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Let's get ready to rumble!

It all began when council of bigwigs and powerful people made up their mind that they are fed up with their usual means of entertainment, simply because having soldiers do war crimes on third world countries while having their eyes equipped with contacts for instant feedback gets old sometimes. Watching families getting shot one after another, or a well being poisoned which ultimately leads to the death of a backwater village doesn't make them tingle anymore. They need innovation, because there is no fun simply watching a confrontation where one side cannot resist. They decided to add the wildcard element called consent, in an essence they wanted brawl, they wanted a melee so they can put their bets on with their own bidding rules. What better way for chaos then putting six dangerous individuals?. Eventually after one hundred twenty three days, they found six eligible candidates. Agents dressed in MIB gear all gathered and are split to arrive at their locations which includes accesible areas that are usually found near their candidates. Each black suit giving offers, and each offer different for every player but regardless the case they are taken. Offers may include bargains or even threats.


Fowler is minding his own time sitting alone on a typical green park bench with resinwood slats in Redemption Park. On his lap there is a folded brown paper bag containing bread and table scraps taken from several bakeries which includes donuts, pie crust and chunks of eggs . Bread scraps that he'd cut off the crust and neatly cut into shapes with a lid from a jar. Bread scraps that comprise of whole grain and multi grain bread processed with less preservatives , smeared with peanut butter and a dash of fruit jelly (both apple and grape). In front of him are a flock of pigeons waiting to be fed, so he took a handful and sprinkled the pieces on the ground. The birds flocked in to take their own piece of the bread, bigger birds bumping over little ones. A bigger bird got a taste of its own medicine when she swooped down to eat a piece of bread - and found herself wearing it instead. As the bird swooped down, grabbed the piece of bread and tossed it up in the air, only for it to land around its neck and out of reach from its beak. As Fowler chuckled a man appeared in front of him , dressed in black as if appearing for a funeral. He walks around the birds not wanting to disturb their meal, taking his steps over them as the little birds chew off the bread around the big bird's neck. Opening a suitcase with a document and a pen, Fowler took the documents and systematically scanned the details word for word down to the standard clauses (i.e. small prints). They had a brief conversation spanning almost fifteen minutes, there were alterations to the contract then Fowler signed it.

"I guarantee you sirs that there will be much fireworks going on that offshore platform"


Fast forward one month and six helicopters arrive with six individuals. All anticipating whatever it is they made a deal for, simply to say "Lets get ready to rumble!". For this specific party he brought a modified jackhammerdrill along, since they are all allowed to carry along one weapon into the scuffle. As somewhat of a sadist he opted for something that suits his up close and personal combat style. A properly used jackhammer is the best friend to any opponent's kneecap, just ask one of the men that is supposed to accompany him to explain the rules when he made fun of Fowler's attire which includes; a pair of frameless sunglasses; a long, thick, dark pelted fur coat with his chest bare; golden chains as a necklace or a clasp; baggy white pants with an empty utility belt and black boots; also several golden rings with different colored gemstones on every finger except the ring finger. Sixty meters before landing on the platform that man has both kneecaps promptly destroyed and his jaw dislocated before being thrown several meters outside the vehicle only to slap the water surface at several miles per hour. At least with his big frame the room had become slightly bigger accommodating his 8'2 height. As the copter landed on the side which has 'SEALAND' mounted the building Fowler escaped his ride with a melee weapon at hand, he looked ahead seeing as how several choppers had already landed with people out.

Five minutes later an alarm is triggered and the game is on.

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One Month Ago

The soothing scent of Nag-Champa incense filled the air along with ribbons of smoke slowly drifting into the space between the burning stick and high roof of Falcon's lavish penthouse, which was centrally located in the massive metropolis of Manhattan. As an assassin for the famed yet mostly unknown League of Shadows ,the young man seldom had time to relax and reflect on his thoughts. He rarely was allowed days off and took pride in the fact that his abilities where always needed by his duties as Avenger of Konshu and Dealer of Death, so he didn't mind the fast paced life of his. Though of course,his fortune allowed for him to truly enjoy the times he had alone in a city he visited on many occasions as a child.

Falcon sat with his legs-crossed on the tiger rug he had imported to his home after a brief mission in the Indian Jungles,where he killed the regal animal that he now comfortably rested his perfect physique. He was accompanied by no one except the many treasures,artifacts,and museum-worthy pieces that decorated his glass tomb which towered above the crowded city. Statues showed his egyptian lineage,Masks of long forgotten civilizations were lined along his wall, and scrolls thought to be burned eons ago rest stacked around him in a semi circle on his exotic fur. What more could this Warrior King want? He asked himself.

As if an omen was upon him,a firm knock came from the other side of his vault-like door. For a moment he was almost surprised by the thought of a visitor ,but his acute senses prohibited such a feeling and he stood up. He could damn near read the life of the man who stood behind the steel plate of his loft. Falcon could feel the mans weight shift slightly on the ground outside because he was nervously waiting for the response of the knock. A chuckle slipped from the Ronin's mouth as he opened the massive door to see a cheaply suited agent standing there,trying to hide his nerves.

"What is it you want?"

The agent drew an envelope from his inside blazer pocket and handed it to Falcon,then spoke with a shaky but stern tone.

"We have a business venture for you,sir."

Present Day

The cloak of the Paper Ronin flailed furiously as the Black Hawk Helicopter approached the awkward looking venue of the upcoming battle. He had only accepted the terms because his heart and body was always thirsty for worthy battle,and it made him feel like some old warhorse who was addicted to the thrill of victory. Once again he gave a small laugh before jumping out of the metal bird and landing gracefully on the rusty structure that was in the middle of freezing waters. His mind had already calculated a thousand different ways this thing could go as it analyzed every detail of the other combatants. A great habit,he thought as he clenched his favorite weapon in his hand a little tighter once the alarm of the fray was sounded.

"Shall we began?"

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Ralph sat on the top platform, trying to stay hidden, for now. He carefully watched the sky so he knew when the right time would be to make his move. He hid the duffle bag containing a fresh change of clothes in a spot no one would look for it and pulled from it his copy of Playing for Pizza by John Grisham. Ralph wasn't planning on entering the fray right away, he may as well see what happens next in his book. Ralph knew why he was there, he knew what was expected of him, but he knew that if he was going to do this, he'd be doing it his way. The alarm sounded. Ralph put a Bookmark in his book and placed it back in his duffle bag. Ralph got below the platform and kept in the shadows, making sure no one could see him. Then, he started slowly whistling hungry like the wolf by Duran Duran, but only loud enough that someone really close could hear him. By then, it would be too late. The wolf was indeed hungry, and it would be claiming its victims tonight. The hunt had begun.

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"Thank you for the ride boys!" Ran shouted as the pilots of the helicopter dropped him off at the near bottom of the 'Country'. The alien really takes his time as approaches the small building in front of him, because mentally he is mapping out the whole place and developing a hint of a game plan. Once he does enter the small stone building, he sits his code locked suitcase down on a bench and begins to sharpen his ebony colored combat knife. Later Ran sheafs the weapon by his side, ties up his steal toed boots, and waits for the signal of battle starting to sound. While waiting, Ran enjoys a small bottle of vodka, the man wasn't the busiest in the wold but he was commonly active enough to really enjoy the down time and calm his nerves. Soon though the sound he had been waiting for rings in the air and the man is off to meet his opponents face to face.