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Two assassins, one an animal the other a mutant hoping to achieve the skills of an assassin come to the Shadow Huntress for guidance.

There was a young boy of the age of 17 who was a cat-like creature. His body covered in fur, yet he walked on two legs. His already honed skills of teleportation and x-ray vision. He was a devious and crafty sort of character, and was also an expert when it came to explosives. He illegally dealt nuclear explosives from other countries to others - a terrorist in the making, and a very lethal one at that. He went by the name of Mythix. The other assassin Alexandra, whose codename was Homicide; was a speedy young woman. Eager to learn and eager to soak her hands in the blood of her prey. Alexandra grew up with having to hold many responsibilities in life, and eventually she turned to the dark side to raise her family. Her ability is to secrete a special poison from her palms and to travel through inanimate objects. She too would grow to be a brilliant assassin..

"I will be glad to train you two for the Les Assassins Silencieux - let us begin shall we?" Miyobi the great Shadow Huntress had announced to the two assassins to be.

Immediately the training had begun, in a vast field. With some hills here and there; where dividing the field lies an enormous rock wall. Mythix had unsheathed his vicious claws, he had then ripped his button down shirt open - revealing a set of explosives. Mythix's cat-like eyes hungered for bloodshed as he raced towards Miyobi, and dived towards her - slashing her across the cheek. "This is no cat to be fooled with", the Shadow Huntress had thought as she grasped her left cheek; and felt the warm blood trickle down her chin. Whilst Homicide quickly readied a set of lethal ninja stars in between the spaces of her fingers. Alexandra had made a side step behind the Shadow Huntress, and threw three ninja stars at her slender calves. The ninja stars dug deep into Miyobi's legs - drawing blood.

The Shadow Huntress gritted her teeth, and spun around attempting to throw her right leg towards Homicide's head. While she threw her left palm facing out towards Mythix; readying a blast of shadow magic towards his chest.

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Homicide was standing in the middle of a grassy plane, her heart was pounding in her chest as she began to breathe heavily in and out. She came to Shadow Huntress for help, to train her in the arts of becoming an assassin worthy of joining LaS. When she agreed to train her, Homicide was excited, she’s been waiting to hit the big leagues for some time, and being trained by her, would most definitely be a huge help in getting her a spot in. She would just have to show her what she was made of. But she wasn’t the only one, another person a young man by the name of Mythix was standing as well, they were to work together to try and take on Shadow Huntress. As the sun beat down on the three fighters, Shadow Huntress spoke.

"I will be glad to train you two for the Les Assassins Silencieux - let us begin shall we?" She said as she stood ready.

Homicide simply nod her head as she pulled up her mask and made a smirk, she watched as Mythix made the first move, and exposing the explosives that he had hidden. ‘God, he better not blow up on me…’ she thought to herself as she watched him draw first blood by scraping Miyobi’s left cheek. Right then Homicide threw out her poison ninja starts, side stepping behind Shadow Huntress, three of them smashing onto Miyobi’s legs. Homicide smirked, that’s all she needed for her to make her next move. Or she was about to make her next move, until Miyobi spun around and threw her right leg at Homicide’s head. Homicide’s head snapped back as she stumbled a bit, she could feel blood form in her mouth. She smiled as she tasted her own blood in her mouth and moved it around inside, savoring the taste as she began to drink her own blood that was growing in her mouth. She watched, as Shadow Huntress was now getting ready to shoot her magic at Mythix, she could only hope that she would miss his chest, missing his explosives at the same time. She would hate to see the person who was suppose to help her train blow up into little bits.

Just then Homicide stuck out her left hand and began to chuckle to herself, she was now going to try and control the poison that ran through Miyobi’s veins. She concentrated as she could feel the poison in her leg and she attempted to move the poison to her eyes to allow the poison to cause vision problems, this will only be temporary just until the battle was over and she could take out the poison herself.

She then pulled out her two Desert Eagles from her thighs and loaded them with her sulfuric acid bullets. She took a deep breath as she took aim at Shadow Huntresses left arm with one gun and down at her already damaged leg with the other. The sound of what seemed like thunder rang out as she let out three bullets from each gun, and unleashed them upon Shadow Huntress. She could feel a stream of sweat slowly trickle down her forehead as she stood ready for whatever the mighty assassin had next.


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The blood pumped through Mythix's veins as he stood, impatient, in the middle of a grassy field, speckled with mountains. He knew that this was his chance to prove himself a worthy assassin. This was it, his training for Les Assassins Silencieux. He held himself tall yet unsteady, waiting for even the slightest bloodshed to begin. He could almost hear the heartbeat of his colleague, Homicide. He quickly looked over her, summing up what he could by appearance. She looked like a strong willed fighter and he could tell she wanted to be here. Their trainer's lips spoke her words as smooth as velvet,

I will be glad to train you two for the Les Assassins Silencieux - let us begin, shall we? Shadow Huntress stood, ready to begin.

Before Shadow Huntress had even finished her sentence, Mythix had revealed his razor sharp claws. He ripped off his button-down shirt to reveal a vest of explosives. There was a hint of worry on Homicide's face but Mythix wouldn't let anything happen to her. Shadow Huntress was his only prey. After carefully, but quickly, examining the weapons under Miyobi's clothing, he lunged towards her and drew the first blood of this training session. He saw it trickle down her cheek and couldn't hide his smile when he saw Homicide's ninja stars, laced with poison, resting in Miyobi's legs.

Miyobi turned around and spun her right leg at Homicide's head. Homicide snapped back and managed to regain balance after stumbling;  Mythix smelt the blood, that coppery smell, leak out from between Homicide's lips and he could tell she enjoyed it. He also realized that Shadow Huntress had managed to face towards Mythix, ready to fire her magic directly at his chest. Her face twisted a bit in agony and Mythix realized that Homicide was controlling the poison running through Miyobi's veins. At the same time, Mythix knew that it wouldn't stop Shadow Huntress from firing. First thing's first, get rid of the bombs.
Mythix pulled a string on the vest of bombs; after he tugged that string, the bombs fell to the ground and he kicked a few towards Shadow Huntress. He prepared himself for the magic that was about to release from Miyobi's palm.

Pain erupted through his chest and dissipated through this extremities; he let out an echoing scream through the field, over the mountains. He rolled onto the ground and looked up, expecting to see a smug expression on Miyobi's face but the first thing he saw was Homicide. She had pulled out two Desert Eagles and already loaded them with bullets that were also lined with acid. As the thunderous sound of the Desert Eagles rang out through the field, Mythix concentrated on the bomb that was he had kicked near Miyobi's feet.
Thank God, it's a smaller bomb. Nothing fatal... He didn't want to cause permanent damage.Just enough to get her off his tail. He flicked his fingers and the fuse began to sparkle.

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The shadow magic she had unleashed upon her feline-like prey sent him flying. Using the "第4避難所の技術" (Japanese: "Fourth Haven Technique") to at least inflict some damage upon Mythix. The powerful magic swirled colors of purple and black out of her left palm. She last left Mythix rolling a few feet away from where Miyobi and Homicide stood last. 

The Shadow Huntress had no idea that the ninja stars implanted in her legs would also begin to spill poison into her blood stream. Her vision grew blurry, and she stumbled slightly over her feet. Her lips curled over sharp teeth, revealing a set of fangs. Pointed fangs used to consume the souls of the living - allowing the Shadow Huntress to grow stronger after each soul she had once consumed. In no time Alexandra whipped out a set of Desert Eagles, and commenced to endlessly fire at Miyobi. But, the Huntress's sense of hearing and observations of movements had certainly trained her throughout the years. She leaped to her left, whilst landing on the grassy ground. Only managing to receive a few grazes on her right arm from the bullets. The poison was racing throughout Miyobi's veins - she could feel her body wanting to submit to exhaustion now.

A slight kick was heard from behind Miyobi. She craned her neck towards the noise; then the scent of fire had entered her nostrils. The memories of when her legs had once been engulfed by flames not too long ago, had stricken her mind. Even the pain still felt so fresh. But, no fire was being launched at the Huntress. Instead a fuse on a small explosive was lit by Mythix. He had snapped his fingers, and using his furry fingers as a lighter, he lit the fuse. "Sh!t", Miyobi muttered to herself as she attempted to flee from the explosives.

The explosion was immense and quicker than the Shadow Huntress. The fire had inflicted more damage upon the backs of Miyobi's legs. The explosive had sent her flying into the large stone wall that divided the field into two halves. The Huntress spewed a set of curses in Japanese as she climbed to her feet. Her head was bleeding - Mythix had given her a damn good concussion.

The Shadow Huntress sharply exhaled. Her wolfish eyes had begun to swirl from the color gray to a dark ebony. She threw her arms up in the air, as the once bright sky turned pitch black. Everything surrounding Mythix and Homicide had turned bizarre and eerie. "Lets see how you manage to fight against some of the most powerful beings who once walked this Earth." With that said, souless undead creatures had dug their way up from the ground. Their bodies limp, and pale as they leaped towards Mythix and Alexandra. The great Shadow Huntress had disappeared into the shadows. "You are in my realm now students."