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Venezuela, mutant paradise.
Venezuela, mutant paradise.

Venezuela. Once a deteriorating socialist experiment, turned the plaything of powers beyond the grasp of mortal men. In the hands of humans it burned. In the hands of mutants it arose. All humans exiled or dead, a paradise built by mutants, for mutants. It's history a long one from the xenophobic notions of Xenon that brought on such a genocidal act but in this controversy laid the ground work for the paradise to come. From there it would fall into the hands of the Supreme Chancellor, who eventually would fall to the hands of Ivana. When Ivana steeped down the position of the newly appointed Shogun went to Rafael Romeiro who by his side was Alexandra Ashworth a dedicated member of the mutant forces. Now as Rafael steps down from the limelight it falls upon Alex to take up the role.

Deep under the black soil of the Venezuelan forests mutants found vast reserves of vibranium. Wealth and power undreamed of poured into their hands. Overnight Venezuela became a global power which demanded respect for its mutant populace through strength and the rare mineral resource. With this the providence has grown in image and commerce, though to this date it's reserves of vibranium has been in small quantity. Especially now under the guidance of Alex, knowing that the mineral in high quantity could be used in a measure that could come back to bite them. As it stands while they deal with a luxurious resource and that generates the most of their net worth the region has tried to place a focus on mutant benefiting business. Where the smallest to largest of unique abilities can replicate better business methods then in some cases entire buildings filled with staff might.


No Caption Provided

As the stronghold for mutants it is ruled by the strongest for only the strong can protect the mutant race in a hostile world. Though in recent times some mutants have begun to question if that mentality has remained entirely true.

The first ruler was Xenon, King through his martial prowess and telepathic might. However he vanished, presumed dead.

For months Venezuela drifted, rudderless and leaderless some would say. Although the Supreme Chancellor did take up leadership he was without a doubt a far cry from the legendary Xenon. Eventually it attracted the attention of Ivana, a Strigidae and twenty third of her rank however. Gathering her allies and a coalition of mercenaries she struck, slaying her only rival with a single knife throw and seizing the kingdom, though at a terrible cost; her eyesight.

After some time the dust had settled. The remains of the dead have been removed from the streets and Ivana of the Strigidae death cult had ascended to her place on the throne.

Venezuela has undergone seismic changes at the top. Though Xenon and Ivana were similar in many ways, such as their burning contempt for humanity, they would rule in different ways.

No Caption Provided

Ivana had imported her own supporters into the country and placed them in key positions to solidify her grasp on the country and reward those who had served her faithfully. Which indirectly removed the power the telepathic and telekinetic Venezuela Elites had. Once more it has turned on it's head no longer dedicated to the war oriented ways of those before. Such business also oriented more at keeping the peace then drumming up further schism between mutant and man.

Where the past were far more militant Alex had stayed true to her more black ops soldier oriented roots of operating. Now known to the general public and from such generating some controversy the current holder of the kingdom claiming knife that had taken the Chancellor's life was and to this day still is a member of Maverick. She had chosen to chose the side of mutants and fight even alongside Ivana, however it was also to keep an eye out on what might come next. Realizing that more efforts to expand the great devide between the races would do nothing beyond further harm and endangerment. For this reason Alex is both a revered but controversial leader, clearly having been here from the start for mutant kind, but also because she had doubts of the methods of Ivana and Xenon who were legendary in status. Some go so far as to say that if Alex didn't have the knife that ended the Chancellor she might have been cut down already.

Reformed Elites

No Caption Provided

Nowadays the primary mutant army as it were is a collection of loyalists to the ideals of unified squad tactics and protecting mutant kind. From all walks of life these mutants consists of a variety of mutations from the mundane to those that stand out. And on a regular basis they've been trained to mold abilities, with weaponry, and squad formation. The ideal Elite Squad being a small team that be they armed with the latest collaboration of vibranium arms and Maverick technology, or down to just say the scavenged tools of orcs could hold there own. Often when they go into missions however they will chose to dawn a mask of some kind. This while not to Alex's liking necessarily falls back to a more cold approach to what they do. When the Elite acts it isn't the action of a man but of a mutant or to be more exact of mutants. As some operations may be more touchy then others however this Alex knows may lead to radical reactions once again. Traces of fear in the general public linger thinking that while they love their troops one op gone wrong might draw some unwanted attention that may disrupt the current peace.

Outskirts Controversy

When This Is No Longer the Norm
When This Is No Longer the Norm

Perhaps the biggest difference between the Shogunate then and now however is the current stance on humans. As it stands right now no human is likely to live in the Shogunate. Visitors who come by for any form a stay likely only allowed because of a higher status. Although the "lesser species" is allowed into the city. Though they are watched like hawks they are allowed to come through. More troubling however to some mutants is the presence of shanty towns along the walls. After the mutant Azrael assisted the people of a dying city she had to be banished for her thermonuclear ways. As the Shogunate lost its nuclear ace however Alex granted the radioactive reaper's request of letting even the non mutants have a place here. Thus the upheaval of past restrictions, though after banning a mutant and opening the doors to humans some have begun to question the new Shogun.


  • No major destruction without asking me. I don't mean you can't break into the country and explode some buildings or something but if you want to destroy an entire town or something like that you should PM me and ask if its alright. I'd recommend at this time PMing @arenaceus_ as thats the closest to a main right now.
  • I might add more to this at any time, I'll try to say if I do though.
  • Any mutant can become a citizen or travel freely through Venezuela. Any human can visit but likely will be frisked and under constant surveillance.
  • Humans while no longer outlawed here are feared and weary of. Venezuela has a lot of technology devoted to detecting them. Though devising ways around this is fine.
  • If you're gonna post in this thread you do have to sell my NPC's. And me. And each other, should you fight here. So keep that in mind.
  • Have a good time!
  • A large amount of credit of course goes to Xenon and LL so even if you cant respect my work respect theres that made this doable :P
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Great work, Azzy :D

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@sorion: thanks :D

@lowlaville: This is CVU specific. I figured if I wanted it in what will hopefully be the new universe I needed to do it right. New thread, make my own edits etc etc

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Cool stuff!

Annnnnnd I had no idea that you were Arenaceus. :O

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@rey_everdeen: Arenaceus, Gaige, Salvatore, The_Girl, Dragonfang I've a few alts. :P

also thanks!

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@apex_ said:

  • Humans while no longer outlawed here are feared and weary of. Venezuela has a lot of technology devoted to detecting them. Though devising ways around this is fine.
No Caption Provided

(nice new layout)

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@el_cano_kilborn: I'll survive just fine. I just had to give some iota of a chance for the competition

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@arenaceus_: Looking great Az, what are the feelings for Vampires?

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@jake_malcom: they'd have the reception of a "upper class/important" human basically.

Also thanks ^.^

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Venezuela, it was quite the place to be....if you were a mutant. Even meta-humans were allowed and praised, anything that would not be deemed a mutant or an aberration to all humankind more or less got a snub nose from all those within the confines of Venezuela. Even species that are higher up on the food chain like Jake himself were looked to as vagabonds and were not wanted.

But Jake cared not about the politics of the world, he simply arrived in Venezuela in his wandering around the world. The first place with such a bountiful amount of sunlight that he had come to, he lay on a bench eyes closed and relaxed as a shade of necroplasm hovers overhead. He listened to everything going on around him, wondering when some uppity creature would attempt at moving him from the park he currently was relaxing in.

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Flame Wheel

He'd decided to hide out among mutants- the safest place he could hit without prying eyes. After all, how many places on Earth would accept someone who could probably destroy the whole city if he'd went out? Probably none.

No Caption Provided

Flames in his tail, he'd flown back to the city after he'd finished his last mission. He'd been assigned the task of keeping an inmate in prison. Of course, he'd failed in that mission quite horribly. No regrets. He tried his best, but his contractors aren't probably very happy about it.

Azyl could care less what his contractors thought. He had one mission, and that was to protect the young lord of Shea through his adventures in this Alien world. Had he been doing that though? He didn't remember in the week that he'd come to this world, having checked up on his nephew once.

Some uncle he was, and he hadn't even been doing his mission properly. Flying through the city, it all looked normal, but below this normalcy existed a city that did not tolerate humans, but those with powers like mine, we could blend right in. The fact that I come from another dimension escapes their detection.

No Caption Provided

My name is Azyl Mankhan - also known as the Flame Wheel. I am the son of the late great Heavenly King Khan. Khan- his youngest son. I am the only one remaining of my brothers and sisters. I'm around 100 years old, but I don't look anywhere close to how old I am. This is because of my fire constitution. The more I burn my core, the more it rejuvenates my entire body- so that it is kept at a prime state.

However before I learned to summon and manipulate hellfire, I looked and felt like an old man who was about to die any moment. But that, had been mended with the aid of more profound control over the element of fire. Elements at its core, if whoever is capable of mastering them to the extent as I have, they would be capable of becoming effectively immortal.

I don't dare boast to be capable of reforming from fire after dying, though, but I am more than capable of travelling through fire- and if Seamstress allows, even across dimensions- straight into the realm and back. However that is impossible.

No Caption Provided

I flew in threw the open window into my apartment. Not very fancy. But a wardrobe, bed & an attached bathroom is of the luxuries contained in this small apartment. It's extremely cheap. 5 gold coins per month- food included.

Back in my realm, the bed alone would cost 50 gold coins, needless to talk about food, and an attached bathroom WITH air condition and a T.V. Gold is extremely expensive in this realm, as I have learned. Fortunately, before my departure, Ali's father had given me 10 chests full of gold coins, safely tucked inside my cosmo sack.

What's a cosmo sac? A cosmo sac is a specially made and enchanted small pouch you can carry around your neck, with a small pocket dimension inside of it. You can put in anything you want in there and it will stay there for your picking. It's very convenient for anyone wishing to not be hindered by heavy luggage.


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No Caption Provided

Thankfully it was one of the rare days the Shogunate had off. Or at least the closest thing she had to such a day, naturally she was on call any day any hour. For right now however the apex of marksmanship was able to indulge in a favorite past time. Of traversing the cities and basking in all the marvelous complexities that had become a common occurrence.

Stretching arms reached up and people flew to do tasks that other wise might require ladders. Elemental abilities were used to forge materials or craft food which often would taste better then anything with some artificial preservative. Mutants with obscure skin pigment could be found giving tattoos having developed a method that lasted better then most others. With things like say blue skin or scales getting the ink to stay was a difficulty that had to be overcome. Thus came tattoos that had more of a pop to them and a longer stay. Innovation was what they found more dominant then necessarily a combative spirit.

A man passes over head a blazing comet tail behind him, the archer a bit curious to what his daily life might be within her Shogunate. For now though her attention fell on a vampire, one out in the day at that. Ivana had in the past prepared some stocks for fighting the supernatural. A thought came from Alex and the telepaths picked up on it. They'd gather those arms in secret incase things escalated, while they didn't expect trouble it had become an ingrained precaution of the people. "Rumor has it there's a vampire out there. Almost forgot those were a thing, think he can walk in sunlight unlike those more cliche goth ones?"

(sorry I couldn't give ya more of a shout out or your own reply @lowlaville didn't see much I could do at the moment)

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@apex_: Raising an eyebrow to the woman who had begun to talk to him, Jake did not look at her directly. Lifting his glasses and seeing that his new canopy was still holding strong even without his full concentration he finally replied to her "Sounds like a right prat, you know what when you find him please give him this from me would you?"Extending his arm out past the cover of the canopy he flipped her off, his thick yet bony finger extending to towards the sun. His skin sizzled slightly and tingled, no smoke or outright pain quite yet. But he quickly brought his arm back under cover, and continued to stay put laying minding his own business.

Soon he knew and realized well enough that the woman was curious because of his outward appearance, pale as snow and he looked only to be 16. Groaning he spun in the middle of his back for a moment righting himself on the bench, flicking his wrist at her face a pack of cigarettes slid from his sleeve. He knew she would jump at this and smiled as he waited for it, snapped his fingers a pyre of necro ignited the cigarette. Taking a long drag from the cig he looked at her and again snapped his fingers the cover falling and splashing like water. He hoped that a few drops would hit her boots and melt them slightly with its acidic nature. "How'd you find me so fast, made sure not to feed here. You coming to me shows you have an issue.....what is it?" his tone cocky and full of a wide and big ego

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@apex_: (You can look him up for any kind of missions-)

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Alex didn't jump at the sudden set of cigarettes that'd been drawn. Very little could catch her off guard given her mutation of essentially instantaneous eye sight. Seeing every frame of the world she could see the slightest change in finger position. The few ripples of clothes that told a story to her as an action was made. She didn't see herself as much of anything on the power scale necessarily but she'd used what she had to be someone worthy of the title of Shogun. It was with this particular vision she could also watch the slightly acidic flame as it fell. And in her own decision she challenged it. Watching as it fell and only moving her foot at the last moment.

"Cute. I won't flip off a guest though. And no it just means I'm curious." If there was a problem odds are she wouldn't have been talking. Although she tried to be more civil and easygoing then her predecessors when it came to a fight she wouldn't pull punches. "How do you think we wouldn't find you? There's people who can see the dead and undead. Telepaths. Supernatural based detection. Countless inventors. I know this kid who knows what all the light touches in a limited radius of so he says. Mutants have so many possibilities" and she took pride in that, what her people could do was astounding and in her opinion made a society far stronger then almost any other. "What brings a vampire here especially when kind enough to not treat us as food?"

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@iridum: You're welcome! Might drop by with Rafael.

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@thee_champion: well I'd hope so, ya may of given up the iron throne but they're still your people :P

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@apex_: Chuckling at her thinking that he had not even contemplated her blood as a meal, he nodded to her and spoke “Dear, I am currently well fed…those blokes dressed in all red proved quite the meal.”

As he spoke he disappeared and reappeared behind her. Leaning on her back he let an arm fall onto her shoulder and leaned into her ear “Pretty sure they referred to themselves as Cardinals? Not quite sure, I don’t often speak with my food before I eat. Seems tacky don’t you think?” He knew his touching her would prove irritating and he stepped back from her and stood in the sun. Burning slightly he knew a constant exposure would prove rather bothersome shortly, so he snapped his fingers and a layer of Necro armor appeared covering him entirely only leaving his face bare. He kept it away from the sun and spoke to her “You spoke of creatures being able to detect my presence, not mutants but something more. Care to show and tell? Having something like that myself would be very convenient.”

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She didn't think he wouldn't just knew as of yet he hadn't. And that was all that mattered, as of yet the vampire didn't do anything wrong to her people so there was no reason to be out for blood. Invading her personal space rubbed Alex the wrong way, and that required a bit of effort to dial back. Frustrating as the vampire seemed to be trying to be the Apex Shogun refused to let her annoyance show. "I think that's a problem for the cardinals. Maybe they should of asked for the Shogun's help." She and her people weren't in league with anyone outside of Maverick really. So who they helped was all more a choice then an obligation.

"I said people, given that outside of guests everyone here is a mutant it was clear I was talking about mutants. Maybe you've that necroplasm in your ears as well?" Getting to her feet though she shrugged and began to walk away. "That said I know some people who might have something. Provided you've the funds to do business."

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Caracas, Venezuela - 9:27 PM


The cover of night and an SVG-100 Sniper Rifle equipped with FMJ bullets, a silencer, and thermal imaging were the Ghost's prime assets for this assignment. The DM Buckler was stocked with interdimensional energies that would be allocated to teleportation, allowing for a quick and easy escape.

The assassin himself was crouched on the edge of a rooftop in Caracas, right eyed focused down the sniper's thermal scope as his gaze swept the streets for the target - the current President of Venezuela, Alexandra Ashworth.

The task was simple, not necessitating critical execution but significant nonetheless. The 53rd Patient had been equipped with his standard arsenal on top of the rifle. A Glock hung on his back, an M9 and a combat knife holstered on his belt alongside an assortment of grenades.

Dreadstroke's focus was razor sharp, his visage eerily impassive beneath the mask and goggles. He'd been briefed that he might find Alexandra along the streets of Caracas, and therefore sought out her neural activity, a metal finger tickling the trigger. It wasn't long before he caught sight of her, exploring the streets of the nation she now lead.

He took aim, leveling the bright red dot down to the target area. A bronze bullet rolled into the barrel. He pulled the trigger, letting the silent round fly precisely towards the back of Apex's head.

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No Caption Provided

A lot of the people around Alex were against her tendencies to walk amongst the people. To be in the crowds and out in the open it promoted attempts on her life and challenge. Alex though fully endorsed the actions she'd set to routine. Contrary to the concerns of the masses Alex knew that it had in fact only increased security more. While the apex of marksmanship roamed the streets amongst the countless mutants who went through daily life every guard or sentry, anyone on patrol would operate at their finest. If the Shogun was harmed under their watch what good were they? And if the slightest of actions of her people wasn't enough to assist in Alex saving herself what good was she as a Shogun?

"No. As problematic as the nGods were to us in the past we're above leveling cities in rebuttal. We have to have more tact then that clusterf--k" Alex remarked as the inquiries of the recent events in Nebraska was brought up by her people. Sure a lot of mutants wanted a taste of revenge and the Shogun wasn't against a mutant taking action or even looking into a mission to bring about results. She did however conclude that the methods America had taken was a far cry from a productive approach. Thankful as many mutants were for the success the latest Shogun had constantly drilled in the notion of efficiency. Minimalistic forces and show of ones hand to get the most results. Why draw the attention of every one wanting to make it on the news, when you could go unseen? The train of thought was cut short however as her mind felt a buzz, a call from a sonic mutant screaming.


Before the s had even completed in it's sound Alex had ducked behind a near by fashion. Having yelled "scatter" before the o of the one word warning had moved through her mind. Her reflexes looking almost inhuman as the marksman avoided a sniper round silent and meant to pop the back of her head like ripe fruit. Her reflexes were swift, as the bullet entered the sand she was already in the middle of sorting out it's trajectory. It'd been sorted by the time she'd drawn a pistol from her hip. And she'd drawn the gun before most non combative individuals had managed to even retreat. While not the comfortable familiarity of the bow, the P-12 handgun was almost insulting to label a pistol. A Maverick issue helical railgun in the form of a sidearm the pistol with a thunderous roar spat forth a round at a speed of mach ten hitting with twenty seven kilojoules of kinetic impact. It could punch a whole through an APC or durable human with subliminal ease. An electrical and thermal heat spewing bullet that'd distribute monstrous amounts of shock and explosive force as well. Her aim, dispite having been calculated within likely no more then a second, sought to imbed the round in the would be assassin's eye. Her enhanced vision letting the apex of accuracy spot her assailant with ease. Not because the attacker was bad however to his credit he was well hidden, and had made a fine shot. He was simply fighting someone on their home field in the form of combat that they lived for.

No Caption Provided

Of course as good as Apex may be this was not just her fight. Attack one mutant under the reign of the Shogun Alexandra Ashworth and you may as well be making an attempt on everyone. Instantly the Reformed Elite that had whistled a warning shout had also taken action. Quickly attaching a repelling system to the edge of the building the masked figure repelled downward swiftly closing in on the vantage point the attacker had used. This figure used a rather standard sub machine gun it's bullets basic. However the Reformed was a user of sonic abilities. The gun and it's bullets didn't bark, they resounded like thunder. Each bullet leaving the barrel screamed at a volume of two hundred decibels and did the same on impact. The reformed would limit the sound just to the area of the assassin. Within that area however the sound heated the air turning the room into something more like an oven. Items throughout would combust and ignite. The very sound enough to rupture organs and decimate eardrums. Turning conventional submachine gunfire into a tool of vast sonic based decimation. And that was just the first respondents.

(not an npc for the record. Also great post <3)

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@apex_: (Yours too! Sorry for the wait).

The inner workings of the mind were complex, and from afar, the Ghost could detect even the slightest of impulses. The imminence of her retaliation tugged at his brain before hardly a split second before the barrel of her gun had found him, crouched on a rooftop above.

There was no time to duck, dive, or physically evade. A slight crease formed in his brow as, instead, he was instantaneously transported backwards in an afterimage of light and a mechanical whir. Her bullet zipped past where he'd stood just a second ago. Even without the luxury of regular thinking processes, the Ghost knew that had he not teleported in time, his mission likely would have ended right there.

He hurled his sniper aside, tugging a submachine gun off his back before the sniper hit the ground with a clatter. There was no time to stand around and determine his next move. Another brain was bearing down upon the area. Beyond ready for a fire fight, the Ghost slid behind a table, intently eyeing his former vantage point.

And when the other masked figure arrived, spraying bullets throughout the room, he'd brought a storm with him. The bullets clapped like thunder as they tore through the air. Pain quite literally thundered through the assassin's ears, rattling through his skull. The attack would've killed any ordinary human being right then and there.

Through the pain coursing through his head, debilitating him, he managed to jam his submachine gun over the table. The barrel was aimed already. Bullets whizzed past, threatening to diminish his focus, his consciousness with every thunderous roar. One sparked off his vibranium arm as he took aim, and pulled the trigger.

A salvo of return fire raced at the sonic mutant. FMJ bullets aimed not only at him, but at the cord and repelling system keeping him suspended just outside of the room. If all went well, not only would bullets hopefully embed in the sonic mutant's body, perhaps they would tear through the repelling system and send him falling to Caracas' streets.

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(>.> im the worst. Sorry <3)

No Caption Provided

He'd been able to react and teleport a moment before the bullets impact. Fractions of a second expertly seized to avoid an otherwise disastrous ending. Impressive to say the least. Still an enemy was just that and she'd take no longer to admire such feats. Instead focus on ending the assailant on mutant kind. Her focus would be on aiming and looking for just the right moment to make her next shot. However she wouldn't do it from where she had been in the courtyard below or even from a rooftop.

Instead she used a telepathic Elite on another rooftop observing the scene. Alex would watch the battlefield through the psychic instead. Meanwhile the apex of accuracy moved herself to one of the far off walls on the edge of her illustrious empire. She was for all attemptts and purposes outside of the combat zone it would seem. "Do what you can to help." She commanded the telepath who then would look to cast a psychic onslaught on the current level of combat. The psychic elite only had two minds to protect and one to attack making the area clear for the mental bomb. The design being to just wash over the minds in the blast radius and make them comatose. To seize all movement as the mind completely shut down.

Meanwhile the masked acoustic elite whistling the reverberations of sound sent the soldier backwards allowing him to swing into the building. The cord was cut and his left arm was punctured three seperate times by the gunfire. He dropped his left hand letting it be limp and rest from the inflicted damage, though he himself was still far from done in the fight letting the slung submachine drop as he pulled his side arm from it's holster. The desert eagle barked as the masked elite opened fire on where ones ducked head should be given the position of the submachine gun. Meanwhile with each resounding roar of the high caliber pistol fire the elite used the sound to fling the bullets away from him and back at the assassin. A perfect cover for the third elite who'd arrived on the seen phasing through floors as she'd flown up the ghostly elite took time to levitate ammo for the one armed acoustic as she herself went for the discarded sniper rifle. Looking to use the high impact sniper rifle against it's previous owner.

Eyeing the weapon from her unique view point Alex would drop spare ammo from a portal for the ghost elite at the same time she made her own shot. The newly appointed Shogun letting loose a Depleted Uranium tipped arrow from a vantage point miles upon miles away. No detection of any kind the arrow just teleported into the air within the room, with barely a sound but moving as swift as a bullet it looked to pierce into the back of her attempted killer's skull. The same head of a man who had several bullets, a sniper rifle, and a psychic attack to also be concerned about.

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coming soonish
coming soonish

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A Day Prior

Legs crossed underneath him, his fists pressed against each other, the Phenom of the Mist sat in a meditative stance, his eyes shut and and the psycho-spiritual energies from his chakra nodes pulsated till the atmosphere hummed. The hue of his skin glowed, and his psycho-spiritual energies wrapped him in a spiraling and violent aura of red. The wooden floor cracked underneath him and the air burned from the intensity of the immaterial energy he commanded. Slowly, Sozen seized control of his chakra nodes, calming the energies that overflowed from them till his violent and jagged aura was tempered, till he'd attained greater mastery over his esoteric powers, and till he'd attuned his murderous spirit and martial arts grandmastery to the will of the Kasei Misuto.

And it was the will of the Kasei Misuto, Sozen's theology, that spawned his intense focus, his religious radicalism and his racist belief in the inherent inferiority of human and mutant-kind. "Kegareta saru... (Filthy apes...)", he growled in thought, "Kasei Mistuto no ishi wa mushi dekinai (The will of the Kasei Misuto cannot be ignored)", driven to carry out the Kasei Misuto's will by traveling to Venezuela.

Present Day

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A rope tied round his waist, his sleeveless grey gi fluttering with the wind, the prayer beads round his neck humming with the tune of his psycho-spiritual energies, the Beast from the East stared down the Kasei Misuto's latest target for Hyper-Sapien conversion; Frankie Osorio. Clad in the ivory and ebony plates of his White Vibranium armor, Frankie, a member of the nGodslayers task-force assembled by former Venezuelan President Rafael Romeiro, stood his ground, meeting Sozen's red gaze with an earnest self-assurance, "You were picked up by this country's sensors. You're no mutant. Anything but is an illegal immigrant in Venezuela. Get out of my country. I won't tell you again".

"I am offering you a choice. Forsake your primitive ways.. and open your eyes to the truth or return to throwing your own dung with the rest of your filthy monkey species", the Phenom sneered, and soon Frankie attacked, darting forward and thrusting his gloved hands forward, discharging a wave of heat and energy born from the Azidoazide Azide he could spawn and command. And for a moment, Sozen felt the overbearing sting of heat swarming over him, cooking his flesh as explosive energy dug into his joints and threatened to rip his limbs from his body. And yet, he endured, his durability and willpower keeping him from yielding. Standing to his full height, his skin peeling from his bones, steam escaping from his pores, the Beast from the East grinned, his eyes glowing redder than before, his psycho-spiritual energies coursing through him, "You will serve the Kasei Misuto well". Closing his hands into fists, the Mad Dragon brought his rear hand back, keeping it close to his chin which he tucked. His lead hand was extended and he turned sideways, minimizing his body's exposure.

Leaning back, his head was kept over his back foot. Frankie burst forward, the air behind him tearing asunder from his blistering speed. He threw a right cross, and Sozen, standing southpaw, countered. Bursting forward with a blitzing quickness, the Phenom's precognitive senses having warned him, he began his attack a split-second before Frankie'd begun his, all with the intent to land first. Stepping in, he leaned his head off the line of Frankie's right cross. Frankie'd miss, and Sozen's counter, a left straight, landed. The Mad Dragon had timed him and tagged him with a fist twitching with the supernatural accuracy to crack the vulnerable point in Frankie's chin, a temporary quantum event that would soon vanish from this fabric of space and time, and crack it he did, knocking the powerful mutant out cold. With Frankie collapsed at his feet, Sozen dragged him to the heart of Hyper-Sapien society; the Nihonto Khan, for conversion.

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I mean I was reading and thinking i'ma jump ya. But way that ended I'll just investigate I guess lol

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The Shogun has planted the seeds for her own destruction. As I stand in my Killer Bee Exosuit, one foot on a tree stump to brace my aiming arm, I can't help but think about what has already been accomplished here. Previously it would have been difficult to establish a presence in Venezuela, at least a meaningful one, but The Tyrant and his little war in Colombia had started it all. Refugees fled across the border to Venezuela under Ivana, mutant refugees...refugees we either already owned or recruited to the cause. The recruits have no idea they work for a cause other than their own pet cause, social justice warriors of a twisted sort, racists that hate humanity, but they still work for us.

Over the months since that time our people have carefully stoked the fires of anti-human racism and the new Shogun has played into our hands. She now allows humans...and she exiled a mutant. The key isn't to create stress where it doesn't exist, but to tap into existing stress and make it worse. Our people are doing that now, spreading like wildfire through the camps of the concerned Mutants, they push, they antagonize, they organize. In time concerned Mutants will be pushed into more extreme camps. Those camps will put pressure on the Venezuelan government and so on.

I have to play my part now. I was called in for this one job, a quick assassination of a seemingly ordinary mutant with a wealthy position. You see Venezuela relies on its Vibranium exports even to this day. One of the men who owns the mining companies that extract the ore is now in my crosshairs. He's three miles away as the crow flies standing outside of his office talking to some news reporter. Once he dies certain factions I've already mentioned will send a message to the reporter and the reporter will have the scoop of her life. Vibranium magnate assassinated by rebellious Humans, card carrying members of the Humans First Foundation, the racists born in America that hate mutants and all they stand for. Now the two groups will have a reason to go after each other more. Mutant racists on one hand suddenly given more reason to hate humans and humans given a reason to worry...and to wonder...and the chance to be targets of mutant extremism.

I caress my trigger. The system is full of cracks, one of them just got wider. The silent rifle spits out a singular bullet that flies through the air at extreme speed. It crosses the miles in moments, passes through the air on a flawless trajectory made possible by my Battle Mapping and the technology built into my exosuit. As the bullet nears its target it rips past the reporter's face, missing it by inches. The magnate's head explodes behind him, splattering his brains all over the pavement. Gears go into motion, the message is delivered.

I collapse my weapon and store it back into the armor. I leave the bullet casing for the investigators. They'll discover it originates back in the United States...home of the Humans First Foundation. A simple neural impulse warps light around my suit, cloaking me from sight like a Romulan Warbird. I take flight using anti-gravity motors and thrusters and head for the border with Colombia, or what's left of it anyway. My radar cross section is about as large as a butterfly...or a killer bee.

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Oh no

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Azra the exile of the Shogunate, they'd never let her into the city ever again probably. It was an unescapable circumstance of her own actions. An empire looking to build bridges couldn't house someone known for blowing up bridges with excessive force. Many mutants struggled to accept the exile however as it was leaving one of their own behind. Those were just the ones who dared not look beyond the walls. She never was all that far from the place laying around in the small village like domains around the empire. Beyond the walls was where most the humans could be found and amongst them a few mutants temporary and one permanent Azrayne, the nuclear duchess.

She'd been keeping watch and roaming the forests and streets calm and at ease. Soaking in the sun confident that nobody would dare to try anything. After a failed attempt on the Shogun's life, and the sudden disapearence of Frankie Osorio alert was high. High in a region where security was always a tight ordeal as the need for safety and lessons from working for Maverick led the current Shogun to be cautious. Someone came into the city, as a mutant the watch of such was smaller. They had arms and this had them on the look out but accepting. The one main problem Azra saw in the Shogun opening the doors was it opened the chance of risk. They called for trust in an age where such was fading. They would of course react but had a leniency that allowed the unfortunate events to transpire.

Today was so, as a bullet raced through the air, snapped into a man's head and dropped him in an instant. The next instant however, activity had picked up. The unseen bee had just disturbed a hornets nest. Mutants of all kind begin to go into full swing. They scan the movement of the air, the traces of minerals, look for mental patterns, trace the history of the bullet. Various measures go into the psychic network of communications long sense birthed from the Original Venezuela Elite. They find a general heading, can't see the foe its fast and well prepared they weren't sure they could even track her. A number of mutants however work toegether to trail the world around her. The influnece the killer has on the surroundings. The dammage is done, an asset is gone seeds are planted. While Elites look to clean the area up, soften the blow a ripple is cast. That said, those who kill a mutant, one of the Shogunate's are expected to pay a hundred fold.

Hydro, a mutant who could manipulate fluids couldn't find blood but he could find a unique substance. Something special, the what he didn't care about. Instead he looked just to seize the blood equivalent in the foreigner who was fleeing the scene. He then looked to rip that fluid away, through every pore and opening in the body. Aura a woman who could track light looked to identify where light moved how it should not. She couldn't fight the cloaking efforts she could track it though, and with a point of the finger Azra then launched a psychic attack on the area from the expected point of the assailant and spreading a hundred feet in all direction. The psychic looked to crush the mind of anything in the area. Insects would drop, birds would plummet downward. An attack intended to make the mind flare up in activity in every area. A headache that dared to cause outright mental damage, the introduction to a running attempt looking to close in on the point of descent would come a follow up.

No Caption Provided

It came with an attempted grab, a look to take hold of a limb or if lucky the throat. However the move itself hardly called for physical contact. The range was contained yet again only reaching some hundred feet in any direction. It might singe the tops of trees and scatters leaves. Within the confined space however came the roaring destruction of nuclear fire. For daring to kill on the Shogunate lands the people of the lands looked to place the killer at the ground zero of Hiroshima. Azra daring to place enemies at the heart of one of the worst kinds of explosions as simply an introduction. Course having answers of who and why would be nice. However extreme force was the means by which the mutants would use. They'd risk not knowing if that was what it'd take.

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@614azrael: .

I knew a counter attack was coming, the cloaking would throw off the military but not the raging mutants that lived in this weird country. It may sound painful but having blood pulled through your body is more surreal than anything, fortunately this was combated by a number of factors, the first of which being my blood's instant clotting ability, which would be a little weird later but for now it was a life saver. The moment the first of my blood was pulled through it clotted, blocking the path for everything else. The second was the Killer Bee, a suit I had designed to be light, stealthy and capable of administering medical attention. The internal mechanisms of the suit went into gear almost instantly to inject new blood and stimulate the cybernetic organs in my system designed to replace lost material. Never the less ,the first attack nearly dropped me out of the sky.

The rest of the attacks were different, my battle mapping kicked in and I was already anticipating possible responses from the ground. They had a nearly limitless possible number of diversity of attacks if you thought of all mutants as hyper powered...but the list of powers that could potentially pluck someone out of the air who was flying at super sonic speeds while cloaked was much, much smaller. By the time the second mutant began her attack, I had accounted for it as one of the few attacks possible of reaching me from this point, let alone identifying my location. Psychic attacks were among the most obvious, so I was in the process of adapting my suit when the attack was launched. Rather than a mind crushing impact that left me basically dead, it struck as a hastily constructed "psychic hood" activated. The result was an intense migraine as it took the systems a moment to kick in to full gear. The psychic hood took the powerful psychic energies from my mind, where they were dangerous, and shunted them into its own circuitry. The result was a swiftly fried system that was down almost two seconds after it was constructed but a brain that was still functional.

I had files on every of the most powerful mutants in the Shogunate and it was those files I was processing at the speed of a super computer when the next attack was launched. There were several that fit the bill, so it was difficult to predict exactly what form the attack would take. Most likely however, it would be physical and it would be intense. I needed different armor now.

I began dodging and weaving, able to dart around with more accuracy and agility than any fighter jet but this was only to buy me time, I needed to make the attack take longer to launch to complete the design I had in mind.

Soon enough I was struck by nuclear fire, ripped from the sky and smashed into the ground. I groaned at the aches from the impact and if I had been human, I probably would have lost most of my skeletal structure from the kinetic force...but I'm not human, I'm superior, I'm part something much, much older. I push off of the ground, smoke rising from my newly minted exosuit as its systems powered up. The radiation was absorbed by the fully enclosed environmental suit of the new armor.

No Caption Provided

Was the armor elegant? No. Was it feminine? Definitely not. But it was armed to the teeth and just proved it could tank nuclear fire. I'll have to come up with a good name for it. I caress the activation buttons of the two barreled weapons on each arm and smiled as the Particle Cannons began to spin up. There would be a welcoming party and I was ready to say hello. Even now though I was designing the next armor because I didn't plan to stay and fight forever. Besides that, my body was taking a beating, even if none of those attacks had dropped me like they were intended, I was weaker, I could feel it. I could fight for a little bit, make them remember what had occurred here, but I couldn't do it for long.

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The efforts over blood, they fell short in the end. There would be no bleeding out today, at least not yet. Hydro was quick to retaliate, coagulation to avoid what he tried. New blood quick to be introduced. Effort number two then, to redirect it within the body. Once more Hydro hidden in the trees attacking out of probable sight would act. This time seeking to drive the fluids of the body all to the heart. Redirecting it all to the central organ hopefully making every limb limp before the inevitable over expansion of the heart itself. He looked to pop the organ like a balloon.

The psychic assault hadn't done the opposition in, a shame. That said, of all the people who fought for the land of mutants one of the most experienced was Azrael. Rather then let it eat at her however instead she just looked for a follow up. Reaching out with her mind she looked to touch the attacker's. And from there would begin efforts to flare up every sensory organ. Tricking the mind into thinking every taste was on the tongue, that every sound was never ending. To try and deceive the eyes that it was seeing dozens of everything and make the nose itch from all the smells. The radiation of her attack folded behind Azra for a future propellent as her touch went nuclear.

The foe shows itself, its armored. The design to thick to have been like that of the previous assassin. That couldn't fly as well have been as stealthy, it was a new suit same foe. Some form of transformation based power, technology based, likely shielded from a variety of attacks in preparation. The EMP aspect of her abilities probably wouldn't work. It might even have measures to contend with metal bending, but this was one foe against many. Where the many had a home field of advantage and limitless possibilities. "Eli" short for Elimental, Eli had a talent for attracting elements to him, like a universal magnet he raced in and removed his glove as he looked to get behind the machine. From his hand matter close enough began racing toward it falling away as dust. He was looking to break the armor down and rip it clean from the assassin. For him to do this however Azrael dove in looking to draw fire as she was after all a radioactive terrorist at the least.

Like a rocket she looked to slam into the machine, the position of her hand raised a telekinetic barrier for her as a defense. It could endure nuclear explosions and her body even more so she assumed it could endure the cannon fire likely to follow at least long enough to close the gap. She coated Eli in the same field just incase he became a target. Closing in Azra withdrew her vibranium kurkris, her hands radiating with over a hundred fifty million degrees fahrenheit she believed the blades would cut through most anything. Rather then just a cut however she'd look to sink the blade into the opening Eli might craft. To find what laid beneath the armor and disintegrate such a mark in a singular slash. Accompanying the gesture was a release of small orbs, nuclear spheres that looked to find openings in say armor or the barrels of a gun. And then though controlled again in range the blasts would go off like some of the worst to have been dropped by man.

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In the moments between a series of new attacks and when the exosuit rose from the ground, Satai's battle mapping was already plotting the future. Follow up possibilities, more blood bending, additional psychic assaults. Prognosis, not good, possible solutions? Communication severance. Satai's ability to create was not limited to exosuits but rather could produce anything in contact with her body, including weaves and clothing. Satai had considered the problem of blood bending and similar attacks before, attacks that required communication between one person's mind and the other person's cells. After all, what was blood if not a collection of cells and liquid? Psionic attacks fit into a similar mold, they required communication and access to one's brain. So by the time the attacks were beginning Satai's plan to defend against them was already in motion.

Her superior intellect crafted a delightfully simple design based on a single premise. Communication between or to either cells, fluids or neurons required a form of electrical impulse, in this instance a long ranged one originating outside of the body. The nanomachines lining her skin went to work immediately to craft a weave just above the surface of her skin, like an advanced underwear that would cover her from head to toe beneath the exosuit. The construction took an absurdly short period of time. The weave itself created a blockade against electrical impulses and neurological signals that attempted to penetrate. The result was essentially a signal jamming body sock that was constructed with less than a heartbeat to spare, just enough time to cut off the psionic and blood bending assaults before they could do significant and fatal damage.

It was easy to distract ordinary people, easy even to distract very intelligent people, but the partial Tyrant genetics gifted to Satai were enough to completely rewire her brain in such a way that she was keeping complete and total awareness of every aspect of the battle and every facet of the surrounding terrain even as it was unfolding. She operated like a super advanced strategic wargaming computer, able to see and analyze everything that occurred with inhuman processing speeds. This combined with her battle mapping meant that she easily kept an eye on everyone at once. The thermal imaging scanners of her exosuit identified the locations of her targets and her weapons were already spun up and ready to go.

Tertiary target with unknown abilities attempting to reach rear armor, need to get him before he gets there. The nuclear mutant will attempt a frontal assault to distract as the most offensively capable mutant in the bunch. Satai had her targeting trajectories worked out in an eye blink. For her the fight was essentially moving in slow motion as her brain adjusted for new information, read the abilities of her opponents and calculated the most likely tactical decisions they would make based on previous actions, their abilities and how they were positioned.

The exosuit pivoted on its foot even as Eli began his run and planted its left foot into the soil. Both arms stretched out, one tracking Eli, the other tracking the Nuclear Firestorm even at the moment she began her assault. She opened fire on them both without remorse. With Eli's most likely trajectory already plotted she was firing ahead of him by microseconds. The machine spat out death in the form of a rapid fire particle storm. Particle weapons operated by creating a high energy beam (or in this case a rapid fire series of 'bolts') composed of sub-atomic particles that are charged within the weapon and fired at just under the speed of light. Each bolt contained a gigajoule of kinetic energy. Because of the sub-atomic nature of the particle bolts, each shot had the capacity to completely bypass the extreme durability known to be held by some meta-humans and the destructive capability of so much energy, combined with the radiation it's mere passing through the air created, was enough to absolutely ravage the human body.

The other weapon fired at the incoming Thermo Mutant until she collided with the exosuit. Whatever the damage the particle weapon did to her, her nuclear hot weapon penetrated the outer layers of the exosuit. Much of the armor there had been stripped already by Eli's assault, allowing the blade to slide deep into the armor but its various underlayers, designed specifically to deal with massive amounts of heat and radiation, bled the damage off into other areas and away from its occupant. The vibranium nature of the weapon added to the damage and a series of failure warnings scrolling across Satai's vision.

Time to bug out.

Satai forcefully ripped away from her attackers, lunging the heavy suit forward with enough force to uproot trees and then activated the design she had been working on.

No Caption Provided

Now much smaller and lighter she would never be able to stand up to a sustained assault, but that was not her plan. She sunk her feet into the earth and then accelerated. She would break the sound barrier in two seconds and continue to increase her speed if nothing stopped her until she was racing at speeds typically thinkable only by speedsters and their ilk. If she could get away in this fashion, she would run for the border, a trip that would take less than a minute once she achieved what she considered a safe level of speed. Can't keep fighting these people without new designs, the tank wouldn't have held out much longer, not with that crazy blade running around and people stripping off bits of armor while I stood there.

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Just Outside The Walls

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"Execute" It was all she heard. Like a computer recieving a prompt; or a remote controlled toy the "Perfect 10" immediatly acted on her masters orders. She, like the many that bore the name before her; was specifically crafted to follow orders-- her orders came from the Renegade Hyper-Saipen, Sozen himself.

If she were able to question anything, her question would be why here? This was a mutant safe haven; and to her knowledge the Hyper-Saipen Society thrived on mutants that could withstand their trials.

It was a move seemingly more politically motivated then anything. But, it was not her mission to think. She'd entered the city under the guise as a humanitarian--looking offer the humans living in the shanty towns around the fortied walls.

She entered as a single entity, too many of her cohorts would cause reasonable caution. Moving in a pin-striped business suit, with fabricated bio-metrics and external features, She begin set up stations all across the outer walls to administer a dangerous bio-weapon she enginnered herself.

When it was first engineered, it was gaseous; but the "Corporations" scientist perfected it so it can be administered to both humans and mutants. In humans, the weapon would significantly reduce the survival rate of new born children; this trial run was the first test of stopping human kind all together.

In mutants the serum would react differently, survivors would prove to be strong and worthy enough to survive the Hyper-Saipen conversion, while others...would...

No Caption Provided

Completly overload on their own abilities--until explosion. One by one, the exiled converge on her station recieving "Free health-care" but unknowingly agreeing to their own demise in many ways.

A few of them begin to glow an ornate orange, which meant they were going to explode. By now the Shogunate's security teams were likely to be converging or extremly cautious of her operations. "I need a distraction" She finally whispered, her words acted like a code.

On her command they waltz off like zombies succumbing to the eternal flame that'd been lit by her weapon. When the first one exploded, it sent the area into a frenzy; but there was no need to fret just yet. Even with the eyes on her she'd be able to mask an escape toward her next objective. Shedding the business attire and faux blonde hair, revealing her jet black hair, and leather cat-suit-- she very discreetly radioed in to her master. @grandmaster_yin "The first course of action has been launched. Moving to phase two." Phase two? It was the second part of this plan she needed to secure a way to make this weapon airborne, so that'd it'd affect those living within the city walls as well.

No Caption Provided

She moved stealthly through the small town of frantic volunteers appearing as a different person each time--to throw off any one tracking her via mental means.

She took position offset to the shanty town in a tree, for phase two she'd need more help--Help that consist of some of the mutants she'd inonculated, and her master.

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Well well well, look who's here for dinner. Gale mused as she left the taxi and tossed a hundred dollar bill at the driver. Maybe this time no one will threaten to kill me. Gale was here for business, the country now open to her once again now that it's hostile government had been replaced by someone who might actually let her talk before throwing swords at her.

She looked up at the palatial estates and shrugged and began her walk up the stairs towards the palace grounds. She knew the guards would send word ahead to the current Shogun that she had arrived. Usually when a mutli-billionaire walks into a palace, the palace owner makes it their business to interact with them.

Just in case though she'd send a message ahead of time to let the government know she was here for official business as the owner and CEO of Prehistoria Holdings with an interest in purchasing some land, specifically an island. I like islands, easy to defend, easy to play with and make your own. In this case though, it's useful for something else, something a lot more important.

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@lethal_weapon_x: [I think I may reply to this, you planning anything I don't wanna interrupt?]

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@shanana: Well...

You caught somebody's attention :P
You caught somebody's attention :P

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So this is a thing again... And so is Xenon.

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@_drake: Indeed. I am gonna try and track down/interrogate (or get REKT >.>) Lethal Weapon, feel free to join in. I think you're on G's side so it might be a 3v3 LOL Down to you, I think me and you will end up interacting sometime anyhow.

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@lethal_weapon_x: @gale_xanders: @maestro_: and whoever else is interested

I wana get to a reply asap, can't say when though as work this weekend is long and tedious. So peeps can feel free to get things rolling, hopefully not to much though lol don't want a dozen posts before mine in my empire xD.

That said basic plan of post is to tie up the stuff with Satai plot, following that and the stuff Yin did however they were pretty high on alert and coordinating something (I don't wana spoil that bit but it involves the old VZ elites and the people who took interest in X's work). Once X kicked up activity response is violent and quick. Apex also will send a message to alert others informing them that now is a good time to prove the paranoia of outsiders wrong (I case anyone wants in to help, or to exploit the scenario)

<.< I personally was kinda meh on yet another attack, been brainstorming a bit though to psych myself up lol now I'm pretty down for the idea. That and Sha's post makes for a good way to explore some stuff I haven't yet

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@_gaige_: You don't have to post if you don't want to, I can handle it it if you're busy OOC no worries. I mean its up to you either way. i am working on a post now anyhow.

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@maestro_: Drake's going to Bludhaven, man. Gonna pass on this one, wanna actually do something sorta linear this time around. Enough dropping characters for me.

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Oh I'm gona be replying lol, a large focus of Shogunate stuff for me is trying to write a society of mutants. Doing what I can to sell and counter things fairly from a writing rp stand point while also working to make it feel genuinely like a army of mutants is taking action from a narative stand point