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The Gods of Creation and Destruction

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In the beginning the Gods of Creation and Destruction came together to construct the Multiverse and determined the limits and boundaries for each specific universe within the multiverse. They are composed of both "Good and Evil" aspects that came together to create a Multiverse with perfect balance. In order to protect the balance across the multiverse, Observers, Watchers and Seekers--Universal Gods, were birthed to record the history of the Multiverse. Because the power the of gods was so immense some of it lingered in the universes to be used and harnessed by their residents.

This power lead to the emergence of "Mutants" in some universes, "Witches" in others, Metas and "The God Touched" as well. These universes were blessed with abilities and powers beyond the comprehension of mortals but they were given these gifts so that they would never forget the life that was given to them by the Gods.

After the Multiverse was established the "Gods of Creation and Destruction" began "reading" the stories through the eyes of their Universal children. Eventually too many residents of the universe began discovering Multiverse and began jumping back and forth across the "veil" without consequence. In one such incident was a universe that developed way too quickly, it's residents were jumping across the multiverse without consequence, Universal Anomalies were created; along with alternate realities. The boundaries of the multiverse seemingly did not affect this Universe--Prime.

The Gods of Creation and Destruction got together to discuss what must done to keep the universe in check, but they disagreed on the best course of action. Finally one of the more Progressive Gods decided it was better to place the Universe into a "Dead" status and craft one in it's likeness. Once the Prime U was placed into "Dead" status it's development and growth was halted, causing many of it's universally aware residents to jump universes before it ended.

The Universal Judges

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The Universal Judges are the immortal children of the Gods of Creation and Destruction. Despite appearing human they are essentially concentrated cosmic energy with immense power, they cannot be killed (Unless the Gods kill them or they kill each other).

The Universal Judges are composed of four beings: A High King and Queen and a Regular King and Queen. With the High King having absolute veto ability over courses of action. These positions aren't gender specific considering the beings are composed of cosmic energy.

The King and Queen will cast judgement only on specific actions that go against the interest of specific universes and Timelines. It was the King and Queen who determined that "Reality-M" Should enter dead status following it's creation from the Prime-U.

The High King and Queen will cast judgement on universes that go against interest of the entire multiverse. Such as the killing of a Universal God, Multiple interferences from outside Universes, Unauthorized Access to the "Library of Information". The High King and Queen can veto the King and Queen's power and handle any situation themselves, should they choose to and are to be 100% impartial. The Judges are usually heralded by either their Bailiff or Executioner ( Who are granted the ability to interfere) but never both, once a Judge has made a decision it can only be undone by petitioning a God of Creation. The Judges typically rule in 4 manners, "Primed for Destruction", "Dead" , "Removal of Gifts, and Unfounded"

Primed for Destruction- (Quick Process) Means effective immediately the Universe should be destroyed for infractions against the Multiverse.

Dead Status- (Slow Process) Stop the growth and development of the universe. With this ruling life will end it's cycle resulting in the destruction of sun's universe wide.

Removal of Divine Gifts- The judgement calls for the Gods of Creation to remove their gifts left at the point of creation for a period of time.

Unfounded- The Judges concerns were no warranted.

The Library of Information

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The Library of information exist on the edge of the Multiverse at the "Court of Courts" where the judges live. It is a multiverse archive that contains all the knowledge in the universe, and was passed down to the Judges by the Gods of Creation and Destruction.

The books contain knowledge about every Universe both new and old, events and even books about specific people from life to death. It is maintained by Universal Librarians, Gods created for the sole purpose of maintaining the Library, they are to have knowledge on every known book in the library (Save for the books of people still living), they are also forbidden from leaving the Library for fear of information leak.

Because of the sensitive information contained at the Library no one is permitted to access the library without a library card. A library card will be issued by the Librarian only after it is approved by a judge. The card will grant clearance to information only on the universe the holder is native to. Under no circumstances is anyone able to read a book about a person still living--even the judges. There was one such incident of a Universal God changing the outcome of a story in the Library which was found to be the cause for the immense strength gathered by a Prime Universe Ninjan.


1. This is a "Roaming" Thread meaning the actual Court of Courts is never physically in the same location. Once your character has been there, they can always be transported to it regardless of where it is provided they have a Library Card. I've placed it in NYC for the time being.

2. Feel free to use the Library, it contains "all the knowledge" in the multiverse, but will only allow your characters to read from books in the universe they're native to. (I will take exceptions for story purposes). Please don't make post about reading books about characters that are still living.

3. You are permitted to create a Librarian, but they are not permitted to leave the Library. (Though this is set to change, I have plaaaaaaans)

4. I'm currently looking for people to fill the roles of High King, King, and Queen. These are not gender specific you could have a male character and be the Queen. However, there are only three spots you'll have to Pm me your character's info and I'll review it.

5. The Universal Judges are NOT to involve themselves in any conflict that doesn't involve the multiverse. Meaning the High King cannot stop Grimmwald in the Purge, the only characters that have the authority to interfere in any universe are the Bailiff and the Executioner which every judge has. (Yes you might need to create more characters)

6. Any questions pm me. Or my @shanana or @catalina_liafador accounts.

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Nice, cosmic stuff.

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I added rules

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I want ALL positions! *LOL* Kidding.

Have fun with this, Shanana! ^_^

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we're all dead, I hope you all realize this >_>

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Sha's ability to create lore is insane.

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Slaying the game, huh? Amazing job, Queen Bee <3

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Slaying the game, huh? Amazing job, Queen Bee <3

Thank You!

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Sha's ability to create lore is insane.

Unrivaled tbh

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(Cont. from Daytonville)

“WOAH!” She gasped as she walked into the floating castle, the blue energy fading from her body as she put Star down who’s fur was all ruffled from the sudden flight. The moment his paws touched the ground, his tail went in between his legs as a soft whimper was heard. “Star, come on, don’t be scared, look!” She pointed at the books, A LOT OF BOOKS! More than the library Mari took her back home! There had to be a bajillion books.

She didn’t hear anything, it was super duper quiet! Her big blue eyes wandered at all the different books. They were different colors and sizes and some even looked really old and some really new! “I wonder if they have ‘Green Eggs and Ham’.” She whispered, not wanting to be too loud as she walked through the seemingly endless aisle of bookshelves. But she walked as if she knew where she was going and in some way… she did…

I need THAT one
I need THAT one

She could feel a pull of an all too familiar energy coming from one area, almost as if it was calling to her. Then.. she saw it. A book, on a really high shelf that looked really new and never opened with dark crimson leather covering. Her big blue eyes blinked a couple of times as her head tilted back, trying to see how high up it was. “Star, I need THAT one.” She pointed as a blue hue of energy surrounded the lower portion of her body. Floating up to the book she grabbed it. OMPH IT WAS HEAVY! With a one, two THREE she managed to pull it out only to lose her balance and fall flat on her back.

“Ooowwwww.” she groaned as she rubbed her head while sitting up, looking down at the book she grabbed. Her nose scrunched and her eyes squinted, the title of the book was written too fancy for her to be able to read it. Opening the book it was more clear of what the title was. “The Red…” she stopped, her lips making various shapes, trying to figure out how to say the next word. “Car...dee… nail… Queen! The Red Cardeenail Queen!” And under those words… a name, one that the Tiny Pettis knew all too well. “Ziccarra Liafador…” she whispered softly to herself. The feeling of a ball rising up in her throat. “...mommy…”

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Awesome sandbox. Margo's a dope look too

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"Start talking!"

Following the energy trail left behind by her little sister, Catalina teleport into the fabled Court of Courts located above NYC. Just the atmosphere was different, the amount of pressure given off by an entire building full of Universe "Gods"nearly forced the Catalan Contessa to the ground.

Unlike Tassi and Maya, Cat was unable to to tap into Faore's power when she wanted, The Prize Fighter remained untamed and unpleasant to work with. Tapping into the power bestowed by the Mind Lavaliere the oldest daughter of Ziccarra stalked the Court of Courts discreetly calling out to her sister and her furry companion.

She was sure her presence was noted, however she generate very little energy; energy that would be deemed inconsequential to the beings that reside here.

Moving past a clearing, that's when she saw it--the Library. A seemingly endless room with bookshelf's stretching for miles full of books. "Holy....sh!t" She said eying the variety of "beings" that dwell in the library. It appeared to be a normal library to the untrained eye, however the details were in the reflections from things like water and chrome surfaces. Everyone in this library appeared human, but there weren't. Most of the inhabitants already knew that the library default foreign species to the likeness of the universe they were from. (Cat see's only humans because she entered the Library on Earth, if Addison had entered she'd see only Ninjans etc)

No Caption Provided

"Hello" A woman called out from behind Cat causing to jump forward before turning around in a fighting stance. The woman smiled before eying Cat's fighting stance with indifference. "Uh...I'm..."

"I know"The woman said extending her hand to usher Cat through the library. "I've placed your book on the shelf twice now. Please be advised that you are not allowed to check out any books without a library card. You're also not permitted to enter the "Non-Fiction section"

The woman's hand motion to the books on the right side of the room, though the appeared to be free access; the books were actually safe-guarded by some sort of wall.

The librarian motioned for Cat to follow her, which she did right to the row Tassi and Star were on. "If you need anything else please don't hesitate to ask."

No sooner than the woman exit, Cat's eyes turned to both Tassi AND Star, her jaw tightening with disappointment. "Seriously kid what the sh!t, what did I tell you about running off without letting someone know!" Cat hiss within reason for a library.

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(I need to get in this court

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@catalina_liafador: @tassiana_pettis:

The Prince of Power soared, and the gates of ordinary space-time bent around him, giving way to the hyper-spatial bulk. A step there took one farther than a sprint in ordinary space-time. In an instant, Leonel'd left the warmth of Daytonville for the home of those who promised his family's Ragnarok. Upon his arrival, the air cleared and he felt a rising tide of energy - of cosmic divinity - unlike anything he'd ever seen. It was the High Queen's energy grown tenfold. Mortals, he imagined, would be crushed by the pressures here, as though the cosmic library were like the bottom of man's sea. But Leonel paid no mind to the readers and librarians around him until approached by one.

"Don't make a habit of this"

A woman.

Like Leonel's cape, there was a faint glow upon her skin. Her hair crackled like a holy flame, and when she spoke - her voice rolled with the cry of many thunders. "There. They are there", the woman said, her face a mask of serenity as she nodded towards a corner of the library he'd yet seen. "Thanks", Leonel returned, brow furrowed at the woman before him. She was human, yet the energy ebbing and flowing in her flesh and hair was anything but. Doesn't matter, he dismissed, turning away to glide towards both his sisters, and Star. Around him, the library felt strange and unknown, yet familiar somehow. It was here that the stories of the dead were written and read. And one such story - of their mother, Ziccarra - pulled at the heart of his youngest sister, Tassiana. "Tassi", Leonel sighed, relief washing over him at the sight of Catalina with Tassiana.

With a subtle nod Catalina's way, Leonel returned his attention to Tassiana. "Don't make a habit of this", he scolded, his brow heavy with worry as much as severity. "This is dangerous. Something could've happened to you. Anyway, let's go home. This is no place for you, or us for that matter". Not yet at least.

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Image result for little sad girl gif

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@catalina_liafador: @king_leo:

Tassi sat on the ground, books stacked up around her that made up members of her family. Jamie Liafador, Anne Liafador, Isadora Liafador, Enrique Liafador, Mark Knightfall… they neatly sat next to her as Star laid next to her. But right now, in her lap, was the book with the story of her mother. You would think, a book composing the complex history of her mother would be difficult for the five year old to read. But the books adjusted themselves to the reader’s language and reading capabilities. There was even pictures!

Tassi sat silent, a frown on her face as she read how abuelita and abuelito werent nice to mommy and it made Tassi really sad. Mommy got scary too. Mommy did bad things. She hurt a lot of people, even her friend Zoe more than once. It wasn’t until she read her with daddy that she saw how happy she had become. She didn’t even hear Cat walk up, it was her piercing words that caused Tassi to suddenly jump up, fumbling with the book as she closed it and held it close to her chest.

"Seriously kid what the sh!t, what did I tell you about running off without letting someone know!"

No Caption Provided

She had never heard Cat, or anyone speak like this to her before. Her little heart raced in her chest. She was caught off guard as she began fumbling with her words. “B-but So-s-” before she could finish Leo came walking up and began scolding her too.

"Don't make a habit of this This is dangerous. Something could've happened to you. Anyway, let's go home. This is no place for you, or us for that matter".

“N-no.” Tassi spoke, standing up, holding the book tightly in her little arms as she looked up at her big brother and sister, trying to stand her ground against the one's she had been looking up to since her birth. “You guys are scared and mad. I felt it back home but you guys never tell me anything. All you guys do is fight when something happen and I have to stay home when you guys fight and get hurt. I don't want you guys to get hurt. I-i don't want to loose you guys like I did with mommy. What if you don’t have to fight? What if no one has to get hurt?" She backed up until her back pressed against a bookshelf, her blue eyes watered with tears. "I'm not leaving. I'm going to talk to them because I don't want you guys to get hurt.”

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@king_leo: @tassiana_pettis:

You have to...
You have to...

Leonel nearly startled Cat too, his powerful voice sending a chill through her body as 'jumped' in his direction. As he spoke to their youngest sister, Cat's cinnamon eyes dropped to the titles of the books Tassi had staged--victims.

With the exception of Isadora, all the books Tassi pulled were people who felt the murderous wrath of the 'old' Catalina. Tassi's pleading snatched Cat from the pit of self wallowing.

Cat's jaw tightened Tassi never ran away before, (Not that she knew) this felt like betrayal; if she handled it the way she wanted to she would've sent a palm right across her backside.

"Tassi..." Cat said squatting in front of the child pointing toward the crimson book Tassi clutched close to heart. "If mom where here what do you think she would do to you for running off? You too?" Her eyes bounce back and forth between the raven haired princess and the snow tinted canine.

"Truth is you wouldn't be talking back. She left me, Maya and Leonel in charge to take care of YOU, not the other way around" She said pointing back and forth between herself and Leonel. "The fact that you think you need to runaway and find solutions to our problems, breaking the trust we built, makes me believe I'm not doing what I'm supposed to for you both. You have to go live with daddy now."

It kind of hurt Cat to say it, the two of them had been through so much; but with Maricela needing tutoring with her darkness powers, and Tassi thinking it was ok to run off...it was becoming too much.

"Now, let's. go."

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@tassiana_pettis: @catalina_liafador:

"This isn't your call to make"

While others read books on cosmic lore, Leonel's eyes fell squarely on Tassiana. She spoke back, and was defiant in spirit like all Liafador women. Had the circumstances been different, the Prince of Power'd even be proud. Instead, he stood with his brow scowling up a storm, ready to be the firm hand while Catalina played the soft heart. Though as Tassiana pleaded her case and Catalina surrendered to sorrow, Leonel relinquished the steel in his heart and eyes and sighed. "Tassi", he began, voice softer than before, but his tone no less serious, "This isn't your call to make. Least of all because you don't even know what you're getting yourself into. If you think you're being brave and strong by coming here with no idea about the situation at hand... you're not".

"You're being reckless".

"You're not only putting yourself in danger, but the entire family. Our job is to protect you. We haven't done the best job at protecting each other, but by coming here blindly, you're not making it any easier for us by running away like this". Uncrossing his arms, he held his youngest sister's gaze and his scowl faded. Facing Catalina, Leonel's eyes met hers with sympathy and his hand came to rest on her shoulder, just as their father's often did. "You and I need to talk soon", he said, "But for now, take Tassi's hand. We're going home".

Returning eyes to Tassiana, the Prince of Power asserted, "And that's final".

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@king_leo: @catalina_liafador:

Her big sapphire eyes locked with her sisters opposing cinnamon eyes. Her family had taught her one thing, it was to stand your ground when you believed you were doing something right for the family, and that’s what she was doing, was she was taught by everyone. She was positive what she was doing was for the good of the family. Because what could be better than trying to stop them from doing things that’ll get them hurt? What would be better than to stop them from fighting and end up like mom… in a book.

But the words that Cat spoke, pierced into the five year olds chest as her head sank in between her shoulders, guilt came over her. She broke Cat’s trust. She began to question herself. She was just trying to help. To protect them. The youngest Liafador began to realize what she did was wrong. But before she could say how sorry and promise to never do it again and hug her sister… Cat’s last sentence cause the five year old physically stop breathing.

"The fact that you think you need to runaway and find solutions to our problems, breaking the trust we built, makes me believe I'm not doing what I'm supposed to for you both. You have to go live with daddy now."

The book slipped from her arms, landing with a loud THUDon the ground as Star’s head snapped up. Everything that Leo said didn’t even reach Hybrid Goddess ears. Her little head began to lightly shake back and forth as a look of panic quickly overcame her face. Her eyes were locked on Cat’s face. Trying to see if Cat was lying but… she wasn’t. She was well aware that Cat wasn’t her mother, but Cat had given Tassi a stability in her life that no one else was able to give her in her short yet crucial 5 years of life. Longer than her mother, than her father, than Zeon, than Maya, than anyone. While Cat wasn’t her mommy, she was the motherly figure in Tassi’s life that she looked up and wanted to be one day. Cat was Tassi's mom in her eyes, and the fact she didn’t want her anymore… it hurt more than when mommy tried to hurt her, because mommy was sick when it happened and didn’t realize what she was doing but Cat… she wasn’t sick… and she knew what she was doing.

No Caption Provided

The tears that built up in her eyes didn’t just fall, they ran like a river down her face and to the ground upon her mothers book as her face began to scrunch with pain. “Cat no!” She ran up to her and grasped her sister arm, not even paying attention to Leo. Her little chest began to rise up and down quickly, breathing with anxiety. “Cat please, I-I’m sorry!” she bellowed out, not caring who or what heard her pleads. “I promise, I’ll never do it again. I-I won’t even go outside anymore, I’ll stay inside. I’ll do all the chores. I’ll be good, please Cat, I’m sorry don’t give me away like everyone else!”

It wasn’t that she didn’t love her dad. She loved daddy very much. But daddy had the habit of leaving when he promised he never would and being gone for years. Cat was gone from time to time, but she always gave Tassi a necklace when she left, to let Tassi know she was always coming back. She felt safe with Cat and always put Tassi first even in the times when things were really scary when Cat was really sick. She knew Cat loved her and she knew she would never do anything to hurt Tassi and would never make promises she couldn’t keep. But now… she didn’t want Tassi anymore... she must have hated her. Tassi was right… no one wanted her… she was just something that was given around like a used crayon that no one wanted. She was overwhelmed, she didn't want to go. She began huffing, her throat swelling with pain. “Please mom-!" She stopped herself, realizing what she accidentally blurted out from the tension that had built up inside her. She let Cat go and pulled away, quickly shifting her eyes away from Cat as she wrapped her arms around herself, embarrassed and worried of what she called Cat. Afraid she would hate her more. "I… I was just trying to protect you like you protect me. I-I didn’t want to lose you too. I'm sorry...” her head dropped unable to look at either of them as she closed her eyes, her lips quivering. She accepted defeat, and stood waiting for the two of them to take her and Star home.

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@tassiana_pettis: NOVA.........NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO how could you do this to my heart I'm legit crying reading your post omg nooooooooo

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@catalina_liafador: @tassiana_pettis:

What madness it was. Three gods making a scene in a library meant for the cosmic beyond. That in a place above even them, they acted as man did - victims to the woes of their emotional selves. Arms crossing over his chest, white cape crackling like an ivory flame, Leonel watched it all unfold. Catalina's heartache, and Tassiana's bawling. He held stern, a face of steel before the rush of tears in their eyes. But perhaps this was why he kept to himself and loved his family from a distance. Here, when both his sisters needed him to most, he could not soften his heart as their father would. He was not their father. He was the Prince of Power, and he recognized that. So he sighed, glanced at both Tassiana and Catalina with a gleam of sympathy in his eyes. But to Tassiana, he said nothing.

To Serenity
To Serenity

Instead, his eyes returned to Catalina with an echo. "It's best you handle this. And come see me afterwards", he said, unconcerned if she heard him or not. Here, he'd simply get in the way and be the firm hand that Tassiana didn't need. Baring witness to the bond Catalina and Tassiana so clearly had, Leonel felt his face soften, and a calm smile break through. She didn't need him. Catalina was all the sibling Tassiana needed. And it comforted him. His role was best played in stopping the Abyssal Imperium from claiming the universe, and the High Queen of the cosmos from damning his family. So with nay a word, his smile faded, chin lifted, and he vanished into the maw of higher dimensional space - teleporting back to Alexis. And before vanishing from even his father, the Prince of Power assured him of one thing. That Tassiana was with Catalina, and that so long a that held true, she hold strong.

He vanished, again leaving the turmoil of his family for the serenity of space. There, on Augusta, he could unearth the means to save them.