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@king_leo: @trinity-blue:

"Foolish child," the voice of Nordok became a deep, inhuman grow within Trinity's mind, as Leonal sprang his ingenius plan into action. "you hesitate, and give him room to act!" Already he could feel the weakening pull of the femto-scale device, seeking to rip him from his Destructor's consciousness and entrap him. The Ancient One feared nothing; he was convinced of his ability to free himself from any prison, given time, but he had grown tired of his plans being delayed. It was time for the meddlesome entities of the universe to learn the cost of opposing its will.

"Clearly, I must do everything myself." Before he was pulled from his unwilling host and into the exomatter-powered machine, he executed one of his favored abilities: the ability to create portals to virtually any location he had direct knowledge of. In this case, he ripped open one of his trademark violations of the laws of space, and roughly fifty meters behind Leonal, a doorway opened, one that led past the event horizon of a black hole. Immediately, the rift began drawing everything around it, including the matter of the station itself, into its crushing gravity well.

The death of planets was nothing to the Lord of the Abyssal Imperium. The consumption of this station by one of the most inexorable cosmic forces would be less than nothing.

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@nordok: @king_leo:

In the instant Leo reappeared Trinity failed to notice a difference. That anything was amiss went completely beyond her—until she found herself halted mid-sentence. Nordok's consciousness and hers, had become intrinsically linked, though the Ancient One understood far more than she. The Cosmos spoke. Something was changing within her. Something - Leo - attempting to manipulate her in a way she'd never felt before—to pull her essence to pieces, she thought.

The Ancient's voice boomed in her head. The outburst rocked her every sensibility, forcing her, screaming, to her knees. Glass cracked and metal peeled as under the combined force of the Destructor's own screams and Nordok's furious attack, the station itself trembled even harder. On some level, not fully conscious, she too realized that the connection between herself and the maker - and the present reality itself - was being stripped.

In the moment he altered his focus, the bellowing in her mind ceased and Trinity found clarity. She reached out into the center of the portal, exercising her own power over the fundamental force of gravity. Even doubtful that she'd be able to completely overcome the prowess of her maker in that regard, she devoted herself to the creation of an oppositional pull, to hold the rift at bay and preserve the integrity of the station.

Straining all the while, she growled through her teeth. "Leo! Take us out of here!"

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@nordok: @trinity-blue:

After months of effort, straining and machine smithing, the deed had finally been done, but not without consequence. For as the Ancient One was pulled out Trinity's mind, space-time was torn open and behind the Prince of Power loomed the event horizon of a black hole. And he felt it, a gravitational tug on his joints, his flesh, his atoms - everything - unlike any other. Teeth gritted, eyes glowing white, and his muscles twitching with the power to end worlds as he resisted to no avail, Leonel struggled. The pain was monstrous, his joints were fracturing and his flesh slowly being torn asunder. It was difficult to think, until as if repaying him for purging the Ancient One from her mind, Trinity pushed back against the black hole's pull, and likely saved his life.

Now, Leonel could think, and as Trinity roared, he reached out, grabbed her wrist, and disengaged their mass from ordinary space-time. They were gone, vanished and spilled into hyper-dimensional space, then back out into the first location that'd popped into his mind; Augusta. There, nanomachines would nurse his injuries, and the Prince of Power would have his moment with Trinity.

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@grimmwald: I noticed that typo as well and giggled when I imagined your reaction.

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@king_leo: Ok but since it's your location and transport you have to lead in Augusta as well. >_>

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@rosso said:

@king_leo: Ok but since it's your location and transport you have to lead in Augusta as well. >_>

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"So, uh...what happened here?" Daltar stood in front of what, to all appearances, was a random gaping hole in the middle of one of this galaxy's largest deep-space stations.

"Most believe that two or more all-powerful beings engaged in some manner of conflict, sir," answered a dutiful janitorial robot, assiduously and obliviously sweeping the floor mere meters from where its jagged edges marked the portal that had nearly pulled the entire station into a black hole.

"Thanks," Dal answered dryly. "For a moment there, I thought it was a plumbing issue." Turning back from the edge, he made his way to an establishment that he had become very well acquainted with, over the years, the Dragon's Lair. The establishment was closed, of course, locked down tight, it's employees on indefinite furlough as its proprietor had fled the station with the Ephemeran refugees she'd been entrusted with.

The smuggler very nearly just returned to his ship and went on his way; after all, he'd done his part and delivered the refugees here. Even if it was his responsibility to ensure their safety beyond that, it's not like he'd been paid for this job...he'd already gone above and beyond...

"Damn it." He turned and strode determinedly back to the Aphelion, taking off and putting himself into an orbit around the station. Diverting most of the ship's power to the scanners, he sat back in the cockpit and waited until his systems picked up what he was waiting for: a chemtrail that would normally be associated with an asteroid. This was the Dragon's calling card, really: lure someone in with the temptation of something they wanted, and then tear their throat out when they tried to claim it. The two of them had a pretty good business history, though, so there was at least a fair chance she wouldn't do that to him.

But if he was wrong, well...not getting paid would at least become a far lesser concern.