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Evreyone will have to face a robot double and for people who are already robots they fight an upgraded version of their charecter. For those of you who beat your robot double you can A. go home and forget about the attack B. help anyone else being attacked by their robot clones or C. find out who sent the robots. Normal RPG rules apply and no auto-hits or beating down your double with ease they are at least your equal. Oh and for you people with power over magnetism the robots are not made of any of the magnetic metals which are Iron, Nickel, and Colbolt and for electricity/electromagnetic pulse and water users they will not short circuit from that and the setting is anywhere in our solar system just make sure your char can survive or go there and they are immune to rusting as they are made of non rusting metals. Few more things The robots are at the very least 1.5 times stronger than you and at least have class one and a half strength and they do not need recharge so they won't tire and they of course will have all the powers you have and some built in weaponary like missles, lasers, masers, and guns be creative with your robots aresenal and the robots have self repair as fast as you can heal last thing the robots can go were you can go and have pretty much the same speed and they are noticeibly made of metal so no one will be confused and for upgraded robot's (the doubles for robot and cyborg charecters) they will have the opposite color scheme for example my chars color scheme is white glass like substance and black metal my upgraded double will have black glass like substance and white metal and no instantly knowing who made the robots (that's a secret till all doubles are beaten or someone finds out and asks my permission).
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Quadraxis was moving throughout Los Angeles when he saw Quadraxis mach 2 the two giants stared at each other when Quadraxis mach 2 opened fire with an 8 missile volley "Enemy unit attacking" droned quadraxis as it decided to spin around creating tornado force winds and not exposing the knee's forcing the missles to deflect.

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Post Deleted.

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Quadraxis fired his charged matter antimatter blast at Quadraxis 2.0 however the Upgraded Sentry drone simply raised a deflector shield which caused the weapon to bounce of and hit a bank "Enemy Unit has deflector shield compensating" droned Quadraxis as he used a massive blast of EMP that powered down evreything from hawii to the central U.S however Quadraxis 2.0's shield was standing there without any fluctuations "Enemy unit is unaffecting changing tactics" buzzed Quadraxis as he retreated crushing hundreds of buildings in the process the Imposter drone simply fired long range weaponary while quadraxis fled to burbank avenue.

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The shadows surrounding the gates to the Museum of natural history were thick. Tangled bushes that made up the perimeter fence allowed a skilled loiterer to hang around unnoticed. This was exactly the quality that Malcolm was making use of now.

With a quick glance over his shoulder he leapt and caught hold of the lip of the stone gate post. The night was silent apart from the sound of his feet scrabbling for purchase.

With a grunt he hauled himself up and over, landing with practced ease on the other side of the gate. His partner, Elain was not having any of this trouble. She swept silently over the gate at the height of one hundred feet and landed softly beside him.

"Flyers have all the fun." Malcolm muttered in the darkness.

Elain turned to him and flashed a smile.

"But we dont live for ever." She replied.


Gracefully she stepped out onto the gravel drive leading up to the front doors. Malcolm kept close behind her. It was for this reason that when the bullet snapped her head back he was able to catch her.

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Quadraxis Was holding off his double "Enemy Unit Is superior in all fashions need assistance" buzzed quadraxis as he took off at mach 50 to new york"Inferior unit is retreating to city called new york Following pursuit" Said quadraxis 2.0 as he pursued.

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Zaraki reached into his shirt and drew out a gourd. He quietly pulled the stopper from the end and took a long drink from it. A small shrill cry of terror escaped as the souls inside were devoured.

"Mmmhhhmmm!" Zaraki makes an over exaggerated smack with his lips. "Just like momma use to make them! Oh wait, she hates soul eatters."

Zaraki pushed the stopper back on and looked around, something didn't feel right. The soul pressure in the area was being blocked by something.

"Show yourself el douche, or I'll tear your face from you skull and eat what's inside for my lunch!"

The low rustle of fabric breezed down the alley and towards the Hollow Vizard.

"Don't look so suprised, you know that I would come for you evventually>" The voice was familiar Zaraki thought.

"And to who do I owe this honor?" Zaraki calmly asks as he unsheaths his zanpakuto, Battosai.

"Yourself." The enemy stepped from the shadows.

Zaraki grinned when he saw his human face in the uniform of the Gotei 13.

"Finally a chance to be done with you!" They both screamed as they lunged at one another.

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While out on a nice walk Demise feels the cool air running through his short slicked back hair. The air swiftly combing over his hair. His long black trench coat gliding in the air, the heavy thudding that echoed from his boots as he walks out on the pavement. He suddenly stops to look across both ways for cars Demise hear the thudding of running footsteps coming from behind him. As the sound reaches closer, it stops. Demise glances behind him. . . POW!! getting hit from a post box, Demise flew over 20 feet from the force smashing into a car. "Hell that hurt." Demise spoke as he returns to his feet, up rubbing his head. "I hope you don't think that that hurt." "That voice!" Demise snaps As Demise got up the clouds thickened and the sky grew darker. "Show yourself!" Demise yelled in anger. Out of the shadows came came a looking figure that looked exactly like Demise. "What the hell are you?" Demise said "Well im you but stronger, faster, and of course smarter." giggling as he speaks. "But enough about me, let's fight, now shall we?" said the doppleganger

"Lets!" roared Demise
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As soon as Demise finishes his line the doppleganger hurls a car at Demise. Just about ten feet from Demise, Demise cuts the car in half with his telekinetic abilities, gas flys into his face burning his eyes. quickley rubbing it all of with the sleeve of coat, his coat catches on fire. Throwing it off Demise sees the Doppleganger looking at him smiling.

"Think this is funny do you?" yells Demise

"Yes I do."

"Well how about this?" Demise says furiously

Demise puts the doppleganger in a cirle of fire trapping him. The doppleganger steps out of the cicle like nothing happened,Demise throws a burning tire hitting the doppleganger in the face, Smashes him into a wall.

"How you like that?" Demise says with a smirk on his face "How about a name now? O.K."

"O.K. I'll give you a name."

Getting up, Rubbing ashes off his coat. The doppleganger writes in the air with flames

"Call me D2, how about that?" says D2

"To me, it sounds retarded, but hey its your name." Demise says giggling

D2 runs toward Demise with his left arm in the air aflame. Trying to hit Demise, Demise dodges the attack and tries to fire a ball of fire toward D2, D2 deflect the ball and sends it flying in the air. Demise focuses on the light post lifting it into the air, throws is it at D2. The lamp post flys toward D2, D2 splits it into two.

"You really think that was suppose to. . ."

SMACK! Demise hurls a big piece of debris at D2 from behind, pounding D2 into the ground. As D2 gets up slowly throws off his long trench coat,

"You will pay DEARLY for that!" says D2 in a demonic voice

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Quadraxis Landed in new york "Enemy unit is approaching in T-20 minutes" droned quadraxis and soon many pictures of quadraxis were taken until Quadraxis 2.0 came "Inferior unit in sight attacking" buzzed Quadraxis 2.0.

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Havok was lying out in the sun in hawaii just in his swim trunks he wasn't wearing his usual long black coat smart red shirt and tidy black trousers no they were becide him he had decide to have a break for once when something came flying in and crash landed a mile away from th beach he was at into the forest he took his glasses off and looked behind him oh its probably nothing he thought to himself as he turned back around and put his glasses on again.....but it wasn't...

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The two collosal mechanoid's fight layed waste to 35% percent of new york and neither managed to damage each other "Enemy unit is not recieving damage" buzzed quadraxis "Inferior unit is undamaged" droned Quadraxis 2.0 then Quadraxis Combined his charged blast with his missiles that instantly hit Quadraxis 2.0's head and threw him off balance all the while destroying even more of new york and the sonic blast destroyed evrey crystiline object (glass, diamond,several kinds of plastic, all crystals,ice) in 10,000 square miles "New attack is effective" Said quadraxis as he prepared to fire another sonic boom (which is what I shall call my new attack).

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D2 ran toward Demise shouting, thowing thee fireballs in a triangular formation. Demise not being able to see D2 deflects the fireballs, As soon as he deflects them D2 punches Demise in the face knocking Demise into debris. Getting up Demise then tosses a big block of cement at D2,secretly also fires a big spiral of fire behind small enough so that D2 could not see it but at a high degree. D2 then deflect the big block of cement, but then get caught in the spiral which burns holes in his shirt and pants.

" I'm done playing these games with you.' D2 said in anger

Demise close out of breath runs over to D2 and they begin to fist fight.

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The 5th sonic boom shattered Quadraxis 2.0 into peices and then Quadraxis absorbed Quadraxis 2.0's parts to make him more powerful "Aresnal upgraded" droned quadraxis as the remainder of new york city looks up at Quadraxis in awe.
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With Demise near his limit,D2 kicks Demise in the gut and throws him into whats left of a car.

pantpant " Wow for once I'm actually tired. I have to give you props for that, that is a first." Said D2

" Well then, at least I got something out of this battle." said Demise whos tired out

"Yeah, well, well, welly now. What should I do to you. Should I kill you slowly or should I kill right here and now?" Says D2

" Well if you know whats right for you, you will kill me with one final shot that uses all your power because I'm going to be hard to kill if you don't."

" Well if thats how you want it. Ok."

D2 set aflame a bulding right behind Demise. The whole bulding was on fire from top to bottom. D2 picked up the building, lifted it one hundred feet into the air. Then with all his might D2 threw the building downward. Coming at amazing speed the building was half way down.

" Well it looks like it ends here for me. Looks like I can be defeated." Said Demise calmly

Demise looked up in horror as he saw a building coming downward toward him. The image glaring in his eyes. Debris was coming from the bottom of the building nearly hitting Demise every time.

"I'll make sure you die from the building not the damn debris." Said D2 chuckling

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Elain was dead even before she hit Malcolm's arms. He just didnt know that. Her arms and legs twitched for a few seconds and then fell still.

There was little blood on her, but the bullet had dragged brain matter out of the back of her head and onto Malcolm. He was covered with his friend.

A gun fired to his left and instinctivly Malcolm span, using Elain's body to shield himself. Standing beside a withered old tree waqs a man. He was very familiar to Malcolm, for that matter he was Malcolm. The copy smiled and fired the revolver again.

Malcolm ran. Not too the gate, the copy would be able to get a bead on him if he did, but towards the Museum.

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A bullet grazed Malcolm's thigh, tearing the fabric of his trousers and wetting his leg with blood. He kept running. The doors loomed up and he took them at a run, blasting them off thier hinges with his revolver and hammering them down with his shoulder. The clone was right behind him.


Malcolm ducked as a bullet shattered a priceless geode from the dawn of time. The clone was siluetted in the doorway and Malcolm plugged him three times.

"Checkmate." he shouted as the figure crumpled.

The clone shot him in the chest from its position on the floor. Malcolm staggered. There was no pain.

"This aint good."

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With the building coming down towards Demise, Demise Lifted a piece of debris from a smashed car behind D2.

" Well looks like we both will be dying here today." Said Demise

"How? Im over here and you are over. . ."

The debris hit D2 in the back knocking him near Demise.

"Told ya."

The building was very close to the both of them. Demise looked at D2's face. His expression had a very odd look. It was like he was expecting that move.

"You do realize that I control the building right?" D2 said

" Yeah I thought about that, and well I know that you might be be able to either move a way or just move the building more towards me."

" Yep you got it."

Demise got up quickly.

"Why are you even getting up?" D2 said

"Well I'm not going to die here,you are."

" How you are near your Limit?"D2 said

"Well that is true, But I do have enough energy to do this." Demise said

Demise ran out of the buildings shadow. Now running to get farther, Demise turns and yells. .

" Oh and I forgot ot mention, I took the privialge of burning your boots to the ground. Hmmmm! The smell of burnomg rubber before a death. Gotta love it."

" WHAT?!"

D2 looks at the ground and found out that his boots have been burnt to the ground. Trying to move out of them the buildings shadow got closer. D2 trying to kepp the buildiing up also tried to get out of his boots. The building got heavier because D2 wasn't concentrating mainly on the building.

"Just to make sure you die." Demise said as he came back

Demise lifted the same piece of debris that he threw at D2 and threw it at him again. D2 stumbled and then the building came down right ontop of him. The force of the landing threw Demise down the street knocking him into a lamp post bending it.

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Malcolm was going into shock, the chest wound was bothering him. Hell it would bother anyone. His left arm was limp and useless and he only had one more shot left. The clone was having no such trouble. On of its leg was slightly damaged by one of Malcolm's shots but it was still fireing away. Reloading with a speed that no human could match.

Malcolm glanced over his shoulder and saw tyhe clone drawing a bead on him. As he fired Malcolm flung himself to the right. Straight down a flight of stairs.

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The clone followed him down. Inside the celler the air was a dull red, the furnace that was heating the building giving off the light. Somthing moved in the shadows and the clone spun. Malcolm fired the last bullet in his gun, blowing the clones hand away. He staggered forwards and shoulder barged the droid into the furnace.

"Burn baby." he said, his voice hollow, and slammed the door shut.

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Vlax and his army Appeared In front of Demise "So the clones have failed non the less You shall die" said Vlax mockingly "You Meatsacks are weak and pitiful" mocked vlax "Now your world belongs to the mils" boasted vlax as hundreds of thousands of grunts came out of nowhere in evrey city in the world "What's that smell Oh yeah it's the smell of death" said Vlax.