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It seems so long ago, that time when I once believed.

I’d been ready to face my enemies of all kinds, be it my own kin or ancient entities in mortal combat that day, prepared to fight and perhaps die for those innocents, people I didn’t know and never will. But I, Badou the Hedatary, found something there that I did not expect, something that no verse of the demon arts or lesson of the spiritual arts could prepare me for.

I am, or rather was, a soldier of the ancient Neolithic city, or general, if you like the more common name attached to the once greatest army, and am a servant to and believer in the strength of the Gods of the Stars. I trained first as a warrior, a man of spiritual yet deadly, learning to read the blade of spirits and send spirits to the other world, but I displayed unusual physical skill in my training to kill all that was my opponent and, at the behest of several older warriors, I began my service as a true elitist.

For several years after I left the acadamy, I’d hunted the marauding jungle beasts that plagued the outer villages as a missionary, such as the tiny, needle-toothed imps that lust for human flesh. I also spent some time policing lessor demons. I was content then, if only out of ignorance, but these are all memories of a time long past and lost forever, almost as if that life belonged to another, one who died and whose place on this poor earth was filled by me. My tale is that of an event much more recent, and therefore all the more horrifying.

A week later, I was joined a mercenary of the Assassin Guild in the great port of Mongolia, keeping order in the streets, when I received the message that would forever change my life. The note, delivered in the midst of a torrential rain typical of the spring by a breathless, soaking squire, said simply that the High Council had heard disturbing reports from the jungle settlements along the great river of So’harn Lake, and that I was to investigate and defeat any evil I found there.

I always did enjoy the rain; the clear, heavenly water seemed to wash away the corruption and filth, both physical and spiritual that seems to be second nature to cities and other collections of filth. I suppose its refreshing presence had something to do with the way I read the words that stained the tattered parchment without truly comprehending their meaning; after seeing the guild, I merely indicated my acceptance of the Council’s commands to the messenger, who had taken shelter under the rickety awning of a nearby fruit stand, earning a strident reproach from the merchant.

Maybe I’d wanted some time away from the city as well, since the drudgery of haunting the streets at all hours, watching for thieves plying their trade among crowds of drunken sailors and awed jungle dwellers, or for smugglers running furtively across the wooden walkways of the docks with their loads of illegal herbs and other idols, wore on my patience. Regardless, I prepared some supplies with measured haste, sharpened my deadly sword and dangers and set off into the hungry forest the next day, still ignorant of the true meaning lurking behind the hurried scrawl on the paper.

I soon came upon the clearing where the village was located; a circular patch of land cut clear by the jungle dwellers to serve as their home, and sighed with relief as the first of the thatch-roofed huts came into view. I slowed my pace and began to lower my sword, so as not to present an aggressive appearance to the innocent, and then stopped suddenly; something seemed wrong about the village. I didn’t hear any voices or anyone moving about in the huts ahead of me, although I saw a lot of smoke, probably from the cooking fires. I didn’t even notice that no sound was coming from the birds or the crawling critters who make there home inside there trees.

Then it came to me: blood. I smelt blood in the air, and burning flesh, fouling the wet air laden with the scent of plants and rot, and my sword swung back up into a guard position by reflex as I began to look around again, completely alert. Seeing no enemy yet, I invoked the name of God of Death to imbue my blows with holy power, chanted a quick prayer to the avatars of warriors and the saint of war, and then charged into the clearing.

Almost from the start, my mission began to change; like some magic beast, it constantly shifted forms, finally settling on the incredible sights. Barely hours after I had left the docks, another messenger reached me, a man clad in an unusually spiky black suit of armor studded with long skull like spikes, this time with orders to go instead to another village merely a few hours away, and serve as a temporary guardian for the frightened inhabitants.

This new command began to alarm me somewhat; I knew the Knight of the guild assigned to that region, and I had just received a letter from him several days previously, written in his flowing, princely script, detailing some of the concerns brought to his attention by the villagers. None of the stories he related gave the slightest hint that the laity there was in anything close to a state of panic, and I doubted that he needed help solving the odd property dispute. I began to question the man; what was wrong in the village? Where was the protector assigned to the area; should not one warrior be sufficient to deal with some jungle creature or ragtag bandit?

He seemed suddenly angry by my barrage of questions, refusing to offer any answers other than that the townspeople feared some sort of animal in the forest. When I persisted, asking what manner of threat demanded the services of a second soldier, he drew himself up, puffing his chest out like a proud rooster who does not know that he is destined for the soup pot tomorrow, and proclaimed that any more questioning of the Council’s decrees constituted faithlessness.

I quieted at this, though I remained wary; something about the messenger and the message itself had strongly reminded me of the way Evil blinds and manipulates unwitting Knights who seek only to follow orders. Too many of his words were designed to flatter and please, with not enough wisdom to prepare me for what might lie ahead.

The rain began falling harder, if such a thing could be possible without the intervention of the divine, as the messenger faded back into the deep mists of the forest, wispy vapours that smelled of earth and rot and life. Perhaps the stronger rains were indeed a gift from the Storm God; they took my mind away from the filth and lies of that would-be warrior. Then, I felt that it would be a black day for the world if ones such as he were ever made Paladins; now, I fear that the state of Order in this world could hardly be worse.

As I walked along the pathways leading into the darkness of the deep forest, the tapping of the falling water against my armour rose to a crescendo as the clouds loosed more tears, the pure liquid seeping through the joints of the steel plates to the leather padding beneath. Although I did enjoy the blessed coolness of the rain, more water ran over the sodden ground and pooled in the crude dirt path, making my journey slow. The mud grasped onto my greaves as I walked, almost as if the earth itself was trying to hold me back. Every now and then, my foot would end up on a particularly sticky patch, and I would have to pull hard against the muck, which held on with the desperate strength of a drowning man, before I came free with a wet popping sound, spraying globes of gooey mud. Once or twice, I fell into the soupy mess, struggling to rise against the pull of the earth. After the second time, I gave thanks to the spirits for stripping me of my vanity; I was such a mess that even a common peasant, who lives among his land and is almost one with it, would have reacted with disgust had he been in my state.

After following the directions of the messenger for about an hour, I sensed that I was near to my destination; the shrill calls of the monkeys in the trees no longer rang out, and there seemed to be fewer birds and other animals moving in the depths of the forest. As I neared the village, which I could see by the light of several torches placed outside, I realized with some displeasure that there was a tributary of the great river separating my position from the main portal in the crude stone walls, and that there was only a pair of tree trunks lashed together by vines to serve as a bridge.

I eyed them apprehensively for a minute, then gazed towards the silhouettes of the huts and the low stone wall, took a breath and began to cross. You’re not going to let some river stop you from carrying out the Council’s command, I admonished myself. Have some courage; there are always obstacles to the way of the warrior. I was halfway across the rickety contraption, lost in my ruminations on faith and courage, when the wood beneath me inexplicably rotated and sent me flying into the river with a loud splash.

The village was in ruins; the mostly untouched hut I saw from the outside of the clearing was the only structure left standing. All that remained of the others were piles of blackened wood and grass, with shards of pottery and metal and scraps of flesh scattered across them like some vile hellspawn’s twisted mockery of a twisted garden. This dreadful spectacle, however, was nothing next to the awful monument to the Three that stood in the center of the ruins; a shoulder-high pile of innocent corpses, burning furiously, casting a greasy, smoky pall over the wreckage, and filling my nose with the horrid stench of Hell’s delicacy. I stood there, astounded at the barbarous cruelty of the minions of darkness; I had heard tales of their blasphemous creations, but no second-hand account could have prepared me for the horror I saw here, the visceral disgust and stunned amazement of seeing the destruction of so many innocents. I stared for the longest time, unaware of all around me save the hellish pyre, and then sank to my knees, choking back sobs and anger

I’m not too proud to admit that I was shaken beyond words, and that I cried for the villagers, for souls I had failed and never would know. I could have dealt with that, though, could have moved on, continued serving the Council and the spirits as I did before; as horrible as that was, it was not why I am here now, sitting on a crate in the old, disreputable part of the docks, pondering my fate with, for the first time in my life, no guiding teachers to show me the way.

I rose to the surface seconds later, gasping for breath, more out of shock than actual need for air. The river wasn’t much colder than the rain, and I’d been soaked through already, so there was little to distract me from the task of staying afloat as I looked around hastily. I was caught up in a strong current of water, bobbing along like a piece of wood, almost helpless in the grip of the current, stronger than a miser’s hand on his purse. My vision was largely clouded by the spray of the river combined with the curtain of falling rain, but I noted unhappily that the flow of the water was taking me away from the village, towards the mighty Gen’tek forest itself, and that a good portion of my supply pouches had been lost in the fall.

I have no idea how long I spent in those swift waters, beating my way across the current towards the shore. Several times my strength began to flag and the weight of my armour dragged me below the surface, but by the grace of some unknown strength, I managed to surge back up and keep fighting my way through the river. When my arms could no longer propel my battered body through the rushing tide, I said a prayer to the God of war, took a breath, and then dropped beneath the churning, cloudy froth, resting for precious seconds before erupting back out, spraying and spitting water.

With all my efforts focused on breathing and moving out of the current, I would have been an easy mark for any river beast; I count myself blessed, or perhaps cursed, that I did not encounter a school of the hungry little fish-demons that tear apart anything foolish enough to swim, or one of the deadly watchers, the snakelike beings that seem to infest every pool and stream. I suppose removing some of my armour would have made my going easier, but I did not want to sacrifice my implements of war to the river, for I believed that I would need them once I got out and returned to the village. Little did I know that they would be no protection against the final sights of my journey.

Finally, as the shadows of the trees grew into a forest of darkness with the setting of the sun, shrouded by a blanket of grey cloud, I struggled into the shallows of the river and stumbled out onto the bank, managing to gasp out a thanks to the War God for my survival before collapsing. I was exhausted, more so than I had believed possible. Nothing I had ever done had left me this drained, not even the rigors of warrior training. I rested there, shivering violently, for what seemed like an eternity, my helmeted head against the soft grass and dirt, my greaves sinking slowly in the wet mud of the riverbank. Then, after I had regained a degree of mastery over my aching, weary muscles, I called upon an arch-angel of hope to watch over me in my weakness, and fell into a deep, blessed sleep. 

After I awoke feeling sore but renewed, I moved my head from side to side and listened to the bone complain in sharp, snapping outbursts as I tried to discern just where I had ended up after escaping the bitter grasp of the river, squinting in the morning light as it pierced the clouds. Upon seeing the width of the river from which I had so recently emerged, I judged, with great surprise, that I had been swept by the force of the tributary into the flow of the Gen’tek forest itself, and I had apparently managed to traverse the raging current of water without drowning. I gave thanks to the Warrior God once more, awestruck at the strength of human determination and will. No one I knew, not even the great lords of the Council in their prime, had ever succeeded in crossing the hungry river without a sturdy boat and yet, he managed to do it. Perhaps the God of the Stars were truly watching over him yet….he found something within him that is beyond anything he can comprehend. Something dark….

That was when I heard something within my earshot. It registered to me that the sound was of something terrible and large. I quickly turned around and came face to face against a monster of monstrous size. It’s foul breath could be felt even twelve feet away. Muscles under that flabby stomach could be seen as something as powerful. It’s tusk jutting upwards from under its mouth, yellow and broken. It’s large club the size of a tree trunk was held with it’s right hand like a I would hold a light sword.

I felt a chill creep down my spine. Cold, wet and hungry, loosing my sword within the depths of it’s sea, I felt the quickening of my heart beat. The pit in my stomach rumbled like uncontrollable animals pounding from within when I realized that the troll was smiling. It lifted it’s large club ever so slowly and with a growl, the club went down on me like a thunderous hammer….

Darkness, unadulterated darkness that ate away at the light with feverous vulture upon a dead creature. Badou opened his eyes, eyes glittering within his empty tower, eyes that ate away at the light. Fowl and madness run through them as he felt his memories when he was once a human. It has been over two thousand years since he was a human and still he cannot get rid of his past. Yet, he was wise enough to accept his past as a human to move on and learn from his experience.

Getting up from his throne, he disappeared through a portal he opened from using magical energies. His own teleporting powers are useless and used more on battling his enemies then teleporting. A magical portal serves him well enough in getting him where he needs to go.

And it was time he felt the need of chaos reign under the human world with his own hands rather than manipulation. It was high time he felt Badou felt the thrill of battle once again. However he was here for another reason. Since his eternal life and most of his power was gone, he needed to use a ritual to become a God Demon once more. And in order to do that, he needed to kill and collect at least a million souls. And with all the sentient beings that die by Badou or En’Mos are automatically collected within the Soul crystal.

Stepping into the city, his ebony skin shined under the sunlight. His armour felt light and comfortable. And with a smile he bent over to look at the ants that crawl down the streets from high atop the building he was standing upon. With nothing more than telepathic thought, Badou called his pet En’Mos’ to battle. And seconds later a large portal opened up. A growl so violent and so terrible, the many birds and other small creatures dropped like stones…dead. Glass from every store and every building shattered. Its large head bobbed from the portal, its entire serpentine like body was seemingly so large it was unimaginable for any human to comprehend.

Badou the Hedatary smiled as the large King of all dragons opened its mouth, gathering energy for the fiery blast that it will unleash like raging inferno upon the city. With every gathering energy, its very essence of the fire was melting nearby concrete, windows and human flesh.The people panicked and fled the scene as if hell it self was upon them…and indeed it was as the great dragon released its magical flames seconds later. It was pure chaos, the city tore apart asunder. Flames of magical hell made it’s mark upon earth, leaving it’s signature for all to see. Smoke and flames, flesh burned to ashes, lava formed from every melted building.

He instantly willed his dragon back to his city once again, to protect it while he deals in overseeing the hundreds of souls are being collected as it should be. Badou took out a small white crystal that acts like a portal, a portal that attracts all the souls from the freshly dead and transports it to the “Soul Crystal”.

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She sat in a bar listening to the sounds of drinking and cursing and drunken karaoke blended in with the hazy atmosphere of the smoke. She didnt have a care in the world other than her daughter whom she kept at a secure location.Her mind kept wandering back to what she found out in her hotel room about 30 mins ago.
she looked at the box it told her that she needed to wait about 30 mins,she paced around the room tired and desperate for answers the only thiing that came to her mind was what was possibly going on in her stomach.She fell on the floor next to the side of her bed her mind wandering all the place, she coudnt believe what she was now doing,taking a pregnacy test.She looked at the white test in her hand, her eyes shot at the blue dot on the test she looked back and scrambled to get the box she saw what blue ment and almost fainted.Sitting in her Ovaries was the start of her second child.  All she could do was lay on the bed and cry herself to sleep,she wasnt prepared for a second kid.

Soon the earth began to shake a huge explosion, followed by people screaming and running away,Sha didnt bother to leave her spot,she couldnt careless,Sha turned her head and saw a stone like figure fall she left her seat at the bar with her eye brow raised, other than that she still had an uninterested look on her face. She saw the people rnning and screaming and some even beig melted, She felt the souls being ripped from there bodies. Sha extended her hands and began to absorb the souls that were being sent to the afterlife,they would become part of her darkness,she felt chaos tug at her own soul to be relased she wanted in on this fun.

Sha just wanted to find out the source of of the  attack.She exited the bar at the exact time it burst into flames and it began to melt. The souls were heading into to directions somewhere heading towards the sky and the other's towards sha. She was fusing them with her darkness so they would be recycled to collect more souls.Her hair was blowing as from where she was someone had turned her city into an inferno.She flew up and saw that every aspect of the city was ablaze. She gave a slight smirk and then something caught her eye. a Winged beast flying around,this was the source of the attack and the source of where the other souls where going. She stood watching the Dragon blow it's fire destryiong more life,And then vanishing into the abyss. She just awaited until they noticed they werent reciving all the souls.Sha wasnt doing anything to attract the souls,she had the darkness surrounding her which natrually drew the souls into her she folded her hands and laughed.

Her mind shifted  her soul was taken from her the exact way these human's was but hers was in a different fashion.

The fresh blood caught chaos’s attention as she watched silently.

Using her ability to read Sha’s mind Chaos tried to lure her to her so she would take sha as her new host. , but this time chaos was there to catch her. sha was surprised. She didn’t think there was anyone else in the alley.

“Are you all right?” Chaos voice was smooth with a slight Spanish accent.

Sha couldn’t speak. She only nodded. The demon chaos gently raised her hand to her mouth and kissed the cut. She licked his lips and the tangy taste of blood filled his senses.

Sha relaxed as chaos put her arms around her. she placed one around her waist and the other around her neck. She tilted her head back as she gently pulled her forward. she leaned down and kissed her neck. Sha thought this was weird but before she could do anything, chaos had Then quickly pierced the skin.

Chaos stood with Sha in her arms as she began to implant her being into Sha’s forever merging the two. Sha looked oblivious and her breath became harsh. Chaos used all her strength to push her away. she wouldn’t kill her. Sha was a genius So Chaos needed her to complete a Form of research so she would allow sha to act as herself.

Sha staggered a bit and she almost collapsed but Chaos caught her in his arms. She tiredly wrapped her arms around her neck and Chaos looked at her. she quickly searched her mind for any information that might help.

She found what she was looking for and walked out of the alley with sha in her arms.

She would take her back to the lab and allow sha to rest before starting her research

Chaos had stolen sha's body and used it for her own gains,Sha then looked abit angred and she flew full speed.She saw tha there was a figure on top of the building weilded some type of mysterous object. ,Sha smiled  flew towards him and began speaking to him. tHE DARKNESS YOU WEILD IS TO LOOSLY TIED TO THE DARKNESS THAT I WEILD. SURRENDER YOUR AURA AND I SHANT KILL YOU!  She took out a sword that had teeth. She looked at him extending her sword at him and said


Darkness of the soul

how is it born? How does it come to affect us so? As ruler of this world, i must find the answers.

She must find them before the world is lost to those taken by the darkness.

It was my  duty to expose what this darkness really is.

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Perhaps it was instincts, was the deep sensation of survival but something or another made me instantly leap back. I struggled and fell backwards, the said digging into my face as I heard a large thunderous sound of san being crushed by something large. Wet, hungry and tired, my stamina was running low and dealing with such a vulgar creature that could eat me whole is not something I wanted to deal with right now.

Picking my self up, I ran like hell it self was against me. I was thankful the troll was slow and stupid, its drool could be seen dripping from it’s mouth from the corner of my eyes. The troll’s thunderous footsteps were like an echo upon my eyes, invading footsteps that only grew closer to me…my death. I immediately went into the forest; it is dangerous yes however it could send me directly to the nearest village. A very powerful village resided within, it’s defences could easily take care of the disgusting troll and end it’s misery life.

My face is caked with mud, I felt my dry throat and with every wheeze, I coughed while running, while the troll was knocking the nearby smaller trees of the great forest like branches. Any normal man would have been suffering and gave up from sheer exhaustion. However something within me made me go forth, something powerful. Darkness…something so deep, something so hungry and never ending within it’s abyss I was drawn to it like a moth to the light. And I am a warrior, surviving on my last mare breaths. I rushed through the trees and branches, I ran through a small river while hoping the river could clean my boots from mud leaving no tracks. Hopefully it will slow it down but its sense of smell is probably strong enough to catch my human scent.

I saw the village further north; one of its towers could be seen spiral like dangerous arrow. However, within that moment of distraction was the troll needed when I tripped from a branch. It was unconceivable, unthinkable that I would trip on a branch of all things. Shock came to me, but it was replaced by the quick reflexes of a master warrior. It only took another second to roll over and keep running, not giving up any momentum. However, the troll sensed me long before and hurled it’s large club at me like a practiced art.


A crossing breeze made it self known within this hellish storm of flames. A fine afternoon turned to nightmare, a whisper of heavy darkness descended upon the city. The very air was so heavy of smoke; many suffocated and fell to the lady death herself. Delirium was like a plague within the city, filling it with confusion, panic and anger. Negative emotions of fear were felt like an ocean suddenly descending upon a desert. The screams of the tragic souls ripped from there bodies, there anguish cries were heard from within the Soul Crystal even.

A solitary figure could be seen, standing amongst it's own stretch of some battle field. Like a towering figure stood atop his thrown victory, another gentle breeze made it's way known. Long pure white hair could be flailed with every breeze; his eyes of glittering madness could be seen past his curtain of hair, eyes that send the chills of darkness and abyss within every soul still alive within the city, projecting his fear and despair.  He heaved a heavy sigh as the crystal quietly blinked before blackening, leaving a trail of transparent and harmless darkness as it pulsed like a heart beat. It was as if the very pulse of thousands of souls were a part of some preordained trail.

Badou twisted his head slightly out of fleeting curiosity. The madness behind such a voice was fleeting and dubious. Badou marely raised his eyebrow with such a being who dares to think to be on the same league as his own. Badou does not control no such darkness. He is darkness. A demon born and bred within the very hellish realms of nightmares for seven eons and to be suddenly be challenged by an upstart. His small formed into a small luscious smile, inviting and non-threatening.

It was a woman, beautiful and powerful. She exceeded power that no mortal wields and her beauty seemed to reflect her own in an equal footing. It was an intriguing creature that aroused the former Demon God. A creature of beauty and power, yet has an ugly side that seemed to take pleasure within the despair of others. He shifted back to look upon the carnage left behind by his dragon, ignoring the women with her dangerous toy.

It was an auspicious day, his black crystal glittering under the bright sunlight. Worthless as these souls are, they are precious for his ritual. Humming slightly, Badou's fingers twitched opening a small portal. A portal that houses all his most precious items within subspace. Badou instantly closed it after tossing the precious stone like nothing in the world would go wrong. His more attentive nature gestured him to turn around and view the women, seemingly hosting a demon god of some sort, or possibly an avatar of chaos it self.

"I do not mettle my affairs with lowly beings such as your self. Leave me be..."

Badou turned to look upon the carnage below, his back being showed completely.

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Sha Was suspended in the air The flames of the city gave  off the smell of burning flesh and sulfur.The howls from animals could be heard from the newly formed ghost town.Soon the pest would fill the street and reek havoc on the cadavers laying about the city.That was the funny thing about animals They were always fighting for food,until there's an overabundance of it;then they just seem to be at peace.Much like the humans,always at  each others throats but during time of mourning and crisis they were a close group.The fickleness of humans made her laugh,They acted like sheep that had run astray with there lives but then wanted to return to the shepherd when the wolves come.

The Cape flapped in the wind,She just stood there with her hands folded awaiting a response,The flames put a amber look on her face,She then smirked as the man paid her no attention. He gave her a gaze as if his power was greater than her';and perhaps it was but she Wanted to see it's extent. The cool black breeze it her face blowing her hair in her face ,She slowly brought her right hand up to wipe,her hair as he began to speak.  "I do not mettle my affairs with lowly beings such as your self. Leave me be..."
Sha smiled again,and turned her attention to the carnage he had created,His power was great,and she had to have it.She got quiet and began speaking once again.

"When the time comes,for someone to take your life..it will be me that is granted your soul" as he turned his back Sha opened a portal and disappeared into the world of nothingness, but she didn't stay gone she reappeared in front of him and fired a light attack in the northwest direction.The attack began to circle around the area;one by one it split into seven different attacks and came back towards him, Sha did this only to anger him, she flew to the ground and awaited his rebuttal.

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He did not bother to listen to her as he trifled with the magical energies in the air. Any fool would know the woman...or the woman that is acting as a host is going to attack him like mad God, terrifying and deadly. However, what he didn't realize was that she disappeared within a portal. He shifted his head and slightly let down his guard. Unfortunately, the slight mishap of magic was all that she needed when she came from the front through the same portal and threw a blast as of white energy at him. He would have been hit by the powerful blast had it not went past him and split into about half a dozen energies. They circled him like a prey, like the measly imps of hellish spawns waiting for it's most opportune time. 

Badou shifted his head slightly to look at the woman who went down, waiting apparently for him. His eyes narrowed in anger, darkness swirled around his eyes and if one looked closer, tendrils of shadow swam around his cornea before enveloping his white light eyes, turning the entirety of his eyes complete black. His fingers unconsciously flickered, erecting a barrier of powerful energies, deflecting all the blasts. "You have made your choice...." His words of anger and pure hatred that only a once former Demon God could contain erupted within a sliver of whispers. 

With a wave of his hand in an upward motion, large lands of earth erupted from underneath the feat of the woman hosting the chaos. With another swish of his fingers and a word of power, black glob of darkness erupted from the very air like jello. With nothing but a seconds notice, the dozen black jello like globs of darkness descended upon the woman the same way she did towards Badou. 

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She watched as he non chalantley  shield summoned a shield deflecting all her blast, She smiled because she knew he wasn’t going to let her get close enough to  fight him in hand to hand, So she had to think of some way to outsmart him. He commanded the darkness well, using it like a battalion of soldiers using it as he saw fit, She saw his eyes flash a opaque dark his pupils filled with the abysmal color and huge dark particles began to formulate in the air, Sha raised her eye brow as the gelatin like substance began to float in the air. Sha could feel it; it was darkness it tickled her senses. He waved his hand and the earth became unstable, she struggled to stay on her feet, She finally decided to fly into the escaping the unstable earth. Sha’s right eye flashed with darkness, her left with a blinding flash of light. She was a darkness manipulator she stopped the dark force in the air and then filled it with light causing it to cancel each other out. She shot a huge beam of energy into the sky, which seemed to double back and light her up. Soon Sha became the only light in a 50 mile radius. She shot a wall of light surrounding him His only apparent way out was forward the way sha’s Solaris beam was coming from. The huge Solar attack fueled by light ripped through the night’s cool air towards Badou, raising the temperature as it flew.

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Upon the light of such darkness, anything else seemed absent upon the world. The sheer velocity the beer ripped through the air like power incarnate, while he was trapped within the wall of light. Badou smirked, his smile ever so contended to remain without a slightest twitch or nervous reaction. It was a smile of a demon that would kill millions and calmly drink wine after such a task. Light, opaque and shined like the coming of a second star, Badou seemed to be enveloped within the light. A tiny minute explosions appeared within the wall of light, yet seemed to shake the very foundations of the earth even when it was suspended in the air.

However something appeared within the personal space behind the woman. Tiny cubes of black appeared forming something of a grin before the forming of Badou. He used an innate power of traveling through portals by breaking into cubes through deconstruction into atoms before reconstruction upon return. His smile was that of a predator, his hands raised and went down in a strike to her neck, hoping to disarm her into unconsciousness.

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Sha stood floating with her hand clenched in a fist,with her hair blowing behind her back, and her Native cape flapping fool swing,During the fight she seemed to have some type of epiphany. she suddenly realized what she was going was wrong and looked at him like he was the cause of the human's demise. She looked up to see after the smoke of her attack subsided,He wasn't there a bunch of little particles they began to building them selves up like a symbiotic unit, until they once again formed the master manipulator of Darkness.Sha gritted her teeth as her attack seemingly did nothing.

He rose his hand as if he was a pimp and swung it towards Sha,She quickly flew up and meet his hand with her Knee.As the to met a huge spark flew from them as Sha wouldn't not let him just easily take this bout;but there seemed to be nothing she could do.Her light powers were nullify by his darkness,Her darkness did nothing against him. She flew down a knot and then quickly thought about what her next attack would be. She looked up at him with a silver glare in her eyes. and extended her hands in the east west directions. The north and south poles began to bend towards each other causing a huge magnetic wave. Sha then charged up her FLASH CANON and fired it,It came directly from both the north and south poles.The attack would run right through Sha and Toward Badou.

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His brain was working overtime, his inner consciousness propelling him towards the darkness that resided deep within him. The beam came at him with relentless force, much stronger than before. He could teleport again but that would make things uninteresting. He could play with her. Play with her until she tires then strike at the most opportune time. So easy. Such concept never came to him like this. Deciding to test out his powers against the full force of this avatar of might, he extended his hands towards there respective beams. His hands glowing in perceptual darkness that felt more like black wisps of shadows from the cloak of Morpheous himself. So soft and inviting, so powerful yet corruptible and vengeful. Evil....his hands pulsed and bended the darkness to his will with ease and formed a barrier using his own power rather than the power of magic it self. Just before the might of the attack hit him, Badou already felt the wave of power wash over and awed at such power for a normal human to posses. Even before it his barrier, his arms buckled under pressure. Pressure that would dealt his strength to pick up 40 tonnes of weight. Such power was even greater when his entire body strained from the such power. The impact from both sides would have crushed him had it not been for the aid of magic to strengthen his arms. The explosions were tremendous and powerful. pure energies flew everywhere like deadly shrapnel that killed everything within sight. Badou's entire arms was disfigured and bleeding. Bones sticking out like a gruesome and haunted zombie, his face covered in blood.  

Badou immediately regretted his decision to test his own power against such a being when he himself was weakened by a mad god. Quickly he flew down to the ground opposite of the woman 2 meters away, and his anger was apparent. The wind was suddenly picked up and his hair was flowing like a snake caught within the hypnotic of the fluite that is the wind. Grinding his teeth, Badou said the words to his might. Power of darkness and all that exists within and between. A pentagram of glowing black red blood apeared within the floor, surrounding Badou like a ritual spell about to be cast without the need to make such a circle. He preceded to make the spell of might without the use of his arms which are now useless and only with his pure will alone. 

Born into Darkness, Living in Darkness, Tell Death in Darkness,The Six Brothers in Shadows, I Command You, By Your Unholy Oaths, Open This Gate To This World And Destroy My Enemies!!ABBANDON'S KISS!!

The souls of the fallen angels that resided within the black pit rose up from with in the ground like spectres of death. Indeed they are as there power to destroy their enemies with the "Kiss of Death". Ghouls of the damned celestials wails were horrifying through the night. Horror beyond horror, darkness that incapitate within the very unholy flames of hellfire. The seven fallen angels of transparent souls with a face filled with agony screamed like a banshee in pain that is more terrible then anything any human's ears could witness and flew towards the woman with recklessness of berserker demon.

"Die you filth, and become mine,' His voice was gritted with anger and pure hatred. Words released from gritting his teeth so much, his pain receptors still going off the charts.

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She floated in the air; her blood pumping train loads of Dark energy.while she kept her heart filled with light Sha learned this tactic on the Planet Gira When fighting a Darkness Manipulator if the Darkness is in the seams of your soul it can be manipulated by another master of it. By filling her heart with Light it couldn't be touched because a foreign Darkness and her light would Cancel out. Darkness was like a child it only knew how to do what it's parent Taught it to do, So Sha taught her Darkness to bend at her will.

Sha's attack left him disfigured and bleeding, his blood hit her nose like a shark in the water.The smell was diluted by the burning city below, aswell as the corpse of many dead humans.Sha still floated in the air with her hands folded and her arms folded,she cracked her trademark smirk and tilted her head back just a bit. She knew what she was doing was Wrong but she didnt care anymore her Darkness screamed for her to fight with all of her essence.

Sha's inner being began to speak to her.

???: HE wont let you forget that he uses dark power!

Sha smirked and answered her self:  Aye, that I won't, and I'll engrave it on his tombstones, to be sure."

Sha's attention averted back to him as he began to chant something, 

Born into Darkness, Living in Darkness, Tell Death in Darkness,The Six Brothers in Shadows, I Command You, By Your Unholy Oaths, Open This Gate To This World And Destroy My Enemies!!ABBANDON'S KISS!!

Sha smirked She watched as the souls of the dead began to rise  The jumped on Sha Smothering her within it's dark array,however The light that lit Sha's heart Banished them it it's shine,The attack made Sha's body look abit older and tour a whole in her uniform at most,it was at this point that Sha knew that a fight between to Masters of Darkness would not be decided by darkness.

Sha raised her hands to the air and said  LEAD ME INTO EVERLASTING DARKNESS!
HER body began to be attacked by dark particles that formed from nothing and eventually turned Sha's body into an opaque void When the darkness retracted she appeared in a new uniform with a monster attached to her back. The monster was protected by a Light screen she put togather to protected it from the Darkness manipulator.


Sha covered the city in a veil of darkness she then transformed the city into a alternate earth. She then touched the ground hundreds of creatures poured from the spot and converged on Badou,The monter was attached at sha's waist with it's hands folded just watching as the inferiors attacked.

"Will the day come when this battle, born of confusion, will end? It is different things to different people. Can the reality be that which is hidden? The reason is mere existence. Still, memories can be believed. Be not afraid. Entrust your body to the soothing waves of your memories. By and by, your fleeting rest will be over...and everything will begin. "
Sha muttered to herself she had been told that by a boy she had met in the realm of darkness.

Sha finally attacked she extended her hands again toward the North and south pole and tried to use the repeal effect as a attack to crush him.