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@xzenix-everdeen: @warspool:

(OOC: I haven't used Superion in forever, so I'll use him. Apologies for the short post)

No Caption Provided

Superion is flying over the west coast when he hears something over in Seattle. Flying over there to check things out, he sees the commotion. Looks like some mercs are in over their heads with a big muscle bound guy with a dome for a helmet. That one seems a bit familiar.

So far, no one has spotted the Man of Steel. So, he takes that advantage to fly down at super-speed and he attempts to grab the Judge at the last possible second, trying to use the Judge's forward momentum to try and move him to the side and then swing him around like a top holding a rag doll before attempting to toss him away like so much trash. The Judge may be unstoppable in his forward momentum, but does that kind of power stop someone else from grabbing him and tossing him away, turning that momentum against him?

If this succeeds, Superion flies after the Judge and attempts to deliver a few powerful punches as he tries to direct the fight into the countryside and away from the city.

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@infinitum: (Why? Are they going to end up fighting....IN THE MICROVERSE?! o.0)

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(We're gonna build up to one heck of a brick fight >:])

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@last_man_standing: (And then share cupcakes in the end? Tehe. Kidding.

Yep, it's gonna be quite the fight. How long has it been since the Judge had a good one? )

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(Few years; I fought Impero's Grandmaster but that turned into a... well, mess. I'm so glad I just make alts now >_>)

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Is it my turn?

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@paragonxxx: I'm so sorry, I forgot all about it! I'm still interested if you and Wars are.

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@ichimanken: Had no idea this was Wars. XD

Anyway, that's good to hear! I'll have something up later.

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Flair briefly stared in awe as Warspool revealed his surprise. "Oh shit, you weren't kiddin' when you said you had a surprise. Finish these guys off so we can get out of here." He got back in the van a little while after to make sure the adolescent was okay and to cover his ears from the soon to be loud sounds. All he heard was gunfire until it finally stopped. "Now that was something else. Get in befo--" The ground begin to shake. His first thought was an earthquake, but that changed once he saw the brute appear.

Get out of here Flair, I got this!"

Xzenix didn't want to leave his partner behind, but he realized the mission comes first, and that was getting Dani to safety. That and he was confident in Wars' skills as a fighter and survivor. The van took off and Flair didn't look back.

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@xzenix-everdeen: @superion_prime:

"Just... a little..." Warspool kept sprinting, and the van kept getting further and further away. His fingers stretched, his legs were burning.

But the Judge was gaining on him.

He took a risk, and it would probably get him killed in the long run - but death wasn't really much of a consequence to him. The Carmine Lunatic turned on his heels, and spread his arms.

"Alright big guy, let's settle this man to ma-"


"Ow, ow, ow, ow," footstep after thunderous footstep. Judge had completely crushed him underfoot, but Warspool had a grip on the massive boot with his broken limbs. The fact that his guts were acting as an impromptu adhesive helped things as well.

The massive behemoth actually did come to a stop, but not because Warspool did anything. From underneath the boot, Warspool could hear the muffled actions taking place. Judge slowed himself, or did he? Was there anything capable of stopping him entirely? His power wasn't to be immovable, but to be unstoppable.

It made sense that his momentum could be redirected elsewhere. Of course, Warspool didn't grasp the weight of the situation until they were completely airborne.

"I think I'm gonna be sick," he muttered, going at Mach 2, the collective speed of his journey to the makeshift centrifuge. Someone must have thrown him. Someone fast. Paragon? Yeah, it must have been Paragon. He wanted it to be Paragon.

He did notice, however, that Judge was little less than amused. Livid would be an apt description. If anyone could redirect their momentum, it was the Living Bucket. His body began to radiate with a strange field Warspool could only describe as "tingly" before he jettisoned back out of the sky and straight - more or less - down. Back into the dockyard, rather than the highway. Square one.

Judge took a few stomping steps forward, squishing Warspool with intermediate squeaking noises as he did so.

"You must be Superion," he mumbled. Warspool groaned.

"That 'S' must be for 'Stupid', 'cause you made me mad."

Not the best comeback, Judge Judy.

Warspool had no way of stopping the charge himself. Straight towards where he could only assume Superion to be: right in front of the rampaging unstoppable force. It would be a devastating clash, with Judge knowing who he was fighting now. Circle throws wouldn't work anymore, since he would just be moving his personal momentum centrally now.

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@xzenix-everdeen: @warspool:

Superion has a feeling the move he just performed won't work again. So, he doesn't answer as she flies straight for the Judge with his fists stretched out before him. KRANG! The two clash together, but Superion is met with an unstoppable force as his failed attempt to meet the Judge's charge ends in a spectacular failure. Regardless if the Judge tramples him underfoot, Superion gets right back up. Never before has he met someone who's forward momentum is truly unstoppable.

So, why not use that against him? Superion blasts off, trying to slam into the Judge's back to increase his momentum. Then he tries to grip with steel hard hands as he tries to lift the Judge into the air before trying to slam a fist into his back.

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@xzenix-everdeen: @superion_prime:

No Caption Provided

The irresistible force collided with the immovable object, and Judge didn't relent. Superion seemed to count on this. After all, if he couldn't stop him - then he would just keep redirecting him. 'Turn' in a sense, much like a car full of cement. Except, just like that car full of cement, the brake pedal was functionally nonexistent in the mind of the unstoppable force. Judge certainly felt being pulled up into the air, as well as the resulting collapse of concrete and steel unfolding around him as he met intimately with the ground once again. But that wasn't a detriment in the slightest. In fact, it was at this precise moment that he realize Warspool was stuck to the bottom of his boot. Standing out of the rubble without so much as a hiccup, Judge scraped the pulverized remains of the World's Most Annoying Assassin off on a piece of shattered stone.

Warspool just groaned, his diaphragm and voice box thankfully not regenerated fully yet.

"Stay right there sunshine. Once I'm done with Cavill over here, you're gonna tell me everything about your new friend,"

Something popped in the gelatinous mass Warspool had been reverted to. "Y-You mean Mr. 'My Chemical Romance'?" he coughed up a tooth from his shredded mask.

Judge nodded, smiling as he turned up towards the freeway again. He obviously couldn't outspeed Superion, but the flying hero's strategies thus far had been rather one-note. Eventually Judge could get a grasp on the super-boyscout. Once that happened, the fight wouldn't last much longer - at least in his mind. For now he would play the part of bait - nigh-invulnerable and highly-maneuverable bait.

Closing the distance between himself and the van Flair was currently in command of with a few heavy leaps, Judge wanted to cause as much of a ruckus as possible upon impact. The sections of the freeway that were previously welded and cemented together popped apart like LEGO bricks, turning the road into a deadly obstacle course. Civilians were out into immediate danger by the artillery shell of his descent, but he was completely focused on the van.

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@last_man_standing: @superion_prime:

Flair looked back to see where Judge was but saw another super-powered, freak of nature battling him. He breathed a sigh of relief, realizing everything might be okay. "Looks like the other guy is on our side. I don't know where he came from or what his motives are, but that's the least of my worries right now," Xzenix thought in his head, focusing his attention on the road again.

Blood continued to leak from his right arm. He needed to visit a hospital or at least slow down the bleeding for the time being. He tried his best to ignore the pain and keep his mind on the objective. "Dani, you're goin' home to your pops." her heart was racing and you could tell she was petrified, but she couldn't help but crack a smile, thinking things will now be okay. But then the sounds were closer as if Judge was making another attempt to come after them. Flair looked at the mirror and saw the brute coming their way. "Goddamn it, I thought this was over. I-I don't think this van can burn that son of a bitch either."

He looked Dani in the eye and said, "Looks like your reunion with your dad will have to wait, so you'll have to give me your hand 'cause we're exiting this van ASAP." she hesitated then realized the situation, eventually taking his advice. The door was sent flying and they jumped out, landing on Xzenix's good arm. The one that was hard to break. He took cover behind the nearest car after. "I believe we're safe for now."

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Welcome to Seattle
Welcome to Seattle

The lights of the city were amazing to the youngest Pettis in the form Nayru as she levitated above the city with star tightly in her arms. They looked like thousands of stars from up in the sky! She didn’t know how long she had flown for, but after seeing all the lights down below she knew this was it! “Look at all the lights Star!” She spoke with her voice more mature than the five-year-old she actually was. This place… it was perfect! She couldn’t really fly on her own, not really, but with Nayru? She was an expert at flying and she was SUPER fast!

No Caption Provided

She only used Nayru form once, but never used it again since. But after recent events of the family, she felt… like such a weight on the family. For as long as she could remember she had always been passed around the family. Started with her mom and dad, then her dad, then Maya, then Zeon, then Cat, then back to mom, then Cat again, now back to Maya, it was like… no matter who she was with, something bad always happened. No matter how good she was, no matter how careful she was, someone always got hurt and this last time, it was Cat. She got hurt really bad by Zeon (who she thought was dead) she was now with Maya and... she didn't want to see Maya hurt again. So while Maya was away, Tassi packed up as much as she could into her little blue backpack, cloaked her energy and Star’s and the two took off! They just… flew, until they came here.

Landing carefully on top of a building with the crimson cape of her father waving behind her in true Pettis glory, an unapproving whimper was heard from Star. “I know Star… I love Maya, Mari, Soso and Cat too but… we both know how it goes. We’ll be with Maya for a little bit and then go with someone else when something bad happens. I don't want anyone else to get hurt because of me. At least if we’re here, we can stay here and take care of each other. Cause I’m not going to leave you, and you’re not going to leave me, right?” Her eyes had begun to tear up as Star began licking at her face, trying to stop his sister from crying. With a sniff, she wiped her eye with her free hand. “Good! Now, let’s go see if we can find somewhere to stay!”

A few minutes later and an old Thee Goddess lunch pail filled with money she has saved over the years and a confused night worker who was too scared to ask any questions, the duo was now sitting on a Motel 5. Still in her Nayru form to keep her power, Tassi sat on the bed Indian style with Star laying in her lap asleep as the crimson cape covered both of them. The TV was the only source of light in the room as Tassi didn’t bother to look at it, her mind racing with thoughts of convincing herself that she did do the right thing.

No Caption Provided

Every time she was with someone, something bad happened. With her parents, mom got sick. With dad, he left to space because something bad was happening to Leo. With Maya, she got sick. Zeon got sick. Cat got tired. Mom then got better but was then killed by Zeon and Zeon was dead. Dad was put into a coma with Maya stuck in his brain. Then Cat got hurt by Zeon who she thought was dead and wow Cat went to space. She didn’t want to stay with Maya and wait for something bad to happen again. She hoped now that she left, things would get better without her. It made sense, right? It did to Tassi.

Tears again began to fill her blue eyes as she huffed a bit, shoving her face into Star. She was really scared, she had never been alone before. But it was ok, she was a big girl now, she could do this. Because she was Strong like mom, powerful like dad, smart like Maya and brave like Cat. She could do this. She had to. It was her turn to protect her family.

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@tassiana_pettis: @maya_liafador

It'd been years since the Blue Immortal was made a prisoner of unconsciousness. Years since he last soared through the blue skies mankind'd grown so accustomed to finding him in - like the Sun. Years robbed from him by the cruelest of comas. But finally, he'd been liberated, awakened from his coma by the most distant member of his family; his son. And now, Thee Champion roamed the skies of Earth once more. A cone of hot air wrapped over him, expanded, and unleashed nature's most primal roar; thunder. Like a child gorging on sweets, Alexis circled the planet many times over. He hadn't flown in so long, hadn't felt sky's gale on his face in what felt like an eternity. Few things compared to the freedom he found when climbing Earth's skies. But as he slowed to a stop and watched the clouds pass him by, Thee Champion's mind pulled back to thoughts of his daughters, and he grew wistful.

He had to see them. And reunite his family. Arms at his sides, and his brow furrowed, Alexis' ears listened and filtered through all the sounds echoing across the globe - and caught the drum of Tassi's heartbeat.

His youngest daughter was in Seattle.

No Caption Provided

And in the blink of an eye, so was he. Hovering in Seattle's night sky, the Blue Immortal swept his gaze through the glimmering city below before catching sight of a motel. Red cape fluttering as he descended from the sky, Alexis' feet touched the ground, and he strode towards Tassi's door. She'd lost her mother, and her eldest sibling was nowhere to be found. This was no life for a child. No life for his child. Stopping a foot from her door, Alexis' face wore a father's protective streak, and his eyes a determination to reunite those who remained of his family. And instead of knocking, he spoke. "Tassi", he smiled, calm and warm like his voice. "Do you remember what you used to tell me when you were younger?", he paused, his voice flowing clear through his daughter's door. "That you wanted to be brave and strong like your mother and I".

"Do you know why your mother was strong? Not because she could lift planes over her head. But because no matter how many times people reminded her of her past mistakes and tried to tell her she was a bad person, your mother still tried to help those very same people". Affording his words a second or two to sink deep in Tassi's mind, Alexis held the knob to Tassi's door and continued, "Tassi. I'm coming in". Opening the door to catch sight of his daughter, older than he remembered, with her eyes wet with tears, Star as her only companion, and her spirit crushed by fear, Alexis' heart sank to the pit of his stomach. "But running away, to stay here, alone. This isn't strength. This isn't what I taught you", he reminded, face softening as he strode closer.

"There's strength in numbers, Tassi. Strength in community and the bonds that tie us together. You can only be so strong on your own", he said, resting a hand on his daughter's shoulder. "I learned that when I faced something I should have never done alone. And I fell into a coma because of it. Learn from my mistakes, sweetheart. Don't repeat them", he said, hand ready to wipe the tears from Tassi's face. "It's time to come home".

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@thee_champion: @tassiana_pettis:


It was surprisingly hard getting used to being in the real world again, for a good portion of time she was restrained within the walls of her own father's consciousness, after sacrificing her power to save Catalina and Tassi from Y-Intercept's attack on the cape.

The dynamics of the family change again, Maricela was now living with them full time, and though the teen was more of a handful than she originally thought having someone else to talk too proved useful to Maya's reintegration. There was also Sophia; who they called "Lil So-So" she was apparently the daughter of their other sister Isadora. Despite her Liafador likeness the similarities stopped there.

Daytonville was rocked when an alien attacked looking to obtain the coveted Mind Lavaliere that'd been passed down thru the Liafador Lineage for some time. Catalina was arrested and taken to a prison, The Crimson Princess deduce that Cat purposely got caught in order to wipe the evidence to maintain the families secret.

But as she got home So-So informed her that her youngest sister, Tassi had left. She was gone. On her own the Young Pettis wasn't trained well enough to get anywhere far, but with a goddess? She could be anywhere on the planet--hell the galaxy.

Maya's mind immediately fell on Cat, their oldest sister. She was working so hard to make sure they'd all be able to have some sort of life outside the scrutiny that await them in the public eye; if she returned home and Tassi was gone it'd first break her heart--and then make her angry.

Having tracked her energy signature to the United States, Maya immediately teleport which took more energy than her body could actually handle at the time. The Power Princess phased in surrounded by a crimson energy wave as their father placed his arm on Tassi's shoulder.

"Oh...thank god..." She huffed relieved he'd found her and she was alright. "Wait. how'd you even pay for this" She said looking around before shaking off the question.

"Tassi...we need to talk" She said placing her hands on Tassi's other shoulder. Tesla, Maya's goddess worked opposite from the others. Where the others enhanced Telsa, removed allowing The Power Princess to switch back and forth between her young and old personalities respectively. Pushing her energy into the young Goddess, Maya emerged inside Tassi's consciousness; while her older self continued on the outside.

Hi Taz
Hi Taz

"Hi Taz" Little Maya said waving at her younger sister from a short distance away. In actuality these two were only a year apart in age, but thanks to the 3rd Society Maya was aged to her current status.

"What's the matter talk to me"

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@thee_champion: @maya_liafador:

The duo sat on the bed as Tassi’s eyes were beginning to get heavy with sleep. She wasn’t paying attention, not until Star’s head lifted up her lap and began sniffing. Her head perked up as she realized he smelled something and before she realized it, her father’s voice was heard from the other side of the door. Tassi’s eyes widen, “Daddy?” She whispered, listening to his soft and comforting voice that she knew all too well. How did he find her? He then talked about her mom, and a sharp pain was felt in her chest. She really really missed mommy…

Her hands began to wrap tighter around Star as the door opened. She didn’t look at her dad, she couldn’t. She felt responsible for it all, for everything. Even though everyone told her it wasn’t her fault, she couldn’t help feel it every time something bad happened, every time she was given to someone else to watch over. “I’m sorry…” She lowered her head as she felt her father’s hand upon her shoulder. Then, in a flash of crimson, Maya appeared, and the relief in her voice only made Tassi feel even worse. She made a mistake. Her sister’s gentle touch cause Tassi to sob silently as her tears fell upon Star’s white coat.

No Caption Provided

But then, she saw a little girl before her. “Maya…” she softly spoke. She always knew Maya was around the same age as herself. She could tell in her energy, it was newer than the others in the family. She never understood why Maya always looked as old as Cat, but it was never explained why to her. But seeing her this way... it was still unusual. She wanted to talk... ok. “I’m sorry, I-I thought I was doing the right thing. I was trying to protect everyone." She began, her eyes pulling away, as if becoming ashamed for whatever the reason was. Ever since my future self came here, horrible things keep happening to us one after another. Mom got sick, Selene left, Isis left, Leo left, Dad left, Maya got sick, Mom was killed, Dad got put into a coma, Maya almost died, Cat got into a horrible fight with Zeon. Then I just keep getting passed around to the next person until the next horrible thing happens which I happen to be there for. I don’t want to be a burden to this family anymore. I don’t want to be the reason bad things happen to all of you anymore. You can say it’s not, but I know it is, I feel it.” Her hand clutched to her chest over her heart as the power of Nayru suddenly faded, unable to sustain, leaving the five year old on the bed with the oversize cape. “Everything bad is my fault.”

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@tassiana_pettis: @maya_liafador:

"I'm sorry..."

The words flowed out his daughter's throat, and Alexis shook his head, "Tassi, you're the last person in the family who needs to be apologizing for anything". And though Star - his daughter's canine companion - clung to her side with all the loyalty in the world, Thee Champion felt no relief. Only a stabbing pain in his heart as this, fleeing from her family, was what Tassi thought was best. But quickly, his senses caught the familiar sound of another heartbeat, and as his cape flowed with an energy glowing red in the air, his first daughter, Maya, appeared. Yet nothing was said between them, instead, Alexis watched her stride to Tassi's side and fling herself into her sister's consciousness like she had with him in the past.

With Maya at the helm of calming Tassi's heart, the Steel Samaritan glanced at Star and smiled, "Ziccarra never liked you, she never liked dogs. But she'd be thankful to know that you're always by Tassi's side. The rest of us can learn a thing or two about that from you", he said, scratching Star behind the ear before catching sight of Tassi reverting back to her child form. "So allow me", Alexis paused, plucking his youngest daughter into his arms and carrying her like he did during her infancy. Resting her head on his chest, Thee Champion said nothing and simply acted as a strong and comforting presence, a rug for her to stand on, and a pillar for her to lean on while Maya did the rest. Slowly however, Alexis' smile faded as his mind drifted to thoughts of Leonel.

What has become of his son?

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@thee_champion: @tassiana_pettis:

It's not your fault
It's not your fault

The young princess' head slightly tilt toward the side as Tassi begin to detail the events that led to her decision. She understood why she felt everything bad became another weight on the shoulders because she oft thought it too.

"It's not your fault" She said shaking her head vigorously, the young hybrid goddess extend her hands outwards crafting what could only be described as a hologram detailing the positive aspects of the Liafador family.

"True, we've all experienced some dark times in this life; but we've always had someone to help us through it. You've been passed around from family member to family member, but you've learned so much from each one of those people" Maya explained showing images of her time with Leonel showing her how to use her powers.

"With you, Catalina has become a better person surely you see that? Everything she's done these last couple of years is to prove to you that she's capable of taking care of you. She's even taking care of So-So and Maricela now too. She wants you to have a family you can depend on. And even if she's not here right now, you're with people who want to make sure you know what it's like to be around people that love you."

Since Maya's childhood was stripped from her she didn't know the stressful life as Tassi saw it; she was usually trying to put out a fire--or cause it. But with her power slowly returning to her, and their father active once again she was sure change was on the horizon for them.

"I know how much you miss mom, I miss her too. I'm sure papa does as well; but what happened then wasn't your fault, and if I know her it's that she trained us for these times. And when you reach the age Leonel, Selene and Isis reach; you'll go exploring on your own too! Because this planet is far too small, and there's so much out there to see. You just have to believe they'll always be back alright. Come home Taz, Issa about time we enrolled you into regular school anyways.

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@thee_champion: I thought Thee_Champion died in a fight with Shanana's character the Championess?

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@maya_liafador: @thee_champion:

She could feel the strong arms of her father wrap around her, and it brought her mind back to simpler times with the family. Times that no longer existed… wont ever exist again. Tassi didn’t want bad things to happen to her family anymore, too many things happened already. She wondered if other families had this many bad things happen. Was this… normal?

Tassi watched as Maya began to show her different aspects of her life which were not only happy, but where she brought happiness to others in the family… like Cat. She remembered when she was with Cat for the first time, Cat wasn't... as nice. She loved her, she knew that, but compared to the Cat she knew now? She had changed a lot, and it was a good change. Tassi helped with that… and Tassi didn’t even realize it.

Maya was right, on a lot of things. When Tassi grows up, she hopes she can travel too, but not just Earth… but space. To see all the Stars, like the one that Leo showed her all those years ago. But she still had a lot to learn, and with so much family, she could learn a lot from each of them. Maybe this was why she was being passed around… to learn from each of them? To learn the best from all of them. Maybe...

“School?” Her eyes widen then at the topic of school. Sure she knew about school… but… she never thought about going to school. But… I guess she had to learn things her family wouldn’t be able to teach her. Yeah… her and Star could go to school and learn things together! Even maybe make friends with the other kids.

The Darling Pettis nod her head, rubbing what tears were left away from her eyes as she took in a deep breath. She felt… better. Her big blues eyes shifted from between her dad and Maya. “Can we go home now? Please? And… don’t tell Cat… please.”

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@tassiana_pettis: @maya_liafador:

With a hand - a comforting blanket - on Tassi's back as he carried her, Alexis' warmth ebbed and flowed around his youngest daughter. And while Maya did her best to ease Tassi's fears, a soft silence hung between father and daughter. The predicament, a scared child finding solace in his strong arms, was all too familiar. But the turmoil that'd swallowed Tassi's innocence like a dragon hungering after her own happiness - was new and alien. He could feel it, how raw her nerves were, and how he could ease them as any father should. "Don't worry, baby. We won't tell Cat. So long as you never do this again", Thee Champion advised, his voice calm yet stern. "And yes, we can go home", he smiled, glancing at Maya to grab hold of Star, Tassi's loyal companion.

"But we'll need a new home", Thee Champion paused, his mind pulling back to the dimensions of Catalina's apartment. They wouldn't all fit there, and it wouldn't be fair to his eldest daughter. She'd done enough to hold the family together during Ziccarra's death, Leonel's isolation, and his coma. "Someplace where Star will have ample space to run free, and for the two of you to play after school". With a stride to his left, Alexis' grabbed the cape he'd given Tassi years ago and wrapped her warm in it's scarlet embrace. "Maya, get Star. I have a house I once built in Jackson, Wyoming. It's big enough for all of us and more. So, you kids tell me", he paused, "Do you want to live in Jackson where it snows a lot or would you prefer if I moved the house to one of the islands of Daytonville?".

Lifting into the air, Alexis hovered in wait for word from both Maya and Tassi.

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"Of course I won't tell Cat" She said returning to her full 5'11 frame. "You don't think she scares me too?" Maya replied with a giggle. Bending down to pick up Star a sudden realization took the former model's attention, they'd left Mari with Sophia; or left Sophia with Mari to be more specific. Maya met Mari back on the Cape, back then she just seemed like a girl trying to find her mom; now she appeared to be a girl desperately crying out for her mother's attention.

Sophia, or So-So as they called her was the daughter of their estranged sister Isadora. Maya's niece, she'd yet to have a conversation with her but she could tell the young Lebeau could benefit from some sort of childhood, but was putting HER in school even a good idea.

Those thoughts yield to Alexis' question on the families current living situation. Catalina's apartment in Daytonville was small, way too small for all of them; but Jackson Wyoming? Where the hell was that?! Her answer was delayed, she was conflicted on so many levels. She too wanted a life of her own to span the cosmos like her brother had before, but also now because the universe was calling her warning her--a new threat emerged. It seemed familiar, but at the same time appeared foreign.

Her eyes peered from Tassi and Star to Alexis shifting back and forth between confusion and fear. "Yeah...Jackson's fine..." She murmured faintly.

"I have something to do" She said with little explanation before moving toward her father and Tassi. "Dad." She said nothing only giving him a look that she desperately needed to go. "I have some things to take care of first, but I promised you I'd never leave you alone. So I intend to keep that promise"

The Crimson sorceress Hexing abilities swirl around herself before depositing Young Maya right next to her holding star. "Now I'll always be with you" She said again watching as the younger version of herself clutch the back part of Alexis' leg.

"I know it's scary, being out here in the real world. But Daddy, Tassi and Star will make sure that you're taken care of. I promise I'll be back soon"

Giving her father a nod Maya vanished into a crimson portal her destination, The Edge of the Universe.