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The Divine Court

In the disclosed location known by six individuals a man in a white, slim suit takes his seat at the head of a table with multiple chairs placed around the rectangular structure and clasps his hands together waiting patiently for the members of the court. Though the man knows that the current meeting area is underwhelming compared to the scope of the decisions that will be made there he also knows he must trust the members before allowing them access to Heaven. Reaching out through space and time with his sly, enchanting voice the man in white speaks few words to those six that will receive his message "Please, take your seats." and with that, the members of the court entered the meeting room...

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It had been so long...

Since the serpentine blindfold had wound around his head, since the mental mesh of illusions and misinformation had been woven from synaptic thread. While Orpheus Ziev appeared to keep his head above water, appeared to let the public know his every move, the truth was that his life was a dark iceberg...only the faintest gleam of sunlight on ice hinted at the crushing crystalline depths below.

And so of course Premonition was is tune with the currents of society, the secret undertows and cold shifts.

Please, take your seats.

He walks into the room, his steps light, nearly floating. He is the silent Oracle, the seer of fortune, the seer of despair. He moves a chair with his mind, taking a seat with his back to the door, symbolically taunting fate.

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An invitation to such a distinct meeting could not be denied, after all, should it prove fruitful, the possible opportunities that could be potentially generated as a result would be undeniably invaluable. Having courteously accepted the invitation, the elegant Emperor makes his inevitable entrance in the meeting room as requested. Clad in his trademark stylish militaristic hooded attire and his distinct iconic mask, mysterious Impero walks towards his seat, arms regally folded behind his back, a posture of characteristic poise, class and unmistakable confidence. Comfortably seating himself, the meticulous mastermind waited for the other arrivals while giving a calm respectful nod in Orpheus' direction, silently acknowledging the man's presence. "This should prove an interesting", he thought, smirking slyly underneath his mask.

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"What? Expecting some else perhaps?" she smirked with a French insinuated hiss. Hands firmly clutching the side trimming of her tailored made white fur collar A Détacher cloak. Her fragrance a mixture of Burberry Body, and poison. Taking a seat while removing her matching gloves the deadly Paper Monkey, also known as Angelique LeBeau, crossed her legs and sighed, "My father sends his best but is sorry to inform you all dat he will be unable to attend. So he has sent me in his stead." Nonchalantly glancing around the room of importantly manufactured Illuminati styled individuals.

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"Welcome fellow members, and miss LeBeau it seems that the final two of our Court will be 'fashionably late'.

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Alezra wasn't quite sure what the man known as Lucifer was or wanted. He had the name but a name can be given, he seamed to have the bravado and memories one might expect but those could be faked. She had a claim to hell and a piece of the warp the hellish domain of space. For the fact was hell was but one domain to the vast domain of chaos. So many religions seemingly right yet wrong as much as she reached to claim there was ever more. And expansion only indicated the retaliation of those not so fortunate, her daughter was one such soul who was pressing for the extinction of Death's child and her family. If she could not put full trust in her daughter could she truly pass a full faith into this individual who presumably once owned that which was now hers. Then there was Impero a puppeteer at heart, Gambler a old friend and leader sent his daughter. A killer Az only knew as a woman to be at war with Cassidy. While it had been so long sense communicating with the redhead that was once sean as the sister to Alezra's husband the late Kaligar Roxom, the doubt and questionability of the LeBeau was present. Then of course was Premonition, they knew eachother that hinted tie alone was enough to make the jade eyed queen of hell hesitant.

Everybody in the room was given respect, she showed know signs of betraying any of them. No evidence was given that she didn't hold some trust and respect in them. It didn't take a genius to know however that she was more then willing to spill the blood of any if they showed sign of betrayal. A silk dress light and firm fitting complemented her build as she took a seat. Her hair cropped short for the day and two long ribbons fashionably hanging from her hair holding up the distinct styling she liked when hair was shoulder length. On her hips were two stylized bolters ornate with gold trim skulls and occult markings. They were ceremonial, not for gunning anyone down…ammunition was still in them of course. "I feel I can come when it is appropriate for my schedule. Not going to apologize for pursuing expansion and maintaining things." The words of the demonic queen soft sweet and perfectly woven like the snakes.

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"Understood. Now we wait for the future queen of Athens, she's probably of somewhere slaying a chimera." Said the man in white with a light hearted tone.

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A tall and fair-skinned woman with straight waist-length black hair and ocean blue eyes entered the court room. She looked ageless and attractive in appearance, sporting a slender yet curvaceous frame with a sizable bust and lean yet well-muscled build. Angeni wore a gleaming gold breastplate, tight, star spangled shorts, bright red boots, silver bracelets around her wrists, red star earrings, a golden diadem with a red star on her forehead, a golden lasso, which hung from her belt, and her sword which hung from the opposite side of her belt. "Forgive me, I was slaying a chimera." Helena glanced over at Lucifer with a smirk.

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"I thought nothing less of your whereabouts." said the man in white to the beautiful yet menacing queen. "Now that we have all arrived we may begin. We should start with our current dilemma's. As I'm aware there seems to be a vessel orbiting earth at the moment with the ability to destroy her. I must ask you if the 'demon's fist' is a threat and if any of you have items you would like to bring to the table that we may resolve please do." Said the slim man, wanting to rid the council of obstacles before moving on with the future.

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Freshly applied unknown applicant, presumably poisonous in nature, was swiftly greeted with a gentle breeze of moisturized scented lip gloss as Angelique disorderly sneered with termagant intent. "Dee Demons whaaaa?" her head subtly shaking back and fourth. "Never heard of it" Purposely ignoring the arrival of the court's later entries, somewhat displeased she had not held out for a later entry.

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In all honesty (a phrase Premonition constantly used but rarely meant) he was quite please to have been the first to arrive. Though he would have also been fine with being fashionably late. There was a certain degree of laissez faire he wanted to convey (and he WAS after all, the hand of fate), and it took a fair amount of work to make that seeming carelessness seem convincing....i.e, being early just because, or being late just because he didn't care. As each member of this...the word 'Court' passed through his mind on some invisible thought current arrived he took note:

Azrael, a woman he had worked with before.....a dangerous woman, but better the devil you know than the one you don't.

An individual he had not encountered, but whose influence was sweeping every circle...his impassive mask graffitied on pillars everywhere, by individuals who long ago slipped through the cracks.

A woman...the daughter of one of the few men Premonition truly feared. He somewhat doubted the apple had fallen far from the tree.

Angeni...not the person he most wanted to 'see' right now. He had met her too recently in his civillian guise, and he wasn't sure how well the misdirection he used to keep his identity secret would work on a goddess....but then again, he had some tricks up his sleeve.

And the one who had brought them all together....

And only now did Premonition break from his laconic state. "A satellite? Is it truly a threat? So much can happen to a satellite ...it can be pelted with space debris, pulled out of orbit, sucked into a freak wormhole, caught in a comet's slipstream..." he smiled, showing too many teeth.

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While an impressive collection of some of the world's most significant individuals, one particular arrival had seemingly seized brief interest from the masked puppeteer. Angelique LeBeau, the deadly daughter of respected rival and reliable ally, Jean Luc. For a moment, enigmatic Impero's magnetic golden eyes glanced in her direction, very briefly but certainly examining her mannerisms before returning his attention to the matter at hand. Lucifer's mention of a possible threat was noted. His distinct deep voice pierced the atmosphere with characteristic composure and effortless charisma and suave, "Please Mr. Lucifer, elaborate on how much of a threat you believe this to be".

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"Actualy before embracing pandemonium from rumors and speculation how bout you let the redhead speak? Sorry to disapoint you but the Devil's Fist is not a threat to us. Ran by Nordok a old alien leader of impresive machine and sorcery he hangs in orbit with so far no serious hostile act. More importantly, he will not target the ones beside him or allied to them. My daughter works for him as dose my lovers good friend Kayle, and lastly Naamah who's like a sister to me. Im not in harms way and as such I can insure your not atleast on some level. For image sake of course some harm would likely come so you dont seam alined with a possibly hostile alien. Please allow my pressence to also shoot down concerns of the Keresh or Symaarians. And slightly quiet fears of TenIn or demons." Aza remarked her ever expanding ways clearly scene. Like any good demon ruler it was hard to see just how far her talons reached.
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"Thank you madam. That settles speculation on a number of things. Now fellow members I want to be assured that there are no obstacles in the way of sweet progress. Please if any of you have any problems that would need the assistance of the court relay them now." Said the gentleman with a light smile confident now that this group of characters could certainly "improve" on humanity.

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The raven-haired goddess sighed and took a seat next to her sister. Helena began stirring some coffee, listening to the members discuss about the Demon's Fist and other threats. "I agree with my sister. Nordok has opened his ship to visitors, in an attempt to learn more about the planet’s inhabitants. I vote that we should only take action if he becomes hostile." She said, taking a sip out of her coffee.

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"Agreed Angeni"

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"Now I have a question for you... Are you educated on the 'Survival of the Fittest' philosophy or Darwinism?" Said the charming man with a smile.

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(since Angeni abdicated her place, should it be filled with a new selection or just work as is?)

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(I'm going to introduce a new member.)

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"Survival of the fittest: Organisms must FIGHT for survival, and only the strongest may live. Darwinism takes the lighter approach, claiming that each organism has its niche." Premonition lolled his head back. "I find Darwinism a little tame personally..." He was well aware that his precognitive and psionic abilities were gifts of evolution. Evolve or die, and those who evolve the fastest will inherit the Earth. This was the story his grandmother would tell him as they gazed at constellations of dying stars, the ground glowing around their feet.

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The meticulously assembled group was asked a simple question by Lucifer. Simply nodding in response to the question, Impero offered no verbal reply, it wasn't truly necessary, however, once the meeting commences the discussion of important topics, then will the enigmatic puppeteer voice his opinions.

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His sense of style was alluring, or perhaps it was simply the reputation that she found appealing, but Angelique's seductive thoughts quickly diminished with a single phone call. "Yes? Father, how are you? I was just sitting here with........" her silence only overshadowed by the look of pure hatred manifesting in her eyes. "Father I can........but.....but he is right here.........very well, no, I understand." hanging up she spoke not a word to the unified council, instead she simply re-wrapped herself in her coat before exiting the room.

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"Yes premonition. Now in order for earth to thrive, it's inhabitants must be strong and able to survive the hardships that all species in this realm endure with time do you agree?" Taking on a more serious tone and ignoring LeBau's departure.

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"Adapt or die its always been that simple." The queen of hell remarked bored of the ground work. She was a demon known for getting things done afterall not sitting idly by. "Humanity isn't my concern if one can not fight they are but insects awaiting a cacoon, or the heel."
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"Then to the point it is. This universe is slowly dying and, the only way it can be saved is to make it strong once again. I plan on putting humanity through a series of trials. Trials that will strengthen it and in turn let them progress to where we may preserve Earth for the strong. The first trial will take place in North America where we will wipe the slate clean and begin a new. If humanity does not concern you think of the realm as a whole, and the realms surrounding it. If we allow our realm to fall and collapse then we will grow weak and fall ourselves."

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'Wipe the slate' of North America? Premonition didn't think so. He was so close to the presidency he could taste it. "I don't think so." The empty chairs around the table began to rattle and shake. "Why don't we start somewhere else...the ancient heart of civilization say? Mesopotamia." Eventually, North America could fall to ruins for all he cared. But it was a critical stepping stone in the greater plan. And nobody would stand in his way.

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"Calm yourself Premonition. The Trial will not interfere with political affairs but there will be damage done, I've made deals with politicians to avoid D.C. and New York."

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The chairs stop shaking, replaced with a sinister silence...the eye of the hurricane, the moment of calm before the snake strikes. "And why" Premonition said sweetly (sweet as nightshade, sweet as arsenic-laced sugar). "Do you think I give a damn about political affairs?" If it came down to it, he could produce any alibi...but it was important, first and foremost, to know what this man, this impetuous man, thought he knew about Premonition.

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Sighing the slim man stood from his chair and fixed an off kilter chair. "Premonition any problems you have with the trials we can work around. The reason that the trial is in America is confidential but we can discuss it privately later on."

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"Fair enough" Premonition feigned indifference, leaning back on his chair.

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"Now what do you think Impero, and Azrael."

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Angelique's departure was unforeseen however, Impero chose not thinking too much of it. It was certainly an interesting proposition, one that was truly deserving of considerable thought, however, given that this was in a way part of his mysterious endgame, the enigmatic Emperor had a prepared answer. "The strengthening of humanity is a goal I share as well. I believe my opinion on this is clear. I will support this... for now".

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"I was all to willing untill you suggested talking to a member in private. I have friends I have resources and I have plans but none of them are secret here. One asks and I would tell I see no reason to solve a matter outside of here best to work together." She knew some of Premo's plans how much and how was not a secret the two planed to reveal however.
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"That seems reasonable Azrael, Premonition how can I base the Trial in America without treading on your plans?"

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Premonition exhaled slowly. This was tricky territory...he had to defend his interests without actually revealing his motives. He had to keep the public's eye without letting them truly see. He had some ideas but..."That is impossible for me to say...you still will not tell me what precisely you have planned." Of course, I could try to take it from your mind, but that would be more than rude. This last bit projected telepathically, diffusing through the room in quiet overlapping psychic echoes.

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Premonition heard an echoe as if bounced off the walls of a cavern... "I hope you'll find such a thing to be impossible, and will not try it friend." Gazing at Premonition the slim now serious and solemn being known as Lucifer revealed his plans for the first and last time before the beginning of the trials. "There is a corporation on earth known as Skynet. Do to my help their research on robotics and AI has excelled. Soon the machines they produce to cause harm will learn of their own existence and become self aware." Leaving out the details the man in a black suit put a clipboard with a contract attached on the table. "I will need you to sign this in order to assure you're secrecy."

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"There's very little that's truly impossible." Highly improbable, approaching the asymptote of impossibility, but never quite touching....and then, when the truly incredible happened, when time and space bent in ways they were never meant to, that then...was impossible. Everything else could be found in the farthest bands of the multiverse, where dark matter encroached upon the fragile bubbles of the quantum foam.

The name Skynet sounded familiar...he believed one of their representatives had visited his office a little while ago, and was thrown out by resident technopath, Klein. He idly wondered how many of his less wary business rivals had accepted similar offers.

"One thing that is impossible" he says, running his fingers down the clipboard. "Is for me to read this contract." He placed it back on the table. The blindfold wasn't for show after all. "I'm afraid I'm no Faust...I insist on knowing what I'm signing up for," he smiles ruefully.

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"It simply states you are not reveal anything I told you here until after the trials are ended, I don't need any evil mastermind monologing"

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@_Lucifer_: "No, you don't understand" It frustrated him to reveal this weakness. "I...cannot...read this." And he refused to sign anything he didn't read. Simple as that.

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"Can you not read? Can you not use your minds eye? I've heard your an exceptional telepath. If it is a language barrier what language would you like it in?" While the light bearer pestered Premonition he passed out contracts to the other members.

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"How about you simply read it or elaborate for the man." Alezra remarked skimming the contract. "Never hurts to verbalize things after all is kind of what we've done so far. Clear thoughts allow clear vision geting things done. Convey misdirection though and all you get is conspirators....and trust me none of us are good to have ploting against another." Of course this was also a queen of hell saying one should trust her.
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"The exact words of the contract, Signifero in pura luce iuro tenebras animae meae quod non revelaret indicio elit. I swear to the light bearer and on the purity or darkness of my own soul that I will not reveal the information given today."

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Sitting back in his chair the prince of heaven watched as the members decided if they were to sign the contract or not. "For everyone who is wondering when this assault will begin I plan on releasing the machines on America in the coming days" (It will be an RP)