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@nordok said:

@soterichor: @the_psyentist: Supremely high praise, especially coming from two writers who consistently raise the bar for quality, themselves. If I am successful, it is because I am privileged to collaborate with such artists.

D'awww. YOU.

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@mother/Doctor Wheatly

Turning my head back to Supra Man.

No Caption Provided

"You see.. you see, I'm questioning your decision."

I have strong opinions against various things, calling my harvesting of humans wasteful and stupid and believing bacon is for sycophants and products of incest. But the thing that I really have a gripe about is that I despise these God forgiving spandex lovers, Maverick, and fairytale superheroes that wear spandex. In that order.

"Put her to safety, did you? Put her near the populated evacuation centers or where ever people flee too?"

Unlike Maverick, these heroes just never seem to understand the parasitic weight I have on the world. I'm pretty sure out of everybody Supra Man knows how it feels like to hold back, It's the same way I feel when I'm holding back the urge to POP those viruses I infected that little girl with. I still feel her.. I smell her.. I'm talking to her flesh, were intertwined as she moves around. I can even understand what's she's thinking about, and it's ever so cute her suffering. Just looking for mommy and daddy while she's coming in contact with other vulnerable subjects that are fleeing town.

I know.. I know it's some bullshit and unjust satanic power. It's like that flippery of those blood manipulators way back when, but I don't think of it like that. It's just... a talent, real power comes when you can have complete control over the situation with just your slithering tongue.

"That would've been the solution for most of your hostage situations, but you know the difference between you fake golden-standard protectors and those in Maverick?"

"Flip, They would have shot, quarantined and incinerated that little girl the moment they saw I put my virus contaminated hands on her! BUT! I'm being rather generous here, holding back as people say... Strong and fast as you are, I'm sorry big fella this kind thing isn't just meant for you. "

Cracking my neck ever so slightly, I tossed more splashing organs towards the braindead creature as one did with crumbs and birds.

Sighing. "So, I promise." Placing my hand over my chest

"My offer still stands, unless you want to do that whole speed thing again as pointless as it was."

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Respects gave to @kaija for the interaction in Portland between her and Amy.

This post was dope

Anger flared up in Kaija after hearing the girl's faint words. She had heard every one. Her discontent was vividly displayed by her furrowing brow, scowl, and blood red eyes. She turned violently in Amy's direction, raising a single hand and opening her mouth to speak. But before her vicious words could escape from her mouth, she noticed the sorrow on the girl's face, and how she averted her eyes. She sighed and held her peace for a moment, taking some time to think over her words as the girl completed her task. Kaija had no intention of letting Amy leave that day without hearing her words, she simply decided to... think out what she was going to say to avoid putting the young girl into an even worse mood.

Kaija would stand against the wall, speechless and deep in thought as Amy completed her task. Time would pass. When the last barrel fell, Kaija would approach the girl with a stoic yet irritated expression. She put her hand on the Amy's shoulder and forced her to look at her as she spoke.

"I'm going to be honest with you. I'm pissed off right now, but probably not for the reasons that you think I am. You're doing the same annoying &@#% that you did back at that party, and it confuses the hell out of me. I didn't lie to you when I said that I didn't care whether or not you were a hero, but why in God's name are you acting so damn timid and ashamed? Are you trying to tell me that there's something wrong or shameful about acting in self preservation, or acting in your own self-interest, Amy?"Kaija asked her, her eyes narrowing and her grip tightening for a moment as she took a brief pause, "You don't have to be a hero to be worth a %$@& as a person. And taking steps to better yourself is honorable, even if you have no intention of taking your abilities and getting yourself killed for a stranger's sake. I don't know where you got this childish mindset from, but drop it. If you've forgotten, I'm not a hero myself. I'm just a soldier. I have no intention of ever becoming a hero and I don't think that anyone would ever look down on me, or you, for not being a damn hero. Unless you intend on picking a fight with me or becoming some kinda murdering terrorist you're not gonna have any problems from me just because you wanna feel more secure in your ability to care for yourself, Amy. %$@&!!!"

Kaija released her grip from the girl's shoulder, then sighed. Taking a second to calm down before she continued.

"Sorry, but if I didn't get that off of my chest I would've been pissed off for the rest of the week. You don't need to walk around hating yourself for childish reasons. And that mindset is insulting to everyone who just wants to live their lives peacefully and be happy. Understand me?" Kajia explained, a more calm expression on her face.

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@_gaige_ said:

As machine and pilot melded, bonded in a betrayal the pilot sought to speak next. To use the machine to get her own message out there. She'd look to access messaging software if possible through the machine as well and her own fallen electronics if possible. To make every broken drone, computer, phone or whatever else she could reach out to chime with a simple.

"Kill me if you have to <3 ~Lizzy"

And then to try and make the machine before her scream out the same words. In what hopefully was a glass shattering roar something primal and almost slowing the machine from acting for a moment. Lizzy wanted it to yell in her own voice to "KILL ME" for it was better to die, to be broken and thrown against the carcas of a sky scraper then dwell within this violation of mechanics and biology.

Being eaten alive, I feel Gaige shows a true indominatable will. Azra is a writer who can write a character at their most vulnerable when it's interesting and still not well....break down as I see some people do when their character is weak.

In a way, she's strong enough to have her character be vulnerable and to rest in the jaws of death. Always respected her as a writer for that because there are only so many people who allow themselves to go there.

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@maverick_6: thanks! Means a lot

I had a lot of fun with that one and trying to play on the horror of it while conveying her will in the situation

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There have been so many fantastic posts lately across the board, but segments of these two in Knock it Off really stand out to me.


“This is the Black Bat speaking. I know who you all are. Weidman. Razor. Afterthought. Omen. I know what you can do. I know your real names. I know your powers. I won’t ask you to surrender. I know you won’t. I won’t offer any deals. I know you won’t take them. The only way any of you are leaving here is in a body bag or handcuffed to an ambulance.”


They failed to question why would he rather stay away from all sorts of combat, why he retreated earlier than expected, how a man with ties to the army risked his reputation for nothing more than the idea of pocketing a few extra bucks. He did a good job, and as a reward he now laid a couple miles away from the entrance of Fort Knox. A few acquaintances of his witnessed through the crosshairs of his scope. A particularly singular figure catches his attention, one who maimed many of his friends back in the day, one he wouldn't have any qualms with putting her six feet under.

In all honesty, he wouldn't bother seeing any of those heads blow up had they failed to comply Black Bat's usual requests of surrender.

He had been assigned under that mysterious man ever since word of a new criminal team being formed scattered within the wind. They weren't very professional about it, caring mostly about the message and the flashiness rather than effectiveness. In his eyes, they were easy prey ever since day one, he had quite some time to study and prepare, pass information to his superiors and await for his mission. Thorny Tiho, most of the higher-ups acknowledged his desires didn't lay on money or any other material prizes. In exchange for risking his life as any good soldier should, all he asked was to be a part of the final showdown. Not for the sake of avenging fallen brothers, not for the sake of justice or even this country he stood at.

In summary, these two pulled a classic CIA move and infiltrated a villain team five months ago after they used mass recruitment techniques instead of individual contracting. These are only segments of much larger posts, but they really get across both the competence of the superhero institutions in the CVU. It's also just a great twist that truly elevated the RPG.

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I think the betrayal was great, well planned, well executed, all that jazz, but I'd also like to say I think it reflects really well on @afterthought as a writer to be willing to set it up in such a way that all this could happen. There's an awful lot of "you need an invitation to join my secret club" stuff going on around CV, likely in large part to prevent such things as this. Being willing to be a character to make a decision that's maybe not in the best interests of self-preservation but which opens up the world this much is something I think we can all admire.

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@supra-man: <3

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#159 Posted by Kaija (1832 posts) - - Show Bio

I think the betrayal was great, well planned, well executed, all that jazz, but I'd also like to say I think it reflects really well on @afterthought as a writer to be willing to set it up in such a way that all this could happen. There's an awful lot of "you need an invitation to join my secret club" stuff going on around CV, likely in large part to prevent such things as this. Being willing to be a character to make a decision that's maybe not in the best interests of self-preservation but which opens up the world this much is something I think we can all admire.

Basically this ^^^

Props to Luna.

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Warsman: Heavens Unite #232

As Johann closed his eyes, he did not consign himself completely to the advent of merely daydreaming until the world ended. That was never like him, even in his coldest and most inhumane calculations. He couldn't stomach doing that. Instead, as the resonating melodies of Blue Oyster Cult's Veteran of the Psychic Wars dulled down to a harsh whisper of their former thunderous selves, he flipped a command on his console that integrated with his neural receptors hidden deep within his ear canals. The buds connected to something underneath his business attire, and he stood without a second of delay.

Before him, the clouded image of New Eden soard from just below the clouds. Infinite possibilities opened before him, ebbing and flowing like water, breaking on the rocks of his consciousness, wearing them down to the salt they were made from and building them up like mountains beneath the very waves of eternity. It sparked his imagination, and he opened his eyes, the last thing he saw inspiring a tremor in his chest.

It wasn't of hope, but something deeper - something more human. Not the vague assumption that a hero would save them all, not a desperate plea for help that was answered at the last second before certain defeat. No, Johann knew the meaning of the symbol and chose to make it his own. He stifled a laugh as the blue hue of its backdrop melted into the red and yellow of its emblazoned glory.

The faded, but tried and true, sigil of the Supreme Defender, of Supra-Man himself...

"How childish," he coughed.

The clothing he chose to wear to this assumed final resting place of Johann von Derfflinger melded into nothingness, replaced by the layer of armor he had concealed underneath. It was a suitable precaution just in case he could carry something else over to the other side, just as he assumed that he could give his beyond-self gifts if he placed them in just the right place of universally sentimental value. Yet, with a sigh, he unanimously decided that it was all mere speculation and hope.

There was that word again.

Stopping himself from delaying any further, he ignited the boosters on the foot-holds of his suit and disappeared into the sky, leaving behind his curiosities and embracing his dreams at long last. Just for kicks, he unfurled the micro-folded cape that instantly began whipping in the wind.

Worth it.

No Caption Provided

He was upon New Eden in a similar pace to the so-called Protectors, transcended beings that still obeyed the Avatar down to the last word he would croak. His arrival did not go unnoticed, as a series of them pounced on his armored form like wild animals. Ripping and tearing at his suit, they neglected the possibility that they were encroaching upon the genius of Johann von Derfflinger, and in an instant their bodies were covered in a swath of anti-material based shock technology. It had been designed as a tasering system for unwanted melee combatants at first, enhanced fully by Daedalus himself before his unfortunate demise following what the media called "The Great Decommissioning."

Johann remembered it well. He was a fan of many of the mechas and other assorted kaiju-fighting technologies that were laid to rest on that day. Daedalus was deactivated as per his own request. He didn't want to live in a world where creativity was smothered in such a way.

The power-armored human gritted his teeth in grim remembrance of that day.

"This one is for a certain cyborg pal of mine," Johann grunted, grabbing the nearest two Protectors by the skulls and overloading their neural receptors into a paralytic state. Of course, the feeling being transmitted was unfathomable amounts of pain.

He quickly lowered himself to ground-level, intent on assisting anyone that wasn't Supra-Man. He could handle himself - hopefully. Again with that blasted word.

"Supra-Man!" Johann called out to the Hero of Tomorrow, dropping the two completely unconscious Protectors to the broken stone at his feet.

His chest emitted a powerful glow, enriched by the symbolism of the iconic S plate. Calling out for infringement right now would just be hilarious; besides, Johann preferred to call it something else.

"I'll probably never get to say this on the other side, beyond all of this, but you're a real inspiration to me," he said quickly. "I'll clean up the mess you left, now finish this - whatever is going to happen has to happen because of you,"

Johann left his knowledge of what had occurred throughout this entire adventure up to Nemo for interpretation. For right now, he grappled with a monstrous Protector with hundreds of tons of force behind his initial charge, as well as the resulting blows to the midsection of Johann's suit. Luckily it was made to endure such crushing pressures - and manifold more. Johann roared in response, ducking out of the struggle for power and slamming a plated fist straight into the creature's chin. It staggered away, stunned but conscious.

It was no longer human.

It needed to be put down, for the sake of everything left of this world. Everything salvageable, able to be protected and sheltered into what lay beyond.

"HEROES OF THE TRUE EARTH!" he shouted into his vocal amplifier, so that all could hear him across the relative distance of the Battle of New Eden.


Without hesitation, he - a mere human - went headlong into the apocalypse, casting blows in all directions, blasting what he could not hit or what got too close. Maybe he would earn that word himself one day. He never once imagined it would be today, at the dawn of whatever crested in the distance between the stars.

This has honestly been my favorite RP I've ever been involved with. I had to choose between doing this post or Dreadpool's grand reveal that Darkevius Halliwell is the one behind the plot. This post has everything I love, though, and I can see it setting up basically my next six months of RPG plot on the site.

Warsman sold the "last charge of humanity" brilliantly. The three months of buildup towards the climax are paying off like nothing I've ever seen before, and this post really encapsulates it. Maximum kudos.

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Afterthought sold getting ragdolled like a freaking champ, and with killer dialogue to boot.

Afterthought had little time to react but thanks to her lens, she was able to track the creature that was now rushing towards her. Shields down, still have inertial dampeners...and a sleeve. The song distraction meant she reacted too slowly to the new threat to already have her weapons ready, so she'd have to improvise. As he sought to grab her she dropped both of her now empty revolvers and slid one hand to her side while the other was brought up as a brace between herself and her opponent, her upper arm caught his hand just inches from her neck and in the moon lit darkness of the parking her white teeth glinted in the darkness and a smile caressed her eyes. The impact of his insane strength against her arm should have broken it in and shoved her own hand into her face but her inertial dampener soaked the kinetic impact and spread it out across a body glove field. Instead of broken bones she felt intense pain from the impact ripple through her arm and into her shoulder. He slammed her into a car as her other arm quietly slid a small cylinder from her belt.

The impact with the car should have broken bones and bruised organs, but again her esoteric little device kicked in, driving the energy over a dampening field so that no one part of her body took the full brunt of the impact and the pain was instead equally distributed. It wasn't a perfect system, the impact hurt like hell as he used her arm to drive her into a car, but it kept her alive and functioning rather than dead and twitching. She licked bloodied lips. "What is left when heroes finish arguing over the ruins of a city they were supposedly defending?" She asked. She crushed the cylinder between her fingers and the air filled with the noxious smell of decay and death. Her body teleported from his grasp and re-appeared fifty feet in the opposite direction, behind him, back by her dropped revolvers. She crouched down, coughing a little blood into her injured hand. "Nothing but the broken afterthoughts." She finished as Weidman launched an attack on the creature.

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Nathan Daly - Sun is Shinin' in the Sky

The Spider-themed hero Nate Daly is severely outclassed when going up against the faux Reynard in this RP; every other character who made an appearance so far is high-tier or a straight brick. Despite lower durability and speed, he still demonstrates what a street level hero can do in this sort of crisis. First, he saves a multitude of civilians through creative use of his powers:

However, instead of continuing onwards he merely used Brutus' sky scraper as a stepping stone. With power and precision invested into him by his powers accelerating his reflex arc to effectively slow down perception of time, The Spider began webbing up the perimeter around the building in several layers of blanket-like webs. He attached these to buildings across the street to create a silk tutu for the building.

The goal was to provide cushioning for any remaining people who might throw themselves out of the building in a spur of panic. He didn't know how extensive the damage actually was but Nathan remembered hearing this in a documentary about 9/11 so it was best to be safe. At the very least it would help in slowing down falling debris.

Later on in the same RP, he removes an unconscious hero from the scene, taking away a major complication for the remaining bricks engaging Dandy.

The Spider made a circle around the block to gather some speed via the physics of underlying centripetal force. He wasn't aware of the limits of his speed but he calculated that he averaged 96 km/h at the peak of his swing and resulted in high-g movement in the tenths. One which his body was unnaturally adapted to. This time, these forces were multiplied.

Like a crimson streak, his swing cut the corner before literally launching himself towards Brutus Enterprises and the floor where the crisis was taking place. He passed by the gaping hole out of the building and waved before using his accelerated existence to quickly bring the passed out person at the floor towards himself. "Be right witcha." He would place the godling into his arms like a toddler into a cradle and swing him several blocks away.

He could do that to a grown man easy. As slight as he looked compared to the other heroes. They were built like tanks, sure, but Nathan had the body of a seasoned gymnast - a super-strong one at that.

The writing here is superb and is a perfect showcase of how RPs aren't defined by the tiers of the characters involved.