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"Ladies and gentlemen please welcome to the show Edward Windsor , member of COP's and Air Marshall Haig a representative of NASA."

The two men walk in form opposing sides of the stage met with a mixture of applause and Boo's Edward knowing the hostile air was aimed at him simply walked to his chair to sat down to the left side of the host.

"Gentlemen lets start this discussion by showing the now well know Youtube clip of your latest press conference Edward"

As the clip plays Edward simply sits and waits for the questions. Haig's eyes focused purely on the screen the video producing a visible pulsing vein in his forehead.Thinking to himself how easily he could change the opinions around him with his abilities, ethically he couldn't do it. He had to talk this one out. and he was ready.

"Edward, your video has been universally condemned by the White house, NASA and various groups. What do you have to say in response to this?"

"I have alot to say on the issue. Firstly people seem to think that the people in the white house especially the president are people i have to listen to. These people are wrong. I respect the chain of power but i'am neither an American citizen or a fan of the man..."

The host buts in "Mr Windsor.. please the subject"

"Simply put my team and i are a multinational group, we have our own allegiances but as a team we are here to help people. Not just the countries we have ties with. Our new HQ was marked with a flag that has no business in being attached to a multinational organisation. People who offended by this may best remember that flag have always been used to stamp ownership of an area. The area of our Base isn't owned by the USA and therefore the flag was removed."

"Horsecrap" Haig intervenes "This man isn't a patriot and has dishonored a national landmark of historical importance. He is no more fit to lead a team of superhero's than you or i"

smiling to himself Edward replies confidently, his opponent already showing his hand and getting a little hot headed

"Air Marshall Haig wasn't it?.Perhaps you should of done some research. I did some on you, and a little info about me may help you from making floored comments. Such as your last. I am not only fit for my duty i'am the best option. Where as i believe you where the reserve astronaut on most of your "missions" making quote gesture with his hands." I have been on the front line fighting vampires, aliens, gods supervillian's and just about everything else the world could throw at me. My team has never asked for anything in return for the deeds we have done for the various nations of the world. With America getting more than a fair share of our help when we have been called due to the proximity to our last base. My patriotism also can never be questioned, you sir where a suit to your job i wear my nations flag on my armor for mine. I just don't support your government, and your ignorance to the term patriotism is shinning through. Somebody who doesn't support your view is no less devoted than you."

Jumping in again trying to slow Edward from steamrolling his slightly a gasped opponent the host posed another question

"Marshall Haig, what is your view on the video and the story in general"

Slightly pink'end and sweat around the hair line the Air Marshall stares at the prince of power and begins his retort

" I believe this man is a terrorist, the leader of a criminal organisation and the government should arrest him and his allies for defacing a site of historical relevance I believe this smart- Alec Englishman neither regrets his actions or feels he needs to apologize to the people for them. In short i think this man is an egotistical self publicizing jackass and a threat to national security."

Edward stands up from his seat and point his finger at the air marshal his stance not as aggressive as it could be but its undertones where still present. "I am not here to apologize to you or the rest of these people. I hear to tell you the simple facts of this. Your country needs us and we are here to help. But we are not policed by you or any other country. If you wish to rely on your national services to help you by all means do. I have served queen and country before and i will not again. Politics and religion cause more conflict than anything else on this earth. And its always because people like you ,so called experts who spout their view as the one everyone should have. Well let me tell you if i thought the same way you do i could simply force the thought into every persons brain who opposed me. But i dont because i am more than a small minded idiot like you i have ideals and i serve them and only them. The people are the prime concern to me, they mite not like me, they may even hate me but i will save them none the less."

turning to the host Edward bowed his head

"May the rest of your discussion go well without me, I have nothing left to say about this issue to any of you. Be that a TV personality, an expert of somekind or even the president of the USA. "

Walking off the stage the champion stood in the wings of the stage for a second and then was gone his body transported back to his home and his place of work Avalon space station Walking into the main room Edward walked over to Drom his Fellow Champion "How do you think it went?, i expect we shall here from the Whitehouse shortly"

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Overlooking the south lawn of the White House, Atticus stood in relative solitude. The cold sterility of silence brushing against the din of music laughter and general debauchery provided a much needed escape for him. The stars were the only company he wanted, or needed. Like the very shadows he controlled, his ways were dead set. A loner at heart, Mr. Blaire hated being around crowds, and hated even more having to pretend to like the people he was around. So, as a emotional buffer, he saw it best to remove himself from settings that would most likely end in displeasure. Yet still, the stink of alcohol, ans cigarette smoke perfumed the air. It was familiar, homey, as his father had taken up both after the death of his mother. The young Vice President, placed his bare hands on the decoratively chiseled railing of the balcony, and stood, alone, and content. His breath leaping out in front of him, a signal of the constantly falling temperature; anywhere still, was better than a gaggle of squawking sycophants lapping at Zievs heals, hoping to get some sort taste of true power.

"Not much of a party man." Veronica said, quietly announcing her presence. "You know I'm not, never have been, and never will be." She sat a cocktail, really only tequilla and grapefruit juice beside his left hand. They both looked out over the neatly manicured shrubbery, inhaling the cold air. "It still puts me into a state of awe, that you didn't win...and even more so, that you even ran. I've known you for two years now, and being around people isn't your favorite thing...So, why..." The two had a connection, soothing at the best of times..."Why run at all...Why put myself at the mercy of the very people I could care less about." He cut her off, but she expected it. "Because, I was sick of how things were. It was the lesser of two evils" She smiled sharply, "How saintly of you..."

It was nice to have people like that in the world with you. People who got you, people who just understand everything about you. Veronica was that person for him, he trusted her, which was more than could be said for anyone else. Above all, he had absolutely no trust for Clara. The new fiance of Orpheous Zeiv. There was an instant suspicion about her, something about the cunning of her eyes, the curl of her lips, and the swagger of her walk, just told him to stay far away.

"Did you wanna handle the COPs thing now, or did you want to wait until the morning?" Veronica was all about business, and so was he. He looked directly at her displaying no emotion. "Tell them, If COPs wants to police the world, they have every responsibility for cleaning up the the messes they make. That is all." Curtness was a trademark of his, even so, with his grandiose oratory skills, he was always strait and to the point.

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I'm close to becoming twenty, and I already somehow have managed to have six children. Most people would not believe me since the are all pretty much the same age as me. We are all sitting in a circle kind of like something that would be in an AA meeting.

The guy over there with the spiky pink hair. He came from the future to make sure this timeline ends up better than what it's supposed to. He actually saved my life. I'm supposed to give birth to him in a few years. I think. He really does care about me. He never lets me out of his sight.

It's strange knowing a little bit of what my future will be like. I honestly couldn't be happier that my son ends up being an even more badass hero than me, and who would have ever thought someone could pull that off?

There was one question I needed to know though. Who is his Father?

Christopher at first was very hesitant about telling me anything about him. I did kind of get the hint after a while who it was since he tends to worry about him as much as me. He tries not to show it, but he does get a little anxious every time his Father leaves the Moon Base. He bites his nails whenever he's not around.

Now there are my daughters. I have had countless of team members over the past few years who I have trained, but I have no clue how the hell I will ever be able to teach them. Like since they were all ripped from my mind they know everything that I know, except they are all just different emotions of myself. Not to forget they all happen to have odd hair colors as well.

Recently moving to all of our people to our new team base I haven't exactly got the chance to bond with them or get to know them really. It does get a little embarrassing whenever they see Overkill. My ex boyfriend. They kind of just laugh really hard. They do have my humor I guess.

Looking back at Christopher I see his eyes flash into a foggy pink glow. Raising his head to stare at me I watch them slip back to his normal brown eyes. "He's back."

Leaving them alone for a few minutes it's my turn to finally tell him something I've needed to say for a long time. He needs to know the truth.

I see him having a conversation with Drom. "Hey could we talk in private for a second? Sorry Drom it'll only take him and me a second"

I have a feeling he has a slight idea of what I'm about to say. He is a man that knows fate isn't to be set in stone. That anyone has the freewill to change it. I've accepted what my future has in store for us, does he?

"Is everything okay?" He looks worried since I'm usually bubbly and rarely every quiet.

"Eddy.. The guy who says he is from the future. The one who says he's my son. He came here to save his mother and father's lives. He actually has already done it back when our island got destroyed. He has my hair and your eyes. Both of our powers... Eddy.. You're going to have a son one day. Maybe you won't accept it, and you might feel weird about it. Maybe you won't trust him, but I do. Just be proud that our future selves raise him to become a superhero like us."

My heart skips a bit when his lips form to make his first word.

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The petite cyborg listened intimantly to everything being said. Advanced ears even managing to make out what the audiances were saying. A careful catalogue of all things being said and done on the interview and elsewhere looking it over. Do to the Big Sister network of Avalon it was easy for her to have access to all eyes watching Edward or anyone else looking into the matter.

In an instant though the disscussion was over, Edward standing before her and his sister. Victoria Windsor was like the triplets and son of Blair in a way. She roamed the building and could come to aid if need be, though generally having other things to do. The violet haird Brit was also the focus rod in a way for Amber. If left on her own acord it was highly likely that she would be cought in pillaging the enternet. "You wan't my hounest opinion? Or my cybernetic analysis?" Her lips already flowing into the next sentance before he could say something. "At this point in time the world is at a semblance of peace and so it doesn't feal it requires Champions of such. Ten In seems to be laying low, most other big time criminals have fallen totaly of the grid. With the latest president many feal confident everything is in controled hands. So the nations saw you rip a flag from the ground and became hostile. Simply put, it was as well played as it could of been. You're in a hacked position, untill we are needed we wont be seen in a possitive light."

As the long winded sweet yet automatic sounding voice stoped Blair came to pull Ed away. Of course Drom wasn't going to object, partially because she saw something was going on there. Maybe others were blind, or perhaps it was just cybernetic intuition but she knew things about the pink haired kid seamed to point at a connection between the two. "I have a nephew!" Victoria Windsor screeched. When it came to most things the Lioness was bold and stern, she had proven to be a softie though when it came to anyone on the team. Particularly her little brother, Drom was quick to place a gloved hand over the violet haired Windsor's mouth.

"Shhh don't put a virus in their convo"

Somewhere in North Korea

Salem Hexona Roxom stood in a large room roughly a mile below ground. A series of people stood behind her, men and women from sevral walks of life. The most striking of the party however of course being the pink haired, simple black dress wearing alchemist. And beside her the most enrapturing person, Syapt more commonly known as Evie. She was known for a brief, perhaps still going fling with Overkill. Praised was the striking bomb for her input and help on America's army. Nobody knew however that she was here in this room. If everyone partaking in this meeting was publicly known the world would have exploded into war. Ironic as it was, they were gathered to start such a global crysis.

They stood before sevral monitors showing dozens of nuclear weapons. Each weapon was marked for somewhere in the world. A clock counting from days to hours, minutes to seconds was at the top of the screen counting down. "There is a chance that I'll have to push things forward sooner then planed. The goal however is that in a few days we'll launch this opperation. I know your skeptical of the loss it could inflict. I assure you however, this is the salvation of the human race. They unite best when there is a common enemy, which we will construct. We forge this enemy so that they can come to fight together." Salem bowed theatrically as she concluded the speech. Soon it would come the chance to make the world her own.

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Tellumo walks the hallways alone, his hands are raised, they're flatly shaped as if to ward off any potential threats with his non-existent karate skills. He moves along the sterile, submarine-esque hallways with his slowly rotating palms aloof and his head spiralling nervously for any potential intruders. A curious AI on the base questioned his motives.

"Query: What is the reason for your erratic behaviour, Tell-u-mo?"

He stands disgruntled, his nose crinkled and eyebrows pushed far enough that they're essentially crushing into his cheeks, he finally explodes.

"Erratic?! You think it's erratic for me to be worried that we're in this situation?! We, are in space, y'know what's in space?! Aliens! Then we have the fact that St.George threw the American flag back to Earth, I'm pretty sure that impaled someone on Earth! So y'know what the next reasonable option he takes is?"

The AI begins a response.

'Fact: A press co-'

It was then cut off.

"He holds that press conference and pretty much turns us into fugitives! Kim Jon's dead so he's not gonna take me in this time! Then we've got you, Space Siri. Or should I call you Hal 9000! Your name alone is creepy enough, Big Sister, am I the only one here who's read 1984?! And the future space-babies aswell! So lets count this out; Aliens, Possible Terminators, Government Agents with GI JOE probably included and finally you the potentially killer robot. Do you see the reason for my behaviour?"

A brief near silence ensues, the only sound being the panting of the speech giver, it's broken by the AI communicating.

"*Calculating* Statement: Assessment deemed acceptable though these facts are false. I cannot harm as stated by basic laws of robotics. Frequent scans of the facility have shown few accounts of alien lifeforms. Miss Świerczyński's children show no signs of behaviour as that of a 'Space-Babies' or a 'Terminators'. Query: Are you now at ease?"

Tellumo's eye twitches as his hands are frozen above his head not believing a word that had been projected by this robot, something snapped in his brain. With bugles playing in his head he strode through the hallways, his face was that of a man on a mission. On his march he rolled up his sleeves and threw away his jacket. He promptly had away with the rest of his clothes aswell. He paused to think for a second, the collective will of those who saw him was that it would be to reclothe himself, unfortunately this was not the case. He backtracked to find the room of 'Space-Babies', he poked his head in and in a hushed tone blurted.

"You. Timelords over here."

His arm slowly stretched into the room, his index finger pointed forward, then slowly waved it at each member of the party.

"Don't try any funny s#it okay? I'm watching 'youz'."

He then resumed his previous march, leaving behind a room of confused time-travellers,to the teleporter room. Arriving he disregarded any questions asked as he set up the device while humming 'Ride of the Valkyries' to himself. He stepped onto the pad.

In a flash of light he arrived in a highly decorated room, in front of him stood people of great power. One of which was in charge of one of the largest powerhouse countries on the planet. This man was Orpheus Ziev. He rose from his crouched position, he stood tall in 'full glory'. He then put on one of the worst Austrian accents of all time.

"Your clothes, give them to me, now!"