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Gokujin Is new and just trying this out so give him some slack and give him a chance, Im just setting up the RPG for him, So have fun.

The world is lost in a sea of immoral and unhonorable people.

The place is warring japan. A place were very few warriors are honorable and worthy of a death meant for Samurai's. The story is Gokujin is looking for honorable men to help him in his quest to cleanse the world of the new ways, And bring back the ways of the past. Days were wars were fought with brave and honorable men.

Will you help in his cause or stop it in its tracks. Your decision.

Normal Rules Apply Follow the Link for rules:


NO powers are in Play, Your a samurai use swords and Bows, think Last of the samurai.

But dont forget that this is someone first RPG so take it easy guys okay.


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Gokujin stands pondering how a world of Samurai could be changed so much by these "Guns".

Over the past years they have ruined all known dear to the Samurai. Some stayed true to their code with the sword. But some still samurai chose to use the guns.

" I wonder how long a man like me will last in this time, and if i can ever find someone or ones to fight beside me in a land ruled by modern inventions."

takes out Triumph

" You old friend are the only one here in this world who follows me to the end. sighs I hope we find some honorable men in this world."

Turns around and walks off looking for those deemed honorable.

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The moon shone brightly over the town of Kyoto, Japan. The wind blew through the empty streets and alleyways. Most were asleep at this time, but one was out. A shadowy figure sat crouched in a tree, surveying the town without saying a word.

In a flash he jumped from the tree to the roof of an inn. The figure crawled along the rooftop until he stopped above a particular window. His eyes peeked over the edge and over a balcony. On the balcony, stood and american. One of the men who had brought guns to Japan, and one who sold guns to the people of Japan. He spoke with a Western accent and held a bottle of whiskey in his hand.

"You know, Sally, These Japanese need guns. They're a more efficient way to get things done. And I helped 'em get 'em." The man took his gun out of his holster and spun it around in his hands before dropping it back into his holster.

A female voice said from inside the room,"Yeah, I know Buck. You're a real hero. Hang on, I need to get some water from the well." The Figure heard a door close inside the room. Buck turned from the balcony and entered the room. This was the figure's time to strike.

He flipped down onto the balcony. Buck thought he heard something and spun around, holding his gun out. When there was no one in the doorway, he cautiously walked, still holding his gun, out onto the balcony. He looked down and no one was there.

The figure had hidden to the left of the doorway, hidden in the shadows. He crept up behind Buck without making a sound. The figure clamped his hand over Buck's mouth and stabbed his sword into Buck's back in a matter of second. Buck tried to yell but the sound was muffled by the figure's hand.

The figure moved closer to Buck's ear and said,"Die by the hands of Sukotto Ookamijin, The Wolf Ninja." Sukotto pulled his sword from Buck and removed his hand, letting Buck slump over the alcony, dead. Sukotto wiped the blood off of his sword. He heard the door to the room pen and darted onto the roof of the inn. He then fled, running from rooftop to rooftop to his home. Sukotto was usually a hired Ninja, but this kill he wanted to do. He didn't like these Americans. The only thing good about them was that they were good for business. People wanted them dead, and Sukotto was happy to oblige.

Sukotto heard a scream pierce the night air back at the inn. Sally must've found Buck. Sukotto smiled under his mask and flipped from a rooftop to the road, where he ran the rest of the way to his hideout. It was a small cave behind a waterfall not far from Kyoto, in a forest nearby. He slid behind the waterfall and walked into his cave. He set his sword in its sheath on a table, removed his gloves and mask, and lay down on his bed, hoping to get some sleep for tomorrow.

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The days of the sword were coming to an end, gone were the days of honor and respect for a fellow warrior. But Caleb would not give up his sword, it had been forged in the great volcano and then taken deep into the mountains and blessed by thee oracle.

Caleb never spoke, his tongue had been cut out by an evil warlord years ago after Caleb had dishonored there family when he married there daughter in a secret ceremony. They had her put to death and took Caleb's tongue, so he may never again seduce anothers daughter.

The samurai sat and lit up an herbal cigar, his eyes never moving yet taking in everything. If there were samuria still alive, they would show up in Tokyo sooner or later.
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The two Samurai walked slightly ahead of the soldiers. Arisuta could easily identify them by their swords. They had been tracking him for three days unaware that he was following them, not the other way round. But he was tiring now; his wound was sapping his strength as the days wore on. It was time for a confrontation.

As the column reached a bend in the road Arisuta struck. He leapt from the undergrowth, sword in hand and death in his eyes. A soldier turned and lost the top of his head to the Samurai’s sword. Arisuta threw his blade, point first, into another man. Then he scooped up a fallen musket with his foot and fired at the powder barrels that were being carried by a donkey at the read of the formation. The whole event took less that five seconds.

The two Samurai returned at a run to find their escort dead and a lone man standing, framed by the light of the fire with a sword in his hand.

“My name is Arisuta Waae and I am Ronin.”

He moved into attack, unseaming the first man from his crotch to his neck before he could draw his weapon. The second parried his blow and sent a riposte slicing for his ribs. The two men danced back and forth, their swords spinning and flicking between them. Arisuta carved a thin line of blood over his opponents shin and attempted to parry an overhead blow. It was in vain.

The sword that he’d carried all his life broke. Three hundred years of heritage shattered in a wooded clearing in southern Japan. Arisuta leapt back as the blade swept towards his stomach. Something clicked behind him and he moved to the side.

One of the soldiers had survived the blast. He’d raised his musket and fired. When the smoke from the shot had cleared away his target was gone and his commander was clutching his belly. Arisuta’s attack came from the left, breaking his neck.

“Only now do you see the folly of guns. They robbed you of your honor, your victory and your life.”

Arisuta Waae, Ronin, turned and walked away, away from his old life, away from his heritage, away from his obligations. Into his new life.

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Sensing the carnage of the Inn he knew right away it was a ninja. But for some reason this ninja fought with honor unlike most of his kind he cared in some way.

Gokujin followed the trail the ninja left.

for some reason it sees as if he wants me to find him he thinks to himself

The trail ended at a waterfall that looks like it led to a cave.

Gokujin withdrew his sword from his sheath.

Walking behind the water fall without making a noise he crept up on the ninja with the skills he himself learned while as a ninja.

Putting his sword to the mans throat he exclaimed.

" Their is no way you just let me walk up on you, if you are who i believe you to be i would have been attacked the second i was at the entrance to the water fall, What do you want of me for you to not attack?"

Gokujin waited for the ninjas response

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The rush of cascading water echoed down the walls of the cave, Two small candles danced with the darkness, The youg warrior sat with his bow across his lap, The light from the candles played across his armour, The deep red matched the hilt of his sword.

The warrior was in a deep meditaon , his dark black hair was tied back, his features where rough, A broken nose and a long scar ran down his face, He had seen many battles and was skilled enough to still be alive.

All of a Sudden his eyes flicked open, Reaviling the dark blue oceans of his soul, Standing, you could see his full splender, the moon was trying to break into the the cave but the waterfull outside was almost a blanlket of shadows.

Many Samurai knew about this place to hide, To pink cherry trees sat on ethier side of the water fall, This was to be the metting place of the Samurai masters, each clan would met in times of need, The messages had been sent and he had replied, now all he had to do was wait.

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Sukotto opened his eyes and eyed the sword at his throat. His eyes moved to the hand, then up the arm, and to the face of the man holding the sword. "What? A man cannot sleep?"

Sukotto straightened up slowly and got up from his bed, the sword still at his throat. "The question is, Samurai, why are you here? Your actions say you have had Shinobi Training, yet you appear before me as a Samurai. What is your story, and who are you?"

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Story? Gokujin laughs loudly with a ground shaking bellow.

" My story starts many years ago when one of the first true blooded ninjas was around. Hanzo Hatorri i met the man when i was just a child. He was ordered to destroy my village to which he did but coming up to a boy not yet 5 with a sword in hand made him question his orders. He saw a great future in my eyes. I was trained alongside the Inga and ihave learned all my stealth from that man. But i am and forever will be a Samurai at heart."

" I have come here searching for a honorable man. And since i know it was you last night that killed one man instead of the entire village and didn't take the women who saw him. I can see that you even though a ninja in these times, has some honor. The world we live in is falling HARD. We are the old ones who grew up in a time of honor. So i ask you.... Will you join me?"

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Sukotto thought about if for a moment. "You're quite perceptive, Samurai. I thought I hadn't left a trace. Ok, You remove the sword from my throat and I will gather my things. We have an accord." Sukotto held out his hand.

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Tokyo bustled around Arisuta. He was a point of stillness in the jostling crowd. He knew that there were Samurai in the city, Samurai who knew what honor was. All he had to do was find them. Maybe along the way he would aquire a blade that he could use.

A jolt of pain lanced through him and he doubled over. His hand was covered in blood. Tokyo was a big place, but maybe

he could find a doctor who wasnt full of horse crap.

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Gokujin was about to shake Sukotto when he heard the sound of a blade cutting the wind.

He kicked Sukotto out of the way and sliced the air in front of him sending a dagger into the wall. Then he heard a voice he has been dreading for quite sometime.

" I can smell you old man, COME OUT AND FIGHT GONHJI!"

Gokujin picked Otto up from the floor.

" You stay here this is not your fight. And this will not be a fight at all if i can avoid it."

Gokujin walks through the water fall to see an old enemy.

The man stands 5 spans tall and wielded two long double bladed sabers. One attached to the top of his shoulders and the other attached to his back. The man had blood red eyes that saw straight into your soul.

"Gonhji! I am not fighting your now this is not the place."

Gonhji: Sure it is old friend.

The man unstraps one of his weapons and slams it into the ground creating a shockwave that threw the unprepared Gokujin back into the cave and sliding next to Otto.

Looking up at Otto.

" You ready to fight because it looks like we have no choice."

The young one stepped forward to fight but Gokujin grabbed him.

" We will not kill him Understood, just fight until we have an opening to escape. I can sense his master near he is drawing closer. And i will NOT loose another to that mans rage UNDERSTOOD!"

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Sukotto grabbed his mask and out it on. Flipping a razor dart in his hands, he said,"Crystal." Sukotto swiped the yet to be named man's hand away and ran to gather his weapons. He slipped on his gloves and grabbed all the throwing darts he had. He strapped on his Bo Staff and sheathed his Katana. He threw the rest of his equipment into his knapsack, flinging it over his shoulder.

He ran past the man,"You coming, Stranger?" Sukotto leapt forward out of the waterfall and crouched down, ready to attack thi new enemy.