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United States, 1943


The windows blew apart, spitting shards of glass to the streets below. People gasped and despite being instructed to stay away from the five alarm fire, they were so fascinated by the silhouettes quickly moving in the burning building.

“How many are in there?!” shouted the fire chief to a fireman, his face black from the ashes and lines of sweat dripping down his face.


“Just two?!”

“Don’t worry chief, it’s Overman and Nightwatch.”

At that moment, another explosion occurred, “How many people are trapped?!”

“They said one.”

Immediately bursting out of the top floor, a black figure descended toward the ground, carrying someone in his arms, a child. The figure twisted mid-air, his back facing the ground, immediately a cable was shot out, grappling concrete, allowing the figure to scale down the walls.

The people cheered at the figure, and cheered even louder when a flying figure ripped the nearby hydrant, redirecting the high pressure water toward the building, effectively putting out the fire.

“Thank you Nightwatch,” the chief said as he took from his arms a little boy covered in soot.

“Not a problem chief,” the Man of the Night smiled, his pearly white teeth contrasted his ash covered skin around his mouth. “Overman and I are glad to have made it in time.” He dusted himself off as an owl descended upon his shoulder, gripping it’s nails into his skin.

“It’s Baxter!” The children gleefully shouted at the sight of the great horned owl.

“If it wasn’t for Baxter letting us know, we probably wouldn’t have been here kids.” Overman said as he descended towards the crowd and landed in front of Nightwatch, his uniform perfectly clean and blue in contrast to his companion’s dust covered green and red suit.

The press soon arrived and flashes of lights bombarded the heroes. Nightwatch soon stood next to Overman, both smiling as they shook hands with the police chief. Everyone cheered for the two members of the Justice Alliance. The children soon were sad to see their heroes leave the area, both in their separate directions.

Undisclosed Location

“I’m glad you took you sweet time John!” Hank shouted as he lifted his mask off, half in face covered in soot. He proceeded to wash his face in the sink of the locker room.

“Shut up Hank, we did our job.” Overman began to neatly fold his uniform

“Just because you come in at the last five minutes, put out the fire, doesn’t mean ‘we’ did ‘our’ job. Would it kill you to get your suit dirty? You have about thirty of them? And get the stupid owl off my shoulder!”

Overman chuckled as he whistled Baxter to get off of his shoulder, “It’s not my fault you don’t have powers Hank. Besides, you know it’s better if a JA member helps his ‘friend’ in a time of need, and the fact I can get there pretty quick too.”

Hank began to rip his uniform off and tossed it at Baxter, causing the bird to fly away.

“Hey! Don’t do that to Baxter! You know the kids love him!”

Nightwatch glared at John, “You know I hate birds… I don’t know who set up that stupid prank, but I’ll find out soon.”

“Of course you will Mr. Holmes.” Overman laughed as he slammed the door of his locker, walking away to report on his next assignment. Hank showered and reported to the office of DMA director Franklin Hawthorne.

“Hank.” The director said as he gestured the JA member to the seat in front of him. He smoked his cigar as he was looking through various files at his desk. “Excellent job as usual Nightwatch, it’s for the good of the American People.”

“Yes, sir.”

“That is why we need you back in Germany.”

“Another public mission? Evacuation?”

“No. This one will be classified. We have reason to believe the Nazis are close to creating their perfect super. As you’ve known they’ve made their attempts in the past….” The director took another puff of his cigar, “with great cost… but now we need to shut them down and take the intel. We don’t believe they’ve created one yet, but regardless we need the Justice Alliance to intervene.”

“Not a problem Frank,” Hank shifted in his chair anxious to see who will be part of the mission. The director sensed his uneasiness.

“Hank, you will take Apex, Ms. Nova-“

“Oh God, Frank. Really? Apex and Nova? Did you not hear what happened to us last year in France?”

“They’re soldiers Hank. We’re in war. They have the needed abilities to complete this mission. You will also take Red Masque and Sabreur.”

The JA member had a sigh of relief, “Okay, I’m happy to work with Emil. But can I take Bolt instead of Sabreur? I don’t want to work with that criminal and she’s perfectly-“

“The Sabreur has reformed and Bolt will be needed on a separate mission with Overman and Destructor.”

The man known as Nightwatch shook his head, “Fine, he said reluctantly.”

“You will go to these coordinates, there’s a lab hidden miles away from the main facilities. Our spies tell us the information is there.”

“Not a problem.”

“I’ve sent the word for the squad, you will meet them at the hangar.”

“Great,” Hank said rather sarcastically as he got up and took the file off the table to read, “well ain’t this gonna be a kick in the head?”

“And Hank… remember… only the intel. It’s for the good of the people.”

“Yes sir.”

Time to Go

Nightwatch waited in the hangar for his teammates to arrive. The moment he did, he gave one of his pre-mission speeches as squad leader.

“As the director probably told you, we have been selected for a classified mission. As your squad leader for this mission I will remind you that we will follow the orders of the Department of Metahuman Affairs to the letter. In this mission we will only collect intel. If force is necessary, and it will most likely be necessary, we must be swift and take them out. We work as a team, we get in, we get out. The sooner the better, I honestly don’t want a headache on this mission, there’s not enough aspirin to go around. Let’s go.”

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Washington DC...

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Apex hangs up the phone after just talking to a certain Director. Mary sigh's, not looking forward to working with certain members of the Justice Alliance. She gets along fine with Sabreur, as she is in a relationship with the man. Well, whenever they can find a private moment between them at any rate. She doesn't let the relationship interfere with the team.

As Apex's mind goes back to last year's mission in France, she has to give another heavy sigh. Before that mission, she liked Hank. From her own perspective, they even got along, at least at first. Perhaps Hank saw it the same way too. Either way, ever since France last year, the two have been on icy footing with one another ever since.

Apex is a relative late addition to the Justice Alliance, having joined in 1940, just three short years ago so she hasn't been a member of the team for a good number of years that they have been active. But for better or for worse, she's already made her mark on the team.

Apex suits up in her red, blue and white costume, strapping her shield onto her back before she takes off for the hangar where she is supposed to meet her team. If she leaves now, she'll be right on time.

In The Hangar...

Apex arrives in good time on her blue, red and white motorcycle. If anything, she's punctual and hates being late...for anything. Of course, she wouldn't have minded at all to be late for this. If and when the rest of the team arrives, Apex greets all of them regardless if she likes them or not. Then she listens to one of Hank's pre-mission speeches that he gives before every mission. Once the brief speech was done, she follows Hank on the plane, strapping herself in and not saying a word to him. She sets her shield in between her legs since it's too big for the seat belts to cover her while her shield is strapped to her back.

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Jacob arrived without delay, his board of directors would take over for him while he was away.

His company was currently working on an aeronautics project, the "flying wing" for the Air Force, lightyears ahead of its time, it also would secretly aid in the more high-flying adventures of his crusade against crime.

He had been installed in the group by the government since its formation to, as the PR spinsters put it, "show the wonders of the criminal reform system and how it can turn any downtrodden fellow into the worthiest of men."

While that phrasing was a bit too ostentatious for his liking and he disliked being a poster boy for their justice system which still had plenty of cracks, he did believe in serving the public justly, and he had cast away the selfishness and survival of the fittest mentality he had during The Great Depression.

From the ashes of that bleak and somber period, he had learned as much as bullets sent quick and clean make for good pay, affluence used to preserve lives and help the less fortunate was a far cleaner route.

After being wounded in France, the government turned him into a super soldier, and he became even more astounding,"The fabulous fencer of freedom, the epee expert, the fleet-footed funambulist", the newsreels said.

This period sure did love its hyperbole, alliteration, and sensationalism, that was for sure.

As much as he felt Overman was a naive boy scout, NightWatch was too easily incensed, Ms. Nova was using her powers as mere parlor tricks rather than utilizing them properly, and that Red Masque was too extreme even for him, he put aside his misgivings for the American people.

Or at least, that's what he told himself.

Apex was certainly more than a bonus to these wetworks though.

He got on fine with the others, it was amicable at the very slightest, but with her, it was a whole other level.

Before they took off, he said, "I know there are those who quite frankly, think I'm just a slimeball in a mask, but I assure you, that was ages ago.

Honestly, as much as we might not agree on matters, part of me has to admit, many of you, as much as I disagree with your beliefs, inspired me to take up a mask in the first place.

Besides wanting redemption, you all are why I negotiated a deal with the President to be on this team in the beginning.

Superheroes have grown beyond fads like zoot-suiting or sock-hops, we can show the people to be better, something more.

This goes beyond the caterwauling of party lines, the scrabbling of Washington, or the ideological battles we have mission after mission, we can show them a brighter way.

Enough of my windbagging, I just thought I'd give a reminder.

We might bicker sure, but at the end of the day, we're all searching for our own version of the American Dream."

With that, he strapped himself in as he got on the plane, and waited for takeoff.

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New York City

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“Ms. Nova! Ms. Nova!” The kids chanted as Patty was suited up and busy making her yearly visit to one of the many elementary schools in Good Old America. She hated kids, they were like little selfish, sticky, boogers who only wanted one thing from her. Cookies and popcorn. That was her thing. Come to school and make popcorn and bake cookies in front of all the kids while talking about how Nazi’s are bad and USA was good and to help out their mom’s while dad was away on deployment with a little song, dance and cookies and popcorn for everyone. She didn’t do this because she wanted to, it was something that the JAoA put her up to. Being someone with active, visual powers like hers attracted a lot of attention, wanted or not, and with her bombshell blonde hair and big blue eyes, she was not just loved by children but by the soldiers too, especially with a name like Ms. Nova. She was a prime candidate for public speaking. It paid the bills, but she still hated it. “Don’t forget kids, don’t drip! Be swell to your mom’s while your dad’s and big brothers are out there saving the world from Nazi’s! But most impotently... ” She raised her hands up and pointed to the kids as they all shouted out her catchphrase, something that all Feral Nova's down the line have used.

"Be the light in the time of darkness!" The children cheered and screamed in excitement with their faces covered in cookie crumbs and popcorn stuck in between their teeth. Blowing them a kiss she walked off the stage as someone in the all too familiar black suit stood waiting for her.

“Please tell me you’re here to take me home. I’m having a nicotine fit and I need some Old Crow before going to bed.”

“Director Hawthorne needs to speak to you, it's urgent.”

We… ain’t this a kick in the head…”

The Hanger

As usual, Patty was late. She was always late, and always either smelled like cookies and popcorn or cigarettes and alcohol, there was never really an in between. For now, it was the cookies and popcorn. With her normal red hair snood that she always wore before every mission. She didn’t want to get her hair all bonkers before going off the save the world. There was a time Patty was excited and proud to be in this team and even got along with everyone. But now it just... felt like any job, especially since they had her doing more PR work than actual mission and the other members? She had a hard time being in the same room with them for too long.

She sat, listening to Nightwatch give his usual pre-mission talk as he always did before every mission. He was such a drip. They all were. But then Sabreur began flapping his lips. Ugh, who let this Knucklehead join the team? “Need more than an aspirin after listening to that.” She mumbled to herself, rolling her eyes, as she pulled out her hip flask from seemingly nowhere, twisting the top off and taking a swig of her Old Crow before slipping it back in it’s hiding place.

This was going to be a dang long mission.

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A simple cigar from New York City. Imported tobacco, Mediterranean in origin. Benny Carter and his lads playing 'Nightfall' on the radio. Emil Austerwitz sat in the briefing room, or at least one of them. This one had a window, looking out into the wilderness. He could run out there, never be seen again. Just get away from all of this - all of them. But that would accomplish little. The American saxophonist gently cradled the notes in his hands, and let them drift off into static.

Emil stood at length, his long legs dictating that he should go now. The plane was waiting for him after all. No need to be tardy. The cigar felt rigid in his mouth, clamped between his teeth. Like those American generals chomping on tobacco and barking orders across the Lake. He found a subtle laugh inside of his diaphragm, though it meant nothing. The warm smoke filled his lungs and he found that comfort enough. Each footfall of his echoed into the dark corners of the hallways leading down into the hangar. He had hidden himself behind one of his famous masks, the quality unmatched and lifelike. Anyone other than those immediately involved with him donning the costume would have no idea who he was until he introduced himself.

Even more than the smoke, more than the warmth, he could cement that small notion of privacy among his favorite things. To hide in plain sight, away from prying eyes. His false lips quivered as he formed a modicum of a smile. The hangar was just now emptying of the last of their ilk, the living banners of pride and self-serving justice. They were accomplices to each other, at least. Kept each other in line. Emil one of them - perhaps the most untrustworthy to some. He served Germany before, during the Great War. Some would call him a liar, and a cheat. Others would accuse him of being a double-agent. All accusations to come in due time, however, would fall flat on his conscious.

He knew what he was doing. That was enough. He would take up the quiet role of a security officer on the plane, just to see how well-equipped those he would serve alongside with truly were. Besides, he doubted anyone would want to look at what he was under the mask for too long. Standing near to the back, he simply sat down before the plane started to take off. His mustache flexed - a spasm from the spent cigar. He extinguished it into the palm of his hand, the extent of the disguise becoming so realistic that burn marks actively formed on the fake flesh and skin. Soon he would light another such smoking implement, already wanting the journey into the war-zone of Europe to be over. He simply wasn't at home in such a confined place, with nowhere to go.

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Apex, punctual.

The Sabreur, determined.

Masque, showing off his abilities.

Nova… drunk as usual.

A mental exercise per Bolt’s suggestion, always look at the positive qualities in the team. Though it was difficult to keep that in mind once action will take place. Apex, though punctual, Hank could not get his mind off what happened on their mission in France. Sabreur, though determined to show his reform, he didn’t have to prove anything had he stuck to the side of the law. Nova… where to begin? Swigger, smoker, tardiness, and always smelled like smoked chocolate chips. The fact they made her the poster hero at schools is what made Hank smirk.

The Sabreur began to speak, going on reminding people he is a changed man. To Hank the words entered his ear, and out to the other. It was time to board the plane. He suspected Emil had already boarded, dressed as one of the officers. He was one of the few Hank would consider a close companion despite his past.

At the corner of Hank’s eye, he saw Ms. Nova take a swig of from her flask, where she hid it he had no clue. Seating himself near her he remarked, “You can go back on your bender after the mission.”


The sun was about to set, the shadows of the trees expanded on the ground beneath them and the large dark structure of the facility was within sight. It took time to find it being in the woods and all, but it wasn’t impossible. Guards were posted outside of the gates. Officers driving in and out of the facility were limited to personnel. Normally this would have been a tougher mission, but it works out well when you have a stolen truck and a master of disguise on the team.

The team was inside, the facility was massive in size, almost felt like a castle shown at the cinema. Many dimly lit hallways and cell doors. Hank began to address his assigned team, “We’re going to split up here. We don’t know where exactly is the intel on this Super Nazi project, but gather whatever you find. Only intel. They find you, take them out. Apex takes the north wing, Sabreur the West, Masque the South, Nova the East, I will take the Upper levels. We rendezvous here in two hours.” With the orders given, Nightwatch ran off to his assignment, away from his teammates.

The dark corridors made it easier to be stealthy in this covert mission. The Justice Alliance member hid in the shadows of the halls as he silently took out guards in his way, then hiding them in nearby rooms to not arouse suspicion. With every door he found he would enter, or break into, in order to find information on this mysterious super soldier. Nothing. Not a single scrap.

Nightwatch suddenly encountered a locked door, it was simple, a lock pick from his belt and a forced push. The moment he entered there was a foul stench that invaded his nostrils. The room itself was large, a low ceiling, the only lights were from the dim desk lamps that were placed on one side of the room, by the door. Hank closed the door behind him as he carefully sifted through the documents, holding the lamp close to each document. All he saw were heights, weights: 152 cm, 61 kg; 157 cm, 55 kg; and so on. There were pictures accompanied by the documents, young children. There was suddenly a sound coming from the other side of the room as something was dropped. Nightwatch immediately drew his crescent shaped shuriken, “Come out.” He said sternly. Nothing. He crept closer to the dark side of the room, bringing the lamp with him. The closer he got, his grip on his weapon loosened to the point where he returned it to his belt.

Cages with children in them. They looked tired, they were scarred both physically and emotionally. Some laid lifeless on the ground. Very few were clinging onto life. The sound came from one child, whose shoulder lied against the cage door, lightly banged a scrap of metal he found against the bars with his bloodshot eyes looking desperately at Hank.

The Alliance member looked at the boy through the goggles of his mask. His grip on the lamp tightened as he slowly stepped back, bringing the light away from the child. He placed it back on the desk as he slowly whispered to himself, “Only intel.” A reminder of his orders from the Department of Meta Human Affairs.

He left the room, slowly closing the door behind him, his mind soon shifted focus at the sound of running footsteps behind him. “Dang!” Hank ran after the man, he was dressed in a lab coat as he frantically shouted in German, probably that an intruder has entered. Nightwtach immediately threw his shuriken at the man, embedding the crescent projectiles into his back. The man fell to his knees in pain. Hank lifted him from the ground to try and knock him out with a swift punch in the face, but before he threw the punch the scientist began to laugh. Feeling uneasy, Hank threw the knockout punch. An item fell from the man’s hand. A device with a button that had been pressed.

“That can’t be good.”


Two scientists converse as they sip their tea and look over their calculations. Before them is a large device, almost like a coffin. Unknown to them, the light on the device has turned from red to yellow.

"Es scheint in gutem Zustand zu sein. Alles ist stabil. Denkst du, wir haben es get? (It seems to be in good condition. Everything is stable. Do you think we've done it?)"

"Ich glaube schon… (I believe so.)"

Suddenly the light turns green.

"Warten. Warum ist es aktiv geworden? (Wait. Why has it gone active?)"

The scientists become frantic as they run to the controls, trying to undo the activation. The curse out their missing companion who they believe has accidently turned on the device. A large figure merges from the chamber and observes intently at the two scientists.

No Caption Provided

They speak for a moment before the mute monolith lets out a scream. The scientists react terror as their blood splatters across the floor. The figure looks around before he smiles. He then stomps the ground with his foot, shaking the foundation of the building. He lets out a deafening scream, heard from miles before jumping through the ceiling with his awesome strength. A monster had been unleashed.

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@hank_galloway: @nightwarden17@ms_nova@feral_nova@killer_instinct

Apex glances over at Ms. Nova. When Mary first joined the team, the two got a long just fine. They were even drinking buddies at one time. Due to Mary's healing factor, she cannot get drunk so she ended up driving Ms. Nova home a few times. But ever since France, the two have since drifted apart. With an inner sigh, Apex looks away.

Apex sniffs the air, trying to detect Emil. She cannot smell him. She listens to his heart beat and she does manage to detect a singular heart beat that is slightly muffled, but that is all. The man still manages to somehow evade even her enhanced senses and Apex is continually frustrated by how well Emil can hide from her. When they first met, Mary pointed out she could smell him through his disguise. So, she knows that he perfected his technique because of her. Mary is pretty skilled at disguising herself too, but she's a rank amateur next to him. She respects his skills, that's for sure. The man does not even need to teach her or give her lessons. She has learned a lot from him simply by observing him and making mental notes on he does things. Still, with Emil she is a little on the fence with. So far, the two really haven't had much problems with each other either way that Apex can see. But she typically stays away mostly because Hank has befriended Emil, so Mary hasn't had much of a chance to get to know him.


The first stage of the mission goes off without a hitch and they get inside the massive facility. Once inside, she knows Hank is about to give some additional orders and she's right on the money.

“We’re going to split up here. We don’t know where exactly is the intel on this Super Nazi project, but gather whatever you find. Only intel. They find you, take them out. Apex takes the north wing, Sabreur the West, Masque the South, Nova the East, I will take the Upper levels. We rendezvous here in two hours.” With the orders given, Nightwatch ran off to his assignment, away from his teammates.

Not good not knowing where this intel is. But it is what it is. Apex nods to Hank and dashes off into the north wing. If anything, she can follow orders, at least. With her memory, she memorizes where she's been, where she's going and where to meet in two hours. Good thing she has a watch. With the others going off on their own, Apex is by herself in the north wing.

Like a master, she moves with the stealth of someone who has done it for decades. Well, she actually has been doing it for decades, so she's pretty good. The darkness makes things easier. Like Hank, Apex checks every door and takes out anyone she runs into as silently, and as quickly, as she can. She hides them in closets if she can and any other out of the way place where people won't look first.

Whatever intel Apex manages to find, she collects but so far it's not much. She sniffs the air, trying to detect anything out of place. But without knowing exactly what she is looking for, all these smells she is detecting could be anything. As Apex runs down a hallway, she stops all of a sudden as her enhanced hearing picks up something. A noise. Someone speaking German upstairs and running. A laugh, then momentary silence. And then a powerful scream, followed by the building shaking. Then she hears another scream that anyone can hear before a crashing sound.

Apex narrows her eyes, not hesitating as she runs towards the sound, which isn't that far away. She hides behind a wall, wanting to engage but she remembers Hank's orders. Gather intel. So, for now, she observes and hopes the others have the sense to do the same. Unfortunately, she is not able to do that because she had hidden by the wall a little too late the monster sees her. It tries blasting her with it's laser vision but Apex shields herself.

Taking out her pistol, Apex shoots the monster, but it seems unaffected by it. The bullets embed into it's skin easily enough, but it doesn't seem to slow it down any. It screams a powerful sonic scream at her and she screams in turn as her super sensitive ears are vulnerable to such things. Then the monster blasts her with it's laser vision again, burning her skin and knocking her back.

Apex rises to her feet, clenching her teeth as her wound heals in seconds. She throws her shield and manages to knock the thing down, but it gets back up again. Unsheathing her claws in her right hand, she runs at the thing with primal roar before stabbing the monster, but it bats her aside like so much trash, knocking her through three walls.

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@hank_galloway: @nightwarden17@ms_nova@feral_nova@killer_instinct:

The Sabreur uses the stealth cloaking on his suit to silently, both visually and auditorially, sweep through the facility undetected.

He peers from the eves of slatted alcoves, dropping on guards with a panther's grace, gone from the hallways as quickly as he seems to float through them.

Because of his pharmacologically altered state, even the slightest tap or push is enough to leave any stormtrooper concussed without even knowing what hit them, save for it feeling like the child of a silverback gorilla and a hydraulic battering ram, he doesn't even have to lift his cutlass.

He stows away sheaves of content in his belt, dossiers,ablegen,(files), schematics, patrol routes, even something wary about, translated," an abomination to rend the Allies", written in notations on a transcript in an auxiliary lab he located.

With his enhanced hearing, he picks up the frequency of Apex's cries, sprinting down hallways at multiple miles an hour, attempting to catch her just as she slams through the walls.

If he successfully puts her on her feet, he attempts to freeze the creature with a cryogenic handheld laser device, in such a way that Uncle Sam can still suss out any relevant data or intel after, maybe use the beast's design and telemetry to build an army in the war.

However, for his part, everything goes horribly wrong.

For all his talent and triumphs, the fiend is just too strong, too swift, too fresh in its fury.

By the time the others' arrive, he is a gurgling blooded mass on the floor, dead, though with his last breath he does manage to send the data he found.

This tragedy leaks to a nearby town, which spreads to the worldwide media, which in turn sows discord towards the group in the public eye.

Fractures begin to form in the Alliance's grand vision, culminating in the breaking point of 1945.

Later, without the group's knowledge, the government revives him and uses him for ops in Korea, Vietnam, Berlin, and Soviet-occupied Afganistan, but for all intents and purposes, a dreamer died today and the people's faith with it.

The Dream is dead, long live the Dream.

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Hank clutched his ears in a vain attempt to muffle the screeching sound of what he deduced was the Nazi Super Soldier. The scientist had activated the creature, perhaps in an attempt to mock the American, to show how proud he was to have contributed to what could be the factor to change the tide of the war.

The ground shook with fear as the monster had been unleashed. The man known as Nightwatch ran toward the epicenter of the crash with his mind racing as fast as the sound of the bullets. Did the team engage? Is everyone there? How badly has this mission been compromised?

He ran into the room, only to observe his worst fear. The team was scattered, Apex was alone facing the creature and the Sabreur laid on the ground, his body covered with the blood that had erupted from his own mouth. Another casualty, this time a name that he knew. Hank clenched his fist with anger as he began to run toward the creature after he had sent Apex through the walls.


Smoke filled the surrounding area as Nightwatch chose a stealth based attack. A kick behind the knee of the creature, a blow to the jaw, a kick to the diaphragm. Each attack carefully coordinated to weaken the creature until the rest of the team arrived.

All in vain.

The creature fell to one knee at the first blow, his head jerked across from the second with no facial reaction, and the kick to the chest seemed to be futile. The super soldier swung his arm, knocking the Alliance member toward the wall of the facility, sending him through the wall. Hank’s back began to spasm from the pain, he began to breathe slowly, trying to ease himself from the pain he had just received. The creature slowly began to walk toward the hero, seemed that he was not done. Hank moved his shaking hand onto his belt, taking out his pistol and began to shoot the super soldier. His hope that it would stall with enough seconds for his team to regroup.

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Emil, almost instantly, disappeared within radio distance from his companions. He would do what he needed to do in this bunker, but as far as immediate assistance to his allies - they were best suited with someone else. Infiltrating the facility proved as easy as showing falsified documentation - a high-ranking member of the Schutzstaffel, Hand of Hitler himself. He was here, as far as anyone who exclusively spoke German knew, to inspect the latest advancement in Nazi science.

He was directed inside and ushered into a small room with a single glass window. Reinforced, a viewing panel. He overlooked the greater part of the laboratory in a grand scope of arena-like glory. When he discovered this layout, it seemed that the scientists were expecting something. Just, perhaps, not this early or under the jurisdiction of the DMA. The walls were not painted or decorated, and the lumbering style of the beast in question indicated an incomplete genetic biology. But, knowing how hungry Hitler was for a superweapon, this was perhaps the closest they could get at this time.

Emil had to make sure they didn't get a second chance.

Hank had already reported several children imprisoned within the facility. Adapted Morse code, changed for DMA usage only depending on the mission. A frequency disruption encoder made it impossible to track straight inside the hallways as well, making it so that the radio waves appeared to be bouncing from elsewhere in the forest surrounding the bunker itself.

Emil excused himself from the display, asking for the bathroom. An easy excuse, but it would buy him minutes at most.

"<Damn it,>" he muttered, Deutsche, applying it towards Hank and his recklessness. Such a bull-headed fool. Usually he was good about giving Emil at least some time to scout around and see what he could tamper with. His artificial flesh twinged in disgust, a facial blurb he would attribute to needing to use the bathroom in the mental possibility of encountering someone else.

Always thinking, always watching; he didn't like to be seen. No time to save hostages, or rather, the experiments. Not now. Not with the beast about to murder the entire team. Couldn't send out a signal for reinforcements, then the disruption encoder would have been a pointless device. Better to just let everyone know they had tried to get inside from the beginning.

Well, if it was already compromised, might as well make a show of it.

He changed clothes inconspicuously, into a laboratory garb, identical to the ones around him. The facial mask changed as well, to a scraggly young blonde man with hazel eyes. His coat would be clenched tightly in a similar, but altogether different, badge - a falsified icon, meant to distinguish the greater echelons of the Nazi scientist elite.

He ran back into the viewing room, 'panicking'.

"<The beast is unstable, stop it!>" he hurried towards what he assumed to be a control room. A small sigh, and then back to the act.

"<What is going on, who are you?>"

"<I am Dr. Heinrich Heiden, the test subject is not stable!>"

"<How do you know that? I have never heard of Dr. Heiden,>" the others protested. "<How do you know it is unstable? We have not seen you around here before!>"

"<You idiots, who do you think provided you the funding for the project? I've been watching your progress intently, and the data has been compromised! We would not get a stable radio connection due to Allied interference, but the data you've given us has been corrupted! Any approval my subordinates have given you has been made under false pretenses! The subject is unstable!>"

"<You are making quite a claim, what proof do you have? Allied interference? What are you talking about?>"

Thick-headed ones, to the last it seemed.

"<You've been sending radio transmissions to High Command of your progress here, yes? The reports have been intercepted for four months by the Allies, and falsified while en route to our Great Leader Hitler. I only recently found out that your program will result in not a living weapon, but a walking bomb! Release this creature, and it will endanger thousands of German lives! Not to mention that it is here, now, walking among us!>"

The assembled scientists were stunned, and quickly regained their senses in order to put a hold on the subject's activation. Any measures were taken to at least try and slow it down, the effectiveness of which would remain to be seen. Perhaps it would be just enough time for the rest of the DMA to arrive and sweep the place clean of this Nazi filth.

Emil rolled his eyes as their backs were turned.

"<Damn it.>"

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@hank_galloway: @nightwarden17@ms_nova@feral_nova@killer_instinct

Apex's lover successfully catches her after she crashes through some walls, but the wind is knocked out of her so she cannot help him fight the humanoid monster. By the time her healing factor puts her back into the fight, the Sabreur is dying. "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!" She screams, rushing over to his side and grabbing his hand. Apex doesn't even have time to say goodbye.

Then with unholy fury, Apex sees red and turns her head at the beast. Now succumbing to her infamous berserker rage that few have witnessed. Unsheathing her claws, something she rarely does, she rushes at the Uber Soldat, which in German is translated as Super Soldier. It tries blasting her with it's laser vision but the wound heals almost as soon as Apex is hit. Thrusting her claws into it's family jewels, the humanoid beast roars in pain. Then, in a blur of motion she claws at the thing, but the beast dodges, ducks and moves with it's own speed to match. Still, it does get cut...repeatedly...even as fast as it seems to be. Again, the monster tries blast Apex with it's laser vision, this time right in the face. The mask is burned off, flesh melts and parts of her skull can be seen. But in seconds, it all heals as Apex claws out the monster's eyes. Once more, the Super Soldier howls in pain from being blinded, but just as Apex looks like she is about to finish the thing off, the Super Soldier seems to kneel, bowing it's head and...deactivating?

Apex gives the thing a savage kick, sending it through a wall but it doesn't move. Was it finally defeated? Or is this attempted deactivation only temporary? Either way, Apex slowly advances upon it, still lost in her berserker rage. Unable to distinguish from friend or foe. So, thankfully, Apex's attention is solely upon the experimental Super Soldier and not on anyone else.

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@ms_nova: @nightwarden17: @killer_instinct: @apex_predator87:

Unidisclosed Location, United States

The smoke slowly rose from the cigarette that laid on the ashtray, swirling up toward the lightbulb of the low ceiling. Next to the ashtray there were files, five of them all spread across like a deck of cards. Two men entered the room, one was older, gray, very neat in appearance. The other slowly walked behind him, his arm in a sling, carefully breathing as if it hurt to take in oxygen, his face with cuts as well.

“Sit down Hank,” said director of the DMA as he sat down opposite of where Nightwatch was going to sit. The Justice Alliance member sat slowly as he looked at the files on the desk with melancholy, knowing full well what the files contained. The director when to the corner where a gramophone was, placing the needle on the present record, ‘Ain’t that a Kick in the Head’ played in a low volume.

“You did a good job in Germany Hank,” the director began as he picked up the cigarette and began to inhale, smoke blew out as he continued, “Especially since we were not aware that the German super soldier was active, both Masque and Sabreur were able to gather intel.”

“We still failed,” Hank said, still looking at the files. The director then picked up one of the files, the picture of the Sabreur with his information was there with a big red stamp marked DECEASED across the paperwork.

“We lose good soldiers in times of war Hank, it happens.”

“Not under my watch,” Hank said with guilt. It was obvious he didn’t like the Sabreur, but regardless he was someone who, in the end, was a hero after all.

“How did Apex react?” Franklin asked as he took out her file.

“She went into her berserker state. I came in and saw his body on a pool of blood. I tried to blind him with, smoke shoot at him, but he just took it as if it was nothing. It was about to finish me, but Apex lunged at it, took it down… only for a few minutes. Th-that thing. I don’t know how, but it matched Apex’s berserker rage and just tore the building apart. The rest of the team made it fine but it spilled over to the nearest town. It took us all to take it down and out of commission.”

“That’s all?”

“No…” The director shuffled in his seat at Hank’s response, he knew this would just be a confirmation briefing of the details he had collected from the surviving members, any omitted details left him unsteady.

“The building had kids in it Frank…” Hank felt a ball in his throat, “One looked at me straight in the eyes as I walked away…”

“Hank, you know very well. The mission was-“

Hank slammed the desk, “Get intel and leave! No RESCUE! No NOTHING! ‘It’s for the good of the people’ but they don’t know that we’re the secret so-called heroes… but how can we be heroes Frank?” His hand ran through his hair as he placed his elbow on the table, his head tilted down as a tear dropped, “People died under our watch, under my watch…”

“And you’ve given hope to those who live. In war it’s impossible to save everyone, but it’s possible to give people hope in a dark time. This was supposed to be a covert mission, and the main point of the mission will be classified. The public will only know this: The Justice Alliance defeated a Nazi super soldier at the cost of one of their own. We hold a public funeral service for the Sabreur. He will be remembered as a hero and no one will even think twice about the incident. You’ve done good Hank. Go a get some rest.”

Frank extended his hand, aiming for a handshake but Hank just got up from his seat. “Frank, next time don’t play music for briefings, especially Sinatra.”

“Sorry Hank, and it’s Dean Martin.”


“The song is ‘Aint that a Kick in the Head’ is by Dean Martin, not Sinatra.”

“My mistake...” The man known as Nightwtach left the room, slowly walking down the halls of the undisclosed headquarters of the Department of Metahuman Affairs. He passed by the rooms, seeing the members of the Justice Alliance scattered throughout the facility, members of the Golden Age of Heroes. He ignored them, mentally kicking himself in the head.

Director Frank Hawthorne looked from the doorway, watching Hank walk down the hallway, he returned to the files and picked the one labelled NIGHTWATCH and wrote the following on his file:

Increase Surveillance