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"The future will soon become our present."

Scientific and Technological Advanced Research Enterprises
Scientific and Technological Advanced Research Enterprises

S.T.A.R Enterprises is a newly unveiled company, specializing in scientific research, advanced technological developments, and a fair amount of study on state-of-the-art weaponry, specifically for militaristic purposes. However, the enterprise doesn't limit itself to advanced technology alone, certain scientist among them even studying the many veils of arcane. Prior to its most sudden foundation and ascension in technological capability, the laboratory itself had been a distinctively small, somewhat unsuccessful business that had similar ideals in procuring research that was only thought possible in the far future. However, since the recent takeover by genius and rising scientist, Alexander Miles, the company itself has been driven to all new heights, far beyond the expectations of the previous owners of the business.

Certainly one of the largest scientific institutes in Chicago, if not the largest, it is soon expected to become one of the largest institutions throughout the country, consistently growing as further discoveries are made by its workers. Through numerous humanitarian efforts, as well as experimentation within various fields of research being conducted, Director Miles expects to expand multiple other locations throughout the U.S, each laboratory possibly benefiting other purposes, be it weapons development, studies and creations in advanced vehicular transportation (Or transportation in general), greater treatments in the medical field, and even powered exoskeletons. Recent theories have even enabled them to state that there is a slim possibility of accessing a theoretical 'time stream' through technology. However, the research company's endeavors certainly don't stop there....

According to the company's deputy director, one Gene Aventus, the company's intense research has lead them to discover artifacts lost through numerous civilizations, bearing unique and seemingly technological capabilities, thought beyond the scope of what could be created in past times...

The Director

Alexander Miles, Current Director of S.T.A.R Enterprises
Alexander Miles, Current Director of S.T.A.R Enterprises

Prior to his public debut, Alexander had been a technological theorist and working scientist, seemingly having designed minor to moderate creations of his own, ones that he had incorporated into his home, and at times, daily life. Having always desired to formulate his very own institution for technology, it wasn't before Alexander had begun amassing a substantial fortune for himself, simultaneously displaying his intellectual prowess through his work for other companies and businesses.

"In a world with an immeasurable number of things and concepts beyond our natural understanding, be it metahumans, supernatural forces, even deities, science is our one way of making sense of it all," Alexander placidly remarked, when questioned about his passionate interest in advanced machinery and applied sciences, during an interview. He continued, "And through further discovery and developments, the innovative and cutting-edge future that many of us have envisioned for the world can finally come to fruition. We can begin to understand the nature of so many forces beyond our control."

Indeed, with numerable discoveries out there to be unearthed, and with the many resources at hand, it is highly unlikely that the success of S.T.A.R Enterprises will come to a halt anytime soon...

Chicago Facility

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The unique structure of the facility had been formulated over the small building of the previous owners, to Alexander's wishes. During the day, visitors, provided they possess proper identification, are able to enter and observe the interior, or take tours of the various rooms and expanses within the facility itself. Workers come in through another entrance, being required to enter in certain information into a silver, computerized device before being granted access to the numerous chambers used for creation and research.

Various security systems have been put in place, in the rare case that an intruder would make the attempt to enter the building via force, including: Automated stun artillery components hidden within the walls, as well as minuscule probes which have been configured into a criminal database, and will phone for the authorities when having scanned an intruder. Its personal databases have been equipped with various firewalls and programs that would enable the system to detect a hacker attempting to break into its databases.

Rules and OOC Information

  • This location is still under construction. Thus, expect more updates to the OP in the near future.
  • CVnU Rules DO NOT apply, and you have no business following them. (Just kidding, CVnU rules apply).
  • Please don't blow the place up, cause major destruction, or hack into the systems without permission. Aside from those, you are free to attempt to attack, as long as you sell the defenses and security.
  • If you have some ideas for interactions, or have a character you wish to be affiliated with the laboratories, be sure to hit me up!
  • Lastly, because this is a business, you shouldn't be having fun.... So have fun!
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