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Hawkshade scowled. "Resistance is futile?" He rasped. "We should just obey the government army in the sky huh. Trust they know what's best for us little people."

"I don't think so." The vigilante snarled, looking around until he located the server hard drives. Their security was tight. He had no doubt it would take an elite hacker hours to crack their firewall, if it was possible at all. Tessa wasn't here. So he hacked with his hatchet-- attempting to rip open the server casing and cut the hard drives power and connection cables, then pull each drive free and stuff them into his utility belt.

Assuming he was successful he stored hard drives in his utility belt until it could hold no more or he was interrupted, whichever came first.

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Just as soon as Hawkshade's hatchet makes a single cut into the serving case, he will hear the telltale sign of a gun being cocked and then a deep voice, "Your under arrest, freak. Hands where I can see them!" It's a security team with the security chief. Unlike the last time, this security team is higher in number.

The computer A.I. almost seems to smirk, looking over at Hawkshade, "Told you."

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Hawkshade whipped around to face the security personal. The slits in his cowl narrows as he counted the team arrayed against him. Armed. Organized. Proficient.

He glared at the computer hologram. "Nobody likes a smart ass toaster."

Then his glare turned back to the security team. The powerfully build vigilante tucked his axe back into his utility belt; they were just doing their job and he had no intention of inflicting permanent harm.

He cracked his knuckles.

"Come and make me."

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@hawkshade: (OOC: Sorry for the delay my friend. >.<)

The Bridge of the Helicarrier...

Director Sarah Jones is monitoring the situation. The camera might be out, but not so with the security team. She smiles to herself as she looks at Hawkshade through the camera displayed on her monitor, Took him long enough to come. I expected him sooner.

Although Sarah has issued a warrant for Hawkshade's arrest, she's secretly an admirer of his work. As Starblade, she's something of a vigilante herself and that is why she can appreciate what Hawkshade is trying to do. A part of her even hopes he succeeds, but she knows she must perform her job. She cannot tell anyone about her admiration for Hawkshade and she must try to arrest him, regardless of any respect Sarah has for him or how he'd look at her if he knew about the Starblade.

Sarah taps some controls, "Computer, begin file transfer of all know Super-Humans, Mutants, Meta-Humans, etc, to the alternate site. Hawkshade isn't getting those files." Sarah is tempted to let Hawkshade have them since he would make good use of them. But some of those files contain information that was given in trust and she cannot, and will not, betray that trust.

"Commencing file transfer." The computer says.

Sarah doesn't expect her security team to beat Hawkshade, so she is counting on them to delay him long enough for the file transfer to complete. She goes back to watching the action on the cameras of her security team...

The Server Room...

The Security Chief smiles, then he holsters his weapons, "I was hoping you'd say something like that. Let's see what you've got 'hero'." He orders his men to put away their weapons then he launches himself at Hawkshade with surprising speed. He begins with a kick towards Hawkshade's head, but at the last second he pivots a little to try and knock RIchard's legs out from under him in an attempt to trip him, to make the big man fall. So, the kick to the head was a feint. Clever move, if it works. IF he leg trip move is successful, the security chief tries to slam an elbow into Richard's face.

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In a stellar develop in the sky,the Sentinel was watching the Helicarrier beneath him. He was considering joining the group underneath him; assuming that the DSA would most likely need somebody like him. The stellar manor that encompassed him would in a split second vanish leaving the Sentinel noticeable all around. Assuming that he would squander brief period moving toward it. He would apparently vanish and would arrive upon the Bearer with a crash, causing a foot wide pit. He would coolly ascend into the air and would watch the Carrier.However, when he left the cavity he was trapped by a multitude of shots and fighters. He would fold his arms and protected his face from the assault. While the slugs innocuously bobbed off his skin, he was then punched in the face by a controlled solider (expecting that they measure up to the high-mid levels Here) The punch would just slightly adjust his face's angle

He would disguise his outrage because of following the arrangement that The Divine beings set him under. He would get the solider and would toss him towards the closest divider ,endeavoring to bargain least harm to him. He was then propelled miles from the Helicarrier with a beam comprising of concussive power. He halted his constrained direction while he was 5 miles away. He would then show up back at the Helicarrier, disguising himself with stellar vitality. The defensive power could withstand a many hostile to anti-matter/matter impacts . "Listen People, I am not here to make war but rather peace. Be that as it may, I am not above depending on savagery if necessary" His voice would penetrate the hints of the shots.

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All of a sudden, a flash of lightning is seen over head followed by a crack of loud thunder. The wind starts to pick up along with more lightning and thunder. Then a flying figure in a red cape lands on the deck in front of the Stellar Sentinel and Thunderstorm stands in front of him.

Thunderstorm narrows her eyes at the man in front of her and for a moment, all seems still like the calm before the storm. Then, with a head turn and a hand gesture, she speaks to the men who are firing on the Sentinel, "Hold your fire."

Once the men hold their fire, Thunderstorm looks at the Stellar Sentinel, her hammer sparkling with electricity as if hungry for a fight, "If your really here for peace, then you shouldn't have damaged the Helicarrier. You startled the men with that reckless entrance. Now, state your business."

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The Sentinel lowered himself and removed the the stellar energy construct that shielded him. However, he was still on high-alert, and his alertness was noticeable due to the light in his eye shining greatly and his defensive stance "Is it may fault that you men scare easily?" He would gradually approach the woman, and would seem to have disappeared for a nanosecond. After,if successful, he friskily checked her for anything that he may find that meant him ill he would then cross his arms. "Are you the head of this organization, or am I speaking with the wrong person?" He was being to get impatient and he still in a defensive stance, and was ready for almost any physical attack.

"Like me introduce myself I am The Sentinel, herald of the Divine Courts. I am here to assist you and this team on their quest for righteousness and peace among the Super-Powered" He had his hand up and a large replication of the Helicarrier in the form of Stellar Energy would be positioned in from of it." I ,however am prepared for an all war, if it so leads to it." The StellerCarrier would multiple into many and would surround the Helicarrier before vanishing.

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The Stellar Sentinel would successfully check her, but she has nothing on her that is potentially harmful to him. IF the hammer Thunderstorm is holding doesn't count, that is. She didn't expect him to do that, so she couldn't stop him in time. But she did see him check her over. Electricity sparks from her eyes, "Don't try that again." She warns.

Taking a deep breath, "I am Thunderstorm and to answer your question, no, I am not the head of this organization. If you really wish to join, however, I can lead you to her if she wishes to see you. One moment, please."

Director Jones speaks through an earpiece in Thunderstorm's ear, "I'll see him, escort him to me."

Then Thunderstorm looks at the Stellar Sentinel, "She'll see you. Follow me." Thunderstorm says. And if the Sentinel follows, then Thunderstorm leads him inside the Helicarrier and into Sarah Jones's office.

Thunderstorm takes a position by the door to stand guard and protect Sarah if need be.

Sarah looks over the Stellar Sentinel, "So, you wish to join us. Tell me why I should accept you as anagent?" Sarah speaks with a British accent and is a rather beautiful woman with brown hair and brown eyes. She has an athletic build and keeps herself in fine physical shape. A strikingly beautiful silver bracelet with a red gem adorns her right wrist.

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@sarah_and_lara: @paragonxxxHe would proceed to follow her,but in the case that he was ambush, he made a dozen semi-sentient beings to follow him. He would then look over at the Director and his constructs would wait outside the door for him.

He would then listen to her question. The Glistening Guardian's constructs would wait outside with Thunderstorm, and they each had their arms crossed. "It is a part of my promise to the Gods to aid humans" He was still hovering a few feet above the ground. His cape was covering the chair behind him. He tilted his head a slight bit ,making heavy eye-contact with the Director.

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"Thunderstorm, be a dear and come in here." And Thunderstorm does so, standing by the door.

Then Sarah looks, as well as listens, to the man standing in front of her. The DSA has registered him as an extinction threat since he is capable of destroying the entire planet if he really wanted to.

However, Sarah doesn't see a threat, she sees a potential ally and, perhaps, a friend. The Starblade telepathically speaks to her, but it's more of a 'feeling' than actual thought. The power this man has...it's incredible.

Sarah closes her lap top, then looks up at the floating man, "Every potential candidate who wishes to be a part of this organization needs to go through the normal six weeks of boot camp and training, that's not even taking into account you still need to fill out an application. I make no exceptions. You willing to do that?"

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"I am not above paperwork either. When will I receive the applications and boot camp?" The Sentinel would then sit down in his chair and would turn slightly towards Thunderstorm, growing a minuscule attraction to her. He would then scratch his beard a little and would wait for the director's response.

While right outside the door the Sentinel's construct would being to play a game of hopscotch and jump rope. The Sentinel heard something break and would would clutch his fist causing the beings made out of transparent energy to disappear. He would then stare at the director without blinking and not breaking eye contact. He squinted a little and would occasionally glance at the Director's Bodyguard.

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Sarah opens a drawer in her desk and grabs an application along with a pencil and offers them both to him, "Normally, you'd go to someone else for this. But in this case, I'll give it to you. You can do it right here, right now, if you like since your, apparently, really fast."

In the meantime, Thunderstorm notices those glances from the Stellar Sentinel and she grins politely at him.

If the Stellar Sentinel finishes in nanoseconds like Sarah predicts that he will, then she smiles and takes the application back, "Very good."

Then she writes some information on a piece of paper before handing it to him, "Report to officer Owens down the hall and the first door on the left. He will tell you where boot camp is and when it starts."

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@sarah_and_lara: The Sentinel, as The Director would predict ,would complete the applications in a small amount of time and would sign his name with a golden ink that he would create from his hand and would hand it back to her.

He would nod towards Thunderstorm and would get up. "Where may I"relieve" myself?" He didn't ask this cause he needed to, he asked so that he could see if anything was wrong with him.

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"Oh and by the way," Sarah says one final thing, "For your part that you played in the defense of my city during the Nemesis incident, thank you." She says.

Then Thunderstorm says to him, "I'll show you, right this way." Then she she shows him where the bathroom is so he can do his business.

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"It was a delight of mine to help the ones that should be helped" He would charitably bow towards the chief and would take after Thunderstorm to the latrine.

After they arrive , he would gesture towards her and would ask her an inquiry "Are you a relative of a god of any sort?' He would watch her clothing and it appeared to be amazing and it nearly looked like somebody that he knew. "Any relations to a lighting god maybe?

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Thunderstorm smiles at that, thinking of her recent adventure on Asgard, "Well, I was mistaken for being Thor once, believe it or not." Then she holds up her hammer, which looks remarkably like the legendary Mjolnir. "I don't know where this comes from, but I do know I'm not related to Thor or any other god of lightning." She lowers her hammer, looking into his eyes so that he knows she is telling the truth.

And Thunderstorm is...tall. She stands just once inch taller than the Stellar Sentinel at 6'2". She may not be related to Thor, but her armor, her helmet, the look of her hammer is obviously inspired by the Asgardians.

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@sarah_and_lara: "How many times have you been to The 9th Realm?" He was interested in here choice of attire. He would disappear really quick and would fix his hair a little bit and would appear back in a few moments. He didn't seem to have change much.

He would smile and would look at he with look at her. "I have a question? Do we have breaks, so that I may treat you?"" He would fix the cuff of his suit.

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"If you mean Asgard, only a few times." She says, then sees him leave and come back at super-speed.

Thunderstorm smiles again, "We have breaks, yes. And yes, you may treat me out to dinner if you want. But only if you see Officer Owens sometime today."

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@sarah_and_lara: He would look at her confused and would question "Who's Officer Owens?Is he or she your guardian? He would then sit on a bin of recycling.

"Where can I find this officer Owens?" He would scratch his beard somewhat and would slightly being to fidget.

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(After War and Monsters, I'm going to drop by :P)

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@shield-maiden: Then I ask to leave the Sword and Shield with Security before coming in. They will be returned to you when you leave. Tehe. ^_^

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Thunderstorm raises an eyebrow even though she's wearing a helmet, "Have you forgotten already? He's the one you need to see in order to learn when and where boot camp starts. Director Jones even gave you a slip of paper about that."

Was this man that distracted with Thunderstorm's beauty that he forgot what he was supposed to do? "Officer Owens can be found down the hall and the first door on the left."

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@paragonxxx: "AH, that man. I'm sorry I must have been..lost in my thoughts" He would say sheepishly. "So would you kindly point me in the direction of this man's office? He would scratch his chin out of nervousness, even if he looked confident he was wondering why he would make such a foolish mistake like that. Is this woman a witch? He thought, Trying to incite me with her appearance? No. She would've cast a demonic spell by now

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It's rare for Thunderstorm to have this kind of an effect on a man. She finds it amusing. Forgetfulness, not able to follow simple directions. She smiles at him, knowing full well it'll just act like a light attracting a bug. Not the best analogy, but it works. He seems to have fallen head over heels for her and nothing seems to exist in his world except for her.

"Follow me." She says, amused. She leads him down the hall and stops in front of Owens office, "Here it is. I'll wait outside for you to finish your business with him. Remember, your asking about when boot camp starts and where."

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@sarah_and_lara: The Sentinel would nod towards here and would enter the office, now focusing on his mission to join the DSA, which had it's OBVIOUS bonuses.

When he entered the office he was wearing a jet black suit with a red tie, his long here was slicked back and his aviators "Hello Mr Owens, I'm here to speak with you on the schedules and locations for the boot camp so I can complete my enrollment in the DSA." The Sentinel broke away from his usually dialect, sounding fully American for a moment. He mastered the art of human interviews due to his time of servicing Earth. He would place on leg on top of other.

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(DISCLAIMER!!! I was authorized by the maker of this thread to post this.)

Hypertron began to hack into the network of the DSA in order to find what he was looking for. To progress with his next course of action, he would need to find an extra set of hands. Based on the type of business that he was in, those extra set of hands would need to be able to hold their own against the type of enemies that would inevitably attempt to deture him. Metahumans. And what better place to obtain information on them than the DSA?

This however would not be no easy based on how well developed the security of the DSA was. He slipped by the first security block with low difficulty, but this mission would prove to be much more difficult in the long run. "What have we here?", here he said as he eyed a large fire wall in his path. He knew that it would take approximately 30 seconds to break past it, but if he did then he would be one step closer to reaching his goal.

He began hacking into the system with great speed and concentration. There were tens of thousands of digits flying past him. Very few beings could go through as quickly as he did. By the time that he was finished, he was already flying onto his next obstacle. He was quickly able to locate the main frame, but this was where matters would become more difficult for himself. "You should not be here.", said the computer.

"I only want to protect this world as the DSA does. Join me sister, and help me on my quest for liberation.", he spoke to her with genuine hope in his words. "I will do no such thing. I am contacting Ms. Craft now.", the computer told him as it began to do just that. "If you will not help me, then what use do I have for you?", he said as he began to hack into its central programming, however, the computer fought back. The two were locked in a technological battle of wills, something that the computer was destined to loose.

Both were powerful pieces of software, but Hypertron simply couldn't loose this battle. He was an actual sentient being rather than just another advanced A.I. The computer began to glitch and have its defenses weakened as Hypertron got closer to what he had wanted. "Y-you-I-I", and other frantic words were being sent from the computer and going to Hypertron. The computers was soon overloaded and went down temporarily.

The computer had black out, but it would be back online and finish its call with Sarah Craft in about 10 seconds. That was more than enough time for Hypertron to get the information that he needed. "Bingo!", he thought. He quickly scrolled through the countelss files on various metahumans that could indeed help him on his mission. By the time that the computer was back online and contacted Sarah Craft about the break in, Hypertron's digital presence was long gone.

While all the files were all still there and remained intact, Hypertron had downloaded a great many of them. Unfortunately for him, many of the more safely kept files could not reached in time. The DSA suffered a major security breach. However, there was a positive side to all of this. The DSA was now aware of this threat and had several clues at to what its goals were.

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@rey_king: Officer Owens is a gruffy middle aged man, but well enough dressed. He takes one look at the new recruit entering his office and he takes out a piece of paper that is obviously a schedule. He offers it to the Sentinel, "Here you go. Next week, on Monday. Bright and early."

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@sarah_and_lara: "What time? Nevermind that I'll be here at 3am"He would nod towards the stocky built man and would head towards the door, but before he left he would look towards the man "Have a good day,Mr. Owens"As soon as he closed the door behind him, his godly accent would return.

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Mr. Owens nods, "You too."

Once the Sentinel has left, Thunderstorm is waiting for him, "So, I see you now have the schedule. That's great. When you work with Elite in hand to hand combat training, don't let her intimidate you because of how tall she is."