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“Ladies and Gentlemen. As a nation, we cannot be divided. It seems that everyone drones on about Gothic not being part of the union but nobody seems to do much. Some time ago, when Jean and I were running against each other I took the first step to establish an alliance with the Gothic Mayor, we spent an entire afternoon brainstorming ways that the city could become part of the United States of America again and ways that it could be reconstructed.”

“We stayed in contact and became good friends. We share similar views on social and fiscal policies and despite the fact that we had to run against each other in this election. We made it a point not to attack each other, because we valued our friendship, and we believe that if either one would have won then the other would have made the country a better place. Which is at the end of the day, our main priority.”

“But then, we saw that we could do more if we stood together again. Which is why I am happy to announce that Alexander Rook will be my running mate in the upcoming election.”

“But enough from me. Let’s hear it for the man of the hour!” Alexander clapped his hands as he sat down.

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‘Look at that smile and tell me you don’t want to believe in him. He’s young and charming and he appeals to women and the youth. He comes from a rough upbringing, which makes him relatable to minorities and the working class. He also has a kid on the way too, from a Hawk Lord at that. If I had fabricated him, I couldn’t have picked a better running mate. The Liberal vote is practically mine right now.’

‘When I told him at the beginning of the race that I planned to run again and that I wanted his support he told me that it was his intentions to run too. I could have threatened him, but I saw an opportunity. I told him to run against me and to get as many votes in as he could. By the time the primaries came, I would announce him as my running mate.’

‘And now, here we are. The country is my oyster.’

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Mid-flight, Anthony was alerted to Horizon that an announcement had been made. It was interesting to see this upcoming election; Orion Savage was a strange candidate.

--Horizon, show me a feed--

After a second, he spoke.

Looks like the trend of useless vice president's will continue...
Looks like the trend of useless vice president's will continue...
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James Merrarn watched it with interest replaying it in his mind.

'It appears one of these two shall be taking the vote I think, especially with this. I'd place my bet on Rook. In fact, he appears the best for the job. Let's see how everything else turns out first. The dice haven't all been cast yet, that much is very clear. I expect a bit more to happen.' He thought getting up from the sofa he was on and stretching almost unnaturally.

"Times not up, just have patience and watch it all." He said aloud scratching his scalp.

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"You're kidding..."

From the lackluster confines of his cell, Octavian's mildly incredulous gaze was held upon the television beyond the cold bars of lockup. A curl of the lip and an amused chortle later, and he'd returned to lying down upon his bed, rolling his eyes. Typical. Dumb ape follows dumb ape, after all.

At this point, his interest in political affairs had begun to waver. Every presidential report only deepened his hypocritical sentiment that the entire thing was a jumble of idiots and would-be politicians. Himself included, to a very small extent.

At least Savage was entertaining to watch...

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(Did we ever get a response when I tried to go to your prison cell?)

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(Did we ever get a response when I tried to go to your prison cell?)

No, we're postponing that for the New Gods storyline.

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(oh ok).


Luna Hawk was present to support Alexander, though many still did not associate the Hawk Lords with Alexander Rook, he'd been careful to keep that association known only with Dark Vengeance. She cradled her helmet in her lap, watching the proceedings from a seat next to him along with various other dignitaries. She wore her usual clothing and traced her fingers idly over the contours of her helmet as she watched and listened to the announcement. She had an announcement of her own to make to Alexander but was waiting until this was over so he wouldn't be focused on it and nervous.

Solar Hawk, his closer lover and future wife was not present, she'd provided a reason earlier that Luna Hawk had conveyed but Luna Hawk's suspicions proved to be true when she received a message from her later. Solar Hawk is giving birth. She glanced at her watch for a moment. I think I can get us there pretty quickly when this is over. Gale Xanders let me borrow one of her cars.

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*Temporarily folds his paper down to catch a glimpse of the large flat screen inside his Bombardier Global 8000. Quickly reading the Fox News ticker continually scrolling along the bottom alerting their audience to explosive announcement.

"Dee shepherds seemed poised to devour dheir own flock"

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Haters gonna hate.
Haters gonna hate.

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*Sampson sees this shit on the news