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“I used to believe that my parents wanted nothing but the best for the people of Spain, but now as I sit here and watch as this ordeal begins to unfold, I can see that I’m wrong” Maya said, watching continued coverage of her “death” on the television.

It was kind of surreal, no one in the family saw this coming until it was too late. Maya noticed her mother’s eerie obsession with Asgard, could this turn be some sort of side effect of Amora’s magic? Initially, the power princess believed Amora was still some how affecting her mother, but the day Ziccarra struck Maya and nearly killed baby Tassi told a different tale.

“Tassi believes something is wrong with her, I don’t. I think she’s lied to us this entire time. And to think Dox tried to warn us” Maya murmured, standing over a hologram display of Emerald City, plotting her next move.

“You think sitting here brooding will make any of that better?” her pilot asked seated not to far from her current location.

“I’m not brooding, I just don’t know what to do.” Maya’s indecision was not without merit; the cardinals were busy transforming The Emerald City into their own fortress.

“The resistance is being crushed in Upper Emerald City, Those loyal to the Cardinals are being forced to get some sort of vaccination in Lower Emerald City. And those not loyal to the Cardinals are being detained in the Francisco Ward. I know you don’t know what TO do, but there are plenty of things TO do.”

Maya’s russet eyes dart in her pilot’s direction, he was right, sitting around wasn’t helping anyone. “I’ll right, I’m going to go check out this vaccination center.” She said, moving to the back of her hidden beach house to change into her new Red Cardinal outfit.

“I would suggest stealing some sort of commlink, so we can track the movements of the Cardinals.” He said, once again with his hands on his trousers. “What did you say your name was?”

“It’s Randy”

“Thanks Randy”

Upper Emerald City

No Caption Provided

Whole squads of the Spanish Military marched through the streets armed with automatic rifles and assault armor, having forced Alexis into exile, Ziccarra commanded complete control over the Spanish military. Since she gave the order, The Spanish were engaged in hourly fights against the résistance. Because of the tactics used, the military wasn’t able to pinpoint one definitive leader, nor were they able to completely search the island because of raids. After establishing a curfew, Ziccarra approved the use of chemical weapons to quell the résistance. As they march through the streets raiding homes, ships poured into the Emerald City harbor.

The Prisoners Emerald City Harbor

Hundreds of Jewish, Christian and Arab Spanish citizens were crammed into small centers being forcefully converted to Grand Cardinalism. This particular system of conversion was only to fuel Ziccarra’s ego, regardless of their choice they’d be tried as heretics and ultimately killed. Armed guards stood outside each of the facilities on the look out for would be saviors. Shoot to kill orders had been given for all would be rescuers, warrants issued for Itsy’s arrest.

Lower Emerald City “Cardinal City”

No Caption Provided

It was strange, Emerald City was empty, with the exception of the numerous armed troops walking around; but the usually busy city seemed atmospherically dilapidated. Traffic lights clicked to no traffic, and raindrops turned into puddles inside the cracks of the empty streets.

On cue, Maya landed on top of the main facility, the military stood posted on the outside escorting people through the facility. “Why would they need to be vaccinated?” Through her own internal thoughts, she realized. “A virus” she murmured before leaping off the balcony in divebombing down toward the ground, Maya arch back allowing the wind to fill her cape. Slowing her stealthly decent, she targeted a lone guard, pushing her new black boots outward to knock him down with her momentum.

“Go to sleep!” She screamed, before using her hexing abilities to force the guard into sleep. “Pssshhh…Nox makes this look so hard” She gloated, before moving toward the downed guard to retrieve his commlink.

At the moment she couldn’t use it for anything other than tracking the Cardinals/Military movements.

“Somebody come get her cause she’s dancing like a stripper!”

“Fck!” Maya screamed, as her ringtone began to give off her position. Appearing from the thin air, Red Cardinals. She could feel it, her powers growing steadily unruly within her bosom; any more hexing displays could be catastrophic.

Lunging over the Cardinals, she gave herself a bit more space to fight them, but she’d have to be quick, She wasn’t skilled enough to take on the Cardinals and automatic fire from the military.

As she threw her first punch toward the 1st Cardinal, she could hear a series of booms and bangs coming from Upper Emerald City. Another battle was underway…this one a tad bit bloodier.

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Upper Emerald City

"This can't be happening"

“This can’t be happening.”It was a phrase that was used by almost every citizen in Emerald City. Without warning, Prime Minister of Spain, Ziccarra Liafador sent the Spanish Military to conquer the city. While some people quickly surrendered themselves to the oncoming forces, in either fear, cowardice, trying to protect those they loved or actual loyalty to Ziccarra there was an equal opposing force that fought against the Red Cardinal army. This included the ivory arachnidan hero, Itsy. She still had trouble completely comprehending what happened. The Spanish Army came from almost nowhere. One second Molly was feeding Big G, the next the streets were flooded by Red Cardinals.

People who refused to allied themselves with Ziccarra were captured and taking to the Emerald City Harbor. She didn’t know what was going on there, but rumors quickly flied through the frightened city that people were being forced to convert to Grand Cardinalism. She wanted to help, but with the warrant hanging over her head, it was almost impossible to go anywhere, security was out of this world and she was spotted every single time she attempted to get a better visual of the area. Nowhere was safe, every home, every church, every homeless shelter, sewer line they were flooded with Red Cardinal’s in matter of minutes. Those who did manage to become part of the rebellion were always on the move, never sticking to one area too long in fear of the Spanish Army.

Right now Itsy was silently above the streets of Emerald City. It was so eerie, the silence that was currently lingering in the atmosphere. Since this chaos started Itsy has been broadcasting from her phone on every social medial app she could find; Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Youtube, Instagram, YouNow and Pariscope. So far, no one had come to help. It felt hopeless, that Emerald City was left to fend for itself.

“I just… need to sit down for five minutes.” The exhausted hero sighed as she began to slowly lower her fatigued body to the roof of the building she was currently standing on. Since this chaos began she had been out trying to protect the people. She would draw the attention of the Cardinals away from the people if they were getting too close to a rebellion hide out, or freeing arrested citizens who were on the way to the Harbor, or even assist in battle. Every time she made herself known the military would instantly shift their attention to her. There was no question; she was wanted, but wanted dead or alive? She couldn’t tell, but she knew she posed a booming threat to Ziccarra’s hostile takeover. Not because she was a powerful hero who could physically defeat her, but because she was the symbol of hope for the rebelling forces and as long as she was out helping people, there would always be someone standing up to the Red Cardinals.

No Caption Provided

As soon as her body rest on the ground, gunfire could be heard thundering not too far from where she was currently at. “Never mind, I can rest later.” Molly forced herself to stand, her aching body telling her to stay down. But she couldn't, she had a duty not to the city, but to it's people. Without hesitation quickly threw herself off the ledge of the building. Her body almost flew through the air as she quickly maneuvered herself through the city, her hood flapping behind her as she found the source of gunfire. A large group of resistance had somehow gotten a hold of Military guns and were firing upon each other in the middle of the largest intersection of Upper Emerald City. Bodies from both sides could be seen littered upon the ground, either dead or bleeding out quickly. “Oh, oh this is bad.” Itsy threw herself down into the deadly riot as both sides quickly pointed her out. “Get the wounded out of here, NOW!” She shouted at a small group of the resistance in an uncharacteristic demanding tone as she used herself as a small distraction to a handful of the Spanish Military.

Her Itsy senses were going crazy, her body on autopilot as she weaved through the bullets that were being shot at her in almost slow motion. At the same time her left wrists began firing webbing at barrels of the military guns, jamming them shut while she used her right wrist to shoot webbing at the guns as well, but taking the extra split second to forcefully jerk them out of the highly trained military force hands. But she couldn’t keep this up forever. There were thousands of citizens were looking at her for hope for what seemed to be a hopeless cause. They couldn’t oppose the Spanish military forever, not without some help.

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Wes was in Emerald City when it was attacked by the Spanish Military and he had thought to keep passing through. This was a political matter and Power Rangers didn't get involved in political matters. He was walking quietly trying to keep a low profile when he came across the battle and spotted Itsy weaving around trying to help out. She looks tired whoever she is. I don't thinks he can keep that up much longer...No I can't, it's a political matter I just can't...His eyes fell on the body of an innocent woman in a pool of blood and he just couldn't convince himself any longer. Wes pulled the hood of his shirt back from his face and let it fall into position on his back. Going to need some fire support

While trying to come up with the proper selection of weapons to use Wes took off in a sprint to the fight. He wove through the crowd until he was near Itsy's current position. One of the Spanish soldiers was all set to get behind her and open fire when Wes hit his wrist with a brutal hand chop that instantly numbed his fingers and caused the weapon to drop from his hands. The man spun to deal with the new threat but Wes was already launching another attack. He pivoted on his foot and smashed the toe of his shoe into the side of the soldier's head, sending him sprawling to the ground unconscious. "I don't suppose you believe in strategic retreats?" He asked Itsy.

He yelled his next statement to the rebels fighting. "We need to regroup and re-position if you want to keep this fight going!" He nearly missed an attack coming and was just barely able to deflect the rifle butt in time but even so he was driven backwards and nearly fell to the ground. "There's too many of them to handle this way!" He said, as much to himself as others. He exposed the morpher on his sleeve. "That means its...time for, time force!"

No Caption Provided

Once the transformation was complete he drew his Chrono Blaster and started firing at the nearest soldiers in an attempt to drive them back and allow himself and Itsy some breathing room. The Chrono Blaster fired a highly focused laser beam that was devastating to armor and flesh alike. He didn't like killing so he set the weapon to a lower setting that would render his targets unconscious rather than maiming and killing them.

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Great Basin Desert, Private Air Base

It was hot there, the Great Basin Desert. To see clouds, hanging in the sky, challenging the sun for dominion of it, was rare. Here, the sun shone in full force, its radiance was felt, and its heat even more. It burned through the fabric of clothing, and branded the skin with a sizzle. The ground seemed dusty and welcoming of cracks, as if the heat had dried it clean of all moisture. It was a desert after all. Its climate was harsher than what he'd been raising Tassiana in. Alexis, Thee Champion, and protective father, hoped that her high-performance genes sprang to life and triggered her adaptation. Gliding through the air, his frame, cut from the finest diamond, was absent of its blue and red colors. His attire, anything but super.

Gliding through the air, he felt a gust of air expand, its heat washing over the desert like a furnace. 'I hope Tassi's coping', his mind echoed, concern marring his archangel's face. All the air-conditioning in the world didn't matter when his daughter dreaded playing indoors. She'd always been in tune with nature, with the outdoors where she loved to run free and explore. But there were no gardens here. No flowers or pretty insects and birds for her to interact with. There was only the sun, rock, and dust. From the sky, Alexis landed, the soles of his shoes touching the ground, keeping his landing gentle. He'd completed his patrol of the area for the day, there seemed to be no hostiles nearby. 'For now', the New God thought. It was impossible to know when, or if Ziccarra would ever strike.

Striding forward, fingers scratching the stubble that'd settled on his jaw, Alexis breathed a sigh, head shaking. Where things had gone wrong, he didn't know. For weeks, he'd ran every single scenario in his mind and found no answer. At the sight of his daughter, and their dog, Star, he wore a smile. "Come here, baby", he doted, scooping Tassiana into his arms before smothering her with kisses born of a father's love. "Hey, buddy", his smiled widened, eyes of deep blue falling on Star, his fingers running through the dog's snow-white fur. 'He's getting big', the New God thought. "Inside, let's go inside. It'll get dark and cold soon". With their German Shepherd following behind, Alexis strode into the remodeled air base, daughter carried by his right arm.

It was where he'd been raised, partially. Raised by the only person he'd ever identified as a parent. The air base was hers, given to him on her deathbed. She was a military woman, strong and incredibly idealistic. Alexa Pettis. Alexis, he'd been named after her, and Thee Champion was born from her ideals and morals. 'A shame Tassi and the others'll never get to meet their grandmother. One that isn't trying to kill them or seduce me, at least'. Plopping Tassiana onto the living room sofa, he turned to her, "Do you wanna watch your toons or fingerpaint with daddy, Tassi?". Though as he found himself flipping through the channels, his eyes and ears caught the images and sound of the most disturbing news report he'd seen in recent memory; an attack on Emerald City, by the Spanish Armed Forces. Ziccarra's doing, no doubt.

For a moment, he froze. He'd taken a sabbatical from superheroics, from the public eye since his and Ziccarra's divorce. He'd spent the majority of his time with Tassiana, calming her nerves, and comforting her, the trauma of her mother having nearly killed her still burning fresh in her mind. He'd spent his time being a father, not a hero of the people. "Stay here, Tassi". A second later, he returned, a cape, dark red in shade, hanging from his shoulders and stopping just shy of his ankles. His boots, the same shade of red as his cape, were armored. And his remaining adornments, their fabric, armored as well, but the color? Dark blue with ruby highlights and accents. And on his chest, a crest, iconic, the savior's 'S'. He wore it with pride.

Emerald City Harbor

With one arm, he carried his daughter. With the other, he carried Star. Ascending some meters into the sky, cape fluttering in the wind, Thee Champion made an impromptu decision. He was quick, conjuring a magnetic burst to send them into higher dimensional space, through which he soared faster than was physically possible, until he'd arrived, in Agiad'coda. He was greeted, by the beach's golden sands, and the scent of oceanic salt hung thick in the air. He wasted little time. Andres had already sensed his presence and had emerged to greet him. He'd explained the situation to him. Leaving Tassiana and Star home alone was never an option. They were to be under the Knightfall Don's care until Emerald City was either saved, or destroyed.

"You're going to have fun today, Tassi. You're gonna play with Cat, and you're gonna meet baby Lulu and Kay", Alexis smiled, "Daddy'll be back soon, okay?", he paused, bidding her farewell with a kiss on the forehead, and giving his goodbyes to Star with a gentle stroke of his head. Taken to the sky again, he soared, accelerating until he felt the air ripple behind him, torn asunder by a trail of sonic booms. Again, he accelerated. Now, the air was hot. The scent of burn ozone following him, a cone of superheated plasma enveloping his herculean frame until he was no longer in sight, the sky knew only a luminous streak of red, bright and full of life like a comet's tail. Then he decelerated, and decelerated, the scorched air blowing past him in a frenzy, shock-waves fading, and his frame, coming to a pause midair, over Emerald City Harbor.

The Herald of Hope
The Herald of Hope

Citizens were being hoarded, for what purpose? He couldn't be certain. But it was the Spanish Armed Forces. Their purpose was clear. Their purpose was Ziccarra's, and she... she'd turned into something he hardly recognized. Her heart had blackened and she was farthest from the woman he'd built his life with. His eyes flashed white, and a current, electrical, surged through the air, ionizing the particles all about him, exciting them, energizing them. And by the power of electromagnetism, he seized those particles, held them and with the power that'd made him a great figure of might, propelled them forward, electromagnetically streaming them forward in countless beams of superheated, energized particles, all targeting soldiers from the Spanish Armed Forces, the soldiers that sought the violent conversion of captured civilians. Should he succeed, he would descend, Thee Champion, the Herald of Hope. Descend and free those captured from their prison centers. And should he fail? He would fight until every soldier was no more, and every citizen was free. Then, then he would move to confront the bulk of the Spanish forces in Upper Emerald City.

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Upper Emerald City, Spain

The first Post-Mutant stood idly atop one of the many skyscrapers in the capital of Spain, his relatively massive hands in the pockets of his black blazer. His internal system had adapted to the chemical weapon used against the populace, reacting the moment he'd set foot in the city. He'd felt his nostrils condense, his lungs twisting, changing; he blinked rapidly, his eyes developing a second, sealed layer to protect from airborne infection. He spat, disgusted with the ruler.

Casually, he watched as smoke curled from numerous streets, riots in progress as the citizens waged what would be a short-lived revolution against the armed forces. But it would be short lived only if none were to intervene on their behalf, to stand up for those without the strength to determine the courses of their own lives; Pyotr had witnessed firsthand the cruelty of men throughout history. He had spectated idly during the bloody aftermath of the French Revolution, and he had felt Schutzstaffel bullets riddle his hide during the Second World War. He would act tonight.

No Caption Provided

But it was not an altruistic drive to protect others that compelled him to make a move in Spain; no, it was the merely cathartic for the Acrobatic Achilles, an activity that would promise relief from nine centuries' worth of memory, the good with the bad. And so, with a single breath, he leapt from the building he had scaled so expertly, avoiding the Spanish Armed Forces with the finesse of the world's most graceful creature. But it was without grace that he descended into the streets, his treaded feet and hands digging into the side of a building as he dropped from the roof. He was more like a malevolent beast than a man, massive palms adhering to the stones, slowing his descent as they dug into the rubble. He was barefoot, as always, in order to capitalize on his astonishing genetic endowment, his unique feet that worked in conjunction with the rest of his body to grant him superhuman speed. He descended towards bright lights, gunfire intermittent with screams of the innocent as his eyes narrowed with contempt. Contempt for the ruling body, who had begun this spree of religious terror. In his eyes, organized faith of any kind was but a means to an end for those who desired power over other beings. And while he was superior to any man, it was merely a natural fact, not a pressed, coveted desire of his.

He practically sprinted down the side of the building, propelled with uncanny force towards the forces beneath. Wind tore at his form as he all but soared towards a squad underneath, spotted from the top of the skyscraper with the triple-lensed eyes of the ultimate predator. In the last second before landing, he spun in mid air, his feet pointing directly downwards...and onto the head of his first unfortunate target. He struck like a living bullet, the being beneath unable to so much as call out as he was crushed instantly into the ground. The other men in the squad reacted, calling out with a mixture of exhilaration and terror as they readied their weapons, aiming towards the Persistent Pinnacle. But they were too slow for him, his hyper-powerful post-mutant legs propelling him towards the two. Spanish soldiers wore special garments, designed to emit low-level particle fields. And while he'd been able to burst through the first man's through sheer force, it'd be best to give the remaining two a quick death, rather than bash away at their energized armor until they finally succumbed.

And to that end, he reached out with hands that could bend steel, massive, almost muscular fingers wrapping around their necks. The particle field seared away at his flesh, sparks emitted from his fingertips as they brushed against the artificial shield. But it would not be enough to harm the Ever-Evolving Man, whose treaded hands merely endured the punishment. Then, with a swift krack, he brought the heads of the two squadmates together, the force of each's individual particle shield enough to break through the entire device's emission. Their heads destroyed within their own energy helmets, he dropped their corpses to the ground, standing over them like a well-dressed giant. His post-mutant supersenses detected movement behind him, a cowering force that sought to avenge his now-dead allies. Pyotr did not waste energy dispatching him immediately, instead allowing him to raise his weapon, and fire.

The luminescent beam shot forth from the soldier's hand-held particle cannon, ripping away at both Pyotr's jacket and his skin beneath. The glowing energy, emitted from the barrel in the man's shaking hands, coursed through the Post-Mutant Prodigy's body, ripping away at his incredibly dense flesh. Gritting his teeth, he turned, stepping into the cone of energy, walking with steady pace towards the man. Any ordinary man, nay, any ordinary mutant would have been blinded by the pulsating light, his corneas torn away with his skin...but Pyotr looked straight into the light, unblinking. His synapses had been deactivated, his pain nonexistent; instead, he only felt contempt. Finally, he reached the young soldier, who was squeezing the trigger even harder, as if it would help kill the Epitome of Survival faster.

Reaching out with one of his massive hands, he gripped the end of the barrel, the gas building up, the plasma-like weapon cooked from the inside. With a massive explosion, it combusted, enormous fingers enclosing on the barrel, blasting the man backwards. His particle shield saved his life, flickering out as he rolled across the pavement. Lifting his head in horror, he was greeted by his greatest fear, though it was not one he did not expect.

Standing in the middle of the street was Pyotr Daeger, shoulders smoking, palm smoldering. The scorched skin changed color from charred black, to red, to light pink, his cells reconstructing themselves with mechanical efficiency. His blazer had been entirely burned away, leaving only a scorched white shirt, steam curling from his heavily muscled form. In his eyes, there was only casual interest, black orbs with only the slightest trace of white in the sclera. Flexing his fingers experimentally, he marched over to the fallen soldier, casually grabbing his forehead. With a simple squeeze, the final member of the patrol was no more, his viscera splayed across the street. Regarding the scene with distaste, the already-healed Pyotr scowled. He would aid the so-called Spanish Revolution, doing his part in bringing down a being who would harm her own subjects. A true ruler would do no such thing.

And so he walked, down the streets of the Emerald City; he would walk until he found more members of the Royal Army to slay, all with his bare hands. And eventually, his message would reach the tyrant responsible for the destruction of her own people:

No mercy shall be shown to any of her minions, nor her family, nor herself.

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Survival of the Fittest...

Throughout his years, William had seen countless world leaders come and go. With most of them, the Lycan Underworld chose to become involved in some way - choosing either to support or oppose them. Choosing to oppose Adolf Hitler's offer eventually led to King Peter Greystoke's death.

"In this game, you either win.. or you die."

When William took the throne, he went after Hitler - not for moral reasons, but simply out of revenge and thus sending a message to others who might try the same. His rule would not be like his father's. His rule would be absolute and ruthless when it came to the world's affairs. Survival would be his only motivation, and making sure that the Lycan Underworld always remained near the top of the proverbial "food chain."

That was why he joined the ranks of Ziccarra. The two had formed in the early stages of Ziccarra's empire. Spain needed weapons and militarization, and Greystoke Industries needed to make a name for itself. Naturally, the two institutions rose to power in society. In order to keep his operations afloat throughout the rest of the world, William Greystoke's alignment with Ziccarra remained secret... as well as his identity as the Hunter.

However, it was not until Ziccarra enacted her ultimate plan that William Greystoke revealed himself to her as King of the Lycan Underworld. He personally carried out several assassinations of select officials to secure the alliance. In addition to that, he pledged an army of immortals to fight alongside the Cardinals and put down resistance where needed. When the situation arose, William himself would dawn the mantle of the Hunter and handle things personally...

Upper Emerald City

From a guarded control room, military officials watched live feeds from all over the city. Images and video came in via street cameras and directly via military personnel out in the field. Among the officials in the room was William Greystoke. As a contractor to the nation of Spain, he constantly observed reports and kept himself up-to-date with the situation in the field - lending his expertise where needed in regards to management in the field.

"Sir, we have an issue..." one of the personnel said, pulling up the satellite feed from a certain sector. "It appears as if a single powerful mutant has engaged our forces... Perhaps I should call the capital and request further-"

"That will not be necessary." William said, walking over to the display. "I'll mobilize our mercenary force and have them handle it."

"But still..." the technician insisted. "Shouldn't I...?"

"No." Greystoke replied. With that, he left the room. Thirty minutes later, he dawned the mantle of the Hunter and led a detachment of ten immortals down a secure corridor up towards the roof of the complex where a military helicopter was waiting for them. Once they boarded the chopper it took off and headed towards the site. The orders were clear: the immortals would spread out and create a secure perimeter. From there, the Hunter would move in, take down the threat, then they would proceed to the extraction point. In theory, it was a simple in-and-out mission.

No Caption Provided

As the chopper approached its objective marker, the door was opened and all of the immortals dove out. Like a bullet, William's body shot towards the ground below. Then, at precisely the right moment, the Greystoke Legend sharply twisted his body midair and landed on the ground below in a crouched position - creating a small crater as he did so. As the dust and debris cleared, the Hunter slowly rose up and opened the slots within his mask. He then took in a deep breath and listened carefully to his surroundings.

In the distance, he could hear soldiers screaming and the discharge of weapons' fire. He smelled humans and... something different. Without wasting any time, William took off in the direction of the scent. Silently, the other immortals took took to the rooftops and began to secure the perimeter.

Immediately, William could tell that this was no ordinary mutant which lay ahead. No... This was something else... This one did not run... This one was a fighter... a predator... but so was the Hunter; and now they were about to clash like only two predators in the wild could... brutally.

"Target is in sight." a lookout said over the comm link. As William raced down the street, leaping over cars and occasionally taking to all fours, he had yet to lay sight upon the creature. He only tracked the beast by sound and by scent. Eventually, he was getting close. Cutting through and alleyway, the Hunter was almost to his query.

At last, he could physically see the battle. Still concealed in the alleyway, he watched as a group of Spanish soldiers fell back - almost firing their weapons blindly at whatever it was that pursued them. He could hear its steps as it approached and hastened his to intercept. Gritting his teeth, the Beast Incarnate lunged out of the alleyway just as the creature came into view. His body shot through the air like a freight train as he attempted to connect a powerful spear to the creature.

Hitting the ground with a roll, William did his best to keep his arms clenched tightly around the beast's waist. With that, the Greystoke Legend planted his feet and rose up off the ground - still trying to maintain his grip on the powerful beast. He then arched his back sharply, brought his arms up over his head and attempted to deliver a powerful German suplex.

As he released the grip, the Hunter performed a kip up from the ground and leaped away from his opponent. Midair, he pulled a small device from his belt, activated it, then threw it towards the creature's vicinity. On contact, a flashbang detonated. "Surrender now and this will all be over soon..." Greystoke said, drawing a large knife and heading towards his prey.

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While she couldn’t say she was surprised, a part of her always hoped that the Cardinal Queen would have turned her life around for good. That she would have left her life of villainous crimes and live her life of happiness with the family she had seemed to work so hard for. But Zoe knew better, she knew it would have only be a matter of time before she would revert herself back to her old ways. News of what was going with the Liafador family and Emerald City was all over the media, or at least what was able to be aired. Reports of Maya Liafador’s death was everywhere, and Zoe couldn’t help but feel a swell of pain and anger build up inside her. Ziccarra had snapped, killing her own daughter for reasons unknown to the world and now invading Emerald City. This was the reason why she joined S.T.R.I.K.E, to keep an eye on the Liafador family, to be ready to step into action if they dared crossed that line again, and that step was taken. While no actual reporting footage could be seen from Emerald City, several videos streaming from online could be seen. It was chaotic there. They needed help, and so far, no other nations were willing to lend a hand to Emerald City.

Her body soared through the air, her golden flames roaring around her body as she flew high above the city, her eyes shifting down at the city grounds to see it completely empty. It was unlike anything she had seen before. What happened to Ziccarra? What caused her to change like this? She was a killer but to kill her own. It didn’t make any sense, even to Zoe. She was never one to attack her own blood, let alone kill. If anything, everything she did was in the name of her family, the good and the bad. None of this made sense. But sense or not, she wasn’t about to stay behind and wait for someone to take the first step in helping the seemingly doomed city. This was for Maya, this was for the girl who managed to light something back in Zoe that she thought she had lost for years… the burning desire to fight against those who want to harm the innocent.

No Caption Provided

But before she could continue her thought process, gunshots were heard echoing through the streets of the upper part of the city. Zoe didn’t know the full situation of what was going on, just what was leaked into the media, but she knew that gunfire usually meant something bad. She shift her body, lowering her flame to a soft glow to see what was causing the disruption of silence. But before she could reach that area something... or someone caught her eye. A woman, dressed in an unfamiliar black and red uniform was in combat with several Cardinals at once. While she was good, there was no way she was going to be able to take on the seemingly never ending on coming force on her own. She needed someone with a little power, fire power!

Zoe quickly descended to the ground like a missile, gritting her teeth as she thrust her fist forward, slamming into the face of one of the many Red Cardinals that were attempting to sneak up behind the Emerald City Savoir. The Cardinal’s body slammed onto the ground, their jaw now dislocated as some of the highly trained assassins now shift their attention to the Fire Goddess who’s feet were now planted firmly on the ground as several of the Spanish military armed men rose their assault rifles at the two women. Nova couldn't help but give an almost cocky smirk as she watched them take aim.

No Caption Provided

“Need some help?” Zoe didn’t bother to wait for an answer she took a step away from the armored vigilante and throwing her palms forward at the gunmen, channeling her thermal energy as she quickly dispersed a wave of thermal energy at them, causing their rifles to fire upon themselves rather than the two women, forcing them to drop the weapons in hand. While some were now wounded and unable to further fight, the ones that could continue on quickly moved into hand to hand combat. But the result of Zoe concentrating on that caused her to get a kick to the back from a Cardinal, landing upon the pavement with a THUD. Giving a grunt of pain she quickly pushed herself up from the ground, wiping the small drizzle of blood from her nose away as her hands quickly rose up to block another oncoming attack. While she could easily vaporize every Cardinal here, Nova had to restrain from using her actual fire ability to it's full potential, not wanting to accidentally harm the fellow fighter as they continued to fight side by side. The masked crimson hero movements were fluid and graceful as each attack landed while Zoe's attacks were more rigid and raw, some attacks landing while it felt like more of their attacks landed on her. This went on until the last Cardinal fell to the ground.

Breathing a bit heavily Zoe couldn’t help but involuntary wince in pain. While the two were able to fight off the Cardinal’s, they were a bit overwhelming for Nova, and while she was was rusty and sloppy in combat, the hero was still effective enough to help stop the assault. Her attention turned back to the masked Liafador as she took in a sharp breath before letting out a light sigh of relief. “Name’s Feral Nova, I know I’m not much, but I’m here to help.”Her eyes looked at the building they were standing before. “A medical center?” Curiosity filled her eyes. "What's going on here?"

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Pyotr's bare feet carried him through the Emerald City, his stride unbroken by any manner of obstacle. His skin sizzled softly, shrugging off the energy attacks from the Spanish guns. Ever-adapting, he felt his skin alter, becoming more and more resistant to the same attack. Eventually, they did not harm him at all, the energy merely ricocheting from his skin, repelled by the miracle of post-mutant evolution. His foes scattered, retreating as they realized they could do nothing to harm him, the unstoppable, indomitable juggernaut. Steadily, he trudged forward, stepping over smoking craters and fallen bodies.

Suddenly, as he passed by an alleyway, he picked up something in his peripheral vision, a new challenger, sprinting down a nearby alleyway. While undoubtedly his objective had been to take Pyotr by surprise, it would be fool's folly to attempt such a thing, had he knowledge of his astonishing senses. Pyotr's internal biocomputer, the same one that regulated his spontaneous evolutions, worked on an acute, precise level, taking in information constantly from his surroundings. His eyes were beyond those of a normal man, his ears acute enough to pick up slight changes in the surrounding airflow; to approach him in such a manner was to guarantee detection. And while the approaching man had been located, Pyotr was suddenly impressed by his speed, his stealth; casually, he had managed to nearly slip by his borderline precognitive sense, one that warned him of danger in all its forms. Any other man, or mutant, for that matter, would have instantly been taken down by the brunt of the savage, precise attack, yet in Pyotr's case, it was akin to running at him from across the block, yelling a battlecry. The man could catch bullets, after all.

While his agility was uncompromising, it was his precognition-like senses that enabled him to avoid the deadly attack, his leg muscles tensing, his head turning towards the foe the very moment he leapt towards him from the side, arms outstretched. Pyotr's treaded toes pushed off of the cracked pavement, his legs curling up towards his torso as he performed a deft half-backflip, his body barely clearing the leaping figure. He twisted in mid-air, spinning around, his palm landing firmly on the street. Holding the pose for a moment, he quickly dropped back into a combat position, dominant foot in front of the other, arms raised, muscles loose. As he pivoted to face his new foe, he saw him produce a small device from his belt, tossing it directly towards the Acrobatic Achilles. Bracing himself for an explosion, he was instead greeted with a flashbang, a massive burst of light and sound assaulting his senses. And yet, such a gesture made against the Zenith of Survival would be relatively futile, serving as little more than a test of his abilities; he had, only several minutes before, walked directly into the path of a Spanish laser, staring unblinking into the luminescent wave of power that sought to tear him apart. Compared to that, a flashbang? It would simply do him no harm.

He remained in his battle-ready pose, his muscles shifting as he locked his eyes on his foe's. His new quarry had drawn a large, wicked knife, handled as casually as a mere wooden stick. Clearly, he was practiced in the art of combat, one of the most elite Spain would have to offer; Pyotr had no doubt he'd be walking away tonight with some new, albeit temporary, scars. And while the torn skin would heal, he would still endure the pain...but it would be a lie to say he did not look forward to the coming sortie, for he lived, no, he was made for combat.

"Surrender now, and this will all be over soon," began his foe, as coolly and calmly as ever. And yet, despite the bravery of his opponent, Pyotr could not help but let loose a single derisive chuckle. He'd been alive for nine hundred years...and in all that time, self-assured "badasses" never changed up their material. A slight smirk crept up the face of the normally stoic Daeger, raising his arm once more to assume the combative position common in Savate, the French style of kickboxing Pyotr had not only learnt, but improved in his spare time.

For less than a second, he was still, and then he was upon his target, his back foot pushing off against the street. Dust and rock were torn from the pavement as he launched himself towards the man with a single foot, his other leg spinning about in a deadly roundhouse. Pyotr's legs and feet are undoubtedly the most powerful parts of his body, and thus, kickboxing would be his most effective martial style to learn. But it was not kickboxing in the traditional sense; while it retained the theories and techniques, his actual application of the style involved ninja-like leaps and bounds, massive limbs pushing off of any surrounding object to maximize his lethality. Appearing as little more than a blur, he soared towards the Hunter, a calculated strike from a treaded foot aiming to kick the man directly in the torso. Such a blow would send any ordinary man flying, his sternum collapsed with a single, calculated impact from the arch of Pyotr's foot, ribs turned inwards to penetrate their organs.

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The ticking timebomb that was the supernatural Liafador family had finally exploded, with the mystic matriarch going full loco dictator as her type usually do... at least, that's the extent of what Sam was able to explain to his headstrong protege before he launched straight from the green lantern homeworld to Earth's upper atmosphere in a matter of minutes. "You said all the magic words, Sammy-boy! Dictator, supernaturals, timebombs, oh my!" Connor yelled into his ring as he barreled down from the sky to the city, a layer of intense heat building safely outside his personal energy field as he charged down at remarkable speeds.

No Caption Provided

"C'mon, O'Hara! This isn't Gothic, you can't just charge right in and expect to shrug every attack off." Sam argued over the communicator while Connor landed with a gush of dust, right in front of the city's sign... he waited for the dust cloud to settle before reading the sign with a cocky smirk on his face.

"Nope, this ain't Gothic; this is Emerald City! Why didn't you send me here before? Sounds like our kind of place, Sammy-boy!" Without waiting for a reply, the young knight blasted into the upper city; eager to see what his opponents had to offer him. He had a few tricks he'd been wanting to try on armies, a bit refined after Gothic.

Upper Emerald City

No Caption Provided

Flying over the streets, the emerald knight sent out a basic scan of what parts of the city he could see; sure enough, so far the only apparent threat was the Spanish military marching around all Nazi SS style. Which is of course exactly what the Avatar of Will was hoping for. Lifting his ring and willing it to act, a ginormous construct began to envelop him; shapeless and the size of a small train at first, before taking it's glorious form as a gigantic emerald dragon.

Plowing through the streets like the mythic predator it took it's form from, the titanic construct flew through the city; blasting any large groups of Spanish military it came across with kinetic, emerald fireballs before continuing past them... the dragon's actual role was as an evacuation vehicle, swallowing any civilians that didn't have a way to defend themselves and placing them in a comfortable rec room within the dragon's stomach, where Connor would be there to greet them.

Sam was, of course, utterly speechless by his proteges completely absurd but surprisingly effective plan. With every ten civilians it swallowed, the green dragon would fly out of the city at speeds no Spanish jet could keep up with, and drop them off in a less hostile place like Canada before charging back at the same speeds. Of course, the main flaw with this plan is that any hero who saw this happening would probably assume a giant energy dragon was attacking the city and eating civilians...

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In close quarters like this, The Cardinal Princess needed to remain vigilante, even with her new reinforced Cardinal Uniform, any substantial damage was enough to K’O her, and right now that’s not what she needed. Kicking off the wall, she sent a powerful “Snap-kick” across one of the Cardinals face, before taking a blow of her own. “What the hell have I got myself into.”? Maya thought visibly gassed, was her mother destined to succeed in this city? Was she supposed to fail? Those questions bore through her mind, but immediately subsided with the arrival of Feral Nova.

Before she could open her mouth Zoe sprung into action, using her remarkable ability to manifest thermal energy to force the fighters into firing upon one another. Feeding off of Zoe’s distraction, Maya launch into action using her “Threat Detection system” to lash out toward the first attacker in her vicinity. Covering a good bit of distance in what appeared to be a simple leap; Maya’s knee hit the chin of a would be attacker, knocking him out before he had time to mount his weapon.

Breathing heavily with her hands on her knee’s the 5’11 Red Cardinal rose to greet Zoe with a smile on her face. “Y-you were great Zoe” Maya said, seeing no reason why she should lie. Even if she told Zoe her “Hero name” the young woman would still know who she was.

Removing her cowl just for a moment, Maya’s russet eyes turned toward the medical facility with concern. “Apparently it’s some sort of vaccination center, but I believe they are administering some sort of virus here.” Maya said, turning her head to a local vent.

“I need to get in here and see just what’s been administered to these people, because if it is what I think it is. We have more problems to worry about. Also thanks for your help” Until now it never dawned to Maya that any of her STRIKE teammates believed she was dead, she didn’t really have that close of a relationship with anyone in the group, but it really brought a smile on her face to see Zoe.

No Caption Provided

Just as she launched her hook shot at the vent, her mind alerted her to the presence of her papi, he’d arrived in Emerald City just shortly after they finished fighting. “Pap!” Maya screamed telepathically, lusting to hear the voice of her daddy. He forced her out of Madrid just before her mother turned on them; to know that he was ok was comforting.

Not missing a step in the real time, Maya pulled down on her hook shot and pulled the grate off. “My scanners indicate a large amount of people being held here, but none of them seem to be in distress.” She reported as she launches herself up to the vent. She didn’t know what Zoe’s plans were, but she didn’t intend to wait and find out.

Navigating through the vent system, she could hear the sounds of the captive muttering in an incoherent chatter. Peering over a vent, she saw them moving lifelessly around their cells, they were almost like 3rd Society husk, but still maintained their human form.

Though the situation was dark, it was comforting to know that her mother was not working with the society. Armed guards moved through the halls below, She couldn’t make the slightest noise for fear of giving off her position.

As she continued to push toward the inoculation point, one of the humans below her took notice to her presence in the vents and began growling in her direction.

“I think I’ve been spotted…” before she could maneuver around, the infected hit the support system for the vent causing Maya to free fall from the vent into the cell with the infected.

Rolling to a stop she saw it in their eyes. “Nexcodexa….” She whispered, having seen small cases of the virus before. Ziccarra was turning her own people into…”Zombies?” Maya gasp doing her best to not get infected on her own.

“This is general Orlensky, we have confirmation on the airstrike in Upper Emerald City, all allied forces pull back” the commlink she stole went off. They were going to bomb Emerald City!

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@red_time_force: @itsy:

No Caption Provided

Maya is dead. I broke my oath. I failed again. My word used to mean something, I should know better by now than to make promises I can't keep. I'm not a superhero, I'm not in this to save protect people. I leave that to others. I know thirty three different ways to break an arm, but zero ways heal it. I can cut the Gordian knot but I can't tie it together. I was too focused on fighting Ziccarra when I should have tried to make sure she was safe.

I'm sorry Maya. I'm sorry for not even being there to stand up for you like you did for me when everyone turned on me. All I can give you now is what I gave the Knightfalls when Quintus tore us limb by limb like your mother is doing right now. I can't even call her my grandmother anymore. This is why I exist, I'm the one that restores balance. I'm a killer, the only way I know how to change the world is with a bullet.

Concentrate. Emerald city is being turned into a fascist wet dream. I need to suppress everything and formulate a plan of attack. But first, and I hate having to admit it. I'm going to need help. A king can't clear the entire board on his own and I'm no different. I need to gather the resistance, I'll work from the top all the way to the bottom. That's where most of the dissenters seem to be according to local news.

Footage showed that Itsy was also there, Ziccarra put a significant warrant for her head. She probably just wants to make an example out of her. This means that her forces will be mainly targeting Itsy. From what I've seen she's a suitable crime-fighter, her efforts on the previous Emerald city crisis was commendable to say the least but despite all of that she has never dealt with the Cardinal army before.

Down below, the fights raged on and grew like wildfire. The appearance of the K-wing led to members of the resistance firing on the notorious air-craft, which was no use due to the bird's high impact layers. One even tried to throw a brick at the window. Mark chuckled. He pressed a square button on the top pad and released showers of tear gas regardless of who got caught in it.

The Tongueless Mamba opened the jet's unloading door and jumped into the fog like the Wombats. The floor cracked as he hit the ground like a bullet. Micro-filter in his mask blocked 99.9% of the toxic gases without hampering his sense of smell. Cardinals who were still standing ended up with their wings getting chopped to bits by the Al Shaytan's trion swords.

Screams of agony, confused gun shots, everyone blinded by the gas was so confused. The smarter one weren't shooting or tried aiming for the jet still. It didn't matter, they were cattle lining up to be slaughtered. When the smoke cleared a pile of bodies stacked and ready for packing. They were alive. Limbless but still alive. If the ambulances reached them in time before they lost too much blood then they would live the rest of their lives regretting the day they decided to side with a mad woman.

Mark wiped the blood from the blades on one of the foot soldier's shirt. Then he returned them to their home in his back. He hoped to that she wouldn't have a negative reaction to his action, his methods could be seen as somewhat extreme by her standards. He pointed at her and then at the plane with the open door. Telling her to get in. Disregarding the other hero there.

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@maya_liafador: @thee_champion@feral_nova@itsy@_nox_

Raeyn wasn't mad, Raeyn was livid. Maya Liafador had been one of the first people to welcome him without making him feel like a monster or an outsider. What he was doing to get to Emerald City from the United States was best described as bending time over a table and reminding it who owned it. The air didn't fair any better, the treatment it received was more akin to something that might happen in prison. Raeyn's temporal armor flew fast enough but it flew much, much faster when he re-wrote the laws of time to get to where he wanted to by accelerating the flow of time for his own body. He was blur from the United States to Emerald City, a lethal, furious blur.

The Butcher, the Monster, the Slaughterer...these were all parts of various titles the entity known as Raeyn carried. Each title had been earned in a moment when it was at its full power. Right now...Raeyn was at its full power thanks to events in Nebraska. He wondered as he murdered the sky if he might be earning another title soon, another name whispered in the dark with a voice trembling with fear. No one was going to kill Maya and get away with it.

When he arrived at Emerald City his sudden deceleration announced his arrival with an explosion of noise, a shockwave of air pressure as both time and space gave way to his arrival. He could have destroyed the entire army right then and their, swatted it from existence in a furious display of Cosmic power. Raeyn was a member of the Cosmic Council, one of the select few beings powerful enough to threaten the entire Universe if he chose to do so...at least when he was at this level of power. Instead though, he was furious. Raeyn was going to make them suffer. The little girl in her mind had no problem with that plan and the animal loved it.

Raeyn didn't land, he fell from the sky like a comet, smashing into the pavement in the space between the now withdrawing army and the rioting civilians. The pavement caved in under the impact and Raeyn rose from the crater, fury in his eyes and time bending to his will. When Raeyn spoke he did so with authority and directed at the army. "My name is Raeyn, but you might also know me by Lord of Cocytus, Master of the Temporal Conflux, Guardian of the Key of Time., Parasite of Stralavex, Murder of the Grazarians, Slaughterer of the Morias Galaxy, Butcher of the Catrellian Cluster, First Eternal of the Infinite Council, Second Seer of the Temporal Conclave, Elder Siphon of the Circle of Nine, Infinite Mistress of the Thousand Worlds of Rytorus, Slave Master of the Kortarians, Heir Designate of the Caldean Vortex, Shadow Fiend of Altoria."

Raeyn looked at the other heroes present. "You killed my friend, but you've killed a lot of people's friends." He said to the army, returning his attention to them. "Block by block, we're going to hurt you and maim you. Block by block this city will retake itself and I'm going to march with them and I'm going to make you scream in agony every time you show your faces. When this is over I'm going to find your leader and I'm going to make her my bitch."

Finished speaking, Raeyn coiled around the nearest soldiers and began to age them...slowly but just fast enough to really make them feel the agony of every debilitating second. Their screams were horrific, beyond human, like tortured animals or lost souls. "SCREAM! I WANT TO HEAR YOU SCREAM!" He shouted at them and began to advance on the group of eight he was torturing. He ignored the sounds of battle as it resumed around them.

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H.A.T.V. Hovering High Above Emerald City

Ready the Fighters
Ready the Fighters

Her fierce eyes gaze the endless tumbling cumulonimbus clouds parting on contact with her mighty vessel. Once again the STRIKE team was on the move, her face remained hard as granite, but internally the Irish born Director was experiencing a bit of anxiety.

She knew it; a Liafador in power was bound to be bad for business. Ruby kept her thoughts on the matter close to heart because of her messy alliance with Maya Liafador, but having seen the news that the teenage model had been shot down by word of her own mother, It was time for Ruby to make a move. Having moved the HATV from Greek Airspace to Spain, the agents aboard the massive STRIKE vessel prepared to launch an operation within the Cardinal Empire of Spain.

“Director Ruby, it doesn’t appear that Ziccarra Liafador has entered the battle herself, but I do have Intel that suggest she’s planning to bomb Emerald City.” Agent Norfleet reported, pulling her findings on visual display screens. “Ready the fighters, I want all available pilots ready to defend Emerald City. Get all available personnel ready for a ground assault.”

“Yes Ma’am” watching as Norfleet walked off to carry out the orders. “Special Agent Hollins, I need a list of the priority target areas.” She demanding finishing the last of her Jack and Coke before moving to mount her gear.

“Director Ruuuuby!”

At the sound of Agent Crews voice Ruby’s brow flared in agitation. “What Agent Crews.”

“Aww come on, you’re not still mad I had to shoot you are you?” She asked leaning on the threshold of Ruby’s door. “I still don’t see how you and Castello passed the evaluation” Ruby said, tucking her pistols in their respective holsters.

“Please, give me two shots of patron and I could make people believe Courtney Love passed a drug test, anyways Agent Barnes is on the telecom with news about the Quantonium”

“Please tell me they found a way to send you to another planet.” Ruby said, brushing past with force.

“Don’t threaten me with a good time ma’am.”

Moving across the deck flanked by Agent Norfleet, she came to a halt at the conference room where Agent Barnes and Commander Stacy where waiting on them.

“Agent Barnes, Commander Stacy; I trust you two were able to get the Quantonium out of the city?” Ruby started, noticing they were still in Spain.

“We did, but we’re not that far off from Emerald City. The Spanish Navy has this entire area blockaded. It doesn’t seem that Ziccarra knows we have it here.”

“Good keep it that way, the first break we get I want you out of Spain, that’s an order. What’s the news with it?”

“Well from a weapons point of few it’s pretty fricken lethal enough of it can knock out an area the size of New York. But from a technological stand point, we now have the technology to equip humanity with the ability to use low level psionic abilities—like telekinesis and telepathy.”

“Stacy, I need a full report. Hold off until I can get you guys off that island.” Ruby closed comms with them and proceeded toward the fighter deck. Rescuing Barnes and Stacy wasn’t apart of the plan, but now they needed too before the Quantonium fell in the wrong hands.

A few hours later, Emerald City Harbor.

“GO…GO…GO!” Ruby screamed with her own Squad of STRIKE agents, gun fire resound throughout the entire area as fighting erupted all over Upper Emerald City. Like Norfleet reported Ziccarra dispatched would be bombers, but the small but resilient STRIKE fighters quickly met the Spanish Air force.

“Ma’am what’s that!” someone yelled, diverting Ruby’s attention to what appeared to be a massive Emerald Dragon. While it was clear as day, it was still way to far off for Ruby to engage.

“Norfleet do you have a positive I.D on that Dragon?”

“I do ma’am, but it appears to be all energy…like a construct of some sort. I’ll dispatch a team to investigate. Also Thee Champion appears to be in your vicinity, he may be able to assist you and the Barnes Situation.

“Noted. Ruby Out”

“Someone try and snag Thee Champions attention!” Ruby shouted, before being instructed to duck as the Spanish Airforce maneuvered low to try and take out Ruby and her squad.

“Bomb!” Someone screamed, as the incandescent ordnance fell from the sky exploding on impact. The impact was Upper Emerald City, but the effects rippled down to the harbor causing buildings to topple immediately.

“Agent Hollins…maneuver the H.A.T.V to the harbor, we have to give these prisoners safe haven!” Ruby screamed tucked behind a dilapidated wall.

“On three we breach…one…two…three!” Ruby screamed, kicking down the doors of the facility with STRIKE force entering from both sides exchanging gunfire with the New Cardinal Legion.

In the back of her mind, she couldn’t help but ask. In a battle as big as this….where was Ziccarra?


*Safely arrive in Emerald City

*Assist the Resistance

* Free the captured prisoners and get them to safety

* Locate Agent Barnes and Commander Stacy.

*Get the Quantonium out of Spain

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@_nox_: @itsy

The Red Ranger observed the new arrival and his command to Itsy to board a jet to safety. He fired his Chrono Blaster again, subduing another soldier. She's way too tired to keep this up, just look at her. She's already slowing down. "You need to go with him, get on the plane and rest. You're far too tired to keep fighting lady!" He said with an overly enthusiastic nod. "Go, I'll keep everyone safe. You can count on me!" He said an enthusiastic thumbs up. The battle was going well for the Red Ranger so far, but he was only fighting soldiers. When a Red Cardinal came his way everything changed. At least for a moment. An unexpected kick sent his chrono blaster flying out of his hand and a sword slash cut across his chest in what should have been a fatal wound. Instead the sword interact with the invisible shield covering his "spandex" and sent a cascade of sparks exploding out from his chest. The Red Ranger was thrown nearly a hundred feet by the reaction and fell hard on his back. He groaned and forced himself to his feet. "Alright then, if you want to play it that way!" He shouted at the Red Cardinal.

No Caption Provided

"Chrono Sabers!" A pair of blades appeared in his hands and he leaped into the air, gliding across the distance between himself and his foe like a kung fu artist on a wire. He landed just short of his target and lashed out with both of his blades.

No Caption Provided

His first strike forced the Red Cardinal to defend with his own blade and nearly knocked the weapon from the Cardinal's hand. There was only so much he could do to avoid the second attack as it followed so swiftly on the heels of the first. The Red Cardinal tried to spin away from the attack but the Chrono Sabre's leading edge caught him in the side. Instead of cutting it caused an explosion of pent up energy in the form of a shower of sparks and sent the Red Cardinal stumbling backwards. "Chrono Strike!" The Ranger said and put the two weapons together at the pommels, forming a double bladed sword. He traced his finger along both ends of the blade and glowing red energy flowed out along the paired blades. He leaped into the air and brought his weapon down in a brutal slashing motion that caught the Red Cardinal full in the chest. The Cardinal gasped in pain and surprise and fell onto his back in the middle of the street. Wes turned his back on the man and assumed a combat pose. "Your time...is up!" A half a moment later and an explosion tore through the Red Cardinal and erupted all around him, ripping apart the pavement and shocking the soldiers that had thought about coming to his aide. The Red Ranger sent his blades back to where ever they had come from and turned around to face the still living but completely incapacitated cardinal. The explosion had looked lethal but in reality was a conversion of life energy, the blades had sapped his body of every ounce of energy he needed to continue the fight and left him just barely conscious and inches from a very deep slumber.

The Red Time Force Ranger approached the Cardinal and removed a badge from his belt. "You're under arrest for crimes against humanity." He stated calmly. Golden energy began to gleam from the badge

No Caption Provided

When the energy vanished the Red Cardinal was teleported from the battlefield and stored in a stasis chamber somewhere far from Emerald City. He retrieved his Chrono Blaster and spoke to Nox. "Take her out of here, she's too tired to keep fighting. I'll hold these goons off as long as I can."

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"Everyone got their passports, licenses, important things? Things you need to survive out of the city for a while, right?" Connor yelled to his disgruntled and confused passengers aboard his monster of an evacuation vehicle... a mix between defenseless citizens and angrier resistance members who the emerald knight could tell were hopelessly outgunned at the moment. When he got something of a consistent nod from the crowd of seated refugees, he smiles and turned his attention back to controlling the emerald beast they were all riding in.

He had made a significant haul this run; about twenty five poor Emerald City citizens forced to abandoned their homes... he was going to make sure they had a chance to come back. Flying the dragon above the skyline, before he had the chance to launch the dragon into hyperspeed to the accepting nation of Canada, his ring's communicator rang out with Sam's voice. "Connor! The city ain't just under military patrol anymore, we got bombers flying in; a few have already it their marks around the city. You gotta move!"

Eyes widening, opened a hole in his dragon construct to fly out and take a look, seeing the newfound destruction caused in his attempt of an evacuation, and notices several jets in the distance. He grimaced before reentering the dragon, shortly before sending it flying in the direction of the bombers that were threatening of destroying everything these people had. "Alright folks! We gotta make a little detour before I get you to the kind land of moose and maple syrup. Prepare for a bumpy ride!" He yelled back to the passengers, creating appropriate safety seats around them as he did so.

The slithered through the sky like a great serpent, leaving a glowing green trail in it's wake as it launched towards a set of three bombers moving in... easily surpassing the speeds of any man-made vehicle, the glowing green construct gripped onto one with it's forearms, tearing off it's wings as it roasted another to the left in green flames, dispatching them both while the third launched off towards the city. The dragon roared and took chase as fast as it could go, but just before it managed to take a bite out of the airborne vehicle and tear it to shreds the cargo dropped, accelerating down towards the center of the city.

"F*ck!" Connor yelled, turning back to his terrified passengers who were still unaware of what was happening. Looking down at his ring and back at them, he gave them a wave and a solemn smile. "Hope this works, guys." He says quietly before reabsorbing the dragon construct into his ring and launching towards the bomb that was still dropping, leaving his twenty five passengers in midair and falling, screaming as they went.

He had one chance to get this to work; he needed all the speed he could get, and he was slower inside the dragon. Intercepting in the blink of an eye, he grabbed it and smashed his ring-bearing fist into it; thankfully not exploding it then and there. He quickly went to work with his ring on the inside; using small constructs to cut every wire and destroy every circuit board, effectively disabling the trigger mechanism within and making it just a big, useless piece of metal. He let the thing fall; the easy part was done, but as a few of the civilians fell past him he remembered the hard part...

Launching down after the screaming victims as they barreled towards the city, he swept through them, grabbing their hands and piling them on his back... and eventually in green bubbles as he gathered them at amazing speeds, faster than he ever went before. But as he got lower and lower with the crowd, he realized this still wasn't fast enough. Tracking the locations of the last five civies as he carried twenty already, he quickly found where they would all land and, in a stroke of tactical genius, created five individual trampolines; obviously enhanced by his ring to actually be survivable in this type of situation.

All five of the falling refugees landing on their super trampoline harmlessly, bouncing back up high and being caught by the emerald warrior before they had a chance to fall again. All at once, Connor and the crowd landed atop a building... him exhausted, and the crowd a mix of cheering, dizziness, and fear; obviously not as adjusted to flying at those kind of speeds as he the lantern was. Connor smiled at them as he recomposed himself... but he knew those weren't the last bombers that were going to come.

"Alright, all of you; you're gonna have to get to safety within-" Pausing, the avatar of will smashed a green fist through the roof of the building they were on and created a safeway down."-there. I gotta keep this city breathing." The crowd didn't even try to argue; they hopped down into the building and disappeared within with a single word, aside from the occasional 'thank you'. Nodding as they left him, the will warrior turned his eyes to the skies and launched upwards; he'd made sure nothing like that happens again.

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Before the New God's righteousness, his devotion to his fellow man, his power, a fragment of the Spanish Armed Forces had fallen. Once scorched by beams of plasma, the air about him cooled, and its lurid glow faded. From the sky, Thee Champion descended and his denim eyes searched all about him, archangelic features held in earnest before softening at the realization that his foes had been vanquished. Landing, the soles of his boot touching the ground, the New God's role as a herald of hope was immediate. To those imprisoned in these concentration camps, he was a beacon of greater times, and he offered them comfort, instilled within them strength and the spirit of courage.

"Everyone stay here. You'll be safe. Ziccarra's forces are all preoccupied with battles, they won't be making their way here. And if they do, I'll stop them. I promise". Leaving his words to echo, the timbre of his voice powerful and born of valiance, Thee Champion ascended, taking to the sky before soaring through a city now marred by war. Emerald City's heroes were ill-equipped for a situation of this magnitude, in the New God's mind, that was certain. 'This kind of thing rarely, if ever comes to Emerald City soil. This is one of the most peaceful cities I've ever seen. The heroes, its law enforcement, its people, none of them are ready for this', his mind insisted. Though as he glided through the air, red cape fluttering in the wind, his thoughts soon changed and his body froze.


He felt his features light up and his heart skip a beat, 'Maya!?', his thoughts echoed, his mind touched by her telepathic attempt at reaching out to him. He was stunned, Thee Champion. He'd advised his daughter to leave Spain, to find solace in the country she held several apartments in, the country where she'd be beyond her mother's reach. She should be in the United States. And yet, she was here, in Emerald City, fighting the good fight. She'd disobeyed him and he couldn't be prouder. She was growing, Maya. Growing into her own. She'd always been strong-willed, now however, it seemed to have grown into a defining trait of hers. Shaking his head and holding back a smile, the New God's thoughts echoed into Maya's mind.

'Maya... good grief, you almost gave me a heart attack', he paused, 'Listen I-', abruptly however, Thee Champion found their telepathic conversation cut short by the roar of a shock-wave. He felt it, the rapid thermal expansion of the air, violent ripples shattering the glass from buildings before a distant figure emerged from afar, a trail of red blazing behind him. This figure, of power, of great power, blitzed towards him and Thee Champion braced himself, his eyes widening at the sight of... him. Or rather, his Reality-M counterpart, M-Alexis.

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Narrowing his gaze at his opponent, William reversed his grip of the knife and began walking towards the creature. The creature's reflexes, agility, and speed resembled those of many immortals whose path had crossed the Hunter. While there were some who could simply dodge bullets, William Greystoke could actually catch them.

Previously, William's attack had missed its mark. As his body flew through the air, he sacrificed control for speed and power - a mistake he would not make again. Now, the creature had done the same. As the creature flew through the air with the speed of a bullet, he had given up his footing and thus had given up his control.

At that moment, the Hunter's eyes transformed into their feral yellow color and glowed in the night through his mask. Through centuries of constant practice and application, William had learned to harness and control his lycan attributes - making him one of the deadliest immortals on the planet.

In the blink of an eye, the Greystoke Legend brought up the blade just as the creature's attack connected with his body. Allowing his opponent's attacks to do all the work, the Hunter allowed his opponent to impale his own bare foot upon the tip of the reinforced blade. In that same instant, he used the same principle of redirection and moved inward towards his opponent's attack.

With that, the Cerebral Assassin wrapped his arm around his opponent's airborne waist and redirected the attack into a powerful slam - coming down with his opponent to the pavement to insure the takedown's success. Not allowing himself to be caught in the creature's open guard, the Hunter quickly rolled forward along the creature's torso and transitioned into a north/south position.

Immediately, the Beast Incarnate isolated the creature's upper body on the ground and went to work. Wrapping his left arm around the creature's left arm, he trapped it in order to maintain position and prevent a viable defense. Using it to his advantage, the Hunter quickly snaked his right arm over the creature's throat and applied a powerful choke hold which would crush the windpipe and break the neck of an ordinary man.

However, this was NO ordinary man which William battled. With his left arm still around his opponent's left, the Hunter reached under and wrapped it around his right wrist - keeping the left arm trapped and applying a powerful d'arce choke. Gritting his teeth, William let out a low growl as he tightened his grip.

Suddenly, he heard it... Releasing his grip, the Hunter leaped up to his feet and sprinted down the street. At that moment, several large bombers flew down the block and released a devastating barrage. Diving behind a nearby car to shield himself from the blast, William crouched low and prepared for the impact - knowing that it would not be enough cover. As the bombs detonated, the entire car itself was lifted off the ground and William along with it.

A few minutes later, debris and emerged from the rubble of a nearby building. Bits and pieces of the car he had used for cover were scattered far and wide. Reaching down to his side, William pulled out a jagged piece of metal. He then tossed it aside and allowed the wound to heal.

Cracking his neck from side to side, the Hunter then began to search the rubble nearby for anything which might be useful. Eventually, he found a working Greystoke Industries M4 with two and a half magazines of ammunition. Along with the 1911 on his hip and the various blades still on his person, it would prove useful later on.

Unaware what threats were still out there, William proceeded with caution - making his way towards the original extraction point. From there, he and his immortals would regroup and plan their next move. Finally, the extraction point lay ahead and the chopper could be heard in the distance...

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Molly was beginning to push the brink of exhaustion, she wasn’t ready for something like this, no one was. Maya Liafador was deceased and Ziccarra Liafador was the one declairing war on the city. The same two Liafador’s not too long ago she was fighting side by side with to protect the city. Now Itsy was here, seemingly along against the entire Spanish army. Or at least she thought she was until she watched a soldier drop to the ground beside her. Her attention quickly turned to the young man who was now fighting alongside her.

“I can’t retreat, the people won’t listen to me and I won’t leave them here to die.” She responded almost out of breath quickly dodging one attack as quickly extended her hands out to her sides, webbing two soldiers before forcefully crossing her arms, causing the men to collide into each other. But she also noted the young man was beginning to get sloppy. “You need to get out of here, there’s too many for-“ but before she could finish a flash of light engulfed the area, forcing many of the men and even Itsy, to pause for a second to see what had happened.

He was now dressed in a red uniform, one she had never seen before as he began shooting down soldiers, killing them with one shot. Molly wasn’t a killer, she never liked the idea of killing, but she wasn’t about to complain on the assistance. She needed to try and convince the people to leave. But as she turned to the people as suddenly a giant emerald dragon was seen looming over the citizens for a moment before literally swallowing them whole as Itsy couldn’t help but give a yelp of fear as the Dragon then took off into the sky as citizens began screaming, evacuating the area in every direction as the Spanish military began firing upon the emerald beast. “Get the hell out of here NOW! She screamed at the people who were now scattering away like roaches to light from the area.

This was too much, this wasn’t what she signed up for, this wasn’t what she wanted. Fighting criminals were one thing, but participating in a war against the Spanish Army and now a giant green dragon wasn’t something she was ready to face. “Things can’t get any worse.” She grunted before a gas seemed to rain down upon the riot with Itsy caught right in the middle of it. She couldn’t get out of it, the moment it surrounded her she instantly felt the effects. Her mask and uniform in general wasn’t fancy armor like some heroes now a day. She made her own costume at home and kept it up herself but her mask had no special ‘filters’ or anything of the sort to protect herself from any sort of chemical warfare.

Her eyes, nose, lips, mouth burned as if she was cutting onions, only about a hundred times worse and as soon as the chemical filled her lungs, it felt as if they were blistering with fire. Molly coughed as breathing became increasingly difficult, struggling to stand, struggling to get out of the smoke but the tear gas had affected her so quickly and aggressively that she couldn’t move and she couldn’t open her eyes without the tear gas forcing them shut from the blistering pain. Her body began to quickly try to counter the effects, but only made her feel worse. Her eyes poured with tears, her nose began to run and saliva began to quickly accumulate in her mouth, the bodies way of trying to flush the chemicals out. In the mist of the new chaos shots began ringing all around her in a panic, and the chemicals left her vulnerable and open for attack.

It was in that moment she felt a sharp pain rip through her right shoulder. “Ah!” She screamed in pain, dropping her knees as her once white outfit was now becoming stained with the crimson fluid of her own blood. Why didn’t her senses kick in? Was it the chemicals? Where they interfering with her danger sense? Her body began to tremble in both pain and fear, she didn’t know what was going on, she couldn’t see and all she could hear was the sound of bodies dropping all around her, the Spanish soldiers screaming in pain as the stink of blood filled the air. What was going on?

She then heard the voice of the young man who had joined her in combat just a few moments ago, telling her to go with… someone? But she couldn’t see, blinded by the chemicals that were still burning her eyes even though the air was now cleared. “I-I can’t see.” Her voice cracked as her hand pressed against her wound. Not even a second later she felt a hand grasp onto her arm and lead her into some sort of vehicle and to a seat. Sitting down her body hunched forward, carefully trying not to move her wounded shoulder as she pulled her hood over her head and ripped off her mask that was soaked with the chemicals, taking in a deep breath of fresh air as her long sunflower locks fell around her face, still concealing her identity from her unknown savior.

“Thank you.” She whispered, trying to regain her composure as she let out a heavy sign, taking just a moment of rest before the shock wave of pain rushed through her shoulder again as her body stiffened from the pain for a moment. Taking in a sharp breath she pulled her hair back but pulled her hood down a bit more to cast a shadow over her upper portion of her face, careful to try and not expose her identity. “But... I-I need to get back out there.” She slowly began to open her swollen injected eyes from the tear gas. “The city, it’s people… I can’t let it fall.” Her eyes fixated on the young man who had helped her, he didn't look familiar to her. But the way he was dressed told her that he was some sort of warrior, martial artists most likely and a swords man due to the blades that were hung upon his back. Slowly standing upon her legs that now felt like jello, not wanting to support her weight at the moment as her good arm supported her against the wall of the jet. “I made a promise to the people of Emerald City, please.”

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@itsy: @_nox_

Wes made his way over to the craft as well, providing some covering fire but the army had begun to fall back in preparation for the bombings to come. "You fulfilled that promise." He told Itsy. "You're the reason we're all here, I'm here, he's here, that weird crazy cowboy is here and other heroes besides. We're here because of the videos you posted and the civilians that are evacuating are here because you fought when no one else was here to do so. Everyone that is alive right now owes you their life...but it's time for you to see to your own safety. Go rest, go get better and come rejoin the fight, we'll be here for your city until then." He pulled a Morpher from his belt and put it in her hand. "Take this, you can use it to contact me and I can use it to track your location if I need to find you. Keep it safe, don't lose it, it took me months to track that one down."

He looked at her for a moment, his face covered by his helmet. "If things get bad, put it on. You'll know what to do from there, but I think it's meant for someone else, so only use it if things get really bad." He showed her the button that activated the communication system between Morphers. "Press here if you need me." He gave her an overly enthusiastic thumbs up. He shifted his gaze to Nox then and nodded in appreciation of what he'd done, especially with the tear gas. "I think things are going to get worse before they get better." He told Nox.

Wes moved from the aircraft then and rejoined the fight. Itsy was able to see then that he was stunning people with his pistols rather than killing them because some of them were stirring as their comrades dragged them out of the combat zone. He stepped up beside Raeyn and two engaged everyone that came within range. Raey was brutal, relentless and furious...every soldier that even tried to push forward rather than fall back withered away in front of their eyes, screaming in agony until they fell to a pile of dust and blew away on the wind.

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@maya_liafador: @itsy:

The Mamba lifted the wheel, slowly the jet begun to ascend. Heating the very air below to the point where the waves could be seen, littering dispersed as the beast of machinery ascended. Carefully he tried not to hit a building, a difficult task when you're also trying to avoid a an air strike. The K-wing shook as the carpet bombs laid waste below the ground, Mark nearly crashed while he tried to maneuver the wheel, he grunted as he lifted it. He looked below as the men below them suffered, soldiers alike. They had no choice, only victims following orders to a mad woman. Mark's teeth clenched each other and he looked away, every move that he made and the situation took a more twisted turn.

Then she spoke about promises, he would have told her not to make promises that are impossible to keep if he could. He would have console Molly. Letting her know that she wasn't responsible for all this chaos. If there was anyone that should be blamed then it was him. Despite all of this he remained the only way he could. Silent. The sword on his chest intensified. The weigh of his actions were finally beginning to take their toll on him.

As she sobbed he felt compelled to remedy her pain. He just didn't know how to approach the situation. Best way to deal with tear gas is water and canola oil. Unfortunately he only had a bottle of water. In his mind he played the situation over and over again like broken film being put together piece by piece. He would walk over to her with his handkerchief and a bottle of water. Opening the water bottle, he watched as the droplets fell. His hands shaking, as he begun wiping the snot and chemicals from her petite nose and rosy cheeks. At one point she would look at him with her beryl eyes and he would know that it was the right moment. He would then drop the handkerchief and hold her face tenderly, leaning slowly.....

That's not going to happen.

Mark sighed with disappointment, behind all those brags he shuddered at the thought of getting close to her. As an alternative he just handed her the water while “Bigger Boys and Stolen Sweethearts” circulated through his nervous system. He could barely look at her. He was afraid that he might catch his own reflection in her eye and throw up from the disgust.

He had lost the reason to keep on fighting. Again. Maek kept trying to suppress feeling like a failure, it was beginning to become a recurring feeling to him. Maybe he would eventually get used it too and it would stop hurting so much. Maybe a family member dying would be just another day.

With that thought he parked the K-wing on top off the roof on camo mode. Reports had come in that two vigilantes were causing commotions in the clinics where vaccines were being administered. Mark was in no mental condition to put two and two together so he thought nothing of it.

Until he saw the infected then it all came together. Letting the hoards eat him alive seemed tempting.

Still, he fought out of habit.

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“M-Maya, you’re alive!?” She blurted out, her eyes wide in disbelief. She was dead, she knew what she saw. It was her body, on the ground, dead, on the news. But here she was, standing before her! Was it her powers? She was a Goddess after all… should she really be questioning her? Zoe was just happy she was alive. It caused the Fire Goddess to smile. “But, the news, I thought-“ she couldn’t even finish her sentence and almost missed half of what the Red Cardinal Goddess was saying. “Virus?” She repeated in concern. If Ziccarra was crazy enough to issue an assassination on her own daughter, should she be surprised that she was willing to use a virus to infect Emerald City?

“You’re not going in there alone.” The Fire Goddess said as she turned her back to Maya for a moment, looking towards the entrance of the building. “If there are people in there that could need help, then there are most likely more guards, and who better to distract them than me?” She gave a small grin as she turned back around only to see Maya was already gone without a trace. “What the- that’s some Knightfall sht right there.” Zoe murmured as she grabbed a hold of one of the unconscious Cardinals and dragged them around the corner into the shadows.

Moments later Zoe stepped out dressed in Ziccarra’s Red Cardinal uniform from head to toe and raising the face covering to keep her identity hidden as she began making her way to the entrance of the building. Giving a couple of knocks a little slit opened to show a pair of harden eyes looking back at her. “Where have you been? There were two heroes here trying to break their way in, we managed to render them unconscious but we need help with the wounded.”

The slit closed for a moment as the door suddenly opened, the Spanish Soldier was taller than Zoe… a lot taller, but using the moment of surprise she quickly kneed him in the family jewels, causing him to heave forward as she then cupped her hands together in a fist, raised her hands above her head and slammed them forcefully on his back, causing him to fall face first into the cemented ground and with a final, swift kick to the abdominal diaphragm, knocked the air out of him render unconscious as she quickly made her way into the clinic.

Her denim blue eyes slowly glide along the clinic. It was cold, and practically empty. As far as Zoe could tell, there weren’t any “patient’s” inside. Where were these people were that Maya was talking about? Making a turn to what would have been the nursing station, multiple Cardinals were seen roaming around the area as Zoe instantly felt her heart begin to quicken. Sure, she could take these guys down… maybe… but then they would be on alert and could end up looking for others in the clinic, like Maya, to who she had no idea where she was.

Before she could make her way past them, one shouted out towards her and her body instantly froze. ‘Awww crap' she thought to herself as she slowly turned around to meet one of the Cardinal’s face to face as he began speaking, very quickly, in Spanish to her. Spanish… she knew she should have paid more attention in Spanish class in high school! When he was done speaking Zoe stood there awkwardly as he seemed to be waiting for an answer, and the first thing that popped into her mind. “I uh- donde esta el bano?” Omg if they didn’t already suspect her, they must have now.

The Cardinal stood there, almost more awkwardly than her as he pointed towards down the hall with the other Cardinals just staring at her in silence.

“Gracias… um… Hail Ziccarra…” she made a quick hand gesture before quickly scurrying off, turning the corner where the bathroom was, but quickly made her way deeper inside.

There she found dozens upon dozens of vials that were filled with some sort of liquid that were labeled as ‘Nexcodexa’. Was that the antidote? Making it through some double doors cabinets filled with pre-drawn syringes could be seen stacked in clear containers. Was this the antidote? Which was the antidote!?

Armed guards could be seen roaming around the halls and some moving the Nexcodexa around to another location. Where could Maya be? She was probably already out of the building and here was Zoe, trying to be useful and probably failing right now. Giving occasional nods to the guards, she followed one that went towards the ‘inoculation’ area that was closed off with large double doors that could only be open with a badge.

The area stunk of stale air as series of haunted moans could be heard echoing through the room. Chills ran down the heroes back as she separated herself from the guard, making her way towards the eerie sounds that felt as if they belonged in a Night of the Living Dead movie. Making a final turn she had to cover her mouth and bite her tongue down from screaming as her eyes almost bulged out of her head. Lifeless walkers were roaming around inside an isolated room with large bullet proof windows surrounding them. This wasn’t the first time Zoe ran into zombies, in fact, it was during a battle with Ziccarra when she first encounter them. But nevertheless, this wasn’t what she was expecting. “What the hell.” She managed to get out softly as the zombies began roaming towards her direction, their slumped bodies bumping into the glass over and over again, as if trying to walk through to get to the Fire Goddess.

But then a series of crashing noises could be heard in the next room over. Bursting through the door her eyes landed on the Cardinal Goddess who was now trapped inside the room with numerous zombies inside. At the same time a Guard came in to spot Maya as he then looked over at Zoe with a smirking grin on his face, as he walked over to the glass. His arms were crossed along his chest with amusement as he moved his hand in a motion telling the disguised hero to join him to watch Maya be eaten by these zombies.

Zoe had to help Maya, fast, but first. Walking over behind the guard who was busy amusing himself by watching Maya being attacked by the living dead, she grabbed the back of his head and brutally slammed the front of his face into the glass, blood staining the glass as he dropped to the ground. Grasping his badge she ripped it off of him as she scanned it at the door, forcefully opening it as her right hand erupted in a flame. The Cardinal disguise catching on fire as her hand balled into a fist as the once wild golden flame solidified and constructed itself into a sword. Wielding the blade she sliced off a walkers head that was trying to take a bite out of Maya as she kicked another one down to the ground with a grunt. “Maya, get out NOW, the other guards are probably going to be here soon!” She shouted as a walker managed to grab onto her arm while she was distracted and sink it's teeth into her flesh.

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@embargo: @amin_karrit:

The intricate nature in which the Corporate Psychopath covertly concealed the anti-social disorders commonly affiliated with such a moniker was undeniably, well crafted. Charisma had temporarily relieved unmitigated brutality, a handsome face had replaced the mask. Amin Karrit was every bit as dangerous as his more notable alias, Satar. More so in fact. For as Amin Karrit, the expansion of versatility opened up with limitless options in which to exact his need for remorseless gratification. A luxury afforded to all psychopaths who had refused to sign life's social contract. The intellectual eccentricities of the unmasked Baabda Beast were to be observed with delicate employment. Even now, as the two cordially deliberated the particulars in regards to their designs on Spain, each exhibiting the classical refinement of a 1%er, Alexander could feel a preternatural instinct of inherent caution. The lowering of his camouflaged guard was never an option around the withdrawn Million-dollar Manipulator. The man's schemes had plans, and those plans had schematics. One need only visit Gothic City in order to confirm the Beast's tactical tenacity. Each seemingly random act of violence had been secretly building towards a more ultimate goal. Acausal Parallelism. Synchronicity. The experience of two or more events as meaningfully related, whereas they are unlikely to be causally related. From the assault on Maverick, to Gothic, to the acquisition of copious amounts of Konite, the Beast had been methodically manipulating an orchestra of events.

And now, together, with unwavering conviction, the foundation of a multi-layered Konite epidemic had theoretically been devised. Spain, one of the mightiest regimes in the World, had suddenly fallen prey to the only enemy capable of defeating it. An enemy from within. An enemy so powerful that they wielded the force of a god. Engineered to inflect damage not only on a physical level, but an emotional one as well. Psychologically the trauma inducing betrayal of the Modern Day Athena was devastating. It had already claimed the life of one beloved Liafador, simultaneously driving several others into exile. The country now showed legitimate signs of destabilization for the first time in its modernized history. Opportunistic vipers, lethal and cold-blooded, had begun their migration towards the heated bonfire of Spain's civil hatred and anarchy.

Armed with the Beast's theoretical pandemic designs, the Superior Man hovered above the bow of the group's vessel. An aurora of powerful grandeur radiated off his sculpted frame, arms confidently folded across his chest. The enduring nobility of an all black trenchcoat swam around his elevated physique while optical superiority presented the False God with an eagle eyed view of the Emerald City Harbor. Telescopic brilliance registering the arrival of STRIKE forces. And off beyond that an illuminated construct of emerald hue. 'Coincidence or irony?' Lex thought. "Hmm, the harbor." he continued to ponder. "A perfect ground zero." rubbing his neatly trimmed goatee.

No Caption Provided

In a spontaneous sub-sonic eruption of flight Alexander rocketed towards the port turned reeducation camp. Rapidly arriving and establishing the same arm folded posture as previously held. By the time anyone had visually confirmed his participation, Lex had already scanned the area. Devouring a plethora of analytical data and stats. Dividing the count between STRIKE, prisoners, and captors. Most of the Cardinal loyalist were too busy fending off the advancing squad of Ruby led STRIKE members to even notice Lex as he approached and freed captives. But what had otherwise seemed to be an act of heroic nobility, was in fact part of a more corrosive crusade.

Purposefully subscribing to a series of perceptible stereotypes, the distribution of small amounts of Konite to various freed individuals had begun. Under the influential half-truth of, "Why wait for someone else to rescue you? With this 'cure' you'll never be forfeit to the competency of others again. Release your own potential and be the hero of your own story." Naturally the weak willed, the inspiring do-gooders with a hero complex, and the socially abused and discarded refugees were mesmerized. Who wouldnt jump at the chance to be special? To be powerful? And that is exactly what the galactic designer drug known as Konite could offer. Temporarily of course but the reward, for many, outweighed the risk. Especially as Spain transformed itself into a dictatorship.

These addicts would run, as all junkies do, and carry the word. They would carry the promise of ability derived freedom. Visually and spiritually. They would carry the drug deeper and deeper into Emerald City giving birth to a generation of synthetic abilities with terrifying withdrawals.

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Pyotr's foot pushed off against the ground, instantly cracking the pavement and sending him towards his opponent with what promised to be a devastating kick. His breathing was utterly serene throughout the entire maneuver, his stance as calm as calm could be, an almost lazy, fluid motion transforming into an utterly lethal, disciplined one in the fraction of a second. Even with the almost negligible distance between the two, Pyotr noticed his foe raise his blade, reacting at speeds that certainly matched those of even the most well-honed superhuman's. Able to expertly time both the force and location of Pyotr's foot, he had sought to impale the blade through it, a maneuver that certainly would have worked on any other foe.

But Pyotr's feet were of a unique variety, specifically adapted to handle even the most harrowing of conditions. For a post-mutant whose chief attribute was his dazzling running speed, it could be said that he would be worthless without equally astonishing feet to work with. The bottoms were akin to the treads of a tank, pulsing and healing in such a precise way as to be able to grip things by what seemed to be their very atoms. The composition of the lined treads underneath his arches were akin to a carbon nanocluster, naturally developed and maintained by his supremely fit internal system. They were feet literally designed to be dashed against the earth at speeds of up to two hundred miles per hour, in rapid succession; they had developed over nearly nine centuries to be able to endure massive trauma, indomitably dense treads on the bottom tough enough to run across a field of spikes should the situation call for it. And so, while the attempt to shove a blade through his foot was an admirable effort, it would be a wasted one.

The bottom of his foot ricocheted from the tip of the gleaming knife, sparks thrown into the air as he effortlessly controlled his balance. The blade itself remained intact, which was in itself an anomaly; most knives, no matter how finely made, would have shattered upon the impact of his foot. He accounted in mid-air for the deflection, maintaining his forward momentum with improvised balance that would have humbled even the most disciplined of Olympic athletes. His massive musculature plowed forward with feline grace, unbefitting of his titanic structure. But even as he passed by his target, he felt him beginning to attempt a countermaneuver of his own.

His foe sought to wrap his arm around Pyotr's waist, evidently seeking to bring him into a takedown; however, it seemed he had failed to account for his massive forward momentum, the very street underneath his feet destroyed as he'd leapt towards him. For Pyotr was no acrobat attempting a basic kick; no, he was a superhuman speedster, with enough force concentrated in his foot to dent a steel bulkhead. In the moment his hyper-dense foot touched the blade, his foe would have at the very least experienced vast recoil, even if his attempt to pierce Pyotr's treaded foot had succeeded. With one arm --the one holding the knife-- out of commission for at least a second, he would need to rely on a single appendage to initiate such a massive takedown. Furthermore, it would be utterly impossible to redirect Pyotr's body in such a way; attempting to do so, with only a single limb, would be akin to wrestling a bullet train off of the tracks with only his right arm.

He felt the limb wrap itself around his waist, trying desperately to pull him into a takedown, but such an effort would prove utterly futile against the Acrobatic Achilles. For nearly nine entire centuries, he had honed his skills, essentially representing the zenith of close-quarters combat. With his inhuman speed and uncanny strength, any attempt to wrestle him would be met concisely and brutally with three massive aspects of Pyotr's own body, extended and perfected into utterly lethal maneuvers, which would soon be brought to bear on his unusual opponent.

First, there was his brutal strength to contend with. The Paragon of Persistence's inhuman muscular structure was more advanced than those of even the most seasoned veterans of any conflict, with muscle tissue lacing every facet of his internal organs in a manner that utterly defied conventional anatomy. Each muscle thread could function on its own, making use of as much energy as possible whilst still consuming approximately the same amount of nutrients as an ordinary being. Moreover, every single muscle worked in sync, directed in such a manner that maximized his lifting potential and striking power while also making his body incredibly dense. His legs, in particular, had a vast level of power output, his striking ability and maneuverability translating from his movement-related evolution.

Second, there were the powerful grips that lined his palms and feet. These treads, whilst originally intended to provide maximum traction on any running surface, would instead be applied to martial combat, an aspect of his body that made him an absolute master of grappling and wrestle-strikes. The property of immense adhesion of these molecular grips to nearly any potential surface at will allowed him to maintain a vice-like hold on anything he desired; the small microgrips that lined the treads would attach through mental stimulation. Through a simple, instinctive thought, he could activate the treads, making whatever he touched adhere to them. He subconsciously activated them and deactivated them whenever he ran, the synchronized treads providing maximum running traction, granting him far more potential movement speed than any man, even one with his insane muscular structure. And in combat? It made a grapple he initiated practically inescapable, and any stance he took, unbreakable.

And finally, there was his metahuman sensory perception, his reflexes practically ripped from Hermes himself. Through sheer focus, he could enter a state of extranormal perception, his heightened adrenaline combining with his utterly infallible survival instinct to produce a predator that could react to things the moment they happened. As soon as his senses picked up on the changes his opponent made in both his stance and movements, his own mind began accounting for them, the Savage Survivor revealing himself as a veritable god of combat. He'd seen every potential maneuver, experienced every possible takedown; such a simple move as a redirection takedown could not match up to centuries of practice, combined with the body of a veritable God of Endurance.

And so, as his foe began his countermaneuver, Pyotr was more than prepared. He would never leap blindly towards an opponent he knew nothing about, no matter how superhuman he may have seemed. He felt the arm wrap around his torso, and in that exact moment, he attempted to latch his right hand to his foe's extended upper arm. The grips' effects on his skin, even through his clothes, would be themselves excruciating, a molecular latch enacted underneath the fibers and adhering to his skin. This grip would introduce Pyotr's momentum to his foe, essentially dragging him through the air alongside the flying man and breaking any stance he might have had. For even with a perfect stance, Pyotr's momentum could not simply be negated, even by a man with strength far greater than his, let alone this enhanced human. At that moment, Pyotr would land, his massive feet all but embedding themselves in the pavement underneath. At this point, the momentum from his jump would be transferred to the Hunter, Pyotr's inescapable grip on his upper deltoid, with a squeeze that could easily bend iron hopefully applied to the man's arm.

It was then that he would begin his own attack, a titan of punishment bringing the Hunter down into the ground underneath with a grip that defied conventional physics. Any attempt to break the hold may as well be futile, unless the Hunter was willing to sacrifice his entire arm from the shoulder down. And with his left, empty hand? Pyotr would attempt to wrap his enormous fingers around the Hunter's helmet, compressing it within the grips so as to crush his head like a grape. The grips on his left hand, too, would be applied the moment they touched his head, a molecular grapple that essentially fused the two men together at that point. Attempting to bring the man's body down into the pavement, Pyotr would hold him in place until either he'd been crushed to death, or the approaching bombers annihilated the entire surrounding area with an incendiary firestorm.

For while he presumed his opponent would instantly perish in said firestorm...to Pyotr, it would be much like battling within a relaxing, exotic sauna.

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U.N Security Council

It was unacceptable.

Spain was in the midst of a disaster, a travesty of enourmous proportions. It was an attack, but not an external one. One on the country's own people, Ziccarra Liafador without warning, going ballistic as she turned on her people, infecting them with a virus as she went and sought to turn the country into something for her to bend to her whim. The five permanent seats, France, Russia, The United States, The United Kingdom and China and the non permeneant members of Angolia, Malaysia and New Zealand also participating starting this year, 2015. (CVnU is currently lacking Venezuela and Spain, participating in a raging debate over their next course of action.

Present as well, was Mr. Jonathan F. Bold, the CEO of Maverick Incorporated. While he did not have a seat within the council itself, yet at least, he did participate. His involvement in worldly defense was undeniable. Countries paid top dollar to have Maverick defend them in times of Peril. Gods descended from the sky, and they were there to answer for many countries. Heavily lessening causalities and collateral damage as they repelled the threat. Their army, having vast numbers of over 2 million. More than the United States entire Active Duty Armed Forces, but less than China's 2.2 Million. Still, they had a signfiicant portion of armed forces, an army built up over time, from where? Many were unsure as to how a private military goes about acquiring an army size able enough to rival that of many countries. Though they lacked any sort of Naval Power the rest of them had, they boasted their own Pseodo Air-Force seen defending Nebraska from alien orbital bombardment. Time and time again, the had proven their capabilities.

Bold felt he had earned his seat here, as he felt he earned every single thing that he had. Yet, he and a few of them felt little could be solved by bickering. From their perspective, or at least what Bold and a few other U.N. members said, she had clearly fallen under a god complex, feeling the need to exert herself over her country and flaunt her new found as if no one would oppose her. This meant, that immediate action was required. Maverick, being a Private Military Corporation, meant that they could deploy for in actuality, a cheaper price than the armed forces of a country and be more cheaply priced. In addition to being leagues above the effectiveness of the U.N's own security force.

The decision was made to retaliate immediately, with Maverick working in conjunction with United Nations Forces in a unanimous decision due to the extremity of Ziccarra Liafador's actions. Maverick mounting the offense and the United Nations sending resources from their countries to provide medical care and to aid Maverick in efforts to protect against bio-chemical warfare.

Emerald City, Spain

Eric Bradshaw. (Shadow Company loadout)
Eric Bradshaw. (Shadow Company loadout)

"This doesn't check out to me. She knows we'll retaliate and more importantly, she knows others are gonna retaliate. The champion isn't under her thumb, so the way I see it, it can be a combo of one or two things. Either Ziccarra has something big she's yet to unveil to kill the guy or somethings not right with this Ziccarra. And why like this? Why not more subtle." Bradshaw said idly from inside the VTOL.

"You getting soft, you know. Two years ago? You would've been p*ssing yourself for a shot at the Liafadors." Jackal replied.

"And you think I'm not? I have no idea who the hell that b**** is up there, but Ziccarra or not, I'm doing my damndest to blowing off that pretty little throne of hers and launching somewhere up into the stratosphere. But we'll just see how this goes."

"That's if I don't get a shot at her first."

"Bout that time."

They revealed themselves, not only them but their army. The Maverick "Spectre" VTOL Aircraft revealed to be a swarm of air craft in the sky as they uncloaked above the city, pod bay doors opening as they opened, unleashing an army of soldiers some tens of thousands strong to launch a full scale invasion of the entire Army of Spain. Bradshaw jumped fearlessly with the rest of his various groups among the craft. Parashooting down before he silently hits the floor. Inversely Jackal only decides to simply drop from the aircraft. Sticking a three point landing on solid concrete cracks race across it.



The starting point of their invasion, or what someone would call "liberation." Heroes were already hard at work in Emerald city. They were powerful enough and determined enough, to possibly fight off armies, but could they save everyone? Hardly seemed so. They were singular entities only capable of accomplishing so much. Their help was not unwelcome and not unneeded. Shadow Company quick at work to determine hostile from and allies.

The forces of S.T.R.I.K.E however were some of the first to war with the people, while the people were intent on waging their war. Sources were already indicating the use of a drug named "Konite" that gave people metahuman abilities and augmented those abilities that some had. Maverick had knowledge of it, but to a limited degree. At the moment, priority relied in engaging ground forces. Not to regulating it's use or even questioning it. However, all Maverick personal were instructed that under no circumstance was the drug to be used by them, and many personal were content and proud with using their own gear. Rather than one that gave designer genes with questionable after effects. They'd go to war with their own weaponry. High Velocity Bullets screeched through the air. Colliding with obscene muzzle energies. Shaped Charges exploded with force to shred many metahumans. Conventional rounds mowed down crowds of infected. M.O.R.S, Maverick's most abundant soldiers, flooded the streets, engaging enemies without fear and forcing them to deal with them. Jets that were not native to the country soon began to clash with spanish forces for aerial dominance.

Simply put, it was war.

"Hey look, it's S.T.R.I.K.E being useful." He said to himself, unveiling a new hybrid firearm (details coming soon) as he moved into a firing position, firing on spanish forces as he came to join the fray.

Jackal inversely, striding forward, something of a walking tank almost. His armor casually shrugging off particle weaponry deflected around him, however, him takin cover like many others as he readied his customized Reinforced REC7. Made the utilize hypervelocity ammunition to it's full effect. Simultaneously, a sheathed blade at his side, at the ready to be drawn against approaching infected.


No Caption Provided

  • Engage Spanish Cardinal ground Forces.
  • Engage Spanish Naval Forces if necessary.
  • Contain the infection, and annihilate all those afflicted until instructed to do otherwise.
  • Assault Cardinal Conversion Camps
  • Engage Spanish Air Force

A wicked smile creeps across the face of the Cybernetic Super Soldier, beneath his mask.

"This is gonna be fun."

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Wes was stunned when an army came out of the sky and began to fight back against the Cardinal Army. He stood staring at them in surprise, looking down at his Chrono Blaster and beginning to think it was no longer necessary. He holstered the weapon and identified the man that seemed to be leading the charge and approached Bradshaw. "Boy am I glad to see you guys, whoever you are!" he said with an enthusiastic nod. "These people need more help than we can give them. We just evacuated a local hero who'd worn herself down to the point of exhaustion. I can only do so much myself and I think I saw other heroes in a different area of the city near some sort of camps."

Wes took a moment to look around and take stock of the situation again. "Now that you're here, what can I do to help? I'm not from around here and I don't know the city very well. I was here on business and then all this stuff broke out. If I can be of any more help I'd love to lend a hand, but I don't want to get in your way either. Whatever you need me to do, you can count on the Time Force!" He said with a thumbs up. Even if the Time Force is just me...

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Unspecified Location, Emerald City

No Caption Provided

“Things…are dire” The Cardinal Commander lamented watching from afar as the battle of Emerald City soon erupt into a full on war. Ziccarra’s insurrection had seemingly brought the wrath of every so-called “hero” in the vicinity. To a make matters worse, STRIKE and MAVERICK flooded the battlefield with a number of forces that could potentially force Spain into a retreat.

“Ziccarra’s rash actions have forced us into a corner. Her attack on the A’gaia Coda has split our forces. She claims, she does not want to fight a war on two fronts, but has placed us in that exact situation. “

“S.T.R.I.K.E and that Green Guy have halted our aerial bombardment, Maverick has also arrived and engaged our forces on the ground. Not to mention Thee Champion and that Red Power Ranger.” He recounted, strutting through his chambers looking for some sort of strategic move, it was almost as if Ziccarra hadn’t planned for anyone to get involved, or maybe she did.

“Apparently, that bogey we picked up earlier…it was well…Thee Champion…” his Lieutenant whispered almost in disbelief.

“YOU MEAN THERE ARE TWO OF THEM??” Ribera barked, only to have his suspicions fall to the wayside. Looking at the images, this Champion didn’t seem heroic in the least. “He may be our strongest ally” he thought, before his attention was snagged yet again, this time by his captain.

“SIR, STRIKE has maneuvered their vessel to just above the harbor. It’s within our Frigate’s range.” The Captain’s revelation prompted the General to move from his chambers over to the command deck. “Make them regret illegally entering Spain!”

“Fire Goddamnit!”

On his command, from not too far off their ship violently quivered as the frigate began to fire on STRIKE’s main vessel.

“We have confirmed hits.”

“Continue fire until we bring it down!”

“Employ the VPF’s (Virtual Particle Fields), and switch to plasma based weaponry. We need to deal more damage. Have the 1st sweep through the city from the Lower Emerald City to Upper Emerald City; the 5th will push through from the harbor to the wards (East and West). Push them to the middle of the city, Slash and Burn!

Ribera, a highly decorated general within the Cardinal Army, when Ziccarra rose to power in Spain, he was hand-picked by the Liafador-Pettis Regime to lead the Spanish forces under Alexis.

He stood with his hands behind his back, listening to encrypted signals of confirmation through radio chatter, Cardinal signals for fear of interception.

“Ziccarra says to win Emerald City, we will. Even if we have to burn it!”

“Sir, The Prime Minister is on line 1”

Moving in a march-like manner to the conference room, Riberia stood in salute to Ziccarra as she appeared on the screen. “My Queen, have you succeeded in capturing Tassiania Pettis. “

“I have not, it appears she is not on the island, I intend to make Mercy pay for wasting my time. Ziccarra replied, with the clanging sound of swords in the background.

“Ma’am, I think I may have found a way to spread the “Liafador Virus…without Tassi.” He said, motioning to a new screen that bore Thee Champion, Alexis Pettis. Ziccarra’s ex-husband.

“I’m listening…”

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Unspecified Location, Emerald City

Looking into the shadow of the room she whispered two words. Two simple words that could change the tide of battles and damn you at the same time.

“I agree”

She had struck a deal. The shadows dripped off him as he walked forth,

“Then, we have come to an understanding”.

The pale skin changed before her eyes, his skin becoming darker then the night itself, tiny flashes where dotted throughout the darkness, it was as if his body was a living universe. The parts that she could not see, where now covered in a white suit and black shirt, which gave off a strange warmth as he approached her. An ever so tender smile tugged at his lips

“I serve at your command, Ziccarra”.

Without so much as a word, he was gone from her presence.

Upper Emerald City

Looking into

No Caption Provided

A blanket of blackness, obliterated the sun and rolled over the skies of Spain. Oppressing any light that it came in contact with. This darkness was different, it suffocated anything it touched as if it had malice intent, seeking out life and extinguishing under its own weight. In the center of the sky a figure could be seen hovering, his white suit shone against the black. Just watching the carnage below. There was no screams, his darkness would not allow it. None of these mortals deserved their master’s attention. But it spoke to him, telling him of others who had risen up against Ziccarra’s force, others who were different, who were interesting.

Slowly he began his decent, listening and watching, projecting his voice with an inner power he had not used in over hundred years

“All those that oppose Ziccarra, oppose Spain. Lower your weapons and you shall die quickly. Defy me and I shall kill you and your blood lines. You will be cleaned from existence as if you were never born. There will be no memories of you on this earth or any other. “

With a wave of his empty hand, he let the screams of the people roll over the battle torn country, the shadows amplifying the effect from every corner.

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"Get on down, get on down the roaaad" she sang as she hovered a few feet off the ground, her magic centered on keeping her invisible for the moment. Her eyes glowed a soft red, so dim you would have to look twice to truly notice it, her long black gown, made from shadows and given to her by her dear friend and mentor Final Arrow, brushing along the ground. Swirling across her bosom, the bodice concealed just enough but left a lot on show, never one to hide her attributes.

""Do you think they will flee?'' she smiled as she whispered across their psychic link. He did not respond, the energy it took to form the shadows too distracting for him as he raised terror across the war trodden land. So many players had come out of the woodwork when the great Ziccarra had started her take over. It had been a long time since she had watched someone with half the talent of this woman, she had magic, she could sense it humming beneath the cool facade. Though Eva had never met the woman in person, she had watched her for many years, both her and Arrow knowing that soon it would come down to the Father and Mother of Hell, to choose sides and bring the heroes to their respective knees.

"I do so enjoy a man on his knees" she licked her luscious red lips and slid down onto the ground to watch him work, always arousing her, his power was like an aphrodisiac that fed on her succubus style nature. Though neither of them would ever cross the boundaries between flesh and mind, they loved to taunt each other.

“All those that oppose Ziccarra, oppose Spain. Lower your weapons and you shall die quickly. Defy me and I shall kill you and your blood lines. You will be cleaned from existence as if you were never born. There will be no memories of you on this earth or any other. “

No Caption Provided

Shivers rocked down her spine, her body squirming as his voice seemed to shake the very foundations around her. "Show time" she whispered along their psychic thread "Enjoy yourself my dear" he replied, she could hear the malevolent smile through their link. Her bare feet touched the ground, black painted toe nails began to edge forward with a slip of her hips, her shadow dress began to slip over her body, linking up her legs and across her chest,a kind of corset and pants made of shimmering body Armour formed. Straps wrapped up her arms, and over her shoulders, silver spikes erupted on her collar, glinting on the moonlight. Not one to ever hide from a show, she waved her hand, taking a hold of a handful of Arrows shadows she wrapped them around her fist rolling the dark ball and feeding her own magic into it, growing it with ever twist she finally bent on one knee and slammed the ball into the ground, rocking the streets and buildings around her, causing mass damage and chaos. A shift amongst the rocks at her feet, clawed hands began to crawl out of the deepest pits of hell, heads and bodies followed of skeleton warriors, clad in Armour and carrying swords and bows over 50 of them appeared in a V behind their mistress. "Hello boys" she smiled and kissed the rotting cheek of the commander, as he helped her to raise.

Standing up she smiled and began to walk towards the terrified innocents racing away from her, soon she would get to feed, but she also hoped she and the gang could have a little fun first.

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@final_arrow: @horned:

In a streak of blue light the Sapphire Goddess zoomed above Emerald City, the city that Maya had always done her best to keep an eye on and protect herself. But now… her sister was declared dead on the news, and as much as Tassi wanted to refuse to believe it, that she wanted to believe that her mother would never do something as horrible as killing her own daughter, her most recent actions told the young hybrid Goddess otherwise. She didn’t have time to mourn the loss of her sister, she had to instead direct that energy to protecting Emerald City from her own mother and her army.

Her eyes scanned the area and multiple events were going on at once, too many for Tassi to tackle, she would have to hope whatever aid had come to the city, it was enough to push back against the Spanish army and their allies. This was all her fault. If she wasn’t selfish and traveled back in time to grow stronger, none of this would have happened. There was no way her timeline still existed. Her family was now shattered, there was no coming back from this, she had doomed the Liafador name in one selfish act.

Her eyes then caught the eyes of darkness that was quickly spreading through the skies of Spain and with it, a single figure of a man, one that she wasn’t familiar with. As he made his descend to the ground his voice boomed through the darkness, declaring them already dead. Not too short after that, a woman came into play, manipulating the darkness around her to construct armor that she had never seen before while at the same time, raising an army of the dead. No, she wouldn’t stand by and watch this happen.

No Caption Provided

In a blinding flash of light that opposed the darkness Tassiana landed forcefully upon the ground as fissures cracked through the cement. The bright Sapphire light that shone brightly around her caused the shadows to retreat back from her, unable to touch the Hybrid Goddess. She could feel the power that came from these two beings. She was not ignorant of their power and knew very well the two could possibly kill her if she wasn’t careful.

“I am Tassiana Pettis,” Her voice was stern as it pierced through the consuming darkness, her blue eyes looking from the man to the woman. “and I wont let you take this city.” She then began to create a wall of light behind her, one that stretched out as far as the darkness did, separating the three from the rest of the city, a barrier that could not be broken or crossed unless they were of Liafador blood. So long as she lived, that wall would hold and would prevent the darkness (or any force, good and bad) to cross further into the city unless she willed it. She would keep this new evil at bay for as long as she could, in the name of her sister.

I wont let you take this city
I wont let you take this city
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The world fears darkness, since the dawn of time, they have hidden from the predators that lurk there. People never really understand the reason, some seek it and some run from it. But it is always there even if you do not wish to admit it. Darkness is the one constant of fear, darkness in others, and darkness of the world or just things in the shadows. The world was about to understand why, for the first time in over a hundred years he had come back to play.

No Caption Provided

The can-descent wall of light loomed over the two, Arrows eyes stung from the bright magic and a small smile tugged at his face. “Very impressive”, turning to look the godling in the eyes. “I gather it prevents me and my counterpart here from crossing into the rest of the city as well” some of his darkness has dissipated when the wall had appeared. The shadows began to peel away from Arrow himself, his suit was replaced with blackness and emptiness, it turned its head to Eve and in a whisper of a voice “Do have fun my dear, I believe this one will be a challenge for you.” The now empty Shadows turned to the impressive being before them. There was nothing left of what had appeared to be Arrow, nothing but emptiness itself, but yet a voice still spoke. “You never show all your cards first, it is rule one for beings like the three of us, always keep something back.”

The sky parted, from behind his concealment, the true Arrow plummeted towards the ground. There was an explosion of derby as he landed on the other side of the wall. The sting of the light prickled his skin, he did not have much time being this close to it, so he began his work, all the shadows dragged towards the phosphorescent barrier and began building up alongside the it, bodies, mixed with shadows and mortar, creating a blood magic barrier of his own, he built to almost to match that of the godling on the other side apart from some areas he allowed the light to come through. The great wall of death began to cast a very large shadow over the rest of the city. Arrow stood looking over it, “Go forth and kill without mercy” as the words escaped his lips thousands of troops began to raise from the shadows, black tornadoes of death began to tear at the very foundation of the country ripping through it, all under his command, all thanks to one wall of light that had now given him the means to create his own shadows, for darkness cannot live without light.

No Caption Provided

The Shadow that was next to Eve was almost gone, it looked straight at Tassiana “Thank you my dear, you have been most helpful” and with that the shadow clone vanished. Arrow began to rise to the sky and guiding down towards the heart of the city, he let his shadow army do the work as they moved and killing any that dared cross their paths. Death had come to Spain and it had all happened from two words from their queen. His wall would act as the opposite of Tassiana, it would prevent people from leaving the city and would take a great deal of damage to destroy it, only those that had been touched by his power could walk freely through it.

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@final_arrow: @horned: @general_riberia: @alexander_apex: @maverick_6:

Solaris had been telling herself since the attacks started that this was an internal Liafador matter. True Emerald City was an independent country but that just meant it was human politics...she never involved herself in such things. Then Arrow made an appearance and still she told herself it wasn't her place to intervene. That changed when he and his companion determined to start killing people for the sake of killing them. Now she could intervene.

Solaris burned through the sky like a bolt, a blazing trail of glorious energy, a blazing signal of a star that was no longer willing to stand by and watch others die at the hands of those who could not care about them. Solaris blazed into the fight and hovered over the city like a beacon. Realizing that her first step was to try and counter act the spreading darkness she did what stars did best...and lit up the sky. Energy blazed from her eyes and hands, it surrounded her in a radiant aura that was dangerous to look upon, as bright in the sky as the Earth's sun itself and it grew brighter still. The Living Star was one of the oldest stars in the universe and she had burned brighter as a star than the Earth's sun by an almost ridiculous margin.

Solaris spread light across the city in an effort to combat the legions of darkness. She knew well enough that it wouldn't eliminate everything, but it would cast much of it away and give it something to think about. More importantly it would give the creator of the darkness notice that its polar opposite had arrived on the scene. Solaris, the Living Star, was no longer willing to sit on the sidelines and it was all his fault. She hovered above the city, a beacon of hope and a symbol of power older than anything on Earth. If a being of darkness wanted to pick on someone, it could pick on a being of pure nuclear fusion.

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@solarius: @final_arrow: @tassania_pettis:

No Caption Provided

Like a child at a carnival she watched with glee the heroes as they reigned down their power upon the desolation and darkness that the dark pair had brought. Arrow's glorious wall was like a shimmering beacon of hatred and violence, clashing against the great wall of shimmering gold that the new arrival had conjured, what truly wondrous power this goddess had created. She could feel the energy hot and seductive. Moving through her skeletal army she approached the wall, lifting her perfectly manicured hand she touched the wall, exhaling with ecstasy as the energy began to ripple through her skin, absorbing the power and adding it to her own. Her eyes began to glow with the power she was pulling out, her mouth open, her lips parted the succubus witch gathered what she could handle and pulled her hand away, the power almost too strong for her own. Arrow appeared beside her, her eyes rolling back in ecstasy as she leaned against him, barely hearing his words he evaporated and left her with a gentle lovers suggestion '“Do have fun my dear, I believe this one will be a challenge for you.” smiling at his retreating form, the energy she had absorbed from the wall was sliding against her skin, almost glowing.

"Oh what wonderful beings you are" she spoke aloud, amplifying her voice above the clash of demonic powers on the ground "A coward dies a thousand deaths, a hero only one" she smiled at the quote and raised her arms, saluting her skeleton general, who thrashed forward to join Arrow's shadow army and face the hordes of innocents trying to flee the city.

Lifting herself off the ground she flew up high above the walls and hovered in the air, her hands spread out beside her, her eyes glowing black with the fiery demonic power inside her, amplified by Tassiana's wall of energy that she had absorbed. As she rose above the walls, the demon armies and the shadow army. Her eyes turned towards the new player, the sky flooded with golden light, so blight she had to close her eyes tight. Even then her lids, glowed with red as the power pushed against the darkness inside her, pushing her back down towards the ground, she fought against the new power, the power force from Solarius was immense and she could absorb no more. Taking a deep breath she called on her power, pulling it up from the bowels of hell, and drawing from all the darkness around her. Tapping into the fresh feed she had from the great wall, she began to twist the skies, pulling the clouds together and forcing her energy up into the building darkness that would block the light. Thunder began to rumble as she once again flew up above the walls, pushing against the light, sweat dripped from her brow, her hands clenched so tight blood dripped from the indents her fingernails pushed against her palm.

No Caption Provided

Her voice screeched across the sky, "Potestate tenebrarum repellere lucem" Power of darkness repel the light, commanding the elements the sky began to rumble in response to her command. Her power, amplified by the energy she had drawn from the great wall of light, ripped through the sky attempting to push back the light that was conjured and drive the heroic duo of goddesses to their knees. The dark clouds rippled through the sky, ripening as they climbed against the light, blocking out the sun and slamming the power of the lightning down upon the people fleeing the city. The skies responded to the devil whores whims and she was set to destroy any that crossed her.

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Raeyn withdrew from the fight against the Cardinal army once Maverick arrived and turned its eyes to the rest of the city. He felt the arrival of demons and an army of undead before he actually saw them and the already enraged Cosmic Power narrowed his eyes and walked out into the now empty street where he stood directly across from the marching legion of undead, the only individual standing between them and the rest of the city. He pulled his stetson down over his forehead a bit and held his rifle in his opposite hand. His fingers were wrapped around the barrel of the rifle because he had no intention of using it just now.

"In strange aeons..." He reached out with his free hand towards the undead, it was a completely unnecessary gesture designed more for theatrics than anything. "Even death may die." He finished, a fun quote from his ancient civilization that he rather enjoyed using at times like this. Again it was pointless, theatrics...the powers of a Time Siphon required no gestures or words of power, not at the current level of power Raeyn was sitting at. From Earth he could reach out and consume the whole of the milky way of he chose to do so, fortunately Raeyn was in control despite his anger and he sought to protect Earth, not exterminate it.

Instead of he coiled his mind around the temporal lines of the approaching hoard of skeletons and began to drain the time from their bodies. While it was true they were already dead, everything aged, even bones. Give a bone long enough and it would collapse into dust...and that is exactly what the undead began to do as their temporal energy flowed into the Time Siphon at an ever increasing rate. If no one intervened, the undead stood no chance against a furious Raeyn. A Time Siphon in full power was a terror to behold, there was a reason their name was spoken in hushed tones across the far reaches of the Universe, whole civilizations had fallen to this one Time Siphon alone, galaxies had vanished from the night sky at Raeyn's hands and the unfortunate fool that had attacked Nebraska had given Raeyn a full restoration of its powers quite on accident. Raeyn's name had long struck fear into the hearts of the most cold and vile of creatures, because for Raeyn...everything was just a matter of time.

The only salvation for the demon's army would be direct intervention, something that would force Raeyn to shift its attention.

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Wes found himself staring at an army of shadowy creatures. "Oh boy...that escalated. I need more fire power..." Wes clenched his hand tightly into a fist and held it aloft "Red Battle Warrior!" Fire burst from his fist as if he were clenching a star between his fingers and a series of strobe light flashes blinded the area for a moment. When the flashes faded away Wes stood in new armor wielding an over sized sword. A circle of fire burned in the air around him and cleansed the immediate hundred or so feet around him of shadow warriors.

No Caption Provided

His new armor could absorb far more damage than his ordinary 'spandex' armor and he launched himself into the midst of the shadow warriors, lashing out in every direction with his burning blade. The new sword was capable of cutting through all but the strongest of armors and its fires blazed with the righteous fury of justice. If the foes were intangible, the fire would damage them even if his blade passed through. His movements were unusually fast for someone now wearing bulky armor and though he lacked the greater sword fighting finesse of a true sword master, he had more than enough skill to fight mooks.

Wes was not happy in battle like many warriors, he actually hated it. What he was happy to see was the attention of the shadow warriors now beginning to focus on him rather than innocent civilians. Wes would do anything to protect the people of the city from slaughter. He had more weapons in his arsenal if need be but he resisted their use for fear that their use would only escalate the damage and fear spreading through the city. For now Wes fought on his own, wishing there were more of the Time Force around but he had yet to find anyone worthy of the title.

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"What was that you SEALs said on that Spec War Patch?"

"Night time, is the right time, sir."

"Just checkin'." Bradshaw says with a smirk.

The Maverick Mutant hunter was in the midst of flanking a group of Cardinals as they were in the midst of engaging a group of M.O.R.S, accurately gunning down the beings as the two groups received mostly equal fire. However, an advantage Maverick had was mobility and overall, a much larger tool set.

Bradshaw landed in an ally next to them, shadow comapany already gathered about him. He counted down. Three to one, before they executed, popping up and firing. Most every cardinal soldier dropping before they'd a chance to react to them picking them all off. 20 men simply falling to the floor at once. Except for one who'd managed to react in time to Bradshaw to fire one last particle beam. A near superluminal beam traveling some 670,000,000 miles pr hour.

One that he had side stepped before the shot even fired.

The man dropped a moment later as Bradshaw's returned bullet hit it's mark, the hypervelocity round able to tear through the man's armor and virtual shielding as it did many things, such as the hide of some metahumans. And he had fallen like all the rest.

His weapon whipped around to some young boy behind him who'd approached him. Some....kid. Probably powered, someone who wants to be hero, try to vanquish all the baddies. But who could blame him? Emerald City was being attacked by it's own government. Bradshaw conversed with men and sources over his tech telepathy as he decided what to tell him.

"Get a load of this kid."Bradshaw says over their COMs

"He sure is f*cking cheery."One of the men adds

"He has a mech."A shadow company chimes.

"Could use a bit of help on the crowd contro-"The man is cut off as Jackal joins in.

"I got this. Just gimme a moment. Best fight monsters with another monster, right? Just leave those two to me. I'm bringing a small battlleon a few thousand strong."Jackal says, volunteering himself.

"Jackal is adept for this kinda thing. A lot of supernatural mumbo jumbo doesn't work on him."A battle technician adds.

"Alright. Just be careful."Bradshaw says over the line, sounding concerned.

Only over a few seconds, Bradshaw was going to say something but then the kid seemed to summon some armor to hack away at a newfound legions of the demons. Currently, Bradshaw was hardly sure what better to tell him to do. The situation was grim but hardly did it seem like anything he'd not encountered before. Otherwise, he might have simply had him over at the conversion camps.

Currently, Bradshaw sees the S.T.R.I.K.E H.A.T.V under attack, immense fire being drawn to it. He marks the targets in the sea as he orders and attack on them.

His own concern and action, now going to free the people as he moves to one of these "conversion camps."


Objective Parameters confirmed. Protect S.T.R.I.K.E Mobile HQ and Annihilate Spanish Navy. Sending strike Package

With these words of acknowledgement, a swarm of "Phantom" Fighter Jets streaked through the air, several air to air missiles whizzing through the air as the worked to first, mitigate their attack by firing at the blasts of plasma, the explosios serving to simply dissipate the molten gas midair. The jets moving sufficiently fast to dodge supersonic projectiles and with the reflexes to deflect orbital bombardment. They could hardly negate all of it, and the flying air craft carrier was going to in essence, likely need to defend itself.

Then, they attacked, soon the Jets soaring through the air at Approximately mach 4 as the weaved through plasma fire and even, partially deflect it with their armor. However, this was simply a distraction, as a squadron of cloaked jets revealed themselves and unleashed their payloads. A series of hypersonic cruise missiles that accelerated to speeds of mach 15 in mere moments. Should they not react, the missiles would not explode.

They would fly straight into their targets and collide with hundreds of thousands of tons of force. Fractions of a megaton would tear through siJumply any conventional material and the blast waves? It would be from kinetic impact alone.


No Caption Provided

Just following orders huh?

Thoughts ran through his head as he cut his swathe through the armies of men and demons alike in what was, yet another war. His eye, was distant, as if he was not truly "there" and yet he had stilled managed to move his blade precisely through his enemies, as if it were routine. His arms moved with such speeds as to deflect the high velocity rounds of his opposition. His armor, well durable enough to withstand the particle beams with little harm as they were deflected by his armor's ERA. People who dared face the monstrous machine-man in close quarters were cut down with a greater degree of efficiency than those around him.


In his eyes, the Cardinals had chosen their path. Men just doing their jobs? They chose to blindly follow orders. They could have risen up against their "goddess." And if their minds were warped? More than likely, he saw it as better that they be simply purged from the earth. He did not torture his enemies, and simply, he made their deaths quick and to the point when he got near. Blood of men and otherworldly entity coating his chasis as he moved through, cutting his way through the thousands of demons who had appeared with blinding speed and strength. However, Jackal took a moment jumping back towards a building. He had to conserve his power, save it for something else. He was slowing down, his strikes becoming not so much lethargic as more so simply less frequent. He keeps his stance, but goes on the defensive. A grin crawls across his face as reinforcements arrive, and he gives his orders to his forces.

"Seek. Destroy. Hunt. Kill all demonic extra-normals and spanish forces. Show no mercy, and...

Do it with a smile.
Do it with a smile."


Maverick's Blood Knight stalked forward. His stance down, his blade lowered as he watched tens of thousands of M.O.R.S appear. Indeed, as Bradshaw had said, Maverick seemed intent on fighting monsters with monsters. These were not the "men" that many people had grown to associate the Private Military Corporation with, more so, they were drones of flesh. Programmed like machines, but made of the same flesh and blood that composed organic beings. They took no pleasure in what they did, because they felt nothing. They knew no fear, little "pain" as beings typically experience it and had no purpose than to simply be an extension through which many would act. They did not smile out of pleasure, they simply smiled because they were told to.

Tactics of theirs included primarily shooting their opposition with hypervelocity weapons that hit with tons of force as they sped by, any one of the creatures just running by at 45 miles per hour as they sought to blitz the enemy opposition. Losing some of them, was enivitable, but they would not falter, nor would they relent. Rounds continued to streak through the air hitting with forces much in excess that of 100 tons as a few of the weapons they wielded tore enemies apart. And their enemies tore back.

A single M.O.R.S had "only" the strength comparable to a peak human Olympic athelete.However, they were hardly inclined to die alone, explosions randomly going off as some suicide bombed their opposition. Entire blocks being cleared by a single one.

Jackal's eyes wandered about the environment as he trudged through blood, his eyes falling on another who came before them.


"A little young for this, don't you think, little miss Pettis?" He said to the little goddess who stood before them. His tone caustic and spiteful towards the girl as he walked by her. Gods, metahumans and like, he hated them all, especially something of such "purity" and "perfection" as seemingly this being. Her mere existence boiled his artificial blood, and more so, it boiled him that he was hardly much different in the regard that he was human no longer, simply a living weapon now, and hardly anything more.

But, what boiled him more? Wanton murder. Unnecessary death. His eye was not locked towards her, more so, it was locked towards those who floated above. Oppressors, tyrants and sadists who took pleasure in the pain of others who could not defend themselves. Jackal, saw himself as a monster, who too was a sadist who took pleasure in the pain of others, but he retained enough humanity to care something for the innocent and defenseless. He took pleasure, only in the pain of those who sought to exploit them. The "bigger dogs" as he put it. He wanted to take their worldview, and toss it wholly on it's head.

He raised his blade forward up into the air, a lone blood knight. An empowered champion. Seeking to slay the beasts that took domain above and warped the world around them.

No Caption Provided

"I'll give you one thing, you two know how to put on a show with a lot of fancy words and effects. Bloodline? I gave up human blood a long time ago. Who's head to mount of my wall first? Chuckles the killer clown number fifteen million seven hundred and one? Or vampire succub*tch over there. Choices choices!" He yelled loudly, as he shifted his blade, pointing at each of them. Seemingly trying to decide on which one to engage first.

His blade falls upon the woman in the sky.

"Skeletons?" He says, watching as the Timesiphon deals with her summoned forces. "That's adorable. Might want to take out your spellbook and take some notes because, I'm going to show you what a real f*cking monster looks like."

A red glint appears in Jackal's eye, accompanied by a wicked grin as he departed, his feet leaving the ground as he lept straight from the ground towards her. If she did not defend herself or dodge, Jackal's intent was nothing short of a wide stroking slash when within range via his harder than diamond blade. His intention was nothing short of a killing strike intent on rending the woman in two if she so gave him the chance.

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Like a child at a carnival she watched with glee the heroes as they reigned down their power upon the desolation and darkness that the dark pair had brought. Arrow's glorious wall was like a shimmering beacon of hatred and violence, clashing against the great wall of shimmering gold that the new arrival had conjured, what truly wondrous power this goddess had created. She could feel the energy hot and seductive. Moving through her skeletal army she approached the wall, lifting her perfectly manicured hand she touched the wall, exhaling with ecstasy as the energy began to ripple through her skin, absorbing the power and adding it to her own. Her eyes began to glow with the power she was pulling out, her mouth open, her lips parted the succubus witch gathered what she could handle and pulled her hand away, the power almost too strong for her own. Arrow appeared beside her, her eyes rolling back in ecstasy as she leaned against him, barely hearing his words he evaporated and left her with a gentle lovers suggestion '“Do have fun my dear, I believe this one will be a challenge for you.” smiling at his retreating form, the energy she had absorbed from the wall was sliding against her skin, almost glowing.

"Oh what wonderful beings you are" she spoke aloud, amplifying her voice above the clash of demonic powers on the ground "A coward dies a thousand deaths, a hero only one" she smiled at the quote and raised her arms, saluting her skeleton general, who thrashed forward to join Arrow's shadow army and face the hordes of innocents trying to flee the city.

Lifting herself off the ground she flew up high above the walls and hovered in the air, her hands spread out beside her, her eyes glowing black with the fiery demonic power inside her, amplified by Tassiana's wall of energy that she had absorbed. As she rose above the walls, the demon armies and the shadow army. Her eyes turned towards the new player, the sky flooded with golden light, so blight she had to close her eyes tight. Even then her lids, glowed with red as the power pushed against the darkness inside her, pushing her back down towards the ground, she fought against the new power, the power force from Solarius was immense and she could absorb no more. Taking a deep breath she called on her power, pulling it up from the bowels of hell, and drawing from all the darkness around her. Tapping into the fresh feed she had from the great wall, she began to twist the skies, pulling the clouds together and forcing her energy up into the building darkness that would block the light. Thunder began to rumble as she once again flew up above the walls, pushing against the light, sweat dripped from her brow, her hands clenched so tight blood dripped from the indents her fingernails pushed against her palm.

No Caption Provided

Her voice screeched across the sky, "Potestate tenebrarum repellere lucem" Power of darkness repel the light, commanding the elements the sky began to rumble in response to her command. Her power, amplified by the energy she had drawn from the great wall of light, ripped through the sky attempting to push back the light that was conjured and drive the heroic duo of goddesses to their knees. The dark clouds rippled through the sky, ripening as they climbed against the light, blocking out the sun and slamming the power of the lightning down upon the people fleeing the city. The skies responded to the devil whores whims and she was set to destroy any that crossed her.

"When I arrived on Earth that attack would have nearly crippled me...but I am a star." Solaris said as the darkness tried to fight back against her light. The shadows forced quite a bit of her light back, but Solaris had more than light, she had raw power, the raw power of a star. Channeling some of her energy through her hands she unleashed a hellish beam of raw nuclear fusion, pure star power shot from her hands in a beam the size of a human torso and burned through the shadows between herself and the demon woman. The star light burned more than a million times hotter than Earth's own sun, anything it struck would have to endure more than light, but the radiation and heat that would go along with standing on the surface of a star.

Solaris did not leave it off at that, she created a massive burst of light in a nova around herself in an attempt to drive back the shadows once more and then took flight, going from zero to sixty within moments she flight right for the very same demon she had just sent the beam of energy for. She had every intention of making a powerful physical attack, able to punch or hit with some of the strongest super heroes in the world, she intended to slam her opponent into the ground if she survived the beam attack. If not and if she had dodged the beam Solaris was traveling just slowly enough to change course and at least follow the beam up with a driving right cross.

Solaris could feel the beginnings of her weakness taking hold but it was not at noticeable levels to the outside world. It would take much longer fighting in darkness like this to begin to effect her, still, she knew there was a time clock and it was best not to keep in the darkness for overly long. Comparable to the Champion in durability and strength her one weakness was prolonged exposure to darkness, the longer darkness lasted the more likely she was to weaken and become vulnerable. Right now though, that wasn't an issue. So far no one else in the world was aware of her weakness, she had never been exposed to it for long and most of her fights had been against non-darkness entities. She knew eventually word would get out, but for now at least it was highly unlikely her opponent was aware of her weakness though it was certainly possible to guess.

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The delight could not be hidden from his face, it had been eons since anyone had tried to push his abilities, it had been longer since he had made so many play his game. Watching the events unfold around him. The manipulation had taken its place, they had not questioned what they had been fighting this whole time, they just assumed. Arrows Stars within Arrows body began to glow, slowly removing all the darkness to show the light within him, small dark stars could be seen within him but he was now a being of light. The shadows stripped from the streets below, ravelling the puppets he had been controlling, the puppets that the so called hero’s had so happily began killing without thought, these saviors.

Underneath each shadow, was a human, a living breathing human from their homes and houses, he had pulled them into the shadows when he first arrived. Masking the innocent in the darkness, making them follow his commands by moving the shadows around them, for shadow they had killed they had taken the life of an innocent, each and every solider below had slain those they had come to protect. Their bodies lay illuminated by arrows light, showing the truth of what had occurred. Their own actions brought before them as, families lay massacred at their hands. His now golden body shivered with laughter that he could no longer hold in. “HA HA HA HA HA “.

While still laughing he began his responses to the multiple attacks around him, first he would need to help his counterpart, Eve was now being attacked on several fronts, he would help with the most physical of them all, the wide stroke slashed towards her, suddenly the ground between her and the attacker exploded in a flash of light as several sparks of white lighting broke froth from the ground heading towards the would be killer. “Monster, if only you knew who you faced”, he spoke to himself. The lighting was a mixture of darkness and light.

No Caption Provided

He drifted from, the sky to land amongst the dead, children, men and women all lay crushed under the boots of their protectors, at this rate Spain would be lucky to have any of these so called innocents left, even with all this carnage no one had dared to attack him directly and the games had only just begun, turning to the wall he had created, his body began to change again, the dark spots began to grow on one side of his body, making him into a creature of both light and dark. Lifting one hand towards the sky, he placed the other on the street, drawing the lighting down, he sent a shock wave of pure energy across the ground. As the energy flowed it met with Eve’s Skeletons disrupting the air around them and changing their being into something a little more sinister. The light then wrapped with shadows began to create new creatures, a mixture of both light and dark, they seemed more aware, stronger than before, they began taking the shapes of the fallen people, those who could feel magic, would understand that these where the souls of the murdered people, their power exposed . Strands of light flowed back from their hands and feet straight to Arrow as the sadistic puppet master taunted them all with their mistake.

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Director Ruby we’re being hit!” Agent Crews screamed, from inside the H.A.T.V, on Ruby’s orders the S.T.R.I.K.E vessel moved above the harbor, but still managed to be in range of Spain’s naval frigate surface to air missiles.

“Jesus crews, it has fire power. Return fire!” Of course being on the ground Ruby wasn’t able to see the truest extent of the damage. “Crews, I’m really busy right now…just tell Agent Hollins to take command over the deck!” Ruby screamed before shifting her focus back to the task at hand.

The Cardinals security forces push forward; causing the STRIKE leader and her small squadron to fall back to a secure perimeter. “They’re not using traditional firearms anymore, I repeat. Be cautious of the new equipment.” “Regroup! On my command push forward!” She said, giving a nod to a secondary squad off to the left of her current position.

Before she could give a solid command, the skies above them burned with the smell of super-heated plasma, traumatic shockwaves tore the air asunder, and she knew something was off, but was never able to pinpoint what exactly happened.

“Director, we’ve got civilians on the battlefield” What the hell happened? The first wave of STRIKE agents secured most of the free civilians from the area. “Where did they come from? The prison?”

“I think so look” A breach in the wall freed’ them, but who did it? It was soon discovered that it was the civilians themselves. Ruby winced while switching her magazines; these civilians were powered somehow, but unlike most super-powered beings these seemed far out.

No Caption Provided

“Hold your fire, Hold your fire” Ruby screamed, pulling her team back to observe what was going on now. The prisoners were injecting themselves with what look like crystals , and almost on cue they begin to manifest a large assortment of powers.

“Gain control of one of the crystal’s for further study, push the rest of the Cardinal forces” Ruby commanded, now seemingly outmanned by the Cardinals seamless switch to ion based weapons.

For now, sad as it may be; the best chance STRIKE’s ground forces had at matching the Cardinal’s improved munitions were the super-powered citizens of Emerald City. “I don’t like where this is going at all.” Ruby muttered, sparking up quick, a Camel Crush Menthol for a quick two pulls.

“Look there” She said, nodding her head nonchalantly turning her squads attention to the teething darkness amassing on the horizon. More and more forces were joining the fight, taking away the since that this battle could be won definitively.

“Director, we’ ve got something on satellite registering in your location about 15 minutes ago, but from what we can see it’s…just a blur. Weird thunder and lightening strikes have illuminated various areas of the city, and Grestroke and his unknown opponent continue to battle it out.”

“Contact the nearest STRIKE Hero and have them investigate this "blur" I need to know what it is that did this. Also What’s the status of the H.A.T.V.?

“It’s in pretty bad shape, but I believe we’ve received aid from Maverick more specifically Bradshaw.. Just a few moments ago a whole host of fighter jets push through here a bombed the hell of tha bastards. I’m surprised ya did’int see it…”

“We were a bit distracted, maneuver a bravo squad for the rescue of Agent Barnes and Commander Stacy. You’ve got one hour to get the Quantonium out of here. Open comms to Maverick let BRADSHAW and ONLY Bradshaw know what our dilemma is”

Emerald City, Shoal Cave. 20 miles from the Emerald City Harbor.

“What the hell was that!?” Barnes screamed halting his progress in order to cower in fear. Stacy never gave it the attention, instead her eyes focused on the packaging of the Quantonium .

“Collect yourself, the extraction team will be here shortly.” She responded abruptly. “What do you mean, did you not hear that sh!t it was right outside!

“I need you to compose yourself. The moment this energy is out in the open it will attract the eyes of those around us. This has to leave with STRIKE.

“So why are we moving it?”

“Because we aren’t entirely sure what it can do. If it has a negative reaction to the outside forces energy. It will destroy this city. But I know one thing.

No Caption Provided

"For an Extraction"

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The Champion @thee_champion

"Poetic Justice"

To call it revenge, would understate the amount of hatred the man carried, this man they called “Thee Champion” and His wife once referred to “The Goddess” ventured onto his battled forged dystopian world and relieved him and his wife of life; ultimately taking their one true love—Leonel Pettis. As his diamond blue eyes surveyed the calamity ensuing throughout the many Emerald City boroughs, the corners of his lips stretched the distinct features of his finely chiseled jawbone. “Poetic Justice.” He whispered, watching the world, Alexis’ worlds perish at the hands of his own failures as a hero. It didn’t seem to matter, Good or Evil; in his attempt to conquer or save, Alexis was always seemingly doomed to fail.

Aided by the allure of an unknown parasite, Thee Champion’s wife, Ziccarra, had brought flagrant bedlam to the shores of Spain. The tones of war howled clamorously throughout every corridor of Emerald City’s infrastructure, painting pavements red and incensed iron structures in vibrant amber lit waves. While the topography of the Spain city trembled under the force of each new upheaval, and the odorous scent of drawn blood coupled with the enthusiastic shatter of gunfire. The two Champions spiraled around cautiously in the heavens high above the city.

The Champion fixes his eyes on his counterpart with another smirk, this one almost in an “I told you so” manner. The same pain and regret he felt when the 3rd Society overran his world, Thee Champion was now feeling but—this wasn’t a 3rd Society blueprint.

He was not here to gloat or witness the end of Thee Champion’s happiness; he was here for one reason and one reason only. “Where’s my son!” he demanded, paying very little attention to the plethora of battles ensuing just below them. “Thee Champion” was the opposite of himself, even if he knew the whereabouts of Leonel, he would reveal the information—he’d have to be persuaded.

Unlike himself, this Alexis was the “Herald of Hope” a savior to the people he swore to protect, something that would forever continue to be a weakness to exploit.

Throwing his head back, eyes pulsating rubicund incandescence, electrical energy heating the air molecules before his eyes, generating ionized plasma, an electromagnetic field accelerating them and directing the charged particles, his eyes functioning as electrostatic lenses, focusing colossal beams of ionized plasma, shooting them at Thee Champion with monstrous power in a devastating volley.

Before diverting his attention below down to the Maverick/Strike forces, the Konite filled citizens of Emerald and of course the Spanish army, his alliance was to his own; and to gain what he desired, he was fully prepared to sink the entire island.

Lower Emerald City


Maya’s focus was in her telepathic link with her father, it was so great to hear his voice even though something had happened to break the link. Which was good, because she and Zoe had their own problems. “Oh crap” Maya murmured before reaching in her cowl to drop a series of smoke pellets. Using the temporary cover as a evasive maneuver, the young Cardinal Goddess launch herself to the ceiling using the suction mechanism in her gloves and boots to stay there.

None of it made sense, why would her mother want to turn these people into Zombies? Well not real zombies, but mindless humans, almost like cavemen. Before the Cardinal princess could maneuver into some sort of plan, a Cardinal guard watching her predicament unfold the glass snagged her attention. She could only grimace before flashing him the one finger salute.

The joke was on him, a fellow Cardinal brutally slammed him into the glass, before opening the door, Maya knew as soon as the uniform began to burn off, that Zoe had in fact saved her.

“Maya, get out NOW, the other guards are probably going to be here soon!” Zoe screamed, but Maya declined. “That’s nothing we both can’t take care of!” Maya screamed, dropping down to the ground throwing miniature psi-based blades at the “zombies” to keep them at bay.

As she did so, her ears perked to the sound of Zoe screaming. “ZOE NO!” Maya shrieked. Throwing her hands up in a frightful fit of rage, Maya’s unbalanced hexing abilities reduced the zombies into mere ash.

Sprinting to Zoe’s side, she watched as her fellow teammate winced in agony at the flesh wound. What would happen if Feral Nova turned into one of those…those beasts?

Maya was backed into a corner, Zoe was right more guards were coming…a lot of them, but she wasn’t going to leave her friend, staying to long could prompt Zoe to infect her.

No Caption Provided

The excessive thuds of the combat boots herald their arrival, armed with plasma based weapons no less. “I’m so done with this!” Maya screamed. Turning slightly towards the door, her eyes burned, literally with the fires of the phoenix force. It was wild, untamed and almost destructive.

In that moment Maya’s hands push toward the walls releasing a powerful shockwave of sorts. While harmless to the actual structure, Maya’s energy seemingly reduced all the would be attackers to piles of ash.

“Come on, Zoe we need to find you some sort of cure.” In essence Maya could use her abilities to remove the curse, but with the phoenix force playing an active role, she didn’t want to take the risk of accidentally killing Zoe.

Snagging her infected friend by the waist the two STRIKE heroines shot from the floor of the facility through the glass ceiling on to an adjacent roof.

Setting Zoe down, she was finally able to see the amount of damage Emerald City had taken. “Oh.My.God.” She muttered, watching as flames burned from every precinct.

“Maya, I’ve picked up some interesting chatter on the Cardinals comms. It seems that the reason, Ziccarra has turned the citizens into zombies is to make them ripe for ANOTHER virus.”

At first it didn’t make since to Maya, why not just inject them with the 2nd virus in the first place.

“It’s a mental virus. My mom is going to place herself in all these people…” Maya murmured before shooting her attention back to Zoe.

“That means…”

“The Liafador Virus is in Emerald City”

“But who is the carrier?” Maya asked scratching her head.

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Pain and panic, that’s all she felt in that very moment. It was as if it happened in slow motion, one minute she was killing one of the ‘not so undead’ beings and the next one of them had managed to sink their teeth into her arm. Zoe couldn’t help it, she screamed in pain as all the ‘zombies’ around them suddenly vanished into ash. If Nova wasn’t in a state of panic at the moment, she would have commented on Maya's sudden burst of amazing power.

Her left arm trembled in pain as blood oozed from her wound. She could hear Maya talk to her, but she couldn’t focus on her voice. Her entire body, it felt as if was burning. Radiating from her bite wound up her shoulder, neck, head, down to the torso of her body and down to her lower extremity. It felt as if she was on fire. Beads of sweat could be seen building up along her forehead as her pupils began to dilate, her heart pounding in her chest and then… nausea.

Maya was trying to get her to walk but with every step she took, the nausea grew worse and so did the burning. The wound that was done just moments ago already looked like it was festering. Strange serous drainage could be seen oozing from the wound as it began to stink of rotting flesh. “Maya, Maya stop, please.” She managed to mumble as the two were now on the roof. Her legs had become fatigued, too weak, as her body instantly dropped to the ground, sitting as she pressed her back against one of the outer air vents. Ugh the nausea… it’s getting worse. “Liafador Virus? What’s that?” Her voice raspy as her mouth began to run dry, trying to focus on the mission at hand. Ugh what she would do for a glass of water right now.

Her eyes looked up at the city to see most of it had been almost completely destroyed. Nova grasped at her arm as she then looked up at Maya for a moment coming to the realization of what needed to be done. “Maya… you need to leave me.” Nova spoke, ripping her mask off her face, she felt like she couldn’t breath as she began to wheeze for air. “Your city needs you and I’m slowing you down. You can fix this, that power display down there… I know you have the power to stop all this. You just need to-“ She suddenly stopped speaking as the crippling nausea swept over her, forcing her to heave over where she sat as she vomiting, her head tilting to the side, away from Maya.

Thick, iron tasting like warm crimson fluid escaping from her lips as it splattered upon the ground. Zoe’s entire body was trembling as she tried to gasp for air only to heave over again. Every muscle fiber in her body contracted tightly with every spew of coffee ground like emesis spewed from between her lips. What seemed like an eternity only lasted for about ten seconds as her body suddenly grew a deathly pale. Her bloody stained face turned to look at Maya for a moment before catching thermal sight of an aircraft that had landed on the roof of the clinic they were also on top of. “Maya, I don’t feel-“ was all that came from her as lightheaded dizziness began to sweep over her as her eyes rolled to the back of her head before her body slumped over to the side, the pyro hero now unconscious as the virus was now beginning to move to the next stage.

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His blade was clenched in anticipation, his artificial muscle ready to propel his arm to separate the woman's (@horned) torso from her hip. However, there was a flash of light and Jackal simply, missed. The lightning had struck him as intended, but rather than harm, it hindered him. Throwing his slash of it's mark. The cybernetic psychopath landed on the ground causing minute cracks as he does, looking towards the engimatic magic man. (@final_arrow)


He'd begun his trek towards him, marching through blood and stepping over or bodies of people he'd cut down without the slightest hesitation or remorse. The evidence of the lightning having effect on him is the minor scent of carbon dioxide from his body and the cackling electrcity that ebbed from his graphene skin. A sublte smirk crawling across the Jackal's face as he'd watched his enemies raised up once more


He'd begun to speak. "You don't understand what you're fighting if you think your human meat shields are going to phase me or the men who are curently around here. Or if you think we won't tear through them again as if they were wet tissue paper. We can do this all day if you want to, old man."

As the beings were resurrected, he'd stopped as they'd taken manifestation now, wielding the weapons they had wielded previously. He hadn't stopped out of fear, but of seemingly anticipation in the face of his new targets. Externally, he was arrogant and eager, his blade in hand as he stood ready to cut them down once more. However, on the inside, he cared more for the people he'd let on. In a sense, he'd cared enough to let go, to allow his own inner demon to be unleashed. Not the typical, supernatural, super situations demons in legends and myths. The ones he was fighting against today.

It was a demon of his own making, of his own mind and psyche. One that enabled him to take pleasure in his own, and in the pain of others, and to kill without remorse or moral constraint, granting him an indomitable will but one more easily driven to do what it lusts do, to kill. He'd let this out at times like this, because there was simply little hope for this people who he seemed to bend to his will. Who he seemed to be to resurrect and manipulate beyond death to however he saw fit. The best he could do was seek to free them.

And free them he would.

(Combat Scene)

At the end of Jackal's dash, he'd begun to brake, his body tearing apart the concrete, sparks flying, as it came to a high pitched, screeching halt.

And then there was science.

At that moment, it was relatively silent. The only thing heard at that moment was the wind of the storm savaging through the land and the war raging in the distance. Enough for the cackling of fires near by to be audible to the ordinary ear. And then at that moment. Jackal saw no further use for his blade. Not here, at least. He maneuvered it, in a display of his sleight of hand, angling it's tip into his sheath, as he put the extension of himself away, for now. He sighed, showing some shred of humanity still remained inside of him, however deep it lied. But there was no room for remorse or regret. Nothing to hinder performane. Not here.

With that, the resurrected demonic army simply fell apart, having been previously cut apart in the span of seconds. The moment of silence is interrupted by the streak of a jet over head, as the extra-normal-executioner jumps up to evade an incendiary airstrike that thunder across the streets to wipe out the remains of the army, reducing corpses to ash, scattered about in the storm.

As the fire rages behind Jackal, he receives a call in his head, him looking up to the sky.

Bradshaw to Jackal: "You done yet?"

Jackal to Bradshaw: "Yeah."

Their conversation continued for a bit, his messages a new. He'd turned towards the magic man, looking up towards him as he floated in the sky.

"Sorry. Would love to stay gramps, but I'm not seeing too much of a point. What, with embodiment of a star over there (@solarius), little miss liafador light girl and Ms, or should I say mister, I-eat-galaxies-for-breakfast over there (@timesiphon), I don't see much point in little 'ol me being here. So I'll be seeing you around assuming they don't just tear you a new asshole and skull f*** you fast you fast your head spins." He says, chuckling a bit to himself.

With that, the augmented assassin simply, left, leaping from the area in a single bound. He didn't retreat from the battle, but more so turned his attention to areas where his abilities might be used such as upper emerald city. Such the uppermost region of emerald city.

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Mark did his best to fight them off without actually killing them. These things were once innocent people who didn't have a choice in becoming mindless monsters. There was still hope for them. Four years of zombie apocalypse indoctrination through video games and movies, yet he still couldn't believe that someone would actually attempt to create a virus like this. The lines between fiction and reality seemed constantly foggy. Should a unicorn with wings storm in at this moment then he wouldn't bat an eye.

What threw him off completely was the conversation currently at bay. Maya?! That's!...What that feels like when someone pulls one over you. I need to tal-.


No. No. No. No. This is terrible. Shit. F*ck. F*ck. Careless idiot. She bit me in the shoulder, it's not like I can cut off my arm. I can't turn into one of them. I need to leave this place. I only know of one person who can help me. Shit. I can't leave her here, she doesn't have the energy to keep this up. I also can't leave Maya behind. But if I stay I could kill them both. This is so f*cked.

F*ck it. I'm getting her out of here.

The Tongueless Mamba kindly asked Itsy to get in the jet first, should she refuse then he would release knockout gas from his palm and get her inside either way. They couldn't win this fight, Emerald city was lost. They lost. Another failure that would keep him up in the middle of the night, right now however, he was more concerned with surviving to sleep another night.

Inside the plane, he typed in the coordinates to the island, and he started writing a final message should all hope be lost.

Father @andres_knightfall, by the time you read this I have already turned. Don't blame yourself if you can't find a cure. You might be the smartest man alive but there are some problems that not even you can solve. I need you to promise me this, if you can't find something to stop the virus then just put me down. I rather be dead than to live the rest of life as a soulless shell of the person I was.

I know how protective you are of the island's location but I couldn't just leave her behind. I know I should tell you to move on, to avoid revenge but I can't. Kill my grandmother if you can't find a cure. I wish my last words could be longer but I have a few seconds before I change. ~Your son, Mark Antony.

Instantly he locked himself in the prison built for powerful metas without any weapons or gear. Blood begun spewing out of his mouth, he fell into the ground and took a fetal position. The blood on the ground stained his hair and face. His body was trying to fight off the virus, but his immune system never stood a chance. He shivered and grunted and then it was quiet. For a minute he seemed to be better until he wasn't.

The body begun trying to beat the impenetrable cage with his fists and feet. Screaming and groaning.

Yet no one was there.

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Upper Emerald City

After nearly an hour of navigating his way through the wreckage of Upper Emerald City, William finally reached the extraction point. Though the entire city burned around him, he had hoped that the helicopter would still be in the general vicinity. The com-link in his mask had been too severely damaged during the air strike and was of no further use to him.

As for the building initially set as the extraction point, it had been leveled by the air strike and had been reduced to rubble. Still, William made his way into the rubble and climbed to the highest point. Reaching down to a compartment on his belt, the Hunter removed a small spherical device and activated it. He then tossed it to the ground and watched as the device lit up and began to expel a large green cloud of smoke.

Within minutes, each member of the Hunter's immortals found their way towards the beacon. A few minutes later, the sound of a Spanish military helicopter could be heard approaching from the south. As it touched down near the wreckage, the entire party entered and William took a seat near the front of the air craft.

Removing his mask and tossing it aside, William demanded a report on the situation. "The main conflict seems to be focused on the upper region." the pilot replied. "Several groups of metahumans... and some flat out weird sh!t... are all engaged in combat. Back at headquarters, we had a minor infiltration by enemy forces; but it's nothing security personnel can't handle."

"What do you mean by 'infiltration,' soldier?" Greystoke said.

"A couple metas broke in near the lab, that's all. Our military facilities are still secure."

"Take us to the lab." the Hunter ordered.

"But sir," the pilot protested. "With all due respect, shouldn't you and your forces focus on the front?"

"You do not understand..." William said. "The lab IS the front... Take us there NOW..."

Lower Emerald City

As the helicopter approached the medical facility, the Hunter and his immortals did not even wait for it to land. Leaping out of the helicopter to the ground below, William silently landed upon his feet and his immortals did the same. He then wasted no time in entering the facility.

Cardinal guards were rushing about putting out fires, corralling loose "subjects," accounting for the wounded and inspecting inventory. At any other given point, Greystoke would have given the personnel the lashing of its life; but time was of the essence. Without saying a word to anyone, William rushed into the main lab and began to shed the armor covering his upper body.

Once his arm was exposed, William took a nearby needle and drew a blood sample from his arm. "Test it." he ordered, handing the sample to a nearby technician. The technician then took the sample and began performing various analysis' on it. As the technician mixed the blood with various chemicals, applied the compound to a glass slide, examined it under a microscope, ran tests on the interface, and perform other various tasks, William grew impatient.

"Will it still work?" William asked.

"Yes." the scientist replied. "But the healing characteristics in your lycan DNA are slowly yet surely still combating the virus. By bonding with the lycan virus, the Liafador virus can multiply and take firm control of its host in the same manner. Whereas your strain of the lycan virus makes those infected subject to you, the Liafador virus will instead make its hosts subject to Zic-"

"I know how it works..." Greystoke growled, impatiently grabbing the scientist by the throat and lifting him up off the ground. "Tell me how much more time I have!"

"Less than four hours!" the scientist gasped, suddenly released by William. He rubbed his neck and then said, "But understand... Right now, your more 'human' side is helping to keep the virus at bay within your own system... but if you make... the change... then you will forever be in that state - unable to revert back... You will truly become... a monster..."

"I know..." William replied.

"Then why do it?"

"We do what we have to in order to survive... and, more importantly... to protect those who are close to us... our family..."

With that, Greystoke left the lab and made his way towards a different part of the facility. Eventually, he came to a part of the facility where the two infiltrators had been. "Any leads on the attackers' whereabouts?" he inquired to one of the guards nearby.

"None, sir." the guard replied, before pointing up towards a shattered space in the ceiling above which led to outside. "After one of them was bitten-"

"One was bitten?"

"Yes, sir. Security footage captured one of them being bitten before the two of them blasted their way out of here."

"Hmmmm...." William said, stroking his beard and thinking to himself. Tilting his head up, he sniffed the air. "Have personnel focus on containing the area and closing off the exposed portion. I will focus on any further leads regarding the attackers."

Making his way up to the roof, the Hunter sniffed the air once more. Though so much was going on around him, he was able to finally pick up the lingering scent left by the pair of metahumans. One was far more pungent than the other - the cause being an open wound. William guessed that scent had to belong to the one who was bitten.

Gathering his strength, the Hunter raced towards the edge of the rooftop and leaped across to an adjacent one. Cautiously, he stayed out of sight. By then, his other senses began to pick up a more precise location of his targets. He could hear the breathing of the one who was bitten - the steady increase in speed accompanied by the occasional push of fluid coursing its way through the woman's lungs. As for the other woman's scent, he knew it all too well...

Almost hesitantly, William stepped into plain view. His mask was removed and his face was clearly exposed. "Maya..." he said, almost out of disbelief... "I thought you were... How could it... You were d-..." He knew Maya from his time spent in the palace. He would see her on a regular basis as he gave military advisement to both Ziccarra and Alexis - both of whom were still together at the time. Sure enough, he would not have been surprised is Maya had decided to end him right then and there.

Looking over his shoulder then down at the ground, William reached up and clenched a tiny vial which hung from a small chain around his neck and closed his eyes. When he opened them, he looked at Maya and the suffering of one who was close to her. "I am sorry for what has been done here..." he said. "No one knows that you are here... Please take this." With that, he snapped the chain around his neck and held out the vial. Inside the vial was what appeared to be... blood.

"You know what this is." he said. "I was saving this for myself in case the worst happens. Take it, give it to your friend, then please leave this place... You do not want to be here for what happens next..." Placing the small vial on the ground next to the unconscious heroine, William looked back over at Maya and said, "If anything happens to me... tell the mercenaries. They will know what to do. As for your friend... I do not know what exactly will happen to her if she drinks it. All I know is that it will save her life... and she will become something incredible..."

Before Maya could even respond, the Hunter raced away and leaped off of the rooftop onto the ground below. Looking up at the full moon, William took in a deep breath before going out to fulfill his darker purpose...

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Lower Emerald City


The conflict grew more and more complicated and troublesome with each passing moment. The Maverick's distraction with seemingly more threatening entities distracted them from a greater threats to the city. After study of the infected, they had been able to ascertain what type of virus it was, the Necodexa Virus. It was something they knew of, along with other such associated viruses. Though, they had none themselves, and had no cure.

Their next course of action wasn't difficult to ascertain. Bradshaw himself, gave the order.

"Purge all who are infected."

No Caption Provided

Without a moment's hesitation, the M.O.R.S began to do just that, the soldiers running about the city and killing anyone who seemed to be infected, no matter what stage they were in. If they had the scent or were ordered to be killed, they would be. The things ran through the streets and did not discriminate, they did not know mercy unless told to, killing infected men, women and children alike. They were incapable of enjoying what they did, and equally so, they were incapable of regretting it.

Jets streaked by overhead, the roar of their engines audible as they cut through the air, cruising at supersonic speeds, eager to acquire new targets-the vaccination centers. The areas the virus was administered from and had originated. Targets in sight, they unleashed their payloads in the form of nano-thermite. Catastrophic explosions tore apart the structures entirely as they destroyed anything near them. Windows shattered and the earth itself seemed to tremble to those near by. Leaving all the structures nothing more than smouldering piles of debris over the course of a few minutes.

But even with this infection, they did evacuate some. A few konite fueled followers had indeed been able to make it to them, their superpowers being some of the main reasons they survived. Not all wished to fight, as many of them being ordinary citizens, some who had the power simply fled. Among the non-powered, some had come. Indeed, the very same crafts used to bring them here? To launch tens of thousands of soldiers into the city? Could be used to escort them out. And Maverick did just that.

It was just a matter of enough of the population being left to save.

"Looks like gramps (@final_arrow)was right after all..."

Upper Emerald City

Nimble, yet heavy footsteps troded through Emerald city's streets. The footsteps of a dog who followed his master's orders.


He moved with superhuman speed, his footsteps causing rocks and fissures to form where he stepped as he smoothly turned into a drift like slide. His armored feet sparking against the concrete, a smell of carbon dioxide eminating from him as he sprinted down the road and towards a group of soldiers who opened fire with plasma based weaponry. Weaponry that was completely ineffective against the likes of Jackal and many of Maverick's forces. They'd decided to center all of their armor around resisting plasma, particle beams and lasers.Indeed, by default, this was what was built into the cybernetic swordsman's body. It sporting a natural resistance to these sorts of weapons. Maverick troops began to move into the upper portion of the city, discreetly with cloaking devices, primarily shadow company. Prepared to ambush the Emerald City's former protectors.

Jackal leaped up into the air with his sword in hand as he landed to a man attempting to dodge in vane, as Jackal had yet to attack. In one swift fluid motion, he his blade went through....the man's weapon. The thing exploded into plasma, sending the Liafador soldier spiraling back into a the group.

Jackal stood as as they continued to fire on him, and he threw his sword aside. Spearing it deeply into a wall.

"Jackal, what the hell are you-"

"Drop your fxxking weapons." He says to the soldiers as they fired on him, the aptly named, "Extra-Normal Executioner" standing unarmed, his only weapon being himself. His own body. "How can you serve her so blindly? Can't you see what's happening. Weren't you designed to protect people, to counter terrorist threats to your country? Who wins here? Is this....?"

He said motioning to an ambient corpse of someone who resisted to them. Speaking from one warrior and soldier, to another.

"This what you trained so hard to do?"

Emerald City Harbor


"F*cking disgusting..."

He murmurs to himself, prisoners forced to dope on Konite in order to survive. Though, Bradshaw knew people would leap at any chance to survive and were eager to live. And what better way than to have your own power? As opposed to simply waiting for a hero who never came, or for Maverick. Still, they still supported, still offered. Powers or not, they were untrained civilians with little to no clue how to wage actual war or meet the tactics the Emerald City Army would be drilled in.

Maverick was the one who sought to engage them, and they did not wish for there to be help from the people they were originally sent to protect. They wanted them to be safe and gone. Away from the area. The metahuman army, found themselves backed and given evacuation by an army designed to be able to fend off armies of mutants. Who had managed to purge the earth of Asgardian forces themselves.

The Maverick Mutant hunter proved to be just as effective at fighting humans as he was metahumans, his borderline battle precognition and swift reflexes enabling him to outpace plasma easily and aim dodge subluminal velocity particle beams. His cloaking device causing him to seemingly appear and dissappear at will, leaving the Emerald City soldiers in dissarray as the man went through dozens of men with an HF Knife a reinforced ACR loaded with Hypervelocity rounds designed to kill metahumans and go through advanced armoring, such as the one the opposition sported. This being made much easier by the fact that they were distracted by Maverick's forces.

Particle beams and plasma served well at killing most any M.O.R.S, their spider-silk and nanocellulose bio armor failing to compete against high temperatures and the radiation from the particle beams superheating their bodies at times. Indeed, many of them fell, but they were deliberately put in the way. Moving closely and aggressively towards the soldiers with swarm tactics only someone suicidal would use, making them ideal for predators such as Bradshaw and the rest of Maverick's more elite to rend apart, as VTOLs appeared to escort civilians.

As Bradshaw stood among a pool of blood and fallen opposition, he recieves a message while under fire, pinned in the area, as M.O.R.S. appear to back him up firing from the rooftop.


"Alright. Sending someone your way."

Bradshaw gave no regard for her desire to have him escort them. Not now at least. He needed to be here, and they needed to get out of here as quickly as possible.

Shoal Cave

There was no sign of it actually coming, more so, it seemed to simply appear out of thin air, the instant it de-cloaked, the vehicle being audible as it however overhead, slowly lowering itself towards the ground.

The pod bay doors opened, a black clad soldier in advanced, full body armor appeared from inside, aiming about as a squad moved out, searching the area. One of them, who appeared to be their leader, looked at commander Stacey safety, as they began to help move the Quantonium aboard immediately, wasting absolutely no time in moving the potentially city-busting substance.

"We're with Maverick, and we're here to extract you and that. Got it? Good. Get in now."

He said, nodding to the craft with a head nod, not giving them option for much reply. As soon as they are able, they would take off into the sky, the high tech craft turning both invisible and becoming soundless as it departed to go far, far away what was being deemed "The Redzone."