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This will work alot like night of a million billion zombies but instead they're robots and all robot and cyborg chars will side with the robot army and they don't infect one more thing they are stronger and more durable than zombies and they don't steal powers they adapt for example say the hulk brings one robot down the next one built will be more resistant to whatever hulk did to bring down that robot (but never to the point of complete immunity the most they can resist is up to 75% from adaptation alone) And I have the right to pull any robot I want and some of the robots can be found In my gallary. Story: Your in your house, or wherever you live playing godzilla save the earth when A news bulletin cuts in and says that a massive robot army is attacking all places on earth then you hear the clanking of metal on concrete, asphalt, dirt, rock or whatever you live near and then the screams of someone getting pounded to bits. All normal RPg rules apply and auto-hits are allowed on the more numerous robots but not on the boss robots and no wiping out millions of them in a few fell swoops and all robots have at the least class 1 strength and are at least made of nickel/vandium alloy (pretty tough but will go down eventualy from pretty much evreything but your average joe's unarmed attacks) Objective fight your way through the Robots and try to find a way to shut them down and you can control them but don't overdue (no major things just make them do random violence you can give them lines if you want).
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"god danm it" Spectrum was hurling fire, ice anything he vould find infact. "there learning, they know what im going to do next" A cyborg swung a perfectly aimed punch knocking Spectrum off his feet. Going for the kill Spectrum spun on the ground in a firey blaze, but to know a effect. "danm it by this stage they countered my fire with weathered armour and the same with my ice" The cyborg still on his tail Spectrum grabbed his sword and sliced at the edge of his armour. The cyborgs foremost arm fell to the ground he was in no ways dead. Spectrum twirled around fireing ice beams at the other robots to keep them at bay. Driving in his sword into the cyborgs circutry in spun round and catching spectrum around the neck tazered him. "pain surged through Spectrum a feeling he had not felt in a long time. "No! they know my weakness" Every robot in the vicinity turned and charged their tazers at the same time signals were being sent to the mother computer to start production of electrical weaponery. "got to get out of here" Spectrum thought. The cyborg was still puncing Spectrum blocking woth his sword he charged himself with ice. Dodging the next punch Spectrum swept under the cyborgs arms and puched deep into his interoir freezing the circuts. The Cyborg fighting it went at him with its tazer "no this time chump" Spectrum charged his fist with fire hotter then the ice and circuits began to melt. The robots Self destuct mecanism bagan to kick in Spectrum got his fost out an opened a portal escaping the explosion just in time.

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More robots came pouring into las vegas "Destroy all life" droned a group of robots soon 5,000 police men came to try to halt the onslaught however soon the robots outnumbered and surrounded the Police men and tore them into bloody peices then there was a noise "THOOM! THOOM! THOOM! THOOM! THOOM! THOOM!" went the noise then the cause of the noise was found it was quadraxis "Annhialate" droned quadraxis as he obliterated a city block with missles.

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"Got Dammit I kill them but they stil keep coming!" yells Demise as he hurling robots in the air.

As Demise sets out a wall of fire to seperate him from the robots, He soon finds ut that they keep coming through half melted.

"Damn that really sucks." Demise says under his breath.

Soon surrounded by 500 robots Demise makes a path way to the left leading to the bridge.

"Man whoever makes these things have no life what-so-ever!"

Running with all his might Demise sees the bridge about half a mile away.


Demise looks behind him to see that the street was full of them. He could see people who tried to get away get ripped into shreds. He could hear the screams of the dying people.

"Damn things will pay!"

Catching his breath, Demise heads for the bridge.

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A monsterous robot (heres a pic http://images.wikia.com/metroid/images/3/39/Ingsmasher.jpg) Walks up to demise "Target sighted" buzzed the gargantuan robot who looked like he was ten times stronger than hulk all of a sudden he pounded on the ground creating energy shockwaves that leveled buildings and incinerated people and they were heading straight for demise.

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" You've got to be kidding me." Demise says as he sees the shockwaves coming at him. Demise focuses on the nearest tree's roots, lifting up the tree Demise jumps on it and uses it like a skateboard just barely missing the shockwave. Demise then slowly returns back to the ground. As soon as he hits the ground a robot fires a blaster at him knocking him off his feet. Getting up Demise unleashes a ring of fire at the robot that slowly melted it to the ground.

" OK big guy,your turn." Demise said as he saw the robot coming toward him.

Demise fired three fire balls at the monsterous robot. The firballs then got deflected from the robots chest plate not even leaving a mark.

" What the hell, its like he resistant to all my abilities. I've got to find a way to destroy this thing!"

The monsterous robot then fires three homing missles that were locked onto Demise. Demise tries to run throwing fire balls at them, the fire did nothing what-so-ever. Demise then ran toward the monsterous robot. Aiming toward the ground, Just as the missles were gonna hit Demise, Demise forces out a huge stream of fire leaping him into the air over the robot. Landing on the ground the missles hit the robot in the chest plate forcing the robot to stumble.

" Target is showing signs of tiredness." said the robot as he examined Demise

PantPantPant Demise then took a deep breath. . .

" This thing has got to have some kind of weakness."
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the robot raised a shield and walked towards demise it it looked like some light energy would overload it and paralyze the massive machine and it began to stomp closer "Approaching target" buzzed the machine.
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As the machine came toward Demise, Demise ran across the bridge into a more rural area.

In the rural area there were more power lines.

"No,it cant be that easy." says Demise

The monster was about half way across the bridge. There were cracks coming from the stomping robot.

" Maybe just a litlle more time." said Demise as he thought

The cracks were becoming more deeper.

"Ok,to buy me time."

Demise tries with all his might to destroy the bridge. Demise was not able to destroy the bridge, but he was able to weaken it enough so that the bridge would collapse. As the robot continued to walk across the bridge, the bridge soon collapsed takinag the bridge and the robot with it.

" Target's power level is near zero." said the robot

pantpant " For once a robot didnt rust,huh,you're creator must be really smart to do that. Well you are right for once, I am near my max but I have enough strength to try out my theory." Demise said

Demise, with the rest of his power left in him pulledm out three power lines. With the cables flying around and sparks coming out, Demise throws them into the water.

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A flood light shined on the robot's shield and then the robot got stunned by the light it was paralyzed long enough for an exploitation of it's weak point it's head (which as you can see in the picture is plain puny).

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OOC: O.O my.... RPG...You..

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OOC: Oh fine Crybaby.

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Post Deleted.

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Malcolm shot the first robot in its faceplate, blasting a mix of wires and machinery out the back of its head. The second moved faster and Malcolm fired until his gun clicked empty.

"Could use some help!" he hollered and reached for his knife.

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With what little power he had in him, Demise tried with all his might to lift up another post.

"LIFT GOT DAMMIT!" Demise said in anger.

The pole started to shake, then suddenly the pole lifted up out of the ground.

" There we go." Demise said as a few droplets of swet ran down the left side of his cheek

Demise lifted the pole over the robot's head.

"It's gotta go higher." Demise said

The pole started to sway back and forth.

"NO, I WILL NOT LOSE MY GRIP ON THIS THING!!" Demise said in anger

With all his might the pole went a little bit higher. Well over 10 feet over the robots head.

" HERE WE GO!!" Demise roared

The pole got a boost and then the pole came down at increasingly speed, smashed into the robots head destroying him. sparks flew every where. Demise dropped down onto the ground breathing very heavily.

" Finally , Looks like I killed you before me." Demise said looking at the robots remains.

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Malcolm leapt to the side, ripping the back of his coat to shreds and he rolled on the rubble. Chaingun rounds tore apart the pile wher he had been standing.

"S*%t." he swore as he ducked behind a concrete block and felt the rounds hit it.

He glanced around and saw somthing glint in the rubble several meters away. He was out of ammo but he had a plan. All that was needed was a distraction.

"Still need that help." he shouted.

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Soon hundreds more of the grunts headed for malcom "Not me Not me shoot the human" screamed a grunt in a high pitched voice (grunts are the cannon fodder of the robot army and they often scream in high pitched voices when hit).

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Demise sat down over the robots remains and stared.

" Well looks like I could rest up,Get my strength back or I could go look at his remains to see if I can find anything. Hmmm what should I do?" Demise said questioning himself

A spark of lightning roared near him.

"Storms comin."

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Some leftover grunts commenced gerulla warfare on demise "Attack" said a green grunt armed with a rocket launcher as he fired at Demise.

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Demise fell down the river landing next to the robots remains. Demise got back up the river now standing in front of the little green grunt.

"Ohh so now I have to kill you guys? Well if you know if whats good for you you will turn back. See this . . ."

Demise points at the robots head, the pole was still standing ontop of the robots head.

"Yeah I did that, Do you want that to happen to you?" Demise said

The little grunt jumped back and then all sudden a whole of army of grunts formed in a perfect line formation.


Screamed the little grunt in a high pitched voice

The whole army came toward Demse with weopns that ranged from knifes,bats and hatchets. The front line was equipped with machine guns and pistols.Bullets flared over the battlefield all aiming at the Demsise. Demise,who was well rested now jumped back into the river using it as a bunker. With all the bullets now gone and the grunts having to reload their guns demsie peeks out and snatches the guns away from them throwning the guns over the river.

"Ha,what are you pathetic fools going to do now?" Demise said laughing getting out of the bunker/river

All the grunts looked pissed. Then they all started a full out attack. Knives and hatchets were all coming toward Demise. Dmeise quickly dodged all of the knives and the hatchets,but then one hatchet pierced Demise in the arm.

" AWWWW, You lil shit." Demise said in anger

Demise threw four spiral tubes of flames at the army. Burning 1/3 of the army Demise lifted one of the grunts and tore him in half.

" NOW YOU ALL ARE GOING TO DIE!!!!" Demise said as he was throwing grunts and fire balls every where.

The main leader that had the rocket launcher was surounded by his own little army stood away from the battle looking at his comrades getting thrown twenty feet in the air and getting burned to a crisp. After Demise got done with the army he took out the hatchet out of arm. Blood squirted out of his arm. Demise took a piece of his clohting and tore it off, Wrapping it around his wound. Demise could not move his arm.

" Man,it will only keep it from getting a infection, it wont stop the bleeding. I have to find a hospital. Demise said

Demise saw the little army that was left. Demise saw the horror in the grunts eyes.

" You have won this battle but you havent won the war, We WILL be back." The Grunt said

" I'll be waiting."

Soon after the army left Demise went south in hope to find a hospital or something or someone to help him

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the grunts headed for a purple colored grunt named Vlax "What is the report you morons" Shouted vlax "Umm we got our asses kicked" said the green grunt "YOU F*ING MORON!!" said vlax as he knocked of the green grunt's head and soon the grunt's body went looking for it's head "Next person who fails me Goes to the smelting pit" threatened vlax.

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Sylux was in tokyo leading an Army of Grunts into the magnificent city and soon the grunts started laying into the city slaughtering any JSDF (japenese self defense force) troops that got in their way "Glory to the mils" shouted a chain gun equiped grunt as he killed all in his path. "Good paying job" remarked sylux as he shattered an entire building with a missile and when a tank got in his way he obliterated it with his shock coil.

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Demise continued south until he came to a city in in the middle of no where.The city looked old and in ruin

"Huh? Never thought I would find a city here."Demise said

Demise searched the city for a drug store or a hospital. Demise saw an abandoned Hospital near the edge of the city. Demise went in to find that the hospital was deserted. There was papers and desks all over the ground. The hospital looked like a mess.

"Gotta find some medicine." Demise said as he was holding his arm

Demise went to the east wing and found nothing then he went to the west wing and found a supplies closet. The supplies were all in a mess, some were broken and some were still intact. Demise looked in confusion.

" What the hell am I suppose to use!? Demise said in anger

Demise looked and found some bandages. Next he looked for some thing to stop the bleeding. Demise looked and looked and found nothing. At last he found some thread and a needle.

"Well looks like I gotta go old fashion style."

Demise sewed back together the wound and finished it wrapping it together with the bandages.

After the wound was done Demise left out the Hospital to only find Vlax and his reallybig army standing oout in front of the hospital.

"So you are Demise,the one that killed my army before huh?" Vlax said

Demise looked beyond the army and saw the grunt that got away last time.

"Ooh so he works for you. Well I'm well rested and ready to kick your ass. By the way thanks to the robot I got a strength servos which amplifies my strength 100x, A missle launcher and I got a tougher exterior from the robots armor."Demise said as he got ready to fight

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The mother brain was in a cavern network "Vlax are you ready to attack" said a message sent to vlax "Yes MB we are" said vlax as his troops prepared to attack "Alright flamethrower troops burn the building down" said Vlax as white grunts started to burn the hospital with their molten metal spewing flamethrowers.