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System accessed...

Verifying encryption...

-Please input encrypted password-



Initial system access checks complete.

-Please input secondary password for database access-



System checks complete; full access granted. Welcome, Mr Jones. Voice commands authorized.

"Open file... 8493,"

"File 8493 being retrieved. One moment please."

- Subject flag detected -- Flagged as potential asset -

"Acknowledged, proceed."

"File 8493 found, do you wish to view anything specific?"

"File 8493 corresponds to the new Nobody in town, correct? Not the other vigilante from a while back? Memories getting a little sloppy."

"Last inputted information report is less than twenty four hours old, Mr Jones. Do you still wish for me to proceed with file fetching?"

"Be my guest..."

"One moment Sir, fetching files....




-Please state reason for viewing restricted documents-

"Asset viability screening."

-Reason noted, proceed. -

"Sir, there are currently 12 information files on Nobody. Real name, Damian Aurelius. There are currently no known associates of interest, however, the family name "Aurelius" currently holds over two thousand files on record. Do you wish to extend search for information pertaining to this family name?"

"No, continue with the basic info. I need a little more."

"Mr Damien Aurelius was recently sighted to have fought the Gothic City criminal known as POW prior to being knocked unconscious. POW escaped and later fought Kurt Pendragon, loosing an eye."

"Interesting, and what was the stated reason of confrontation? Heroics?"

"Precisely Sir, speculated abilities match that of the predecessor which once used the alias Nobody, enhanced strength, speed and durability and the capacity to fire web-like weaponry."


Threat level: low. Subject is not under current observation. Subject has not been deemed a risk to national or international security.

Current location: Gothic City Central Intelligence Agency meta-human holding facility. System states that the Central Intelligence Agency picked him up after the confrontation with POW and secured his person. Hence the memo this morning you received, Sir.

Linked files: "Nobody" - "Gothic City" - "Aurelius" - "Arachne Clan"

"Hm, I'll be meeting our friend Damian soon in that case -- Set this file to classified, I think our friendly neighborhood Nobody is about to be dragged out of the shadows... And I don't want any preying eyes."


File locked as classified.

"Thank you. That'll be all, power down."

System deactivating...

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I dunno of I should feel bad for #2 or glad that he is in the Avengers.

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LOL. I would have liked to see his reaction the fail video.

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@_drake: That made me laugh for real xD

@superior_nobody: I think only relevant things would be included in these files. I'm so sorry fail videos hold no interest to national security :P

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@quietus: I'd be surprised if it didn't lmao

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Love 'em!

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Oh shit this is rad! Like super rad.