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"REMEMBER TEKKEN IF YOU HIT YOUR HEAD AGAIN IT MIGHT CAUSE YOU TO HAVE A CONCUSSION" Tekken waved the sexy nurse off as he walked out the hospital with his supergirl blow-up,and headed down the windy street he placed his I-Pod in his ear and looked for his horse.People had often called him weird because he was indeed a super hero but he had never saved anyone;As a matter of fact he ran from most fights that came his way. He looked up and saw a police officer sticking a ticket on his horse,Tekken's eyes shot open as he ran with his doll in hand towards the police man. "DUDE WHAT THE HECK I PUT A QUATER IN THE METER!"  he looked back at Tekken and said THIS IS FOR CARS,NOT HORSE LOOK AT THE SIGN! Tekken glanced at the No horse parking sign ,all he could mutter was what is the odds!. He glanced down at the ticket. "50,000 DOLLARS! WHAT THE HELL THIS IS MADNESS!"

"YOU PUT A LIVE ANIMAL IN DANGER SON"..... Tekken mounted his horse and began to trot down the street. Soon the wind began to pick up and Tekken could hold on to his Doll anymore.The wind pushed it in the air Tekken was about to fly up and get it when his horse began to run fast."SLOWLY DOWN YOU MOVING BOTTLE OF GLUE!!!" The horse leaped over a car and went into the park. Tekken had fell of the back of his horse and began to be dragged. The horse Stoped when it got to the pond which was the centerpiece of the park,launching Tekken over it's head and end to the pond. He floated through the air yelling:


His green tunic way now Wet,his hair now soaked and his pride shot,He got out the pond and saw people pointing and laughing at him. Not because of what just happened but because of the Dora the Explorer draws he had on.Tekken's horse seemed to be laughing as he mounted it again.

Tekken said as he continued to ride home full of shame,humilation and poop.

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Feral Nova flew through the city of Los Angels, the city were the WAL HQ stood tall among the other many tall buildings. Nova's wild red and yellow flames covered her body from head to toe as she slipped on her earphones from her ipod and began to listen to 'I Believe I can fly by The Gimme Gimmes' She began to lip sing to the first part until the chorus came on. She then took a deep breath and powered up as she flew faster through the air as she yelled out the lyrics from the top of her lungs. "I BELIEVE I CAN FLY! I BELIEVE I CAN TOUCH THE SKY!" She flew past buildings and nod her head, looking down at he city, watching cars drive by and people walk along the sidewalks. "I THINK ABOUT IT EVERY NIGHT AND DAY! SPREAD MY WINGS AND FLY AWAY! I BELIVE I CAN SOAR, I SEE ME RUNNING THROUGH THAT OPEN DOOR!" She then saw something she hadnt seen for a very long time. A horse trotting along the streets of LA, with a familiar blond man with a green outfit. "OH MY GOSH IS THAT TEKKEN!?" She yelled out as something hit her face, causing her to panic and put out her flames. Nova crashed down onto a roof an apartment complex as she groaned in pain, rolling over to her side and sitting up, trying to see what hit her. To her surprise, it was a Supergirl blow up doll, Tekkens most prized possession. 
"Yup, that was Tekken for sure." she laughed out as she picked up the blow up doll. Right then the roof door opened to have a group of teenagers walk up, looking at Feral Nova as if she was crazy. "W-what?" She stood there for a moment gazing back at the teenagers. She then noticed they weren't looking at her, but at the blow up doll she was holding. "WAIT NO THIS, THIS ISNT MINE! I SWEAR!" She yelled as she tried to hold it behind her, only to have the legs stick up behind her head. "Um... Um...um....." She looked around in a panic. "BE COOL STAY IN SCHOOL!" She yelled out as she ran off, taking off to the edge of the building and jumped off, bursting into flames as she held tight to the doll, making sure to lower the temperature of the fire so that it wouldn't harm the doll. She then took off like a rocket to were she saw Tekken take off to. Within seconds she spotted him once more, and with a mile wide smile she flew down till she was next to him and his horse, flying at ground level to be eye to eye with him. 

"TEKKEN!" She yelled out in excitement as she put out her flames and jumped on the back of his horse, hugging him as tightly as she could. "DUDE! WHATS UP!?" She shouted, Tekken was one of the first friends she made when she joined up with We Are Legend, and was one of the few people who seemed to be at the same level of randomness as her. She then took a sniff and scruched her nose, a fowl smell filling the air around them she didnt take note of till now. "OH MY GOSH WHAT IS THAT SMELL?!" She yelled out as she pulled out some AXE spray from her back pocket and began to the spray the air around them. She then took a deep breath and smiled, "Better, MUCH better." she said as she then patted Tekken on the head. "Oh dude you dropped this!" She said as handed Tekken his Supergirl blow up doll, but then suddenly screams of women could be heard for a mile. Nova looked around in a panic, suddenly the ground beneath them began to tremble, as the yelling became louder and louder. "What... is that?!" Nova looked around only to find women from all around them running at them screaming out in excitement. "Oh crap!" Nova said as she jumped off the horse and flew up to the sky just in time before the women completely surrounded the horse and Tekken. Steph watched as the women began to try and throw themselves on Tekken, she began to laugh at the situation as she landed about ten feet away.
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