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The Act of Compassion

Danyal Adama hovered silently miles above the Persian Gulf, arms crossed over his massive chest. He could feel the air thin around him, the cold growing around his body; he could practically touch the point where the atmosphere is no more, reaching his hand into the very vacuum of space itself. His eyes were closed, his ears listening intently to the vast lands inhabited by millions beneath him. Golden boots touched thin wisps of cloud, dry winds blowing them and the sand underneath from the Sahara to the Dead Sea. Slowly, he opened his eyes, sparkling quietly with electricity. He heard cries of anguish alongside laughter and happiness, and saw acts of brutality and maliciousness alongside scenes of love and hope. My home, he thought, stoic features examining the vast expanse of desert, sandstorms blowing across the massive area. Oil was consistently pumped from the ground, exported across the world; cultures mingled in vast cities, a modern day oasis for any man to feel welcome; and still, many starved, unable to farm crops successfully due to drought and heat.

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For my first act, I save thee, he thought, opening his eyes wide. Slowly, he raised his arms, electricity crackling from his heart to his fingertips. It ran along his limbs, twisting and arcing across rippling muscles before striking nearby wisps of cloud, swirling across the Exemplar's chest. The clouds multiplied, water vapor drawn in and condensed from around the Earth to form a massive storm system, growing to encompass the entire Middle Eastern subcontinent. Thunder ruptured the silence, a cacophony that deafened any activity. Lightning was now generated by the weather, threatening to strike hundreds of innocent villages and burn down years' worth of agriculture. But the World's Fist focused, drawing every strike into his own form. Thousands of blue-gold tendrils arced into his hovering body, supercharging his will and generating massive thunderclaps. The booms were heard around the world as one of the largest clouds ever recorded began to form around Danyal, a solitary being in an unfathomably enormous hurricane. Great winds twisted and turned, brewing the storm into a fantastic inferno of lightning and wind. Pure chaos above, but silent rainfall beneath.

Danyal contained the storm, keeping it drawn in around his body. A great deluge came, a rainfall across the Middle East. He measured it in equal quantities, his indescribably advanced mind working overtime to focus the rains in areas where they were needed most, while sparing any area that would fall victim to flooding and oversaturation. Sweat dripped down his divine brow as he monitored every last drop, sending it into rivers and lakes, flooding valleys that would provide fertile rivers. He spared the cities from any flooding, working just as hard to protect them as he was to fill the empty canyons with life-giving water. His muscles tensed as lightning sank into him, the winds buffeting his body with unimaginable power. Gradually, he reduced the intensity of the massive storm, slowing and condensing the cloud over the Middle East to remain in the air, slowly dissipating on the edges. There, in his homeland, the rains would fall, and none would fall prey to drought. Food would be plentiful, and happiness would abound. Already over the thunder he could hear cries of joy.

And he smiled, for it was good.

The Act of Power

The rain was still falling, as it had for an entire day and an entire night. Children were playing in the parks and plazas, taking in every last drop. The rainfall had been measured, carefully applied, so as to accelerate the growth of plantlife and food in specific areas. Many were calling it an act of providence, but others knew better. They knew that he would be coming. They clutched at their guns, their bombs, and their missiles, arming every last warhead in preparation for their trial by fire. Sweat dripped down the brows of those in command, the wicked ones who would seek to oppress and control everything they saw. Knives were sharpened, and bombs were armed.

And still they were not prepared, for who can prepare for the might of the world itself?

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For my second act, I punish the wicked. Like a whirlwind he came, ripping apart their operation with his bare hands. The innocents who saw him described him as little more than a flash of lightning, a black-and-gold savior who merely flew past their captors and tore them away with the mighty wind that followed. News would spread of his arrival in one base mere seconds before he arrived at the next, hands bloody and eyes glowing. He never stopped moving, ripping through steel, brick, and flesh, jaw clenched as he systematically dismantled every terrorist operation he could find. Tanks stolen from puppet governments crumpled underneath his fists, bullets ricocheted from his unstoppable form, and cruel men snapped between his hands. He felt every last one of them, his knuckles piercing iron bulkheads and cleaving through armies of oppressive militants. He left behind a trail of twisted, scorched metal, the writhing bodies of terrorists, and the faint smell of burnt oxygen.

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Those held hostage by these cruel men were set free, escorted by champions hand-picked by Danyal himself. He had traveled the world in the days leading up to this grandest of moments, a historic event that would mark the beginning of a new era for the Middle East. The loyal Sentinel Hawk personally aided in rescuing dozens of captives, leading them to safe zones and attending to the wounded, as well as handling the remnants of a few terrorist installations. Others had assured they would help, as already medical pouches were falling from ingeniously designed drones, undoubtedly deployed by someone with a mind capable of keeping track of precisely where, and when, the supplies would be needed. An enigmatic shapeshifter, met in the most bizarre of circumstance, had aided in locating a few particularly well-hidden terror cells, and had even been so kind as to handle them himself, before Danyal had even arrived on the scene.

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By the end of the day, at least ninety-one percent of the extremist terror cells in the Middle East had been sufficiently quashed, and one-by-one, their puppet governments overthrown. Lightning struck individual buildings, targeted for their tactical usefulness to the terror operations. Massive cyclones ripped them apart, while leaving surrounding structures, even those directly adjacent to the scene of devastation, untouched. On occasion, Danyal found himself confronted with a superhuman opponent, often a minion of a particularly nasty extremist group. They would breathe fire, or extend their limbs, or teleport, or find some other way to be an annoyance; Danyal tore through them all.

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Any violent areas that were not subject to official terrorist activity had been disarmed. It had been a much slower process, and in some regards, more difficult. Many were either unready or unwilling to release their firearms, but most had been convinced that Danyal would protect them. Those who were still hesitant about giving up their weapons found them taken by force; compromise would be essential to peace, but at this time, the symbolism of a day without killing in the Middle East would make more of a statement than taking away the toys of a few nervous farmers.

And he smiled, for the killing had ended.

The Act of Mercy

It would be second nature for Danyal to assume absolute rule. It was in his genes, modified forevermore by the Exemplar Spirit. He was made to rule, to govern, to reign. His very existence essentially revolved around him being able to take the throne, and competently guide his troubled people into a safe future. Any lesser man would take said instinct as an excuse to rule without question, to assume direct control of a populace in desperate need of direction. And yet, he would choose to wait with his new allies, to allow the people of the Middle East to choose exactly how to exist in this new world. The rains still fell constantly, heavier in drier areas, and a light drizzle in others. In some areas, like major cities, there was no rainfall at all. There had been a measured decrease in precipitation around the world, as Danyal had borrowed much of the liquid from other airspaces. Everything was pre-planned, though, and no area would be in any danger of unforeseen drought, despite the decrease in rainfall.

"I issue to you, my people, an ultimatum...in three days' time, I will take a more active role in your lives...how active I will be is up to you. I offer you the choice of how I will spend my time with you; if you so desire, I shall guide you, my people, into a bright tomorrow. I swear that I shall protect you from any threat...be it foreign, or internal. Follow me, and you shall experience utopia, my people. Choose."

And with that, he flew far into the raining air, leaving crowds of thousands chanting his name. Not the name Danyal Adama, but the name Exemplar. For it was this name that would symbolize that which they should strive to achieve on their own, a guiding light in dark times.

Above Egypt he hovered, contacting his numerous allies, preparing them for what would come next. There would always be those who oppose peace. And he sensed that soon, they may be upon them.

And he smiled, for he was ready.

And there would be peace.
And there would be peace.

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White Vibranium Armor
White Vibranium Armor

Gone was Dolce & Gabbana formality from his frame. No, adorning his physique, one which drew envy from all manner of Western gods, was his armor of White Vibranium. It was sleek and beautified by ivory and shades of black. Rafael's gaze wandered, wandered about the interior of an upscale office of plentiful windows until his eyes of chocolate brown came to rest on a sight. A woman, retired to the desk of mahogany wood and gazing upon Rafael's Greek god features of perfection. She was a tall woman, dressed in garments of onyx elegance. Lithe at the waist, wide at the hips and the owner of a subtle, voluptuous air, she was a siren. Her hair, long and black, held the smooth texture of fine spider silk, and fell over her shoulders like a waterfall of liquid ebony.

Rafael seemed indifferent as she, for a moment, studied his features, her pillowy, rosy lips never far from a smirk as she tilted her head to the side with a sensuous, seductive flair that was entirely her own. Arms were folded before Rafael's chest, the 21st Century Adonis to some, Achilles to others. An expression of cool rested upon Rafael's features of perfection. His voice, its cool, low timbre, and his smooth Portuguese inflection, cut through the silence like a knife through butter. "See that you tend to my duties as this country's finance minister while I am gone", he instructed. Again she studied him, Madalena, with her eyes of liquid hazel, and with her voice, soft like a whispering wind, she spoke, "Tis becoming more apparent, Rafael", her words interrupted by the 21st Century Adonis' own, "Mr. Romeiro", he calmly corrected.

"Mr. Romeiro", Madalena, his assistant and bodyguard, conceded with a sigh of flippancy, "That your interests now lie less with the Shogunate of Venezuela, and beyond it", she paused, "Your interest in Gothic City, in our native Portugal, and now the Middle East? What is this?", she inquired, curiosity settling on her highborn features. He paused, this man carved to the proportions of Michelangelo's 'David', and then offered his answer with absolute clarity and certainty, "Ambition". She frowned for a moment, this woman whose complexion of light brown told tales of skin that reacted favorably to the sun's rays, she frowned and made her suggestions, shook her head and breathed, "Right". To the office door, Rafael walked, the scent of Madalena's silky smooth perfume growing thinner until he departed.

The Middle East

The air burned as he ran, was left red and sizzling, superheated by kinetic energy unlike anything ever witnessed on this world. He accelerated further, behind him a trail of shock-waves rippled and boomed, shredding the hot air as the scent of burnt gases hung with the prominence of a force of nature. He struck the particles in the air with so much energy that they were left excited, threatening to undergo nuclear fusion but never quite, instead electricity surged and ran rampant in this oven of air so hot it gradually turned to plasma. Then with a vault, his legs propelled him into the air where the heat oozing from his pores, from the cone of red plasma all about him, inspired the air's rapid thermal expansion, and with it came nature's most primal roar; thunder.

A loud crack, shrieking and tearing the sky asunder as the downpour from the clouds above turned to steam as Rafael accelerated, soaring higher and in the direction of Egypt. Soon, within the nation's airspace, he decelerated, and the rain was allowed to remain liquid, the heat fading, the plasma cooling and Rafael finding himself, arms folded before his chest, hovering some feet by Danyal, Exemplar's right. "Have you made your intentions to Egypt clear?", the Portuguese inquired.

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@exemplar: @maverick_6

Sentinel Hawk wasn't old enough to really know how to talk to someone like she needed to the people at Maverick so she did the next best thing, she left a note thanking everyone there for all the help they had been to her over the last several months and stating that she intended to come back when things had settled down...but right now her people needed her help and she was going to help them, that was her driving instinct and she wouldn't ignore it. If she and Maverick ended up on opposing sides she would refrain from using lethal force, if she couldn't avoid fighting them at all. It was the final part of the note that sounded perhaps the most like a teenager and the most like a Hawk Lord at the same time:

"This is what I was born to do, I have to help them where-ever and whenever I can, it's in my name and yet...I don't want to cause any problems with the people that have helped me so much over the last few months. I hope you will understand...when its over I intend to return to my duties with Maverick but I simply can't fight what I am. Please forgive any transgressions over the coming days..." -Eternally, Munoz Hal.

After leaving Maverick she had made a stop over in Thanagar where Solar Hawk and Luna Hawk met with her. Both of the older Hawk Lords expressed concern about what was going on, but neither would stand in her way. They chose instead to remain neutral but they would stay in Thanagar and if the people of Egypt cried out for help they would be there for them. For now though they waited and watched. Luna Hawk flew to the Regional Maverick HQ and asked to speak to the person in charge.

After Thanagar Sentinel Hawk remained in Egypt where she did something that needed doing above all else...she worked with the people as a Hawk Lord, she walked among them in traditional Hawk Lord armor and helped them do everything from help the wounded to move over turned cars. The time had come to bring back the Hawk Lord name, Egypt would one day be under the rule of its rightful guardians once again, the ground work simply had to be laid. The people of this land had forgotten their Guardians, the winged warriors that had protected them in ancient times and they would be made to remember. While her ally might hover over Egypt like some sort of divine being, Sentinel Hawk patrolled its streets and helped its people, a visible sign of the ancient days. Eventually a small gathering began to follow her, people who proclaimed themselves servants of Amun-Ra. There was a religious tension in the air after that moment, many of the Islamic and Coptic faiths were not likely to let such a thing stand for long but were currently too afraid to act.

Sentinel Hawk currently stood on the roof of the tallest building in Egypt's capitol, she could feel the tides of war moving for Egypt and instinctively gripped her mace, spreading her wings out in defiance of those who would turn the now peaceful Egypt into a war zone. The government of Egypt still operated but it was held by a fragile string. I wonder if this why they are neutral? They can feel that it may collapse at any moment and want to be here to pick up the pieces. This is their homeland just like Iraq is mine. She turned her head south and shook her head a little. The terrorists won't remain defeated either, the ideology is still there, the will to fight is still there. The days ahead will be more difficult than I feel my ally believes. She smiled...Good, let them come, let them all come and lets get this sorted out now.

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Danyal had felt him coming long before he saw him. He had torn through the atmosphere, leaving in his wake all manner of tell-tale wind currents. Then Danyal saw the bright cone of heat that signaled his arrival, an ally he had made in one of his many travels around the globe before the beginning of the rainfall. Drizzle ran down his face. It felt nice; such precipitation is regarded as a blessing across the region. Of course, it would not rain every day under Danyal's watch, as it would be unnatural, and he was beginning to wonder if some inhabitants might suffer from seasonal affective disorder. But for today, the water kept gently coming down. Within mere seconds, Rafael was next to him, standing atop a great dune overlooking Cairo and the Great Pyramids.

"Like many cities, Egypt has reacted with notable, and understandable, surprise. Once we handled the cartel and made the streets a little safer, we've grown a little more welcome," he responded, glowing eyes surveying the Saharan expanse. "The government, I believe, will vote in favor of falling under our jurisdiction. With so many countries now touting their own superhuman champions, they'll end up deciding they'd like a few of their own." He closed his eyes, feeling the surge of the wind far up in the sky. He was constantly focusing to keep the storm system in check. Soon enough, it would stabilize, but for now, he had to make sure that no undesirable weather effects should occur throughout the Middle East.

"It's like a new Cold War," he murmered. "Some of us have the power to raze cities in hours, maybe less. Even for me, the global climate can be...intimidating," he confessed, shrugging softly. "I can't just take control. They have to make the choice to let me weigh in on their daily lives. Doing so would go against everything I stand for, Mister Romeiro," he said, rubbing his dark temples. Lightning crackled in the sky, thunder roaring across the desert. He tensed for a moment, and the sparks stopped. "Regrettably, there are still ethnic and tensions across the region. I took away their guns, but it seems like a few of the different groups have begun throwing rocks at one another. I'll intervene if the situation gets out of hand, but it feels wrong to take command of their everyday lives. It'd be no different than a boy with an ant farm. I won't have my people living like that."

He turned to gaze into the horizon.

"Where did it all go so wrong, Rafael?" he spoke with another sigh, sparkling eyes gazing off into the distance, focusing in on the turbulent areas surrounding Jerusalem, Palestine, and the Gaza Strip.

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The Sanctum of Grasses;

.̱̭̼̥.̳̜̙̰̀.̠͕̗͞A͕̖͉̙̫̥̜w̵ͅạ̝͕̙̺͙k̻͚e̶͚͉͍̻̬͇n̩̳͉̬.͔̳̼̙́ ͏̙̟Ỳ̞̖̟ͅo̘̫̻͈͢u͔̥̻̼̪̯ a̲͕̪̩͔r̳̳e̮̮̰̟̺̮̠͡ ͎͢ṇ̣̭̦͉̗͎e͚̪͚͟e̷d̷̞̯̖͉ed,҉̰̤ ̭̰W̙̜o͚͉̩̲̕r͍̳̜͟l̰̭̗͚̗d̠̱͎s̳̯̹̜̝͉e̛͚̣̖̖ḛ̺̼̖̥̫ͅd̪̙̻ͅẹ̡͙r͍̠̩̳̩͠.̝̹̺͚̱̳͜.̥̭̫̪̹͖.҉̳̬̤̥̙̟̮

"In my peaceful rest I am many things. A single levander growing amongst my kin along French hamlets, the vast algae fields spaning the ocean floor, every blade of grass the world will ever see and a lone aloe vera suddenly prospering in the Middle East. I am the Green, and what I endure now singes me like a thousand years of skin flaying. I have rarely felt such disturbance, such arrogance. Hrrn...The Parliament was right to send out a call to duty, for duty was left untended too long."

Giza, Egypt;

No Caption Provided

Cumulonimbuses have gathered high above the skies of Egypt and where was once but hope for rain from it's wispy clouds, lightining and thunder pursued one another near the Heaven's gates. A frightening sight to behold, or was it? For a nation that worshipped Death, that once sought to connect the death and the living, it's people stayed calm and vigilant. Their eyes pinned to the skies, only squinting when muffled lightining blinked from behind the clouds.

Under the miraculous cascade of rain that seemed to have no end, the nation witnessed an agricultural revival as new rivers formed from the excessive waters that engraved themselves in the unstable ground and new plantlife took roots in the area. Their fields would bear fruit in a days.

How utterly shortsighted. This feat of localized terraforming began to take it's toll on the world at large as bewildered winds across the Pacific turned to unsettled gusts and then to raging hurricanes. The Amazonian rainforest began to slowly wither as it's moisture was stolen away, shortly it would only be a forest before becoming a new Sahara desert altogether. Even Egypt was not left unpunished as the Nile spilled out of it's river basin and washed away it's surroundings, violently carving the terrain anew. But that was only the beginning, next would crumble the ancient pyramids as their sandstone would soak in the rain.

The balance was broken and apocalypse brought to light.

On a dune not far away from one of the new oases that appeared overnight grew a lone cactus. Before it was but a seed about to die were it not for the rainfall. Now? It was a medium through which the Green King crossed into the world, for plants always survive. A medium that grew until becoming of humanoid morphology. With his new body of intimidating proportions he slowly swaggered towards the desert rose where natives already settled. Their faces turned from awe to shock as he approached.

"<The Green Jinn!>", they praised him for the deed and they chanted as he came closer, some even dropping to their knees in gratitude. Now he stood facing the giant lake surrounded by thick vegetation and outstretched his enormous hand towards it. "<We would have died were it not for your divine intervention! Thank you, lord!>", his hand flinched. The words struck him like a knife to the heart, the pain overcome by guilt of what he had to do to save millions. From this first correction of the ecosystem onwards he would be known by one word and one word only:

Wahsh (وحش; Monster).
Wahsh (وحش; Monster).

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@exemplar: @rafael_romeiro:

‘You tried being a real life God,’ Idyll answered Exemplar’s question, as he crawled up the dune, after having gone exploring. Idyll was sporting army clothes with protective gear. He never saw himself as a soldier-boy, but he did think that he looked quite good in uniform. The only thing amiss from his get-up was a weapon. Idyll wasn’t very fond of them at all, but it did mean that he stayed especially close to God- Exemplar. ‘People like to be psychologically controlled by the idea of a God, not physically,’ he informed.

Idyll nodded in acknowledgement at the new guest, Rafael; not wanting to come across as rude.

‘Have you ever thought about going on a vacation? It might help.’ Idyll advised, jokingly to Exemplar. ‘No? Just me, then?’

Idyll dusted the sand off his face and near the eyes. ‘Why not organise a meeting with the extremist groups and settle a deal with them? Give them a small portion of the land where they can thrive and not have to deal with you. After all, this ongoing fight is only going to lead you into…insanity. Meet with them, and see.’ Idyll advised.

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@ian_idyll: @exemplar:

He was quiet, the 21st Century Adonis. At least, initially he was. His arms, cut from diamond and sculpted by Hephaestus himself, remained folded before a chest that was equal in perfection. His features, embodying standards of male beauty with a perfection beyond the reach of even the Greek gods of legend, held an expression that oozed an air of cool. Yet he was pensive. And quiet. Following Danyal, Exemplar's words, only the sound of the downpour, descending from the cloud of gray above, was heard. The smell of rain, fresh and earthy, was prominent in the air. It was a primordial aroma, touched by the faintest hint of spring. It began with intensity, then softened, grew watery and its smell sweetened.

To the senses, it was an experience of beauty and wonderment, one that with ease, made one forget that it was rain that inspired danger in the form of floods. Entrancing but deceptively dangerous. It reminded him, Rafael, of someone. Of Valerie. The golden goddess. For a moment, he smiled, the corners of his lips curling as he thought of the Huntington Heiress. How easily she could solve their dilemma of disciplining the population, of the governments. With her telepathy, unmatched across the globe, she could bend the minds of the entire country of Egypt to her will. He sighed, and finally, as his eyes, chocolate brown, and of enigmatic appeal peered past the pyramids and gazed upon the city of Cairo, answered Exemplar's inquiry.

"You have made the decision to seize control of this country, Exemplar", the 21st Century Achilles paused, "A decision that is not considered right by most. Whereas some will call you a savior for the potential prosperity you'll bring, others will call you a tyrant, a conqueror. But you already know that, don't you?", Rafael pointed out, "Why else would you proceed with this? Because you are not doing what others feel is right. You are doing what you have decided is right. It now falls on you to decide whether or not going against what you stand for, is right". Even in the event that Exemplar succeed, factions, rebels, opposition will rise to challenge him. Terrorist groups will emerge and attack, fight for control of territories not theirs to claim.

It was why, at least partially, one of Rafael's terms for his assistance was the establishment of armed bases belonging to his own private security force, to maintain order in territories of specific sensitivity. The arrival of another, Idyll was met by an inclination of the head, one that was subtle but cordial from the Portuguese speedster.

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The Mothership of Stayler'te

No Caption Provided

“Sheng…we have to do it…..”, a raspy voice stated over an intercom. “But, the poor trees…..you can’t just kill them…what about nature, what about the animals”, the fights voice worried in a manner of pleading. “Sir Mathaíno̱, the overgrowing displace of vegetation is not natural to this environment, which is accustomed to the intensely heated tundra. A minor bit of terraforming might benefit the land and people. But, this type of mass change will outrageously distress Earth’s atmosphere, altogether. ”, Tin’Data stated as he stared at the dark storm clouds. Viewing them from the high tech flight deck of his saucer, he spoke with the passive nature-lover who couldn’t aid the group, in person.

“…Sheng…right now, Egypt is being drowned in days’ worth of rainfall. It is sprouting forests that could rival the Amazon…”, the mildly irritated Chief stared at a monitor that illustrated the many dire outcomes that arose from the mass terraforming. “Right as we speak, these forests are absorbing more moisture from the already thin-spread globe. It’s pumping frantically rushing winds into our oceans, cause terrifying hurricanes. Overflowing the Nile, until it washes floods into the land below, the water will wreck the loose desert sands, cause the landscape to become weak and unstable…..Nature is dying from this act…”, the leader stated before hearing a understanding agreement from the optimistic dude.

As they broke off their connection, the Chief turned to talk to Tin’Data. “What are we going to do?”, he stared into floods of the Nile. Turning his face to the android, he listened. “We have to turn the atmosphere back to its customary condition, before the ecosphere takes any permanent effects. ”. The A.I. spoke clearly, “We need to aid the global balance, as much as we can…protect the Pyramid grounds, and all of those flooding cities…”.


Commander Chief

No Caption Provided

Hovering in the black rain clouds, the hefty saucer hid within the lighting soaked storm. Rumbling from the booming winds, kinetic energy, and hefty rainfall, the craft’s durability was being put to work. But, if withstood the unnatural occasion, as it drifted; as if did, the bottom hatch opened and two devices dropped from the spacecraft. One being Commando’s jet, it curled for the sky, heading deep into the dark abyss. With the divine Theron following him, the speeding plane headed for the Giza. “You might need you get to the flood sites, boy”, Chief stated, knowing that the Captain would need the Barbarosian's help, as he approached the wonders. “I’m just guiding you safely though this storm, brother…I’ll head back.”, the demi-god stated before eventually turning back, as the jet drew near the landmarks.

Dropping low and out of the storm, the jet shot a device into the air. Right overhead, the device would spread out into a transparent force field. Attempting to dome the three grand monuments, and the Sphinx, the field would hold moist storm back, presenting the familiar desert back to the immediately treasured wonders. As it did, the plane turned around, to follow Theron to the land of Luxor. They were planning on doing the same to the monuments down there.


Captain Super

Dropping in a pod of silver, the hero was protected from the harsh storm. Falling into the well-moisturized land, he readied himself, as he watched from a window hole. As the moon lied out of sight, and its beautiful pale light was replaced with aggressive lightning, the desert floors was rushed by rainfall. The Nile was deep with water, as it rushed the new stream of storm water outward. His pod popped open, once he was in radios of the ground, and he freely dropped the rest of the way. Pressing a button on his belt, he saw a pair of dim lights in the storm.

The Freedom Mobile
The Freedom Mobile

The Freedom Mobile soured over a muddy dune, and sped for him. Thick and durably as a tank, it drove faster that a sport’s car. Tearing through the rain, it reached him before he met the ground. Opening its overhead hatch, he landed inside, as the car drifted into a stop. With a roar, the vehicle zoomed into the soaked night, heading for the Nile Delta.

“I’m heading to the city of Alexandria...”, the Cap stated, as the android answered. With calm urgency, Tin’Data spoke, “Good…it would definitely be for the better to check on the population, there…make sure everyone is safe…the Theron will assist you…”.



High up in the clouds, the Mothership floated within the thickness of the storm. In the desert between Giza and Alexandria, he saw the Bombarded by hale and thumping rain, the interior calmly watched as the rest of the ship banged from the fury. The craft’s pilot stood at the main deck, awaiting news from his team. Using his technopathic abilities, he searched the vast internet for ways to calm a storm. “This weather was strong and vast…its source must be very powerful”, the robot though, before he heard the presence of another. “How is everything, bro?”, the A.I. turned to see Sheng walk up to the large saucer windshield. Staring into the thunderous fog of blackness, the fighter gazed at the frightening display of awe.

As the robot explained, the ship started trying testing the strength of the storm. Sending solar waves of energy into the storm, Tin’Data was trying to evaporate the moisture that formed the harsh weather. Piece by piece, he would attempt to do so, to hopefully slow down the storm, and help the sun clear out the overflow of water, to save the land.


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@exemplar: If this offends anyone just tell me and I will delete it and gladly come up with another post.

Adil listened as his son presented the speech he had written, coaxing the hidden freedom fighters to rise up in opposition of the one called Exemplar. Fathi's eyes were alight with passion, his beliefs shining clear through the visage he presented, zeal radiating from his every word. Adil was proud. His freedom fighters would never compromise their beliefs. They knew what was right, and they would fight for it.

"He fashions himself a god among men, the savior of this world! How can he expect us to obey him, when God forbids us the worship of such an idol? Already the masses bow before him, content to sell their souls for an inch of rain! He cannot be trusted, and we cannot yield! FIGHT MY BROTHERS! Fight for the glorious kingdom of Heaven, for the one and only righteous God!"

Guns were raised and a wave of cheering resounded through the underground bunker as man after man swore himself to their cause, with only one exception.

"No, you mustn't. He does not claim to be a god, he only wishes peace and prosperity for his people! Surely this is what we all want, isn't it? Surely God does not want more blood shed in his name?"

As the room looked back to the wizened old man who had spoken, Adil's eyes narrowed. There had never been an objection from the old man man before, and yet now his voice rang clearly in the meeting hall, speaking words of dissent and weakening their resolve. "Fahim, surely you jest. Have you not seen the people? They chant his name, they look on him as they would a savior. He seduces the people away from God with his deeds, makes claims on the ancestral lands of our people!"

"He is one of our people! He has come home to help!"

"Help? He has come to rule! To lord over us as a New God! And you, Fahim, you are here to sing his praises! You turn your back on the belief of your land, of your people, all over a pint of water over your field! You have chosen poorly, Fahim, because while you have chosen to stand with this infidel we have chosen to stand with God, and we all know who is the stronger." With a wave of his hand Fahim was brought before him, and Adil raised his hand to one of his men, who quickly filled it with his pistol.

"Please! You don't have to do this! There is still time to stop this madness! Join with him and make this a place where your children do not have to walk in fear, to cower in their beds at what terrors tomorrow might bring! The people--"

"Enough! The people do not follow God! If you believe in him so strongly, may you share in the fate we will bring upon him!"

With those words the trigger was pulled to the cheers of the rest of the room, bits of bone and flesh painting the back wall of the underground facility.

And then he rose. The back of his skull was missing, but his eyes locked on Adil regardless. His eyes were narrowed, a look of utter contempt flashed toward the leader of the slippery terrorist cell. "I gave you all a chance. You chose to oppose peace, to fight against the coming of a man that would bring and end to the senseless killing. Instead you chose to add another to the list of deaths. I--"

"We oppose you in the name of God!"

"You do not speak for God!" As his words rang through the hall Adil fired on him once more, and with him the entire front row. Bullets tore through the body of the elder Fahim, but even as the wall was painted a vivid red he stood. Fear began to sweep over the room as Marco assumed the form of a creature, hideous and grotesque. Several of the younger men ran for the exit, only to be blocked by the beast he had become. Gunfire rang through the room amid a chorus of screams, his monstrous body growing larger and more disgusting with each kill he claimed. Those that fought were killed, those that saw the futility of their struggle and surrendered, however, were spared with one last thunderous warning from the beast.

"If you truly wish to live your lives according to God, never take up arms again. There will be peace, if you allow it. And if you do not, I will return.

As they fled Marco condensed as much of the matter as he could, returning to his human form once more. It was a dirty, disgusting job, but for peace and stability, prosperity, even, for his people? He would do anything.

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Donning a sand-stone brown speedster suit accompanied by a scarf of the same color, Jaired McStorm, trail blazed across the world in the ticks of nanoseconds, around him, shapes, people, everything melted together. His jade eyes focused purely upon the destination ahead of him. Days prior he'd been tasked with retrieving information about a supposed superhuman clearing out the foremost terrorist sects amomg the middle east and laying claim to region. Whatever the specifics, everything about being here reminded him of a time, years ago as a special opperative working under the alias Zyro.

But here he was working for a different team, or perhaps, person. In an event known as the shadow wars, he was enlisted onto a training regimen of his uncle, brother to hie father and head of world wide crime syndicate. If his way was to be had, his uncle would be headless. But for the time being he carried out his dark wishes under the deal of continued training and the pretense his soul wouldn't be enslaved

And now, as he arrived in Egypt, a peculiar sinking feeling his chest arrose.He of course, would have to assassinate whomever was apart of this crusade, though his primary target was the one spearheading this operation. The Golden State Demon cared little about the specifics, so long as his own identity remained a secret, ambiguous to the world. Though his heart was pure, he'd acted out more heinous deeds while under orders.

Around him, the orange stream of energy known as the speedforce ceased, as he came to a stop, entering the ancient and historic place coolly. A surge, of crimson energy was emitted from his body, transforming him int ragnarok, though now, wearing the vibranium weave suit, no visible changes occured, despite the pool of demonic power now amplified and at his fingertips. Instead, he became invisible to those without special senses, the technology woven into the stealth suit behind his sudden disappearance.

How would he go about this, killing, or atleast driving out the man in charge of this? Patience would be utilized. Wait for him to reveal himself and strike him down when he' least expected.

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One city was left unchecked, one city forgotten by time...Thanagar. There resided Solar and Luna Hawk, waiting to see if their people would need assistance in the days to come. Amun-Ra all resided there and he decided to act while the weather was changing the terrain. The time had come to restore Egypt's luster. The ancient God strode to the highest point of Thanagar, his humanoid form now largely returned to him along with a majority of his powers. The bird headed god reached to the sky with his arms once he arrived at the top of his own personal pyramid and channeled his power into the sky in a great burst of golden light. The wave of golden light flowed through the sky and raced outward from Great Thanagar in every direction at the speed of a quickly rising sun. The energy wave coursed through the clouds and gleamed in the falling rain like a miracle. Eyes in every city turned to face its origin and deep within the cultural history of Egypt, some remembered or felt a strange tug in their hearts they could not explain. The energy dove from the heights of the atmosphere and crashed into the ground, traveling over it like an unfurling carpet. The golden light harmed nothing but every monument, every relic of ancient Egypt was restored to its prime as it moved over it. The most dramatic change occurred with the Great Pyramids themselves. Even as people raced to defend the pyramids with force-fields the ancient constructs became rejuvenated and gleamed in the sun light that pierced the rain clouds.

No Caption Provided

Sentinel Hawk was helping some young children back into their mother's waiting arms when The Freedom Mobile came speeding down the road. She narrowed her eyes and moved away from the civilians as they turned into their houses and shut the doors. Sentinel Hawk removed her mace from her belt and charged with energy. I don't know who this is but he's out of place here. There's something wrong with this picture. Munoz Hal spread her wings out behind her and held her mace threateningly. "HALT!" She shouted. "By order of Thanagar, get out of your vehicle and identify yourself!" Perhaps it was a bit presumptuous on her part but in that moment Sentinel Hawk realized there was no real authority for her to call upon, so she called upon the only one she could think of. We need to get the Egyptian government to work with us...there's only so much the two or three of us can do without the Legions of Thanagar at our backs.

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The Mothership

Sheng stared in amazement, as the sun blazed though the storm. The sky was bright and clear with a beautiful glow of solar illumination. “What happened?”, the olive toned fighter asked, as he stared into the sun’s friendly rays of gold. As the android stepped beside him, the armored man checked his stationary monitor.

“The storm is disbursing, and the environment is returning to former ecosystem. The temperature is high into the normal conditions, and all presences of the storm is gone…..”, the android stated, as he received calls from the field agents that also witnessed the event. “Data, what just happened?”, the chief’s rough voice inquired, before the android explained. “I don’t know…something cleared out the clouds”. As he awaited a response, before Sheng continued his thought, “…something very powerful”, Theron’s husky toned rung from his com; “The sun feels like that of my realm…something magical, or divine…”, the Greek demi-god recalled his godly home world. Immediately, Tin’Data used satellites to check for the presence, as the mothership started reading the atmosphere.

“Yes, I am reading signs of something otherworldly here…..a supernatural presence is occurring…”, the wise android asked. However, before anyone could answer, the Captain spoke. “Theron…I might need your help…”, he rushingly stated.


Captain Super

“…I think someone was trying to halt my presence, in one of the small towns around Cairo…could you check it out”, the heroic figure asked, as his vehicle sped past the area. The Captain was still trying to get to Alexandria, as he eventually hit the capitol of the country. “Okay, I’ll see about it, for you…”, the god agreed, as he flew from Giza.

The Freedom Mobile was speeding at a blurring speed of sound. With Cap still able to see through his windshield, he saw wind rushing past him. Heading north for the northern coast, he noticed the lightning fast streak, which was his partner speed south.


Theron @sentinel_hawk:

No Caption Provided

Smiling, the demi-god felt the essence of godliness. Even though his wasn’t the gods of his pantheon, or even the gods of his world, the divine power uplifted him, as he hurled through the sky. “I don’t think you’ll need my help in Luxor, Chief…..the danger of the clouds, above, are gone…”, Theron looked at the plane, as he heard the piloting leader granted him the leave. With a smile, the god zoomed into a fury of distorting light. As a boom shot though the sky, he rushed though the land, for Cairo.

As he reached the area of Cap’s previous call, he came to a dead halt. Hitting the ground in a light landing, wind blew around him, as he looked around for the figure that could have struck the Captain’s attention. As his sharp brown eyes sped for a glimpse, he called the driving hero. “…Cap, did you see what she looked like?”, he walked around. As he smiled and waved at children, he heard the heroically dramatic voice speak back. “I think she had armor covering her….in the shape of a bird, of some sorts…”, Theron thanked him, before breaking the connection. As he strolled through the streets, he told the bystanders to get to the safety of their homes, as quick as they could. The brawny Greek was unsure of what fate had in store for the area.


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The Olympus, Orbit

"And so it begins...."

"It was inevitable."

"F***ing gods always gotta feel themselves and sh**. Course it was gonna happen. What better place than there?"

"Heh, isn't our plan the same thing."

It was not difficult to see, and in only a matter of time before this would happen, before yet another neutral extra-normal party would seek to exert themselves and their own will over an impoverished area. In some attempt to make it "better." To lord over people and make them reliant on them. It is hardly an unheard of concept, and this would bring about political ramifications.

However, the U.N. seemed all but powerless in truth to stop it. Governments generally seemed to rarely possess means of reliably doing anything to halt or hinder such beings without encurring such wrath often times. However, Maverick served as an entity, a nationless, lawful neutral corporation of damaged, but recuperating reputation due the attacks by the missing, suspected dead "cyber warrior" Dox. However, recent events have restored such trust and for governments to seek something of power that would answer to them.

This middle east claim that they had made was the perfect oppertunity for Maverick to be actively used in the area to a more full extent. They cared little for national boundries, unlike other armies, due to their privatized nature and had ample contigencies and resources to deal with such beings as these terrorists.

Nemaz began to speak, as he commented among the group of Bradshaw, several squad members of various positions and the CEO of Maverick

"They show power, but little else. The Americans are more than powerful enough to combat the terrorist threat. But they lacked precision. A terrorist does not don a uniform. They all don the same hjiab. They do not all hide in bunkers. A schoolhouse will do just fine. As will an office building. Or his wife and child's home. They seek to wipe out something amorphous. Something loosely based. Something that does not abide by the typical rules of war. They can shut down many terrorist cells, but to kill every terrorist? A fools erran. Ideas are bulletproof. Some of the very people they evacuate will harbor them. What do they understand of what they face...?"

Nemaz shakes his head, reading the note of (@sentinel_hawk). "Oh child." Nemaz laments as he puts his mask on. "Misguided in sight. I can only pray that you soon see things as we do."

Nemaz pulls up a map over the primary portions of the middle east. For a more physical view, they can gaze upon it from the exterior as the station had been positioned far above it.

No Caption Provided

Nemaz scrolls about as he sifts through accumulated data from Maverick's database and the database provided by governments world-wide, as did the rest of the men. They had decided that it would be best to station troops in Syria solely to prevent it from being imperialised, as to not exacerbate the situation.

Instead, they would choose to dive head first into the terrorist hot bed to impliment martial law in various areas. Afghanistan and Kabul. Maverick had been preparing for this for a long time, however, now was the time to deployed specialized troops to seize various areas and place them under martial law, as well as simply clear out certain areas filled with known terrorists.

Kabul was easy enough, due to their lack of extensive presence, Maverick spied on the population in order to compile evidence to properly capture numerous suspected foes. Other areas simply found themselves overwhelmed by a force that was simply much more potent then they were and too aware to ambushed. Being masters of guerrilla warfare and information retrieval made them impossible to ambush. Not only this, but with the M.O.R.S, their numbers were numerous. Their use of environmental mapping combined with years of actual preparation enabled them to systematically wipe out most any base not among the civilian population.

The problem lied in that they could not kill them all, as they hid among the civilian population.

2 Days later

"We have a confirmed car bomb..."

"Moving to intercept."

"Vehicle intercepted."

Many portions of Afghanistan were the first to be occupied at the moment by the private military company. However, unlike their opposition, Maverick had sought a different approach in the form of in actuality, mostly non-lethal tactics. Indeed, this reduced civilian casualties substantially. The use of demoralization from being forced to fight an enemy they could not hope to beat, who intercepted them at every turn, who outclassed to such a degree as to openly use non-lethal weaponry against them. Who were seemingly all seeing, all knowing, who gave them no chance whatsoever to retaliate.

Indeed, they had trouble starting any kind of large scale conflict because Maverick because they would systematically destroy them and their networks before they could retaliate.

The car came to a screeching halt in the streets of Kabul on it's way to a diplomat's residence, a soldier in a HUNK Exosuit landing in front of him and smashing his exo-augmented fists down onto the hood of the car, using friction and support to bring the vehicle to a halt. He then proceeded to walk next to the car door, rip it off, grab the driver and then toss him onto the pavement.

He got up however, and revealed himself to be rigged to blow as he bears his trigger ready to detonate the pack of bombs as he shouts "ALLAHU AKBAR!!" It was at this moment he sought to free himself from this mortal plane and become one with Allah, who is fortold to reward him with 72 virgins upon his arrival to heaven.

"What a shame..."

There is no bright explosion. No gore, no glory. He sees a phantom appear before him, a man dressed in all right, drawing a handgun, thoughout intending to actually use it lethally. <"So willing to waste your life over something so unknown, but with so little left to believe in, not much choice you have a man with an AK47? That is not very frightening. Someone who can convince others to pick up 10,000? That is frightening.">

The man blinks as Nemaz speaks to him in Arabic, and then lunges him and Nemaz lightly pistol whips him, causing him to simply slump to the floor incapacitated. The other is actually a teen who was with him, young, who attempted to run. Only to get shot with a PEPs and paralyzed, as he fell to the floor, convulsing. The African Super Soldier merely shakes his head as he looks at him, and fades once more upon the activation of his cloak.

He reappears on a rooftop, crossing his arms as he looks out into the landscape. "All these problems and yet, so few solutions. He thinks he can simply summon rain and win people over. Hm....."

Maverick and a few individuals in general were very ready to throw the opposing force into disarray, but not necessarily with violence, but more with words. Words from someone who they would listen to. One of them.


A man appeared on TVs and predominately radios that people listened to, Maverick being sure to hack (and even install) various means of communication so as many as possible could hear, and word could spread. This man was not Nemaz, and it was not one of Maverick's greatest or most elite, yet he is one of those who are immediately useful.

No, he is simply a very good soldier hailing from Afghanistan who joined Maverick approximately 8 years ago to sustain himself. He was unmasked, human, as he stared calmly at the camera screen, as he began to speak in Arabic.

<"Hello, brothers and sisters. I am here....to try to shed a little light on the current events and happenings, the way I honestly see it. I see blood, despair and ignorance that has engulfed much of the landscape. War. For years many groups have disrupted peace and disorted views, perspectives, and the mind. Many among those whom we fight have had little choice in what they could do. And now, it seems as though that choice is arising.....

Brothers and sisters, all I am here to tell you today, is to think. To see potential problems and to not follow anyone blindly. I remember when I was but a boy in the streets of Kabul, I still remember when people went out to fly kites, before the war. Before Soviets. Before the Taliban. Before any of that, and I miss those days, much like many of you may.....

However, I also remember the worse things after that. The soviets, and then the Taliban. I remember them, and I remember their war. I remember when we dreaded the soviets for seeking to take away culture and customs. We longed for a hero, and you know who answered? The Taliban, they came promising Utopia, promising freedom and justice. They were friendly at first, and even helped people with their problems. Had a celebration...and everything Does this sound familiar....?

A new person has appeared, a man who seeks to conquer the entire landscape of the middle east, someone who hails from one country, who so far, has shown that his might is what should make him rule. We thought the Taliban were heroes at first because where were they from? They were from here, from Afghanistan, where I am. We didn't see them as terrorists, we saw them as freedom fighters....

What I am saying as that how are we to know this man is not the same thing? I welcome the shunning of wrongful ideals that disrupt peace and insight violence, but I dislike the acceptance of a potential devil we may have in our midst, who's intentions may not be known...thank you. May Allah or whomever you believe, guide your souls....

Thank you....">

The Camera turns off and radio signals cease.

People began to speak now, to shift in perspective. Not in total agreement, but not in utter disagreement. A schism was forming within the people. Not only here, but globally as the message was shared on the news, social media, and awareness grew drastically now. People began aruging perspective, debating. Thinking, and looking among themselves.

Eyes were on the middle east, as many new players joined, and others could only spectate.

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As he stood upon the dune beside Rafael and Ian, he felt a new presence in the atmosphere. Something had come in hot, moving ominously towards his storm. He had taken great care to avoid damaging the natural environment, taking water only from the sea, which itself had been apparently been rising too much in recent years. But, as he stood silently upon the sandbar, he felt something new break his concentration. Small, fast entities, peeling off from whatever had made its way into the atmosphere, were proceeding towards the storm zones. One had begun shielding various monuments, somehow projecting what appeared to be a powerful force field upon the Sphinx, the Pyramids, and even the city itself. Danyal smiled, glad that someone had elected to take care of the monuments. A little rain wouldn't have hurt them, as far as he knew, but if something had changed about them over the years, an excess of moisture could be damaging. It was testament to the fact that he was not perfect. Only a fool would think themselves an infallible being. Confidence was necessary to lead, and there was a fine line between arrogance and confidence. He could always use with a reminder that his will should not be absolute. He gave a slight nod, acknowledging his oversight.

The other flying object to emerge from the craft was actually a caped being, flying at astonishing speeds through the skies towards Alexandria. I imagine, then, that he will encounter Sentinel Hawk. He respected the Thanagarian warrior, but secretly hoped that she would do nothing rash. He respected her, and had confidence in her abilities, but if this flying man would prove a threat, he could be at her side in an instant. Incredibly advanced eyes watched the being approach her, muscles tensing slightly in his legs as he prepared to join them if necessary.


Simultaneously, he felt another speeding presence approach Cairo, similar to Rafael. Curiously, he could not see any being approach, but he felt them, sensing the way they pushed away the air in front of them. It was like a boat passing by a swimmer in the ocean, leaving a wake that could be felt instinctively. He grew somewhat uneasy, now curious about the whereabouts of this second speedster. Perhaps they were just here to observe history in the making. Pushing from his mind the thoughts of the running man, he returned his focus to maintaining the rains, keeping all those living in the region safe while still irrigating the driest lands in the world.


A little later, through his superhuman hearing, he detected faint whispers of dissent amongst the people. A mysterious outside force had utilized technology to communicate with the people of the area, apparently hacking into the television and radio signals that provided information of the outside world to the Middle East. He heard a voice, in Arabic, warn of the past misdeeds of the Taliban, and the Soviet Union before them, drawing unfounded comparison between the two. Danyal was not angry, nor displeased; a simple sigh emanated from him, a sad frown on his face for a mere moment. Thanks to the cruel acts of those before him, it'd be even harder for the people he loved to accept him, based only on the gifts he was giving them. It wasn't unexpected, but still disheartening. They'll come around, he thought, shrugging lightly. He looked up into the storm system, watching the lightning jump from cloud to cloud, thunder crackling across the horizon.


So utterly focused upon the storm, was he, that he did not notice a great disturbance in one of the new green ecosystems. He heard a mighty noise and felt a change in the barometric pressure as a vast shockwave emanated through the new oasis. He gritted his teeth as he kept another lightning bolt in check.

"Rafael, Ian," he began, squinting up into the clouds, "if either of you would be so kind...I'm supremely curious to know," he paused, exhaling deeply as he redirected a potential tornado back up into the clouds, "what that terrible noise was. I fear we may have attracted..."

He closed his eyes, warping the winds on the far end of the Mediterranean away from a passing jetliner...

"...I fear we may have attracted some unwanted attention," he concluded, gesturing off into the oasis from which the noise had come. "Would either of you care to investigate? Remember, you are not to engage any entity," he cracked his neck, eyes ablaze with power, "without being previously engaged yourself."

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Ok...next time just hit the car with your mace or something, that didn't work. Sentinel Hawk had little time to consider the issue further when she saw another strange figure approaching, this one waving and smiling at people. This is getting weirder by the minute. The teenage Hawk Lord kept her mace firmly in one hand as she walked towards the figure, intent on finding out why he was here and if she needed to break in a few heads next.

"This city is under my protection, who are you and what are you doing here?" She challenged. Sentinel Hawk had her full battle armor on, the golden Nth Metal glistened with rain and her mace crackled with energy, generating a continuous aura of steam around the head of the mace. Without the experience of Solar Hawk or Luna Hawk she was more likely to get herself involved with an unnecessary conflict, especially because she expected people to oppose the plan and come attacking them at any moment. She was here to keep the city safe and ensure its people were ok. If anyone threatened or even appeared to threaten them, she would intervene immediately. Here now was an obviously powerful individual that seemed to be acting with good intentions, but she didn't know who he was. Besides, I've met plenty of terrible people that hide behind good intentions, they wear them like a mask. Trust no one until they have proven they should be trusted. Least of all someone in this situation. He has as much chance of being an enemy as a friend.

"Was that your friend that just went speeding by?" She asked. " He was asked to stop, lawfully. He could get someone killed driving like that. Are you here to help these people, or are you here to get in our way?"

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Beverly Hills, CA

No Caption Provided

The perfectly sculpted eyebrows of Valerie Huntington were furrowed in irritation, and slight confusion as to how someone working under her could have failed to execute such a fundamental task.

“What do you mean you didn’t obtain what I asked for?” she nearly hissed, her aristocratic East Coast upbringing giving her voice subtle English inflections. Her slender frame radiated an icy temper, while maintaining the poise of a woman with both grace and power.

The man sitting across from her, behind his desk, remained silent for a moment, contemplating how best to maneuver through the conversation before responding.

“Well, Ms. Huntington, we were distracted,” he explained, his tone revealing disappointment without abandoning a steely confidence. The White Queen had hired only those with an unbreakable nerve, even in their moments of despondence.

Folding her arms over her chest in frustration, Valerie took a moment to consider the next step in correcting his mistake.

The Huntington Heiress had been spending increasing portions of her time at the Los Angeles Hellfire Club chapter since her parents’ relocation of their family estate to the City of Angels. The LA club was easily the second most popular chapter in the U.S., behind the Hellfire Club’s base chapter in New York, and it had seen a noticeable increase in guests outside the realm of Hollywood celebrities and athletes. Local Fortune 500 CEOs and visiting diplomats had taken a liking to the illicit pleasures provided by the Hellfire Club, which allowed the establishment to secure a wider network of global political power.

More importantly, to Valerie and the Huntington business, the club had attracted more and more super human individuals. The executive of each Hellfire Club chapter was responsible for collecting information on these super humans and their powers, using technology provided by the Huntingtons.

A recent visit from a Belgium aristocrat with a unique set of mutant abilities had evaded the Los Angeles Hellfire Club executive’s notice, much to Valerie’s aggravation. Information was money, was power, and neither were taken lightly to the Huntingtons.

Taking a deep breath to stop herself from dissembling his central nervous system in that moment, she took several steps closer to the club’s executive.

“Contact his team. Tell them we were so honored to have him visit, that we’d like to throw him a private party. And this time, when he comes, make sure to do your fcking job,” she commanded, reaching a hand into the handbag on her arm as she spoke. Pulling out a stack of countless hundred dollar bills, the It Girl threw cash aggressively toward the executive’s face before turning to stride out of his office.

Once having left the Hellfire Club for some brief shopping on Rodeo Drive, it didn’t take long for the paparazzi to take notice of the Modern-Day Aphrodite. The quickly amassed a herd of men yelling out her name, asking her personal questions, and incessantly flashing their cameras at her to catch a photograph of the beauty and style icon.

Her goddess figure was clad in a chic but causal ensemble, displaying Valerie’s taste for style on any occasion. An ivory The Row funnel neck tank top kept her cool and comfortable, while her long, lithe legs donned a pair of J Brand mid-rise capri skinny jeans. Gianvitto Rossi lace up heels added to her statuesque height, and she held a Balenciaga Mini-Papier A4 Zip-Around bag by her side. The look was elegant and classic, with all the aesthetic style of a modern icon.

Pacing gracefully past the paparazzi, not giving them a moment of her attention, she eventually reached the curbside parking spot where she had parked early. Stepping into the driver’s seat of the black 2015 Rolls Royce Phantom, she didn’t even have time to start the car before a series of images flooded her mind.

She could clearly see desert, where angry thunderheads had gathered to shower the landscape with rain and light the sky with bolts of electricity. Flashes of different faces ran through her mind, none of them recognizable but all of them gathered under the dark clouds. One final image crossed her mind, one of Rafael, his handsome features sleeked from rain and his face stoic.

With the message ending she returned to her present surroundings, with paparazzi crowding around her car and the familiar beige interior of her luxe Rolls surrounding her.

“Damnit, Rafael,” she cursed under her breath. “Can’t stay out of trouble for five minutes.”

Reaching into her purse, which she had thrown on the passenger set, she pulled out a gold iPhone 6 before quickly calling one of the many contacts stored on the phone. The other end rang only twice before a familiar voice answered on the other end.

“Whatever you’re doing, we have to go. Now,” Valerie said, not as a command but as a simple statement.

The White Queen had barely finished speaking before a cloud of dark smoke erupted in her backseat, eventually clearing to reveal a man’s figure. He wore a navy crew neck, Levi jeans, and a pair of white tennis shoes.

“This better be important. I was on a date,” he said.

“Wearing that?” Valerie asked incredulously, looking him up and down with a gentle smirk.

“We went to a carnival. She would have put out, too,” he said with a playful defensiveness. “Anyway, where are we going?”

“Middle East,” Valerie said, relaying the location to him telepathically before vanishing with him in another cloud of black smoke.

Cairo, Egypt

After stopping to change her attire, the Mutant Madonna’s figure appear alone as another burst of smoke dissipated in the rain-soaked air. She now donned one of her many all-white ensembles, this one consisting of tight pants, heeled boots, and a bandeau from which a cape flowed from the seams.

Her pale blue gaze scanned her surroundings. Standing atop a dune, all of Cairo and the Pyramids were in view. Rain soaked the landscape, the unusual natural phenomenon telling of more supernatural events to come.

Finally her eyes rested on Rafael, who hovered low to the ground just beside her. Reaching up to slip her delicate hand into his rough palm, she pulled him gently toward the ground so that she could wrap her arms around him in a tender hug. The rain brought forward every detail of his natural smell, one she had come to know completely.

In the time since their reunion in Lisbon, Valerie and Rafael had remained in almost constant contact of some sort. Whether together, on the phone, or just texting, neither could go a moment without the other. This hadn’t brought out any official reconciliation between them, due to Valerie’s persistent reservations against returning to their previous relationship, however the connection between them was as strong as ever.

“I got contact from you telepathically. Don’t worry me like that,” she said, pressing her lips affectionately on his cheek to show her gratitude that he was still ok.

Pulling away from him, she still wondered what had caused the psychic link between her and Rafael to spark. Turning her golden head, she watched as various different figures met over the sands of Egypt, seemingly in confrontations of opposition.

“What the hell is going on here?” she asked, looking back at Rafael. He had explained he’d be away in the Middle East for some reason, however, he had failed to mention the level of danger involved.


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Walking through the sandy streets, the Greekman heard the voice of a young lady. With curiosity, he turned to search for the voice. As he did, the darkly olive man saw the heavily armored figure. Wielding a mace of gold, she seems to be a warrior. Perhaps the defender of this town, the brunette god figured, as he stood still before hearing her confirmation of his suspicion. Tall and brawny, the color coated grandson of Zeus watched her with eyes of wonder. He could barely see her face, as it hid behind the golden cowl of presumably-defensive armor. Quickly, he heard her ask about his friend.

With a look in the direction that the Captain sped off in, Theron chuckled and took a few steps closer. “…I’m sure he’s fully aware of the dangers in that vehicle. But, I assure you, he has full control over what it does…he not endangering anyone… ”, he smirked with confidence in his profoundly strong voice of full-toned charm. As he stared at the lady, he noticed her outfit resembled a bird of prey. He wondered if she was this universe’s version of the ‘Guards of Heliopolis’. While not baring a real head and wings of birds, like the guard in his realm, who solely devoted their lives to the protection of Ra’s land, the small lady was very much in their likeness.

Though, the sight of her firm mace halted his thought. The sun angels of his land never bared the medieval weapon, rather carrying Khopesh into battle. As he glared at the shining tool with cautious eyes of brown, he heard the girl’s inquiry about him. “Out of the uncertainty of this national event, I’m here to provide helping hands of protection…”, he walked towards her. Seeing the youthfulness in her face, The biasness of his mind overcame his reasoning, and he forgot about her presences of warriorhood. Placing a hand on her shoulder, he attempted to walk her to the safety of shelter, “…but, you should get to safety, young lady. There is danger afoot, and you could very well get hurt, little one.”.


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@oran: @valerie_huntington: @exemplar:

First were his eyes, those pearls of chocolate brown, mystifying in their appeal, and dark in their flair. With them, he focused and gazed upon the sight of the Egyptian pyramids, squinting both eyes as these man-made wonders collapsed under the force of the rain. They crumbled and the ground was made to lumber in shock. Second was his dermis, the air rippled with shock-waves and shifts in airflow that caused the fall of rain to be frantic against his skin. And third, his ears perked, the low and thundering thud of the pyramids' destruction assaulting the senses. "That noise, Exemplar, was the destruction of the pyramids", remarked the 21st Century Achilles, his voice cutting through the sound of rain and gathering clouds in earnest.

"This is no longer a Cold War. Someone has sent us a message that could not be clearer", he paused, unfolding both arms from his chest, resting them at his sides as he lowered some feet, bringing the soles of his armored boots closer to the bed of soaked sand below. He focused his hearing, relying on his senses' penchant for extraordinary things, and heard the sound of a growing ecosystem in the distance. Something new was being born, and what was suffered, giving way to what was coming. He heard the rain, the downpour crashing hard against trees new to this domain, he heard those trees creaking in protest as the downpour grew thick and relentless. He was certain now, Rafael, "Something else is at work here. I'll investigate".

Though as he braced himself for departure, his muscle fibers twitching with a need for speed, this Greek god of an antihero found himself being grounded by the touch of a hand he knew all too well. "Valerie", his eyes widened, breath catching in his throat as their gazes met and she pulled him to the ground. Surprise soon gave way to a smile, it was soft, genuine, and spoke volumes of his contentment. He'd thought of her before, felt that she'd prove invaluable on the battlefield by his side with her power over all things psionic, with the Phoenix Force resting dormant in her spirit. And all things considered, he simply wanted her by his side. Everyday they spoke but still he missed her. And when he grew distressed, he calmed himself with thoughts of her.

She hugged him, and in a moment of instinct, he wrapped an arm around her waist that was so lithe and soft. His other hand, held the small of her back. Then as her lips pressed against his cheek, doting it with a kiss, his heart skipped a beat and his smile widened. She pulled herself from him but his palms rested on her shoulder as his gaze held hers. Without words he communicated his affection for her before finally speaking. "I won't. I promise", he began, "And I'm glad you're here", he was always glad when she was present, he thought. Turning away, returning his attention to where his eyes once rested, he answered her question. "Someone is interfering with our plans. I intend to put an end to this interference. And I want you by my side, fighting with me. Against.. whoever it is".

He reached for her hand, and if she allowed him to, Rafael would, in a blur of blitzing speed, take her with him before a heartbeat later, pausing before a towering juggernaut, a living breathing mass of greenery. And the culprit behind the disturbance felt by both him and Exemplar. "Is it diplomacy you seek?", paused the 21st Century Achilles, quite intensity in his eyes, cold confidence oozing from every pore, wicked swagger dripping from his posture, "Or death?".

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Perhaps it was the way he approached or the unusual nature of the situation but Sentinel Hawk didn't respond to his advances immediately...what she did do was stay alert to her surroundings and pay very careful attention to what he was doing. He seems sincere about helping people but how much can I trust that? People lie all the time and some of them are very good at doing it. It could be a ruse to act disarming and strike when my guard is down.

When he put his hand on her shoulder she reacted immediately, but fortunately not violently at least not yet. She swept his hand from her shoulder and placed the head of her mace against his chest to make a point. "I am a warrior of Thanagar and servant of Amun-Ra not a child, please do not treat me as one, that is your last warning. If you are here to help these people what is it you are protecting them from? The rain will replenish the area and provide food and water for people who have had too little of both for centuries. So far no one has lashed out, but I'm worried that may occur...I'm also expecting people who believe they need to stop us." She looked up at him and narrowed her eyes. "Are you one of those?"

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Immediately dropping his head to the spiked weapon, the brunet god glanced at it with flustered brows of shock. He wasn’t really expecting the young girl to pull her weapon on his; at least, not so soon, and for trying to protect her. “I am only trying to help her….how could she think I’m a threat to her and her people…”, Theron instinctively thought, as he felt slighted. With deep wonder in his eyes, he contained his feeling and looked up at her with a face of easing control. Staring at her with his brown eyes, he listened to her warning. “A servant of Amun-Ra…so, she was this world’s version of the Guards of Heliopolis”, he cleared up his mind, after accidentally scoffing a snicker of polarization of her statement as a warrior and her appearance. Theron wasn’t use to warriors not being intimidating figures.

“So, you are for this global shift…”, his eye slightly narrowed in the meeting of his opposing side. He was not much of a scientist. But, he was told of the grave threat that could arise from this huge change in the earth’s balancing atmosphere. “I know it may seem well, now…but, we are unsure of the long term threat that might come from this.”, he began. Placing a hand on her mace, he continued. “…the Earth must try to create balance within itself. Any change to it will change the rest of it. And, I have been given reason to believe that the ones who are for this act haven’t took the reaction of nature into account.”, he tried to explain.

“In this moment, we see the forming of a forest out of a desert as a great deed. However, have we saw to the possible reaction that our planet will have to having miles and miles of new forest appear out of nowhere…..it could be harmless. But, it also could doom us all.”, he calmly plead to her. “Those of us, who oppose, are just not will to take that risk, without having solid evidences of global safety and stability…”, he state, acknowledging him being an oppose of the terraforming act.

As Theron attempted to lower her weapon from his chest, he spoke again, “I am just here to help calm the social storm that might arise from this…”. As he finished, he addressed his previous point, “But, as for now, I deeply believe you should get to safety. I would rather you not get seriously hurt...”. Gesturing to a safe building, he kept his distance.


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@oran: @valerie_huntington: @rafael_romeiro: @exemplar:

The breeze was strong Airavata's hair whipped about furiously. The scent of the ocean strong upon the nose of her and those with her. They sat upon an island of rocks the dancing waves of an endless ocean was on all sides. Before the Rava was a series of aquatic giants. Figures composed of water ice and sea weed, they were beautiful and calming to the eyes. Of course Rava looked bored by it all.

"You have to interject. The ecosystem can't be toyed with in such a way." Remarked the previous avatars of The Blue. An elemental force that looks out for the oceans and lakes of the world.

"Why? How many other issues are there we don't care about? But this merits our attention?" Rava remarked annoyed at the prospect of doing work.

"How about because rejecting your duties will result in rejecting this new life of yours?" The comment was a roar, a tsunami of a rebuttal. And it won Rava over, she wouldn't have cared if she died when she was human. Now though she had Natasha Stark and Alianette she'd rather not die.

"Please tell me your not putting beside one of those hippies." These were her last words before her and her companions were swept away in a wave. When the wash of salt water past the trio found themselves in the vast desert Nat and Ali taking off to look for something else to do. They could see Rava in the distance beside a mass of flora and two likely supporters of the cause. They however were needed elsewhere.

Airavata however arrived beside Oran. Her uniform looked military well kept but plain, her jacket however was rich with color and culture it to though was somewhat average. Her attire while nice was nothing in comparison to Raf or Val, yet looked out of place next to a mass of plant life. They didn't look like companions, she rose from the nearby bed of water created by unwelcome teraforming. Despite rising ou of the water and the downpour of rain however Rava was the only one who looked dry.

"The one thing I ask for is not to be beside one of you Ents and what do they do?!" Rava remarked approaching the avatar of green as she brushed aside flawlessly managed hair. "And to make it worse I have to fight the diplomatic supermodels?" Rava despite being stunning never saw herself as such and always loathed the other good looking people even more. They were only good for stealing from. "Sure let's try diplomacy. Stop messing with nature and go home."

"Also dial it down Christian and Anastasia Grey I won't sign your contract if you apply death threats." Honestly she avoided the books and movie like the plague but she couldn't help but reference it. Was amusing to her how often people wanted to play dominance. Act like a discussion can be held but then drop threats. Course it was far from intimidating to Rava. With all the water in play Rava was feeling almost as confident as she would if she was on a beach head. Only place more empowering would be the ocean itself.

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Marco ascended from the dank gore splattered confines of the terrorist cell's underground facility. They had repurposed the basement of the local elementary school, labeling the their meetings as parent teacher meet and greets, book clubs, and the like. Crimson marred the pristine desert sands as he swiped the blood from his blade, resheathing his one treasure in life. As he set himself in the seat of the second hand dune buggy he picked up the receiver for the CV radio he had installed earlier in the month. Unlike many of his other allies he lacked the ability to traverse great distances in mere moments, and so in order to stay in tune with his allies and keep on top of the situation he needed more conventional methods than simply teleporting or flying there. "This is Wolf, I'm finished here, but I need a status update, what's going on out there, and where do you need me?"

He knew where Danyal, the Exemplar, would be. If there was nothing more to do he would simply reunite with him, but Marco doubted it would be that easy. He lit up another cigarette as he sat in the dune buggy, taking a heavy drag as he awaited his next set of orders.

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"Before I knew what I was I grew up practicing Islam, my whole life I was taught to have faith, to understand that there is a greater plan." She said. When he tried to lower her weapon he found she had a surprising level of strength. She did lower the mace away from his body after a moment but it had nothing to do with his attempt to push it away. She had made her point with it already. "There is a plan, he won't destroy the whole world to save a portion of it. Look, all I have ever heard from people is talk about how they are going to help the Middle East, this is the first time I have seen real action about it. Look around you. The people of this region live in poverty, their education levels, with the exception of certain countries, are among the lowest in the world and on top of that they have people with no interest in their well being always telling them what to do."

Sentinel Hawk backed away from him and gestured around. "You talk about greater impact on the world at large. Think about this region if it were stable and safe, think about the impact that would have on the world economy and tell me you really want to oppose what's going on here."

Sentinel Hawk considered him for a moment, he really seemed to have good interests at heart, he even seemed a bit wounded at first when she had brushed his hand away. "Why don't you help me make sure everyone is safe instead of trying to usher me to safety? I am fine, I was built to fight the wars others cannot. Help me help these people."

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Smirking at her surprising level of strength, the bronzed figure stared at her. He knew very little of the faith she spoke of. Islam was ages away from him and his homeland. Actually, being of a magical land, he only just began to understand the idea of terraforming and natural balance. Theron had a leer, as his stocky frame chuckled hardily. "I apologize, young madam...but, I know very little of Islam, or this 'faith' that you speak of...", the demi god stated, thinking of the faith of his home.

A land far from this one, having faith in his gods meant little, but to steer their egos. In any case, his gods could bring as much wrath, as well as love, to their dear followers. Watching the heavy set eyes of the girl, Theron continued smirking, as he thought about the Olympians in this situation. They'd probably be placing wine and gold on which warrior they thought who rise to glory. They'd most likely be arguing over if the world of the 'mere mortals' would gloriously prevail or horrifically crumble into turmoil…and they’d comfortably watch either turn of fate. So, Theron had a very useless idea of faith…but, her gods must not be so.

“…..I’m sure your faith will lead you to salvation…I curtain that this is all in good morals, and should have happened long ago; the terrorist groups, the ill government, the education problems, and the economy.”, he began, as he stared down at her. As he quickly glanced at the world, he stated, “I’m actually surprised that none of the ‘supers’ of this well-populated planet have not came to the aid of this place.”.

“But, mass terraforming isn’t just dealing with the problems of this country. It’s messing with the natural order…and, from what I’ve seen of this world, nature isn’t something we should be toying with…”, he specified, while taking her lead. Gesturing for her to lead the way, he continued, “...while, I see the importance of raising Egypt's economy. But, by changing this ecosystem, you could harm the agricultural economy of the world.....I deep feel like we're going too fast, without fully thinking this through...”.


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@ian_idyll: @exemplar:

From a nearby stream Airavata materialized beside the Avatar of the Green. Natasha and Alianette however appeared rather by the rain what had been just the tears of the dark sky came the pair of girls one just an explorative teen the other a grand master of martial arts. "Have fun and don't get in over your head" Ali remarked before turning toward a plateau of sand. She covered the ground quickly, but not by sprint or flight the ground simply carried her forward. Her arms crossed and stance casual as she crossed the distance. Earth rising to equal height so Ali could look her opposition in the eyes.

She was a prodigy of a student a mind that understood her craft with a grace that would of been beautiful if not for it's roots in violence. For no matter how good she got it was the trial by fire that got her heart pumping. When she was a child she was taken in by the Covenant, a religion founded by a Sith Lord and turned into the teaching of the force in general. Ali was quick to learn it, to become a force user for the ages and then she went to the Reisho monastery. It was here she learned of chakra and chi and developed phenomenal skills there as well. She was a breakthrough of talents made flesh and bone. Soon enough however flesh and bone were surpassed as well. By now she saw herself akin to a god. The question she struggled with was a god of what?

She'd brought family back to life, battled Doom, could rise from the grave easier then biblical stories. Yet she didn't know what her purpose should be but perhaps some light could be shed on that today as she met the Exemplar and whoever this companion at his side was. "Alianette is my name I came with allegiance to that kleptomaniac water creature over there."

She'd made a customary and respectful bow before pointing to the confrontation in the distance. "If you don't mind me asking why do you want to rule? Wha is it with people wanting power and status for what they do? Be it a revolt or noble conquest it always ending in who owns what. Whatever happend to just helping the economy and ecosystem while thining out the bad seeds?" Heroics was a dying art it felt like nobody did it for for the people without doing it for themselves as well.

Naturally talking rarely worked in the wars of the modern age diplomacy and negotiation was a myth. Ali expected it to be a 'assist or die' ending statement as an answer. If it came to a fight, like she admittedly wanted she had a move prepared. In a fight with Milo Archer also known as Tranquil, the Yin Yang master had aquired his optic talents. Her obsidian and tangerine serpent like eyes had a variety of powers. Called Heavens Eye these chakra based powers were unique in function needing little effort or expense to use for starters. Of these attacks the one Ali would go for was titled Hate, which would cast a white flame that was said to be able to burn anything. She'd look to ingulf the duo in this undying flame curious to see how they fought the attempted incineration.

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Kabul, Afghanistan


Change can be swift, sudden and without warning. It can only take mere moments for what the mind perceives as reality to dynamically fluctuate between states. And other times, in ways, change took time. The change in Kabul could be described as quick, and lethargic at once.

Maverick had not made drastic changes to the way of life for people, however, they took care to monitor the area and it's citizens heavily, with this new conquering of Egypt causing a spike in incidents in an actually relatively peaceful city, compared to the rest of the country. With the withdrawl of U.S Troops from Afghanistan previously, terrorists attacks increased even more, with the attacks taking advantage of newfound vulnerability. Maverick, being a private military company, could easily surpass foreign borders and work directly under the Afghani government, guarding them from harm at every turn. The U.S Government could in turn pay the company for their efforts, and it was ultimately cheaper for the U.S to do this, due to Maverick maintaining their own army and their own equipment, with their untold billions all coming from years of work under government and corporate entities for their various successful units being employed and areas such as Henosha.

The middle east was similar, presenting an opportunity for both Charity and natural publicity brought about by their involvement. People often questioned if this was truly for the good of the country or for money. Either way, the effects were clear cut. Terrorists were overall, unable to accomplish much with Maverick's presence. They watched everything, saw everything. They seemed to know all, to know where they are hiding, to pick them out from crowds if the had even a single molecule of explosive material on them. Not only this, but the schism had shifted slightly in Maverick's favor due to the medicare they had provided freely due to how cheap and also advanced it was. More advanced than much of what they'd seen, due to their ability to seemingly cure anything and even enhance the human body, though they never would enhance someone for free.

This all came at the cost of violating privacy, as unannounced to the people, they were looking into their homes, kicking down doors and walls to capture those who they had accumulated enough evidence to arrest. Interrogations were....to say the least, successful due to Maverick's more "unconventional" methods. They talked, whether they realized or not.

From their perspective, the operation was going smoothly and with little hitch. This was planned heavily, and orchestrated. All it needed to be put into action, was a push.

Cairo, Egypt

Now....it was time to deal with another issue. The abrupt occupation of Egypt.


The city rained lightly as Nemaz looks down upon it, standing upon a skyscraper as his eyes scan about.

What a lovely city.

His eyes slowly close, and Nemaz concentrates, viewing the area with his ears and feeling it with his body. As he acquires that which he searches, his eyes flash open, as he stands now, looking downward towards the bustling, wet streets of the city below, as he steps off fearlessly as his wingsuit activates, and he glides through the air towards it.


"Because it is. And not properly."

Nemaz comes seemingly diving from the sky as he lands softly on the ground from the sky, landing on 3s, his feet and a hand on the ground. It wasn't the kind of landing the caused a crater or anything of the sort. It was something that made little perceptible noise. Like a cat.


He slowly rises to his feet to look upon the rogue Maverick soldier and her associate, clad in his hooded armor and mask, but his voice recognizable.

"If this is what defines "real action" than I'm not sure if this is the type of real action. We've been tracking his weather patterns. It would seem he is making it lightly drizzle here, while causing downpours through the more dry areas. At this rate, all those areas are going to experience flash flooding from him overflowing river beds. Accompanied by massive mudslides from his attempt at irrigation." Nemaz says speaking spitefully of the man as he points directly at him, irragardless of whether or not he in view of visual sight (@exemplar).

"And on top of this, the man is bringing excessive amounts of rain to a country where access to an improved water source is 99%. Egypt's problems hardly lie in terrorists, and this country in actuality has some of the least amounts. But aiding someone in imperializing a middle power of such wealth and influence as Egypt? I understand you want to see change, Sentinel. This country is not the best compared to say, the United States. But I like to give credit where credit is due. Europe and the United state helped hyper urbanize the country and improve it's economy. People help, but it's a more a complex problem than it seems."

Underneath his mask, his face scowls and his tone becomes not so much furious. It was a controlled anger.

"But anyone will easily follow a man in tights, isn't that right" He leans forward towards her "Sentinel?" He says gesturing to Theron.

"Reforms or not, it is hardly any excuse to seek to be worshiped as god and come from nowhere, seeking to conquer a middle power. We will not simply stand by as this man of unknown motive seeks to dominate the country through apparently his "Might makes right" philosophy. Most of Egypt's problems are internal and he seems to know little about actually leading this country.

And that is assuming his true intentions are benevolent. How are we to know? He doesn't even attempt communication with anyone, and simply came to take one the richest countries in Africa itself, starting with the country's center of commerce. Meanwhile, we at Maverick are in the process of purging one of the most terrorist riddled countries in the middle east.

The question is Sentinel, who's side will you be on? We can improve this country, and the rest, without destroying them. It saddens me, to see you here, to be honest. This man seems to be either a fool or harboring an ulterior motive, attempting to mask it through apparent benevolence.

We do not seek war, but if he cannot be reasoned with. War is inevitable."

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Danyal turned his head as he heard a voice call out behind him, inquiring about his methods and motivations. She had risen to his height by means of the very world itself, bending it to her will in a way reminiscent of his own manipulation of the weather. She had dark red hair, and eyes with a curious orange tint to them. She had bowed to him respectfully, a gesture that Danyal returned. He hovered slightly closer to her, arms still crossed over his massive chest. The drizzle had begun to stabilize, now requiring less concentration to maintain.

"Great power does not a tyrant make," he said, locking his own eyes with hers. "I seek only to help, not to oppress. It is my plan to merely keep the population calm and peaceful until a more capable government can take control, which I will oversee. Not as a ruler, but as a monitor. These are violent lands, unstable and dangerous. I seek only to pacify them. Were the populace to express hatred and fear of me, I would leave, but so far, the majority of them display only gratitude. I do not have some petty, mortal need to rule over others. Rather, I feel compelled to direct those who have not the means to achieve a better life, to guide them on a path towards prosperity."

He gestured out towards the West, to the Gaza Strip and beyond.

"I have seen many horrors in my time here. They sicken me. I seek to put a stop to them," he spoke, his deep voice tinged with slight remorse. "I only regret not beginning sooner."

He cocked his head slightly to the side, eyes aglow with electric power, like miniature, spherical dynamos.

"You are welcome to aid me. There's nothing quite like the feeling that comes from saving lives," he said with an inviting smile.

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@superstay: @maverick_6

Sentinel Hawk let Nemaz, her mentor, speak his piece before she would say anything about it. She respected him and his opinion, she just didn't agree with it. She watched him quietly for a moment after he finished speaking and then finished helping someone up from where they had slipped on the ground. Theron and Sentinel Hawk had managed to get most people in doors and to safety from the battles she suspected were coming. "You don't trust him because he isn't human." She said. It wasn't an accusation, Maverick was designed to fight people like him after all. "I'm not Human either." she pointed out and turned to face him again.

"I like to think you guys have begun to trust me." Sentinel Hawk said with a little smile. She liked Maverick, she really did. "Don't you think I thought about all of that? He's not taking over Egypt, he's not taking over any of the countries in the Middle East. For now he's establishing some order while he gets the ecosystem to where he wants it, but the government is still in place and when it's all over we hope to have Amun-Ra and Thanagar work with Egypt's government to maintain a peaceful society free from the oppression that has characterized the last three Egyptian governments."

Munoz considered her words carefully as she continued. "No one wants to control here, we just want to give people in this region an honest chance. I got a chance, but it had nothing to do with anything people here did." She said. "No amount of US aide ever helped my family, nor any charity from anywhere else. The only thing that helped was when I was given the rest of my powers...and the only reason I've been able to get anywhere in the US is because Luna Hawk has sponsored me...that's what I want for everyone in the region, a real chance at life. Most of these people live in poor conditions...yes Egypt is an exception, but that's just it, it's an exception. Iraq has been torn between three or more powers for years now and before that it was under occupier rule...before that it was under the rule of a tyrant. There were rape rooms, there are armed murderers and worse on the streets there now, who has time to do anything else if all they are doing is trying to live?"

She folded her wings on her back. "I like your plan, I really do, but here is a chance to do it faster, to establish things for THIS generation rather than the next. Don't try to tell me it hasn't given Maverick an opportunity to move their own plans forward as well." Sentinel Hawk sighed a little and looked up at him. "I know you're ready to oppose him, I won't deny you that right. I respect that you came here and talked to me rather than talking at me, most people still look at me and see a child." She motioned to Theron. "He agrees with you, by the way."

Sentinel Hawk turned to look at both men at that moment. "You both think we're doing this too fast, that the system might fall apart and you both feel that he might have ulterior motives. I don't think he does, I actually think he's really trying to do the right thing. I don't know enough about terra-forming to say what impact this might all have but I have to think that someone with the power to change the environment would know how to do it without causing damage elsewhere." She paused for a moment and then asked them the sort of question only a teenager from the region would dare to ask. "How much longer do we have to wait? You're worried that people might die...people are dying, people have been dying here for generations and people have told us to wait for just as long. These movements you're seeing, they're coming up for a reason."

She sighed, speaking to both men still. "Solar Hawk is a White Lantern, she wanted to bring all of the permanently dead Hawk Lords back at once and unify Egypt under Amun-Ra's banner again. Amun-Ra's wisdom allowed him to see that he needed more Hawk Lords like Luna Hawk, people who had come up in the current society...so he sent the reviving energy back in time seventeen years. I'm the first one to come back with my past memories wiped so I would be a product of the modern age. So as someone who was raised for seventeen years running from town to town in Iraq...We need help and we need it soon. That's why people are helping him, that's why I'm helping him. This is who I am, I was made to be a guardian of people first and a warrior second. I'm trying to do my job...if there's a better option that won't lose yet another generation of this region, I haven't seen it."

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It had started as a normal day for Joey Beckham. He woke up, a few hours past what was recommended for a healthy sleep schedule, and stayed in bed for another few hours. Finally getting up and crawling out of his slumber, he went and lazily at a plate full of waffles, with an orange to go with it. Today, he was thinking about going to the skate park, or maybe the arcade. After all, it was summer vacation- he could do whatever he want-


Jesus Christ. Every single day, there was a disturbance. Zeus' booming voice completely blocked out any other noise that he would've normally heard, and made it feel like his head was about to explode. "We're not going to Egypt. We're going to the arcade today." He sniffed, chewing on a big piece of waffle as he spoke. Joey was fine with Zeus- it made him a lot less lonely- but still, sometimes the Lightning God was annoying as all hell.


A low, aggravated growl emerged from the boy. Running a hand through his jet black hair, he spoke seemingly to himself, something that would make for a strange sight if anyone else was looking. "Ok. What's in Egypt?"


Of course. Zeus knew when trouble was arising, however his nigh-omnipotence could not tell what exactly the problem was. Nonetheless, Joey stood, grabbing a sweatshirt and walking out the door to the cold morning air, taking a shallow breath as he got ready to transform, his heartbeat starting to steadily increase as the stormy skies above started to almost spiral around the exact spot that he was standing. "This better be worth my time..." He muttered to himself. The God inside of him seemed eager to stop whatever threat was approaching. However, now was not the time for him to doubt Zeus- after all, the two of them had taken on various threats over the years.

Finally, a huge bolt of lightning came from the skies, much larger than most meteorologists would believe was possible. Streaking down almost faster than the eye can see, the blue streak crashed directly on top of him, spinning around him like an electric tornado. He felt his body transforming, magic altering his molecular structure, and when the lightning disappeared, a grown man stood in Joey's place.

Smiling to himself, the Champion of Magic leaped into the air, quickly letting the skies take him as he flew through the stratosphere, breaking the sound barrier and then even faster. Within minutes, he was there, looking at the Egyptian deserts and sparse farmland- or, what was supposed to be Egyptian desert and farmland.

"Geez... I never thought I saw the day when Cairo got more rain than California." Zeus' Heir smirked.


Right. In Zeus' name, of course. Rolling his eyes, Joey took off toward the dune where the threat was coming from. There were others, as the voice in his head informed him of, but he didn't care. The head of the snake was most important. His eyes the same color as the dawn sky, he flew toward the dune where the leader of this takeover hid, thinking as he traveled. Sure, it was great that this place was getting some rain and attention. The people loved it. But it was the needs of the few against the needs of the many- and even though Beckham still held doubts, he knew that what he was doing was right.


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@joey_destroyer_of_worlds: @exemplar:

"Well of course they like you now, come in doing good things saying your just a guide who would dislike you. The opening scene of kindness and nobility isn't going to tread on other peoples toes. But the opening act isn't always the best gauge of character." The hero of the story was likely to go through arcs and twists in later chapters not those present at the start. And of course Alianette never thought discussion how to understand anyone best anyway. However it was looking like competition was coming this way more set in stone in the aproach.

"Actually there is, taking them. I can have as much joy saving a life as I can taking it. It feels good knowing someone will continue because of you to know your an inspiration. But the feeling of conquest and being unrivaled feels good as well. The question is which really wins over? There is no light and dark so much as people way I see it. And the best way to understand someone is in their actions." Her dune of elevation faded away as Ali dropped into a meditative seated position.

"My girlfriends one of those environment freaks over there with your model friends. So I might end up as opposition regaurdless. But first I'd like to just see the real you. He looks here to put an end to what your doing. Clever words I don't think will win this one over, so what kind of guardian are you when the gloves come off?" Joey was now here and Alianette was looking forward to seeing how this confrontation would go.

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@alianette: @joey_destroyer_of_worlds:

It was as she spoke to him that he felt the other's approach. There was another being tearing through the sky, his wake rippling subtly across the world. Vibrations from his flight path were picked up by Danyal's ears, subtly twitching as he received the impulse from the air that surrounded them. The young woman had noticed too, making mention of the approaching force. She implied coming conflict between the two.

For his own sake, I hope that's not the case, Danyal thought, eying the oncoming man from miles away. He was moving fast, and with purpose. Even without being able to truly see him, Danyal could feel the confidence, the urgency of his approach. Rain parted before him, evaporating from his superheated skin as he sped towards Cairo. Danyal's eyes narrowed, but his posture did not change. Straight backed, he hovered with great speed towards the approaching figure, arms crossed in front of his chest. With a face that looked chiseled from granite, he leveled off near the man, hovering directly alongside him as he flew towards the Pyramids.

"Afternoon," he said slowly, but with great volume, so as to be heard over the winds as they flew. He remained facing the man while they sped through the air, back turned to the direction they were flying towards. He didn't need to look where he was going; he could feel every last presence in the sky above Egypt, from the news helicopters to the flocks of ibis that soared over the Nile. He remained in a standing position, the points of his boots towards the ground as they accelerated across the glowing horizon. He made eye contact with the man, watching his every move intently. This one fascinated him more than any other who had come to visit the location of his sacred quest. What's more, he wore a thunderbolt on his own chest, not unlike Danyal himself. Now that he was closer, he detected a slightly...confrontational feeling from the man. He maintained his calm tone and posture, but was careful to watch the being as he posed his first, and possibly last, question.

"Tell me," he said, his voice deep as thunder,"What is your purpose here?"

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The sheer power of the being that he was going to attack suddenly moved- closer to the self proclaimed Destroyer of Worlds. As the foe flew towards him, he suddenly had doubts in his mind on whether or not he'd actually stand a chance against this foe. When the 'ruler' came to him, it was enough to either make Joey laugh out loud, or to shake in his gilded gold boots in a display of fear. At the moment, he wasn't sure which. This... this immense strength in the man... was scary enough, but the fact that he looked like a practical mirror image of the boy was simply eerie.


Great. So the strongest person here was indeed the one that was responsible for the damages. Of course it couldn't be one of the weaker life forms he had detected earlier. The Champion of Zeus' body tensed as he prepared to fight the man, but at the moment he had started with conversation. An interesting tactic... But Joey was glad that words had started out the battle instead of fists.

"Hola." He stopped flying at this moment, standing in an upright position in midair, his silken white cape flapping in the wind violently. Now he saw that this Exemplar was taller than him... And more intimidating. "My... purpose... is... uh..." His deep voice echoed slightly with the voice of the child within him. Purpose? His purpose was to kick ass and take names! "To stop all of this mumbo-jumbo." He waved a hand toward the rain and storms around them. "This change in the environment is causing damage elsewhere in the world. Like, a lot of places elsewhere." He cracked his knuckles idly, looking the Exemplar up and down. He felt... sluggish. The air around him had changed ever since the herald had came up to him.

This was going to be one hard ass to kick...

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As the newcomer came to a stop, Danyal decelerated with him, maintaining eye contact as though they were still standing on the ground below. So, he is another who disagrees with my vision of a lush homeland. He made note of the subtle hesitation in the man's voice; while clearly experienced, and confident enough to come to the World's Fist with the intention of facing him in combat, he exuded a certain air of uncertainty. Danyal began to wonder if he was here of his own accord, or acting under the influence of another. Also fascinating was the notable similarities between their appearances. Both appeared considerably divine, Herculean forms hovering casually thousands of feet above the planet. It was very possible that their strength was comparable, or perhaps even on the same level.

I shall not underestimate him, thought the Terranean Titan, his mind processing dozens of thoughts in mere milliseconds. A born strategist and leader, he was designed by nature to over-analyze and counteract any perceived threat. He noticed the subtle ticks, the changes in body language, the tightening of fists. Casually, he'd cracked them, producing a sound that rang threateningly through Danyal's hyperadvanced earlobes. His own hands rested idly on his forearms, crossed over his massive, lightning-emblazoned chest. The small ceremonial sash hung from his waist, fluttering in the soft breeze. This high up, the air would normally be cold, frigid enough to form ice on the outside of a man's skin...but now, it was crackling with static electricity, power exuded from Danyal's bronze skin. He released his breath, a long, drawn-out sigh that cut through the air, not like a knife, but like a hurricane's gust. He rose a brown eyebrow, feeling it move slightly in order to convey his hidden exasperation. Then he lowered it, maintaining the same godlike gaze. He spoke two words, words that echoed through the stratosphere above Cairo with enough gravity to cleave a mountain in twain.

"I see."

Thunder boomed overhead, a crack of lightning illuminating the dark skies. Air swirled around them both, tearing at pale cape and golden sash. Danyal locked eyes with his foe one last time, his body still loose, but ready to tense at any moment. He was the embodiment of the Earth itself, as strong as a celestial body, as fast as a strike of electricity, and in his eyes, the intensity of a mighty typhoon. He had been born for this moment, to defend the sacred task of saving his people. He cracked his neck, angling his head first to the right, then the left. Knuckles tensed in the anticipation of coming battle, as the rain cascaded down his face, still stoic as a statue. He was prepared for whatever would come next. He could only hope that his foe would be as well.

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Hmph. So much for words. Joey heard the electricity crackling in the atmosphere around them. The rain and storms that Exemplar had caused were actually an advantage to the boy. Although, if this other person could control weather and storms... just how effective would his lightning be? "Ok. Let's get this show on the road, I guess." With that said, he slowly started to advance toward the newly claimed ruler of these lands. Then, all of a sudden, thunder boomed and lightning flashed- a bolt of electricity coming down onto his right fist, attracted by the power within. Joey used this moment to increase his speed, clearing the short distance and practically destroying the sound barrier with his speed, using his momentum to lead into the punch to the jaw.

After that attack- whether it would be successful or not- he followed up with a left blow that could shatter mountains to the stomach, to knock the wind out of his opponent. Lightning coursing through his veins, the thrill of battle entered him, whether the feeling came from Zeus or just from deep within his being.


Images flashed through Joey's mind. Greek children- Spartan children- sparring with fully grown soldiers. That was what this match was... A child against a soldier. Except this wasn't sparring. After his blows, he zoomed away, to recollect himself and strike again. Methods of combat went through his mind at insanely fast rates- faster than he could follow. Dammit, Zeus... Fighting style was useless if Joey couldn't see it.


The laugh of the god was enough to cause a skull splitting headache. The Champion of Magic wasn't entirely sure what he would succumb from first- the voice of the god, or the fists of his foe.

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Before the Exemplar spirit had bonded with Danyal Adama, it had faced many foes of its own across countless millennia, an abstract presence of pure power clashing with other unknowable forces. It had imbued the young shepherd's body with the knowledge and fighting prowess of a centuries-old warrior, a sentinel committed to defending the planet from forces that would seek its destruction. And now, rather than put those skills to work in an astral plane, he would do so in a physical body, one that seemed to be crafted from stone. Within an instant, his foe had advanced on him, first coming slow, then accelerating at speeds that tore through the sound barrier and caused ripples in the air. His attack had been a basic right hook, a punch directly to the jaw, his fist aglow with lightning and superheated by the velocity of the attack. In response, Danyal raised his hand, intercepting the attack in his palm before it could collide with his face. His eyes narrowed as he felt the force of the blow recoil through his arm, his wrist bending slightly under the massive pressure as he wrapped his fingers around the man's fist, locking on with a grip amplified with the gravity of a planet itself.

The second attack had been impossible to avoid, however, now that he had entered a grapple with the Champion of Magic. He was forced to let the strike smash into his stomach, rainwater shooting off of him as the sound of the impact tore across the sky. He grunted as the fist found its target, and it was only through his massive command of gravity that he was able to anchor himself in place, rather find himself tumbling through the atmosphere.

He is strong, Danyal thought, feeling his stomach groan after the his opponent landed the hit. He had enough strength to affect him even despite the presence of the geomagnetic field that constantly surrounded him, emitted by his godly skin. Lightning flashed across the sky, reflected in Danyal's cold brown eyes. It was at that moment that Danyal decided to end this quickly, to break his foe before he could even muster a defense. His response to the powerful punches would be a triple-pronged attack, targeting two separate vital areas to combat within mere milliseconds of each other.

Still locking eyes with the Herald of Zeus, he kept his grip on the man's fist, twisting his own wrist and using gravity to try and crumple his fingers. Simultaneously, he'd throw his own head forwards, intent on smashing the skull of the challenger with a forceful headbutt. Finally, he'd knee him directly in the chest, bringing his leg directly up in order to force a collision between the man's chin and his own, black-coated kneecap. Then, and only then, would he release his grip on his foe's fist, hoping that his hand would be at least fractured, if not broken outright.

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Joey's experience had never led him to believe that he would come across foes that could actually tank his blows. Almost anyone that he fought had been knocked out in seconds, if even that long. But here he was, against someone that was just as godly if not even more so than he himself. Sweat dripped down his forehead from the sheer nervousness that he held within him, mixing with the cold rain that fell relentlessly. He wasn't afraid of much... But death was always something to be wary of.

For his first blow, he had failed. Exemplar caught his fist, hardly moving his body at all- making it look easy, like catching a baseball. Joey grimaced, as he found he could not push through the foe's hand, could do nothing in his position except struggle, making himself feel useless as the equally strong opponent simply stared him down with cold eyes. This had sparked anger in the boy, anger that he pushed through with his next attack, the punch to the stomach.

And it worked. His fist connected, small droplets of water bursting off of Exemplar's abdomen. The blow was enough to completely tear through a normal man and then some, but Joey knew that the foe he faced was no normal man. Hopefully that would at least take the wind from hiswings... However, as the boy tried to fly away, he found that the grip tightened around his fist, tremendous pressure pushing down on it as Joey felt the bones snap, tremendous pain shooting through his entire arm and making him grit his teeth roughly.

The flinch from this left him unprepared for the next strike, a headbutt directly to his face. The blow collided, going as far as to draw blood from Joey's nose and making his vision blurry.


The voice within him screamed, and he barely managed to listen. As the knee came up, he used his free hand to catch it, the momentum from the knee pushing his hand so far up that it barely tapped his chin. Grunting with the effort, the boy pushed away the leg as his hand was released, and he could immediately detect that it was broken. Anger fueled him like a raging fire just starting to be set alight. He charged at Exemplar again, this time going for a full-on wrestler grab around the abdomen, using his speed and flight to try and tackle him down to the Pyramids below, then summoning lightning to strike them both simultaneously. For him, it'd serve as a mere power up, but hopefully it could damage his opponent.

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Satisfied that his first barrage of attacks had done their work, he relinquished his grip on the man's now-broken hand, letting him push away. He hovered still, watching his foe intently. His head ached slightly, the geomagnetic field steadily repairing itself. Adrenaline was coursing through his godlike veins, but he would need to remain calm, practicing restraint throughout the entire encounter. His breathing, while momentarily intense, had returned to normal, as he willed himself to a state of serenity. His attacker had managed to block the knee, using his own hands to stop Exemplar's brutal assault.

Commendable, he thought, before tensing as the man flew at him, a hypersonic charge that led directly into a tackle. At this close a range, dodging would be an utter impossibility, a foolish dream. Danyal braced himself for impact, feeling his own personal gravitational field torn asunder as the man collided with him, a direct tackle that carried them both backwards at speeds that made them appear only as blurs to onlookers below, who had begun to gather outside their homes. Even this high up in the atmosphere, Danyal could feel the cameras aimed at them both, attempting to capture the clash between two lightning-powered demigods. At present, he was unable to break out of the man's tackle, his grip too strong for him to merely slip out and fly away; he felt that they were rapidly descending at an angle, farther into the desert, towards the Pyramids.

At least he has a regard for the lives of the people who live here. Perhaps we're not so different, he thought absentmindedly, struggling to change the direction of the being's tackle. The momentum was just too much, and he could merely curve the flight pattern. He'd wrapped his arms around the man's neck, applying as much gravitational pressure from within himself onto the Champion of Magic's back. Suddenly, from the dark skies above, a bolt of lightning tore itself off of the clouds and shot directly into the two, crackling with energy. It was readily absorbed into Danyal's geomagnetic aura, rippling across his taut muscles and traveling into his very cells. Even if it hadn't hurt him, it did have an effect on him. An eyebrow raised in surprise, shock that another could so readily manipulate lightning, in many ways Danyal's area of expertise.

It was then that his supernatural senses, still reeling from the power of the bolt, picked up a presence behind them. Wildly he thrashed, arms locked onto the back of his foe's neck, so as to alter their course. They both bounced off of the side of the Great Pyramid, narrowly avoiding flying directly through the centuries-old monument to human ingenuity. Stone cascaded from the side as they crashed to the ground, Danyal grasping at his foe with mighty fists that seemed to be carved from marble. The mighty attacks were beginning to take their toll on him, as he felt his personal geomagnetic field waver once more. It rippled imperceptibly, mere micrometers from his skin, resisting the multitude of violent forces that threatened to break through it.

"Submit," he said, attempting to wrap his massive arm around the man's neck from behind. He used his gravitational powers to anchor himself to the impudent being, and his own feet to the ground. It was a classic stranglehold, a choke from behind. Lightning crackled from the eyes of the World's Fist, as he would attempt to bring the man down, taking him directly to the ground as he choked the air out of his lungs.

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As the two crashed to the ground, Joey realized just how tired he was. The blows from this guy were unreal. The horrors of not walking out of this match alive were growing. Struggling to stand, the boy suddenly felt an arm go around his neck, holding him and keeping him from moving. Struggling, gasping for breath, he swiftly searched for some means of getting out of this hold. However, it's sheer simplicity was, as ever, it's ingenuity, and he could not get out of it.


No Caption Provided

The all-too familiar voice boomed in his head seemingly at the same time thunder sounded overhead. "N... No..." He gasped, his words getting weaker by the second as he clawed uselessly at Exemplar's arm. He tried to take off flying, to pull Exemplar back up to the skies, but again his attempts were futile. He already knew lightning was nigh-useless, except for shock factor. He could see no alternative.

"Why are you doing this? To... to the world... just for them..." He waved a hand toward the city of Cairo. However, that was all he had in him. Concentrating lightly, a bolt of lightning came down, striking him- the flash from it blocking his transformation back to the scrawny young boy who dared to challenge the World's Fist. Falling to the ground, he coughed, gasping for breath as he struggled to crawl away from Exemplar, throat still sore from the thrashing that the large man had given him. It would take a little bit of time before he could transform back into his bigger counterpart. Joey wasn't sure he'd make it for that span of time...

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Even now, he resists me, Danyal thought, impressed with the man's conviction. He'd trapped him in a gravitational chokehold, slowly bringing them both down whilst simultaneously forcing the air from the man's lungs with his own massive arms, struggling to keep the demigod under control. As they sank lower into the ground, muscles straining, Danyal felt the air creep up on him once more, his own storm above manipulated to bring something new to the table. Another bolt of lightning, even more massive than the last, crashed to the ground, forcing itself through Danyal's superconductive body and into the man's own. With a blinding flash of light, something entirely unexpected was brought to the table. The sand at their feet was turned to glass, and Danyal was instantly blinded by the flash.

In less than a second, the man had vanished, Danyal's arms grasping for a neck that was no longer there. Blinded for a mere moment, and surprised at the turn of events, he instantly stood, rubbing his eyes. He could stare into the sun itself with no ill effect, and stand amidst a thunderstorm that would blind any being foolish enough to venture into, but something about the lightning the man had called down had been different, the brightness registering almost on a mystical level. And what's more, Danyal had been at ground zero. He blinked a few tears away, squinting to pick up the man's location as the spots faded from his sight. But the man had gone, and in his stead, there was something that was truly puzzling.

A boy? he thought, perplexed. He was scrambling to get away, crawling across the sand. No, not a boy, he observed. A teenager. At least over the age of twelve, by the look of him. Despite his surprise, Danyal never let his guard down, standing straight-backed. He was trying to flee, and he seemed to pose no threat, for the moment. And yet, despite the seemingly impossible nature of the conclusion, it seemed that this young adult had been the Herculean threat that Danyal had faced mere seconds ago.

He took off slowly, hovering over to where the teen was crawling. Landing behind him, he placed a massive hand on the back of his sweatshirt. He hoisted him up quickly, but was careful not to injure him in any way. He narrowed his eyes as he held him by the back of his collar, hovering slightly above the scorched Earth. Gazing at him with interrogatory contempt, he spoke, his voice shaking the sands beneath.

"What trickery is this?" he asked, hand clasped firmly but gently around the young man's collar, staring viciously into his eyes.

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Joey tried to flee. Really, he did. But at the end of the day, he was small- and Exemplar was big. And fast. As the small fry scurried through the desert sands, he looked ahead to whatever civilization he might crawl to-


to what part of Egypt he might crawl to-


to Giza, but before he could do anything he felt a strong hand grab his collar, lifting him up and putting him face to face with his opponent. Struggling, Joey slowly felt terror filling him as he knew that with hardly any effort at all he could be broken, or even killed by this being before him. He wasn't afraid of much... But death always scared people. "Trickery? What trickery? This isn't trickery. You've been fighting a child this whole time! Bwaaa! Surprise..." Chuckling out of sheer nervousness, Joey lightly hit Exemplar's arm.

He was skeptic on his ability to summon Zeus again. If he did, he wouldn't be able to contain the King of Gods nearly as well as he had before... And might even hurt some innocents. But if he didn't, the hurricanes and flooding all across the world would rage on while this place suddenly became a-ok. Gritting his teeth, he felt the energy in the air above him, and called out to it, feeling a gateway open up inside of him as a bright blue electric bolt came down from the skies, hitting him head-on and bathing him in light.

A fist came out, even before the flash ended, heading for Exemplar's chin in an attempt to send him flying back. The Champion of Zeus would not relent after that, however, if he was successful- he would follow Exemplar, dealing a flurry of blows all around with blows that could cause earthquakes.

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@maverick_6: @sentinel_hawk:

The Mothership / Tin’Data

No Caption Provided

Large and celestial, the huge ship hovered over the three figures. Many miles into the air, it stretched far and wide. With the saucer’s glowing center beaming down at them, the spacecraft spread out 500 feet in all directions. As it floated in peaceful might, it’s under hatch hovered directly over the three figures. As it lit a glow of futuristic blue light, a suited figure dropped from the enormous height. Hitting the ground with the shine of the ship transmitter’s, Tin’Data was now it their midst.

Standing in steel of experienced stress, his armor showed the marks of a combat torn figure, the android stood present in his main uniform. Looking through the small town, which sat cleared of bystanders, his visor picked up the image of his godly associate. Speaking with two bystanders, the brunette man was now needed elsewhere, and the suited robot had to tell him. So, Tin’Data started making his way to the group.

Trying not to seem alarming, he established the posture of humbleness. As his hand clasped behind his back, he walked through the quiet town, as rain fell up the dry land.



Having listened to the two figures speaking rightful claims of truths, the god stood clear in his present belief. Still holding onto the fact of this act being wrong, he knew he still stood on the thought of terraforming not being right. But, he couldn’t sit and argue about it. So, after clearing the streets of innocent civilians, who could be hurt, Theron decided to bid his goodbye. As he listened to them, he thought about the many few times he’s seen this type of incident. “Well, the gentleman does present a delicate point. Do you fully know this apparent ‘god’?...I’ve seen many like him. Those, so high on their horse…he’s doing this out of the kindness of his mighty hands, filling out his claim for power.”, the demi-god spoke with worried experience.

“This is his claim to this land.”, he continued, as he stared at her with eyes of thought. Standing stern, his lips spoke more, “…clearing out the terrorist and ill-minded groups of this area, while great for the area, is his way of ridding early competition. And, this supernatural feat of power is nothing but the extended hand of someone who wants something in return.”. With a glace to the shaky weather, he noticed the endless black clouds, blotting out the Egyptian sun. “You’ve let this titan block out the very essence of Ra, with his fury…”, Theron referred to the very presence of natural beauty being forcibly tarnished by this figure’s authority.

As the god spoke, the suited android stepped up to them. “Sir Theron…I apologize for interrupting your discussion. But, we seem have more dire matters…”, the android stated. As the god turned to him, he spoke again, “…there seems to be a fight taking place at the sights of Giza…that other members of Stayler’te are still in Cairo…we might need your hand, in the protection of the city, if their fight brings itself to the area.”. To which, Theron glanced at the lightening, which thunderously flashed over the horizons.