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It had been along time since he had entered this room , “why did he call me here “ The building was destroyed, a stone shack empty and hollow , He looked round remembering how the NAO had fought so hard trying to stop , Gambler attack , Arrow stood at his lords side as hero’s screamed in pain , and the flames touched his skin . The good old days.

The VV was strong now , Gambler just needed to command and everyone would follow there was no , Plans of people taking over it was good finally the Hero’s stood no chance, But a fear was clawing at the back of Arrows skull, Why this meeting and why now , Gambler had been distant for the last month then all of a sudden he called Arrow for a meeting out the blue and here of all places why not the VV.

as he pushed a burnt table back on to it’s legs, He sat his new black coat flopped over the edge of the chair , Reaching he place his sword on the table, As he did something cracked at his feet ,

He bent down his black eyes locking on to what was beneath his feet.

His white skin flashed as the moon let up roofless building up, he let his slender fingers run over it, Looking at what he had in his hand an old picture, Arrow and Gambler sitting in the hot tub of the NAO with an X-girl on each arm, He smiled but only for a moment , As a shadow entered the room/

This is a no interference RPG it is for me and Gambler alone , I will set up a OCC for you to talk in but no but myself or Gambler in here.

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Slowly a shadowy figured emerged in the door way. No longer was he dressed in honor of Magneto but instead draped in a long black cloak with the hood pulled over his head.

As he made his way towards Arrow he could sense his friend was uncertain of this meeting.

"Sorry to be so secretive old friend, but there is something we must do. I have gained a knowledge, a power source if you will that will ensure our rule over the world will never fall."

Gambler slowly raised his and watched as the wall behind Arrow was tore from the foundation and hovered. Gambler had done this before, but the difference this time was, the wall was made of break and not metal. He then saw a rat scamper across the floor, he rose his hand again struck it down with a quick burst of lightning.

"There's more Arrow, so much more, and I can teach it to you. But there is something I need you to do. Help me destroy the VV. They have grown weak and many are not worthy, help me purge them. You have great power Arrow, and with my help you could become the greatest evil the world has ever known. What say you?"

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Looking at the great man that stood before him, He could feel the power oozing form him , He was just as powerful as he was now, How could this be Arrow stood and rook of his jacket laying it neatly on the back of his chair , “Gambler , we always seem to fight , Why are you doing this he began to pace the room in front of gambler , “I am not saying NO but why can we not involve the VV , Even Dc deserves some of this power,”.

He looked in to his lords eyes they had changed become more darker , He knew that look absolute power does that to a man , He knew he had the same look in his eyes, But something else had changed the fun beer drinking crazy friend he knew was gone , All that stood in front of him was power , Maybe to much power/

Moving round to the side of the desk so the hilt of Sword of souls was facing him , He waited for Gamblers reply and considered the offer, More power he looked at other had , More power the offer was a great one .

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"NOOO!" Gambler shouted. "I will NOT live in the shadow of Magneto any longer. All he is and all he was I shall destroy, starting with his sacred Vine Villains."

Gambler and Arrow had come far together and shared many adventures, but was this the beginning of the end? Something had changed and the both knew it, they could both feel it. "Choose wisely Arrow, you are my brother but do not test my resolve in this matter. Its the only way and there can be no compromise. Every single VV, including your friend Darkchild is now an enemy of the Sith."

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Flames erupted in his eyes “Who do you think you are ,The VV would bleed for you. DC would die at your command and you throw us aside like nothing”, Arrows power was growing, Stepping behind the desk. “Who do you think you are , You threaten me “ The wall that Gambler had picked up with his new powers exploded behind him .

“you are tired of living under Mags shadow trying living under yours, For years I have had more power in my pinkie, I could have crushed you on a whim and I have been close, You get a taste of real power and you change YOU ARE WEAK.” Arrow knew he had let his rage get the better of him but he no longer cared , His blood was racing his finger ready , He slowly sat on the seat behind the table .

Lifting his head he looked in the eyes of the man he no longer knew standing there playing in his shadows , arrow reached his hand out and threw the picture he had found at Gamblers feet , The frame smashed and glass flew every where , Arrow looked at the table refusing to look at him , Lowering his head he simply said “MAKE A MOVE”
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Gambler looked down at the broken picture and the shattered memories. He bent down and shook the glass of the picture. He stared at it for a moment and for a second he remembered who he was, what Magneto had done for him, how Arrow had stood by him in his time of need.

"Arrow I......." He stopped himself and slowly crushed the picture in his hand and squeezed it tightly.

Then with out warning with a brushing motion sent the table smashing against the wall and just as quickly his other arm shot forward in an attempt to Force Push Arrow outside.

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Watching as his sword flew up in the air, Arrow pushed his magic shield around him as a force pushed him he grabbed the hilt of his black sword and slashed at gambler as he flew backwards , flipping as he gained control, landing with one knee on the floor his left leg stretched out with a smile on his face the full moon sparkled as it ran down the length of the blade.

This was never going to play out any other way and he was a fool to think it would have, He ran forward sending his own magical force trying to push Gambler out the other side of the building, It was a great night for a battle. The air was mild and the moon shone down on them stars would be there crowd , To great warriors could not ask for abetter audience.

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Gambler crossed his arms as Arrow's magic hit sending him crashing through the wall and out into the night. Gambler gathered himself and stood up, a small drip off blood fell from the corner of his mouth. Gambler showed no emotion, choosing not even to wipe the blood from his mouth. He charged towards Arrow in a fit on anger hands still by his side. As he neared Arrow he made a slight twitch with his hand and suddenly a silver tube like object appeared in his hand. Now at a dead sprint he extended his arm off to the side and a blaze of red energy shot from the tube. A brilliant sword fight was on the horizon, but who if any would be left standing.
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Black met red as the two mighty weapons struck sending vibration down his arms , the two of them where close enough to smell each others breathe , “WOW ….. A PINK SWORD” , Arrow was smiling on the outside but the force that gambler was push was amazing , Then it hit him I am holding back time to go pound for pound.

Arrow pushed harder trying to break the two weapons from this lock , Gamblers new power was like magic but slightly different , It matched his own powers in every way and worse of all it was just as limitless, All he knew for sure that this would be a bloody battle , scarlet blood would dye the ground , Pain would be felt and most of all life would be lost.

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Back and fourth they went, in a brilliant display of swordsmanship. Attack, counter attack, the two went at it, ducking, flipping, rolling and twisting with every move. Gambler had never fought Arrow like this before, the power he had was amazing, why he had not used this to rule the VV was a mystery to Gambler.

"That's it Arrow, let it out, you have much hate, much anger. Call it what you will old friend, but your more Sith then I will ever be."

Gambler pushed away and the two circled around each other. Gambler made a quick gesture towards a tree and then towards Arrow. The tree uprooted and hurdled towards the right hand of the VV.

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The tree struck caring Arrow along with it into a wall , splinters flew and dusted exploded filling the night air , the dusted settled and nothing not even a noise, a small breeze flew across the NAO HQ , slowly normal sounds began to fill the street again , Cars horns, people talking.

Then loud creek as the tree began to move , it exploded into large timber splinters all sharpened to a perfect point hovering in the air in the middle Stood a dark and anger Shadow , A small river of red had began to run from Arrow nose “A TREE YOUR PLAYING WITH THE BIG GUNS NOW , PLEASE TRY HARDER”.

The splinters took off at Arrows command flying at unbelievable speeds towards Gamblers , Slowly walking behind them came the very Shadow of death , A look in his eye that could kill a normal man , As he followed the shards hopping Gambler would not see what he was up to, He slipped into a shadow gate and disappeared from sight.
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Gambler quickly held up his hand and the splinters stopped and hovered in air, he lowered his hand and they fell to the ground, but Arrow had disappeared. Gambler felt fear creep over him for a moment but quickly gained control. He simply closed his eyes and waited.

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The ground began to shake , What was left of the VV fell to the ground grey dust filled the area, slowly it began to spin in a forming a cyclone in the middle appeared a large dark shadow it was as if it was pulling the darkness for the night, It began to change taking a more human form the dust still spinning round it, It stood up straight both arms running down the body to the elbow, with his hands pushed out,.

It began to grow in his hands to dark figures the same as him just half the size , No faces just Eyes and that devilish smile he always wore, They copied his movement to begin with then slipped into the shadows . Behind him the air began to grow forming into a dark cloak .

The blood had dried on his face , his hands moved in a flash as the formed into a prayer , then with out warning he moved with suck speed , To anyone else it looked like he was still standing in the same place when in fact he was next to gambles, His hands still in prayer flew towards Gambler.

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With no time to react Gambler was hit at full speed. The two were sent sailing through building after building at a blinding speed at the end of which Arrow stopped and hovered while Gambler continued on and crashed against a wall. The foundation of the building shook with the impact. Blood poured from the mouth of the fallen Sith. His ribs where broken and his shoulder muscles had been torn to shreds. It took all his strength to talk.

"Finish.........finish it coughs up blood Gambler tried to move but couldn't, his right side shook ever so slightly.

"End this now, or so help me I'll destroy everything you've ever cared about."

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Moving over Gamblers body he crouched down , He placed a finger on gamblers bloody forehead and leaned forward and whispered “You are not worth my time , I could end you here with a finger “. Standing he began to walk away, throwing his coat over his shoulder and picking up his sword the dark figure began to walk ,

“out of respect you live , Get stronger and come back you where not ready tonight but you will be soon, then we can finish are little meeting” Two little shadows appeared next to him and tugged on his trousers ,it looked like they spoke but nothing came out “No you cant keep him , You will have a chance to feed soon enough ” They entered his body .

At his feet lay the picture of the past, As he walked the memories where crushed under his bloody boot and he walked away with the moon to his back , Whistling with his pearl white teeth shining in the moon light , Till next time old friend.

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The night got cold and the air was charged. Lord bane could feel gambler's very low life force.bane teliported to the spot were the noa once stood. lord gambler im here come let's make you more powerful than any sith that ever lived. and with that lord bane and gambler were gone and the war began.