Saving Liberty (Closed RPG)

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Midnight: Above the Helicarriers.

"Sam is getting exceedingly dangerous, John. I need to fix this and fast, but I'll need more savage than I am."

"What kinda of help? Oh god you don't mean those people we met on our last escapades in hawaii?"

"I do."

5 people clad in black sat in the back of a helicopter, their masked jaws clenched with determination. "We very well may die today, but if we do at-least it it will be defending millions of lives."

The largest man sneered in response: "Couldn't care less about millions of lives, burns. We're doing this for that fat check."

The man who spoke first shrugged: "Whatever, the point is today we're saving lives. Anyway If you haven't been already I'll brief you on our load out. Our suits are a rather advanced form of armor formed out of carbon-nanotubes , which are some of the strongest materials that exist on earth, and kevlar. Since this is a stealth mission, weaved in are billions of incredibly tiny machines which are capable of making you invisible, and can alternate between shielding from different light wavelengths. Meaning if someone tries to view us in infrared, the suits will tune accordingly and so forth for every other wavelength on the light spectrum. All of us are also equiped with goggles which are capable of seeing through most materials, and providing good night vision. The soles of our boots are made up of vibranium, guaranteeing our foot steps no matter how hard, will be soundless. As for our weapons, all of us have powers so I wasn't as adamant about getting them...but Agent Ghost you'll be carrying our plan B, our only other option in the case this fails, it goes without saying but you cannot afford to loose it."

The only man leaning back, arms folded behind his head in a relaxed position nodded: "Don't worry, I got this hombre. I'm too fast for any of them to catch me anyway."

The apparent leader of the mission chuckled: "Let's hope so. Remember guys, stealth mission, I can't emphasize this enough. I do not want this to turn into a fire power exchange, because that's when I might have to go nova, and that wouldn't be a good thing for anyone. "

I really do hope so. This whole team is comprised of dangerous mutants, while I myself am an omega level mutant. Ghost is extremely fast and cunning, Stewart is exceptionally strong, and can adapt to pretty much anything, John, my close friend can gain the abilities and proportionate physical traits of any animal that's ever existed, and Girder possesses the ability to become any material he touches. Still, this is indeed a risky mission, but It'll be worth it, it really will.

"We're right above the helicarrier Sam is expected to be in, you all have to go now before I'm spotted. " The middle aged man piloting the stealth copter reported, and a door slid open prompting each of them to leap out one by one. They moved like shadows, creeping over the massive city sized helicarrier soundlessly, doing their best to avoid soldier and civilian alike. They'd continue their silent trek until one spotted signs of their target: Samuel Washington.

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@orion_savage: I would be right in assuming they're on a street, trying to look innocuous, right? Or are the flying, I couldn't tell lol

As it so happened, Sam was out and about, on the very same street as the tactical team sent to kill him. He was in a local charity. It turned out that a rather lot of orphans and the like jumped at the chance to live in The Free States. So he was simply talking with a kid who had one arm. "Yeah, the people on the Unity are working on an arm like this one," he raised his armor's glove, "for people like you, as well as to sell to people in other countries. Would you like to try it on?" He nodded eagerly, and slipped it onto his stump, feeling the ability to move fingers again, if only artificial. "Awesome, right? You want to try it out? We can just step outside, and you can blast some stuff." The kid nodded again, looking too starstruck to speak. They ducked outside, and the orphan raised the red-white-and-blue hand in the air, firing a blast thrice. Sam smiled.

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The group paused at the sight of their target, becoming invisible.

"What do we do? He's with a kid."

"We don't need to kill him, let's just capture him."

"We need to get him away from the public, otherwise If we get noticed this'll become a huge mess."


"On it." The aforementioned member sped forward at speeds that would render him invisible to the naked eye, attempting to grab hold of Sam before he could react and zip back to the team, who stood in an alleyway. He'd hand him to Girder, who would place a hand over his mouth to prevent potential screaming from being heard. The group with their target in hand would venture through alleyways and rooftops, or debris, using any shelter they found to make sure their target was not seen floating.

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Though the speedy attack took him by surprise, Sam remained calm. There was a hand over his mouth, but they had left his hand free. So he flexed his fingers in a pattern to summon his armor. Sure enough, it could soon be seen zipping from the child's hand to his, as well as the rest, though from farther away. When his hand was gloved, he turned it and fired at Girder, hoping treat the plasma blast would allow him to escape the grip and summon a squadron of Legionaires through his comms. He also mentally boys to develop some nonverbal signals for help, a glaringly obvious flaw in retrospect.

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The energetic pulse sent the mutant skidding backward, smoke streaming from his chest after the blow. Immediately the group reacted, each attempting to grab the man and bring him to the ground, John morphing one of his fingers to form a prong which when jabbed into Sam's side would inject a non-lethal dose of tetrodotoxin, which would cause him to be temporarily paralyzed.

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@orion_savage: "I call shenaniga--" Sam cried indignantly, before he passed out due to the toxin, passing out into his armor, just as the cavalry arrived. "This is the Titanium Legion. Place your hands on the ground and surrender. You will not be harmed." The six legionnaires were led by a similarly-suited young man, with an eagle emblazoned on his chest. Sam's son, Al. He had his arms crossed, a smirk visible under his visor. These guys didn't stand a chance.

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"Shit." The response muttered under the breath of Ghost, who clutched the mysterious box from before tightly now. "Time for plan B?" The speedster glanced at Burns nervously with the question, but the leader of the operation shook his head. "Not yet...only if the fight spirals out of control...Ghost, get somewhere safe with Sam, the rest of you... try not to die!" Burns had seen terrible threats before, he'd stare down the barrel of terrorists as a younger man, and had commonly been the target of a pissed off mother grizzly or mountain lion....danger like this? It excited him, it's what he lived for. Instinctively his hands extended and he sought to engulf the legion in plasma with temperatures half that of the sun's surface.

Meanwhile John let out a primal roar baring more resemblance to a beast than a man, and his body grew large as his muscle mass increased. With the strength of an elephant, he tossed Girder forward and followed him, attempting to pummel one of the legionaries, while Girder would try and latch onto one of them and with the slightest touch, become the very material that made up their suits and also hammer down on one.

Stewart? Stewart's mutant power was the ability to adapt his body to anything he came in contact with, and for now he would pick up rocks from the street and pelt the legion with them, hoping to draw their fire in an effort to adapt to whatever they threw at him.

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"Shields," Al said calmly. They'd prepared for this, so he quickly worked on the problem of the other three, as the fire washed over them. Jones was hit with a flying mutant, who seems to absorb the energy-absorbing material of the shields. That would be difficult, as they had designed the shields to be hard to breach. He noted this on his armor's log, as a huge guy flew towards him. He fell, unharmed but for the shock and the impact on the ground, but the shield was cracking already. "All right, new plan. Shields down." They dropped obligingly, and Al head butted John, also attempting to fire a beam of concentrated head from a blaster near his eyes. It was designed for carving and the like, but it functioned perfectly well as a combat scalpel.

Meanwhile, Paul Thomas was piloting a suit remotely, coordinating the remaining soldiers. "Is he... chucking rocks? Ah hell, let me get him. And... Brad, with me. I doubt he;s that weak if they, whoever they are, brought him into combat. Rest of you, try to take out the power-absorber. Maybe tackle him, instead of blasting?" He hovered forward, and casually vaporized one of the rocks, then firing an incendiary grenade at Stewart's feet.

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@titanium_legion: time to break out the big dogs :)

"John!" Burns scream sounded out through the area as his companion flew backwards, smoke streaming from his face as he writhed around on the pavement in pain. All of them saw what happened, turning their heads briefly before turning to their opponents with blood lust. Despite the fact that he hardly knew them, John was Girder and Stewarts half brother, and the sight of the attack sent fury through their veins. Girder, who became whatever material their shields were up of leaped from legionary to legionary in fury, attempting to ravage them with fury, his hands morphing into giant axe blades. He did this with the belief that if they used the material to shield against the attack instead of their armor, it was surely stronger than what made up of their suits, and thus could overcome them. Meanwhile Stewart would look to Orion, who would fire a stream of plasma at him, causing his body to blacken, and smoke to stream out of glowing orange spots on his chest. The two would unleash beams of incredibly hot plasma on the legion, starting out twice as hot as the previous stream and gradually getting hotter as it continued. They would continue their furious onslaught until their opponents gave up or were destroyed.

"GHOST!" The voice of Burns would rang out if their attacks proved entirely ineffective, and soon the speedster would appear with the black box clutched in his arms. "It's time for plan B. Open the box." Ghost would pry open the vibranium case, which revealed a grey device, with a display on the front reading 30 seconds. "In thirty seconds, this device will open up a portal to the speedforce which will tunnel a wave of anti-matter particles that will engulf this entire helicarrier. You know what anti-matter is gentlemen? Long story short they destroy certain particles they come in contact with, but this brand? It can destroy any particle. There isn't a force in this universe that anti-matter cannot destroy. Unless you cease this, and let us take your leader into custody. In which case I will deactivate the bomb. He will not be harmed, but he, and everyone else will die if you don't let us go peacefully. And then what? The media will think Sam killed millions, and along with him will die the propaganda you're trying to spread."

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@orion_savage: @orion_savage:

The attacks launched against them were brutal, but the legion survived, though many an armor was damaged. The apparent leader of the enemy team stopped the combat, revealing some sort of weapon. Al looked conflicted, so Thomas took over. "You seem to think the media is your tool, but really... you have no idea how to use it. This was recorder. Including the part where you threatened to kill children. So go, take the president. We'll have him back within the hour." He smiled from the command center, though the action was not visible inside the armor.

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"We'll see about that."

Within the next few moments, a helicopter arrives above the helicarrier, throwing down a rope to which the team, with Girder and Burns carrying the two unconscious people, climb up. Once everyone is comfortably inside and the aerial vehicles flies off, Ghost throws a speedy slap across the leaders face: "What the hell is wrong with chu? Eh? You could've killed all of us and hundreds of children. Why would you do something like that?"

"Look, if the bomb had kept ticking and they refused, it would've just shut down. I was hoping he wouldn't risk what I said being true, and if he called my bluff, I would've ordered us to retreat."

"Yes but now he has recording of chu saying that."

"I got it all under control. For now, think about the 'fat check' your all going to get.