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Twenty-four years ago I witnessed the murder of my uncle, Noah Zeraz, and through his death I found the liberation I needed to escape my tyrannical mother. Since then I've been determined to acquire every bit of knowledge and skill that'd assist my quest in creating a better Earth, an Earth where unchecked powers didn't ravage the world.

Eleven years ago, after being rescued and raised by my biological father, I discovered my genetically gifted ability to traverse the always expanding multiverse. Upon this discovery, I was drawn to a realm with nearly impenetrable source walls. This world, like my own, had a version of my mother with reality powers beyond her comprehension.

Since that realization I've worked my earnest, attempting to guide the young, intellectual survivalist through means only I knew how, but they were to no avail. Instead she grew mad and the world around her was too blame. In turn I decided to devote my life to ensuring neither she nor this world's mutant populace didn't do to this world what mine did to our own, destroy it.

He's transfixed by the calibrations on the touch screen HP laptop. Scrolling through the statistics manifested through a simple AI system, named Chauncey, that assisted his efforts of developing a sound GWE software program.

Together, with the financial backing of the Pierce Administration, were able to develop a program that would safely monitor Gothic City for a single year. This free trial would act as presentation for the rest of the United States, showing them how beneficial the GWE program would be if implemented into their cities too.

In other words, through this connectivity, the United States of America would subsequently become thee smartest nation in the world by effectively monitoring, pinpointing, directing authority to the criminally super powered, and safeguarding humanity in the now.

"You're so beautiful," he spoke with a weirdly controlled exuberance as Chauncey strapped President Pierce to a vertical slab of metal, hazardously because her precious head clonked against the stainless silver, thus awakening her from a twenty-four hour induced unconscious state.

"You don't even know it." Sean lovingly pressed his lips against the computer screen before walking over to his barely aware captive.

"As for you, you're just weak." He's able to shift his inflection in manner that made words hurt more than they should have. Miss Pierce was livid through his methodology of playing her mind like a board game. It infuriated her to be so vulnerable. She'd have his tongue for this. If she escaped she'd would definitely rip that serpent tongue from that...mouth....and she'd maybe feed it to him.

"Troy baby, is that you?" Even through the appropriately injected dose of drugs, the never ending persistence of President Pierce managed to mutter the only concept she could. Was her captor some juiced up version of her son? Even with this meek utterance the psychologically impervious femme fatale knew what sort of dialogue that'd garner a slither of sympathy from her fledgling, one she could capitalize off, but Sean knew better than to fall for the bait.

"Please, don't do this. I can explain. I can explain everything. Who you are, what you are, everything you need. Just give me a chance, baby. I can make it all better. I promise." She kept speaking afterwards, Sean was sure of it, because it's in her nature, but he's lost in time for a moment, calmly stroking her curly brown locks as he blankly stared into those glimmering violet eyes.

"You're stupid. You're all very stupid. Every last one of you." Sean refused to explain anything to his mother, he wouldn't go on some stereotypical tirade as to why he was doing what he would do. Instead he'd compactly press his palms against each side of her reddening face, ignorantly ignoring her genuinely petrified face, unknowing of this world's Clarice's trauma, and through this ignorance he effortlessly took control away from her....he took control of the main thing Clarice always prided herself for....the control of her body.

"Chauncey, activate your GWE software update. NOW!" Utilizing his own ability of mental manipulation, Sean urged his mother to use her reality powers to create the utopia he presumed this world needed.

The Vine Update

  • Local authorities haven't been called for major crimes since Christmas Eve.
  • No word from the Pierce Administration pertaining to the trial and if the predicted success means expansion.
  • It's the third day and STRIKE affiliates have been seen in the sky.
  • A group of seemingly super powered individuals have been walking around with Zeraz Tech logos.
  • Everything seems to be peaceful as we head into the new year. No word if Congress will be okay with expansion, considering the GWE program an invasion into privacy. Word has spread that Miss Pierce is being called a lonely old spinster as well as dictator.
  • GWE's first pinpoint arrest happened this morning, but word is the GWE program physically got involved. As a sentient device just rose from God knows where and subdued the suspect.
  • Rumblings of computers and other handled devices seemingly judging, talking, and watching civilians has increased in the last few hours.
  • Doubt in the program is starting to grow. There's been a call to cease the program by some Gothic officials.
  • Gothic official found dead!
  • Robots walking among us?
  • Software program expanding without the okay?
  • Pierce Administration----------------------------------------------BROADCAST CUT OFF

God's Watching You

No Caption Provided

Humans need to be protected. Super powers are criminal. Order must be restored. Live longer, work harder, think smarter. Zeraz Tech for all.

  • GWE has just been launched.
  • Citizens of Gothic City are being monitored by walking AI beings that are listening, watching, and learning from their subjects.
  • For every super powered being there is a GWE AI created to match their specific attributes only.
  • Resistance to conformity will result in brutality.
  • WildCardz are an odd exception, all employees of Zeraz Tech are seen as such.
  • Anyone who tries to reach the epicenter, Zeraz Tower, will be met by the WildCardz (the lit up area on the map)
  • No one is being killed, humans will not be hurt, no casualties, GWE will only respond to the level mutant being dealt. Dangerous mutants, however, won't be afforded such kindness.
  • World stop.......carry on.

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"This is Super City port control please enter today's security codes to enter port". A man said over there radio frequency. Admiral Price replied, "Security codes sent". After a short pause over the coms the Super City port security officer said back over the coms, "Please proceed to bay three and stand by for GWE inspection, also, welcome to Super City Novae Terrae".

The S.C.S.S. Novae Terrae docks at the inclosed heavily secured sea docks of Super City to offload security troops, Ravjets and supplies as a GWE AI watches there every move. Director Ayana steps off the Novae Terrae to meet up with port security to give them the list of supplies they need.

Director Ayana then walked over in front of the GWE and looked up at it, being ten feet tall and with such high tech that it was built with she was a little mesmerized by its tech alone she then said, "So this is the GWE eh, hope it lives up to its exploitations". she then remembered that Luna Hawk was on bored the Novae Terrae, not knowing the repercussions she decided go back to the ship to her quarters inside the ship to meet her.

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Shaeyra Hol, or Solar Hawk, depending upon the time period, had arranged an interview with Noah Zeraz, not to protest the new administration of the city, but to join it. There was nothing she could do to hide her nature, so she made no effort at concealing it, better to not insult the man. She had been quietly tracking progress of the program for months with her own deceptive interests in mind. For now though, unfortunately, the best place to learn about it was from the inside.

Shaeyra paced the conference room and made another adjustment to her helmet out of minor nervous reflex. If things went poorly, she'd be dealing with the very system she came to learn from. She suspected Nth Metal would still serve her well, but losing her strength and senses would be disorienting, at best. She did cover her left hand with a glove, it was important the ring there remain hidden for the time being. She had her trusty Nth Metal Mace on her hip as usual, deciding to avoid the guns for now so as not to set anyone off.

Never one to enter a situation like this cold, Solar Hawk had arranged contact with Noah Zeraz before, usually over internet communications and never before in person. She had expressed interest as a "capable individual interested in the progression of order over chaos." Her username had been Shaeyra, no need to conceal who she was, since no one on this Earth would be able to make the connection anyway.

If this program works, it could be exactly what we need to shut down opposition once Thanegar is restored. All hail Amun-Ra.



Luna Hawk opened the door for Ayana and gazed up at the AI that followed. "Interesting friend. Can I ask for a small favor?" She asked, hoping the difficulty with her husband wouldn't carry over...too far.


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Gamer awakens into Super City, after being in state of coma while plugged into a cyber compendium of knowledge and being caught behind a firewall as he tried to leave. The security system finally updated with him as being part of the program and allowed him to leave the connection. Now awake in the local hospital along with all the information he gathered upgraded his intellect. The rules of the city being simple but he'd like to make his self more useful and approaches Wildcardz office, and drops in a resume describing his qualities they might like.

No Caption Provided

http://www.comicvine.com/forums/rpg-9/character-intro-gamer-1630967/#1 <---- resume.

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"Im sorry for the wait, what is it that you need"? Ayana asks Luna Hawk.

meanwhile in Super City STRIKE Ravjets patrol the air like flying police cars as STRIKE soldiers patrol the city like cops. it was a beautiful day, not a cloud in the sky and the sun was bright. the city walls where locked up tight as traffic from the main entrance increased, more humans wanted in this utopia then anyone had originally realize. STRIKE soldiers then securing WildCardz headquarters perimeter and even gave a Ravjet custom built just for Wildcardz team.

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"A super computer to process a theory of mine about the Monitor's murder." She said.

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No Caption Provided

Life in the Big City...

Lucas whizzed over the walls of the so-called Super City, his rocket shoes blazing with light. He'd heard some pretty awful things about it, but it would be worth a visit. Besides, it would give him something really entertaining to post to his website, RustleVine. He was a pretty big attention hog, after all, (some would say the biggest) on the internet for right now, and people were curious to see what was going on inside the walls of the mysterious "Utopia." Even the most ardent foes of the Rustler would tune in to watch this livestream, filmed by his mask.

Lucas knew that powers were rather frowned upon, so he had been using his abilities to fool the scanners. It would probably only work for so long, though; besides, anyone watching his livestream would almost certainly alert the authorities to his transgression. Nobody knew he was a mutant; they thought he'd gained his powers some other way, and that's just what he let them think. How someone could love a Metahuman, but hate a mutant, was beyond him. There was basically no difference. Ah well, mutant pride was for losers and whiners on the internet.

"Well here you have it, folks. Super City. Looks like a place that needs some hard-core rustling, if you ask me. Now, this ain't really a place I want to stick around in; they don't much care for super-powered types, including moi. Keep it down if you want to see me get out alive!" He grinned again as he used his power to edit in music from Metal Gear into the stream. He could hear it in his head (literally), the stealthy beat making every step seem that much cooler. Climbing up a ladder on the side of an apartment building, he took a panoramic view of the city, observing every last detail.

Stopping to zoom in on the gargantuan spire-like building in the city center, he whistled in appreciation.

"What a beaut, huh folks? Not sure I'd like to get near that place. I value my life, see. Who wants to see me rob a bank? I'll do it! I ain't no chicken!"

He'd check his feed in a moment. If 50% of the people voted yes, he'd go for it. And no small bank either; the biggest, fanciest one he could find...

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Before the Tragedy

"Madame President, I'd be lying if said your presidency hasn't been controversial. However, it's become abundantly clear that you've seen more laws passed than any other administration. So, I have to ask. What's next for President Pierce? Love, perhaps?"

"Love? Andrew, I already have love in my life." I don't like questions like this. I never have and I never will, because they're stupid. I understand it's unprecedented to have a single woman in office. I know this country has a hard time accepting a woman in power, but no one complained with Stark won the office. The perks of having a cock, I suppose.

"I love the people of this country for supporting me, even when the United Nations opposed my methods for handling our mutant crisis." Married to the job I implore, but I know the tabloids will complain that I haven't made a family. How self-righteous of them, to assume my life is meaningless without something hard and wrinkly between my legs.

"I love the men and women of this country for knowing that I support them, regardless of the sexuality or species they were born or see themselves as." It hurts to speak the words, but I'm okay with it. I'l be okay with it, because after acting as an accomplice to @the_xsoteric's genocidal attack on Paradise Island....I realized it would be easier to put collars on the beasts rather than put them to sleep.

"I love them for understanding that protective measures had to be taken to ensure certain mutants weren't abusing the system. " I feel good. I feel at one with the universe. I am the God these people have needed and I'm not going anywhere.

"So, Andrew. I guess you could say I'm happy, but I'd be lying if I said I didn't want to---"


"---push the envelope. I mean...just look at it."

It took quite some time, but not too long. In a concentrated effort to attain the substantial amount of allies necessary to effectively protect Super City from outside forces, Sean diligently went to work on a spacecraft blueprint for the WildCard leader, @clutch. With it's completion the need for phone calls had become redundant. As a result, the mercenary for hire and his squad of like minded associates were cordially invited to Zeraz Tower, to bask in the ambiance of the cleverly crafted creation.

"I hope you love it, but there is a catch. After all this is a bargain and above all else; I am a business man." Sean clasped his hands together, brightly smiling as he gazed upon his myriad of requested guests.

"Paying for your services is one thing. My hospitality is another, but this spacecraft...this is so much more. So, I guess what I'm trying to say is....were you able to retrieve what I asked for?"

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Solar Hawk stood silently at Sean's side while he spoke with The Wildcardz. Her HUD ran scans of each individual team member and ran them against the Super City database, highlighting powers and abilities for her just in case she needed to deal with anyone. Solar Hawk smiled a little as the information scrolled across her vision. I'm starting to like this whole technology thing.

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Some hours ago--

No Caption Provided

Evelyn rushes through the door to find her outlaw of a father, bloodied and beaten in his favorite chair, sulking in the living room's darkness. At first both of them were silent with the gravity of the underlining situation, but then, with an air of complacency, Sebastian remarks. "I made chocolate souffles just in case you wanted a little snack before you hit the road. They're still in the oven and I think I tore my ACL, so never did get around to turning the oven off... What I'm trying to say is that they're more than likely burnt to a crisp, but I know how much you love souffles, so why not try them anyways?"

Evelyn, crushingly upset and confused, mumbles her bare thoughts under whispered breath until it all builds up to a roaring "First of all! I can't believe you-you-you never even told me you were some... Murderous-mutant-assassin!"

"It would sounded ridiculous and considering the fact that I'm the one who pays the bills--"

"You lie! All you do is lie Dad and- and I knew you got into some shady shi-stuff, but I loved you anyways! I never questioned you or-or bothered you about the things you asked me to stay out of, because I - Because you always told me all you do, is for the good of our family!"

"You think that's changed? Do you, for one second(!) believe anything I do isn't for us?!?" Sebastian tries to stand up from his chair but only falls to his hands because of his battered leg.

Evelyn begrudgingly notices tears running down her cheek and wants to help her father up, but is frozen with fear and disgust of the menace she never knew before today.

No Caption Provided

Sebastian barks a pain fueled obscenity and resumes on his palms "You know what? I don't care for petty drama... Goddammit darling, you know me more than most believe or not! And I thought-- I had hoped, you would understand that anything I didn't tell you, just wasn't for you to know! Because I(!)-- because I(!)-- because I-- I... I'm not the father you deserve, you deserve better and you deserve a world without all my mess... And that's what I tried to give you but--" the old(er) man throws himself back on the foot of his favorite chair and impishly barks, "I packed your stuff, or at least enough of it, and it's in your room. Get out of here now! That lonely old spinster (Ms. Peirce)'s bastards will be here soon and I need you out before then."

Evenlyn marches pass him without a word, and starts collecting her luggage while Sebastian details "I tried to fight them off earlier today, but you can see how that went." She passes back bye him, unemphatic, while he requested "Can you turn off the oven on your way out princess?"

She did no such thing and made like the wind. He wines a final "Love you too. See ya'later alligata'..."

Leaving Mr. Stringer, Gothic senator and seasoned sinner, alone and ready for his imprisonment at the hands of God's Watchful Eye.

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The Fun Begins

Lucas stood perched on a rooftop outside the First Bank of Gothic. There were any number of so-called "First Banks" around, but he had chosen this one in particular 'cos it looked super fancy. His livestream had accrued a total of seventeen million viewers. Well, that's hype if I've ever heard it.

Time to kick into action. An entire 77% of his viewers had voted yes to him robbing a bank. Entertainment at its finest.

This time, he had chosen the direct approach. Swooping down over the street with his rocket-powered shoes, he threw an explosive pellet at the door, blowing it off its hinges. Tumbling into the center of the large bank, he moonwalked over to the teller, his mask filming everything.

"I'd like to make a withdrawal," he said with a grin, vaulting over the booth and into the back room. Pulling the exact same trick as last time, he "reached" into the vault computer with his mind, subtly manipulating the signals that kept the vault closed. After a mere ten seconds, the door opened. "Ta-daaaa!" he cried, stepping into the cold metal room. Ah, diamonds. The ladies love these, he imagined, ripping a drawer open with his metal arm and dumping its contents into his bag. Might as well grab a few bills on the way out, too, he though, picking up a case full of Benjamins and dumping them into the bag. He a handful out, though, as he hovered back into the lobby.

"Compensation for your troubles, dear friends! Remember to like and subscribe!" he yelled, flying around the room dropping the money. He'd lost about two grand doing this, but it was worth it to see the smiles.

Is that kid watching my livestream on his phone? He was just sitting there, looking from the small screen to Lucas, back and forth, like he couldn't believe his eyes.

Well, that's going to be a meme, he thought, smiling at his fan. For his final trick, he crashed through the skylight, soaring into the blue sky of the "Super-City," free to leave.

"Well, folks, there you have it. That wasn't so hard," he mused, unaware of the GWE forces closing in on him at high speeds from behind...

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Solar Hawk was fast, in a familiar sort of way. She caught up with him in moments but hoped to end it without violence because of his age. (I'm assuming this and the other bit I'm in with Solar take place at different times) Rather than grab or hit him she flew up next to him and gestured for him to land.

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@legacy_: @lunahawk: @jack_:


Within minutes they where there, surrounding the bank on the ground and in the air, they weren't messing around! about 30 STRIKE officers that been given the job to protect the city swarmed around the building with guns drawn. "THIS IS THE GCPD WE HAVE YOU SURROUNDED"! waiting for a response and not knowing Luna Hawk was inside they waited for orders from the higher ups.

"U DUMB ASSES HES NOT THERE ANYMORE", Ayana yelled over the GCPD coms and continued, "He's heading west after him"! Two Ravjets fly after him following Solar Hawk as the rest on the ground sure the bank.

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@ayana_yashimora: @lunahawk:

As he flew at high speeds away from the bank, Lucas spotted a winged pursuer out of the corner of his eye. How familiar...but one look was enough to tell him that this was not the same person he had assisted a few days ago. She was gesturing for him to land. He looked back, making a "L" over his eye with his spare hand and sticking out his tongue. Turning to the front again, he yelled into his recording microphone, clipped right above his collar.

"Hey-o, folks, looks like we've got ourselves a chase going on!"

Pulling into a sharp dive, he weaved dangerously between moving cars, squinting as his enhanced brain took in the details of the oncoming traffic. He waved at a few cab drivers, smiling at their horrified expressions. Taking a sharp turn, he was barely able to squeeze between two pickup trucks. Flying this fast, any collision would mean instant death.

"Ha! Juked," he said satisfactorily into the mike.

Then he saw the jets.

"Aw, come on! What is this, some sort of military operation? This is your tax dollars at work, here, folks. Jets. E-Mail your local representatives about this," he exclaimed, gesturing wildly at the quickly approaching jets. "Looks like I've really rustled some jimmies," he said with his trademark grin. He was hiding his uneasiness with assumed confidence, as usual.

This ain't over yet...

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Solar Hawk was on him again in moments and saw his Vine scroll through her HUD. She used a neural interface to post a message: "You're going to get someone killed." A few moments later and he caught her coming at him hard from the right to shove him out of traffic. He had seconds to react.

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@legacy_: Really want DC to come to SC now that i see he will be met with force.

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@ayana_yashimora: @lunahawk:

Ducking under the jets as they flew overhead, Lucas was intrigued to see that someone had sent a message directly at him. His frontal lobe, while psionically connected to the internet through his various gadgets, was able to pick out an interesting text, seemingly sent from someone nearby, judging by the signal origination...

You're going to get someone killed!

"NEVER HAVE, NEVER WILL!" he shouted into the air. Still hovering in the midst of traffic, he barely had time to register the fact that a giant bird was coming right for him.

Wait, that's no bird-!

She slammed into him at breakneck speeds, knocking him across the street and into a newspaper kiosk. As the papers fluttered about him, he struggled to his feet, slightly dazed. That impact would have snapped my spine if I hadn't been wearing the coat, he thought with a gulp. Having been designed with this purpose in mind, his rather stylish purple-and-orange trench coat had been filled with impact gel...which was now leaking everywhere. Gross...

He'd have to remember to re-fill his coat later. In the meantime, there was this newcomer to deal with. Shaking his finger at her, he paced slowly back and forth, still a little stunned from his fall.

"Lady, I gotta say, I know someone a lot like you. She was a lot nicer tho-"

He paused, grimacing. Oh God, I think I just threw up in my mouth. Beneath his rather flexible exterior, and despite his enhanced mutant senses, he still had the body of scrawny nineteen-year-old (albeit a good-looking one). Stumbling to the side, he held his ribcage, checking for fractures. Nope, s'all good...now to deal with the pigeon...

"Waitaminute...just wait a sec...whoo...ah, here it is...SURPRISE!"Whipping out his own personal invention from within his coat, he tossed a small ball into the air. A Party Pod. It spun in place, whirring with mechanical activity, before shooting bright strobe lights in every direction. It also began playing an advanced subgenre of electronic music (known to the masses as 'dubstep') at an oppressive volume level. Glass in the area surrounding the Party Pod shattered as the neverending wobs began to fill the air. At the same time, Lucas took off once more into the steel jungle, duffle-bag in his metal hand, his mask recording his dramatic escape.

"SHE WAS BETTER LOOKING THAN YOU, TOO, MISS PIGEON!"he cried over the din of the Party Pod, shooting off into the city with his rocket shoes.

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"Gaahhh!!!" Solar Hawk grabbed the sides of her head in pain as debilitatingly loud noise assaulted her hawk like sense of hearing. Rather than give in to the pain though she grabbed her mace and swung it into the orb. "Hyyyaaaa!!!" The orb crushed on impact and its compact remains flew at bullet like velocity right past the retreating teen's head, missing his right ear by inches as it flew up into the sky. It was clear she could have killed him in that moment but chose not to, instead she sent him a message via very near and intentional miss.

With her ears still ringing she dared not fly after him and smashed her mace into the newspaper stand in frustration.



(Putting this as about 20 minutes after the above chase scene)

Sebastian was held in a detention center for an indiscernible amount of time without so much as the company of a lawyer or a phone call. In fact, the entire legal process that he knew so well never occurred. Instead he was left to sit in a semi-lit stainless steel cell for hours on end. At last the door's locks clanked open repeatedly until the door itself slid into the wall and the brighter light from the hallway created an angelic aura around the individual standing in the doorway. The person stepped inside, revealing it to be Solar Hawk, the woman he had encountered at the Gym not so long ago. She was carrying a glass of water and a notebook under one arm. "It's a little awkward meeting you this way again." She said, motioning for someone to bring in two chairs. "How's your leg doing? I heard it was injured during your pursuit."

Solar Hawk was armed with her mace. Once the chairs were brought in she had the guards leave and shut the door. "Do you want to tell me why you tried to run?"

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@lunahawk: "Oh sweetie my leg is-- Busted to sh*t. I can't work my knee and the pain has spread like wildfire. I've been through worse though, although all those other times, my powers where at full function... Unlike now." Sebastian said while using the wall and his hands to lift himself up and onto the chair where he would proceed to reply, "Thanks for asking though; It means more to me than you could possibly imagine."

No Caption Provided

The ex-senator then eyes Shaeyra's mace and grins with a nod before responding to her question in the most round-about manner "I ran when those blue f*cks busted into my work-office, knowing full well who the hell I really was, and claiming they had warrant to 'detain' me." He then reaches his hand out, hoping Shaeyra would be willing to share the cup of water before resuming more flippantly "Your boys put up a damn good fight too. If I hadn't had my morning frappuccino I wouldn't have been up sh*t creek without a paddle... " He switches subjects, "So, funny how, of all the chatting we did the other day, none of this 'association with GWE' sh*t came up, huh? I mean, I'm not saying I would have judged you differently, but I may have sent you back with a message for our dearest Miss President."

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She let him have the water.

"Mm, interesting." She commented of his reason for running. She paced quietly, watching him. "I didn't think mentioning it before was important. Interestingly, I didn't put out a warrant for your detainment, the system must have done that." She stopped pacing and put her hands on the back of the empty chair that had been brought in for her. Her eyes were unreadable with the helmet on, just a pair of white screens. "The system tags mutants and brings them in if they use their abilities against either the system or members of the public. Have you been using your abilities in such a manner recently?"

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@lunahawk: Sebastian nods in appreciation of the water, dabs a bit on his swollen, untreated, knee and gulps down the rest. "You didn't want the rest right?"

After slowly placing the emptied glass on the floor beside him and clearing his throat, Stringer mockingly replies "Well, I'm here and I'm not doing the policing, so what do you want me to say? I plead the fifth darling- Shay- or is it Solar Hawk when you're in work mode with your mace, mask, and all?"

A part of Sebastian felt ever so slightly wrong for treating the heroine soldier in such a manner, but she would continue to receive the coyness of his underlying rage so as long as she was the only one he could blast them at.

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Her expression was difficult to read because half of her face was covered, but the increased tension in her jaw line suggested she was pretty easily angered. "Solar Hawk." She said firmly.

"I'm just trying to help establish order in this city." She told him. "You've seen how it's been before, the chaos is gutting this place." She paused a moment, looking at him. "You could help, if you chose to, or you can keep fighting it." She said, glancing rather noticeably at his leg. "You should know, the fifth doesn't exist while the system is in place."

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*ring,ring,ring* Kai's private line from his office at Azura Robotics HQ in New York starts to buzz as Kai picks up the phone, it was Sean calling from the new Gothic city, Super City. "Ah, its been a while how can i help you, you know if you ever need me i always have the tech for you". Hoping he would make another order since he new Hydra was about to do something big but couldn't tell him.

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@lunahawk: As Solar Hawk concludes her proposition, Sebastian drags the palms of his hands down his frustrated face until he reaches the edge of his chin where he then folds his arms one over the other to complete his stern slouch in the hard chair. There is no grin on his face as he considers his next few words. His overall expression could best be described as 'acute' as he claims "I've said it before and I'll sing it to the presses that I love your enthusiasm Solar Hawk, and I've been wrong before, so I could very well be repeating offenses when I say this but: this 'Super City' is going to leave is everyone in a place so much worse than were we started..." Sebastian picks up the glass painstakingly and then resumes with a gentle anger in his voice while turning the glass in his palm instinctively, " I admire you for still trusting me enough to offer my assistance in your cause, but you see--"

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The pupils in Sebastian's emerald eyes expand like heat rising to the surface until they are onyx black all throughout. His expression still rings wryly dire as he concentrates on the glass in his hand and resumes, "I've always sort of feared what I might do if I just relapsed into the man I was before I took up the name Sebastian Stringer-- What my daughter might think of me if she saw who I really was-- But I've already lost her. She rightfully fears me now" The glass in his hand mutates in waves of gold smoke, into a black mamba that slithers quietly up his arm to his elbow and he continues "I've lost my city and my public identity. So I can't possibly offer anymore good right?" The deep wounds in his skin heal in strands all they way up until perfect condition. With a mild sneer he concludes "If any there was a time for Lokii to make his presence on this damned earth known-- It would be now--All this struggle between peons, where what they need is the fear of a god to settle the flames. Oh, what I could do with such a tender moment in time."

Sebastian stands up and slowly paces over to Solar Hawk with the black mamba back at the palm of hand as it eventually regresses back to an empty glass and he offers it returned to the supreme officer in peace. His eyes eek back to vivid a green and he concludes with a promising arrogance "I will keep fighting dear... And one day-- It's going to get very ugly between you and I... But for now, I'm under arrest right? Under arrest in a broken system. So, I think I'll enjoy the luxuries of that for now."

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Solar Hawk did not surrender a single step when he changed form and healed, nor did she flinch, she was not afraid. When he got close he felt power well beyond anything she should possess practically radiating off of her. He detected this only in his god state. Solar Hawk had a secret.

"I have fought gods before, I will do it again if I must." She said, sounding let down that he had chosen to threaten her rather than join the cause. Her wings dipped for a moment in resignation. She was now 0-2 with people she thought were important that she had sworn would see reason. If not for her immense will doubt might have planted a seed just then, but it would take more than that.

"I hope you..." She paused as something clicked. "You lost your daughter?"

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It was a repeat of the human elements, bit of aggression, a bit crime, and she investigated as the black inside her veins circulated around her limbs, exiting from a broken broken window, perching on on a hawks-moor. Corruption and white collar crime is still fightable.

Recruit hackers.

Times change, but heroes stay the same.
Times change, but heroes stay the same.

Winds have brought in new things and because of that now she had less to worry about the street urchins under her protection. She has a new direction as her crew is readjusting with the new changes, crime is at an all time low but miscreants are still making moves in their hiding places. Crooks have become melted into the face of civilians, strangely shifting their avenues to a new area. Consequences for them will be the same, a swift strike delivered from the least unexpected. Some of the children have gotten better help and are adjusting welfare for the kids, new directions are taken by everyone. They are safe although they hate the robots, yet they still return to her on their free time for old time's sake. Olivia is in school under scholarship and Victor had gotten a new prosthetic under the new regime. It wasn't any better but it made him more approachable in public for normal people.

A better difference for most gothic residents and that is something that she can live with but old habits die hard as she continues her investigation into the forces that brought about the change, there is a mech to monitor every citizen but moving about undetected is not a new aspect of her life. She can 'relax' her restrictions, tech won't hamper her timeless powers but she sticks to using her more 'human' abilities. At this nightly hour Andrea is helping an old vigilante solve her case, she died recently before christmas and her body was never found. Marleen Hitchens, 28 years old found herself atop of the lower district after blacking out in an alley.

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"Know. Also talk to much" Xia remarked closing the channel as she emerged on the coast of 'Super City' she'd surfaced under a pier the ripples of the water few and unoticable when there was also fishers above, and a swaying tide. Her figure was slim and dark fading into the shadows with sublime ease. "City name dumb" she whispered to herself. Xia didn't see why this mutant human thing was such a big deal. They all looked more or less the same. No matter however business was business and Victoria was worth being nice to.

She was the perfect unit of stealth. As an alien, and the only one of her kind her bio readings weren't something known or looked out fore, machinery if it did find her would likely skim past it. As for say DNA such as blood or brain waves none of that could be found. Her internal organs were energy based. Meanwhile her suit and it's AI worked to mask any readings she didn't so much as have a heat signature or leave a vibration on the ground. And when it came to eyes alone it was almost hopeless. Calculated she deducted about a ninety eight point five or ninety nine point seven percent success rate of avoiding detection. Climet and situations outside her control being variables of questionability.

This phenomenal stealth was used for Xia to attempt to waltz into the building perimeters. She'd goten past the gate with ease and was on way to the entrance now.

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Solar Hawk leaned against a lamp post in the city park with her arms crossed over her chest with her eyes closed, a pose she frequently used when waiting for someone. It tended to make people feel more at ease and lull them into a false sense of security. Her HUD continued to display information on every person that passed by, many of whom gave her a wide berth. She had been contacted to meet someone here, something about a murder. Normally she would have passed it off to someone else, but this was a murder the system had failed to track...that made it a potential error and errors were unacceptable. Solar Hawk had no idea who it was she was waiting for, but was fairly certain she would know when she saw them.

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Andrea escaped from the darkness and into the light as she is about to meet an unexpected ally in her search for the answer. Behind her is the spectre of Marleen Hitchens who wishes to find her body so that she can move on to the next life, so far she's had a couple of names but no concrete leads as of yet. The clunkers have made it hard to move around and about, but having someone who operates within the system would make her job easier. Today's costume is different from the usual superhero fatigues, it resembled sporting gear fit for a marathon.

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Spotting the only person willing to approach, Solar Hawk was certain she had her girl. She spoke once Andrea was close by. "I almost sent someone else." She said honestly. "But the murder your investigating isn't in the system."

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These past few days have been politically hectic. Androids have been policing the streets of Gothic in the name of STRIKE as a security force. Their presence is still shrouded in mystery to much of the cities' citizens and political officials, but one thing is clear. They are not welcomed here and a few other disgruntled individuals have been donning costumes of their own and taking the fight to them. It's not enough. They're being too direct and head first without a plan.

I have done all I can as the District attorney, but there doesn't seem to be help from anyone outside of us, including the national defense committee. Big surprise there.

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Vex thought to himself while perched underneath a bridge's underpass. He held a pair of night vision binoculars, scanning the area and stalking one of the android officers. He had yet to interfere because he didn't know exactly what he was up against. He remained in a investigative state, trying to better himself as a detective than an impulsive teen like he use to be. Dressed in the traditional attire of the late Dark Vengeance, he continued to inspect the streets. The outfit was a gift and altered to his acrobatic fighting style and agile movements with a few cosmetic alterations out of respect for the passing of his friend.

This isn't a city anymore. These guys are getting ready for something. Something big. Ugh they're going to turn this place into a totalitarian state like Noc Haven. Wouldn't be surprised if Raven Cypher calls asking for her idea back.

He chuckled at his own grim humor before pressing the small communicator to his ear. @_nox_@honor_avenger@magnitude

"Vex here. Nothing abnormal. Just the robot Gestapo pacing back and forth."

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"It was when the city was still called Gothic, she wanted to move but 'vanished' during the transition from the old to the new. I suspect the movers may have been involved with her disappearance. She is always the type of heroine to investigate on conspiracies and odd cases."

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@vivide: @_vex_

One person stood out among the crowd to Vex, Solar Hawk. There were no robots following her and she was standing rather casually speaking to someone in the park like she owned the place. Her body language suggested possibly the most relaxed person on the streets.

Solar Hawk nodded to the young woman. "What was her name? I might be able to track down possible sightings using the system if I know who I'm looking for. If not...I would like to see what evidence you have so far, maybe the two of us can figure out where to go next."

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@solarhawk: @_vex_

"Her name is Marleen Hitchens and I am helping her find her body so that her soul could finally be at peace, I am not sure what kind of abilities that you would have but she is open to talk if you can see her." Meeting the woman taller than herself Andrea pulled a few documents from her rucksack, some files and date of deaths that were found under the mess of the old GCPD. It was collecting dust when the new regime took over and eroded the old. She also brought in a diary found in her old apartment that was mysteriously broken in, Marleen hidden her diary under one of the wooden floorings.

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@vivide: @_vex_

"I can't see her, but I should be able to hear her." She said. "So speak, tell me what you know." She didn't flinch at the concept of spirits, she was a form of spirit herself after all. Solar Hawk took the files, looking them over carefully for anything that might lead them to something useful. While she did so, she ran the same information through the Super City database using her HUD. "It's not easy to kill a hero." Solar Hawk mused. "Harder still to hide the occurrence."

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@solarhawk: @_vex_

"I want to move to glade upon hearing that the city will be changed, and I got 'caught' unawares when I was packing my suitcase in my apartment. Then I was floating three feet above the top floor and I can see through my hands, so I started to look around the complex for about a week until I saw her. "

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@vivide: @_vex_

Solar Hawk was silent for a moment, pretending to flip pages in the files. She died because she wanted to leave...If she had just given the system a chance she would have seen how much better everything will be. She frowned. It felt like she was almost trying to convince herself for a second, but the fleeting moment of doubt was soon gone. "I'm sorry." She said quite honestly. "Do you know anything about who killed you?"

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"I was about to pack my camisole when I felt a sharp burning pain on my chest. I didn't see the light that came from behind and then I woke up several feet above the apartment. It wasn't anything that usually happens in gothic. most thugs uses simple firearms and they would torch the building first before doing any more harm. It was very professional. "

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Solar Hawk frowned a little. "Someone shot you with a laser?" Crap... "What was your weakness?"

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@solarhawk: "normally I would be able to see it coming, but all I got was blank"

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She nodded a little and shifted her gaze back to the living woman. "Have you been to her apartment?"

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(Note this is after Show of Power)

When Airavata was young she was a thief amongst Gothic. Nobody special, barely a blip on most radars just a small crook in a city filled with robberies heists murders and corruption. Her high school sweetheart Travis however had been trying to get in the military which would lead to drama. Rava was a rather free spirit, despite her kleptomania she was known more for a very care free and passive nature. Mom died she shrugged her shoulders, dad got shot she didn't mind. Course she loved them she just wasn't going to let her day get ruined by sad tales. To make it by in Gothic you had to be a certain kind of person. Some were hard, some Insane for Rava she just let it roll off her like rain.

This kind of nature did leave to trouble however, and had a hand in getting Travis denied. He said her psych effected his, she said "probably." Said that her passive nature softened his edge she responded with "you were allready soft." How can you be so relaxed that was are only real shot he'd say. "We can get by" would be her answer. He said it was over, she'd say "later." It stung but she wouldn't be held down by it had to continue moving fluid and free.

She'd gone in an out of jail as often as she got in and out of the YMCA pool. In a few years though Travis mentioned getting in to a naval fleet for something called Hydra. He mentioned the seas and she'd joined as well. She had the brains for a commander, to be a commanding officer of Travis and many others. Responsibilities weren't freeing however and she just said "whatever" and took an average position. When Gothic was attacked she sighed in boredom and did her job. Pushing buttons of minimal relevance. Wanting to flee Travis would take her hand. That got him stabbed in the leg before a blonde. As they left he got agitated how little a reaction came from Rava. "A kiss won't make it better and we don't have the time" she said as she moved on.

Escape failed and she awoke the next morning not as herself but a puddle. Being a puddle was strange, as was her nature she moved past it though adapting to herself. By the next day Airavata was sitting in the park ignoring the request for her to do things. Thankfully they were understanding and let her work on grasping what had transpired. Along the way she'd learned one of the sea monsters ate Travis. The only fact to annoy the elemental was the fact she drowned, that was a lame way for her to die she thought seeing how she'd swam everyday sense as long as she could remember.

(Not much just was exploring her back history a bit and personality)

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Andrea waited for their conversation to end before she can chime in with her opinions, "I did, and several times in fact since wouldn't stop pestering me. The precision of the killer was very mechanical, it had no human touch"

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Dark Avenger was a hard man to find and when she did find him under a bridge it was really quite by accident. She had been flying by and her hawk hearing picked up the sound of his voice. Though she tried to approach out of line of sight and move to him all quiet like, mostly to be impressive, he heard her coming. She perched on a support beam not far from him. "She won't listen to me." She said, obviously looking in solar hawk's direction. "I've been trying to think of a better way of doing things but we Hawk Lords are better at policing and fighting than governing." She thought quietly for a moment. "I want to help you." She said. "As long as we never go after her."

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Solar Hawk frowned, it's what she had been afraid of from the beginning of their conversation. "I see." She considered that for a moment. "What are your thoughts on it? I'm beginning to suspect something I'd rather not. Can you take me to the apartment? I want to see the physical evidence for myself."

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As she walked the winged lady to the spot she mentioned that it might be a glitch in the system or a negligence to one of the operators that the robot would 'kill on sight' on every non baseline human on the area, perhaps it was an error that was caused by the urgency to remove the old and place the new. "At the least of it I merely hope that it is a mistake that can be solved with some words and a few broken bones"

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"A simple error is my hope as well." Solar Hawk said. "I only wish that an innocent person did not have to die for us to discover the error. The system is only supposed to intervene if someone is doing something wrong." Solar Hawk's expression was impossible to read beneath her half-helmet, but it was easy enough to read her body language. This issue was digging at her a little more than she wanted to admit.

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After spying on the ego clash between the Twenty Third Strigidae and Honor Avenger I decided it was time to take a little trip to Venezuela, I figured that after how well that meeting went it was only a matter of time before there was a backlash from Little Miss Adolf. I was really just trying to prevent the fire from spreading in the end it resulted in me getting my ass handed to me by like three different people and the Strigidae taking control of Venezuela. After that I stayed in the Liafador hacienda for an extra day to just heal, I'm still kind of stiff and the wounds ache like hell but I'm back in the game for now. Taking a day off was the right choice, especially since Gothic city got turned into a George Orwell nightmare and I'm going to need all the strength that I can get to face off against whatever managed to pull this stunt. Really torn on what caused all of this... Maybe sixth-dimensional imp, an elaborate illusion by a super-villain, it could also be a coma induced hallucination (not likely), or maybe it was Zeraz Industries suddenly deciding to set shop in Gothic for no apparent reason, I mean why in the frozen hell would you want to put your headquarters in Gothic city unless you're a super-villain.

Felix just confirmed what the news were saying, that it just happened overnight. No, mass construction One second this place was Gothic city, the crime capital of the world and the next it becomes Super city, the big brother utopia of tomorrow. The lead structures that used to be the ancient buildings, borrowing from ancient German architecture were the same yet different. The rust of the pipes has vanished, the lead was switched to stainless steel, and cracked streets were now sewn together and healed without a trace of scar tissue. An illusion would be able to hide the street cracks but it wouldn't be able to change the chemical properties of a pipe. I would be able to see right through a coma-induced hallucination; inconsistencies in the dream would have tipped me off. I deduced that the city had been actually changed, but how? Maybe a group of speedsters could have done this but the building seemed as if they had always lain there. My theory is this: Zeraz has (is) a reality wrapper; of course I can't really prove any of this since I lack evidence. It's not even a theory or a hypothesis; it's just a hunch that could possibly get me killed.

"Vex here. Nothing abnormal. Just the robot Gestapo pacing back and forth."

How did I meet Vex? Or should I call him Dark Vengeance now? Well, like anyone I was captivated upon hearing about the original's supposed death so like any other curious cat I decided to investigate. Malcolm Press's sudden resignation of as Mayor and C.E.O of Press Industries seemed too coincidental for me, what struck me though was the man left in charge of his company's assets: Alexander Rook, District Attorney of Gothic city. It wasn't too puzzling to understand why he would leave him his family's company, Malcolm Press never married or had any illegitimate children that we have any knowledge of. Furthermore, they had a similar tragic childhood. Rook lost his parents at an early age, after that he only had his sister left and she also went missing a few years ago while for Press, everyone knows about his family's tragedies. That wasn't the interesting part, what really struck out were the little details. Rook and his sister were placed in the Bartholomew and Mary Press Home for Orphaned Boys after they lost their father, later on his life he attended Gothic Academy and Gothic University with full expenses paid by the Press Scholarship Program, it won't come to surprise to hear who supported his campaign. I just put two and two together and went to confront him about it and tell him that I wasn't going to tell anybody, to my surprise he had figured out my secret identity too so we kind of just went from there.

"Operation gamma, big foot, delta, whatever is a go". T

The thuds in the ground from my feet landing instantly makes the Mr.Robotos turn their attention to me; I didn't quiet frankly except them to react like that. Maybe the cape gave away that I was looking for trouble. I try to kick one of the robots to seem like I'm putting up a fight, like this isn't all part of an elaborate plan. I don't let them take me down so easily, but at the same time I don't want to be so hurt that I can't fight on my own. The metal smashing into my wounds from the previous battle make me wish I had taken an extra day to rest. One of them fires a sonic bang, I could have dodged it but I decided that I had already had my fun and that it was time to pass the hell out and wake up in the very bright room, tied, and ready to get put through a water boarding session.


And just like that, I’m in very bright room, bound to an experimenting table, and….huh, no water boarding. It’s a shame actually, I can hold my breath for ten minutes and I could really go for a splash. Wait, what the hell is that?

“Oh shit”.