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The Shield of the DSA
The Shield of the DSA

The CVnU Version of the DSA: The Department of Super-Human Affairs (DSA) is a U.S. government Police keeping force which investigates and processes meta-human activities, including crimes committed by them. This also includes aliens, magic users, mutants, super-humans, powerful cyborgs and anyone else with extraordinary abilities. The DSA is not like the FBI or CIA, which has operations and headquarters all over the world. The Department of Super-Human Affairs is a branch of the normal Law Enforcement within Metro City and is limited only to that location. The DSA reports to the US Secretary of Meta-Human Affairs, which is Monica Waller who reports directly to the President of the United States.

The DSA also runs various facilities designed to house, train and study anyone with extraordinary powers & abilities. Those found to be too dangerous, or are active criminals, are locked up in prison cells at Stryker’s Island Penitentiary that are specifically designed to keep them de-powered and away from society at large. However, those with extraordinary abilities who show an attitude of helping others are offered to work for the DSA. If the offer is not accepted, they are allowed to re-join society, but are carefully monitored for the rest of their lives just in case they decide to commit criminal acts.

The CVU version of the DSA: The DSA that exists in the CVU is, for the most part, the same as it is in the CVnU but with a few key differences. The organization was once called the Meta-Human Affairs Department and was led by former US President Anthony Stark. Unfortunately, not many Americans liked Stark's run as President and found some of his decisions controversial. This led to the Department gaining something of a bad reputation. So, in order to distance themselves from that, the name of the organization was changed to the Department of Super-Human Affairs with a new Director to take Stark's place. As the DSA's new Director, Monica Waller reports directly to Quietus (Julius Jones) the Secretary of Defense.

The Director (CVnU)

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Sarah Jones AKA Starblade is a former New York Police Detective that has in her possession a powerful artifact that gives her incredible powers that she uses to fight crime. It is currently unknown why exactly she accepted the job as Director of the DSA but it is suspected by some that Monica Waller may have blackmailed her. If this is true, it is yet to be revealed what exactly Waller has on Sarah that would force her to be the Director of the DSA. Whatever it might be, Ms. Jones takes her job as the Director very seriously.

The Director (CVU)

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Not only is Monica Waller the US Secretary of Meta-Human Affairs, she’s also the Director of the DSA. Although she lacks superpowers herself, Waller is a ruthless, high-ranking government official who uses guile, political connections and sheer intimidation to achieve her goals, often in the name of national security. There is very little Monica will not stoop to in order to achieve her goals if it means saving lives in the process. She may be tough as nails and possess a questionable moral character at times, but she does try and do the right thing in the end. However, more often than not, it’s the ends that justify the means.

Organizational Structure & Procedure

Over the decades, the DSA evolved into a ranking structure that is still in use to this day. Cadet is the lowest rank, which belongs to anyone currently undergoing training to be an Agent of the DSA. Once a Cadet completes their training, they achieve the rank of Ensign. Other ranks include: Specialist, Corporal, Sergeant, Technician, Administrator, Lieutenant, Lt. Commander, Commander, Captain and Inspector.

A Specialist is usually those with special powers and abilities that are particularly good at a specific job (i.e. A Mutant with the power to turn invisible would be a Specialist in Stealth, for example). Technicians are usually those with either the smarts or the powers to understand, invent, repair, build and/or work with cutting edge technology. These can also include scientists of nearly every variety. An Administrator is usually an individual with extraordinary powers and abilities who are the leaders of Specialists and Technicians. The other ranks usually go to the human agents who do not possess any powers & abilities, but can be held by those who have powers.

About 35% of the DSA’s field agents are normal humans with the remaining 65% possessing some form of extraordinary power that the DSA finds useful. Usually each Agent is given a partner to work with, but this is not always the case. Sometimes, a human is partnered up with someone with extraordinary powers and abilities, other times it is two humans working together or even two super powered individuals who happen to be partners.

The DSA has two special units that are called it’s Psi-Division and Magic Division, composed of telepathic agents and magic users who deal with like menaces. The DSA also obtains help from independent heroes when their special abilities are needed, if at all possible. It has also accepted some Super-Heroes as members, but not in a separate unit.

The DSA’s usual procedure when dealing with super powered menaces are similar to those of local law enforcement, the FBI or even the CIA.

The DSA Helicarrier and main headquarters of the organization
The DSA Helicarrier and main headquarters of the organization

Although the DSA has an office building in downtown Metro City, it’s main headquarters is the Helicarrier, a massive flying aircraft carrier kept airborne at all times and, among other things, containing a squadron of jet fighters and housing several intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBM). Hawke Industries is responsible for the Helicarrier's construction and was offered to the DSA to help the Police keeping force in their fight against super powered criminals.

A human security agent in power armor
A human security agent in power armor

In addition, the DSA maintains strong ties to the Super-Hero community that exists in Metro City. The DSA often calls upon that community for aid on particular missions.

The DSA has a hierarchy of security clearance levels used either in place of, or alongside, the previously described rank structure. The security-clearance hierarchy operates on a scale ranging from "Level One", the lowest, to "Level Ten", described by Sarah Jones/Monica Waller, the current director, as the highest security clearance anyone of any government can have. Jones and/or Waller’s own clearance is Level Eight.

The security of the DSA equals that of the best government agencies of the world, such as the FBI, CIA and NSA. This includes computer encrypted files, firewall strength and security counter measures against cyber attacks and hacking. Security personal usually includes anyone with some measure of super-human strength and durability, but also others with extraordinary powers and abilities, as well as normal humans wearing some form of power armor. The level of training these people receive equal the skill of 3rd degree black belts in Kung Fu.

The power armor that the human agents of the DSA use are equal in power level to mid-tier super-heroes with a heads up display, several on board weapon systems designed to detain various different types of meta-humans, a jet pack for flight (with a top speed of 700 mph) and an ejection system in case the human operator needs to abandon his armor for any reason. Considering these suits of power armor cost 2.5 million a piece, there are only two dozen or so in operation at any given time as they are expensive to replace and repair. Hawke Industries helps provide the power armor the DSA needs to fight super-human crime.

Organizational Structure & Procedure (CVU)

In the CVU, the organizational structure & procedure of the DSA remains mostly the same, but with a few key differences.

  • The DSA's encryption protocols, firewalls and any attempts to hack into it's systems are comparable to the FBI or CIA.
  • Because of the rise in Super powered threats, the DSA has grown a little larger because of a bigger budget.
  • SharrCorp, not Hawke Industries, is responsible for providing the Helicarrier as well the power armor to the DSA to use.

Equipment, Transportation & Weapons

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The DSA pretty much uses any high tech, military grade, technology, especially if it’s bleeding edge tech. If it’s one thing the DSA loves, it’s inventing and using all forms of technology that is a step ahead of everyone else. So, when it comes to equipment, transportation and weapons they have nothing short than the very best.

The DSA's science division is responsible for inventing and building bleeding edge tech that is, preferably, a step ahead of everyone else. It's R&D is the absolute top of the line with the very best scientists and researchers in the field. The DSA is even using super powered individuals who have enhanced intelligence to help invent fantastic technology that is way ahead of it's time. All of it with one goal: to help the DSA fight super powered threats and be ready for any situation.

Prominent Members (CVnU)


Elizabeth Danger

Mia Rondstrum



The Stellar Sentinel


Prominent Members (CVU)


If you want to be added as a member and/or join the DSA, all you have to do is ask.


1. The DSA operates ONLY in Metro City, but if you wish to have a branch of the DSA to operate in a different city, along with it’s own Director, then go ahead and do so. All that I ask in return is that you maintain them as the good guys as that is what I designed this organization to be. If you wish them to be somewhat shady, that’s okay. Just so long as they are mostly on the side of good. Please note that since Monica Waller is the US Secretary of Meta-Human Affairs, that means she's the boss of any other Director in other cities because she answers directly to the US President.

2. Please be respectful of others, as well as the normal forum rules. This includes the normal CVnU and the CVU rules.

3. Destroying the main office in Metro City is permissible. All I ask is you sell the security there appropriately because they won’t be a cakewalk to go beat them. However, destroying the Helicarrier is strictly off limits. Causing minor damage is fine, but anything more requires my permission. This includes bringing it down and causing it to crash.

4. Hacking into the DSA computer network for any reason requires my permission. Especially if your intent is to steal files that are about beings with extraordinary powers and abilities, as well as their weaknesses.

5. Unlike Sarah Jones, Monica Waller is an NPC. However, she is my NPC and only I can control her. I’d appreciate it that you treat her as if she were an actual character of mine instead of an NPC. That means, no controlling her, no calling damage to her, no godmoding, no metagaming, etc. And if you wish to kill her, please ask me for permission first because I have plans for this NPC and I want to go places with her in both universes. If you wish to NPC her for any reason, please me for permission first.

6. Please no hostile, or friendly, take overs. If you wish for your character to remove Sarah Jones/Monica Waller as the Director of the DSA in Metro City, please ask me permission first.

7. Please, have fun and if you wish to create an agent then by all means, create one. ^_^

NOTE: -I realized that the DSA looks too much like S.H.I.E.L.D. and the organization (NOT a team) didn't fit into my vision of what I wanted it to be. It's a POLICE keeping force that fights those with Powers & Abilities. It does the job of what regular law enforcement officers do with humans, but does so against anyone who has super powers. Plus, it made the DSA, and me, look bad when I don't have them responding to threats such as the recent events in Valor City and other such things when someone's villain character holds a city hostage. By restricting the DSA only to Metro City, I don't have to respond to any of that because it's not my vision for this organization, it never was. So, I decided to correct my mistake. I re-worked the DSA's rules and edited it's description to match my vision. The DSA can still operate in other cities if someone wishes to have the DSA in their city, but that person will have to accept the responsibility of that branch of the DSA, and lead it, in that particular city. And no, you don't need my permission to do this. Feel free to do it without any input from me. But I would appreciate a heads up so I can add that info the main DSA page.

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(Wow, Just Wow)

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Could be fun.

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@paragonxxx: I've a concept of a character that I've always wanted to make it be part of a meta human law enforcement organisation, it don't have any alt yet though, could be fun to use this guy here. :)

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@lowlaville: He's more than welcome. He have a name yet? Aside from Hercules, of course. Ha ha. ~_^

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@lowlaville: He's more than welcome. He have a name yet? Aside from Hercules, of course. Ha ha. ~_^

Nope, he don't have a name yet, just this one blog. ^^

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Keira brings news to Jacob that she has spoken to Ms. Waller, her boss, and that Monica is very interested in Jacob's offer. She takes him to the massive Helicarrier that is constantly hovering 1,000 feet above the city. She gets out of the aircar that she used to get here and takes him to Waller's office after going through, and passing, multiple security checkpoints.

Outside of Waller's office, Keira stops and lowers her voice as she looks Jacob in the eye, "Here are some tips when dealing with Waller. She wishes to be addressed as either Director Waller or simply Director. Never call her Monica or Ms. Waller. And don't offer your hand to her either, she won't take it. She wants to see just you, so I can't go in there. I'll wait here and let you conduct your business. And one more thing. Please don't give her an excuse to lock you up in a prison cell. She's not a very nice woman, which is why I'm giving you some tips on how to deal with her. As your people say in this world, good luck and shake a leg." She smiles and gives him a brief kiss on his lips.

If Jacob walks into her office, it is very clean and tidy. She is sitting behind her desk as she looks over at him, "Mr. Chase, have a seat."

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@paragonxxx: Jacob sits, his soldierly mentality on full display, hands clasped respectfully, posture straight as an arrow.

"Director, I've come to you with both civilian and federal propositions.

I want the DSA and Chase Conglomerates to become contractual business partners in an even greater capacity than they are already operating at, and as an off the books gesture, I'd be willing to personally do some wetwork for you.

Surely you must know those missions are a part of my history, and though my outlook has broadened with time, I still see the need to cross lines if lives are saved and justice ultimately prevails.

We mustn't rest on our laurels, the world is getting faster and faster, and if we don't adapt to and overcome threats, for all the good heroes are doing, the chaos will keep escalating.

MegaJustice, Reynard, the list goes on and on, some may say it's paranoia, but I say we have to be prepared.

I was very close with your predecessor before you took office and I would like to see that a professional relationship is established between us, in the name of securing this nation.

Whether it is contracts funneled to my company during business hours or projects between us behind closed doors, we could work well together.

I know you have plenty of ideas, most likely written down in a blacklist of some sort, don't we all have ulterior motives?"

If I wanted to, I could expose everything you've built and send it all come tumbling down, but I won't, if I can be assured you won't betray me.

I may be a family man now, but that doesn't mean I've gotten soft.

Do we have a deal?"

After she answered, he waited for her to show him the skeletons in the closet of the DSA, and the plans she had cooking.

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woah, great detail and world building

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Awesome work!

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Monica looks at him grimly, narrowing her eyes and folding her hands on the desk as she looks at him straight in the eye, "I'm going to pretend you didn't just make an implied threat because I know for a fact that isn't a fight you can win."

Monica remains in control, however, "Understand this, Mr. Chase, I, or the DSA, will never betray those we work with unless we are given a very good reason to. Betraying one another benefits no one, so you can be assured you won't have that happen to you."

Then she tells him what he wants to hear, "As for a partnership between us, I think we can come to an arrangement. But know that we aren't going to share every dirty little secret with you upon our first meeting, you have to earn that level of clearance. I propose a series of joint operations, tests if you will, to see how well we can work together. And then we can talk more about dirty little secrets, blacklists and what I'm working on. So, if you can agree with that, then we do have a deal. If not, you know where the door is."

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@paragonxxx: "Very well, Waller.

By all means, I'll submit to your tests, there is no obstacle that will stand in my way in order to protect and serve, it must be the officer in me.

Pardon my getting hot under the collar, I just wanted to make clear the passion I have towards achieving our mutually aligning goals.

As a powerful figure yourself, you too must know the importance of establishing authority and dominance in a situation, I didn't mean to ruffle your feathers.

Just as I won't underestimate you and will treat you as an equal, I expect you to do the same for me.

Based on my research of you, I've found that I share your enthusiasm for leadership and taking a more proactive approach.

Let's commence with your tests, and then we can do what needs to be done, no matter the objective."

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When he calls her Waller, she corrects him, "It's Director Waller to you." Keira did warn him to call her Director Waller or simply Director.

No Caption Provided

Then she studies him for a moment, then opens a drawer in her desk, pulling out a file and offering it to him. If he opens it, he will see a file with a picture included. It's of a woman whose mutation has given her an animal-like appearance, much like a Cheetah. Her powers are vast, making her more than a match for Paragon herself.

"Her name is Barbara Pierce, a mutant. She's taken no code name. She's one of Paragon's enemies and every bit her match. She's to be considered armed and extremely dangerous, especially with the latest intel that was delivered to me just this morning. Apparently, she's figured out a way to share her power with others, creating more like her, but not nearly as powerful as herself. You are to enlist Paragon's aid in the capture of Ms. Pierce and any of her transformed followers so we can reverse the transformation. They were, according to my intel, forced to transform into her followers. And if you can find out how she transforms people into a beast like her, that would be valuable intel. Her last known location was in the jungles of the Amazon."

Monica sits back in her chair, looking at him if he decides to look over the file, "Any questions?"

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@paragonxxx: Jacob peruses the file, committing it to memory, with Paragon's help, he wouldn't fail.

"No, ma'am.

You can be sure we'll have Barbara and her acolytes in custody, and any intel delivered to you."

Once he is deposited in the drop zone, Jacob clicked a button on his suit, the modified golden age tunic of his grandfather's he previously wore shifted out of the liquid of his suit, and using a teleportation pad on the dropship he sent it back to The Precinct's trophy room for cleaning and storage in a glass case.

It was good to respect the past, but now it was time to embrace the future.

The DSA had sent him a schematic of something next-gen they had been working on, and Jacob inputted the coding into his liquid mainframe, it really reflected just what the government could do.

It was time to collar their prey.

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@paragonxxx: @nightwarden17:

Aaron Kenway was getting some much needed rest after a very busy night of crime fighting and city patrolling. After hours of sleep, he wakes up and haves his breakfast.

After eating, he goes on to perform his daily training exercises in the specialized training precinct of his mansion. After some hours of physical workout, archery practice and martial arts exercises, he goes on to take a good shower.

He dresses up in some casual clothes and makes his way to the Quiver, his headquarters and official base of operations which could be accessed by a underground tunnel from Kenway Manor to a hidden secretive facility underneath Llandover Woods. He uses a high-speed vehicle which transports him from his mansion to the Quiver almost instantly. When he arrives, his computer's interactive artificial consciousnes ( created by Harry Ashworth) named Viothos warns him that one of his jets send distress signal to the computer.

The jet was being borrowed to his former partner and love interest Ivy Kingsley. He managed to find out of where that the distress signal was send. The location was revealed to be the Amazon Jungles, where coincidentally, one mutated animal-like woman was rampaging and creating her own personal army.

Without further ado, Aaron geared up and made his way to the Brazilian forest.

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@nightwarden17: @the_last_archer:

No Caption Provided

Keira changes into Paragon when no one is looking, then flies over to the Amazon rain forest on her own, meeting up with Jacob. But her enhanced senses pick up another party and that is the Last Archer. She has heard of this man, who normally operates in Seattle, WA. Question is, what is he doing here?

Paragon opens a communications channel to Jacob, "The Last Archer is here, let us see what brings him to the jungle."

She flies to his jet, using her comm system to try and contact the Last Archer, if she succeeds or he allows then she introduces herself, "Hello, my name is Paragon. May I ask what you are doing here, friend?"

Ever polite to a fault, Paragon truly does wonder what the Last Archer is doing here. Perhaps he has a personal stake in this.

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@nightwarden17: @paragonxxx:

After having landed his plane, Aaron exits his aircraft and goes to the direction of the crashed jet that was being used by his 'friend'. The distress signal was sent right after the jet crashed and it had been some hours since it crashed, so Kenway had to be fast and careful, as danger lies in every corner of the Amazon Jungle.

As the Last Archer was making his way through the trees and bushes in the wilderness, he is warned by Viothos through his HUD on the thermal googles and the comms, that someone is trying to contact his own frequency. He allows as it could be Ivy trying to make contact. After accepting the incoming transmission and having heard the message of the one known as Paragon, he responds to her question.

"Oh, wait. Paragon? I heard about you. Your that super-heroine that disappeared for 10 years; from Metro City, right? I'm honored to be talking to you. Well Paragon, i am looking for a friend of mine who is either lost on this godforsaken place, dead by the plane crash or kidnapped by that mutate beast seen around this parts. In short, i want to find my friend and if you could help me, it would be easier to find her. What do you say?"

Last Archer waits for her response.

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No Caption Provided

If there's something that I've learned through all my years of living, its that if you didn't adapt, you'd eventually be cast away and forgotten. Now the muscles on my body and how buff I look are not things I can control. I have the strength of a barbarian, and they are right in calling me one too, and I don't mind they call me that. I'm way too big to fit into one of their "modern" DSA suits anyway. Who needs them suits anyway, when you are me? The teeth of a the Guardian of Hell, Cerberus, now those were fangs that could grind into the toughest of known metals, Adamentium, but yeah, my divinity was strong enough to ignore the bite of Cerberus during one of the so called 'Labors of Herculese'. That's not my name, I don't really know what my given name is, but one of those nicknames is "Herculese". I rather call myself Atticus. It's a name I gave myself 300 years ago.

I'm not the only "special" being alive in the world. Having a clearance level of 1, that of one of the lowest of Grunts among the security of DSA allows me to know at least this much. Now, many people would like to believe that I, Atticus am stuck at the bottom of the food chain because I'm a simple Barbarian. Eh. Let them believe whatever they want. I'm only in it because I can lawfully vent my anger against agressors and not get into trouble for it. Though there are times, a lot of times when I get called into an office by the higher ups because my conduct is "unethical" or a "danger to society". I just shrug. You can't expect me to be able to control this level of strength anyway. I can mold adamantium like jelly within the palm of these fists. The immensity of my size, the 7'3" stature is not a joke, in case you are wondering.

I don't like bragging, no, I speak that which is merely and only the truth. Just one week ago, I dealt with a Giant Rhino, something called a "Kaiju", that is usually the job of the Kaiju Killer, the Giantess Kaija. However recently, it has come to knowledge that she was involved in the incident of Fukuoka, the news was all over DSA network. However the UN and affiliates were giving her pass, she was simply an extremely valuable individual to be disposed of, so they simply gave her a "collar" that stopped her from using her powers. WHile its not my job to deal with a Kaiju, if one of those things decided to attack a town in my presence, well, you can't simply expect me to do nothing about it. I took out my Axe, and RAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWRRRRRRR! I chopped its head of, the 100 meter tall beast. Brought me to the olden days when I used to feast on these monstrosities. Before cleaners could arrive to dispose of it, I chopped away a few kilograms of its meat, munching into it. Raw, uncooked meat, especially one fresh from a kill had a taste that you can never get from a dead, frozen or cooked meat.

OOC: Is only an intro post -- I hope you like it. If not I can remove it. :)

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@nightwarden17: @the_last_archer:

No Caption Provided

Ah, so he is here as she suspected. That makes sense, so she responds, "A pleasure to meet you as well, I would be happy to work with you. My partner on this mission is here as well, who calls himself Night Warden, you may have heard of him."

Paragon listens to the sounds of the jungle all around them and they are surrounded on all sides by those Cheetah humanoid things. One of them peeks out from behind a tree, scratching it with her claws and making a low growl.

"You two handle the weaker ones, I have the main threat. Barbara is too much for you both, so let me handle her." She flies away, to where is anyone's guess.

The Last Archer and Night Warden are now under sudden attack by the Cheetah Humanoids. There are several of them and are fast and strong, but not impossible to deal with.

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@paragonxxx: @the_last_archer:

As the claws coming towards them race along the ground and the cat-people pounce from all angles, Night Warden's detection systems replicate their speed and might, flooring them with pummeling blows and accelerated hammerings and counters.

Their toughened hides take the hits but are downed, and Night Warden calls in the DSA to extract the victims he incapacitated, so that they can be questioned and released.

"Director, I have a quadrant of civilians prepped and ready for evac, I'm now moving with the bowman to intercept our main target with Paragon."

Night Warden then turns to his emerald ally,"I'm familiar with your work in Seattle, it's effective and widely felt across your city, but you still have much to learn.

You're young, but I can teach you."

They are besieged by another cadre of predators, and Night Warden tells the archer, "Subdue them, from there we can restore them."

If The Last Archer teams with Night Warden, they make short work of the brutes, leaving them to be picked up, and Night Warden races off to find Paragon, beckoning The Last Archer to follow.

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@nightwarden17: @paragonxxx:

As the mutated civilians start to attack them both, the Last Archer quickly pulls 3 arrows out of his quiver and fires them against the cat-people. The three arrows fired were impact arrows and although they are non-lethal, they can cause extreme pain and discomfort depending on the arrow's power magnitude.

After grounding three of the mutates, he stats dispatching arrows in rapid fire succession, hitting Pierce's minions and knocking them out using speed and precison in his shots.

When he was about to pull another arrow out of his quiver, one of the beasts managed to sneak attack him, knocking the bow out of his hands and grounding him as well. After being knocked to the ground, with his bow out of his reach, he got up and prepared himself to engage in hand to hand combat, setting his guard up.

The animalistic being charged towards Kenway, who used his superb skill and maneuverability to evade the lethal attacks of the beast. He dodged a quick slash of the animal and replicated with a uppercut, a jab and left hook. He then finishes with a spinning sweep kick. When he was getting up, other cat-man tried to sneak attack him as well but this time Aaron was quick to evade and counter with a Judomove called Tomoe Nave, grounding his attacker When two more beasts come charging at him, he rolls out of the way and recovers his bow, utilizing it to shoot a bola arrow to both of the felines which tied them to each other, making them headbutt hard against one another subsequently knocking them out.

After the battle, he exchanges words with one of his greatest idols, the Night Warden himself.

"Well, thank you, sir. It's a honor to be recognized by the best. I don't say this often, but you were my inspiration when i decided to become Seattle's vigilante. Well, you and Harry Ashworth actually. But anyways, i accept your offer. It wouldn't hurt to be more prepared, right?"

After their brief conversation, they are besieged by another cadre of predators and Night Warden tells the Kenway to subdue the foes.

Kenway simply replies, " I got this." In a matter of seconds, the Last Archer pulls another arrow out of his quiver and shoots at the adversaries. The calcifying foam arrow activates at impact and quickly traps the villainous beasts in their places, imoblizing them all.

He then goes along with Night Warden to help Paragon.

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@nightwarden17: @the_last_archer:

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Paragon locates a temple that looks like it hasn't been used in a long time, centuries perhaps. However, there are signs of recent activity in and around it so that must be where Barbara is. It makes sense in a way, but Keira doesn't wish to dwell on the implications of it. She hears a growl, movement in the brush and turns to her left with fists clenching. A wild roar cracks the air as Barbara lunges at her with surprising speed and ferocity. A claw swipe draws blood and a surprise gasp escapes Paragon's lips. The two combatants battle it out, each giving as good as they get. Trees are toppled, a small portion of the jungle destroyed.

Paragon is just barely keeping up with Barbara's strength and speed as the two titans battle it out. It is Keira's powers and martial arts against the wild ferocity and speed of someone who is more animal than woman. Paragon tries to reason with Barbara, trying her level best to talk her down but the other woman refuses to listen either because she doesn't want to or she is unable to.

Upon the arrival of Night Warden and the Last Archer, Barbara flees into the temple and Paragon falls to one knee as she takes that time to catch her breath, letting her numerous cuts to close up and heal.

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@paragonxxx: @the_last_archer:

Night Warden checked to see if Paragon was alright, and seeing that her wounds were sealed, he scanned the temple, finding just one heat signature inside, Barbara's, but knew that there were traps in their vicinity.

Night Warden was blunt on this occasion, uttering just a phrase,"Let's end this."

Night Warden would then venture into the temple, deftly avoiding hazards in his way.

If the trio had to fight Barbara, Night Warden, though he was no longer The Sage, still had some occult tools up his sleeves to turn the tables.

The hunter would become the hunted.

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@paragonxxx: @nightwarden17:

"Aaron!!!!" A woman's voice calls the Last Archer from behind, yelling in agony and desperation. The woman was running from a bunch of human felines, the same mutates that Kenway and Night Warden had faced previously before coming to meet Paragon.

Quickly realizing it was Ivy Kingsley, his friend and former partner, he draws his bow and starts shooting at his enemies in a rapid fire motion, hitting them with impact arrows. After having knocked out the mutated minons, he ordered a Ivy to follow him and to be careful as Aaron went inside the temple were he would help Paragon and Night Warden against Barbara Pierce.

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@paragonxxx: Was wondering if this character could retroactively be a member? Like going on...6 years IC years?

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@lucian_lebeau: Sounds good to me! I'll add your name to the list of agents. ^_^

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I'll add your name to the list of agents. ^_^

Much appreciated :)
Much appreciated :)

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@lucian_lebeau: Your welcome. Please let me know if you want to RP and I'll have Lucian meet one of his fellow agents or the Director. ^_^

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@paragonxxx: I'm going to Mexico City to investigate a slaughter. I'd welcome a follow agent to come along.

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Now what would it take to get a sweet set of that power armor :3

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@rosso: Love the new Avatar. ^_^


1. Become an Agent, then you can pilot one.

2. Steal it, but the DSA will be after you for the rest of your life.

3. Meet Paragon and ask her as politely as you can and she might make you one. ^_^

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@paragonxxx: Thank you. ^_^ Love the new presence. [That is to say, welcome back!]

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Probably already mentioned this somewhere but I rather like the idea of this, might have to see if I can get cvnu Mia involved, or possibly a character I might be making, because technically the Rondstrums are mostly in Europe.

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*hanging on the edge of the helicarrier*
*hanging on the edge of the helicarrier*

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@rondstrum: You'd be more than welcome to join my friend. ^_^

@rosso:Your most welcome and thank you! ^_^

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Oooooooohhhh Miss Paraaaagoooon! I gotta proposition for ya! Not one, not five, not even three, but two resumes! You see, bills are piling up and the Thin Mints fund is getting low.

So I was wondering if @_drake and I could have jobs here? Preferably with benefits and a window seat...

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@warspool: I still think you should have gone after that marketing degree.

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In a fast-paced work environment dominated by Phil Swift, I don't think I would have made it anyway.

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@warspool: Drake's fine if he wishes to join, but I'm sorry the DSA is not in the habit of letting assassins in the organization because they tend to apprehend them and lock them up where possible.

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