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@vici_aurelius was retconned. Currently doesn't exist in canon yet, not even actually a member of the family.

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@dante_aurelius@raleigh_aurelius@abelle_aurelius@marte_aurelius@david_aurelius@arthur_aurelius (Hope I got everyone. BTW, these guys aren't NPCs. Also, if there's something in the post anyone feels needs changing, holla at me :))

-Nighttime, 1:15 AM-

He'd yet to regain the ability to walk, Satar. Courtesy of a blade driven deep into his midsection, a blade wielded by Lucia Aurelius. Along with the Iron Phantom, she'd come the closest to slaying him. In retaliation, he took her life, but has since remained marred by a scar blemishing his torso and an inability to walk. It had inspired, in the Baabda Beast, a fire fueled by vengeance, against the Aurelius Clan. Everyday his muscle fibers, those that worked, twitched with the murderous desire to pluck out the eyes and snap the necks of every Aurelius, just as he'd done to Lucia. They'd bred the one who set his plans back by a year, and the family would know his wrath.. through his conduit; the Brahma Brotherhood.

The Brahma Brotherhood
The Brahma Brotherhood

Mad Dogs, Kamikaze Kings, and Black Reapers. The Brotherhood's assigned squad consisted of them. All were adorned in black. The Mad Dogs were adorned in onyx hoodies, permanent shadows cast over their 'faces'. The Kamikaze Kings? Black trench coats and gas masks. The Black Reapers? Their attire had always been black. They arrived in the cover of night, camouflaged by their dark attire as they broke off into frontline, support, and suppressive units, the grass of the vegetation just beyond the estate crunching under their boots. Armed with assault rifles, shotguns and sniper rifles, some of modern technology, others more futuristic, the Brotherhood seized their positions. In the patch of wilderness, they assumed their positions. Some lying in the grass, others crouched behind behind bushes, many perched on trees, veiled by leaves and branches, enjoying positions of needed visibility.

Those who found logs rested the length of their rifles on them for stability. The Mad Dogs' sonar came alive, spanning the entire area, and imprinting in their minds knowledge of the Aurelius estate, of the environment beyond it. They sensed every hallway, room etc. and their targets inside. Knowledge, partially shared with the Kamikaze Kings whose numerical precision, the ability to solve mathematical problems through simple intuition, told them of how many Aurelius' lurked in the estate, how many were armed, how many weapons lied in their clan's home, and their exact distance from their targets. They kept their grip light, the butts of their rifles resting in the pockets of their firing shoulders to minimize recoil as they steadied their breathing and controlled their muscles. With the Mad Dogs' constant awareness of their targets' positions, their plan was put in motion. They'd chosen nighttime, it was dark, visibility was limited, and with the Mad Dogs' sonar and the Kamikaze Kings' numerical precision, they felt the sensory advantage was theirs.

Intent on drawing the Aurelius Clan into an ambush, they began, playing on the family's noted reputation as heroes. "Oh God! Oh God somebody help! Please! I don't wanna die!", one of the Kamikaze Kings screamed, his voice frantic, its timbre emotional and terrified. And the Mad Dogs? They used their control over sonar waves to enhance it, the sound of the one Kamikaze King's voice, to echo it loud enough for the Aurelius Clan to hear but not so loud that they would suspect it unnaturally loud for a human in distress. In the darkness they waited, and should their targets emerge, the Kamikaze Kings perched high on tree branches, would ready their sniper rifles and fire. Relying on a semiautomatic fire mode, some rifles relied on powerful electrostatic discharges, firing deadly bolts of electricity intent on snuffing their targets' nervous systems and scorching it dry. While other rifles, holding reservoirs of ferrofluid magnetically drawn into the firing chambers, would expel the ferrofluid at lethal velocities.

Mimicking high-pressure water jets, the propelled ferrofluid could cut through nearly anything, and the rounds sought to cut three feet into their targets. While the snipers sought to intercept any emerging Aurelius' and suppress their movement, those lying in the grass and behind bushes lied in wait for any Aurelius managing to close the distance, they waited until they were drawn close enough for them to ambush them with a storm of shotgun blasts and assault rifles.

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@satar: Working on a post right now.

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@satar: @dante_aurelius@raleigh_aurelius@abelle_aurelius@marte_aurelius@david_aurelius@arthur_aurelius

Kai Aurelius's lone figure was illuminated slightly by the moonlight filtering into his room. He lie awake on the king-sized bed, face dark in contemplation. Contemplation of the recent events, of the death of his beloved sister, and the one who snatched the life away from her. He'd returned home, to mourn with his kin, putting his military general in-charge of his kingdom for the time being. There was an emptiness he felt...of Lucia's absence from the world. Sure, he'd spent the majority of his time away from his family, but knowing he would never see the face of his sibling again...left something akin to a gap in his heart. The Esoteric Emperor had sworn vengeance on that day, the day he saw her figure drop lifelessly to the ground, the day a piece of him was stolen, on the one who committed the atrocious act. He was sure of it, their paths would collide, and he would be the one to shove his trident up the monsters ass.

"Oh God! Oh God somebody help! Please! I don't wanna die!" the frantic scream was heard, and, ever the hero, instinctively took hold of his trident and propelled himself out the window, head swiveling around to find the origin of the call; "Stay calm! I'm on my wa-ggarrghg." Pulses of electricity found their way into his body and he instantly regret forsaking his orange vibranium suit, burning his flesh threatening to destroy his nerves as they went through him, and the Aquatic Aurelius winced in pain as one by one they were fired onto him. His trident was brought to the front, and, with extremely fast reflexes he swung it in an effort to intercept the bolts, his trident absorbing the energy and spitting it back out towards his attackers.

"Come out of your hiding and face me cowards!" He spat in disgust, at both his own foolishness and his assailants obvious tactical advantage. Barrages of ferrofluid, propelled at intense velocities sought to rip through his skin pushed him back, slowing his efforts to move forward, Kai owing his survival to the ultra-dense nature of his body. Hands out-stretched towards the water surrounding the estate, and he ripped chunks of water and brought it to his side. While capable of mystically creating his own water, the Esoteric Emperor disliked the strain it placed not only on his mind, but body.

No Caption Provided

He manipulated the water as he strode forward, the balls intercepting some of the attacks that attempted to keep him back, his sapphire eyes lit in anger and his stroll permeated by the same rage. Bullets grazed his chiseled features, nearly breaking skin but failing to leave any permanent damage on his figure, and eventually he would close the distance, trident raised. Just as he assumed he'd closed the gap, hails of assault rifle fire sprayed him, and shot-gun rounds shoved him back. Through it all, he'd raised his trident and fired beams of lightning that attempted to fry his adversaries. He would continue to do so, acting as a beacon to attract fire for his family, who would hopefully come to his aid. "I can guess who you are! Come forth, Baabda beast! So that I may slay you like the cattle you are!"

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@satar: @kai_aurelius:

"The world is in perpetual chaos, Father."

Dante spoked softly in a seated cross legged position, a violet cloth draped over the golden tunic of his shoulders and down below his waist while his bright blonde locks fell over his eyes. Visions and apparitions of ancestors passed walked in circles around the current Aurelius Patriarch, cross examining the most recently crowned leader of the family and critiquing his explanation of current events. The white room was empty of all objects say for the ghosts and Dante.

"The world was birthed from chaos, and so it shall die in chaos."

One of the few women present said coldly and firmly while gripping a European styled spear. Her warrior robes secured tightly under the crimson and bronze body armor of Caesar's Roman legion.

"The Aurelius of always strived to keep balance in this plane of existence, ever since the grand father escaped his own gladiatorial imprisonment. When one side of the scales were tripped too high, justice or villainy, we had always done our best to bring balance. Regardless of the means."

Dante sighed in acknowledgement. It was a difficult and arduous task to live up to the patriarchs and matriarchs before him, but they failed to realize that times were changing. The world was growing larger and larger. God like beings were sprouting at ever corner of the nations while advanced armies were forming in preparation for war with each other over the simplest of things.

"I understand, Mother Caelina…."

"Good. Then go, and continue our legacy."

He nodded in agreement, but a bit agitated as the all the phantoms bowed simultaneously and dissapated as one. He was torn and an emotional wreck inside despite making every effort he could to keep his powerful emotions in check and calm. His lazurus derived abilities were powered by his emotions, and the stronger he felt, the greater destruction he could cause. His mind was under immense strain as of recent.

The death of his niece Lucia had caused a whirlwind of emotions to swarm in his mind. He took a single day alone to travel to the Antarctic Coast, away from civilization and human lives as a whole. There, he cause untold destruction with his psychic powers to the landscaping and ocean scenery. Sparring with a nonexistent partner and letting all of his rage and sorrow to take hold of his thoughts. Today he returned and spent the entirety of the morning meditating and communicating with spirits long gone, seeking guidance, but finding only solidarity.

No Caption Provided

Dante nudged the memories of his beloved niece from his mind momentarily, knowing full well what other feelings they would cause to rise. Instead, he stood from his position and walked towards a small outlined square in the wall and pressed his palm against it. The warmth of his palm warming the cybernetic ivory steel that read his fingerprints and DNA sample to allow his exit. With a subtle 'woosh' a secret passage opened before him.

He turned his head back into the room before leaving, hoping or dreaming that Lucia would be trailing behind him as she did when she was a little girl. Eager to learn at the feet of him and anxious to make a name for herself under the Aurelius banner.

"I miss you, Dear."

A tear rolled down his cheek as he turned back to the exit, letting the door to close access to the barren room. He should have been there in Gothic City. Not to fight against the war hungry monster known as Satar. Not to assist in his rampage against the Vengeance Knight either. No. He should have been there to protect Lucia. She was formidable and could defend herself, but it wasn't enough. Not against the Baabda Beast.


His mind was alerted by a nearby break in the security perimeter as the sounds of his nephew shouting broke the silence of the villa. Most of the other family members were on journeys of their own, seeking solace in their own hearts and mourning in their own way. Kai returned from his rule under the sea to The Eagle's Nest for reasons of his own….Yet, something was happening. He was being attacked.

Dante sprinted towards the nearest passageway that lead to the outside of the complex and where he had best heard the anger of his family member."


He shouted once more, utilizing his psychic abilities to prod the nearby area to sense for any intruder. Finally, his mind picked up the personnel attacking the younger Aurelius while the latter repelled the projectiles with aquatic defenses. Proving even further his eagerness for revenge. Dante didn't hesitate, and instead created a telepathic barrier to intercept the stray rifle rounds while Kai turned to the offensive.

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Tempting. It's tempting folks.

Might show up to kill Rae off.

No Caption Provided

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@satar said:

@kai_aurelius: LOL, I like his dialogue. Reminds me of Hercules.

LOL that's what i was going for with him as far as dialogue goes

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@kai_aurelius: @dante_aurelius: @satar:

Driven by revenge Abelle hadn't done so much mourning as she did planning. She'd sent Vocal an Inhuman friend to try and thin the ranks before Abelle came. She'd tried to call as many of the family as possible to mount a vengeful offensive. With a plan to strike the Black House tomorrow Abelle wasn't exactly asleep when trouble came.

A call came out for help and Abelle didn't answer, the Nest was to far from civilization it felt inconvenient. Whoever was hurt had to get hurt in the forest near by, fair enough but not likely at one AM. Trails were also in fair number why not take them then a hazardous climb. She also simply didn't care she was gearing for war so what she heard was "I'm sniper bait not endangered." She wasn't a hero she was a soldier and that was all the difference.

Not long after Kai fell into a combative moment and so her suspicion came to be true. "Nice of you to come by and save me the trouble." Abelle remarked as she began to head for the grand doors that seperated the nest from the forest. On that casual walk Abelle used her geokinesis to survey the land. To feel the vibrations in the earth when a foot touched a surface it felt like someone was touching her. They came at the dead of night expecting it to help Abelle she didn't need to see.

Additionally she took some of the granite floor to coat herself in a second skin. This was designed to function as a protective barrier from some of the chemical warfare the Brotherhood by now was known for. "Dante, map it out." The words mentally casted to look for a link of communication from here on between the Aurelius clan. This also was designed to use Abelle's awareness of the battlefield and provide it to the rest of the clan. Of course Abelle didn't plan for that to last long.

The very moment she stepped from the door likely before anybody could take a shot a her she reacted. Her retaliatory entrance was the parting of earth and toppling of trees. Designed to have those in the high ground crash into the earth hopefully beneath those heavy trunks. While those on the earth Abelle attempted to swallow to burry beneath the soil in unmarked graves. No theatrics a simple environmental reaction as violent as the emotional issues in Abelle's own beating chest.

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@satar: @dante_aurelius@raleigh_aurelius@abelle_aurelius@satar@marte_aurelius@david_aurelius@arthur_aurelius@satar

"Oh God! Oh God somebody help! Please! I don't wanna die!"

Arceus had been drinking alone in the estate's cellar when he heard the cry for help, as because it was so shrill it reached even him as he sat on the stairs of the cellar, downing the first half of his third bottle of wine. Still in his own brand of mourning the cry for help served to slap him out of the daze he'd been drinking in. He quickly gathered up his rifle from its resting spot near the door and sprinted out to assist whoever had wandered this far out. It wouldn't be the first lost soul in this neck of the woods he'd gone out to assist (@ultra_girl_).

As he ran out he saw Kai sprinting ahead of him, the younger of the two had always outpaced him, even with the aid of his kinetic manipulation Kai had always had the edge, and the fact that the alcohol made focusing his powers difficult certainly didn't help matters. He stumbled to the window just in time to see his younger cousin engulfed in a storm of enemy fire: an arc of electricity scorching toward him, jets of liquid iron slicing through trees and masonry only to break against the young king's body, serving to only annoy him, it seemed.

Thank God for Kai. If I'd gone out there...

Arceus shuddered at the idea. Just then a jet of ferrofluid began to cut through the wall next to him, slicing inward in an attempt to split him in half. Arceus dove to the ground and lay prone, the jet curving downward as a quick readjustment by his enemy guided it back toward him. In a panic he manipulated the force behind the liquid, curving it around him as he rolled toward it, the fluid missing him by inches. They knew where he was, and if he wanted any chance at surviving this mess he'd have to relocate behind something solid.

Popping a few of the Adderall pills he'd scavenged in his travels his focus intensified, though the drugs and alcohol in his system began to tax his body. His heart raced and his mind flew a mile a minute, streams of the high velocity liquid still managing to find him somehow, as though the enemy did not need to see him, could calculate where he was based on the slightest shift of his body, calculate the trajectory, fire and adjust in moments. Only the deflection and redirection of the liquids kept him alive as he made his way to the roof with his rifle, only to be fired upon anew by the enemies' own snipers.

How many of these funtimes are out there? Christ!

Had he been sober he might have noticed the pulses firing through the air, the slight disturbances of the reflecting pulses of sound, returning to betray their position to their enemies. As it was he was pinned down by the combined fire of the all the foes that had snaked their way onto Aurelius family grounds. He could hear Kai's anger echoing from down below, and he knew then that he couldn't hide any longer. Gathering as much focus as he could muster he deflected the shots fired in his direction, memorizing the positions of as many snipers as possible, taking special care to try and spot those using the giant super soakers, before going prone on the roof once more.

Scooting back away from the edge he created a mental map of the area and emptied the rubber bullets of his revolver into his hand before reloading it with adamantium tipped rounds. "You're not the only ones that can shoot through walls, motherflippers." he whispered to himself before taking aim. Shooting through the thinnest portions of wall he could find he linked himself to each round, guiding it through walls and into the mental memorization of where he'd seen his foes last. This renewed focus on the attack opened his defenses, however, as the sound of the six rounds he'd fired rippled through the air, alerting his enemies to his exact position.

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Loving these posts so far.

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@satar: By the way, man, Satar isn't actually participating in the attack right? He's still in GC licking his wounds?

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@romero: Yeah he's still in Gothic healing, can't walk yet, so for now he's using the Brotherhood as a conduit.

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@dante_aurelius: @raleigh_aurelius: @kai_aurelius: @abelle_aurelius: @arceus_aurelius-rex: @marte_aurelius@david_aurelius@arthur_aurelius

They'd succeeded, the Brotherhood. Succeeded in drawing out their foes, luring them outside to do battle under the cover of night. Of their fired rounds, only the ferrofluid and electrical streams found home. High caliber gunshots were left to bounce off barriers and made a mockery of. Perched on branches, veiled by bushes, and sunk into thick fields of grass, Mad Dogs, Kamikaze Kings, and Black Reapers alike all held in their palm a perceived tactical advantage. They did battle as interrelated components of a single unit. Their adversaries? The Aurelius Clan? For all their exotic power-sets, they were not tactically cohesive, or so the Brotherhood believed. But their compensation came in the form of raw power.

Beams of lighting surged through the air, drying leaves and scorching the air as they blitzed Kamikaze King after Kamikaze King, dropping a chunk of the Brotherhood's tree-dwelling snipers like slain flies. Their nervous systems yielding, muscle fibers twitching uncontrollably, hearts clamoring then falling rigid, their lives were snuffed. And yet, the Aurelius response had only just begun. In the blackness of night, vision was a luxury few could afford. The Mad Dogs, the Brotherhood's primary means of sensory perception, relied on their sonar to maintain an omnipresent awareness of their foes and surroundings... until beneath them they felt the ground lumber then split open, chunks of rock and soil flinging into the air as nearly half the Mad Dogs were swallowed by the Earth, never to be seen again. Trees were toppled, collapsing on the ground and limiting the number of snipers perched on branches.

Still, their numbers were great. And even greater was the number of trees that still stood. Lest they risk doing unimaginable damage to their own environment, not even half the trees would be collapsed. In the darkness of night, Kamikaze Kings that remained grounded turned round and sought to climb then nearest trees, yet as they turned, adamantium rounds dug deep into their backs, penetrating flesh, spilling their blood and shattering bone. They dropped dead, puddles of blood staining the grass and darkening the soil. Still, the Brahma Brotherhood remained persistent. Their numbers were still significant, and they returned fire, distracting their foes with generic rounds, all the while a lone Mad Dog, crouched behind a bush, the mouth of an RPG (rocket-propelled-grenade) peeking just beyond it, rested the weapon atop a fallen tree trunk for stability, and loaded in a CIF3 (Chlorine Trifluoride) Grenade. Why? They'd noticed something.


The first Aurelius to emerge had conjured water. Significant amounts of it. Chlorine trifluoride reacts violently and explosively with water. And so, the Mad Dog took aim at the Esoteric Emperor and fired. The CIF3 Grenade need not come into contact with the target, it need only detonate near enough for the chlorine trifluoride to come into contact with the water... and explode in a lethal blaze. The hydrolysis reaction with the water was to conjure a gargantuan explosion (intended to shatter all erected barriers by the Aurelius and target them simultaneously) of many things. Of hydrofluoric and hydrochloric acid in a highly acidic steam that would corrode the flesh, and if absorbed through the skin, selectively attack bone, interfere with nerve function, and cause fatal fluorine poisoning. All of which the highly exothermic, acidic explosion sought to accomplish by shattering the targets' barriers and subjecting them first to the cocktail of erupting acid.. then fluorine fire. If they couldn't kill them, they'd at least hope to burn their home down.

More dangerous than fluorine gas, the fluorine fire would burn and grow, consuming and scorching nearly anything, even that which was considered nonflammable, such as concrete, bricks, and sand. It would burn and spread, it would burn things that had already been burned, it would form the previous cocktail of acids on the skin, and it could not be put out with water... it would explode. The Brotherhood's intentions however, were not to slay their enemy in a towering explosion of acid and fluorine fire. No they held confidence in the Aurelius Clan's ability to survive. Instead, their intention was to cause disarray, disorder in the ranks. A disorganized party was an easy target for the remaining snipers atop the trees that were not toppled. Taking aim with their Radioactive Rifles, the Kamikaze Kings fired, and at supersonic velocities, radioactively charged rods encased in magnetic fields were shot.

Along their flight path, the rods consumed up to 50% of their mass, and because of their blitzing velocities and superheated properties, if the previous chlorine trifluoride explosion failed to bring down the Aurelius' barriers, the radioactive rods, capable of penetrating virtually anything, would burn right through them, and halt inside their targets' bodies, burning their organs until cooling off and poisoning them with radiation. With their squad having been considerably thinned by their foes, the Brahma Brotherhood resorted to more aggressive tactics.

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Shit's going down. :o

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@satar: Trying to exterminate an entire family is pretty hardcore. Should be an interesting run.

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I got called, what happened?

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@ultra_girl_: My bad UG, I tagged you in reference to when you came here but looking back at my post it was entirely unnecessary to actually put the whole "@" symbol and all.

So, uh... carry on.

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@arceus_aurelius-rex: I personally love it when people tag me when they mention me. :D It's a good way to get views. "Oh, what's this? I just got tagged in someone's post? I should read this to see what it is about!"

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@dante_aurelius: @kai_aurelius: @arceus_aurelius-rex: @satar:

Abelle in secretive corners of the mind had been prepping for her own death. She was a realist and thus knew that war cared not for reason or title. Grunts and five star generals both embrace risk if stepping onto the field of war. However the beast had yet to show and the beast was always at the heart of the matter when he fought. If Satar wasn't here then Bell refused to die.

Graves were made crushing and suffocating of many men, and if Bell had a say in the mater those graves would go unmarked from this day to the last. Those who surve the Brotherhood deserve nothing more, no names to remember no final prayer just dead untill they were dead and forgotten. Trees fell their collapse mixed with the sound of spraying liquid and explosions made the hymn to which the geokinetic soldier's heart beat to. Then came a familiar ring, she was a soldier after all no hero. Abelle didn't fight in martial arts bouts or against evil magic overlords she fought men and women in armed conflicts.

It struck a tree and that vibrated the earth which told Abelle of a rocket propelled grenade.

Traditionally the RPG was overhyped in movies and games, treated as if it was a rocket when it was not. It was what the title called it, great thus for vehicles and perhaps helicopters but certainly not high ordinance. An RPG was not a weapon of concern on it's own when in a superhuman conflict. Of course Abelle also knew the enemy, they'd fought Maverick raged war on Gothic and went a second round in Gothic with the vigilanties of the city. Their grenades were more then fragmentation, no it was a chemical fire of potent design. There was little it did not react to, and what it didn't react to was far from conventional assets. Two resistant alloys though were copper and nickel. Manipulating metals was harder for the earth splitter but well within her realm of abilities. The dificulty was also countered by determination, a refusal to die tonight.

Abelle sank into the earth looking to encase herself in nickel, the sphere had limited air demanding control of ones breathing. It was however a direct and efficient counter to the assailants. Gone from the sight lines of almost all opposition and outside of the reach of most fire arms. Of course defending herself was not the end of her move. After all what were a lot of pipes made of? Why copper of course and in an old estate like this she did have such a resource to pull from. Not as much as a city, and whatever she pulled would do damage to her home but better renovation then annihilation.

A small copper dome barely even man sized looked to rise before the RPG round. Halting it's imediate advance and looking to do a explosive users worst nightmare. Given enough time to spin or impacting something hard enough led to premature detonation. Placing the one who fired inside the blast. Abelle didn't want to stop the fire at first but force it to engulf the dog that tried to burn the house down. Only after that would Abelle look to encase the fire in a copper sphere to deny the force hopefully of spreading. Those super soaker like snipers of volatile weaponry however might counter act this so for them it rained.

A forest was what surrounded the nest and from it small rocks and stones were plentiful. These shot upwards in a daunting number no direction needed because again it was intended to be like rain. When beneath weeping sky the only way to avoid rainfall is to be wheeee rain is not. And the only place where there was no hailing stones was around the home and those of a particular las name. Stones shot upward like bullets shattering and fragmenting branches with ease looking to pummel and break the enemy by sheer amount of dammage to be released. This did do harm to the estate, it's landscape slowly turning to a warzone image. The Aurelius made of stone however was not about luxurious living and captivating scenery though.

It was only then that Abelle noticed a rod sticking out of her cybernetic hand causing her ring and pinky finger to at times involuntarily twitch. She'd been hit by a lucky dud of a weapon. It's deadlier payload failed to react as intended making it just a high speed projectile. Still it's shaped format was an ideal design and had just crippled the earth splitter to a degree. Of course Abelle had no intent on letting the bitches get close to her when the beastial dog in charge was nowhere to be found.

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@satar: Those brotherhood members are vicious LMAO

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@nighthunder: They'll need to be more vicious come next post, LOL.

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@satar said:

@the_psyentist: Bad guys gotta fight violent and dirty.

That should be the next quote in your next villain characters profile ;p

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@the_psyentist: Ha! And what's more fun than running up on heroes ;P

@_ebonyzephyr_: I almost feel bad cause I'm going to be systematically attacking the fact that Kai uses water... otherwise he'll drain my boys dry >.>

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@satar: Yikes. I'll need to bring my A-game for this then LOL

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Dropping a post tomorrow

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Oh, I've been meaning to say this, but aren't Lucia and Kai your children, not niece and nephew?

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In case anyone's been wondering why we chose this location for the Villa.
In case anyone's been wondering why we chose this location for the Villa.

Also, I don't feel like letting this interaction die just yet >.> Just a heads up for the baddie.

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You guys have this!

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@marte_aurelius: Aww... Here I thought you were back for a final epic battle.

Your support is welcome though! I'll be posting later today.

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Okay, maybe not tonight, but tomorrow at the latest! I swear!

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So many bumps none posts -_-

What was Lucia not good enough to merit your attention! ;P

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@apex_ said:

So many bumps none posts -_-

What was Lucia not good enough to merit your attention! ;P

Yeah guys c'mon, avenge mah death!

I'm just kidding and you know it.

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@satar: @dante_aurelius@raleigh_aurelius@abelle_aurelius@satar@marte_aurelius@david_aurelius@arthur_aurelius@satar

It was chaos. Somewhere down below an explosion rocked the foundation of the Aurelius estate, the grounds soon pulled apart by one of their own seeking to weaponize the copper lying down below.

Damn it Abelle, every time...

The enemy's fire only intensified following the Aurelius' initial response, their exotic weaponry, already seemingly impossible to counter, was joined by a new, terrifying weapon. As he kneeled to reload his weapon an accelerated rod of radioactively charged materials scorched its way through the air, breaching the edge of Arceus' telekinetic barriers. As soon as the murderous projectile came within 30 feet of him he could feel it disrupt the air, rapidly shoving matter from its path as it blazed toward him. At the speeds it was reaching stopping it telekinetically would be impossible, and even with his decades of training and quick reflexes slipping the round, aimed as it was at his center of mass, was unthinkable. Even altering its trajectory all he could, he would not be able to avoid being hit by the superheated, radioactive rod speeding towards him.

So he didn't dodge. He clenched his teeth in the moment before the rod landed, his hands balled into fists as he tried to relax his muscles, his mind focused on altering its trajectory while keeping the angle of entry the same, the single rod entering and exiting without tumbling over itself.

He felt his skin scorch, and as the metal rod burrowed into his flesh he did not resist, instead he helped it in its attempts to wreak havoc upon his body. He focused on opening the wound in the fractions of a second he had, teeth gritting as he tore at the flesh in its path, reducing the amount of energy transferred to his body. The combination of his efforts to redirect the round, coupled with the path he'd cleared for it, allowed him to avoid the transfer of some of the massive amounts of kinetic force behind the rod, and what he didn't avoid he sought to negate. What he hadn't counted on, however, was the intense burning as it passed through his trunk.


His focus was broken as the rod tore through him, high caliber rounds no longer meeting resistance or redirection picked at his cover, eroding all that stood between him and imminent death. The burning didn't stop, even as the round pushed straight through him, his chest seared and his breathing grew more difficult, even though the projectile itself did not strike his lungs. To alleviate the air being sucked into his chest he pressed his hand to the wound and sealed it as he backed away from the incoming enemy fire, eventually reaching the roof's edge. He was unable to gather his wits, a plan of attack eluded him, hidden behind a searing pain in his chest and severely blurred vision. He was useless.

He tried to blink the fog from his eyes, but with each subsequent blink his vision grew worse, his knees buckled a bit lower, his shoulders sagged a bit further, and death came an inch closer. He wouldn't last long this way, and if the battle continued it would only cost more of his family's lives. Kai was tough, but not invincible, Dante was wise, but not infallible, and Abelle, while strong, was not all-powerful. As useless as he was they needed him all the same. Emptying the few remaining pills into his mouth he gulped them down, feeling the effects almost immediately. His mind became razor sharp, his focus a laser's point. He sealed the wound by applying invisible force to it, clamping down on the few blood vessels that weren't burned shut, but the internal burns were a problem he had no remedy to, temporary or otherwise. His body ached and burned, but his mind pushed through, his altered physiology allowing him to temporarily survive what was essentially an amphetamine overdose, even as his heart raced out of control.

Time was limited, if the wounds he'd accumulated in the last few moments didn't shut his body down his overtaxed heart soon would. He rushed forward, deflecting the bullets aimed at him, even redirecting some of the ferromagnetic fluid fired upon him, and tossed out all of the six M84 stun grenades he carried, propelling them into the treelines to blind and deafen his opponents as he rushed off the roof to stand near his cousin Kai. What he sought then was fire, the eternally burning, impossible hot flames he'd seen firsthand in Gothic, and he saw them. He pushed his body past its limits, bones snapping as he essentially willed it to move, forcing it forward and into a position to strike at the enemy, to send them careening into the blaze they'd brought to the battlefield.

He abandoned all weapons now, and instead drew back his right fist, and unleashed all the force he could muster in a barrage of shockwaves, each punch unleashing more devastating force than the last, each blow carrying the force to shatter bones, liquefy internal organs, and, failing that, send his foes flying into the Devil's flames.

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And with that his heart skipped one fatal beat, throwing rhythm into disarray. His eyes turned back to his ancestral home as his vision faded, and there he fell. Flesh scorched, bones shattered, muscles torn.

Heart broken.

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@satar: @arceus_aurelius-rex: Me? Joining?


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Posting again soon.

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@dante_aurelius: @kai_aurelius: @arceus_aurelius-rex: @abelle_aurelius:

Behind their bushes and tree trunks, atop branches and hills, the Brahma Brotherhood gazed on, a measure of respect felt for the geokinetic Aurelius' efforts to stopping the chlorine trifluoride wildfire. It was admirable, heroic, intelligent even, but ultimately useless. She'd sought to encase herself in a layer of nickel, and the rocket-propelled-grenade in a copper dome. Elements said to be resistant to the fury of chlorine trifluoride. And in truth, they were resistant... in the loosest possible sense. Steel, iron, nickel and copper were resistant to chlorine trifluoride only if previously treated with fluorine gas. Why? It would have blessed the metals with thin coatings of fluoride. And with the geokinetic Aurelius' conjured metals lacking any prior treatment with fluorine gas, the reaction was... explosive.

She'd succeeded in her premature detonations, but the fluorine wildfire had come alive, burning, yes, the Mad Dog who'd taken aim and fired the grenade, but now? Now the wildfire raged forward and spread, threatening to attack both ally and enemy. It was a fire that burned glass, sand, rust, concrete, and even asbestos, among the world's most flame retardant substances, and things that have already been burned, like ash and spent gravel. It was a chemical that reacted with almost anything, chlorine trifluoride. Nearly impossible to stop, it exploded in contact with water, exploded to form hydrofluoric and hydrochloric acid. It was a fire that burned through bone itself. Why? Fluorine loves bonding with calcium. It would find the moisture on flesh, explode, form acids on tissue, corrode and eat away the flesh, burn through bone, destroy the nerves, induce cardiac arrest, and burn the ashes of the dead until only hot gas remained.

It did not respect carbon dioxide, nor any halogen. It would eat through feet of concrete and gravel, releasing toxic clouds of gas carrying cocktails of itself, hydrogen fluoride, chlorine and hydrogen chloride, corroding nearly anything it reaches. It was the wildfire of wildfires. And it could only be stopped by sealing it in a cooled area and allowing it to burn up all of the oxygen and itself out, because a fire is still a fire, it needs oxygen. And where even those of the Brahma Brotherhood perished, reduced to ashes by their own wildfire, their suicidal mission was clear. To slay their foes as they had been slain. Their enemies had returned fire. Their own ferrofluid cut them like a butcher's knife. Grenades detonated and their guts were spilled. Shock-waves conjured by the mightiest of fists, tore their limbs from their joints and reduced them to corpses. Rocks, dense and sharp, propelled from the earth itself peppered them, shooting through their flesh and bone and leaving them dead and rotting.

They were slain, the Brahma Brotherhood. But their fire, their chlorine trifluoride wildfire burned and spread. It sought to kill their foes, to burn them into dust and burn the dust into nothing. And if all else failed, it would scorch their home to the ground and set their estate ablaze in a fire strong enough to burn for decades to come. It was the Brahma Brotherhood's posthumous vengeance.

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Was kinda hoping Kai would survive and revive Arceus from the whole cardiac arrest thing with one of his patented lightning bolts, but spontaneous death works too.

Satar succeeds in killing at least one more Aurelius! (Double Kill!)

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Well shit

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Need to update this.

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@_vex_: How about making a new location for the Aurelius altogether? I mean, I do love this one but I might as well.