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As he watched the spectacle, all he could do was clap. And clap he did. The sounds of soft laughter and clapping echoed down the dirty ally. It was spacious, dirty, dingy and no one was there to interrupt his meddling. Orian leaned against the back wall of the seedy bar in a casual manner, showing a persona of an uncaring businessmen unafraid of his death .

His amusement came in a wide smile, revealing one of his fangs. He showed it on purpose, gouging her reaction, any info about what she thinks about vampires and weather nor not she would out right attack him for being a supernatural creature.

It was interesting how this world works, thought Orian. And suddenly something dawned on him. The eyes of a dark predator looked at the beautiful warrior in a new light. “Truly, the world did not go so low in this new light of things.” He said laughing at his own joke, though he was talking more to himself rather then her.

His clapping seized and he straightened himself to look at her as an equal, an equal of true warriors, oh how poetic thought Orian. She was an interesting human, a warrior that reminded of himself back in his days before he became a vampire, though without that hard dedication.

He slowly walked towards her, the echo that would usually be there with each steps were void of any sound, as if the very air and space was absent. The predatory pair of eyes glinted under the darkness, penetrating, analyzing the soul of the woman. “Under the moon, the vast skies that hide the gods above, I stand before a beautiful maiden who’s duties are far more important than her life.

Stopping five feet away from the woman, Orian bowed gracefully, never averting his eyes from her. Cautious, maybe, self preservation yes, came, the fleeting thought. “I would very much like to know what you hide behind that veil of darkness that blocks your feelings, the coldness you show towards others. I would very much like to explore you, and find all the sins you have committed. My name is Orian Orlando, it would be an honor if you have a drink with me.” He said, standing up straighter then he did before. However the difference this time was his stance was casual, yet showed a defensive position.

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