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The Planet [Redacted]

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The Silver Sentinel, protector of the universe, flies down to the planet. His mission is critical and he must do it quickly before anyone can react to him. Using the power cosmic, he masks his energy signature as far as he can.

Situated on his chrome silver surf board, he quickly flies to his destination.

The Mountains of Power

The Silver Sentinel scans the terrain with the power cosmic until he finds it. Ah, there it is. He flies into the cave and it's several minutes before he flies out again with a strange looking artifact in hand. He flies up into the atmosphere of the planet, faster than most beings could fly, and he emerges in space. There, he enters hyperspace, going many, many times the speed of light. Faster than most ships in the galaxy in fact.

Many Light Years Away

Finally, hundreds of light years away, he emerges from hyperspace and into normal space. He holds up the hand that has the artifact and teleportation energy envelops it as it is beamed on board the Timerider. Novastar gives a wave, thanking the Silver Sentinel for a favor. There was no way he could have done that himself, not without attracting unwanted attention. And honestly, he doesn't want to have to fight a certain someone. Activating his time drive, he goes to parts unknown....to a time unknown. Time to get the next artifact.

The Silver Sentinel enters hyperspace, going to parts, also unknown.

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Ohhh? Double lore-building in one!

Curious who that "certain someone" is. And what's the artefact!? You never said! Don't beat my curiosity!

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@ananke: How much do you want to know? Tehehe

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I half joke. I do want to know these things, but if you're going to go over them in time I can wait, so as not to ruin the surprise.

But if you don't plan on going over them later then YES!

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@ananke: *LOL* Ok. I'll give you a hint and see if you can figure it out from there. In my post, I placed a location called The Mountains of Power. Now, what CVnU location has that? If you can figure that out, your questions will be answered. ;-)

As for the artifact, it is simply an enchanted sword. ^_^

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Ooh, a scavenger hunt...

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Found it! Marks 20 seconds! Which really means like five to 10 or so, because waiting for the page to re-load.