The Claw, (character introduction)

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Once upon a time, there was a murderer of children, whom preferred to use a home made glove fastened with sharpened blades he used as a claw. Known to the community as being a child predator, yet unofficially caught, he went about his horrific acts with out a conscious figuring he'll never be. One night the people of his area setup a meeting with a child but had her wearing a wire and carrying a stun gun. He lived in an abandoned by most area, near a toxic waste company, which the parents took advantage of dragging over barrels of waste in preparation to his torture for his crimes.

The evening played out with the lil girl skipping down the street, singing a song about an urban legend "one, two, claws coming for you, three, four, better lock your door, five, six, grab a crucifix, seven, eight, going to stay up late, nine, ten, never sleep again" by the time she ended her song. The man was on the street corner watching her skipping towards him. With no one in sight, she seemed a perfect target. So he approached confidently, "hey nice song, I have a karaoke machine inside my place if you'd like to sing some songs with me"he says with a big grin and extended hand. The lil girl smiles and takes his hand as she was coached to do, the parents were listening and knew to give him a moment to return inside.

Once the coast was clear the drove slowly towards his house with out him noticing as he had a guest. Inside, the man threw a cover off of an old juke box with a mic; "sing this! " he says as he plays the song "like a virgin by Madonna". As she's singing he reaches into a drawer in a locked cabinet pulling out the glove and straps it to his hand. "I have a surprise for you, I am the claw!" he says as he shows the glove flexing the fingers while walking towards her. She lets out a scream, and runs towards his door but it's a steel with a special locking mechanism. She falls to her knees and sobs, as he walks up to her grabbing her hair with his ungloved hand and sliding the blades cutting the hair with the other. He sniffs the hair, and she takes this as her moment pushing the stun gun into his exposed stomach.

now laying on the floor convulsing, holding his gut and cussing in a pool of urine. The parents pounding on the door yelling for her to open it. She pulls the cranks, switches levers, pulls on chains, nothing is opening that door. She hears laughing and realizes he's not laying there any more, the lights go out. A grinding machine can be heard and sparks are being seen, "that was naughty....and now we have unwanted guests, mommy n daddy can't save you.....Here the Claw is god, live or die by the claw. " he says as he finishes sharpening the tips and walks back towards the girl. She waves the stun gun back n forth, aimlessly as it's so dark. A piercing scratch is heard along the door behind her, confused she steps forward turning around as a swift slash smacks across her back flying her forwards into the door. Her back now sliced as she screams pounding on the doorway crying for her parents to open the door.

On the outside they realize the daughter is fallen victim and decide to never let this happen again to another child. The neighborhood parents begin dumping the waste all over his property, splashing the house like paint, the fumes were making everyone cautious to remain. The last step was tossing maltov cocktails which caught fire to the toxic waste raising the heat of the fire to extreme temperatures able to turn that steel home into a giant furnace. Shouts of "Go to hell ' were heard as on the inside the man frantically looked for an escape route but every turn flooded toxic waste into his home and splashing all over himself. The heat inside was reaching the igniting point of that toxic goo and as such began to catch fire along with the man whom passed out due to the pain.

The house flaming, the parents decided justice was served and left the man in his tomb. The fire fighters came but new a toxic fire had to burn out on it's own and quarantine the area due to the fumes. The fires eventually died out and the fire fighters were able to return to investigate the cause and look for victims. They walked in and saw a skeletal frame of girl by the doorway and nothing else. The fire was said to be a careless child playing with matches around a toxic waste facility spill. The parents read the news and were in shock that the mans body was never found.

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The Claw, will find you.....