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Preserve Our Future
Preserve Our Future

With all the events transpiring now, what about the future? Who has invested in our youth? We need a force, a force strong enough to deal with the growing problems of today, but smart enough to train someone to train the future replacements. It's imperative that we give this project a go.

The Academy

No Caption Provided

Standing on 48,515 square feet in Farmington Connecticut, The Academy can serve just over 100 students and staff. It comes equipped with an Olympic size pool, a Private Zoo, A Gymnasium with a full-size basketball court, a 10 screen movie theater, and a small hunting/fishing area. The schools serve to equip children of all ages to navigate and neutralize the increasing threats of the time.

  • Each room is elaborately decorated and fitted out with en suite bathrooms and double beds in each wing, separate wings house the boys and girls with the ages mixed in together to encourage a community feeling amongst them all.
  • Every meal is taken in the huge dining hall, healthy and well-balanced meals encouraged and created by world-class chefs, students are welcome to access the kitchen after hours with the permission of floor admins.
  • Professors have a separate wing kept away from the student living area but each professor takes turns monitoring the dormitories at night. Professors have their own classrooms and offices attached, classes are held all over the academy with students being given a roster of classes aimed to help their certain skills. Though all students no matter their abilities work together in their basic classes.

The Battle Focus Training

No Caption Provided

The Battle Focus Training Room is a comprehensive training room and a weekly requirement for students of all classes. It is a life-like illusion room, that trains the students in situational environments. For example, If the lesson plan for the week was the Spanish Revolution; students would then test out by being placed in a Spanish Revolution battle scenario.

The purpose of BFT is to teach students through real life-based training, allowing for adaptive and logical decision making in a real environment.

The BFT can emulate any known crisis in the last 20 years, it's memory code having been written by historians and crafted by telepaths.

The Headmistress

No Caption Provided

Filling in for Ruby Gallagher this time around is STRICOM (STRIKE Command) 2nd in Command, Maya Summers. In her own Universe, Maya started as a member of the Vine Prodigies and eventually became the school's Top Diamond. Maya would eventually go on to lead some of the most prolific organizations of her time, including being elected as the President of the Utopia.

Maya bring her experience as a former student, teacher, and leader to aid in the development of the next generation. Maya is not a teacher more of a disciplinary figure at the school. She has absolute override ability in any conflict that may arise.

💎The Diamonds💎

No Caption Provided

The Academy's "Diamond Class" live on the first floor and are governed by a "Top Diamond" this is a male or female student that has been hand-picked by the Headmistress to speak on behalf of the class. During training missions, the Top Diamond is to assume control unless otherwise directed by a member of the faculty. The Top Diamond will take all "House" issues to the headmistress as well as call floor meetings, and organize activities between the other "houses". They are responsible for looking after the youngest members of the school. The "Houses" all have specific events that they host to compete against the other houses. In Competition the entire Diamond, Gem, etc will team together to win their event, but also try to win the events of the other houses. The class at the end of the "Year" with the most house trophies get Summer Vacations, Tech/Gear Etc.

(Your character must be Good to be a Diamond.)

House Specific Event: TBD


Bella Camryn

High Voltage

Conner Hawke (Top Diamond)

Red Jay

Alexander West

🔮The Gems🔮

No Caption Provided

The Gems occupy the second floor of the Academy and are governed by a "Top Gem" unlike the Top Diamond the Top Gem is voted into position by his or her peers.

The Top Gem can be removed by the Headmistress should the performance be unsatisfactory, but generally the Gems will hold another election to Impeach the Top Gem. The Top Gem has the tough responsibility of choosing BFT Training Modules for the Gems. Like the Top Diamond, The Top Gem is responsible for organizing events with the other houses. (Neuts Only)

House Specific Event: TBD


Car'ra Knightfall

Lethal Weapon

Robert Harrow

Shawn Savage


🔴The Rubies🔴

No Caption Provided

On the Third and Final Floor are the Rubies, like the Gems and Diamonds, the Rubies are lead by a "Top Ruby"(Though Internally the Top Ruby will use whatever title they want).

Unlike the Diamonds and The Gems, the Top Ruby Fights for their position at the top within their "House" and can only be removed by another fight. This is honored even by the headmistress. The Diamonds and Gems typically take interest in who the presiding Top Ruby is, because they are sought after to settle the reoccuring disputes between the Gem and the Diamond Houses.

The Rubies are in charge of just about all of the school's amenities (Unofficially of course) and have been seen organizing within the house splitting up shares of confiscated materials. The Top Ruby is supposed to regulate what happens in the house but typically doesn't. The Ruby Class pretty much do what they want. Until the Headmistress is involved.

House Specific Events:

(Here are your Villians, no Chaotic Evil types)


Ozzy Diaz

Maricela Delgado





The Faculty

No Caption Provided

The faculty belong to different teams, countries and sometimes different worlds. They are the Earth's Mightiest heroes. They have seen world ending events and have lived to tell about it.

Though they only instruct BFT classes, they have a commanding presence throughout the academy. The teachers may be long term or temporary.

Warrior Angel

Ashley Knightfall

Mister Surreal

The Swordsman

The Legendary Club

No Caption Provided

The Legendary Nightclub is a social club on grounds for all students, though the Rubies have laid claim to it unofficially. It's just a social hangout spot in the basement that all houses can go to. There is a room in the back where the Top students from each house host meetings.


  • Okies, Obviously the new school is broken down by Blues, Reds, and Greys. You must join the group of your current alignment. However, you do not have to write within that alignment. (Confusing I know) So, If I join with a Red but am on the fence about whether or not they'll stay red, I can write them as a neutral and gradually have them become neutral. If that makes any sense.
  • Switching Alignments is authorized.
  • I will not allow one specific group to become too stacked, So if there are too many of one alignment I'll stop taking apps for that class until it levels out a bit.
  • The "Top" person of each class will be chosen by the rules specified in the OP
  • The House Specific Event can be chosen by the "Top" person.
  • Faculty members on the ground are welcomed, though teachers that just come and go are fine too.
  • There will be NO hosted Rp's initially, everything will be done in the thread. I need to make sure this thing will at least survive.
  • No Mass Destruction
  • Characters must be between 6-18 unless faculty
  • Have Fun.

Academy Application

Title / Code Name:

Real Name:



Hair Color:



Eye Color:


Super Power Origin:

Class Alignment/ Faculty

Identity (Known or Unknown)

Known Aliases:

For Faculty, PM @catalina_liafador or @maya_summers. (Also can a Mod please lock the other thread)

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@catalina_liafador: Alright, here you go. ^_^

Academy Application #1

No Caption Provided

Title / Code Name: Kid Superion

Real Name: Connor Hawke

Hometown: Metro City

Gender: Male

Hair Color: Black

Weight: 165 lbs

Age: 15

Eye Color: Blue

Height: 5'11"

Super Power Origin: Mutant

Alignment: Good

Identity: Unknown

Known Aliases: Boy of Steel, The Kid of Tomorrow.

Preferred Class: Diamond.

Academy Application #2

No Caption Provided

Title / Code Name: Warrior Angel

Real Name: Alethea

Hometown: Metro City

Gender: Female

Hair Color: Black

Weight: 145 lbs

Age: Unknown, but looks 25 and has the body to match as well due to her long life expectancy.

Eye Color: Blue

Height: 5'11"

Super Power Origin: Meta-Human

Alignment: Good

Identity: Unknown

Known Aliases: Alethea Prince, Thea Prince, The Star of Wonder, Angel, The Warrior, the Angel, Star Angel.

Preferred Class: Faculty

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Ok I'll add Connor

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This is going to be lit!

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The First Day

No Caption Provided

"I don't know why it feels like; you're just sending me to this school to get rid of me." Mari's hazel eyes rolled around her mother's frame with anger.

"Cut the shit kid; you can teleport home after every day." Cat hiss not giving in to Mari's typical theatrics. Deep down, she knew this day was coming; the moment her mom begin talking about Tassi going to school, she knew they were next. They, being, her and Sophia, or So-So as they called her.

"Maricela Lorinda Delgado, I swear on everything I love. If you get suspended or expelled from this school, I will enroll you in the Augustus academy" Mari's eyes narrowed, she'd never heard of that school, but somehow it sounded worse.

"What the fork is that?" She asked glancing at Sophia to see if she knew. "It's your Uncle Leo's space station. That goes for you too shinobi; She continued this time eying Sophia.

It'd been months since Mari ran away from her adoptive family to find her biological mother, and only recently regretting it. Her mother's lithe frame disappear in an azure teleportation mist before her eyes shift back to Sophia.

"Guess we better go check in. It's ok you don't have to say anything." Though they lived in the same household, Sophia and Maricela weren't exactly friends. Mari was three years older and typically talked too much, Sophia was an assassin and stuck to a strict code--she rarely said anything. 'Let's go see what this is all about."

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So-so (as they called her) stood quietly on the other side of the room, what little belongings she had, were already packed as she listened to the mother and daughter go back and forth. It was something that she never personally experienced before, as she had never met her mother or father. It's something she would never understand. The Lost Cardinal had been living with the Liafadors for several months (after Cat unofficially adopted her) and she did her best to stay out of the way. Any family business was that, family business. So-so usually kept close to Tassi, as to keep an eye on her and took her to the park whenever Tassi was feeling cramped in the home (which was many times). She still didn't know her place in the world. She still didn't know who she was. She still didn't know where she belonged. But it was better than with her old master.

But after Tassiana was sent away to live with her father So-so felt lost again. At least before she could keep an eye on the future of the Liafador family. Now? She tried to keep an eye on Maricela but... the two had a difficult time getting along. Mostly because Maricela enjoyed speaking and So-so... did not. Though she was trying... which was difficult. Every answer she did provided only opened up more questions for Maricela to ask. She just wasn't used to it. Because in The Order of Sancta Camisia, speaking too much would get your tongue cut out. So silence was always safe. But she was trying.

"Guess we better go check in. It's ok you don't have to say anything. Let's go see what this is all about."

The Academy

The duo walked in side by side and while Maricela was probably admiring all the paintings, high tech and whatever else teenagers were into, So-so was busy looking for uneven flooring for traps, hidden security cameras, what kind of locks they used on the doors, rugs that could have the potential of covering some sort of door anything that would be suspicious. It was second nature to her, she couldn't help it.

The Sancta Camisia renegade looked up to the Liafador Legacy. "This place is... secure." This place seemed more like a fort, than a school, at least to So-so it did. She began to wonder... what kind of other students were going to be housed here? World busters? Other Gods and Goddesses like Maricela? Fellow assassins such as So-so? Heroes like those in The Justice League Alliance? Or maybe twisted individuals who care only to cause harm to others. She knew Maricela could care for herself... but at the same time So-so felt like she was going to have to keep a close eye on anyone who may attempt to take advantage of her. After all... Maricela was the daughter of the current Matriarch of the family.

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@maya_summers: @catalina_liafador If it's alright with you (and with your permission, of course), I'd like Maya Summers to have been told by Lucas Hawke (Superion) that his son, Kid Superion, is Connor Hawke along with any necessary contact information. Stands to reason she should know since Kid Superion is enrolled in her Academy. Sound good?

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Beautiful thread interwoven with classical superhero themes. I love it.

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No Caption Provided

Mari's eyes followed So-So as she scoured over the seemingly irrelevant details of the school's infrastructure. Her eyes rolled, she forgot this teenaged assassin had never actually been to a school before.

"Christ, we're at a school, not Guantanamo Bay." Mari huffed shaking her head in disbelief. Nodding towards the northern end of the hallway she prodded Sophia to follow.

As the two teenagers moved throughout the hallways, Mari couldn't help but notice the different amenities the school had to offer. A movie theater, a rather spacious swimming pool; an arcade, a massive cafeteria and what appeared to be a nightclub caught her attention.

"I'm just going to assume the Night Club doesn't sell tequila. Anyways, I'm on the first floor, so help me get squared away and then I'll help you."

Mari hoists the lever on her suitcase before continuing rolling her bag down the long hallway. She'd never say it outright, but she believed the school would be a good thing--at least for So-So.

She'd lived her entire life obeying the orders of her assassin warlords, wait, did assassins have warlords? "Hey crazy question, have you ever had chocolate before? She anticipated the quiet killer saying no, to which she'd know for sure if Assassins had warlords.

Popping open her room door her eyes immediately fell on the sheer size of the room. A Queen size bed, walk-in closet, full-size bathroom with plenty of space for the plethora of shoes she bought.

You're going to have to talk.
You're going to have to talk.

She wondered if all the rooms look like this? "Hey what ya' think?"

The perpetual silence Sophia often gave was irritating, only because Mari really could talk--a lot. But also, they were in a school; she didn't care too much for climbing the social strata, but she damn sure didn't want to be at the bottom.

"Listen, you're going to have to talk. Meet people, make friends. We might not always be together. I need to know if you can survive on your own."

Mari said starting to turn away, before thinking about it, "I mean in a school environment, you're not going to be able to kill anyone here. But with some of the things they can do to you'll wish you could." She was mostly speaking from experience, at her last school she got into an awful situation with some girls...all because of a boy she thought liked her. Nasty stuff, nothing she currently spoke about--not even to her mom.

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Beautiful thread interwoven with classical superhero themes. I love it.

Thank you. I appreciate it!

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Somehow, when I'm more available, I want this in my future.

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(I'm not available very much but I'm on from time to time when time allows. I need to write every once in a while or I'm going to go crazy)

Code Name: LightenUp

Real Name: De (pronounced Day) Yoshiki

Hometown: Somewhere in Japan, Classified or Erased

Gender: Male

Hair Color: Black

Weight: 210

Age: Looks physically older but it's actually 16.

Eye Color: Green

Height: 6"2

Super Power Origin: Experimentation created

Alignment Grey

Identity (Known or Unknown) Unknown

Known Aliases: L.U., Bright burn, Day, Yoshi

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@lightenup: hey man I know it’s not in the OP but I know for sure there’s an age limit to who can apply to be a student at the academy. I think 17 is the cutoff. You can wait for sha to confirm if you like.

Moderator Online
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@feral_nova: no biggie wasn't too stuck his age I can edit it but thank you Katya

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So-so followed Maricela to her room, even with the comment, she couldn’t help it, pay attention to the small details that otherwise normal kids wouldn’t pay attention to. Out of all the different activities that were built for the students The Battle Focus Training Room and the gym was what caught her attention. She knew in that moment that is where she would be spending most of her time. Afterall, why break a routine she has been following for the last 13 years of her life?

"I'm just going to assume the Night Club doesn't sell tequila. Anyways, I'm on the first floor, so help me get squared away and then I'll help you."

With a simple nod she followed up to her room. Counting the number of rooms along the way and counting the steps it took to get from the beginning of the hallway to Maricela’s room. This was something she had to memorize, in case they were ever attacked one day and she had to find Maricela's room in the cloak of darkness. But she refused to tell her, knowing well she would simply roll her eyes and make a comment about how ‘weird’ she was.

"Hey crazy question, have you ever had chocolate before?"

She looked up at Maricela, unsure if the question was some type of joke for her own amusement or if she was genuinely curious. “Yes.” She gave a simple one word answer, but she knew that Maricela would want more details than that. “There was a vending machine at one of the missions I was on. Once the mission was complete, I broke into it and took a chocolate bar. It’s taste… ok.”

The duo then walked into the room and So-so’s flat affect… remained flat as she looked around at the immediate opening of the doorway.

"Hey what ya' think?"

She gave a nod and could see the annoyance in Maricela’s irritation from the silence that So-so gave in response. “It’s sec- erm… it’s nice and big.” She corrected herself, trying to adapt more to ‘student life’ with the person who she felt comfortable with. This was much harder than she thought it was going to be. As she walked up to the window, her hand carefully running along the frame to make sure it was safe enough for Maricela she listened to what the Liafador Legacy began to explain to her the situation she was being placed in.

"Listen, you're going to have to talk. Meet people, make friends. We might not always be together. I need to know if you can survive on your own. I mean in a school environment, you're not going to be able to kill anyone here. But with some of the things they can do to you'll wish you could."

No Caption Provided

The renegade assassin was quiet for a moment as she gave a very subtle nod and it looked as if that’s all Maricela was going to get. But she took in a deep breath and turned around to face her. “I appreciate your concern. I’ll attempt to work on my social skills while I’m here. Don’t worry about me, I will survive.” After all, she did survive The Pit. But there was something in Maricela’s tone that there was some experience to her words of wisdom. If anyone attempted to do that to Maricela here, she would cut their limbs off. “Maricela,” she began as she walked away from the window, her arms crossed along her chest as she began slowly making her way around the room “I know you’re… experienced when it comes to school and social interactions, but… if you ever need me. I’ll be here for you.”

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An academy remix, nice
An academy remix, nice

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May jump into this with a character or two. Just dunno if anyone would prefer another faculty member, student, or both.

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Probably could benefit from both

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"What about my mission? Why do I need to make companions to complete that mission? I demand answers!" Her voice erupted like thunder, causing the window and various items scattered around her room to rattle. In front of her stood Ares, the God of War, standing ever so proud and tall. He had the same vicious sneer plastered over his face from the day he freed her from her confinement. The first time she came across his rough features, she felt the compulsive desire to punch him in the face. That same desire engulfed her essence now, as if the God of War was projecting his power outwards - filling the atmosphere with hatred and rage.

"Be mindful who you raise your tone to little girl. I can easily toss you back into the canister I freed you from," Arrogance generated from his body. It was that same arrogance the demigod Heracles used to his advantage in order to best the God of War and his son, Cycnus. Unlike Heracles, she was far from a demigod, and wanted to put Ares in his place. "You wish to attack me? Do not deny it. I can feel the rage flowing through your veins, consuming your puny essence. Those thoughts that are flooding your mind - those are generated by me. If that grey-eyed sister of mine did not interfere and aid my half-brother, I would have came out victorious and...save my son." Was that a hint of sadness in the God of War's voice? Since he freed her of her imprisonment, he had only displayed his hatred for Athena, the Justice League Alliance, and Shield-Maiden. She didn't believe he was even capable of sadness, like her.

"I did not become your servant to be told a tale of the past. The Ancient One will not be pleased if I fail my mission and return empty-handed," Venilia purposely reminded the God of Violence, knowing he would not take what she said kindly. Her words were bold and fearless, like her sources. As soon as he heard of her other master, his eyes suddenly illuminated and his teeth clenched together. Eyes of what looked to be the shade of deoxygenated blood - as if there were a lower content of oxygen flowing to his eyes - now stared into her essence. A low guttural sound could be heard from his throat, like he were a bulldog. It was said dogs were one of Ares' sacred animals. "Where was your master when you fell from the skies of Olympus? Who freed you from your imprisonment? Trained you? Gave you a name? A home? Sisters? Me! Ares, the God of War." His eyes now glowed brighter with anger. For a brief moment, she could of sworn she saw the black muck in his eyes taking the form of two swords which clashed together. She had to admit for the first time, Ares sort of sent chills down her spine, but not enough to change her attitude.

"You don't need to remind me. I think my servitude echoes how grateful I am, don't you think?" She asked with a bit of sass. A small mushroom cloud erupted from his glowing eyes, causing a warm gust of wind to travel toward her - slap her across the face - and blow her blond hair back. "I guess that's your way of telling me no?" She swept the strands of hair from her face. "Look, I only wish to fulfil the task I have been given. Since we both share mutual interest, I thought we could aid each other. I was content with your daughters, the Amazons, but now you enrolled me here to make companions with people who inspire to be my....." Venilia hesitated. She hated being reminded that she was created in some lab off of the DNA of two revered warriors. "Genetic Templates? Clone Sources? Athena would know the word," Ares eyes reverted back to normal - amber colored eyes - as she opened the doorway for him to mock her.

"Someday you will regret calling me that," She mumbled, holding back the raging tornado inside of her. The blond warrior knew he was purposely applying power into his words, hoping to induce her into a fight. The thought she had to overthrow him a few moments ago? Those were his own thoughts infiltrating her mind. Ares was able to invade the mind of others and influence their thoughts and decisions - it's how he was able to stir up wars of various kinds. If your mind was not sharp, then you were another victim to the God of War. The God of Bloodshed did this to her because of the vast power she held. He knew if he could get her to attack him, he would be able to draw power from the rage that consumed her. Like a leech, Ares devoured the energy and emotion that fueled violence.If she hadn't been raised by the war god, she would have longed succumb to his inducement. The two had a toxic daughter and father relationship - one neither liked to admit. "I demand an explanation and you have yet to give me one," Venilia patience was running thin, she wanted answers and she wanted them now. The clone amazon was never suppose to be a servant of Ares, but she was never suppose to crash land on earth either - at least not so soon. "You continue to demand answers from me as if you have a say - as if you are Zeus. For that, I will leave you to getting acquainted with your...new family. By the time I return, I expect your attitude to be readjusted - or you will not enjoy what comes next," Ares warned as his entire body suddenly enveloped with an intense red illuminating light. Standing before her now was a humanoid radiating with what she assumed to be the divine power of the Gods. The amazon used her palm - knifehand gesture - to block the intense light from blinding her eyes, but she could hear the chaos of war emitting from the energy that circulated throughout his body. Once the sounds of gunfire, explosions, and battle cries subsided, she removed her hand from her face and noticed the war god had disappeared, leaving only a scorch mark in the center of the room.

The young goddess in a fit of rage lifted her nightstand with little effort and tossed it across the room - shattering it against the wall on impact. "Bastard!" She cried, releasing her boiled emotions. Part of that rage was real while the other half was manipulated by Ares. Now that the God of War was no longer in her presence, it was easier for her to cool off. "I'll play your little game, God of War, but this better bring me a step closer to my goal," She threatened, looking up at the ceiling - challenging the man-slaughtering warrior. Once she was in control of her mind and emotions, the cloned goddess strode toward her doorway and exhaled miserably. "Might as well explore this wretched place" She said, before exiting the room. Exiting to a long passageway flanked with rooms on each side, Venilia gathered her courage and made her way downstairs to the second floor.

Left a lot of important stuff out, I know. But I felt it would suit better for the next post ;D.

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I will get all my post up tommorrow

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I guess Ill share my application as I await Maya to PM me back

No Caption Provided

Academy Application

Title: Oz

Real Name: Ozzy Manuel Diaz

Aliases: Ozymandias, King of Lies

Hometown: Canary Islands, Spain

Hair: Black

Eyes: Blue

No Caption Provided

Height: 5'11''

Weight: 157lbs

Power Origin: Altered Mutant

Alignment: Neutral Evil

Identity: Secret

Preferred Class: Ruby

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I will get all my post up tommorrow

Is Catalina joining faculty or were you referring to SoSo?

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@catalina_liafador said:

I will get all my post up tommorrow

Is Catalina joining faculty or were you referring to SoSo?

Yeah I was referring to So-So. I'll also be dropping a Maya post too

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(Open to all)

No Caption Provided

At first, nothing happened. But then a spark of electricity here and a spark there began to manifest and coalesce into the form of a bubble. Small at first before it gets bigger very rapidly to reveal the kneeling form of a 15 year old teenager with a powerful build. The edge of a semi truck was disintigrated due to the bending of space and time.

Connor rises to his feet , takes a quick survey of his surroundings and then the pebbles around him start shaking and rising. With a powerful take off that breaks the sound barrier, he flies towards Metro City. Toward destiny.


No Caption Provided

Kid Superion and his father had a nice long talk about going to this Academy. Connor didn't want to go, especially given that his mission was to prevent his father's death. Unfortunately, he ended up too far back in time and Luke Ryder AKA Novastar refused to fix that mistake. The jerk.

So, here is Kid Superion having been enrolled in the Academy. First day as a Diamond. Some kind of class, but it's a weird name. No big deal. School hasn't started yet, thankfully. But the time he's spent here has already been greatly beneficial. He's gotten his stuff in his dorm room and neatly put away. Thank goodness for super-speed. All the boring stuff he can do in a hurry is by far the COOLEST thing.

And now Kid Superion is simply walking around the Academy grounds, checking things out. With a sigh, he lowers his sunglasses and surveys the area, "I hate school." But who knows, maybe he'll end up liking this one.

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(Open to all)

No Caption Provided

Thea, or Alethea as some would call her, arrives on the Academy grounds. Coming here was Lucas Hawke's idea. It was a suggestion. A way to help restore her faith in humanity by training the next generation of heroes. Thea didn't see how it could, but she was intrigued.

In the few days that Thea has been here, she's seen many students enter, get enrolled and the like. Her job hasn't officially begun, not yet. But so far, she likes what she sees from the students coming and going. She wonders if she is the only faculty member here or if Maya has even hired her already yet. She's already sent in an application but the two women have yet to meet. Thea is reasonably certain she's already got the job as she comes with quite the resume.

Thea Prince is the kind of woman who won't take crap from anyone. She's strict, but fair and plans to drill these teenagers into the ground and shape them into the heroes she knows they can be.

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i am new to this site and everything RPG but a start is a start

my application

Title / Code Name:RADAGON

Real Name: jake moon

Hometown: UKRAINE



Weight:65KY(the average)

Age: 16


Height: 5'7"


Alignment GOOD

Identity (Known or Unknown) UNKNOWN

Known Aliases:REAPER

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"That's good to know" Mari replied taking both her suitcases' one of shoes the other with clothes and tossing them on the Queen size bed. There was no intent to stay here on the weekends; someone had to go back home to make sure her mother, Catalina, was at least eating. She often became so wrapped up in her work that she went prolonged periods without consuming anything.

They were on the right path now, the stubborn Princess wouldn't admit it, but she needed Mari and So-So to stay sane.

"Let's go get you moved into your room. Then we can skate off and get a six-pack somewhere" Brushing past the young teen Mari made her way to the outside where other students followed the trend of maneuvering around to see what the school had to offer. With So-So following in tow the two walk past a boy wearing sunglasses, she could only assume he was like her, a diamond because he was on the first floor.

"'Sup" Mari said moving to pass him on their way to the second floor. The second floor was home to the Gems, which So-So classified as. The exact meaning of the classifications wasn't given but it seemed as if the Gems had more freedom on their floor than the diamonds did.

"Alright where too" She asked So-So

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Will get a Maya post up in a few to link everyone else.

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@shanana: how old do students need to be?

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@amazonian: figured I would somewhat connect to your intro

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Ozzy heard the commotion from down the hall, the loud thump and something splintering into pieces against a wall could do nothing more than shake his head. Quite the temper that one has, he thought. Glad we are not room mates.

His fingers continued strumming his bass guitar as he was obviously competing for attention on the third floor. He could hear the heavy feet of someone strut down the hall.

Heavy feet.



Anger is good. Remember that.

Ozzy continued the song until he suddenly stopped, smiling at the sequences of thought racing through his head. He huffed, remembering the words that Dr Scott and Lopez which brought him to the school. He arose from his bed, stretching as he looked at the brown closed door. All we do is stare at walls. Some just don't know it.

He opened the door, glancing at both directions. He assumed the source of his interruption went downwards. He would go investigate some more of the school from the other way. He stopped, glancing out the window at the students below in the courtyard. So many. So new. The possibilities. This is definitely going to be an interesting year, he smiled.

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Into the New Endeavor

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It was like paying dues. The same type of school that launched Maya's hero career in her world, fell in her lap to mold and direct. When Director Ruby of STRIKE asked her to take over the Academy she was reluctant at first, but she figured giving teenagers a venue to appropriately apply their powers would be more enjoyable than creating spreadsheets all day.

Down here she had her own office, and though this facility was funded by S.T.R.I.K.E she no longer answered to STRIKE Command. The Golden Goddess sat quietly at the monitors in her office watching as students begin filing into the Academy, the halls were littered with students of all backgrounds trying to get settled into their rooms.

The sight brought a quaint smile to her face, she kind of remembered what it was like being in the Vine Prodigies, her memory of the entire event a bit foggy.

"Students, Welcome to the Academy. Take the next hour and a half to settle into your rooms and orient yourself to your floors, and then meet met in the auditorium. This includes faculty.

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I might join this.

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"Let's go get you moved into your room. Then we can skate off and get a six-pack somewhere"

“Sure.” She followed Mari out of the room as the duo caught sight of a fellow student who looked like he hated being here as much as Mari… maybe more. “Hey.” She gave the commonly used ‘V’ sign with her fingers. So-so did ‘research’ about teenagers of her ethnicity. It was very common for them to use the ‘V’ sign in greetings and especially pictures. While it looked like a simple greeting, So-so had taken the time to observe his body language and see that he (just like her) didn't want to be here).

As the two reached the second floor, things were quiet. It appeared that at the moment So-so was the first to arrive for The Gems class. She gave a small smirk, good. All the doors appeared to be closed as the sound of a guitar playing was heard above them, followed by the sound of something crashing against the wall. She couldn’t help but give a small chuckle.

"Alright where too"

Hmm.. nice
Hmm.. nice

She looked up at Mari and looked down and pulled out a piece of paper and looked down upon it. “Over here.” she began leading the way. So-So didn’t come with much, because she didn’t own much. A duffel bag that she hand slung over her shoulder and a weapons bag that was carried on her back… which was bigger than the duffel bag that had her clothes in. They passed by a few doors,which were closed, until she stopped at one. She looked down at the doorknob for a moment before gently grasping it in her hand. She could feel Mari's eyes roll. If there was one thing Mari was right about, it was that So-so was paranoid. But you try being raised by assassins.

With a twist of the knob and a quick push she looked for a moment in the dark room before taking a step in and flipping a switch. The light lit up the room, which seemed to be just as big as Mari’s. She walked in, looking around seeing exactly what was in the room and she spotted one window. Tossing her bags on the bed she walked up o the window and push the curtains open as she could see the fishing area in the distance from her window. “Hmm… nice.” was all she cared to say, but she knew she would be searching her room once Mari left for any hidden cameras and microphones.

"Students, Welcome to the Academy. Take the next hour and a half to settle into your rooms and orient yourself to your floors, and then meet met in the auditorium. This includes faculty.”

So-so let out a sigh. School was about to start. The only thing So-so knew about school other than the TV shows she observed for a few seconds while walking past Mari while she was watching. So in other words... she knew nothing. “So... six Pack then auditorium?" She asked as she nod her head in the direction of the door.

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LMAO Mari's gonna like So-So

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@perdidacardenal: (Running Out of Raven Gif's.)

Is that all you have?
Is that all you have?

Mari watched as So-So opened her curtains after placing her weapons bag, and the small duffle bag she hoped contained clothes on the ground. She didn't need to know the young Cardinal that well to know internally; she was itching to check the room for anything that might cause harm.

The Young Demi-Goddess head dart upward as the headmistress' voice came blaring over the PA system, they had an hour and thirty minutes to get settled before they all had to meet in the auditorium to get the school year started.

“So... six Pack then auditorium?"

Mari obliged with a nod before glancing back down at So-So's duffle bag full of weapons, like a pendulum her head swing to the bag of clothes; before continuing to So-So. "Is that ALL you have?" Before finding her biological mother, Mari had just about everything she wanted--save for happiness. Her adoptive parents were nice people, but their marriage wasn't real plus she was pretty sure they were swingers.

But So-So? She was raised and trained by killers; she couldn't imagine having to live a life where she had more weapons than clothes. "Yeah, I supposed we'll have to get you some of those too. Come'on."

Mari's hand cut a hole, in reality, bringing forth a corridor of darkness much like her mother used to do. Because she didn't want to wait for So-So to decide whether or not the portal was safe she pulled the young girl through against her will.

"This here is a Wal-mart, not sure if you've ever been to one before but you can find clothes here. Go find stuff you like and meet me by the electronics aisle. Gonna find some beer I like. Be right back"

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"Is that ALL you have? Yeah, I supposed we'll have to get you some of those too. Come'on."

Confusion swept over So-so as she looked at her belongings and then back at Mari. What more did she need? She didn’t understand having dozens of shoes and even more sets of clothing that were highly inappropriate for combat situations.

But her eyes widen with fear of uncertainty as she saw a dark portal open before them. That didn’t look safe. It probably wasn’t safe. Before she could oppose the thought of going through a portal she was pulled in. A wave of frigid chill washed over her as the darkness engulfed her vision for just a moment, then… as quickly as it came, it was gone and the duo were now standing inside a-

"This here is a Wal-mart, not sure if you've ever been to one before but you can find clothes here. Go find stuff you like and meet me by the electronics aisle. Gonna find some beer I like. Be right back"

“What-” was all she could say before Mari took off. Find clothes? She didn’t clothes, she had clothes. Irritated she looked around where she found the clothes aisle. With a heavy sign she walked forward and began walking over to the clothing. Too bright, not durable enough, how are people supposed to move in that? She knew she couldn’t go back empty handed. But she also knew if she came back with anything that was a shade of black or grey, Mari would probably dark portal her back to The Sancta Camisia.

No Caption Provided

She placed her hand under her chin as she began to think. She grabbed a pair of dark fitting jeans (jeans were safe) and white pants as her eyes suddenly caught a mustard Lightweight French Terry Snap Button Sweatshirt. Her blue eyes fixated on it for a moment as she turned away from it. It wasn't so much the style of the sweatshirt but the color that drew her to it. She had always liked shades of yellow, but individuality was always prohibited in the Sancta Camisia and while she knew she was no longer in there... it was... difficult to allow herself to explore herself. She was so used to living by “All in your name, Raysh Al Shaytan.” that she never developed her own sense of individuality. So-so wasn't like the other assassins who had lives before the Sancta Camisia, she was born in it. She grabbed a black shirt, a white shirt... then her eyes shifted back to the sweatshirt. "Funk the Raysh Al Shaytan." So-so murmured as she grabbed the sweatshirt and began picking a couple of other shades of yellow shirts. She was trying to prove a point to the Raysh even though he was nowhere near her. He wanted to show her that she was able to live her life outside of him that he was no longer in control of her. She wouldn’t abide by his rules anymore because she was no longer in charge of her life, she was.

As she walked to the electronics, an overwhelming sense of emotion washed over her as her eyes were fixated on the clothes she was clutching onto. It may have sounded stupid… but she felt a sense of freedom that she hadn’t felt before. Her shoulders were now relaxed, instead of their forever tense stiffness. Her head picked up though, the moment that she picked up the sound of Mari’s distinct (to her) footsteps.

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Mari marches to the cold beverage section and immediately removed an 18 pack of Corona, sure she only came for six, but between her and So-So they could down nine apiece. She caught side eyes from various other shoppers; she didn't look anywhere near 21. Those that wanted to say something decided to mind their own business was the best bet.

She moved from the cold beverage section back toward the electronics section, the entire time she was unknowingly being followed by one of Wal-Marts Mystery shoppers.

As the carried the case of beer with one hand down the electronics aisle, she was able to pick out So-So from far off. Oh, how she stood out, she looked uncomfortable and paranoid--and probably didn't even know she was giving off that vibe.

"Looks like you found some clothes. Good, let's get out of here" The mystery shopper was closing in until Mari's portal swallowed the both of them from the bottom, once again depositing them into her room back at the Academy.

There was no reason to steal, well at least not the stuff So-So got; Mari's adoptive parents left her debit card activated and still deposited money into it so she could fend for herself. But the Seed of Catalina was intelligent; she knew if she used that card they'd get her location something she didn't want to happen.

Mari cracked open the case before tossing a can to So-So, she assumes the young girl never taste a beer before, and knowing her mom; they'd both would have to wait until they were 21 to do so.

" So tell me your most badass assassin story" she said taking a sip of her Mexican Imported beer.

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The two vanished into the dark portal once more and suddenly appeared in Mari’s room. So-so, look around, an un-approving expression on her face as she tossed the clothes on the bed. But she knew trying to give Mari a lecture on steal when she had killed people before wouldn’t do much good.

As a canned drink was tossed to her, So-so caught it with one hand before looking down at it. Her eyes squinted a bit, she had never seen this type of soda before. Opening it, it gave off a foul smell, one that So-so gave a worried some expression to as she watched Mari take a drink. But before she could take a sip, Mari asked her a rather… personal question.

" So tell me your most badass assassin story"

The young former assassin walked over to the window. Her eyes scanning the area as she set the drink down. Most badass? She probably meant the one that had the most action and death. But there was one mission, that always stood out to her, but not for good reasons. “I was nine.” She began, her voice the usual monotone. “The Raysh Al Shaytan, my master, had given me a mission to infiltrate the royal palace of Bhutan and assassinate the Prime Minister at the time in order to allow Lotay Tshering to take the role. I don’t know the reasoning for it and I don’t know who put the hit, but it didn’t matter. Because whoever put the hit vowed loyalty and servitude to The Raysh Al Shaytan.” She turned around to face Mari, her eyes looking down at the ground as memories of that night rolled in. “I pretended to be a lost peasant girl, the King of Bhutan has a sensitive soul for children and peasants, so he had the guards escort me into the palace to say the night. I waited till three in the morning, when everyone was asleep to strike. Any guards that were patrolling, in my way or not, I killed.” She could still see the horror on their face of having to fight a child. “It didn’t matter to me if they saw me, because my order was to kill anyone who did lay eyes on me. I got to the Prime Ministers room and he was sleeping in the bed with his wife. I killed the wife first,” She purposely skipped the details. “And then, I woke the Prime Minster up and said 'In The Name of The Raysh Al Shaytan, your time is done', ripped his throat out with my bare hands.” She looked down at her hands, the palms facing her as she swore she could still see red upon them. So-so closed her eyes, as if trying to suppress a portion of her memory. “I also had to kill their children… two, twin boys about my age. Once I was done I had to carve the hearts out of their chest and present them to The Raysh Al Shaytan as proof that I killed them and as an offering.” As she finished her story, her eyes opened once more as she looked over at her drink that was still resting at the window seal.

She took the can in her hand held the drink up to her lips before taking a sip and the moment the golden liquid touched her tongue she instantly pulled the can away from her mouth, her face twisted in disgust as she looked up at Mari. “Mari, this taste like poison.” It was no exaggeration, this tasted like a poison The Raysh Al Shaytan made her drink in order to build an immune against it. “What is it?”

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Everyone's post is so awesome! Loving So-so and Mari's interaction. Working on my post now.

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I could totally come in here and be fluffin' English teacher or some shot.

And I would instill the fear of God into each and every one of you. ;P

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Ashley Knightfall walked along the school ground in her usual white coat, her blonde hair up in her signature messy bun. She had heard about the school just by chance and felt that she couldn't pass the opportunity to work in a school with gifted students. She was as experienced as they came for caring with individuals with super human abilities. She worked with STRIKE on more than one occasion, discovered a cure for the 'Liafador virus', helped hundreds during the attack on the once Grimm City, worked with the Shadow Knights, not to mention came from a war filled Reality. She was in fact overqualified to work here, but it was a new challenge, and Ashley loved challenges. Plus who knew, maybe she would make a positive impact on one of these poor young souls who will one day hold the world upon their shoulders.

She had already created medical files on each of the students, soon they would have to go to her office for routine check up so she could give them a physical exam so she could fully understand what she was working with. Her medical ward was all stocked up with the best medical equipment that she provided as a donation to the school and was ready to take in patient's whenever needed. There was talk of the Good Doctor possibly even teaching. Teaching what... she had no idea. Probably how to administer first aid in the middle of a battle? As long as it wasn't Sex ED, she would do whatever needed to be done.

She could see several students roaming the grounds, but one caught her attention. A young man with sunglasses, seemingly highly uninterested in the school and obviously not wanting to be here. @superion_prime

"I hate school."

The Knightfall Saint couldn't help but give an amused smile. "I hated school too. Especially the homework." Ash responded back as she extended her hand to the young man. "Doctor Ashley Knightfall. I'm the on campus Doctor. Maybe instructor as well, we'll see." She gave a pleasant smile as she introduced herself. "What Class are you in?"

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Before walking down the stairway that led down to the second floor, Venilia's keen hearing caught the sound of someone playing an instrument down the hall from her room. Her body went immediately into flight or fight mode, realizing she was not the only one up here. Her mind began to race with questions - paranoia overtaking her: How much did he or she hear? Did they hear anything? No witnesses, kill whoever was in that room? Why did I have to share a hall with an Apollo? The clone brushed the thoughts aside. If she killed him or her, she would be a primary suspect, and judging by what Ares told her, this school was for gifted mortals - whatever that meant. Venilia did not know what this individual was capable of, and so she decided to eventually pry into their affairs, and gather as much information as she could. If he or she heard nothing, she did not have to worry. Though the odds of the individual hearing anything vital anyway was quite slim - judging by how loud the guitar was.

Taking one last glance at the long passageway that made up the third floor, Venilia exhaled and then began to move downstairs. She did not know what the Rubies meant, but she was quite content with being on the third floor. If invaders attacked, it would take them two flights of stairs - including the third, before they finally reached her. She saw this as a tactical advantage, one that would serve her well. The red color scheme of the Rubies also matched her personality and sparked her interest: The warrior had an unusual deep love for the Roman Military, despite not being born on earth. The color red in Roman society symbolized blood and war. Legatus of the Roman Army dyed their Paludamentum scarlet red to project the national interest of Rome and their authority. It recognized Mars - Ares' Roman Counterpart - as the Pater of Rome. He brought honor and strength to the Roman soldiers who fought in battle, unlike her adopted-father. If only she had been adopted by the Roman God of War instead. Though purple would have been a good addition to the color scheme.

She admired the Romans honor and strength, and could relate to their commitment to Rome. It was integrity that made her stay loyal to the Ancient One, despite crash landing on earth prematurely. With no direct communication from her emperor, she could have abandoned her purpose and sought a new one. As she slowly walked down the steps leading down to the second floor, she began to wonder: "Would I have become responsible for my sisters, the Amazons, by becoming the new Queen? Would I have used my position to overthrow Ares, and strip him from his title as God of War? - Was that even possible? - Would I overthrow the Greek Pantheon, and then use their power and influence to overthrow my creator? - That would be nice. Having someone rule over you did kind of suck," Venilia tossed the imagination aside immediately, once she realized her integrity was being invaded. "I was not created to fantasize. The Will of the Ancient One is all that matters." She countered the Somnium Spirit that crept into her mind. The Somnium Spirit's were led by Morpheus in Roman Mythology. In Greek Mythology, they were called the Oneiroi.

Reaching the last step, Venilia immediately collapsed to her knees at the sound of children whispering in her head. "Obtain the Prize Fighter, Obtain the Prize Fighter, Obtain the Prize Fighter," The voices swarmed her brain like parasites - speaking in unison. Their whispers were supernatural and howled like wind. "Not now....Please." She clutched both sides of her head in agony. The voices got louder at her defiance, as if they too detested her presence here. "The Ancient One will not be pleased, Obtain the Prize Fighter, Obtain the Prize Fighter," They interrogated her over and over, like she was a prisoner in a black site. She of all people knew how to interrogate someone, Ares taught her. He made certain to use her as a demonstration, before she started conducting torture on other people. He broke her psychologically, physically, and spiritually. Did she even have a spirit? She was nothing but a clone of two revered warriors. The Greek God of War told her it was to build psychological and physical endurance, but it felt more like a punishment for questioning his authority over her. He knew how to break someone as strong as she was. The tragedy of it all: He was right. While she was born with divine strength and willpower, she realized being tortured by the God help strengthened her further - almost to the point that she could tolerate any form of torture. If anyone was tortured by a God of War - a divine being - they could withstand almost anything, and she appreciated that.

Someone would assume these eerie whispers inflicting psychological warfare against her was tolerable, especially since she was born and molded to tolerate this kind of torture, and while she could, these phantom voices felt like a combination of everything she was forced to withstand. It was hard for her to describe it, but everything hurt. "Shut up, Shut Up, Shut up," She tapped the side of her head with her fist. "This was not my idea." The clone protested. The voices continued to besiege her entire body. As soon as she was on the verge of falling unconscious, someone spoke through the loudspeaker.

"Students, Welcome to the Academy. Take the next hour and a half to settle into your rooms and orient yourself to your floors, and then meet met in the auditorium. This includes faculty.

No Caption Provided

The voices suddenly vanished. Breathing in and out repeatedly, Venilia took in a large amount of air and then exhaled with relief. Sweat trickled down her forehead, and her heart raced. She felt like she did a whole sparring lesson with Phoebe, her Amazon instructor. Raising from the last step and glancing back and forth with her electric blue eyes, she realized she was on the first floor instead of the second. How she managed to get to the first floor baffled even her. Though when her mind was being invaded, and going in and out of consciousness, at one point she did feel like something swooped her off her feet and carried her. She could lie and say it was gentle, but it felt like she were a raindrop being blown by winds going about fifty miles per hour.

"Thank you, lady," She groaned at the loudspeaker, rubbing her sore arms in discomfort. Underneath her sleeved shirt, her metal vambraces gleamed. The shirt was the same color of the rubies with the printing graphic of two golden W's on it - Ares' suggestion. She would have never wore a shirt that reminded her on how she came to existence, especially if both of her clone sources were her enemies. Venilia did not want to look, but she probably embarrassed herself in front of everyone in this floor. She placed her hands in the back pocket of her blue jeans and lowered her head, as she began to look for the dinning hall until it was time to head to the auditorium. Glancing with her eyes only, her worst fears were realized: Kids around her age were everywhere.

@ozzy_manueldiaz Awesome! But now you might be a target ;)

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@perdidacardenal: @shanana: (OOC: Sorry for the late reply you two, didn't see you spoke to Kid Superion) @ashley_knightfall:

Kid Superion continues to glance around, stuffing his hands in his black leather jacket as he catches some conversations going on with his super hearing.

"This place is... secure."

"Listen, you're going to have to talk. Meet people, make friends. We might not always be together. I need to know if you can survive on your own."

“I appreciate your concern. I’ll attempt to work on my social skills while I’m here. Don’t worry about me, I will survive.”

"Might as well explore this wretched place"

"Let's go get you moved into your room. Then we can skate off and get a six-pack somewhere"

This is definitely going to be an interesting year

Students, Welcome to the Academy. Take the next hour and a half to settle into your rooms and orient yourself to your floors, and then meet met in the auditorium. This includes faculty.

It stops there when two girls pass him by and say hi. The Kid smiles a half sort of rogue like grin, "Hey." Then when the one greets him with the V sign, he gives her a thumbs up and a smile that makes a lot of girls melt, but not all. "Nice to meet you. Stay cool."

Well, at least the people are nice. Kid Superion thinks to himself, maybe this place won't be so bad after all. And maybe he shouldn't eavesdrop on people's conversations... But can you blame a guy?! He's bored to tears and that bar isn't very inviting. At least not yet. He's not used to the primitive technology in this era. Then all of a sudden, he hears someone else's heart beat. Footsteps, the smell of perfume and this woman is getting closer. Even without looking, the Kid knows this woman is moving towards him. When she speaks, her voice is calm but pleasant to his ears.

The Kid turns at the sound of her voice, almost as if he didn't hear her approach. He sees that amused smile, then the extended hand. When she says her name, his eyebrows shoot up, Dr. Ashley Knightfall? THE Dr. Ashley Knightfall?! Even in his time, he's heard of her. She's a big name where he comes from even though he's never met her there in his time that he knows of.

The Kid takes off his glasses, then shakes her hand in his own. "Everyone calls me Kid Superion or just Kid, and yeah...I'm his son." He says in reference to Metro City's champion known as Superion. "Nice to meet you, Dr. Knightfall. I'm a Diamond. So...may I ask to what I owe the pleasure?"

The Kid keeps his cool, not giving any hint that he's heard of her in her future. He can't tell her that or what may lay ahead.