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Brenna has been noticing a trend lately. Most are acknowledging Mr. Surreal as the Sorcerer Supreme...not her. Him. She closes her eyes, knowing that she has failed Earth and it's people by that acknowledgement alone. It means, she isn't doing enough. Not nearly enough. So why cling to the title herself when Matthew is so much better at it? Recent events even have Mr. Surreal in on the action, his sorcery needed. Not hers. His.

Brenna is not mad, nor is she upset. It's an awakening to a truth she has to face. Mr. Surreal is the true Sorcerer Supreme in this day and age. When Jean Knightfall disappeared, Brenna filled in the power vacuum. But now that Mr. Surreal is more prominent, Brenna no longer needs to fill an old role she should have given up long ago, in an age long forgotten.

"I'm no longer the Sorceress Supreme." These words are not a magical phrase, but they are no less powerful. Simply by uttering them, great power leaves her body and she screams. That power, invisible to the naked eye, seeks Mr. Surreal for he is the only one worthy of it. But it is up to him to accept or reject it. But the power is his should he desire it. He will need it for the days to come, for he alone is the Sorcerer Supreme. Should he reject the power, it will go into another who is worthy of it. Someone kind and just, someone who will use the power wisely.

Brenna is not needed. Her power is weakened now. No longer is she a conduit of pure power when it comes to magic. And here, in her sanctum in the Nexus of Eternity, she rests. Content now that another can carry on the work for she must at least step aside.

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I can’t believe this. Without Brenna, what kind of man is Mathew going to be?

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@mister_surreal: Oh no worries, Brenna isn't going anywhere. She's just no longer the Sorceress Supreme. She'll still be a part of Matthew's life.

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@gripper: Thank you.

@paragonxxx: I figured as much. It just felt right to get all dramatic about the news :]