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System accessed...

Verifying encryption...

-Please input encrypted password-



Initial system access checks complete.

-Please input secondary password for database access-



System checks complete; full access granted. Welcome, Mr Jones. Voice commands authorized.

"Open file 9042,"

"File 9042 being retrieved. One moment please."

- Subject flag detected -- Flagged as potential asset -

- Subject flag detected -- Agent safety alert; caution when dealing -

"File 9042 found, do you wish to view anything specific?"

"This is a hard one, but I want all of our information on the Noir Rose, she's been flagged and that means I'm onto her ass like a fly on shit, now let's go."

"Files restricted, do you still wish to view files?"


"One moment Sir, fetching files....




-Please state reason for viewing restricted documents-

"Asset viability screening."

-Reason noted, proceed-

"Sir, this files contains 83 documents 57 of which are either skeleton files or speculative files founded upon evidence or extrapolated data. The accuracy as far as the files tell is ambiguous; an agent safety flag has been attached. Subject is dangerous, caution be advised. System states that observed powers for this subject are enhanced strength, speed and a high degree of combative skill. Physical stats are beyond normal and suspected to be superhuman.

Subject is also in possession of advanced technologies and gadgetry. Subject has either accelerated healing or enhanced durability [a file indicates she was the victim of a vicious assault and either survived, or a copycat took her place. The former is assumed].

Known associates of interest include Abigail Aensland, [possibly] The Ebony Bouquet, [possibly] Antonia Dain, [possibly] Valencia Knightfall. No other known associates of interest.

The Ebony Bouquet is for all intense and purposes a regimented group of copycats that acquired the super identity of Antonia and masqueraded themselves as Noir Rose lookalikes, this current subject file's skills go above and beyond noted skill from the Bouquet, suspecting she is not affiliated with the copycat group."


"Yes, Sir. Most files indicate that "She" is either a copycat or Valencia Knightfall. Daughter of Andres Knightfall. Reasoning is located further within linked files, if you wish to view."

"Noted. Proceed with information report."

"Threat level: Medium. Subject is under attempted observation for the past twelve weeks. Subject has not been deemed an immediate risk to national or international security.

Current location: Unknown. Being ascertained. Known to work from Gothic City and Los Angeles.

Possible identity: Valencia Knightfall.

Linked files: "Knightfall" - "Valencia Knightfall" - "Antonia" - "The Noir Rose" - "The Ebony Bouquet" - "Andres Knightfall" - "Avalon" - "Gothic City" - 52 more files linked....

"I hope this Noir Rose isn't Antonia back from the underworld, or maybe I do. Bitch punked Stark, sad I never met her. We'd have got along. Whoever this is intrigues me, assign the file to top priority."

"Will do, Sir, this Noir Rose is certainly an asset worth contacting."


"Will that be all, Sir?"

"No. One more for today, bring me up... Garrison Grail."

"One moment Sir, fetching files....

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Tch! I'll show you a threat level "medium."

Danger to kitchens and kittens everywhere.
Danger to kitchens and kittens everywhere.