithms and matched to Arrachtach's plasma rifle. Flickering light from the tactical displays played across his ape-like form and sapphire fur.

A slender figure in black set at a bank of readouts and wall mounted touch screens. Unlike the others she wore no armor, only a trim black pantsuit. Jet black hair was trimmed in a pixie cut and her lips were curved into a little grin as she controlled a swarm of cloaked Shogunate drones. Mildly technopathic she interfaced with the control circuitry on a visceral, primitive level, maintaining a complex set of overflight paths intuitively.

Finally was the Shogun herself. Black vibranium covered her muscular body from the neck down. A golden helm was tucked her her left arm and the gold of her utility belt gleamed in the stark light of tactical readouts. The memory fabric and vibranium weave of her glider cape fell from her shoulders in a sheet of red. Arrows protruded from the quiver on her back and her katana hung from the left hip of the twenty first century samurai.

"Is everything in order?" The blind Shogun asked.

"Yes ma'am." Skysword replied. "Carnifex, Synergy and Serpent are all in position. The Orochi are reporting in now."

The Shogunate's plan had required many moving parts to work in unison all the way across the world however the Orochi were the simplest part. The majority of the Orochi clansmen were Japanese citizens. In addition their identities were concealed by their masks. It had been a simple matter for those assigned to the defense of Tokyo to simply buy a plane ticket and fly home.

Silence fell for a time. The soft whir of the ventilation system was the only sound, filling the room with a cool breeze and the faint sent of disinfectant.

Something on the drone footage caught Skyswords attention and she snapped to alertness.

"Shogun! They have made their move. A stadium and a military base. Shall I give the order?"

"No. Not yet. They're still in motion. Lets let them finish."

Silence fell once more as Skysword and Arrachtack watched the monitors with keen eyes and the Shogun meditated in silence. All the while the sub cruised closer to the Japanese coast.

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She was a copper-skinned siren, Rafael's assistant. Madalena was her name. And as the Black Jaguar finished rolling his shoulders, loosening himself for impending battle, his assistant's eyes, lustrous gems of brown, stirred like a flower in bloom as she stood respectfully by his side. "Santiago will be there", the collected, sensuous notes of her voice warned, her Brazilian accent cutting through the atmosphere like a knife. "I know", Rafael responded, his composure, his tone almost dismissive of the Spaniard's certain presence in Tokyo. "I will deal with him when I deal with him", he added, his beautiful, Adonic features expressing no emotion as he spoke of confronting his former friend. Though internally, his heart could not have turned any grayer.

The thought of having to kill Santiago was not one he welcomed. It was a thought that nearly stopped the beating of his heart before cutting through it and leaving it to bleed out. Santiago was once a close friend. Though with their ideological differences regarding Rafael's devotion to Ivana, a woman the world considered a violent terrorist, they had both come to know that it was not something they could overlook. Still, he wouldn't kill the Spaniard. He would hope to deal with him in some other manner. But he would be stopped. Death was something that the Mutant Adonis was reserving for those of the Wildcardz who boldly laid claim to the city of Tokyo. "Be careful, Rafael. You don't talk about it much but I know it bothers you that he will be there. He may not be as hesitant as you are. Venezuela and it's Shogun will need you alive and well after this. So be cautious".

"I'm focused on one thing only. And it's not him"

Slipping on the gauntlets of his 'White Vibranium Armor', Rafael issued a gentle nod, "Don't worry. I'm focused on one thing only. And it's not him". It was destroying any and every opposition in his path to disrupt the Wildcardz's hopes of taking over Tokyo. "Has Ivana left?", he inquired, turning to meet Madalena's hazel gaze with his own. "She has". That was all the Black Jaguar needed to know before departing in a nanosecond burst of unfathomable acceleration. With Madalena left behind to temporarily handle all his duties as Venezuela's Finance Minister, Rafael could focus on preventing Tokyo's takeover and exacting vengeance on the Wildcardz on Ivana's behalf. Exerting the force necessary to accelerate to the extreme velocities that were his bread and butter, Rafael left a trail of sonic eruptions behind his wake as he blitzed towards Tokyo.

Making use of an innovative earpiece, Rafael sought to reach Ivana, and as soon as he would, he would ask. "Ivana. What's the situation? Where is the opposition's force most concentrated?", that was where he would strike. Where the numbers were. Because while an army was effective, Rafael was a force of nature. One that was nearly impossible to stop. He had only one level and it was one hundred. He would be sure to make today's enemy realize that.

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Everyone in the stadium was seated, running in panic or conversing after the attack. The only person standing still was Raeyn and every camera in the building would capture the image. She had stood the moment Yamato declared who he was, the name burned in her mind, it reached inside and grasped at memory shards floating through a shattered void. Yamato...Yamato...She looked around and quickly spotted one of the men that worked for Akira, a soldier with his weapon loosely trained on the crowd. Raeyn moved quickly and was on him before he realized what was happening. She grabbed his gun with one hand and it aged thousands of years in moments, disintegrating into useless dust. She put her other hand on the back of his neck and whispered to him. "I'm sorry, but I need to remember his name." His screams of agony exploded over Akir's communication systems, it was one of the most horrible sounds a man could ever make as she drained his temporal energy from his body.

The poor man's body collapsed into a pile of dust and memory shards locked into place. Akira's name didn't lock in, but other memories did, memories of a life lived in feudal Japan. Then she had been a predator feeding on the lower class. She had served at the right hand of Shoguns for decades before one of them had decided she was better dead than alive. The old ways died for a reason. More armed men were now running in her direction, the screams had obviously gained some attention. She muttered a curse under her breath and activated her power armor. The metal plating layered over her body just in time as bullets bounced off her powered armor. A few seconds later and she'd be taking on a new body. Now armored and ready for combat Time Siphon lashed out with her plasma weapons, incinerating men where they stood. She anticipated snipers and her belief was confirmed when a round exploded against the hood that covered her head. Most people thought it was simple cloth, but her species was far more technologically advanced than that. What appeared to be simple black cloth was in fact armor that looked and behaved like cloth. The sniper round never stood a chance.

Time Siphon turned towards where the round had come from and traced its temporal waves back to its origin point. She flicked her wrist towards the press box and a ball of blinding hot plasma shot across the stadium, melted the glass upon contact and turned the sniper himself into slag. Someone took the opportunity to slash at her with his sword and it shattered against her armor. She turned and grabbed him by the throat and crushed it, tossing his body from the upper levels of the stadium and moving to intercept her next attacker. The next man was reduced to slag and she finally had the room to take off. She activated her anti-gravity systems and shot up into the sky and out of the stadium. Enough small fish, it's time to find the people responsible for this idiotic attack. Daimyo indeed.

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Tokyo Skytree was the central broadcast station of Sumida. It stood as the tallest building in the world reaching into the heavens and reinforced to stand against the worlds seismic efforts of ruin. It reached two thousand eighty feet into the air. And as this was a take over geographically chosen strong points was ideal no place was more fitting a command center then this remarkable building and as such Sakura and her company would claim it for her allies. The opperation was simple in execution, and resistance pitiful.

Some people were around the building working or visiting as not everyone cares for the games. Most do however and so the company was thin. It was also a building known for it's restaurant and view not as a military favored structure. Besides a few brave idiots nobody would be getting in the way. The only disappointment was that those about to die were the simple byproduct of bad timing.

Resting by Rose was twenty nine javelin of radient coral light. A dying rose was held by each of her ninja and on that flower was a thorn of similar light. The spear was one gate the thorn the other, the technique sometimes was good for making doors in this case it was for intrusion. Closing her eyes and memorizing the layout of the building the spears launch forward. Some unfortunate individuals are struck by the blade. As a portal opens those hit become a shower of vermillion. Ripped apart and scattered about in an unrecognizable pattern.

With each spear opening comes a bright flash, blinding and disruptive to all those on the floor. For a brief moment the sky tree lit up on every floor it'd of been beautiful to those who witnessed. Few did though as the flash was sudden and so many eyes were on the explosions the Olympics and the start of an uprising upon the land of the rising sun. What followed inside the tower was the opposite of beautiful, carnal bloody and yet just as quick as the light. Every floor at least had one if not two of the nameless assassins that was Sakura's clan. With a speed that had them blurring between shadow they raced through the floor they were on. Arterial spray was set free like fountains from any unfortunate soul standing not as one with the invading force.

At the center of each rooms most popular seat was a rose withering away both haunting and yet beautiful. All but the twenty ninth floor where the rose herself had struck. She left the bodies where they were, she'd kept the broadcast room considerably clean despite the dozen corpses. Bowing at the elevator she welcomed Tenjin's men as they entered and began to set up. No more then a few minutes later the resurrecting machine of war had entered his command station. When heading for the window and setting foot on the roof one could find the flower of flesh and blood sat comfortably on the ledge.

"Two playmates at the moment. Ones running this way, to soon to say who he's quick though obviously. Akira has the other, pretty thing but I predict more power over substance. Has some nice tricks though." She was eager to fight for the new vision for her home land but as of yet it was to soon to strike. A true ninja doesn't look for minutes of battle. They strike fast hard and sudden at the vulnerable and that was the method the flower of flesh and blood favored.

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Ronins Rest was a crime syndicate of a city an accursed region of Japan that received no aid and was left to it's vices. For a while a team had fought back that darkness called the Champions of Peace. But now the champions were gone. And peace well that was a lie. Still the gothic teen that was Natasha Howletzer and to a rare few also known as Natasha Stark still fought. Night after night she sated her addiction to murder by cutting apart criminal organizations. Tonight was another story however. On this star filled night the vampire set foot in Tokyo.

"I said not to come." The words came from a raven that fell upon Nat's shoulder. "I'm not going to sit by and let this happen" she remarked in protest. "You've yet to master any of what I've been teaching or uncovered the other vampiric talents your aunt's files suggest." The bird was worried for the teens safety she answered with a simple "so?" Sighing the raven readied to leave "so exercise caution I'd rather not dig your grave child."

"We both know that's not like me" the vampire remarked with a wolffish grin before summoning Roxy. The large wolf wouldn't aid in a fight it'd get the addictive killer to her heading however sooner. Removing two pistols from her backpack the teen tried to take out any possible targets she could on the way to the stadium. Some found refuge in bodies some didn't it didn't matter either way to Natasha she wasn't here for pawns. Within a short amount of time the stadium filled the vampires sight.

Bullets fly by as her blade cuts down any that endanger her or the cursed mount she rides. Distance is cleared and throwing stars begin to whisp through the air. She evades most as Roxy vanishes and vampiric speed takes effect. Thanks to fine dexterity and skill she even manages to snag a few and send them back. Closer she gets though more find home digging into porcelain skin and letting lose streams of dark blood. It doesn't slow her down however as soon her blade is parting skulls as she carves her way to the stadium. Before she can attempt to take AO's life however she finds herself before Hanzo.

For a minute they clash. Within that one minute moves were executed almost every second. The flashes of sparks and steel made for scenes deserving of a mural. Hanzo had years of skill Natasha an ability that let her rival it. Neither however were also fighting at their fullest Nat was conserving her strength and Hanzo simply need not be lethal yet. It was early into the night no reason to kill what at the time was his only game. Eventually a slip did occur however where Natasha upon snaking around the swordsman found a fist into her back flinging her into the field.

Her ribs cracked and as she looked down she saw her skin begin to gray. A long while ago Natasha could make things turn diamond with eyes like the fabled medusa. This ability also had allowed her to take a diamond form. This mutation was long gone laid to rest by her transformation to a vampire. Still it fought against the stone touch slowing the process. She might allready be living on borrowed time.

Leaping toward the skybox Natasha is quick to flip through the shattered windows as she reaches for one of her two katana. Night Hunter a gift from her boyfriend sword hailing from Elysia. It's Tempestrium blade targets the very making of the gifted. The metal was designed to shut down the powers of New Gods and as such did just fine at depowering others as well. It was with this blade the vampire sought to cleave the Daimyo in two. She'd other moves to try but thought the attempted depowering the better initial move.

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@blooddiamond: @akira_overdrive

Time Siphon may have left and gone deeper into Toyko had a vampire not shown up. Her natural instincts sensed the presence of a long life span and her eyes immediately turned back to the stadium, just in time to see the brief fight. Her vision altered to watch the high speed combat in slower speeds, no longer viewing them as people but as two time lines intersecting. What are you doing vampire? She watched the vampire's time line vault up into the box where Akira had been, but the other time line was still expanding and moving. You left someone at your back...and he looks important. She shifted back to normal vision and dropped from the sky behind Hanzo. He was just about to follow after Natasha when he heard the sound of something heavy landing behind him. He turned to find a new threat and moved to engage.

Time Siphon had watched the fight and knew to expect speed so she adjusted her own temporal flow accordingly, dramatically increasing the speed at which she moved and perceived movement. A long curved blade extended from her right hand armor to keep him at bay. She was rusty with a sword, extremely rusty. One of her previous lives, the Japanese one, had been quite good with it, but she was an archer now. Still, a blade tended to keep people at distance and it forced Hanzo to adjust his tactics to keep from getting skewered on it. He found that fighting Time Siphon in hand to hand combat was like fighting water, she was everywhere, constantly evading and maneuvering out of his reach...but every action at these speeds was draining her temporal stores and making him an increasingly nice looking snack. Thirty seconds, thirty five seconds, forty seconds, that should do it. Time Siphon shot up into the air and away from him, hovering in mid air above him for a few moments.

"What the hell are you?" Hanzo demanded.

"You can call me Time Siphon." She replied, retracting her armor's blade. "Tell your boss I'll be seeing him around soon."

"I'll kill you next time." He warned.

"I'll eat you next time." She said. "Better get after the girl now, she's pretty far ahead of you."

Hanzo cursed, realizing the only reason Time Siphon had engaged him in her dodge fest was to get him to delay following after the other woman.

Time Siphon took off into the sky again, leaving the stadium behind this time.

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"EEEEyyyyyaaaaaaaaaaa" the loud cry ran across the stadium as Squirt plummeted to the ground, driving his star into the crowd, and incidentally squashing an armed man. With an exasperated sigh, Squirt peeled himself off of the ground, which was met with a thwomp.

Squirt gave a curious look to his surroundings, examining the situation at hand. While he may not have been all to smart, he still knew a threat when he saw one, especially do to his time on Earth.

There were armed soldiers all over, lives in danger, and a threat that needed to be dealt with.

It was then that Squirt recognized that he was being shot at from behind. Turning, Squirt's eyes grew a dangerous look in them, and with a burst of speed, Squirt rammed his foot into the gut of the first soldier, launching back with such force that he was dead before he hit the ground.

But Squirt gave little consideration towards the amount of power he used, for he leaped into the air, drawing his blade, and plunging it into the chest of the next soldier he sees. The soldiers arms flail, the gun he held spraying bullets in every direction, some hitting his fellow men, and the pink puffball quickly jerked the blade upward, the blade cleanly cutting through all matter of bone and sinew. In his upward strike, he brought the blade back down on the other man firing at him.


The blade clean cut the man vertically in half, the two pieces thudding against the ground with a sickening crack.

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Yor stepped into the dark nexus at the base of the mountain, looking back at his home village for what would be the last time. Dark tendrils of maligned energy snaked their way from the base of the portal to the town of his birth, weaving in between trees and rocks, killing anything they touched. Taking a deep breath, he unsheathed his katana, plunging into the endless abyss before him...


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I grow bored of your training, insect, groaned Shul. His raspy, cynical voice moved throughout Yor's mind, tainting his thoughts, attempting to corrupt his soul. Yor squinted his eyes and kept up with his training. Backslash. Sideswipe. Parry. Your mindless devotion to a lost art is sickening. You could very well achieve the same results with my power alone. Or a handgun, for that matter. Yor never spoke. Spin. Deflect. Stab, then quick slice. The peaceful way in which he trained to commit acts of violence mirrored the tainted inner nature of his soul. Sharing a consciousness with a demon would drive all but the strongest of beings insane. But Yor never thought of it as sharing. Only restraining.

When will we finally see him, insignificant one? He's already begun the massacre...I can taste it from here, Shul continued. I want to see it, warrior. I want to see it through your eyes, smell it through your nose, feel it between your fingers. When will you let me complete the ritual? Shul's spirit drifted in and out of Yor's subconscious, shifting through his memories, altering his senses. If you do nothing, more will perish...

Yor sighed. It had become his signature sound over the past few weeks. Shul had grown more...bothersome. A over a month ago, he had tried no less than three times to repossess Yor, and each time he had subsequently been repelled and punished. Yor's mind was strong; it would never fall to an outsider. But still, Shul had persisted in conversing with him at every opportunity. Very well, Shul, Yor thought, we shall go to Tokyo, and I will wipe this menace from the face of the Earth. And you will aid me.

Shul narrowed his eyes. I am rather entertained by the demon-infused one who ravages Tokyo. He reminds me of you, only less of an idiot. And with a weaker demon inhabiting him, of course, Shul added, unwilling to acknowledge the fact that they may both be outclassed by the one who was currently burning the capital of Japan.

Shul, are you saying that he's better than you? Or perhaps that you respect him? Yor asked innocently. Surely that can't be what you mean?

OF COURSE NOT, you impetuous imbecile, boomed Shul. Yor smiled, knowing he had gotten the reaction he would need. No demon surpasses Shul, and Shul respects none! I could crush him in an instant, Shul spat.

Prove it then, thought Yor softly, as he took a sip of his most relaxing tea. You do realize, that in order for your power to be compared to his, you will need to allow me to make use of it.

FINE! I WILL! Complete the ritual AT ONCE! cried Shul, whose rage, for an instant, was absolutely volcanic.

Grinning, Yor closed his eyes and began invoking, no stealing, Shul's power. In sharing his mind with the elder being, he had also gained the aptitude to use many of his spells, often made easier with Shul's permission. The Ritual of Teleportation was one such spell that became far easier to complete with Shul's approval. The black magic that inhabited his mind passed through his soul, becoming warped with honor and justice. The shadowy mass that would have normally appeared was fiery and golden, akin to a star instead of a black hole. After thirty seconds of peace, Yor-Shul the Indomitable appeared to explode violently.


Yor reappered in flaming glory, steam curling from his blade. His white tribal mask, marked with the symbols of honor in his culture, betrayed no emotion whatsoever. His form glowed golden, his body amplified with Shul's sorceries.

Shul, realizing what had happened, bared a toothy smile. I see what you did there. And you claim to always fight fair...playing me like that. You may make a great host yet, insect.

I beat you fairly in a battle of wits, Shul. Besides, do you mean to tell me you didn't want to experience me using your oh-so-great powers with an awe-inspiring degree of skill? Yor taunted.

You claim to always be humble, too. Imbecile.

Very well. Let us save Tokyo, thought Yor. Summoning the power of an elder being, he infused himself with energies unknown to Mankind, becoming a vessel of pure power, refined into a blade used to bring justice to those who would menace others. In his eyes, the world around grew slow, and he moved through it at unthinkable speeds. Time itself became his ally, a small fraction of reality bending to his wishes. He began running, then sprinting, at a pace that made him appear blurry to an onlookers, drawing his blade in one clean motion. Using Shul's power to home in on the demon-infused perpetrator of this heinous attack on the free, he began making his way towards the invader at blinding speed, preparing for the next great battle of his lifetime.

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@decayingrose@tenjin@blooddiamond@jack_ :

Death moved forward without a second thought as bodies, mostly his own men, began to pile up in the stadium's halls and stands. The resistance of change was expected but Akira was almost saddened that he had to put his great country through the terror of violence even though he knew that demons had to be exercised in order to bring forth a new dawn. Death was inevitable when a force of nature erupted with no bias and it was something the Young Yamato was prepared to handle.

His mind was in a blissful state of immaculate perception and deadly zen-like focus so his brief moment of sadness fleeted quickly as he was suddenly bombarded by a wave of euphoria. Though the rush of pleasure did not handicap he knew what it meant when his brain suddenly thrusted his bodily functions into action. His grey matter sent the signal to his adrenal gland and the surge of adrenaline instantly kicked in his extra precognitive sense . His combative awareness enhanced his every sense to the point where his brain and eyes mapped out the entire city in a grid-like fashion in mere nano-seconds. For a few seconds he saw everything that was happening , heard everyone's unique heartbeat , felt every vibration created by the moving anatomical signatures of the people , and even pinpointed the weak points in his surroundings including the person who had so swiftly lept into the skybox and attempted to slice him in half all in one motion. The moment seemed like if lasted forever as he viewed time in slow-motion while folding numerous neural synapses to store every bit of information he just received.

Whoever this woman was attacked with a ferocity unmatched and must have hated him deeply for what he was attempting to do because her strike was backed by a force that would have surely bisected his body if it landed. He estimated just how much force she struck with , the composition of the blade she held, and the structure of her body down to the cell while at the same time , side-stepping in a flash to avoid the powerful cut. His evasive maneuver which was only made thanks to his precog burst senses found him now behind his new opponent with his back to the shattered windows. He intended to applaud the sword wielding woman while also admiring her physique with a smirk.

"That would have killed me if you were faster. Allow me to show you my speed. Even if you don't survive you will have witnessed something magnificent before death."

Akira left no room for response as he attempted to create a telekinetic bubble in the woman's skull that would crush her brain completely rendering her lifeless if it succeeded. He did not stop there and displayed a move he called out in his native tongue. A barely visible form began to protrude from his body when he spoke "Fantomu danto!" while masterfully constructing a phantom like telekinetic clone of himself and his blade , shooting it towards the warrior with uncanny speed and decapitating power. If it landed it would end her life in moments if his first attack hadn't already.

"A shame. You would have made a great concubine." AO spoke out regardless of what happened and he noticed his general Hanzo arrive on the scene after his TK onslaught. He knew that something must have happened if Hanzo had let someone pass his defenses so Akira decided not to reprimand his loyal soldier. Instead he gave an order before kneeling down at the window and vanishing at the blink of an eye. "Kill her if she's not already dead. Send word to the legion. I want the explosives primed and ready."

The Red Reckless preformed a series of jumps and dashes as he moved across the stadium's field before reaching his glorious speed demon motorcycle and landing in its deep seat. The camo deactivated and he ignited the surprisingly silent engine while making technopathic contact with Tenjin,Rose,General Gensu and Amaterasu. The wheels peeled with a thick cloud of smoke and green sparks of electricity before he zoomed off and raced to the pier. Someone important was arriving and fast.

No Caption Provided

"I am headed to the pier, Tenjin meet me there I'm expecting heavy resistance. When I mapped out the city just now I got a faint reading of something in the waters. It's hidden well and I want to know what it is. Proceed as directed Gensu, have the bio-weapon ready to go at a moment's notice. Rose have your legion ready to protect our backs should we need to retreat. Amaterasu prepare the awakening."

As Akira raced through the streets of his beloved city, weaving between the obstructions that were created by the chaos he systematically set in motion, he took everything in. This place was his home and it would all be his soon.

Suddenly, something ancient shook Akira and the demon inside him began to speak as he noticed in the fast approaching distance some mystic figure standing in his way. The demon's energy began to become visible as AO's body glowed with a purple aura and the masked being ran towards him with a glowing sword in hand hoping to separate him from his bike in a deadly game of chicken. The Raging Ronin decided to oblige whoever this being was and rocketed toward him as he pushed down the throttle until they were nearly face to face. Moments before he and his new opponent clashed he jumped off of his bike and technopathically commanded it to speed past the mask entity and automatically find an alley to hide in. While suspended in mid-air time slowed once again as Akira looked at the masked man and found no weak points in his structure. This one was certainly powerful and the 14th would surely test it's strength with the power of his demon infused aura as he drew his katana and dove down with a vertical slash to met the super-natural one's blade. Backed by all his augmentations and enhancements Akira thrusted down ward with strong look of confidence hidden behind his oni mouthpiece. As the two opposing men met the impact created a massive shockwave of spiritual pressure that collapsed the concrete and buildings into crushed matter forged from the spherical explosion.

The Scarlet Shogun's vision was cloudy because of the amount of smoke and rubble flying around but he was sure that his blade and the creatures blade had touched. He awaited the outcome as he feet planted firmly into the ground.

"Who the fu*k are you!?"

Meanwhile his godlike love Amaterasu activated something in the depths of Mt.Fuji. It began to whir , hum , and blow stem as pistons moved and fluids pulsed through intricate advanced arteries signaling life.

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The Indomitable One inclined his head slightly to the side, having skidded to a quick halt following his first encounter with the source of all this misery. He winced behind his mask, feeling first-hand the strength of his foe's blade. Shul, heal, he commanded. Shul obliged (it was his body too, now, after all), and golden energy moved throughout the strained cells of Yor's muscles, rapidly repairing the slight damage to his form. But it was damage that had come from a successful deflection...this one would prove a challenge for the Seeker of Balance.

"Who the f*** are you," he heard his foe say. Still human after all, then, isn't he, Shul? Yor asked.

For the time being. I expect soon whatever's possessing him will ruin his mind, if it hasn't already, and then his body, until nothing remains of what he used to be. He will suffer, whispered Shul, licking his ghostly teeth.

I will do my best to give him an honorable death, then.

"Allow me to spare you the pain that will come with your...ahem...condition," spoke Yor softly, nodding at the demonic aura surrounding his enemy. He spun his blade up over his head, gripping it tightly with both hands. The blade, Resilience, took on a supernatural glow, enchanted with the combined power of Yor and Shul. "I urge you to end whatever this is. The slaughter of innocents can accomplish nothing," continued Yor.

It worked out well enough for me, until you showed up, peasant...

Silence, Shul.

"If you surrender now, I promise to help find a way to purge you of your sickness...the creature you've allowed into your soul...it will corrupt you. Trust me. You may still be able to reclaim your honor," Yor continued, remaining all the while in a defensive stance, never taking his concealed eyes off of his foe. He did not expect him to accept his offer, but if there was any humanity left within the scarred soul of his foe, it was a noble warrior's obligation to appeal to it.

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Time Siphon hovered high above the city, looking down upon it with hungry eyes. Shards drifted in and out of her solid memory, teasing at days gone by. There was the ever present feeling of guilt, the sense that she had done something once, committed a crime so great once that she could never wash the blood from her hands. There was something else though, stronger, the sensation of absolute power. That shard lingered for a moment, it teased at the back of her mind and then drifted away again just beyond her reach. She had fed well in recent months and her powers had grown with the feeding as they always did. Time Siphons had a vast array of temporal ability, but most of it was out of reach in lost shards of memory. When those shards fell into place with continued feeding, their powers grew. After the events in Paris she looked down at Tokyo and knew that she could feed on the whole city, consume the temporal life of every being within by simply touching the ground long enough. This knowledge ate at her, tried to consume her will. You are Raeyn, you are a Time Siphon. Feed and remember! She shook her head harshly and then held it in her hands, trying to deepen her breathing and calm her nerves. NO!

When the Time Siphon opened her eyes again, she had regained her focus. Once more in full control she adjusted her vision, seeking out the longest temporal life spans. She once again saw the city not as a collection of buildings and people, but as a collection of time. That woman will die in thirty seven years, twenty six days and fifteen minutes of congenital heart disease. If not for that, she would live another sixty years. That man will fall from a building tomorrow and splatter everywhere, but would otherwise live to be ninety years old. That child will live to the age of one hundred. That building will take thirty thousand years to begin to fall to pieces, it will fully disintegrate in just over a million. The ship at sea will....Ship at sea? She shifted her position, looking out at the bay. A submarine...Composed of...so much time, I wonder if...no, no it is not your enemy, leave it alone. Or is it? You don't know do you? Who's side is it on?

Time Siphon hovered in place for just awhile longer. On Akira's mental image of the city she was a standout, an ever regenerating body, never aging and so full of energy. Time energy, to be precise and so...very...old.

Ignore it, it's out of range for now, find a different target. She decided at long last. Moments later her eye caught a trail of blazing temporal energy heading toward the city. Oh someone is moving fast...or some thing. Slow it down. She tapped into her stores of temporal energy and dramatically increased the pace by which she perceived time around her until it seemed that everything was crawling, except for one thing, streaking toward Tokyo and unbelievable speeds. There you are. Oh my...a meta-human are we? Moving at such speed in all that wondrously long lived vibranium. Though she could now make him out, he still appeared to be moving so fast, detail was almost difficult to discern. Rather than use more energy to slow the vision down even more, she sped off in his direction. There was no way he was an enemy, but he might just lead her to someone worth being lead to. She followed after him moving at her own excessive speeds in comparison to the flow of time everywhere else. She could not match his speed, but she'd be noticeable to him as the only thing that could even come close as she followed directly in his wake. Can't follow him too far or I'll have to feed.

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The Black Viper
The Black Viper

A feeling of nostalgia overcame the Spaniard as he made preparations to return to the more heroic side of his duties. It had been some time since he had been out and about confronting and doing battle with those who played villains to society. Setting foot inside his palatial, air-conditioned office, Santiago met it's perfumed air with a smile of swaggering charm. Closing the door behind him, the Black Viper stepped forward, insouciantly gliding his palm over the lit flame of a neighboring candle before pausing his footsteps before his desk. It was grandiose in it's physical dimensions. Resting atop the desk was Venenoso, an eight foot long spear that sported the aesthetic design of a bronze snake coiling along the front end of it's shaft and around the bottom of the spearhead. And it was beautified by a python-skin tassel that hung just below it's spearhead.

Though as with all things designed by the enticing Madridista, it served a tactical purpose. The tassel assisted in blurring an opponent's vision while also rendering it difficult for an opposing fighter to grab the spear's shaft behind the head or tip. And of course, the tassel helped prevent blood from flowing from the blade to the spear's wooden shaft. A slippery weapon was not an efficient one. The spear's true potency however, was not apparent. Through his unique brand of super-science, Santiago's spear harbored a subatomic structure strengthened by increased elementary binding energy. It rendered the spear nearly unbreakable. Meanwhile, the spearhead was augmented by it's cubic boron nitride-dispersed edges and tip. It was sharp enough to cut and pierce through nearly anything. Reaching for his spear, Santiago began to twirl it playfully, exhibiting phenomenal wrist control as the spear's circular motions blurred.

"How will we poison our enemies today, Venenoso?", he inquired, his smile's flair shifting from seductive and disarming to mystifying and knowing as he first considered inserting Atracotoxin to the micro-capsules inside his weapon's spearhead. Atracotoxin unlike most neurotoxins, did not work by shutting down the nervous system. Instead it hyper-stimulates it to the point of overload. It elevated blood pressure and burst millions of air sacs in the victim's lungs, essentially forcing his victims to drown.. on dry land. It was a cruel fate. One he could force upon an adversary with one single cut from his spear to release the micro-capsules into an opponent's system. "Perhaps that tis a bit cruel, no?", he continued, "Humiliation would be more fun". To humiliate the opponent, he often thought of 5-MeO-DMT. A psychoactive substance not unlike psilocybin and mescaline, it was not meant to cause direct harm.

Instead it warped the victim's state of mind. They would experience shifts in their perspective while feeling the sensation of being sat on by an elephant, and most bizarre, they would wander about for hours wondering why at the vagaries of the universe while the sky folded into itself and a cactus explained to them about the virtues of sock ironing. It made a fool of his victims and forced them into a highly vulnerable state for an extended period of time. Enough time to capture, kill or whatever it was he intended with his enemies. Opting against considering his other remaining toxins, Santiago simply transferred them all into Venenoso's spearhead. He would select his toxin of choice when the time came to do battle. Now however, he turned round, certain that his volunteered partner in crime, Anastasia would be there to greet him in the witty manner she often did.

"Hola, bella", he greeted, a smile, personable and engrossing in it's winsomeness curling upon his exotic features. "Assuming you are ready, we may now leave for Tokyo. It will be a quick journey", he promised, stepping forward as if to cut into her personal space before he stepped to the side and stood by her right. "I have a super power", he began with a smile, "Apologies, I was being dishonest. I have several", he jested with a wink. "But for this, I will use only one. Just relax and everything will be fine. My sources indicate that to enter Tokyo conventionally is impossible so this will have to do. Tis like teleportation". Resting his palm atop her shoulder, he sought, if she agreed to, transfer both the physical information/quantum information that constituted who they were as components of a physical system (the universe) across space-time geometry and have them reappear in the heart of Tokyo. "We're here".

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Her blade fails to part flesh, perhaps one of her other techniques would have been wiser to open with. Night Hunter while a fantastic weapon sometimes was best if used not as a main. It was to late now however she'd missed. Best prepare for a counter, and as such she'd been reaching for a vile at her side when her mind was struck. It felt like her head was being split open as the vile reached her lips. Blood pored into her veins as the telekinesis came into effect. This led to her healing abilities as a vampire contesting with a furious strain. Her blade rose to shield off the sword barely visible. Was only her time as a swordsman that made her remotely ready and even then it was close. To a point a small gash was in the vampires throat.

The touch of Hanzo was spreading her porcelain skin beginning to grey she didn't have long. She would of loved to try her luck on one of the other larger threats. Natasha lived for conflict she was addicted to murder. Her gift to master anything on touch made her find combat the only form of artistry. She'd had brief encounters with the ruler of what was now Venezuela. She'd fought her aunt a nazi and vampire hard to rival many times. She'd trained with the likes of Kenshin sometimes called the Last Samurai, and the elite swordsman Nobody. She'd even done battle once against the HFC when they sought to bring down the academy. She'd spent a wealth of time fighting hard earned battles and training but today it came to an end.

"Hanzo was it? Maybe one day they'll reverse your touch and make me that concubine. Luke does say I dress like one." The goth not ashamed of her choice in minimal attire or afraid of her time ending for that mater. "Shall we draw on three?" A playful western element being added to the dual of swords. This was a trap however as Natasha moved for her second blade Blood Moon.

She called the technique Eclipse. The veins of the teens arms lit up as if her blood was on fire her veins radiant. In one solitary draw cut, within a single second a hundred moves were made. It used an arcane art vampire swordsman learned from Shinigami if she remembered corectly. It briefly would treat part of the vampire as if it were much much older at the cost of current blood intake. This was Natasha's finest move so swift it looked as if her hand never moved to most. After that second though usually her foe was nothing but a mist of crimson. The distance between the swordsmen was little speed was presumably the only solution to survive. She'd seen Connosouir, brother of Kratesis if she recalled correctly defend against the technique but Hanzo despite his skill was nothing like that.

Still she never saw her success or failure. The technique used up blood. Her blood was what fought off the stone touch, she'd made a sacrifice in effort to stop one of Akira's finest. Now the vampire stood statuesque with hand on sword. It was rather beautiful and heroic in image. To real in image to be made by hands alone. A small raven with an eye of gold lands on the shoulder before flying off. There was a very real chance if Hanzo survived or even if he hadn't that someone else might end the statue and in doing so Natasha but the companion of the vampire had no time to dwell on that.

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In the dim light and cool air of the subs armored command center Rafael's voice broke the tense silence.

"Ivana. What's the situation? Where is the opposition's force most concentrated?"

The priority channel crackled with encryption and crosstalk from the subs drone command and control systems.

The Shogun mentally assessed the tactical situation. Without the benefit of sight she had to memorize a tactile map of Tokyo and mentally translate coordinates into her spatial concept of the battlespace. For most this would be weeks of work however Ivana's NA-AU technique allowed her to not only turn coordinate points into locations intuitively but to understand the way objects flowed on the battlefield simply by hearing the rate of change data.

"Rafael our drone footage shows a warrior leading the capture of the eastern army base. Its the man we discussed. Its Tenjin."

"He's stationary so he's probably using the eastern base as their C&C node." Strategic and tactical concepts flowed through her mind like a stream.

"If I'm right its their center of gravity. You can take down Tenjin and disrupt their command and control infrastructure."

"Plus Japan's air defense is pretty stout. Their best air superiority fighter is the F-2 but they've got a strong radar and air defense bubble here. If you can get access to their hardlines in the Eastern Base see if you can crash their system. Until those air defenses go offline uncloaking the drones is a big risk."

"If it works.. its a liver shot." Ivana ended on a metaphor she knew a fellow martial artist like Rafael would understand; a blow that paralyzes and disables, leaving an enemy vulnerable and exposed.

Then the Shogun turned the channel over to Arrachtach. The blue furred genius rattled off dozens of coordinate points and technical information regarding the Japanese cyber-architecture to the mutant races premier powerhouse.

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30 minutes prior to the initial attack, Saitama

"AKIO! AKIOOOooo!" A woman's voice yells throughout the rather small apartment, likely disturbing a few neighbors and forces a certain young hero to jump up off the couch from a nap. Looking around in shocked confusion for a few seconds until another "AKIOOOOO!!" rings in his ears, the Son of Wukong stands up and dashes towards the front door, pulling it open quickly thinking it was some kind of emergency... only to see his mother holding bags upon bags of groceries.

Sighing with half relief and half disappointment, he takes the bags of his mother's hands and leads her inside to the kitchen, setting down everything as he spoke up. "Did you have to yell so loud? I don't wanna get a noise complain so soon!" He says with a chuckle as he starts putting things away... examining the products as he pulled them out of their bags.

"Anata wa mada kaikon owatta no?" His mother asks, crossing her arms and nosing around the room in the standard motherly way. "Err, mom, can you say that again... in English? Please?" Akio pleaded, having yet to completely learn the language yet; which his mother obviously disapproved of.

"If you want a future here, you have to learn to speak our language, Akio. Why do you think I bought you the laptop before we came here?" She said shaking her head, being lovingly spiteful as always. "I dunno, because you love me?" Akio grins for a moment trying to look dumb, the facade obviously not working as his mother continued to shake her head, making him shrug and take a step away from the counter. "Worth a shot."

"Soooo... what did you say before?" The Ki Warrior asks once again, walking over to his ever spiteful mother and trying to ease the tension, knowing most of it was probably just due to the move. "I asked if you finished unpacking here, which I can see you didn't." She says as she examined the boxes littering the room, finding most of them full and tsk tsking every chance she got. "Well, I, uhh... I unpacked a few things. The important stuff!" If said stuff included his television, laptop, and PS4 setup where his bed should be.

Taking some final looks around the room, his mother finally shrugs and nods. "Hmph... well, I suppose you won't be able to make yourself a good dinner if you still need to study up." His natural smile widening as his mother mentioned food, Akio gave her a big hug, even if she tried to shrug it off. "Yes, yes, now go learn like you should have earlier!" She says and shoos her son to his room, sighing and smiling.

Akio wasn't dumb by any means normally, but no matter what guide or site he visited he just couldn't get another language into his head; at least when it comes to speaking. He could write a whole book in Japanese if he wanted, yet he still couldn't even speak a sentence. After only ten minutes of "and this means X" or "from X to X" he lost his interest and shut down the computer... closing the screen just in time to see a flash of golden light fill his room.

No Caption Provided

"Wha... who?" He said hesitantly, quickly standing up and getting in a combat stance... dropping it and sighing as he saw who had so abruptly entered his room. "D-dad?" The Son of Wukong asked curiously, tilting his head as he saw his father; or at least his father's avatar on Earth. Looking the same way he had always looked with a smile and all, the Monkey King nodded calmly.

Although he was always happy to see his father, he rarely did... being the son of a godly guardian doesn't allow much bonding time, so his appearance was came as quite a surprise... but he soon realized that this wasn't on the best circumstances.

"Dad, why are you here? Now? What's going on?" The Monkey King blinked a bit, then shook his head and leaned against the wall. "..... In a very short time, Tokyo will be attacked, attacked by powerful forces beyond what the military is equipped to battle." Wukong crossed his arms as he delivered the news, leaving his son dumbfounded. "You must head there at once, and provide any support you can. The power you hold within you can turn the tide of this coming war, you only must choose to use it."

In no time at all, a second golden flash blared in the room... and the doors of the apartment opened almost instantly as our young hero makes his exit, leaving his poor mother in shock and awe... but obviously that would soon be replaced by frustration.

Present Time, Tokyo

Loading Video...

@tenjin: @akira_overdrive:

No Caption Provided

Flying at incredible speeds straight into the chaos that was the Tokyo Takeover, the Monkey Prince stopped above the normally industrial city in shock of what was happening... buildings were burning, screams and explosions could be heard even at this height, and the military was nowhere to be- *BOOM*

A missile narrowly misses the Son of Wukong as he was paying witness the madness before him, hitting a nearby building and causing an ear-splitting explosion... looking up as the jet that fire the weapon seemingly upon him flies overhead, Akio dashes after it; getting just close enough to set a mental target and fire a Ki-Blast on it's engine's, inevitably sending the hostile craft plummeting to the ground.

He found a couple more aircraft like these, all either firing upon civilians or him, and he took out any he saw. But they weren't anything his father would tell him about. He wanted to find the real threat; ancient demons, gigantic monsters, Ki-.... Ki? He sensed it, or some variation of it.... without a second thought, he flew in it's direction. That was the only thing he had to go on for now- Ki can be a dangerous resource in the wrong hands.

Though red-garbed division of ninjas, lead by Satori Gensu, had gone rather deeply into Tokyo's sewers, it would seem being underground wouldn't save them now. In a split second, coming in like a living bunker buster, the Monkey Prince crashed straight through the road and landed gracefully in front of the large group. "Heh, you guys were pretty tough to find down here... but if you want to fight in this muck that's fine with me." Akio said, taking no time to try and speak Japanese as he would of seemed far less convincing stumbling over words.

No Caption Provided

Most of the ninjas seemed just a bit surprised, but Gensu of course didn't bat an eye... merely raised his hand and made a gesture. "Kono orokamono o korosu, kare wa meiwaku ni narudeshou." He said ever calmly, and his division drew their blades without hesitation as he turns to find another path. Grinning and getting into stance as the assassins approached, he waited for them all to charge or leap and then.... "HAAAAAAAAHH!!!"

Hearing the violent yelling, Gensu smirked- thinking those were screams of pain as the young warrior was being eviscerated... but then he started to feel the sewers rumble, and the sewage wave and rush with intense power, one very familiar to him. Turning back around just in time to see an explosion of force send most if not all of his division flying away, and the Monkey Prince at the epicenter of it all... not even a scratch.

"Dono yō ni shite, sono ōku no denryoku o tsukutte iru?" Gensu said out loud, more to himself than to Akio, as he examined the ordeal... out of curiosity rather than fear. Ending just as quickly as it had started, the explosive energies dissipated and left the two warrior alone in the rather damaged sewers. "I've shown you mine, now it's your turn to show me yours." Akio said in a cocky manner, wanting to see what his opponent was made of... if he was even the one he was after. Gensu seemed silent for a moment, but not an instance afterwards he fired a devastating blast of "black lightning" towards the Ki Warrior, and with a grin Akio quickly fired off his own, bright blue Gokeshin Attack; the chamber being shook and flashed as the two masters of Ki and Chi dueled.

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@rafael_romeiro: @timesiphon: @tenjin:

Kayle entered the Skytree large briefcase in hand. Tenjin had requested it and so Kayle made it the money was in the bank and now the product was delivered. The rail gun was a terrifying design with some loving touched only a weapon smith like Aurorez would conduct and the requests of Tenjin met as well. This take over wasn't an act of the Wildcardz but on the other hand it did have one wild card why not another. "Special delivery good sir do try not to waste the ammo even I find that a bit hard to replenish." Kayle could generate bullets, Vibranium ones were a bit more challenging. It was mostly sarcasm however she was just lazy. She hadn't packed her guns with Vib ammo she didn't want to make a bunch of it for somebody else first.

"The girl slinging plasma. And turning people to dust. I don't feel like some ninja stars will cut it. Care to join this lovely take over?" The alluring assassin beside Tenjin asked. Kayle with a nod to Rose and her teammate made her leave. At the base of the tower was her TM700 and connected to it a large crate much like what she'd used to steal from the twenty third awhile back under the cover provided from Charlemagne no less. Using mutants worst enemy as cover for a heist for one of the most valuable minerals mutants had was pretty low. She took pride in that.

"Law transfer to Onslaught send the 700 home." The smaller mech took off leaving Tokyo. The large crate on the other hand unraveled with a heavy thud as the eighteen meters tall mobile suit rose to full height and weapons began to hum as they came to life. Getting cozy in the cockpit and popping a trademark sucker of crystals into her mouth the machine of war began the sprint toward where the target was. She doubted the speedster running in glossy white armor would stop for her. That didn't bother Kayle though it wasn't her take over after all. She was confident however she could gun down the flying speedster and her plasma throwing.

The Onslaught moved with a weight that shook the ground and flipped over cars. For a mobile suit it wasn't fast but it was by no means slow wither. As it rounded the corner it's large Gatling gun rose it's barrels large enough for a person to walk in. Like a standard mini gun it could propel hundreds of rounds down rage per minute. The catch was the Onslaught was shooting lances of plasma that burned like the sun and were large enough to engulf an entire tank. The weapon was designed to release so much fire power mobile suits and space craft were ripped apart. The wash of plasma fire could wipe out any number of ground infantry. All the while however Kayle in her drug enhanced up boric mentality was realizing just how bad she needed to upgrade this machine of hers. Losing would be acceptable as much as winning. For the engineer didn't see herself in a war but just a beta test of her toy.

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Time Siphon's vision took in the mech the moment it moved in her direction. Oh hell. She immediately slowed down, way down and ceased using her temporal stores, she was going to need them rather shortly. That'll move too fast to kill it with time, not without disabling it first. One or two shots from that main gun before I have to ditch the armor...really need to install those upgrades I brought with me.

"Why do I get the feeling you're looking for me?" She asked the approaching mech. "Do you know what it takes to kill a Time Siphon? Let's just agree to disagree and you can go hunt someone else down while I catch up with speed racer." She hovered over to a building, placing a hand against the structure, in the very likely case that they opened fire rather than keep talking. Age the supports and the building falls.They either dodge it or knock it aside, buys you thirty five seconds, long enough to find cover and engage temporal abilities. The joints will age more easily on their mech than the mech itself, or you can age an access panel to get inside. Either get to the pilot or render the mech unable to move, those are your options.

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@la_espada: @cutthroatbitch@timesiphon: @strigidae_23:@rafael_romeiro: @decayingrose: @akira_overdrive: @kayle_rez:

Katsuro gazed out into the metropolis from the large window, lifting the whisky glass to his mouth he continued to sip upon the bourbon. Notes of spice and tobacco infused its aroma. He stood with a confident posture, yet an onlooker could tell by his stance he was versed in military discipline. Oak-like strength and sturdiness. The art of war was not unknown to him; especially guerilla and unconventional tactics. Behind those crimson wild eyes and beneath the rogue shark impression; a blatant killer, lurked deep within him a calculating strategist. In close quarters combat he was a relentless dynamo however in regards to business and war, his aggression is eclipsed by his cunning.

Near him was the strange Rose, she had provided intelligence regarding incoming threats. Katsuro turned is head, chin lifted high though said nothing in response to her personally. He projected his voice throughout the command center "<Locate and identify all potential threats. I want them monitored until I give an appropriate response.>" He moved from the window, his heavy boots falling silently as he moved towards a series of monitors displayed in a grid upon the west wall. Setting the empty glass on the desk near one of his followers, he began to study and analyze the various feeds. His Atlas like arms crossed and a blank expression upon his enigmatic façade. Many feeds were trivial; it would prove difficult to provide adequate defenses when so much chaos had been invoked. People feared for their lives in response to the destruction by Akira. The police force was running rampant, attempting to bring civility to such dark and barbarous times. Tenjin understood what he had to accomplish to maximize his chances of achieving his goal. The installation of mass terror with a show of force. To control the populace to place all efforts on the opposition. The Grim Ghost smirked as summoned a ninja to his side and spoke "Hack all broadcasting networks and cell towers. Prepare a camera to stream, I shall speak to the people of Tokyo."

Just then, his Wildcard ally Kayle appeared entered with a certain device he had requested. As she set the container on the floor and left out the door, Tenjin lifted the case upon a nearby table and examined the rather large weapon. Nearly five feet in length though surprising light for his massive size, he lifted the shimmering railgun out from the container. Resembling an oversized assault rifle, he brought the butt on the stock to his shoulder and aimed it at the floor. Preforming a routine inspection, he engaged the bolt checking its functioning. Meticulously he placed it on safety and pulled the trigger, noting its resistance and stared down the barrel to locate any potential imperfections, down to the screws. He found none. Simply immaculate. His adroit weapon of death would be a welcome accessory to his already formidable paraphernalia. She had equipped the railgun with a digitalization portal similar to his brother-in-arms Clutch's technology.

As he admired his new acquisition, a technopathic message played Akira's request into his ear. He would join his comrade soon, but other pressing matters where to be addressed. A Blood Spider shouted "<The camera is ready master.>" With a mental command, the railgun dissipated into a formless binary code in his hands. Tenjin was most impressed. Barking an order to everyone in the room while he made his way to the communications booth to speak to the masses "<Send the Blood Spider sixth battalion, a heavy mercenary tank unit along with a sniper cell for overwatch to Akira's location when he reaches the pier. Have three Black Hawks provide aerial support. I will join him in due course.>" The shadow portals would allow for Tenjin's forces to provide immediate action.

Minutes later....

The Kyoto Killing Machine sat alone in a dark room with only indirect light providing any sense of luminesce. A single camcorder stood on a tripod a few feet away from his position. A single blinking red light pulsed from the device as it recorded his speech. His face was shown, yet his ebon armor faded into the darkness behind him. Medium black hair half covered his features, his voice like that of some entity straight from the abyss. "<People of Tokyo. this is not an act of rebellion. This is an act of restoration. The meek and feeble have destroyed this city's honor, I merely wish to resurrect it. The events which are about to take place in moments are going to claim many more lives but it is always darkest before the dawn. You all have three minutes to get off the streets and into shelter. Once those minutes have passed, I will rain hell. From this moment on Marshall Law has been enacted. I implore you my brothers and sisters...run. Run for your lives.>"

Three minutes later...

Standing on the balcony alongside a multitude of his personal guard, the mass of ninja resembled onyx pillars. Watching from the high rise building, a burning Romeo & Jullietta cigar hung from his ashen lips. He was prepared to engage his enemies. The primal urge of bloodlust and carnage filled his heart. His major flaw was his impatience, the psychosis grew worse, poisoning him with hate and rage. His men knew of his symptoms but dare not speak of it else place themselves in his path of wrath. After a long draw of smoke into his mouth Tenjin counted slowly in his head..3..2..1.

On cue, orchestrated with perfect timing, His fleet of drones swooped down from the sky over the building. The exhaust rushed down onto the balcony, forcing the Savage Shinobi's hair backwards and the ember and his cigar to brighten. The UAVs made this single pass in a 'V' formation before departing from the wing band and flying in separate directions. Only to dive like hawks towards the lower buildings which lined the major road ways and begin launching sidewinder missiles into the unfortunate crowds who had not sought shelter quick enough. The gatling guns razed the sidewalks as they flew past, obliterating anything unfriendly in their wake. The mercenaries and Yakuza who where stationed throughout the city performed the same routine, seeking out those on the streets with vicious intent. Tanks and artillery machines grinded rock and debris beneath their tracks as the sound of gunfire echoed in alleys. Explosions sounded, like the twisted heartbeat of Tokyo. All caught outside where ordered to be executed. No remorse. No questions.

While he watched the Armageddon unfold, a follower approached and spoke into his ear. "<We have footage of the Black Jaguar. We are lead to believe he is headed for the Army base based on his trajectory.>" Katsuro scoffed and replied "<He will find nothing but ruins there however if he appears, prepare an auxiliary ground force to meet him on arrival utilizing the portals. Artillery is to bombard him then return to the city. I want snipers to use Vibranium rounds, position themselves in the wreckage of the base. Have the ground troops provide distraction. Let them die.>" Tenjin knew if Raphael was here...then so was she. Drawing in the final drag of his cigar before tossing it over the balcony, Katsuro spoke to his men "<Prepare for battle...ready the Kurai-nami.>"

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@decayingrose:@akira_overdrive: @kayle_rez: @blooddiamond@tenjin@_envy_@vinnie_tahoe

High above Tokyo, a beat-up looking cargo plane cut through the clouds. It flew high enough that all but the most long-range ordinance would reach it, but chances were that a single aircraft would not draw much attention, considering what was happening below. The radio in the cargo area crackled, giving the passengers garbled and disjointed updates on the chaos that now engulfed the city.

The Alpha Dog sat on a crate of old military supplies, idly sharpening his claws on one of his vibranium knives. He wore a brace of the deadly blades around his waist, and his nondescript black fatigues concealed a bodysuit with a weave of the same substance. “Sounds like the lady’s intel was dead-on,” he said, not looking up at his companions. “This is exactly the kind o’ mess the ‘Cardz would be mixed up in.”

As he slipped a parachute onto his heavy frame, he mentally reviewed their mission. It was simple enough: find and do as much serious damage to the Wildcardz as possible. The politics at play in this battle didn’t matter to Dog. He didn’t care who won or lost; he had a target, and he was ready to hunt. Not that he wasn’t more than happy to take a good bite out of any of these invading forces, if they got in his way, and he sincerely hoped they would.

“See ya on the ground, boys,” he said, flashing a fanged grin as the cargo door opened. “Oh, and if ya hit a building, try not to hit one with a hornet nest. Those Japanese hornets ‘r monsters.” With a chuckle, he dove off the ramp, and began plummeting towards the raging battle below.

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The vintage hercules C-130 hovered in a muffled racket in the air. The sounds of cheap metal and even cheaper cables smacking within the interior did little to reassure the mutant zealot. He sat against the skin of the aircraft and strapped to a parachute in nervousness. He was a hound by nature and felt comfortable on the ground, and only the ground. The fact that Alpha Dog sat in anticipation of the free fall jump caused Envy to feel more like a pup himself. The aroma of his canine companion caused the air to be tense among his instinctual nature, but they were allies and he fought any natural urge of competition. His mind was purely focused on the hopes that his parachute would open in perfect harmony of the breaking wind and not fail his newly vibranium laced skeletal system.

"...If ya hit a building..."


Envy tuned him out as he opened the cargo door and leaped out without any sense of hesitation or fear, but only adrenaline. Bolstering his own fighting spirit and reaffirming why he was here, he unhooked the static cable that attached from his parachute cord and clipped it onto the helicopters inside wires. The length of the rope and tension would cause the parachute to activate properly at the pre determined distance of the fall and ensure that it opened in the slim chance that his heavy ingot infused arm wasn't able to reach the cord.

"Let's go Vinne!"

His confident words blanketed his fear in a lie, making a mental note to make sure neither of his counterparts would speak of his fear of heights to anyone outside the three.

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@strigidae_23: @tenjin:

Ivana's informative words would prove crucial to their success as a unit intent on putting a stop to the invasion of Tokyo. Though as he registered the Shogun's tactical input, the Black Jaguar could not help but think of how much more facile the task of laying waste to their enemies and their air-force would be had he still been in possession of his aerokinesis. "Alright", Rafael began before affirming with the cool, mystifying confidence that he carried himself with, "When I find the Eastern Base, I will take care of the system". If it was a liver shot, it was certainly something the Portuguese speedster would be content to do. His employment of wrestling in the battlefield was to use hand-fighting, clinch grappling and feinted takedowns to expose the opponent to his strikes.

He would apply the same principles to expose their opposition to not only his strike, but Ivana's and those who had emerged as Tokyo's defenders. Hopefully Ivana's assumptions would prove correct. Though sadly as Rafael's extraordinary sensory perception registered and analyzed the external stimuli all about him as he blitzed through the city, he came to realize that the Eastern Base had been rendered desolate. In the distance he saw only a supporting ground force while his other senses detected tactically positioned snipers and modern artillery ready to greet him. It was a commendable use of ambush tactics by the enemy, and certainly lethal. And if not for his blistering speed and sheer power, the assault would have been fatal. But Rafael was simply too fast. Too powerful. "Ivana", he began, reaching her via his earpiece, "The base has been wasted. And they seem to have been aware that I would come".

"I don't think they intercepted our communication line. But I think they may have caught sight of me when I entered the city. I'm too fast for most modern equipment to detect", he informed, "Their technology must be impressive. Some of their men are waiting for me there. I have a plan". Accelerating as the kinetic energy from his overwhelming velocity was amplified by his armor's 'white vibranium', Rafael continued. "I don't need to do much to destroy the forces they have waiting for me. I'm going to destroy their forces. They'll have to send Tenjin, unless they want me to lay waste to their manpower and all of their bases. I'll draw all the attention to myself. Keep them distracted, or kill them before they realize their being distracted. I'll hope to create an entry point for you by doing this. And if I can't..", he paused, "Well, your life is a tale of you defying the odds stacked against you. And you can do it again here. Be careful".

Exerting a tremendous amount of force as his speed experienced an exponential rise, a vicious trail of sonic booms tore whatever lay in his wake asunder while the searing heat generated from the friction of his high velocity movement ionized the air and conjured scorching plasma all about him. He wouldn't have to exert himself and deliver one solid strike to generate tremendous force, instead as his senses detected those ready to attack him, he would pick them apart one by one. And they would never know he was there until it was too late. Simply by virtue of his speed and time perception. Light requires a variety of steps in the human eye and brain before it can actually be seen by an individual. When one stares at a television screen, photons come into contact of the eyes' back and touch off complex chemical signals that are translated into electrical signals which are sent along neurons to the back of the brain and then translated into what people 'see'. For those without superhuman time perception, the process is not instant, and even for those in possession of it, it still is not comparable to Rafael's time perception.

The process still requires a certain amount of time. As subtle as it may be, as insignificant as it may seem, for a speedster like Rafael, it means everything. Because it implies that there are portions of life missed by many. People do not actually see life for what it is, but they see it for what it was milliseconds ago. Milliseconds for someone of Rafael's speed was all the time in the world. He processes information at a much faster pace, and unlike the majority of the globe, he did not see life in sixty frames per second. Instead, because of his time perception, he saw life continuously, or as close to seeing it continuously as one can. He was at the limit of time perception because he could move and process information at near-superluminal speeds. He could pick out any frame of any video he watches. He can see every single flap of a hummingbird's wings. To Rafael, the way everyone else saw life and processed information was not unlike the most sluggish, laggy livestream one can find on the internet.

And because of this, every soldier, every man armed with a sniper, all those ready to attack him, never saw him coming. Because he was closer to reality than they were. He perceived it much faster than they did. They see him only milliseconds after he actually appeared. In fact, they did not even see him. All they could see was a frame of what he was doing, where he was milliseconds ago. It might as well have been forever ago for the Black Jaguar. As he blitzed into the army base, and grabbed the first of the soldiers. There was a limit to the acceleration that the human body could withstand. Because it was not entirely solid, Rafael by virtue of his speed alone caused his victim's brain to smash into their skull and their inner fluids to condense to the direction opposite of their direction of motion. He did this to every single one until there was no more. The ground force. The snipers. Those operating the artillery. In what seemed like an instant, they were no more. Had he not been as fast or as durable as he was, he was certain that by those he had just slain he would have been rendered as unrecognizable as they now were. Stopping for but a moment, arms crossed before his chest as the air was scorched red, Rafael waited. Either Tenjin would appear with full force, or the Black Jaguar would move on to every base and eventually, the stadium.

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30 Minutes Ago

As the armored shinobi entered the warring city not a single splash of worry colored his eyes what did he have to worry about like all enemies they would not last long against him and his army of specters the very army that surrounded him yet remained unseen that was their calling card killing a man in broad daylight surrounded by witnesses and not a single person saw who did it this turned the specters into boogeymen or rather a natural disaster something that can not be stopped and for the first time in many years their leader has a appeared to the public Hiro Watanabe .If the specters are a natural disaster then does that make the man who controls them a god ? Hiro would never claim to be but he would never argue with someone who used the word for what is a god but a being that creates a world in his own image if that is true then perhaps he was a god but that status would have to wait for now he was a warrior here to further his own cause by supporting the cause of another the man named Akira .With his army around him he needed only say one word "go" and what they were off to go do is a mystery known only to them ,but ,what's known is whatever their mission may be it will be handled with an efficiency unheard of by mortal men for they were not men they were Specters .

As his army rushed off to do his bidding Hiro began to walk the streets clearly in no real rush for his time to appear was not now but it was certainly was near .

Present time .

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@jack_@akira_overdrive As the supernatural samurai talked to Akira a cloaked figure approached from behind and unleashed a torrent of slashes and from his front another figure charged forward and punched unleashing a large burst of energy that should break the samurai's stance and leave him helpless against the first figures slashes .While this happened one of the cloaked beings revealed himself showing a slim figure in a full body metallic armor it was form fitting and lightweight .The figure bowed before Akira "hello sir my name is Virgil my master Hiro sends his regards and has sent me and my men " Virgil motioned to the rooftops where more specters stood cloaked "to ensure you make it to your destination now if you would like to be on your way they can handle this trash with ease "Virgil bowed once more before cloaking again .

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Sitting comfortably on the built-in bench in the gloomy confines of the cargo bay, I had my eyes closed and my right ear plugged by my headphones. And man, Joey Bada$$ couldn't have come on at a better time. Since I was trying to get some rest before sh!t hit's the fan. Afterall we've been in flight for almost 10 hours now. Luckily as one of my new animalistc collegues pointed out in his gruff voice we were about to enter the drop off zone.

The Lockheed was old and appeared like it could fall of the skies at any moment, but I did not mind. During my years of treasure hunting, such planes became sort of my second home. Heck, I could propably manage to write a decent poem about them had I tried. With my open ear I hear something odd, the heavy tap-tap of boots. So I open my eye peek around to find it's source. It doesn't take me long to find it's source, since it came from my mohawk sporting colleague. I felt bad for a second there because it took me a moment to remember his name. We've met just hours ago during the briefing. Now I have some experience reading people and he couldn't have been a bigger 'f*ck you' to planes. Mild twitch in his eye, the tapping on the floor and his lower jaw sliding from left to right as he grinded his teeth. I guess everybody has a fear...

Anyway, I yanked around all my bandoliers and straps to ensure they were locked on my new suit. You see, my colleagues have an edge above me. From what I gathered they both have this 'healing factor' which would ensure they don't die on the field, but me? I had nothing like that. Sure I could take a hit, but a bullet or something more and I'd die just like the next guy. My new employer (@strigidae_23), being the leader she was, told her labcoats to cook up a little something for me. They called it a long acronym and a bunch of numbers, but I knew it was just a fancy operative suit. Since I was not here to fight, they made it flexible yet resilient by using carbonadium as the main material. Came with a lot of useful features too, a HUD in the googles, gliding capablities and 'computing capabilities and porting systems' by using vanadium dioxide crystals as a layer between the armor and the inner suit. Bunch of jibberish if you ask me, I just needed to know if it gets the job done.

No Caption Provided

"Let's go Vinnie!", I swiftly spring to attention as I overhear Envy talking in as much confidence as he could gather before jumping out the open cargo bay door.

I take my time to stroll towards where he once stood and just now the big 'What if?'s begin to haunt my mind. But as I pull out a picture of my two little nephews from behind my chestplate the doubts just fizz off as quickly as they came. I smile, knowing that I have to survive this for them.

Still grinning like an idiot I put the protective goggles on and make a step forwards into the skies. My upper body quickly rotates down and front due to gravity. My 'plank' position lasts only briefly before I clump my legs together and move my arms along my body, reducing air resistance to catch up to Envy and Alpha. But I keep gaining momentum and fearlessly whiz past the duo like a bullet.

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@alpha_dog: @_envy_: @vinnie_tahoe: @timesiphon:

"Hey Law dear hows the air space looking?" The pirate asked eager to make use of the Onslaught.

"Well for now it's quite friendly most air resistance is down from the opening moves. What little there is controlled I did find one foe up there however." Her A.I remarked and allready began readying the fire sequence.

"One you say? Well let's welcome them." The shoulders of the large machine hissed open and in a furious roar dispensed a dozen 'micro' missiles. To a mobile suit these rockets were small, to a person each rocket was abou the size of a bike. They had the explosive force designed to take apart machines like what Kayle was in. A twelve rocket barrage was designed to turn a good three or four large suits of rare metals into slag. A rickety old plane it was a goner. The skies would light up like fire works from a dozen high powered explosives. The shrapnel that rained down a good chance at ripping apart anyone who'd jumped from the craft. For some reason she couldn't get a need on the jumpers. At least one had a stealth suit. Seeing how the rockets were locked on to the plane however she wasn't to worried about missing. "Hey Sakura fetch" the pirate remarked as Law sent coordinates to the flower of flesh and blood at the command post.

With that she turned her attention back to the armored girl before her. "Oh a time siphon should be fun. You seem to have fed well to recently." Sadly she didn't know much on the species outside of the obvious name sake and that abilities got better over time. This was a fight of the mythic Time Siphons against the myth of the Space Siren. Honestly Kayle would usually bet against her kind here. But today the siren had a giant machine of war. She jumped to clear the crumpling building. She didn't escape it entirely but with a machine that could charge through buildings the decaying debris didn't do much. "Test Run."

With that Law opened the hatch above Kayle letting the pirate see the ammunition of the chest mounted mini guns. Touching them was all it took to turn the bullets into new ones. The chest of the mech opened to display a pair of gats that would when fired rip open a machine like hers when fired. It was akin to the kind of firepower large jets would dispense on a battlefield below devestating tanks troops and buildings alike. Kayle did a one up on this as her touch turned those large high speed rounds into explosive shells unmatched by the standard. One round would punch a three inch wide hole in a tank or a bunker before a detonation that'd ravage the foundation. The two guns dispensed hundreds. The building the siphon just collapsed would be nothing but a crater and smoke. Staying ground level would be disastrous on most. But Kayle didn't stop there however knowing she was against a flying target she began to strafe the area with the primary weapon. Lances of plasma shot through the air with a heat to pierce clear through things akin to a Hellicarier with a surplus of rounds meant to cut such a craft in two. No such thing as over kill when in a machine with a name like hers.

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@alpha_dog: @vinnie_tahoe: @alpha_dog:

Shadow portals lined the city and Rose had her own portals as well. Traversal for her and her thirty eight ninja was simple. She'd chosen a collection of her finest but that wasn't saying much as any of the Nameless was a deadly force. They had a heading now as three men came from a plane the A.I of the princess of bullets gave a calculated position of likely landing as distance closed adjustment came easy. They could see them now and so it began a storm nobody wished to be involved in.

It was a few yards away but essentially flanking from north east west and south. From each side was nine ninja who with ease tossed five shurikan of a metal that rivaled Vibranium, on the ground Rose and the final two sent another five. The sky glittered with silver almost beautiful as the night sky for a brief moment as a hundred ninety five stars slashed through the air. The ninjas fell through another portal before risk of crossfire could come. Leading to a second volley from north west, north east, south west and south east. And finally the fleet of ninja were teleported above where a pure shower of ninja stars would rain down. It was a vile crossfire but Rose wasn't done she wanted a hell of a display of force. If a ninja is seen then the witnesses shouldn't live.

By the time they were about to touch ground what was the probability of gliders or parachutes intact? After a series of explosions designed to shatter bunkers and lit the sky ablaze for a brief moment? After a trinity of silver blades pierced the night? After a shower of downward blades from the comfortable distance of yards from falling targets two of them known for favoring close proximity? The thirty eight landed and vanished some in buildings some teleporting to other regions of the battlefield. Rose though waited till landing was assured.

A portal opens where the three mutants should be landing right as they'd be touching ground. Where did the rift open? A thousand feet above the earth once more. It was another simple move teleportation portals a natural mutant ability. The complexity was in the previous layers of attacks. There was little chance the trio could make a comfortable second landing. Rose had devised a portal that'd make a second landing rather necessary. She wanted death to be delivered and she wasn't going to be patient about seeing these three to the door to meet said end.

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This one is too eager. Time Siphon had bought herself the time she needed with the building to activate her temporal reserves again, dramatically increasing her movement speeds and perception. "Did you know after what I fed on in Paris I can destroy this entire city?" She asked even as she moved through the air, able to weave in and out between the rounds of plasma and bullets fired in her direction, at least for the moment. Can't keep this up, have to close soon. "Most of the population would die within fifteen seconds, your lives are so pitifully short, I almost feel sorry for you. I don't though because that's not who I am anymore, I'm trying not to be the monster I've spent most of my life being." A plasma bolt very nearly caught her right side, she felt the heat washing off of it as it passed within inches. Fortunately her armor was more significant than it looked and it easily absorbed and shunted the heat. "The building I brought down was empty, but look at where your weapons fire is going, is this what you want?" She asked and shot up higher into the air. Doing so required flying through the backwash of a plasma bolt which was not unlike flying through a small star. Her armor strained, its systems alerted her of overly high operating temperatures, but it held, at least for the time being. For a moment, she was above all the shooting but that wouldn't last, she was being tracked by the weapons. "Is this what you want? Do you want to destroy Tokyo in order to achieve your objectives? I looked down at the city before you showed up, I saw the death of every citizen of the city, I know how all of their lives will end and why they will die. Did you know there is a six year old girl that will die tomorrow of cancer?" Time Siphon ducked behind a building and a bullet tore through it and shot out the other side, only just missing her. "It will be her birthday." Time Siphon added to her monologue. "She won't survive long enough to blow out the candles. These are people, they have lives and meaning and you're trying to take it all away. I don't even think you care. I need to know something before this continues. Do you care? Does it bother you that you just killed seven hundred people with your opening salvo? Would it bother you if this entire city died?"

Time Siphon found the first joint on the mobile suit she was looking for, the joint for the primary weapon. If she could get close enough, she could disable the entire arm with but a touch. Getting close would be a problem. It was taking everything she had just to avoid getting hit directly. How long between shots? She adjusted her vision, staring at the weapons as long as she could afford to, timing out the exact seconds between each shot.

"Do you want to know how you're going to die if I don't kill you?" Time Siphon asked. "Because I can tell you, I can see the end of your life, the moment you die. You know what else I can see? The man who started all this, he has two temporal lines, one of them is far longer than the other. I'll let you try to figure out what that might mean." Finally. She took off like a bolt, weaving and dodging between rounds meant for larger targets until she was very near to her objective. There was another round, she knew she couldn't avoid it. Rather than try she put her arms up in front of her face and flew through the plasma. Unbelievably to anyone other than her, she came out of the other side in tact, but smoke was trailing from her armor and the plating had cracked and even slagged in a few places. Another direct plasma hit would force her to abandon the armor entirely. She landed on the arm joint and pressed her hand to it. It would survive ten seconds, every passing moment would weaken the joint. Kayle had precious little time to find a way to get the TIme Siphon off of the arm.

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"You just said the building was empty I doubt I dropped that many." She was pretty sure the remark was a bluff some stray fire might have done some damage but no where near that total. Was a nice effort of a guilt trip she had to admit but the levity wasn't there. "In times of war there's collateral nobody like it but you got to accept it. And I'm not a citizen of this planet I don't much care. That said what hospital is she in? I might could help." Kayle was riding around in monstrosities of engineering with guns far outclassing those on earth. Her understanding of science and engineering was quite impressive. She could probably do the world some serious good if employed to do so. Or if she felt like it. But that wasn't tonight's focus.

A high grade mini gun can dispense six thousand rounds a minute that means per second about a hundred rounds were thrown down range. Plasma rounds in her case moved four hundred feet per second. The window of evasion between shots was small and if it was the source of time that allowed the speed it was likely draining quickly. Of course getting an exact lock was difficult as well, and the Siphon had the benefit of needing but one touch.

Indeed the arm joint began to corrode. It wouldn't be long before it fell shaking the earth as it's heavy frame hit the ground. But there was a flaw in the plan the arm was just that an arm, a simple hand gesture and the weapon was let go and picked up by the safe hand. As for the arm in danger it released it's combat knife the large blade could be used to cleave into rare metal titans thanks to the speed and force the machine could put behind the edge. It released with rocket like force from the arm threatening to rip the siphon in two. A following slash was made in effort to send the siphon flying. Meanwhile the Onslaught leaped backwards to clear distance.

Swallowing the crystal the siren treated like candy her eyes dilated and her abilities reached new heights. She was able to reach ammo cartridges beyond her reach in this case the primary weapon. And with that she was able to turn the standard plasma to the likes of the Vamp's the siren used. Vamps were her shoulder mounted guns they released plasma that was backed by nanites that took energy and transfered it to Kayle. Usually draining the life from a target and keeping Kayle healthy. In this case the energy was sent to the magazine the source. This created a constantly cool and primed battery. Allowing Kayle to fire a seemingly endless flurry of energy leaching plasma. Now was life energy like time Kayle had no idea but the high as a kite pirate did enjoy her work.

But that was the main gun she had so many and just one thing to shoot at, so the chest mounted cannons kept spitting led it's bullets a deafening roar of led and detonation. And why stop there with her siren ability to conjure ammo from nothing it was easy to restock the rockets? And why not make those rockets remenescent of the Babie grenade? Twelve rockets shot from her shoulders attempting to lock on to the swift thief of time. Those twelve rockets when they thought they were close erupted into six smaller rockets. Dodge one rocket sure, twelve maybe. Sixty high explosive rockets might be harder.

The Onslaught's right arm was shaken by the fury and fell off crushing a car like an ant. And admittedly she might rack up a nasty collateral damage report with that move but she didn't mind. Responding to the issue with a simple "damn I liked that arm." She was reckless by nature. And kept reminding herself she was in something titled Onslaught it was accurate but it's design was not one kill it was meant to bring ruin to dozens. One target translated to overkill in demand.

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Time Siphon moved the moment the weapon transferred hands, which turned out to be a really good idea, because the blade came within inches of hitting her. This woman is crazy. "I could help too, but I know the outcome, you can't just go around helping where and who you feel like, there are consequences every time a life is extended. Collateral damage can always be reduced, flinging around mechs with giant weapons is not going to do that. Nor is following the orders of someone with two temporal lines." When the rockets launched the Time Siphon narrowed her eyes. One arm down, one left. I could disable the plasma weapon but it would take too much time...no, I need to end this faster. She dodged about half of the rockets before allowing the rest to hit her, the explosions tore into her armor and sent her flying into the side of a building. For several long moments there was silence and stillness.

Time Siphon stood up in the wreckage of the building, her armor battered and smoldering, but still semi functional. End this now or flee. She aged the floor at her feet, plummeting through the floors of the building and dropping dangerously out of sight. She was in the building somewhere, but where? Truthfully, she had allowed herself to fall to the basement level. She'll probably turn her weapons on the building, figure to pour so much fire power into it that nothing can possibly survive, slag the whole thing, maybe even walk over the wreckage. She's leaving you only one option. You really need to upgrade your armor when you get out of this.

Time Siphon knelt down and put her hand on the floor. She closed her eyes and felt every temporal line in the city. Those with higher levels of perception would feel something tapping into them, like a hand reaching into their soul. For a moment that feeling lingered as the Time Siphon named Raeyn struggled with her inner demons. Though for her and those who were particularly perceptive it felt like aeons, it was less than a second of internal conflict. FEED! The city can be yours, millions upon millions of years, take it all, take everything, be yourself again! There is so much power loitering in your mind, grab it, you could rule over this pathetic planet and it's inhabitants, you could establish a new bastion for Time Siphons. Take what belongs to you! She was so hungry, the argument was more tempting than ever, the crazy woman and her weapons had pushed her farther than she had intended to go, the ever present driving hunger had reached dangerous levels. For a moment, Raeyn didn't know if she had the will to carry out her plan, or if she would fold and take the whole fucking city.

NO! The strange sensation left the higher perception beings as she renewed her focus. She only wanted one temporal line, just the one. She drew a connection to it through the feet of the mech, up into the cockpit and through the controls. There you are. For the pirate, it suddenly felt as if her airway was restricted and her heart skipped a beat. Without question, the Time Siphon had found a way to get to her temporal energy without getting through the mech...but she wasn't taking it, she was holding it, she was showing the pirate the danger she was in. She held it for a moment, held her temporal energy in her mind...and then she let it go and instead aged the ground out from under the mech, the whole street began to collapse. Here comes the shooting. Raeyn opened her eyes and activated her anti-gravity mechanisms again. They failed. Fuck. The armor had been more damaged than she expected.

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The Digital Highways of Tokyo

@rafael_romeiro :

Rarely could a human ever say that they have been to the planes of cyber reality, and even rarer has a human been able to say that have undergone transcendence. Akahan the Red Flower or Amaterasu Overdrive as she now called her self was once a human who has now achieved both feats with relative ease in a short amount of time. It has taken Buddhist monks, who isolated themselves in meditative states to achieve enlightenment , hundreds of years to crack the life-equation and become one with celestial energy. Even those who have been bestowed powers of extra-sensory and mystical awareness have been sometimes blocked from achieving a maximum understanding that allowed them to shed human casings and transform into transcendental entities.

Through use of Power Capsules Akahan unlocked her latent mutant abilities and quickly transformed into something she thought was once impossible . She had always looked at robotics as the next wave of life but never did she believe that she could become the very energies that seamlessly tied the human spirit to the man-made machinations of modern day. Akira had realized that she had untapped potential and he nurtured her seed of cerebral dominance. She was now in full bloom as the Psychic Lotus who protected Akira's dream of royalty as an untouchable force of unequivocal power.

Amaterasu was traveling at speeds unable to be calculated in cyberspace on the digital highways that connected all of Tokyo's electronics and technologies. Her form took the shape of a stream of pixels jumping from fiber to fiber and device to device as she assisted Akira from the non-physical plane. She had masterfully orchestrated every technopathic transaction that AO had directed her to and his will was spread across the entire city and even further. She had activated a slumbering creation in the depths of Mt.Fuji while also broadcasting Akira's valiant acquisition of power. She had streamed constant data to his HUD while also keeping tabs on everyone who entered the city. It wasn't until now that she even thought it necessary to transmute back to human form , but as she scanned different sectors several energies stood out to her. A being of temporal energy floated casually around in an attempt to hinder Akira's plan. Several soldier like combatants had made their way into the city via halo-drop from an older model cargo plane , but there was one signature that she felt beckoned her. The unique stamp of psionic feedback that this person imprinted on the gridded visuals of V.AO2 didn't seem to really standout amongst the many mutants of Tokyo, but instead its sheer effectiveness and mastery made her interest peak as she sped up on the virtual interstate to the pinpointed location of the energy sig.

From the eyes of a simple monitoring device Amaterasu looked out at a scene of combative brilliance and it stirred up her competitive spirit and thirst for challenge. Like her Sensei Akira she wished to show off her skills and she believed now was the perfect chance to do show her master everything she had learned. She viewed the perfectly sculpted and armored figure who had apparently dealt with the highly trained Thrashingaikin Ninja with ease and she wonder if he would even stand a chance. She was still however impressed by his showing of skill perfectly balanced with control of power ,and decided to leave her database formed body and go into the physical world with a brilliant flash of fuschia radiance that would permanently blind the man if he was a normal person. In a matter of seconds she had transformed back into human form with little clothing and katana in hand. Her long umber locks of hair reflected the Tokyo lights and it turned a deep purple as she stood in front of the man she had been spying on while psychic energies made themselves visible in the form of butterflies and lightwaves.

"Rafael Romeiro. Mutant loyalist with ties to the Venezuelan Emperor whom they call the Strigidae. If you are here that must mean she is not far behind. Let me kill you now so you can no longer annoy Sensei. I can deal with her later." She spoke with supreme confidence as millions of terabytes of data streamed across her iris and scanned the Black Jaguar to giver her information. She held her katana out and dared him to make a move while she summoned a cascade of what seemed to cherry blossom petals flooding the air and hitting the ground with unrealistic weight , created from nothing.

No Caption Provided

"Come boy. I yearn for battle."

Shinjuku District , Tokyo


Akira's sword vibrantly glowed with a red that matched his sleek attire as he pushed against his enemy's blade with a strong bushido stance reinforced by the demonic energies that became more and more visible as AO remained locked with the other entity. His body began to give off an extremely hot black flame that was intense enough to melt the strongest of minerals and his eyes locked with the eyes of the weird masked man. Whoever this creature was attempted to persuade Akira from his position of rebellion by hinting to him that demons infused into the bodies of men where hard to control. He suggested the Young Yamato seek a different path and try to purge the demonic entity from his body before he was killed by it's evil will. Akira laughed manically as he pushed himself back from the meeting of swords and flipped his short black hair out his face with his his glove hands.

Hahahahahaha! Fool. I’ve already toiled with the very philosophical wisdoms you try to impart on me. This demon that rest inside of me is bound by a mystical blood contract that cannot be broken. Save your words for someone who gives a sh!t.” Akira’s voiced stretched out to the one who attempted to sway him emotionally. He already knew the inner-workings of other-worldly beings inhabiting his body and had no patience to here someone he thought inferior to him explain them again.

The Red Ronin's black flame burst upward sporadically as he placed his Yamato Katana in front of him. He was about to unleash a super-heated wave of destruction at the Supernatural Samurai when a previously cloaked figure had came from some unknown depths and superseded his action. Akira knew immediately from looking at the figures armor and weapon that his ally Hiro had sent an emissary to aid him in his efforts, and he smiled. The wave of energy that he was about to send out would have tired him immensely and he was glad to not have to exert so much energy so early. The stealth blade wielder Virgil bowed to Akira before vanishing once more and AO thrusted his finger out to point to the Mystic One with a shout.

Another day perhaps. Next time don’t waste words by trying to puzzle your opponent with silly ideologies , and maybe your death will come swift. It’s so obvious that whatever rest inside your body wants no part of you.”

With that said Akira jumped into the air , sheathed his blade , and preformed a series of locking hand gestures to initiate the ninjutsu technique he would unleash on the entity as a parting gift. The series of hand signal’s ended with his right and left index and middle fingers extended out of his otherwise clasped hands as his chest puffed up to herculean proportions before he let out a massive fireball of abysmal blackness aimed at the Masked Man. “Hinshi no hoshi no tanjo!(Birth of a dying star!)” his young voice was drowned out by his motorcycle quickly revving up and synchronizing with his landing perfectly to carry him towards the pier once again.

He initiated contact with his general Gensu who was locked in a heated battle with a Monkey Prince in the sewers of Tokyo. Afterwards Amaterasu feed Akira digital scrolls of data that allowed him to see everything that was happening and everyone who was intertwined in his affairs. He smiled at her initiative as he zoomed down the Tokyo streets. “Gensu. Finish that fool. We’ve got business to attend to.

Sewers of Tokyo

Satori Gensu who was fabled as the White Panther stood face to face with the man who obliterated his legion in a dazzling display of energy manipulation. He quickly sheathed his sword and began to meditate while standing, chanting ancient mantras that readied his body to let loose a tidal wave of power. His eye flashed open as black electricity bounced around his inverted body. He was done gathering atoms from his surrounding and launched a barrage of paralyzing energy in the form of two blitzing black tigers.Tora Kari!(Tiger’s Hunt!)"

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@ownagepants: @akira_overdrive: @amaterasu_overdrive:

Yor waited, blade drawn, for his opponent's response, but his supernaturally acute senses, as well as his lifelong warrior training, would no doubt prevent a sneak attack on his form of any sort. His mystic awareness of his environment coupled with Shul's True Sight warned him of an imminent attack from behind, one that would never go unnoticed due to the booming sound of the explosion behind him. With perfect technique, he performed a series of complex sidesteps at speeds that reduced his form to a blur, not even blinking as a massive barrage of energy passed by where he stood less than a second before. Eyes darting to a new figure who had sought to capitalize on the energy-based attack, he stood his ground, inclining his head to dodge the first slash aimed at his face and sidestepping the second. His feet left small burn marks on the ground where he had stood before, as he had moved so quickly that he had inadvertently torn up small bits of pavement.

As the second foe continued his barrage, Yor instantly moved his blade to parry the follow-up strike, then quickly moving it behind his back to catch the next. Never remaining still, he dodged side-to-side, his tribal mask showing no signs of surprise nor fatigue. To his foe, he would appear a nonchalant demon, a creature above the likes of Men. Yor's mask would be the last thing the unfortunate ninja would see, as his gold-tinted blade moved so quickly through his throat that it would leave a glowing afterimage. Turning to face the original attacker who had sent the blast of power his way, his enhanced senses picked up a spell coming from his original opponent.

"Hinshi no hoshi no tanjo!" A massive burst of demonic power soared Yor's way, forcing him to roll out of the blast's way. He heard it destroy a large bus behind him, sending debris everywhere.The surge of pure heat had broken through his magical defenses, singing his clothes and slightly burning his skin. Moreover, even his flash-resistant optic nerves had to take time to filter away the brightness of the attack, leaving him stunned and blind for a second. He remembered his training and the location of the ninja, performing a complex series of movements that carried him to the other ninja's location. Despite his blindness, he felt the presence of the other man, his supernatural endowments showing him the outline of his doomed enemy's body. A quick slash with Resilience ended the man's shameful life, blood spattering across the wall behind him. Shul had once again healed away the burns and restored his mystic field, but his sight had returned, and there was no sign of the demonic leader of the invasion.

Shul, where has he gone?

He has left on that silly-looking bicycle he seems to cherish so much, replied Shul. I can still feel his power from here. He's making his way through the city as we speak. If you're done here, we should pursue him.

Indeed. A little more healing, please?

Shul narrowed his eyes for a second, as he did not like to be ordered around, but there was soon a smile on his translucent face.

What would you do without a friend like me, eh?

I'd be living happily with my family as nature had intended, Yor retorted in disgust.

...Right. Let's just focus on the murder.

Don't call it that.

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-200 light infantry
-50 heavy infantry
-5 five-man squads of Psy Ops units
-A 25-vehicle platoon of Bulwark tanks
-A dozen refurbished Blackhawk helicopters, each carrying a 5-man squad of Downers
-50 battle robots, with the accompanying controllers

"I just know this is going to haunt me if word gets to my enemies."

She was the furthest thing from proud when she made the decision to contact Beremud about taking up the services of the Metahuman Response Force, but when Nastya told her of the impending attack days before, Abigail determined some form of equivalent response would be necessary to help combat the villains attacking Tokyo. Nastya had informed her days before of her own intent to intervene and the naturally altruistic archer likewise could not leave it alone. In conjunction with her Magitek work connection, she'd flown in shortly ahead of time while making the arrangements for Gunther to prepare his forces.

A private security force, mercenaries in all but name. While the warden seemed to push the project to maintain order, moving with the best of intentions, Abby knew all too well the public perception of them in the metahuman communities; a police force specially commissioned to suppress and control them, mutants in particular. For that reason she had asked her dealings to be kept off the table; she couldn't afford to lose any more potential supporters to the Arcani and the Shogunate.

As such, the veteran heroine travelled separately from her forces, yet to be brought into the city but connected through a private channel secured through Aeon and her NOOCS lenses. That same quantum AI and those same lenses which allowed her to virtually inhabit the same networks as the Japanese public and private sector, the same networks as those pushing the attack on Tokyo. She sifted through mental-visual feeds from traffic cameras to military footage while traversing the streets on a customised candy apple red Yamaha FJR1300 motorcycle on a course for the heart of the city.

Whatever their goal was, it seemed to begin with fostering chaos in the populous, assailants in the streets and drones flying overhead. They're not even taking time to distinguish between their own men, she mused, noting the hasty manner in which destruction was carried out. Not that it mattered for tactical purposes. But lives were lives. Zipping through and around roadblocks and avoiding overhead fire, Abigail was fortunate enough to avoid direct confrontation thus far, a blessing she tried hard not to attribute to her power. Can't stop yet. She repeated it to herself continuously as she road in on the rendezvous point–

–just as Nastya and Santi touched down in the same location. "Holamiga!" The Living Weapon, garbed in full attire as the new Noir Rose, greeted her, surprisingly cheery for the occasion. Strange, the thought struck Abby, puzzlement apparent on her face. Had any of them known the truth of her origin and purpose, they'd know that there more than anywhere – in those high-stress kill-all situations – The Tiger's Cub was most at home.

"We got your miniature anti-meta military force," she assured Abigail with an innocuous jest. "Aeon finally got the mass transportation device back online and we're dispersing them in groups throughout the city. But you owe me. That much teleporting is a lotta power, even for our tastes. We had to give out gratis from the particle accelerator just to deal with the blackouts around the block." She didn't need to tell it was a joke. Her smile said enough. She was glad just to participate. "Now, what've you got for us?"

With a thought Abby activated the neural lenses, casting a three-dimensional projection of the city in its current state, updating real-time, for both Nastya and La Madradista to see. "Looks like they're already setting up relatively comfortably in the city, but they haven't got a complete foothold. The quantum computer is also picking up strange energy signatures all over—"

{—I have been reading esoteric energy signatures throughout Tokyo,} Aeon interjected as red blips began to show en masse on the projection. {These spots indicate an interesting pattern. Where they appear, the highest concentrations of enemies manifest soon after; or otherwise, they simply vanish. 'Tis not difficult to discern they are using an instantaneous transportation system, no?}

Abigail let out a deep sigh and spoke up. "Alright, let's see if we can't triangulate an origin point. I'm betting we can find whoever's at the head of this, or at least where they're coming from. In the meantime," directing partial attention directly to the connected MRF soldiers over their link, "it's your job to help us take care of the enemy and keep outside civilians safe.

"Mr. Porthos," she addressed Santiago personally for the first time, her language indicating that, while relatively sure of her thoughts, she didn't feel comfortable giving orders to the Black Viper. "Can you still access your quantum computer from here, without your helper? If so I'd like you to try and evict them from the satellites that've fallen into their hands. Failing that, it might be necessary to decommission them until this is over." While access itself should've been easy enough, it seemed better still for their needs to have the enemy at least partially blinded in one of their eyes.

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I've been diving straight for almost 15 seconds now. My compadres are far behind me and some even already opened their 'chutes. You would think that I would open up too, but you see the carbonadium 'backpack' I am wearing is not a parachute. It's a gift for the Wildcardz and I am it's courier. Instead I order the AI to release the magnetically sealed gliding canvas which unfolds between my feet and my arms and legs, slowing me down by a bit but I still keep a steady pace. Suddenly I spot an bright dot flashing briefly on the ground...


"Dog Pound, this is Mole. Fireworks incoming...", I open the com to warn Alpha and Envy as the first of about a dozen rockets flies dangerously close to my person. I could almost feel the heat coming from it's thruster.

Once again I enter a dive, heading to meet the rocket salvo. I weave through them like a needle through fabric, closely dodging all of them and continuing to plummet towards the Tokyo Pavement. However, our sluggish Lockheed was not so lucky. The missiles effortlessly tear it to shreads and it's endlessly sharp remains rain down from the skies.

"F*&king great..." I think to myself. Another annoyance to look out for. But I was diving down at a decent speed so with enough luck I'd just outrace the shrapnel.

// ...39 hostiles spotted...rapidly relocating...adjusting flight path...//, 2nd (the AI packed with the suit) alerts me in his apathetic cyber-voice and follows by tweaking the ghost trail on my HUD.

"Oh sh!t!", I mutter out as I spot a tide of metal glittering in the Sun, rising from below with uncanny speed. It was almost as if the shrapnel from the plane somehow returned upwards, but as the first wave hurtles past me I realize it is no shrapnel. The cut on my left cheek indicates that the blade was not distorted since the wound would be much broader, it was straight like a cut from a knife. I immediately reach for the smoke grenades holstered around my waist and take one in each hand. With my thumbs I trigger them both to cover the movement of my allies while the trail of thick grey smoke follows me. However, I discard them not long afterward to cover more area with the smoke.

"Eh...", my incompetence regarding the use of computers revealed itself "...'compute' a new flight path? Find the most suitable floor for landing.", I quickly and recklessly react to the situation at hand. The only possible solution that came to my mind was using one of Tokyo's long office floors around to land.

//...negative...none of the buildings meet the criteria...you would die...//, 2nd replies morbidly. His mechanical voice ringing in my ears, almost as annoying as the death trap I was in.

"Thank you. Just what I wanted to hear. You know what? Find the floor with the least obstacles...No buts.", I change my order while dodging the spray of shuriken from below. Twirling around in the air like a ballerina. I was not going to die here, half the globe away from my family.

//...loading...target found...adjusting flight path...be careful...//, 2nd answers in an odd manner as the alabaster ghost trail on my HUD changes once again, now aiming straight into a glass window of a modern looking office. I could only pray to not hit a wall and accidentally turn myself and this fancy new suit into lunchmeat. I bet Ivana would not like that...

"Dog pound? I know we aren't so acquainted yet, but it looks like I'm about to hit the side of a building so...uhh...Good luck?", I realize that I really am not good at speeches as I contact my allies while still weaving through the shuriken, narrowly escaping each one of them.

Now mere feet infront of the glass I flip in mid-air, the canvas between my limbs slows me by a moderate amount whilst doing so but not enough to avoid serious injury. Then I move my legs infront me so the vibranium soles can take most of the impact. Deep down I knew this was crazy, but I lost count of how many times before 'crazy' has saved me. With an almost grotesque flying kick imitation I pierce through the glass, shattering it into thousands of tiny shards while still continuing my dynamic entry. I lower my legs to the floor and make contact, sliding along it with a naive sense of success on my mind. However, the slide doesn't last long and the unforgiving momentum violently flings my upper body forwards. The sense of success now replaced with fear. I react by moving my arms to protect my head as I enter an uncontrollable series of rolls, crashing through several cardboard walls and desks in the office. This goes on and on and I don't even bother to count. I just beg to survive this.

I continue to steadily lose speed upon every painful contact with the floor before stopping completely, decimating a water cooler in the process. I sit in the distorted remains of the machine for a good while just to take in my near-death experience. Even try to smile, but just then my body comes screaming for attention. It took me a while to stand up since I was hurt all over and my left shoulder dislocated during the landing. But I lived, that's what mattered. Thanks to Ivana's armor to no small part in the deed.

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With the unrecognizable remains of the military forced tasked with destroying him lying all about the ruined Eastern Base, Rafael stood in momentary silence, arms crossed before his chest as his eyes, entrancing chocolate gems, scanned his surroundings until the boastful voice of an unacquainted woman cut through the atmosphere like a knife. Coolly meeting her gaze with his own, the Mutant Adonis' chiseled, Greek god features bore no expression as he scanned the woman's frame with predatory intent, all but ignoring her verbal taunts. He knew not even her name and already he was unimpressed. Verbal jabs, using conversation as a means of expressing one's derision, it was a weapon of the insecure. Of the weak. Whereas one particular Spaniard would claim that in great silence, lies great arrogance, Rafael knew better.

For in great silence lied not great arrogance, but great confidence and self-assurance. Rafael, stronger than Heracles, faster than Hermes, a greater warrior than Ares, a greater intellectual than Athena, and more beautiful than both Aphrodite and Adonis, remained silent. He was a lion. He needn't roar in response to the buzzing of a blowfly. He need only swat his tail. The woman's katana did not concern him. Not because it was a saber and he was armored and sabers were futile against armor due lacking the thrusting power of a long-sword, but because he was Rafael. He did not underestimate her, nor would he. But he carried himself with the same wicked swagger and supreme confidence that made him believe he would emerge as every battle's victor. And no force in the world could convince him otherwise. The cherry blossom petals invading the air and striking against the ground didn't alarm him. They didn't distract him.

Why? Because his opponent lived in the past. For every possible combination of sensory input she had or could have, there was some appreciable time between signal and interpretation. Light hits her eyes and sound hits her ears and milliseconds later she actually perceived light and sound. At that very moment as their gazes met, she was looking at him as he was milliseconds ago in the past. Reality was on a delay. For her, nothing was now. And if she could only react to the past, how will she navigate the present? She couldn't. For every detail she analyzed, every bit of information she absorbed, she was simply over-thinking her forever past. Everyone was. Everyone except Rafael. For not only was he fast, as fast as the universe's physical laws allowed, but lived closer to the present than any other. He processed information and thought without delay. Able to process information that fast, the world was infinitely clear to the Black Jaguar. Electrical signals travel and neurons fire in the Panther King instantaneously. Not only could he run circles around his foes, but he could think circles around them.

Rafael lived in the now. Literally. With his cognition, the conscious experience of man was redefined. Every television, movie, and video game were a series of still frames for him. He could discover so much more than anyone's brains could currently detect. There was a superfluity of science enveloped in the ticking seconds that everyone else simply could not perceive, but Rafael could. Thinking at the Black Jaguar's speed was not unlike living in dream-time. One hundred attoseconds was to one second as a second was to three hundred million years. He could stop and draw all of the intricacies of a fluttering hummingbird wing in complete detail in between beats. His perception was as astonishing as discovering the rest of the electromagnetic spectrum beyond visible light would be. There was simply no comparison. As their gazes remained locked, there was only a still frame of Rafael. He had already moved. Milliseconds ago. Insignificant to others but millions of years to him. The velocity he accelerated to was blistering. The sheer friction of his movement generated heat that ionized the air around him and turned it into plasma as he teased a jab.

Though as the frame of the Black Jaguar's feinted jab appeared, he was already many years ahead, he was shooting for the takedown he hoped to have set up with the feinted jab. Attempting to wrap his arms around his opponent's hips to control them with both technique and his overpowering, hyper-herculean strength, Rafael would follow by stepping his right foot forward before turning, setting himself to drive through his adversary's hips at an angle with his power leg in front before completing his attempt with a hard push off his right leg to secure the takedown and force his opponent to the ground with a combination of elite technique, blitzing speed, and immense physical power. Defending a takedown from one as masterful a freestyle wrestler as Rafael was difficult enough as it was. But to defend a takedown at the relativistic velocities he accelerated to, from a being powerful enough to plow his opponents through the globe itself? It was rendered all the more difficult as the tremendous kinetic energy from his movement coupled with the scorching plasma enveloping him would look to superheat the matter that was his opponent's body, all the while hoping to employ inertia to liquefy his adversary's organs through her pores and slam her brain into her skull at the takedown's conclusion.

Provided that his takedown attempt was successful and his opponent somehow survived, Rafael would follow by securing side control, lying across his opponent's frame like a 'T' before unloading a vicious barrage of high velocity elbows and ground strikes, superheating the air with searing temperatures and intent on smashing into the Psychic Lotus with the kinetic force to slay deities. The entire assault, the takedown, the ground strikes, if successful was intent to be executed before his opponent's brain could even register anything beyond the single frame of Rafael's feinted jab by virtue of his supposedly superior time perception and overwhelming speed.

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Her rockets hit in many cases by the looks half were close proximity the other half direct. Cracks spider webbed along building walls and glass shattered from the frightening force. Her target was flung through a wall now somewhere in the building. She considered opening fire but thought better. Though her trigger finger did itch, was bet to wait for a clearer shot. "God do people love to talk on this planet fine let's talk business."

"You say we shouldn't be here and we should leave it as is. Do you realize that stagnation means no innovation? Where would the world be without the meta human community? That we shouldn't mess with temporal lines isn't that in itself flawed. You see a six year old going to die tomorrow and are fine with that. I see a chance to give a girl a life she'd never explore. Nobody knows what comes after death so we shouldn't be okay with just letting people race to it. She'll never know prom, or a first kiss, or go to Disney with the family. You know what she would endure some hardship, she'd want to go to the finest college her parents would spend a fortune. All of them would have daunting school loans. But she would live and have so many experiences. I don't care for the distant future but the now and maybe tomorrow. Living for the future is drul."

"Now let's talk this mech issue have, your racism to lovely giant robots. How much can this do against an invasion or a defense? You've seen it up front standard and with my touch. It's an army, a complete militarized force, in one machine with one soldier. How many time lines are bliping out as metas soldiers and ninjas clash? If you want peace prepare for war." The machine walked the streets waiting for a clear signal.

Kayle took a moment to talk to Law on their personal channel just inside the cockpit and heard nowhere else. "Heroes are like the police. She'll reach out don't know how but she will." Kayle was a pirate amongst the stars she'd had plenty of run ins with police and heroes she knew what to expect. And as such she changed the rockets to be of the Hammer, her rocket launcher. "When she does find her and fire and gain some distance."

"Confirmed" the A.I remarked. And then there it was Kayle stopped she couldn't move. She couldn't breath. And the sensors picked up on a thermal signature below her. Kayle for the moment couldn't do anything but Law could. They weren't going to fall as the floor gave out. Instead the machine shot upward it's propulsion allowing it to hover briefly and then came the gunfire.

Twelve rockets were sent around the temporal thief as the main gun fired directly. To not get bombarded by hundreds of plasma rounds one would have to move aside. But the rockets landed where escape might come. Both however worked remarkably on their own the combination just crafted a greater potency. The plasma was still of the vamp design each bolt designed to leach life from a target. It's spread pattern would flood the opening in the ground it wasn't likely one could escape from the hole in the street without being drowned in plasma fire. The rockets which sought to surround the area were another danger. The Hammer fired rockets that released a brief gravity well when they first hit. To be surrounded by them was to be pulled in twelve seperate directions. It threatened to rip a person apart if they couldn't hold their ground. If one could survive the various pulls of gravity they'd still likely be broken tired and hard to move about. This didn't last long though as soon the rockets followed with an antimatter charge. A detonation that sought to move everything within radius out of existence.

"Besides like I said this is business I work with the people on this side. My allegiance stands temporal lines don't register dear." Kayle didn't see sides as good and bad write and wrong. She saw employers and targets. Friends and dollar signs. If somebody wished to convince her to turn they needed a check with a lot of zeroes not pretty speeches or attempts on ones moral standing.

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The Shogun sighed as she listened to the binary buzzes and beeps of raw data from the drone feeds.

"Huge spike in latent psychic energies ma'am" Skysword reported.

"I figured." Ivana replied. "Every time, I swear to Darwin."

The blue furred Arrachtach chuckled. "No battle for an empire would be complete without an Omega-level-something suddenly appearing at some point."

"Right? They're like Randy Orton; outta nowhere!"

"Hah!"Arrachtach barked in laughter. "Indubitably so."

Skysword interrupted. "Ma'am our feed shows Rafael has been intercepted. Or I think it does. Its.. hard to tell. He's just too fast."

"Yep, that's Rafael alright. Guess it's time then. Give me the feed data on Tenjin."

"Certainly." Arrachtach replied, squinting at a tactical readout that had been devoted to the Genshokage and rattling off coordinates. "It seems he is cybernetically and nanite enhanced as well."

"How on earth can you tell that from a drone feed?"

"An excellent and fascinating inquiry. You see nanite detection relies on the cross-sectionality of high frequency particles waves relative to the angle of background-"

"Okay okay. I'm sorry I asked. Just the cliff notes."

"He looks different in shortwave EM scans."

"Was that so hard?"

Arrachtach crossed his arms and humphed.

Ivana slipped her golden helm onto her skull. It hissed as it sealed itself to her armor. "Time to end it."

The mutant Shogun reached back to her quiver and pressed her thumb against one of the arrows. The arrow was locked into place by vibranium mag-clamps; it would be simpler to tear the quiver from its hardpoints in Ivana's armor than to rip the arrow free. Lights ran up and down the side of the arrow and inside the helm Ivana whispered a memorized code, providing voice recognition and unlocking the arrow.

"Oh sh!t."Skysword said involuntarily when she saw the arrow. Arrachtach grimaced and leaned away from Ivana, as if it would matter.

The blind Kensai drew her collapsible bow from the hardpoints at the small of her back. It deployed with a 'click' as the limbs snapped into place.

Then she turned her back to the tactical displays, crimson cloak swaying in the cool air. Arrachtach and Skysword stared with widen eyes as the twenty third Strigidae knocked the arrow and drew the string to her cheek, bending at the waist to aim down at her shadow just as if she was firing off the edge of a tree stand.

Frozen in that position the twenty first century samurai tapped into NA-AU technique, delving deeply into her own mind. She submerged her entire consciousness into the 3D map she had constructed of Tokyo city by converting measurements and formula into a complete map of the Japanese capitol. Streets were streams of equations and buildings were towers of functions and matrices. Space was a geometric function and time was rate of change.

The Shogun transversed her mental numberscape until she arrived at the coordinate points Arrachtach had listed for Tenjin.

Then she reached out with her mutant somatic sense. The Genshokage was a needle in a tremendous haystack but the Strigidae knew where to look. Within moments she had found him, had locked onto that familiar somatic system that had caused her such pains in the battle beneath her palace.

And then she felt his shadow.

Under her golden helm she smiled.

Her fingers released the string. The arrow flashed through her shadow like a spear through black water and emerged from Tenjin's shadow.

The arrow was an overcharged vibranium warhead inside a black vibranium shell. When it flew out of Tenjin's shadow its detonator activated, separating the vibranium shell and violently overcharging the vibranium with a powerful electrical pulse. The vibranium reached a supercritical state instantly and detonated on an atomic level, releasing all the energy stored within it at once.

It was a one kiloton tactical nuclear weapon and unless Tenjin had some method of evasion or defense he would be eighteen inches from the hypocenter.

All conventional matter would be vaporized by temperatures in excess of five hundred million degrees Fahrenheit, many times hotter than the interior of the sun.

The shockwave would expand spherically from the hypocenter in an expanding bubble known as the hydrodynamic front. Pressures were vast, great enough to turn reinforced concrete into powder and blow steel into shrapnel. Should the shockwave pass through the human body it caused tremendous damage where two objects of different density joined; bone and flesh, the pockets of air in the lungs, brain tissue and skull... and cybernetic implants and biological tissue.

Every nuclear explosion released an electromagnetic pulse. Supercritical vibranium most of all. Gamma bursts created a sudden burst of atmospheric high energy electrons. Washing through the streets they would create a localized radio black out, vaporize all electronics in close proximity and would be very likely to cause all nanotechnology to fail as the tiny nanobots were struck by too many high energy electrons.

Conventional radiation was low; vibranium atomic disintegration produced every little radiation outside of the electromagnetic pulse.

Inside the sub dozens of tactical readouts flashed red warnings over and over. A klaxon howled in the distance. Skysword stared at her screens, shocked. Arrachtach ran clawed fingers through his hair, speechless.

"I've had enough. Scan again. If he's still alive I'll go finish him myself."

"And prepare the Orochi to strike."

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Time Siphons were great at survival, it was their forte, one might say. Even though she had been relying on her anti-gravity systems to escape, she had another way out that she had preferred not to use. So you can hover, I thought as much. Not much time to think now though, apocalypse was coming in her direction. You know how to get out of this. It was her instinct talking, the one that had been pleading with her to take the city for hours now. Yes, I also know I can just reduce the age of my armor and get out of here by flying. Of course, that would be costly, very costly. She'd probably lose a few memory shards in the process. You can't afford that, not with a war going on. "Why did you have to leave me with no choice?" She asked out-loud as the weapons flew in her direction.

Time Siphon closed her eyes, it would take every ounce of concentration she had to manage what she wanted to do. She extended her range of temporal control and put one hand on the ground. One building is enough. She reached out to a building full of frightened people...and killed them all. A thousand people turned to dust in the blink of an eye, the only mark of their passing the agonized screams that escaped from their lips for a heartbeat. She held the energy for a moment and a new memory shard fell into place. She had little time to access it though and immediately dumped much of her newly captured energy into the temporal regeneration of her armor. Intent on keeping the shard she had not expected to gain though, she only repaired the anti-gravity mechanisms.

She flew to the right, bracing against the explosive impact of a dozen missiles that slammed into her armor with excessive force. The anti-gravity systems dealt with the random changes in gravity just fine, it was the explosive impacts that were a problem. When she flew out of the explosions chunks of her armor were missing, but Time Siphon was no longer playing around and was inches from not holding back at all. She hyper accelerated her speed and flew onto the chest of the mech, just below it's active weapon systems and placed her hand on the surface of the machine. The armor plating began to age rapidly as she focused on getting through the exterior to reach the vital insides. The moment the armor gave out she opened fire with her own weapons, sending a raging ball of plasma toward the interior of the machine. Her plasma systems gave out after the first shot, the suit under too much strain from all of the damage.

Time Siphon's anger at being forced to kill a thousand to not face the prospect of resurrection continued to build and she no longer completely ignored her instincts. Even as she was operating on the surface of the machine she tapped into their surroundings and the entire block began to age in all the right places, building after building bowed at the center and collapsed towards them...

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@jack_: @amaterasu_overdrive: Vergil and the rest of his unit followed Akira via the rooftops keeping up his with motorcycle he saw that Nero and Luther were both dead killed shortly after they left . Even seeing that they were beginners for someone to kill them so quickly must mean he is insanely strong maybe even more then Vergil luckily he had backup for this occasion he tapped a button on his wrist and began to speak . "This is advanced class Vergil calling backup from a specter we have run into a opponent beyond our depth and need immediate back up"target is a samurai Vergil transmitted his coordinates and the last known coordinates of his target .

Nearby in the city

An old man with a long hat on sits on the edge of a rooftop swinging his legs watching down below as the distress call come in he touches his ear "this is specter Ken I am on my way " and in the next second he disappears but not using a suit like the rest this was caused by pure speed . Using this inhuman speed the old man quickly locates the supernatural samurai attempting and launches into an attack from above dashing from the rooftop and slamming his fists down with enough strength to crack the very ground got stood upon he was seeing if this opponent would be strong enough to block his attack and provide some entertainment .

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With Anastasia certain to prove an invaluable ally by his side as well as the additional assistance from an arriving Abigail, Santiago felt certain that with enough time they would manage to prevent the enemy's attempted takeover of Tokyo. While Anastasia, the dubbed 'Living Weapon' drew a striking familiarity to Antonia in the guise of the Noir Rose, her more personable disposition and affable social energy was what set her apart from her predecessor. And the Spaniard could not help but allow a subtle smile to curl upon his debonair features as he witnessed his ally's cheerful greeting of Abigail, a friend of Kieran's. "Lindo (Cute)", the Black Viper murmured under his breath.

Resting his spear across his shoulders as he swaggered forward to stand a subtle distance from Anastasia as she conversed with the Londoner who had amassed a legendary reputation among the observant in the heroic community, Santiago watched on as the two spoke. Soon however, his attention was drawn to the three-dimensional projection of the city. Allowing his seductive, viper-like sapphire gaze to analyze the illustrated mayhem and chaos currently plaguing the city of Tokyo, Santiago paid particular attention to the highlighted nexus points of esoteric energy in the projection. "Portals", the Spaniard paused, "Instantaneous transportation", he muttered, almost in perfect unison with Aeon. With a more altruistic task assigned to them, the protection of the civilians, Santiago hoped to immerse himself in combat at a later point.

Meeting Abigail's gaze, he responded to her words with a smile, one that carried with it the Black Viper's natural flair and suavity. "Senora Aensland", he began, addressing her with a subtle but cordial inclination of the head. "Do not worry, bella. I do not require a working quantum computer anymore. My mind will suffice", he assured with a quick wink before allowing himself a moment to concentrate. Briefly shutting both eyelids before opening his eyes to reveal a new but temporary aesthetic transformation, his eyes had grown devoid of features save for their trademark sapphire blue and a momentary starry background as he sought to use his 'Quantum Mind' to strip the enemy's control of the satellites. Santiago, his Quantum Mind was no ordinary mutation. It was aggrandized by his own scientific alterations. His mind was based on the 'Universal computation by multi-particle quantum walk' model.

What this essentially meant was that compared to even other quantum supercomputers, Santiago's mind was simply superior. This is because the quantum walk model from which he drew inspiration from did not rely on the active control of qubits. Because of this, any computational error could be made arbitrarily small, and more so, it meant that Santiago's mind could accommodate any quantum algorithm, and even unveil new powerful ones that did not exist. It would essentially allow him to unveil a new wave of algorithms powerful enough to breach the security of even other quantum computers and break whichever encryption algorithms were used to protect the enemy's means of communication, and of course, strip them of their control of the satellites. And with his qubits in a superposition state, he could accomplish any number of tasks simultaneously without delay. And so he did, or attempted to do so at least.

To overpower whichever computer, quantum or not, he encountered and take control of the enemy's satellites was what he intended to do. And he was certain that success would draw the enemy's forces, or a portion of it to him and his allies. But he was ready. And he smirked with anticipation.

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@akira_overdrive: @amaterasu_overdrive: @ownagepants:

Yor sheathed his blade, standing before the fallen bodies of the enemy force. The fireball had ignited the bus behind him, illuminating his form and casting dark shadows across the cracked walls. His eyesight had returned to normal, and his burns had for the most part healed, but he grew more nervous about the coming battle with every passing second.

His power is growing, Shul. I fear that he will soon be unstoppable. If we are to kill him, it must be soon.

Then go after him. Also, behind you.

Yor was barely able to react before a warrior with speed comparable to his own slammed into his back. He had almost no time to register the attack, only able to bend his knees slightly to his left. Rather than being crushed against the pavement, the angle at which he was struck would be altered, causing him to fly backwards instead. His mystic defense field shattered once again, he was only able to partially negate the friction between his skin and the asphalt as he bounced across the road. While in pain, he was immediately back on his feet, blade drawn.

"If you wish to die today, so be it," spoke Yor, spinning his blade.

Don't be an idiot, Yor. He's baiting you into a fight. Pursue the demon-infused! He is the priority here!

It is dishonorable to run from a fight, Shul.

It is 'dishonorable' to allow a human fused with an elder being to lay waste to your world, and to embarrass me in a fight and let him get away with it. Even thought that was all your fault, of course...just remember what we're here for.

...Valid points, Shul. I will take them under consideration.

Turning from his opponent, he instead shot off in the direction Akira had gone, his powers already rejuvenating. Shul's mystic perception homed in on the large influx of supernatural powers caused by the other demon, relentlessly tracking him down. He was moving fast on that motorbike of his; Shul calling it a bicycle had been quite the understatement. They would never catch him on foot by following his path; an alternative route would be needed. Yor moved a blur-like speeds across a small block, running straight up a wall and proceeding to vault over the rooftop. Executing a perfectly timed roll, he continued to move from rooftop to rooftop, eventually jumping directly through one family's apartment. In through one window and out the other, his supernatural perception informed him that his more direct route was steadily taking him closer to his original foe's location.

Finally spotting the fast-moving red streak on its way through the city, he sprinted faster than ever, willing himself to move more quickly throughout our reality. His mystic break with time grew with his determination, and he could soon see the cycle on an opposite block, visible between the buildings. His eyes narrowed as he planned his attack in nanoseconds, focusing on the training he had received throughout his entire life.

I was never trained to attack something like this...I suppose I'll have to improvise on my technique. What would the Masters say if they could see us now, Shul?

Shut up and kill!

Gritting his teeth, he moved in from the opposite block, cutting across the thruway at an almost ninety degree angle, sword drawn. The golden blur that was Yor-Shul the Indomitable passed through the path of the cycle, slashing across where his opponent's head would be as he flew by. Even if the attack should fail, he would be right back on his feet, prepared to continue the high-speed pursuit.

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The Russhingu Akuma revved loudly as it gathered massive amounts of kinetic energy while zooming down the long vacant streets , weaving in and out of the many mazes of emptied cars like a speeding dragon. A contrail of bright red light followed Akira's every moment and his sixth sense had told him that something was on the way. After every battle Akira's blade could always recognize anyone it's master had fought by imprinting their unique signatures into its alien composition much like when vibranium absorbed sound. It glowed fiercely to serve as a reminder of unfinished business. The blade had already made contact with the Yor-Shul entity and now it warned it's wielder of incoming danger. Akira smiled as he gripped the throttle tighter and demanded his motorcycle to breathe with more life as it pushed pass the 200mph mark on it's brightly displayed computer screen that rested inside the cockpit of the rocket on wheels. Directly ahead in his line of vision was a ramp that led into a bridge overpass and the engine in Akira's bike burst with ionic particles as it let loose a wild surge of green electricity before speeding up even more to throw himself into the air , using the on-ramps' incline as a slingshot.

Just in that moment he noticed the lone swordsman of ancient energy directly below and parallel with his airborne machine, stuck in the majestic pose one made after launching a beheading attack. A nasty grin swept onto AO's face as his Evil Knievel like stunt made him soar pass his enemy. In that exact moment his gloves flashed with a blue digital energy that sent glowing circuit board like patterns into the entire motorcycle 's frame. The Machine King jumped off right as the wheels retracted into it's body. The two halves that formed it's front and rear came together in a bright fusion of machinery as it transformed into something more then a mode of transportation. It was now a missile powered by an ionic core engine that gave it an explosive payload. Its trajectory would find it landing into the waters forty miles pass the coastline and into the depths of the North Pacific Ocean.

Akira utilized his new vantage point as the beginning of an aerial assault on the man who zealously pursued him with intent of decapitation. Using his descent as momentum for the meteoric attack he was about to unleash, he surrounded his body with a cube of telekinetic energy so masterfully crafted that it mimicked a weight of thousands of tons. Gravity provided him more speed as his weight increased dramatically and seconds before he reached Yor he let the invisible geometric anchor fall from his frame so that he was free to move. "Futsu omoi yashi!(Buddhas heavy palm!)" He let out the name of his technique as he hit the ground with blinding speed , using the vibranium soles in his boots to absorb the shock. He crouched into the ground then preformed a roll , then handspring, then jump to send him flying further away from the impact of his two thousand ton telekinetic block that he attempted to crush his enemy with.

Just as his feet touched the ground his watch alerted him to the status of his motorcycle-turned-missile which had just broke through the surface of the water and began to dive through the depths. The depth measurements fell quickly as it cut through the ocean like a kamikaze. 660 feet , 13000 feet , 19000 feet , 37000 feet until the rocket reached it's target; a volcanic like trench that was once used by a Kaiju as a doorway into the world above. The implosion created by the impact folded matter after it flew into the chasm in the earth and shook the entire ocean floor for miles. Akira awaited the result of his strategic launch while looking forward at his enemy. Seconds passed and the Yamato Legend tapped his foot with a bit of impatience, almost regretting letting go of his precious Rushing Devil into the abyss of the sea for the sake of awakening something so troublesome, but his plans were well calculated and he got excited when he felt an amazing pressure in the air.

Suddenly the entire atmosphere had made a dramatic shift and a tension could be felt as something in the deep responded to Akira's wake-up call with a roar of glass shattering proportions. The chasm glowed with super-heated lava from the earth's core and something could be seen rapidly making an ascension from a volcanic nest. Kaiju's usually found sanctuary in aquatic trenches and rarely came up unless something bothered it. This specific Kaiju named Hebinoo had slept for centuries undisturbed until now . It's massive iron scaled structure tore through the ocean floor with a rage that caused a seismic backlash registering at a magnitude of 6.5 on the Richter scale. The Serpent King Kaiju rushed through the ocean with amazing speed so that it could destroy whatever woke it up.

A soldier stared out into the vast horizon in front of him until the ground shook the facility and knocked him on his feet. Even with the entire city in a widespread wave of panic and disarray his orders were to man his post no matter what happened. The military was extremely busy fending off Akira's ninja legion but they still managed to guard the coast in case of an attack from sea. The scientist who had accompanied the soldier at the costal outpost were trained to predict Kaiju emerging and they scrambled around frantic as they realized what the readings had shown. A Kaiju was coming fast andthey screamed at the soldier who's orders were simple . Ring the alarm so that everyone in Tokyo could hide in the bunker shelters specifically designed to protect against Kaiju invasions should the scientist confirm that a Kaiju was coming. The young man in fatigues quickly ran and smashed down a large red button that rested on a computer module. Alarms blared loudly across Tokyo while an automated voice told the people what was happening. The Military withdrew from their skirmishes with Akira's Thrashingaikin ninja but as they tried to retreat and aid in the defense of the Kaiju , shruiken thrown by the legion entered their backs and took their lives.

"Please find shelter. Kaiju approaching city. Destruction imminent. Please find a shelter." it's loud robotic voice repeating over and over under the blaring sound of horns which served as a warning to all.

The Kaiju's awakening had made an earthquake that shook the entire city, leveled buildings , and created huge cracks in the streets. People in fear of their lives vacated their homes and hoarded the streets like an army of insects scurrying away from the boot of some godly creature , stampeding over one another to find the closest underground bunker that served as a shelter from Kaiju attacks. This complex network of subterranean caves held many but never enough to save everyone. That city was immediately thrown into a level of chaos that surpassed the one it was already in.

Akira himself had only twice seen a real Kaiju in person but every time he did he was in awe at it's colossal framework and giant size. Though today he had no time to waste on admiring the structures of a titan and began a sprint towards the direction of Mt. Fuji , quickly running up the stairs of a train station. The famous Shinkansen or bullet train of Japan connected the great country with a system of magnetic rails that pushed the sleek behemoths at speeds as fast as 320km/h but he knew he could make it go faster. The Reckless Ronin made it to tracks and found his chariot waiting quietly for him. He would thank Amaterasu for following his directions so well after it was all over, but he needed to let her know now that it was time to move forward with the plan as he jumped on top of the Bullet Train and started it with a touch. It was soon on a one way trip to Mt.Fuji and he tried to initiate contact with Amaterasu and the rest of his allies but realized something was wrong. Someone with a quantum understanding much like his had cleverly severed all lines of communication that he had relied after capturing satellites and using their digital links. He took a moment to enjoy the speed of the train as his hair blew back wildly. He loved going fast.

Focusing in with his eyes closed he found Amaterasu's digital spirit in the realm that was shared by all technopaths . The Psychic Lotus called it the "Dream-Void".

" Amaterasu. Establish a telepathic link between our forces . It's time ." AO was initiating Phase two in the chess match of war.

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@decayingrose:@akira_overdrive: @kayle_rez: @blooddiamond@tenjin@_envy_@vinnie_tahoe

Well, this was gonna be even harder than expected. Good.

Dog’s lips curled back, baring his fangs in what most would take for a snarl, but someone suicidally close enough to notice would realize was a smile. Flaming shrapnel from the plane filled the air around him, burning holes in his fatigues. His armor shielded him from the worst of it, though he was probably going to have to shave his head and let the hair grow back to deal with the portions that got scorched off.

The storm of shuriken was another story; evading those would have required a feat of aeronautical acrobatics that he just wasn’t capable of, agile as he was, so he didn’t even bother to try. He snarled as the jagged metal stars bit into his flesh. The shuriken were composed of something that his armor wasn’t providing full protection against, although it did slow them down enough to prevent them from biting him too deeply. A savage growl began building in his throat as the pain of the injuries and the scent of his own blood fueled his bloodlust.

As he fell through the portal opened by Rose, he was momentarily disoriented, but quickly got his bearing and realized that he was now 1,000 feet back up in the air. Well, the chute’s shot, anyways; might as well show this little birdie what a bad idea her little trick was. Locking his legs together and his arms at his side, he pointed his face at Rose and dove straight at her at terminal velocity, a 275-pound missile of regenerative muscle and super-dense bone. The impact would take him out of the fight for a bit, and there was always a chance that she’d move out of the way, but if he was going to break the majority of his bones in an impact with the ground, he might as well try to gain the satisfaction of feeling someone else’s bones breaking under him.

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@akira_overdrive: @arquitenens: @cutthroatbitch:@la_espada: @strigidae_23:

Upon that dreadful balcony, the Eastern Enigma crouched upon the ledge like a hungry hawk upon a tree branch. Balancing himself perfectly on the front of his feet, his elbows nestled between his hips and abdomen as he hunched forward slightly. Fingers intertwined as he pondered the situation at hand. Even at this height, the smell of charred bodies and the metallic stench of blood was evident. Perhaps though, it was in his imagination. He was not unaccustomed to situations such as these. Kosovo and Afghanistan. The depths of the Congo to the isle of Sri Lanka. Now Tokyo. They all looked and smelled the same, no matter the ideological, economical and religiosity overtones. Death was the same. Civilians screamed, attempting to live their lives in peace only to face the wrong side of a bullet or blade or bomb. The Genshokage seen at as a trivial aspect. Eventually people repopulate, emigration and immigration would build the society up once again. There is no shortage of humans nor mutants in this world. He saw it as an inevitability, causalities. Only his primal goal mattered. His vengeance.

He watched the red sun begin to set, casting a red-orange glow upon the warzone that had become Tokyo. From his perch, he saw in the distance three figures free-falling only to be intercepted by his own forces. His cybernetic eyes monitoring velocities and angles of descent. The Lord of the Ebon Lotus found it most amusing, such grandiose entrances, as it was surely something he would have done; except with a flare that was purely the Grim Ghost's own. Perhaps a dozen or so flips while firing a pair of hand guns, killing as many as he could with a single bullet. This was his favorite pass-time, analyzing and devising those series of events. Watching his enemies die came in close second. Followed by getting incredibly drunk without purpose. A combination of the three would be reserved for special days.

His thought processes where interrupted however as the strange and uncanny sounds of mechanical footsteps drew close behind him. Traversing through shadow portals, several Kurai-Nami emerged. Human-like anatomically yet crafted from Black Vibranium and resembled Katsuro in a multitude of ways, down to the shape of his face, high cheekbones and a strong chin. Down to his own glowing red eyes. Their equipment mirrored his own, his robotic replicas. He did not turn to face them though, still he stared as the automatons approached. Due to the position of the sun and the height of the balcony, his shadow was long and ominous. Flanking him, the stood soundlessly. As if joining him in his gaze.

A high ranked shinobi burst from the entrance door to the balcony and towards the group yelling to his master "<Lord Tenjin! Our system has been infiltrated! Even Cyberware's algorithms were simply bypassed, we have lost all control of our equipment! The satellites were our means of controlling the UAVs! The drones sir, the drones!>" His final sentence coupled with his hand outstretched and pointing towards the sky. As the Dynamic Destroyer looked on towards the clouds, his once array of unmanned death machines now flew out of control. If tampered with, a failsafe was enacted causing complete shutdown of the crafts. Guided by residual thrust and at mercy to the wind, the large black bird like constructs collided with low buildings or into the streets. Fuel ignited, causing massive explosions while unused ordnance followed suit from the fire and created numerous secondary explosions. Tenjin watched as approximately two hundred million dollars worth of material was grounded. His own money. His face was overtaken by almost a hysterical grin, as he was having difficulty believing what he had just witnessed. Unknown to him, La Espada's ability had not only robbed him of his satellites but also Katsuro's pockets. Turning his head to face the doors and the Blood Spider, his black hair swaying in the wind awaiting for some form of good news, else he was going to murder the man. The look in Tenjin's eyes was all the shinobi had to see before responding "<We were able to trace the location of the point of infiltration, I took liberty and ordered all nearby forces to seek revenge...along with deploying five Kurai-nami to the location. We will regain our surveillance in a matter of time. It shall be resolved, sir.>" Revenge or not, he had lost a large sum of money and was eager to find out to who.

Katsuro nodded and spoke to the man. "<Your life is sparred, you will live to fight another day. Open a portal, I am going to see to it that this matter is resolved promptly.>" The ninja released his tension and in a obvious relief, drew out a deep sigh and responded "<Thank you sir, you are most merciful.>" With a few calculations, a swirling tempest of black liquid appeared in front of Tenjin, floating high above the ground.

Then without warning, the Kyoto Killing Machine's day got much worse in but a few seconds. Much, much worse. Luckily, due to the length of the shadow the Strigidae's warhead emerged at its center which was a meter from his position, amble time for the heightened reflexes of not only himself but those of his Vibranium warriors to react. Though the sheer draw weight of her bow was admirable and would propel the arrow at great speeds it was not a match to the Genshokage's bullet timing abilities. His neural implant emitted a trace electromagnetic pulse allowing him to register disturbances in its electrical field, as soon as a fraction of an inch emerged from his shadow his cybernetics concluded its speed and path as well as his eyes catching the strange weapons design. Though he had never seen such a device before, it was obvious it was some form of specialized design of death. Due to the origin of the arrow as well, a shadow, it had to be Ivana or someone trained in her ways. His years of combat experience had given him profound muscle memory capabilities as he immediately kicked off the ledge utilizing his powerful muscles in a fashion resembling a toad. The Kurai-nami indeed possessed equal abilities of reaction though instead of fleeing they were designed to serve their master and there is no greater service, in the Blood Spider clan, than to sacrifice existence for the cause. Programmed to defend Tenjin at all costs the metallic beings lived up to the translation of Dark Wave; Hurling themselves into the fray like a blackened tidal wave. Effectively forming a makeshift semi-circular shield of Vibranium bodies against the kiloton blast.

However, in addition the Human Hayabusa projected a ten foot in diameter portal instantaneously in between the Kurai-nami and himself as he twisted his form around and brought his Vibranium vambraces in front of his face in an 'X' formation. Having a considerable number of upgrades since his death at the hands of Ivana, his shadow portals now enable him to transfer energy and all forms of matter. As he propelled backwards to the original portal, the warhead exploded. Unleashing a wave of unimaginable heat and force omnidirectionally, it instantly vaporized the building and sending a wave of destructive force beyond to adjacent Tokyo constructs for some distance. The attack had destroyed Tenjin's central command in a single move, which from this point forward would be detrimental to the nature of Katsuro's military strategy and his claim directly. While this act would not take the life of the Ruthless Resurrectionist, it would have indeed negative consequences. Not including the physical harm.

While the defensive portal would transfer the heat and electromagnetic pulse away from the position of Tenjin, he indeed felt a great degree of the kinetic force, which had leeched through the portal. Before he could exit through the original portal, he was bombarded with the wave. Though dampened significantly, much of it absorbed by the portal, he felt like he had be struck by eighteen wheeler. The sheer power propelled him through the portal and out the other side at speeds matching a Formula One race car. While he felt no pain, his muscles had been shredded in his limbs, his diaphragm crushed as his lungs exploded. The Kevlar and photon film ripped from his armor, leaving exposed plates and layers. The coolant used for thermal masking leaked while sparks of electricity jolted from his armor. His skull was split wide on both sides as the liquid armor was shot off during the blast. The frontal cortex began to hemorrhage. This is before, he skipped off the ground several times as he lost momentum. Driving past La Espada, Arquitenens and Cutthroatbitch as decelerating speeds. The sound of bones snapping each time as he hit the concrete until several meters from the trio until sliding to a slow stop. Dust trailing and blood skidding.

He had flatlined thrice, his mechanical heart sending electrical pulses to continue beating, the titanium check valves in his carbon nanotube arteries tried to keep as much blood in as possible. What saved his life, was the Lazarus Injection. Pumping stem cells mutated with a superhuman healing factor throughout his body. As the seconds went by, his body began to shift, bones resetting, muscles repairing, hemorrhaging ceasing, organs regenerating and skin molding to its original form. To watch the experience was mind-boggling, as he should have been for all intents and purposes, a dead man. However, he would never had earned the nickname the Bullet Dodger had he not escaped death before.

After about thirty seconds, the Unyielding Warrior rose to one knee and stared at the trio of enemies before him. His red eyes blazing while his jet black locks flowed in the wind. However, certainly out of character as the solemn assassin was almost always completely serious save for moments of lunacy, he began to clap. A slow, appreciative clap. Though not completely healed, his body allowed him to stand. Drawing in a large gulp of air, his lungs now capable of delivering oxygen to his system he spoke out loud for the others to hear. His massive right arm pointing to the small crowd. "< Give me a moment to recover before we begin...It would be rather cavalier of you all. Considering I just survived some f^&%ing brutal sh!t.>" Perhaps it was the brain damage and/or his synaptic connections had not be resolved but he seemed to forget about the takeover at this time and walked over to a small liquor store just across the street. Shattering the glass, he entered the building and vanished for a moment. Only to return with a bottle of Yamazaki gold medal whiskey in each hand. He sat himself down on a nearby bench and began to guzzle one bottle down to the shoulders. Celebrating his revival. After a minute of quite he lifted himself to his feet, apparently recovered, whipping whiskey from his mouth and continued to talk as he walked with his stygian swagger towards them as the earth trembled beneath their feet upon the awakening of the Kaiju "<Allow me to formally welcome you mothef&*^ers to Tokyo.>"

As he moved slowly like stalking tiger he reaching up and unsheathing one of his ninjato, the Nectar of Gundari coated the blade in a translucent film while the other hand opened a small portal behind his back and using the flat space holster near his waistline ejected and activated the time-delayed cluster-flechette bomb. Tossing the weapon through the shadow portal only to have it emerge four feet above the head of Espada and once it emerged it detonated. Suddenly the outer casing shattered and the bomb's binary explosion sent forth a shower of tungsten darts in all directions. Depending on the proximity to the Spanish Serpent, the other two may be caught in the blast zone. Yet, Hollywood Hanzo was not finished as his free hand shot down to his left hip and activated the flat space holster, causing a pistol grip submachine gun to eject in a bath of steam. Drawing to firearm out he began to fire a series of bursts at each of them, casting brass out from the ejector an sending forth short barrages of 5.56 armor piercing rounds at his foes. He was merely testing them at this point, gauging speed and movement with his cybernetics attempting to look for weaknesses before he began to isolate and destroy. His forces would arrive soon. The sound tank tracks grinding on pavement were in the distance. The shadows moved just behind sight as his clan came forth. The marching footsteps of his mercenary lot in the alleyways.

Akira had begun the next stage in his plan. As for Tenjin, there was no more planning, no more scheming. There would be hell to pay. Especially when he got to see Ivana face to face.

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Her attacks faulter they inflict wear and tear but the vampire of time can easily alter time to craft a repair. For all Kayle's innovative weapons and her impressive mobile suit one could easly make the conclusion she was loosing this fight. But resilience and escape were always apart of her game. And the fight wasn't over. As she executed the following series of actions her words were as follows.

"Don't place blame upon me. We learned the people to stay inside we'd like to avoid as many casualties as possible. Wars come and go the scars don't have to be monumental. Surely you protesting this mech can see that. And yet you claim a thousand likely more just to try and stop me. Am I worth it?" She also asked Law to look up who were some of the citizens now gone to try and continue the guilt trip.

Her opponent was quicker then the machine but now where was she? Right on the torso of a onslaught just as the touch came the mech turned the large mini gun around and opened fire. Yes a plate of her armor had decayed into dust a vulnerable point now existed in her armor. And a series of plasma impacted the Adamantium shell that was the cockpit. It resisted plasma bolts alone wouldn't breach it. But the volley sent at the temporal thief had landed hits before now it was at point blank proximity. Intense plasma rounds that leached life and could burn through space craft were fired toward the Siphon. Not with miles of yards between the gun and the target, but feet. The armor of onslaught glowed blazing red from intense heat. Pieces of the chest that opened to reveal the twin chest mounted gats were gone. Cosmetic dammage more then anything else but still damage was damage. Buildings began to fall around them, this time handled smarter. It wasn't collapse but structural vulnerabilities strategically taken down. Not decaying brick but tons of brick and iron from collapsing structures.

"A girl was engaged to yesterday says her Facebook she's dust now because of you. A old man had been saving away to buy his grand baby a car, dust. Business owner, dust. Crazy cat lady dust. Her cats dust. All A student working two jobs instead of having weekends, all to support his family dust. His mom lung cancer dust. Little sister four years old all she wants is to be Elsa when she grows up. Her life cause of you she had to let it go. Shall I continue." She'd been running backwards attempting to aviod being barried. As she did Onslaught's chest mounted mini guns dispensed thousands of rounds. She'd moddified them to fire Trixy bullets now instead. Trixy fired projectiles that locked onto a target and would curve and twist and generally stay in flight till impact with the target.

It wouldn't be long before she couldn't avoid the buildings, debris was building up slowing the mechs movement. True she could get airborn but she'd decided against it. If this fight was going to continue Kayle planned to let the Siphons tomb of granite steel and brick be made. Let the Onslaught Md temporal vampire be buried beneath collapsed buildings. She had a hell of a final salvo for Onslaught ready, her gold eyes were blazing and dialated. Her tattoos radiated with a light that lit up the entirety of the cockpit almost out shining the monitors.

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"Do you know how many people I've killed? I can't even keep track anymore, I don't even remember where my current body came from. I don't remember what my first body was like. I've taken whole planets, possibly more than that...I already feel like a monster, you can't make it any worse."

With the machine's weapons suddenly turned on her at point blank range she ducked through the hole in the armor and into the interior of the machine, hiding behind the surviving armor plate. Even so, the plasma that launched through washed over her armor, melting and cracking it in several places as more of her systems went offline. The life draining aspect of the plasma had an interesting effect, it didn't seem to damage the Time Siphon, but only because her body was constantly regenerating, providing an infinite supply for both her and her enemy. It was inside that she spotted the cockpit. Is she worth it? I don't know. She's not the person doing this and I think her machine is either damaged enough to be dealt with by others or will be trapped under debris. Raeyn paused a moment, looking at the cockpit, she latched onto it as the last of her armor began to break down.

"I want to talk." She said after a moment. If her attacker didn't listen, one of her hands was placed on the cockpit. With a brief pause in her activity, Time Siphon realized she was bleeding, some of the bullets had managed to get through her armor, or at least fragments of them had. None of the wounds were vital, but they certainly weren't helping anything. Going to have to heal yourself after this. "You're right, you aren't worth it. Tell me who hired you and we'll go our separate ways. Attack me and I'll end this machine. I already have its temporal line, those thousand will allow me to repair my armor enough to survive your attack while I drain the life from your machine and leave you buried under tons of brick and steel. I'll probably die too, but I'll resurrect. Can you say the same? We've had our fun."

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@rafael_romeiro :

The Psychic Lotus stood silent in the moments between attack and defense as she stared down the Greek God Emulator, trying her best to read his movements through her telepathic powers. Even though she had locked onto the man's position she was everywhere at that moment as she watched the chain of chaos that had the city in its lock. The Sun Goddesses' near omniscient view was siphoned from the satellite backed computers and many cameras in Tokyo. To couple with her digital third eye she used her extremely fine tuned powers of telepathy so that she could feel every humans presence while sustaining a physical form. Though, because she took both physical and digital form in order to assist Akira on many wavelengths she didn't allow her human vessel access to her full potential. She was going to have to rely mostly on her skill if she wanted to defeat the Legendary Black Jag . This lack of devotion to her physical form hindered her in close combat when face to face with such a powerful opponent but she was still convinced she could put up a good fight.

Akahan could nearly see into the future thanks to her training with Akira which pushed her sense to heightened reaches and gave her precise control of her powers , but she was not at all prepared to react to the unfathomable speeds that the Spanish Streak moved with. His body shot into a motion that her eyes could not even capture and before she had any time to react she got a glimpse, a brief snap of Raphael launching a blazing fist her way. She sent her arms up in a defense manner to hopefully block the punch but in those nano-seconds of realization that his punch didn't even hit her she was already being wrapped up and locked into a herculean grip at the waist, only to get pummeled feet into the city concrete ,like a rock from space hitting earth. Her body shook with a pain that she never felt before as most of her fragile bones cracked , and her skin slowly began to melt to reveal what lay beneath her soft exterior. The heat that Raphael generated from his skull-crushing takedown was enough to melt the regular human body and flash-fry their organs. Akahan let out a huge gap for air as she neared the brink of physical death while the great Mutant Magnificent orchestrated a series of flaming strikes to her body. Each punch fractured her already broken physique every time it hit, and she could a fell a thousand strikes every second. Her resilience , a telepathic command to turn of the neural functions that controlled her pain sensors, was what kept her alive. In the near fleeting moments of life she got a second in the Dream-Void, a place where time could not be measured, and use the awareness to transfer her entire self into her body.

Her physical form began to glow with a fuchsia aura as her eyes became replaced with pure light to the point of explosion. Akahan's digital half flew through the Dream-Void with a speed not able to be attained by humans or quantified in the minds of the most cerebral mutants beings , she was gathering extreme momentum. When Amaterasu's body glowed it was a warning sign of the offensive that was coming at Raphael from the other-side. The Digital Spirt of Akahan used all of her momentum that she gathered on the interstellar highways tor preform essentially; a running super-man punch that would take the form of a massive psychic and telekinetic backlash, hopefully blasting Raphael away from her and damaging his mind to the point severe brain contussions and psyche fragmentation. This psionic counter-attack was formed by Akahan with intent to force her digital form into her physical body with so much energy and speed that it created a psionic and cybernetic tsunami that would envelope Raphael. Aptly named Sakikku Dangan(Psychic Bullet Wave) the attack erupted from the physical psycho energy volcano Akahan as she screamed out the name of her assault.

She slid from under her opponent in the most minuscule moments of time that seemingly took no time at all. She had sent out a counter attack, unified her two halves , and escaped certain death all in the time between cutting of her pain receptors and Raphael's last punch that landed. Her body still mangled from the assault began to rapidly heal as her godly form repaired her wounds with a steaming seal after fusion. She used her telekinesis to summon her katana to her hand and its blade became engulfed in a massive purple flame, her body began to light with the same energy as it caused a massive gust of pushing wind. Akahan smiled as she telekinetically gathered the cherry blossom leaves that littered the ground and made them dance around her in a beautiful spiral pattern. The Psychic Lotus had used shinobi tactics and telepathic suggestions to spread the sense tricking illusion of cherry blossom petals hitting the ground , hoping to hide their true form. It worked perfectly in unison with her loud glaring entrance and she used the cover to send a rain of thousands of Poison dart needles disguised as flower petals. She dipped these darts in the toxin of the Takifugu or Japanese Blowfish. This particular poison that coated the long sharp darts was known as a tetrodotoxin. Its chemical composition made it a hundred more times lethal then potassium cyanide and it worked by blockage of fast voltage gated sodium channels. If these flying senpons even scraped Raphael's sculpted facial features it would cause total paralysis in the mans body, making him a zombie.

Amaterasu cared not if her second wave offense had even landed, and instead used the attacks visual blur to be the base of her third. She was already in full sprint with her flaming katana in hand, causing an indigo trail to follow , peak, then fall as she came towards the Black Jaguar with a head-splitting slice aimed at the center of his skull. She rolled back slightly into a crouching position after she landed from her leaping cleave in order to gain some leverage in the pouncing thrust of her sword that she shot into. She hoped it's cold vibranium punctured his precious armor but did not give high expectations as a praise to the Pretty Boy's prowess. The Red Flower let go of her sword's hilt before she jumped into the air , landing behind her opponent and summoning her blade to her hands simultaneously.

Upon her landing she could feel the awakening of the Kaiju at the same time that Akira's voice reached out to her from the Dream-Void. She got a little disappointed as she heard AO's order because she wished to continue the fight, but there where certainly other matters to attend to. Her master had already sent his bomb into the depths of the ocean in hopes of waking up primordial evil and he succeeded. She looked at her opponent coldly as she hoped to kill him one day before completely vanishing in a flash of purple. Something inside her hoped that Raphael wasn't dead and would pursue her.

Creating a telepathic link between herself, Akira's generals, and her allies she awaited Akira's next orders as she had transmuted her matter to the city rooftops, enjoying the freeness of a parkour sprint through her city. Akira's voice rang out in everyones head.

" Damon. Satori. proceed to phase 2 of the plan. "

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@strigidae_23: @amaterasu_overdrive:

The Portuguese's opponent was commendable. That he could silently acknowledge. But never for a moment did he doubt his ability or rather his belief that if he had no concern for the city of Tokyo, he could absolutely destroy her. Paying no attention to his adversary's glowing frame, Rafael did not mitigate his pugilistic ground assault, intent on both reducing her to unrecognizable biological paste before the scorching heat and ionized air from his punches and elbow strikes left nothing of his opponent but ionized remains. He battled with intensity but a calculated predator, Rafael always picked his shots. Slipping his fists and elbow joints through gaps, openings that exposed the opponent, it was never a blind flurry meant to blast through an adversary's defense. He was strong enough to force his way through virtually anyone's defense, but he was fast enough to slip through anyone's defense and they would never see his attacks coming.

His opponent however, the Psychic Lotus, was a different animal altogether. She was unlike those he had faced in the past. First she attacked with a god-slaying psychic blast that sought to tear away at his mind and render him brain dead. A natural warrior, the Portuguese Panther possessed a mental fortitude and will-power that few flaunted. But against an Omega-Level beast? That wouldn't suffice. Fortunately, something else would. Not only has Rafael's mind grown accustomed to psionic energies during his past relationship with renown telepath, Valerie Huntington-Whiteley, but he has also recovered from what he described as the most powerful psychic blast he had ever endured from Venezuela's former Supreme Chancellor. Because his body has decoded genes for high performance in every single area, Rafael's mind had adapted and grown extremely resistant to psychic assaults. Even then however, the sting of the Psychic Lotus' attack could not be ignored.

It threatened to break that which anchored his consciousness to his frame. The pain was tremendous. The sensation? Like his mind was being taken apart. Torn down to the littlest informational bit that constituted his consciousness. He winced and gritted his teeth but did not shout nor cry out in pain. He was a warrior. As his mind bled, he did not beg for mercy. He never would. Unconsciously, his ground strikes continued to rain down on his adversary until a tsunami of whirling psionic energy enveloped him as his adversary seized the opportunity to slid from under him. The attack was powerful. Though his 'White Vibranium Armor' managed one thing, to absorb a good portion of the kinetic energy generated from the psychic tsunami's movement before amplifying it and allowing Rafael to respond in kind; by projecting a tsunami of his own, one comprised purely of the absorbed and amplified kinetic energy that sought to swallow his opponent whole and superheat her body down to the last atom.

Rafael however, was not without his injuries. Though his armor and herculean durability did their part in shielding him, he was not unscathed. Not at all. His mind had already been bombarded by a psychic assault that was one for the ages. And the subsequent psionic tsunami that washed over his frame did further damage, heating portions of his flesh and cracking bones. If not for his body's omnipresent high performance genes, he would not have healed as rapidly as he did. Fortunately, his mind's fortitude against mental assaults served him well in wrestling his adversary's illusionary projections. He saw through them and took notice of the poisoned needles that came from above. Though his time perception due to the damage his mind had sustained was no longer optimal, it all still seemed tediously sluggish to the Black Jaguar. As if they would take an eternity to reach him. They might as well have. With a working awareness of how truly deadly his opponent was, Rafael did his best to mitigate the pain ringing through his mind and body and return to a point of attack.

Blitzing past every needle that targeted him, he hoped to take advantage of his opponent's attempt to cleave into his skull with her katana. Rafael was durable, almost unrealistically so, even by the standards of a powerhouse. His skull was denser, stronger than nearly any armor. And a saber? A saber was never designed for combat against thick armor. He did however, take into account that he was unaware of the katana's composition. It could after all, be adamantium. And so he countered the overhead sword strike from his opponent with an intercepting... straight left that targeted his opponent. Only, this was no ordinary straight left. For Rafael had accelerated, his velocity was otherworldly at this point. And as he, enveloped by a scorching aura of red plasma, burned through the air with a punch that seized the atmosphere with his power, executed a strike with around 124,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 joules of energy. The sheer amount of force and energy from the strike, if successful in contacting his opponent, would superheat her body to the temperature of the Sun's core for some subtle nanoseconds before ripping her molecules apart.

He hoped that the straight left would discourage his adversary from completing her overhead sword strike as it would spell certain death for her, or rather he hoped that she was bold enough to continue and indeed find the arms of death waiting for. Whatever the result, he was certain of two things. Should she not have attempted to complete her attack, she would live. But if so? She would die. Even then, he was still fast enough to dodge and evade her strike and any attacks that boasted no psychic element. Though as she disappeared, Rafael found himself alone with his wounds of severity and a crater that scarred the Earth as the air remained hot and ionized. Where his adversary had gone to, he did not know. He knew only one thing as he tapped into his earpiece and relayed his intentions to the Shogun. "Ivana. I'm going to the stadium".

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@jack_: @akira_overdrive Ken smiled as his attack landed with a satisfying thud the specter took a special joy in battle for the others it was a job a profession something they did as an ends to a means but for Ken this was the ends originally he was a prodigal martial artist at the age of ten he could take grown men in fights and by the age of eighteen he was considered superhuman even in groups no man could stand against him unfortunately he wasn't superhuman and all it took was a single bullet to the spine in a robbery gone wrong to end his fighting career for good.

His hopes and dreams and dashed in a single moment he became a bitter drunk unable to move past his failures that is until one fateful night where Hiro came to him and offered him the chance to reclaim his body and practice martial arts again all he had to do was swear his allegiance to Hiro without hesitation he did just that and with ease using his advanced knowledge of robotics and the medical science Hiro restored the use of his legs and using his suits he made Ken a true superhuman.

And all it cost him was unwavering loyalty to do every wish of Hiro without question so that what he did he didn't question any of the orders given to him he didn't question why every time he looked in the mirror he was covered in blood no matter how many times he bathed he just stopped looking at mirrors and he didnt question why every time he looked back eyes were staring at him hating ,accusing , mocking so he just stopped looking behind him he doesn't question no he just fights with his eyes locked right in front of him.

And this time his eyes were locked on an enemy who did something someone has not done in a while he blocked and survived Kens attack only forcing his foe back finally a foe who could give him a true fight when all of the sudden his foe ran not one to let something that has piqued his interest escape he chased after the supernatural samurai keeping right on his tail when his opponent used a move that sent him moving at incredible speed .

Still not one to be one uped he did something very similar filling his feet with Ki he then jumped the shockwave of which destroyed the building he jumped out of but this sent him spiraling towards his prey he planned on ending this with five blows two to his arms and two the legs the blows would have massive amounts of force and should cripple his foes limbs the last would would be a double punch to his back the force of which should snap his spine and immobilize him .

Elsewhere in the city

Hiro watched from the top of a building as the Kaiju emerged "hm I guess things are heating up quickly better prepare my own little surprise for this city"he touched his ear and said "prepare for the Drop" A voice came back "the drop is ready all you have to do is give the order you know this but I feel I should voice my objections releasing this may not only destroy your enemies sir they may kill you and your allies as well "Hiro responded "I know the risks and I am willing to make them to insure our chance at victory ".

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Nastya was no precognitive, but it didn't take some kind of special ability to know a fight was coming their way. They would take the satellite and the enemy would come to them, or they would triangulate the location of the source of the portals and they would take the fight to whoever was in charge. Either one would happen at any second.

In his first return to the field Santiago was impeccably sharp. Quick as ever, perhaps more. He'd managed to take control of the satellites all his own, at roughly the same time as Aeon systematically decrypted the indicated primary source of the portals. [Though the artificial intelligence would silently take a lighthearted vow of vengeance for the .00001 second loss.] Piggybacking off of their technological victory, Aeon followed up by directing the fall paths of the downward bound drones away from civilians and property as much as possible, instead turning it on the forces of the attackers. The satellites Abigail would put to use keeping watch over the situation.

Also occurring in nigh simultaneous sync, not long after the source was discovered the building in which it rested vanished from the map.

"The source!" Abby and Nastya cried out at once. "It's gone!"

Abby let out a sigh, just as perturbed as Nastya was excited by the body tumbling across the ground less than a second later. Her face twisted in shock at the mangled form beginning to piece itself back together and she was forced to stifle her gag reflex.

"Well, that's a portal and he's not dead after whatever took out that building. Looks like that's our man." The Tiger's Cub was impossibly loose in spite of the occasion. Like me? she pondered, before reminding herself, "Nah, there's no one like me." She almost didn't register her own brief sadness. The old man.

For her part, Abigail's priority was not an "exciting fight." She came to help people, and she was certain Nastya and Santi would be enough for just about anyone. "You guys can handle this. I've got work to do." She could coordinate and provide support much more easily without the occupation of battle. That, and she wasn't interested in sticking around watching the grotesque show of the man's recovery. "Arquitenens requesting air pickup," she spoke into her comm device, "five hundred meters south of my location."

"Besos!" Anastasia waved her off as she revved the motorcycle, spun it 180 degrees on its wheels and took off, leaving a billowing cloud of smoke and dirt behind. At that Nastya smiled. She loved the scent of burning rubber.

-- --

"Downer Walker closing in on your location." Having the MRF downer pick her up, she thought, would be best. Even with the enemy's drones out of commission a smaller, man-sized transport was less conspicuous and would be less likely to have to deal with strafe fire. Walker swooped in and grabbed her right off the vehicle, carrying her to the safety and vantage point of a nearby rooftop. The motorcycle, taken remotely by Aeon, never stopped.

"Unusual sightings?"

"Nothin' too unusual. I mean, what's usual about all this, but, y'know...?" her escort responded, unaware that his commander was talking to what was technically a literal voice inside her head, thanks to the neural lenses. Nevertheless she gave him a nod and stepped a short ways away to work in relative private.

{Si, 'tis muy interesante, bella. I have discovered a number of unidentified radio signals circling above the city. Likely more drones, based on speed and movement patterns. Unidentified, they appear to be awaiting...something.} A projection of the flight paths flashed in her mind. She knew they were neither Beremud's nor Knightfall Aeronautics. {Also, the nino from the stadium,} Aeon continued, {I have located him. Although the bullet train has been evacuated of its civilian passengers, the train remains in motion. The nino, he is riding on top. I am certain I do not have to warn you of that which the citywide alarms are already warning you of.}

Abigail took a moment to process the information, coming to the next step rather quickly. "See if you can take control of the train. Wherever he's going, stop it. And get inside those drones. I wanna know who's lurking." She gave the command totally oblivious, in the moment, to the fact that she was commandeering Shogunate resources, and that they were in fact to be working the same side for this conflict. As commanded, Aeon set to work while Abigail continued working with her squads.

In the field of quantum mechanics, Santiago Porthos stands unparalleled. Perhaps the greatest mind ever devoted to that singular field. But, while his talents in the field were not particularly a match for The Madrid Viper's, Andres Knightfall possessed a strong mind for science, likewise able to build his own fashion of quantum computer, which would eventually become his mind, known as the "Mente de Dios Supercomputer," or M.D.D.S. The same which would be replicated completely for Aeon's processing power.

While the drones would typically be rendered totally secure by their stealth, their flight path uninterrupted, Aeon's advanced M.D.D.S. system allowed it to scan and scramble the signal sent to the drones before they could be reached. It would translate that signal mid-communication so that it would seem like another signal entirely, completely undetected by the unmanned aircraft. A false return signal would transmit back to the signal's point of origin, that it should appear as if nothing was amiss and the flight paths went uninterrupted...until the attempted orders were to change. In accordance the Avalon AI mimicked that prior signal in its own way, allowing them the use of the high altitude assault weapons while disallowing control from their unknown competitors, hopefully without their even knowing. He would leave a trojan in his wake just in case they should get or be given that control once more. By programming a redirective kamikaze algorithm on the spot and implanting it within each processor, the instant control was turned back over the virus would activate, and wherever the drones returned to, they would do so destructively. Both the hack and the trojan would read as originating from the hijacked satellites, hopefully creating the impression that the same forces attacking Tokyo were responsible for those transgressions.Cloaking remained engaged, but each drone broke formation, spreading out across the city in a new flight path. There was one in particular Aeon made use of. That nearest the bullet train. Like the satellites and the drones, he would seek to take control of the Shinkansen's systems and bring it to a screeching halt, lurching the would-be emperor from the train. Regardless of success, the cavalier AI took preparatory initiative, locking Akira into satellite sighting. Guided by that lock, the drone struck.

The AGM-114 Hellfire missile first entered service in 1974 with several variants in production ever since. Its movement speed is approximately 1591 km/h and it is designed to strike in a variety of conditions, including inclement weather. A designated bunker buster, it sees use in the destruction of heavily armored targets and is capable of homing in on targets even after firing, via a laser-guided system. Its IBFS warhead combines blast fragmentation and fragment dispersion designated for a healthy guarantee of a target's destruction. The munition of choice for the destruction of many high profile enemies of the United States, that day it was intended also to be the death of Akira Overdrive.

-- --

Her nose twitched and her ears trained ever so slightly. As keen as they were, Nastya's senses could register sensations across the entire city of Tokyo. Thanks to Antonia's training she could distinguish, purposefully diminishing certain stimuli through selective attention in order to keep from being overcome. In the Warzone that Tokyo had become, everything was on high alert. She smelled them before they came within a mile, heard them at roughly the same time. And though she couldn't see them, she knew the enemy were on their way.

In truth she didn't really care. Their leader was in front of her and she had little tolerance for the "peons," save for what use they could be for her. Her entire design was to take out high profile targets and her frustration hadn't mounted yet. With her target in sight, the Babylonian Kitten only made time for big game.

Though perhaps not the amount or kind of time he would have liked.

Throwing her head back exaggeratedly, she burst into laughter at his antics, turning to Santi and jabbing him lightly with her elbow while the enemy found his seat. "Heh, we'll wait, right? I like this tonto del culo," she said. And as soon as she did she stopped smiling and her cheery demeanor vanished. She whipped a single custom-made pistol from its holster at her waist. Deemed Marshall, it utilized various kinds of munitions. At the moment, fragmenting rounds. She didn't waste a second. She fired twice. Once into his heart and another to his spine. She had no doubt he would recover even if they hit, but with the fragmentation of the bullets, the shrapnel lodged in his spine would keep him from making a full recovery and the heart would at least need longer to heal. She was hoping they'd get lucky and he'd have shards traveling in his bloodstream to his organs throughout an extended confrontation.