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A small camera crew is running trough the wreckage of New York a mighty battle has broken out between, A new enemy and the Heros of eart, the battle is not going well.

"This is live action news, Newyork is under attack by a unkown powerful enemy, Many Hero have fallen or lay dead, Are hope lies on are greatest hero , who as we speak fights this monster over the harbour". The two where looked in deadly battle in front of the staute of liberty, Each puncj shoke the ground, Then the hero slamed to the groun at lady liberties feet. "O god , O god , Help if anyone is out there help".

The strange being began charging his hands , A blast of red energy exlpoded towards the fallen hero, He closed his eyes as death was about to hit then nothing, slowly he opened his eyes to see a shadowy figure taking the full force of the blast.

He was fighting back with a dark blast of his own, the energy waves plusing off the two beams was destroying everything around them, The beams where getting stonger , frocing the man of shadows to one knee.

His jacket began to tears, his hat blew away,the ground around him began to break as he stood again, his jacket burnt as did his shirt, his skin began to blister, He could feel his blood begining to boil, tears of blood rolled from his eyes and nose, a small scarlet trickle came from each ear, Pushing the blast back the unkown threat was destroyed.

The man fell to his knees, and fell forward, Lady liberty looked down over the fallen man, a great shadow on such a dark past, All of a sudden the men where surrounded by medical staff, treating the injured.

the camera cut back to the news reporter"The threat has been adverted but at what cost and who was that unkown man who saved us all" tears rolled down the womens perfect cheek, as she broke into a sob .

Two hours later.

New York Head quaters: Around forty men the all armed with milatry weapons stood round the medical bed as it was pushed down the the hall, the lights came at intervals of three seconeds, the body on the bed was almost burnt to a crisp, His dark eyes where now blue, his face was covered in blisters and blood, One of his arms was all but gone and his leg was just haning on, he had forth degree burns all over his body.

The bed came to a halt as it enterd surgery, "Put the power dampers on him, I do not want him breaking free, this has been coming along time and finally ,we have him" A tray of scaples and knifes was pushed in front of the bed,The doctor leant forward and whispered in the burnt bodies ear.

"We dont know why you helped save us today Arrow, But we can not pass up this opertunity to see what makes you tick", The man cut into the bidy "Doctor , what about pain killers", The doctor laughed "for the mighty Arrow , I dont think so".

The scaple broke into the burnt flesh, Arrow began to fit in pain. But he did not scream , not even when the ripped open his rib cage, and took out one of his eyes, He just shock, passing out every now and again, when he did they would just pump him full of aderniline to keep him awake, They would find out what they wanted from him dead or alive.

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sun rises on a earth that is barren and almost without life

A figure hovers above a building, the figure is dressed in a dark armor.

  • A loud and menacing voice blares into the figures mind*


The figure lands on the ground and picks up a helmet and inside lay a skull and smiles.

Figure: You asked for me to take care of Iron Man, you didnt specify how to take care of him.

The Voice shows it self, a tall and evil man appears in an astral form

Voice: You were to deal with him in a manner that would not draw attention to yourself, now look can you not sense them coming, how did this happen Darkchild.


        And i did come here to take care of him in a manner that would not draw attention, but he was.... unwilling.

Famine speaks of what transgressed here 4 hours earlier

Stark Towers

Tony sits in his chair at his desk skimming his new Iron Man suit designs.


Mr. Stark their is a man here to see you

Tony: Send him up.

Tony waits for his new friend to come out of the elevator his finger waiting to set forth his troops, he knows exactly who is in that elevator.

Elevator Door opens

So my old chum, you going to get up and say hello or is your trigger finger a bit preoccupied.

Tony: Hello Cordero, so you finally found me.

Cordero: Yes it was a bit tricky since, your Iron Man clones were everywhere i needed to take care of them one at a time. Oh and Jim said the nicest things about you, before i tore him apart. But i am not here to fight you, my master is in need of your services.

Tony stands up from his chair.

Tony: You know very well i will not go with you to him. Tony takes out a device with a button on it But i do know that these will make sure you never go back to him either.

The windows of Tony's office shatter and glass flies everywhere.

In flies in a dozen of Tony's finest models of his Iron Man armor.

Cordero: Oh well now see, this is a problem because he told me to keep this quite but i guess this one be easy.

Cordero in an instant is in his Famine armor and his eyes glowing bright red.

Famine: Now why dont we make this FUN!

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Devil Dawgz


Off on the distant planet of Y's, a small team of mercenaries weaved threw the city. There mission was simple enough, get in and take out the Prime Minister and get out, it was a mission the Federation never intended to succeed.

This is to easy, we never should have gotten this far without some sort of resistance. said Raines as he looked at his wing man and long time friend Dark Alpha.

Agreed, this smells like a set up. Dark Alpha pressed his finger to his ear and activated his com-link. Gambler come in, this doesn't feel right. Any activity in your quadrant?

High above the ground in an abandoned tower laid Gambler, the only human on the team he had fled Earth years ago after a daring daylight escape from a maximum security prison while awaiting execution. The sniper laid motionless, partially covered with an old dirty grey canvas with nothing but the barrell of his rifle sticking out.

"Negative DA, quite as a hoar in church over here."

Suddenly the Dark Alpha felt the burn of concentrated energy blaze a path through his body leaving a hole the size of a human head in his chest. The rest of the team took cover were they could.

Gambler!! Gambler come in its a trap, repeat, its a...................

The young sniper rose to his feet and repealed down on a zip line. As soon as his feet hit the ground he was surrounded. He looked around to see thee entire team dead, all but Raines, he was down on his knees with his hands cuffed behind his back.

They sold us out kid, those god damn

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Darkchild stands surrounded by Iron Man suits while Tony sits in his chair smiling that cocking smile he has always smiled.

Darkchild: So you think these things will stop the will of a HORSEMAN! Nothing you throw at me will stop me.

The suits begin to close in on Darkchild. He realizes that the room is rather small and these things are bulky.

One of the suits closes in on Darkchild charging its blaster up and fires. The blast flies at Darkchild with amazing speed, Darkchild creates a sword and catches the blast with the middle section of his blade staggering for a sec from the impact of the blast.

Darkchild: I can see they have received an upgrade sine the last time?

DC lunges at the suit that attacked him and grabs the suit and rips the helmet from

its body, blood begins to drip from the fallen suit.

Darkchild: Oh my Tony? I see you have become more of a a$$, you sent soldiers in these suits, you know that makes it more fun since i do hate destroying these things when they had no conscious and no fear, but now that their controlled this will be ever more satisfying .

Dc begins to tear the suits apart blasting most with his with his dark powers and cutting many in two. The battle between the suits and him begins to become a bother when he is hit from the side and sent flying out of the building.

Lands on the cement below

Darkchild: What the hell was that didn't sense where it came from?

Tony: I have decided to take matters into my own hands, since it wouldnt be fun just watching them destroy you.

Tony hovers above Darkchild in a Hulkbuster suit.

Darkchild: Hmm havnt seen that in a long time, guess you had to resort to desperate measures Tony.

Tony: I am not desperate Darkchild, and this is not and old suit this is the suit i have been designing for years waiting for when Apocalypse finally does oppose me.

Tony disappears in a blink of an eye and is behind DC.

Tony grabs Darkchild by the back of the head and slams him into the ground.

Darkchild begins to laugh.

Darkchild: I see that you truly are going to fight.

DC reaches behind him and grabs Tony's hand and flips him over him sending him flying

Darkchild: Guess we shall begin.

DC charges his fists up with dark energy

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Akwa walked along the bottom of the sea.

'It's been the first time in years I've been able to relax like this.'

With a sigh, Akwa's body became blurred and indistinct as he began to dissolve into the water. His body was no longer as he was now spread out among the sea.

Overhead, there was a BOOM!. Akwa's body reformed quickly as he swam out of the water.

'What is it this time?'

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Dc charges Tony

Tony vanishes and appears behind DC and grabs him by the shoulder an throws him into a building.

DC slams into the building and straight through. He gets up and walks out the hole created by him.

Darkchild: You insulent fool you think treating me like every lover you have ever had is going to hurt me? You are going to need to do better than that fool.

Tony charges DC and punches and swings at him, Darkchild avoids each swing and counters by grabbing tony's arm and tossing him over his shoulder. Tony goes flying and hits the ground hard and rolls and tumbles.

Tony gets up with part of his helmet missing.

Before Tony can catch his breath DC is right in front of him with a fully charged energy blast, which he sets off right in Tony's face. Sending the once proud human flying and landing hard.

The blast torn most of the armor apart leaving his helmet his chest still intact.

Tony: Guess im going to have to up it a bit.

A beeping begins to resonate from his armor. DC sees what is going to happen merely smiles in delight. He rushes Tony and wraps his arms around him

Darkchild: Oh tony i cant let that happen your death will be by my hands not your own. AHHHHHHHHHHHHH

DC begins to charge himself up until his body glows a bright red.

Darkchild: BOOM

And Darkchild explodes creating a cloud of ash and sunder, and Tony's is obliterated leaving only his skull and his helmet.

DC stands up and begins to breath heavy.

Darkchild: Hahahaha...No human has ever pushed me that far.

He senses power signatures getting near.

So my liege i am sorry that we were unable to acquire his intellect, but he gave me no other choice.

Apocalypse: My servent that is fine, his use would have been short lived anyway. I need you to do one more thing before you return, I need you to find sutable applicants for roles as my Horsemen.

Darkchild: Death,War, and Pestilance...i think i may have some in mind.

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Akwa looked up as a huge robot walked through the nearby village of Waterdun, killing people with indiscrimination.

Akwa ran in front of the robot. 'Stop right there!'


'Oh yeah?' Akwa snarled. 'Well, I've never met a robot I couldn't smash!'

Akwa dodged Destructomatic's attack and punched him straight in the chest. Which did nothing. Akwa gasped as he looked closer at the robot.

'You're made entirely out of Admantium I? Crap!'

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Darkchild sits and ponders on how he will bring who he wants to him and his liege

He begins talking to himself.

How can i bring her to us, she would never become what we are...she did love me once yet i know that would never work, how could bring her to me?

How could a man like him a god among gods be one of the evil again? He has watched as his kind become extinct now that no one believes in god. His people still live yet none show themselves?

And how can i bring a man of pure righteousness to our fold? He is the only one i could see as Death.

And when all his questions begin to be too much he begins to smile, and turns around and looks at the trophy he won Tony's Helmet. HAHAHAHA. I do have one way to bring them all at once to one meeting, one that will change them forever.

doorbell rings

A very attractive women opens the door, to see someone she hasn't seen in quite some time.

Darkchild: Hel-

The women grabs Darkchild by the collar and slams him into the wall with her fist mere inches from his face.

Women: You have some balls to come waltzing back here after what you did to me, let alone Tony!!

Darkchild smiles

Darkchild: The peon deserved everything he received yesterday, every ounce of pain he endured he deserved for what he was willing to do to us all.

The women sets Darkchild onto the ground and fixes her shirt.

Woman: I have no clue why i havnt rendered you uselss to all women but i will hear what you have to say.

Darkchild: First get the pretty boy and mohawk head to the old HQ.

Woman: Why do you need them? What are you planning.

Darkchild: Just bring yourself and them to HQ in 2 hours and i will tell you everything.

The woman gives him an odd look.

He smiles and opens the door to leave.

Darkchild: You will never change still hot tempered as usual.

He walks out the door and vanishes into the shadows with a smile

2 hours later

Darkchild sits at a seat in what is the remains of the old Avengers headquarters.

The three arrive right on time as he expected them to be.

Darkchild: You know i always wondered, Why would Tony allow a known villain and criminal to be on the Avengers i was always giving him reasons to doubt his decision but i will admit that those times were very fun.

The women walks into the light of the over head light fixture.

Woman: What did you call us here for?

A big and bulky man walks in next to her.

Mohawk head: Yes you puny man why would you want us three here?

A man in yellow waltzes into the room and says only one word.

Man in Yellow: Cordero?

Darkchild: I have brought you all here to see what the world would be with a man like HIM.

Apocalypse walks in behind Darkchild.

The three former Avengers ready for a fight.

Mohawk man: I knew it, we have been tricked

The man readys his axe.

Darkchild: ARES STOP!

The three look at their old friend with wonder and fear.

Darkchild: I have brought you all here for one reason. The become like me. My liege needs more to his calling 3 more legendary figures. Death, War, and Pestilance.

                 Jennifer, Ares, and Sentry i want you to become those figures.

The three look at each other.

Ares: HAHAHAHAHA a time of true war is coming, and i have been hungering for a time like this, like the roman times. I am sick of the good times, these are the times of WAR!! HAHAHAHAHAHA i remember those times.

Jennifer: I know what tony was trying to do, finding a way to take us all in and betray us with the new LAW. I also find that if you, who were once my lover and partner could see some truth in HIS way i will follow.

The Sentry looks on in disgust. He turns around and begins to walk away.

Darkchild: Robert! Dont you remember ow it felt to be worshipped as a icon, not as a man who has gained too much weight and who will never be what he used to be in his prime. Before your powers were taken away for that one mistake. A time when someone looked up to you. When Apocalypse rules people will look to you for guidance.

The Sentry stops. And rage fills him.

Sentry: I will never kill to see a world in order NEVER.

Darkchild: I thought you would say that. snaps his fingers.

And a group of men tackle the Sentry to the ground.

Darkchild: I remember when those men who just took you to the ground would have been in pieces if they ever tried that with you, when you were worth something. Take him to the Lab.

One man punches Sentry in the face knocking him out.

He wakes up in a lab with Ares and Jennifer next to him. Then he notices Darkchild with a lab coat and medical supplies.

Darkchild: Using my masters tools i will turn you all into the Four horsemen of Apocalypse the two of you will receive no pain, but you Robert will have nothing but pain so that when i am finished you will be in so much pain your mind will corruptible.

Darkchild begins the transformation and screams can be heard from the room from all three individuals but the loudest was Sentry cries of utter pain.

Hours later

The doors to the lab open and three figures walk out of the doors. A beautiful yet menacing women, a great man, and a man who hows no emotions and a complexion of complete darkness

Darkchild smiles as his master enters the room.

Apocalypse looks all of them over and walks right to Death. He lifts the mans head, and looks into his eyes. Nothing looks back just a husk of a former great man who is now nothing but something to be controlled.

Apocalypse: gesturing to DeathRobert?

Darkchild: Yes and the other two are of course the others.

DC turns to the three and beckons them to his side. They walk before him and bow.

Pestilence: My love i will serve you to the end

War: HAHAHA been along time since i put any armor on, and i think i will get used to this.

Death: ...........Blank Stare

Darkchild faces his master with his creations next to him.

Apocalypse: My horseman you have done well. Now we take the world