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Trooper was appalled by the villainous acts committed by Starkiller. THe thought that someone would attack a ten year old child made him enraged. so angered to the point where he could not differentiate friend from enemy. He stepped outside of the Frat mansion, roaring for starkiller to come out and face him. He wanted to hurt Starkiller. No hurt was too "weak" a word. He wanted to beat starkiller within an inch of his life and if he killed him in the process so be it. He activated his electrical form as he hovered 10 feet above the ground awaiting his opponent...

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Starkiller walked out of the Fraternity's mansion slowly with a smirk plastered across his face.  Seeing Super Trooper hovering above the ground, the young sith chuckled.  What a f*cking joke... To him, this wasn't about pride, honor, or any of those idiotic human concepts that the frivolous heroes of this world usually fought for, Starkiler just wanted this boy scout to shut the f*ck up already.....So he force choked a ten your old girl, what the hell's the big deal? Starkiller shook his head as he looked up at the electric figure.  So, how do you wanna die? the young sith said coldly as he slowly reached into his pocket and pulled out his lightsaber.  

I can thrust my lightsaber into your nether regions, tear out your intestines and choke you with them, force choke you until your insides burst in a beautiful explosion of blood and guts, OR slowly remove your limbs and beat you to a bloody pulp with them.  He slowly gave two more steps forward, the whole time analyzing the hero.  Personally, I reccomend the second choice.  t's rather....entertaining to see a mighty hero fall to their knees, squirm, and beg for mercy as the sweet essence of life leaves their body forever.  Ahhhhhh. 

 A huge smile formed on his face as he thought about death, about squeezing the life from a piece of an insignificant goody good like this.  Now more than ever, the young sith's heart was filled with darkness.  The desire to kill, to maim, to tear and slash through the hero's tendons awakened an insatiable, dormant hunger in his soul that could not be held back by any means.  All his life the sith had been taught to unleash the monster within.  He had been taught that hatred was power, that darkness was destined to cast its glorious veil over all existence. This, killing a hero in front of those who he was sworn to protect, would definitely be a step in the right direction.  Keeping his eyes locked on his target, Starkiller deployed his lightsaber and held it in his left hand.  

You f*cking prick, you couldn't leave this alone, you just haaad to meddle in my affairs, you just had to defend that little brat.  I'll show you what the power f the Dark Side of the Force is really capable of, hero.  

Looking up into the air, Starkiller yelled loudly as a strong telekinetic wave expelled from his body and jetted outwards to the sith's surroundings.  As it left his body, the powerful wave was able to pick up chunks of asphalt from the street and send it flying into the air.   As the wave got closer to Super Trooper, Starkiller opened the palm of his right hand and a began concentrating a pressurized orb of air in it.   Without thinking twice the sith raised his right arm and aimed his open palm towards the hero sending an invisible telekinetic wave towards him.  As he released the wave, Starkiller clutched his red lightsaber tightly in both hands, he knew the attacks that he had just released would never be able to fully take down a warrior of Super Trooper's caliber.  He'd come hard and come strong, but Starkiller would be ready for him, no f*cking way he was losing to this fool.      
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The dark man stalked out of the Mansion, laughing, calling super a joke. Super saw this as a front for his surprise of the power Super held. He could feel his enemies power, this man was terribly strong but Super shrugged, thinking to himself "Hmph, nothing i cant handle."  He observed the man and his ever rising anger made him want to just rush this excuse for a human being, but he waited. He wanted the worm to use as much of his mouth as he could before Super ripped it off.  The man asked him how he wanted to die. Super smirked and watched as a red energy was emitted from a device the enemy was holding. He could feel the heat coming from the blade he knew he had to avoid that at all costs.

He simply chuckled as the being boasted about the different ways that he could kill him. Super thought, "You wont be able to touch me fool, so shutup and act, you imbecile."  He then took two steps toward Super. This made super become edgy, so he amped up his surge a bit more. The man was still boasting, super folded his arms and kept his gaze fixed upon him, as if daring him to make a move.

   Then trooper watched as the man let out a roar. He then felt an impact which caused him to unfold his arms but he didn't leave his spot. Super muttered, "You cant beat me, he then shot off a huge bolt of lightining the size of his arm, he shot off 8 of these bolts and then teleported behind the man and shot off another bolt at point blank range aimed at his head. With this assault he planned to end the fight quickly and decisively...

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As Starkiller's grip on his lightsaber grew tighter, he continued to feel the rage, hatred, and the pain of past memories feeding his inner demon, making it stronger and stronger and loosening the chains that bound it in the bowels of his soul.  If Super Trooper thought that this was it, that he had already felt the brunt of the young sith's his blade, he was gravely mistaken.  There was much more to the young sith than he led people to believe...

Starkiller watched on as both of his powerful waves collided with the hero, and to his surprise, his opponent seemed for the most part, unphased.  At that moment, he realized that this he had greatly underestimated this man.  At least he'll give me challenge, Starkiller thought as an evil grin grew on his face.  As he stared and thought, he heard Supertrooper mutter something under his breath before quickly hurling a large bolt of lightning down towards the sith.  Starkiller could see the anger in the hero's face, the furious intensity and desire to tear the villain apart.  The young sith, quickly and gracefully raised his lightsaber and moved it in front of his face, successfully deflecting the first bolt of electricity.  As he thought, there's no way I can win this fight by staying on the defensive.  He continued moving his lightsaber, successfully deflecting three more of the large bolts.   Gotta act quick, gotta act clean.  As the fifth bolt of lightning came at him he swiftly got back in his defensive stance, and rose his right hand to make a telekinetic wall and shield him from the rest of the bolts.   The lightning struck the shield with a loud crash and produced a bright burst of light, stunning and blinding Starkiller for a couple of seconds.  When the shock wore off, Starkiller's eyes darted forward to find the hero but he was nowhere in sight.  At that moment, he heard a sudden noise behind him and a quick crack of electricity.  He knew what it was..it was Super Trooper, getting ready to finish him off.   As fast as he possibly could, the young sith deployed his lightsaber in his left hand and turned, raising it and trying to defend himself from the inevitable attack.  However, the lightning came too fast and as Starkiller turned, it collided head on with his left shoulder.   The villain immediately cringed and fell to his knees, the whole time,miraculously keeping his grip on his weapon.   The shock of the electricity of the lightning ran from his shoulder down to the rest of his body, and brought with it intense pain.  But alas, Starkiller had lived through worse, he had been taught to ignore the pain, to use it and mold it into his own weapon of ultimate destruction.  Starkiller now knelt on the asphalt of the street, the several onlookers who had now gathered around were now cheering for the hero and pleading for the sith's death.  In the corner of his eye Starkilller saw something different.  A strange looking woman looked on and seemed to be enjoying the fight.  He couldn't hear her but he could make out what she was saying by the movement of her lips.  

Kick his ass, Starkiller.  

Starkiller immediately grinned and winked at the woman.  Good to know I still have some fans on this piece of shit planet.  Maintaing his evil smile, the young sith, with a surge of power and tenacity, rose to his feet.  As he stood and turned his body to face Super Trooper, he let go of the lightsaber with his left hand and let its momentum take it straight into the grasp of his right hand.  He gripped the sacred weapon tightly and raised his right arm high into the sky.  As he turned he looked straight into the eyes of the hero and smiled.  We're just getting started, he thought, as his body now stood right in front of the hero's and as he brought the lightsaber down towards Trooper's left shoulder furiously.
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trooper had landed his blow on the enemy and as the crowd was cheering him on his anger increased. He was not doing a deed for the society he was simply invoking his wrath on another being because he was filled with rage. The thought of him being seen as a hero was popostrous. He watched as the man lay on the ground. The wound was severe but he knew the man had survived. He was still bothered by the people surrounding and knew he would need all his focus for this fight. He put a heavy amount of focus in his danger senses. "Can't teleport anymore but my speed is far greater than his so i won't need it."  Trooper thought to himself unaware of his opponent beginning to rise up and make an effort to attack him. He was still contemplating why the crowd was so infatuated with him. Nothing was heroic in the deed that he acted out. In theory he was the villainous one, calling someone out of their home, wishing to kill them, demeaning them.... nothing he did represented the aspects of a hero, but eh he was never a true bluer anyway.

 He watches as the man regained his footing. He could tell the man was weakened by the blow. Super believed could have rushed him and finish him off if he wanted too but he saw no reason too. It would be seen as cowardice in his eyes. He wanted this man to unload all his power and trooper and once he did that, trooper would show all of his and make this fool realize they were not equals in power. The being was up staring at Super, he then switch his saber to his right hand. This brought something to his attention. A key thought to remember during this fight. Trooper had weakened his dominant hand thus forcing the man to use his non-dominant hand, meaning that he would be slower with this hand and less graceful. He also realized another thing, if he could give him strikes like this in all types of places he could demobilize his opponent, thus making him much easier to kill. With all these possibilities in mind he knew the chances of him losing this fight were slim. But he would not become laxed by this thought, he had been taught many times not too underestimate his enemy and he wouldn't make the mistake now.

He watched as the man raised his saber high above his head and began to slam it down towards Super. He smirked sidestepped and went for a floor sweep and tried to follow up with a bolt to his right ankle....