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@xzenix-everdeen: @warspool:

(OOC: I haven't used Superion in forever, so I'll use him. Apologies for the short post)

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Superion is flying over the west coast when he hears something over in Seattle. Flying over there to check things out, he sees the commotion. Looks like some mercs are in over their heads with a big muscle bound guy with a dome for a helmet. That one seems a bit familiar.

So far, no one has spotted the Man of Steel. So, he takes that advantage to fly down at super-speed and he attempts to grab the Judge at the last possible second, trying to use the Judge's forward momentum to try and move him to the side and then swing him around like a top holding a rag doll before attempting to toss him away like so much trash. The Judge may be unstoppable in his forward momentum, but does that kind of power stop someone else from grabbing him and tossing him away, turning that momentum against him?

If this succeeds, Superion flies after the Judge and attempts to deliver a few powerful punches as he tries to direct the fight into the countryside and away from the city.

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@infinitum: (Why? Are they going to end up fighting....IN THE MICROVERSE?! o.0)

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(We're gonna build up to one heck of a brick fight >:])

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@last_man_standing: (And then share cupcakes in the end? Tehe. Kidding.

Yep, it's gonna be quite the fight. How long has it been since the Judge had a good one? )

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(Few years; I fought Impero's Grandmaster but that turned into a... well, mess. I'm so glad I just make alts now >_>)

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Is it my turn?

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@paragonxxx: I'm so sorry, I forgot all about it! I'm still interested if you and Wars are.

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@ichimanken: Had no idea this was Wars. XD

Anyway, that's good to hear! I'll have something up later.

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Flair briefly stared in awe as Warspool revealed his surprise. "Oh shit, you weren't kiddin' when you said you had a surprise. Finish these guys off so we can get out of here." He got back in the van a little while after to make sure the adolescent was okay and to cover his ears from the soon to be loud sounds. All he heard was gunfire until it finally stopped. "Now that was something else. Get in befo--" The ground begin to shake. His first thought was an earthquake, but that changed once he saw the brute appear.

Get out of here Flair, I got this!"

Xzenix didn't want to leave his partner behind, but he realized the mission comes first, and that was getting Dani to safety. That and he was confident in Wars' skills as a fighter and survivor. The van took off and Flair didn't look back.

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@xzenix-everdeen: @superion_prime:

"Just... a little..." Warspool kept sprinting, and the van kept getting further and further away. His fingers stretched, his legs were burning.

But the Judge was gaining on him.

He took a risk, and it would probably get him killed in the long run - but death wasn't really much of a consequence to him. The Carmine Lunatic turned on his heels, and spread his arms.

"Alright big guy, let's settle this man to ma-"


"Ow, ow, ow, ow," footstep after thunderous footstep. Judge had completely crushed him underfoot, but Warspool had a grip on the massive boot with his broken limbs. The fact that his guts were acting as an impromptu adhesive helped things as well.

The massive behemoth actually did come to a stop, but not because Warspool did anything. From underneath the boot, Warspool could hear the muffled actions taking place. Judge slowed himself, or did he? Was there anything capable of stopping him entirely? His power wasn't to be immovable, but to be unstoppable.

It made sense that his momentum could be redirected elsewhere. Of course, Warspool didn't grasp the weight of the situation until they were completely airborne.

"I think I'm gonna be sick," he muttered, going at Mach 2, the collective speed of his journey to the makeshift centrifuge. Someone must have thrown him. Someone fast. Paragon? Yeah, it must have been Paragon. He wanted it to be Paragon.

He did notice, however, that Judge was little less than amused. Livid would be an apt description. If anyone could redirect their momentum, it was the Living Bucket. His body began to radiate with a strange field Warspool could only describe as "tingly" before he jettisoned back out of the sky and straight - more or less - down. Back into the dockyard, rather than the highway. Square one.

Judge took a few stomping steps forward, squishing Warspool with intermediate squeaking noises as he did so.

"You must be Superion," he mumbled. Warspool groaned.

"That 'S' must be for 'Stupid', 'cause you made me mad."

Not the best comeback, Judge Judy.

Warspool had no way of stopping the charge himself. Straight towards where he could only assume Superion to be: right in front of the rampaging unstoppable force. It would be a devastating clash, with Judge knowing who he was fighting now. Circle throws wouldn't work anymore, since he would just be moving his personal momentum centrally now.

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@xzenix-everdeen: @warspool:

Superion has a feeling the move he just performed won't work again. So, he doesn't answer as she flies straight for the Judge with his fists stretched out before him. KRANG! The two clash together, but Superion is met with an unstoppable force as his failed attempt to meet the Judge's charge ends in a spectacular failure. Regardless if the Judge tramples him underfoot, Superion gets right back up. Never before has he met someone who's forward momentum is truly unstoppable.

So, why not use that against him? Superion blasts off, trying to slam into the Judge's back to increase his momentum. Then he tries to grip with steel hard hands as he tries to lift the Judge into the air before trying to slam a fist into his back.

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@xzenix-everdeen: @superion_prime:

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The irresistible force collided with the immovable object, and Judge didn't relent. Superion seemed to count on this. After all, if he couldn't stop him - then he would just keep redirecting him. 'Turn' in a sense, much like a car full of cement. Except, just like that car full of cement, the brake pedal was functionally nonexistent in the mind of the unstoppable force. Judge certainly felt being pulled up into the air, as well as the resulting collapse of concrete and steel unfolding around him as he met intimately with the ground once again. But that wasn't a detriment in the slightest. In fact, it was at this precise moment that he realize Warspool was stuck to the bottom of his boot. Standing out of the rubble without so much as a hiccup, Judge scraped the pulverized remains of the World's Most Annoying Assassin off on a piece of shattered stone.

Warspool just groaned, his diaphragm and voice box thankfully not regenerated fully yet.

"Stay right there sunshine. Once I'm done with Cavill over here, you're gonna tell me everything about your new friend,"

Something popped in the gelatinous mass Warspool had been reverted to. "Y-You mean Mr. 'My Chemical Romance'?" he coughed up a tooth from his shredded mask.

Judge nodded, smiling as he turned up towards the freeway again. He obviously couldn't outspeed Superion, but the flying hero's strategies thus far had been rather one-note. Eventually Judge could get a grasp on the super-boyscout. Once that happened, the fight wouldn't last much longer - at least in his mind. For now he would play the part of bait - nigh-invulnerable and highly-maneuverable bait.

Closing the distance between himself and the van Flair was currently in command of with a few heavy leaps, Judge wanted to cause as much of a ruckus as possible upon impact. The sections of the freeway that were previously welded and cemented together popped apart like LEGO bricks, turning the road into a deadly obstacle course. Civilians were out into immediate danger by the artillery shell of his descent, but he was completely focused on the van.

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@last_man_standing: @superion_prime:

Flair looked back to see where Judge was but saw another super-powered, freak of nature battling him. He breathed a sigh of relief, realizing everything might be okay. "Looks like the other guy is on our side. I don't know where he came from or what his motives are, but that's the least of my worries right now," Xzenix thought in his head, focusing his attention on the road again.

Blood continued to leak from his right arm. He needed to visit a hospital or at least slow down the bleeding for the time being. He tried his best to ignore the pain and keep his mind on the objective. "Dani, you're goin' home to your pops." her heart was racing and you could tell she was petrified, but she couldn't help but crack a smile, thinking things will now be okay. But then the sounds were closer as if Judge was making another attempt to come after them. Flair looked at the mirror and saw the brute coming their way. "Goddamn it, I thought this was over. I-I don't think this van can burn that son of a bitch either."

He looked Dani in the eye and said, "Looks like your reunion with your dad will have to wait, so you'll have to give me your hand 'cause we're exiting this van ASAP." she hesitated then realized the situation, eventually taking his advice. The door was sent flying and they jumped out, landing on Xzenix's good arm. The one that was hard to break. He took cover behind the nearest car after. "I believe we're safe for now."