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"Actually no. My armor will make those leaps and bounds. The lovely blonde beneath this armor is still human. Even though I'm sure I could have concrete busting fists or legs that let run like a cheetah and so on I've tried to keep myself as close to human as I can. My cybernetics keep me alive and active in duty but I refuse to be more machine then human." She rarely let herself vocalize her thoughts before an op, but had figured she'd let someone in. Victoria wasn't out for affection friends were just friends and the reason was simple at least to her. "One day someone will get the best of me, every fight is potentially my last. That's how I stay on my game. Speaking of which if today is my end get yourself a girlfriend and celebrate my passing funerals are depressing." One could see the smile just from her words. Loving what she did the thought of death didn't afflict her work.

"Well if you're invincible and I'm the king of predators maybe the soldiers can have the day off. I'm telling you nobody should have a tour through this mess." Bringing up the map from Cornelius Victoria looked for the quickest rout. "I imagine if they did come though the best choices would be working from the outside in. Preferably dropping paratroopers at the center to attempt to box assailants in. Containment strategies. Might fluctuate in details but it's a fair start." Being usually a solo operative her war strategy wasn't the finest, she'd been raised to be a soldier however and had a fair understanding. "So let's go see if we can find a hunchback" of course implying the center of the lovely city and the building located there.

Taking off in an decent but restrained sprint she began to clear her side of the city streets. With the drone above her targeting system was fluidly raising markers as the Brit traversed the city. The speed in which she moved enough for the human and machine components to meld together into fluid eradication. She could have performed sleeker and more precise if she'd let the machine be predominant. Everything she did could have been better done by a more complete cyborg, but she'd never let herself be that. 'Only Human' by Krewella played inside her helmet as she did business. It wasn't loud, just back ground noise, a habit of hers she'd picked up over the years. A conditioned element she no longer even noticed.

Occasionally a street would be populated more then average firepower could manage. For these she'd pause the larger devils would be fireproof befitting their rank in hell. The smaller fiends were just as durable however as any other creature. For these moments she'd dispense a cord that would stretch across the street, among the fire and carnage most might not see the silver cord. Especially not beasts that were as mindless and savage as this. Vic would take aim at the 'elite' of the pack her cannon removing the monster and those close to it from existence. Without a lead the pack would simply rush her, and just as they got close a wall of fire would incinerate the small wave of flesh and snarling teeth.

It'd taken some time but eventually they had reached Notre Dame. Admittedly it retained it's beauty even in a time like this, the architecture something Victoria likely would have gotten lost in should she have had the time. "So how did you do? I've killed one hundred twenty demons with direct fire. An average of three indirect. Each cord got an average of thirty. My exact count? Seven hundred and twenty six."

Looking back at the entire map revealed however the sad truth. The assailants came with thousands, they'd just open rifts to hell and let the demons flood out for some time. "Usually that magic of yours is a turn off for these things it's like spraying a cat with water. Can you make one more like cat nip? Swarm to us so we can try and down as many as possible." As she spoke her shoulder pads opened releasing a wave of nanites there visible quantity lost once they'd gone into the streets. Her next motion was to switch her cannon to the cryo ammo, she'd used up all her primary ammo. "Normally this is the self sacrifice part of my job but you've got my six so maybe this time I won't lose an organ."

"You do have my six right? I'm running out of bits to lose." Her sense of calm and humor not failing even when requesting all the demons come to them.

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Demon after demon, Kieran's arrows struck home. His technique was impeccable, and his form was without flaw. The runes festooning his bow did their part, aggrandizing his arrows with supernatural energies that tore open rifts to swallow clusters upon clusters of the demon horde into parts of reality unknown. Pausing as the edges of his lips curled into a smirk of sportive contentment and self-commendation in recognition of his accomplishment against the horde of demons, Kieran spoke under his breath, "And not an arrow gone to waste". Turning to face Victoria as she made jest of potentially dying in the war, Kieran subtly shook his head, a chuckle of amusement escaping him.

"Nonsense, love", he began, "Today isn't the day any of us day. I mean, there is no day when I will die but yours isn't this one", he teased, casting a playful wink before dwelling on a particular portion of Victoria's words. "A girlfriend?", he inquired, his smirk regressing into a softer smile and his features adopting a mildly pensive expression as his mind instinctively thought of Abigail and his most recent conversation with her about his deeper sentiments. "Maybe one day", he couldn't see himself interested in anyone else, but he was quick to return his mind to matters of priority, "But that's not what's important right now. Also I'd never celebrate your death. That's a horrible thing to do. I'll celebrate your life because you'll live forever", he smiled, partially jesting but partially serious in that he never intended to allow her to die.

"I won't lose you. Not even to a war. If I can't even stop myself, no bloody war is going to stop me from keeping you alive", he promised. Victoria was a dear friend with whom he had a romantic fling with at one point, she was one of the closest friends he had, he hadn't the slightest clue how losing her or even losing Abigail or his siblings would affect him. Losing his father had nearly broken him. It was partially why he went on and on about being unstoppable in what he wants, because if he truly believed he could and would shove the Grim Reaper away every time it searches for his friends, then he would. "I can get all of those demons to come to us. I know you'll be ready, love. And of course, I'll be ready as well, I'm always ready". Kieran's body was a perfect, balanced blend of power, speed, endurance and extraordinary athleticism.

With his own attributes coupled with his neural engagement ability that enabled him to mimic superhuman strength, leaping from rooftop to rooftop posed no tangible challenge for the notorious Wilshere. And as he leaped and landed and repeated, he fired his shots, arrows that tore through the masses of perverted creatures below and banished as many as they could. Alongside Victoria, soon he reached Norte Dame and entertained her question with a harmless josh. "I wouldn't know, I wasn't counting. I'm not that insecure. I just know I'm good", he smiled before as it has come to be expected, curled an arm around his ally and pulled her in for a quick hug, "I'm just joshing. You know that", my number was higher. "Alright, I'm all out of arrows so while I'll be able to attract them to us. You'll have to use your cannon to banish a good chunk of them while we then finish off the rest".

Adding another rune to Victoria's cannon to augment not only it's destructive effects but the size and strength of the rift that it would open, Kieran's arm draped over Victoria's frame as he stood beside her and recited an archaic chant learned from his study of demonology, a chant that would attract their targets to them. And as the largest horde of demons darted towards them, Kieran smiled, "No guts, no glory, love".

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@rafael_romeiro: @high_queen_maria: @schlampe: @emperor_von_doom: @connoisseur: @wearelegion:

It takes a great amount of energy to be in more than one place at once, and Gen knew this above all else. So in a fit of irritation he moves all the dupes and his primary self into the one before the Emperor. He felt every punch and every soul scalding burn from both Rafael and the one known as Lionel. Each beat of each of his dupes hearts all stopped in the moment just as the final blow would of been dealt, but in the end he had accomplished what he wanted. Feeling the energy from the Azure one fill his now main body, and the blinding speeds that were tossed his way by the one known as Rafael filled his body with energy he had up until now never been given the ability to hold. Even the power of the god killer was now coursing through his very veins, and it brought a smile to his face.

Listening to Doom at the sametime as he marveled at the power he now held, he had the power to crush planets at his finger tips and he knew that Doom would not enjoy this fact. Even more so than the fact that he was once a brother to Warsman. He weighed each choice he now had to deal with, for a moment he thought why not just fight him. But he could feel his power, and it did not frighten him it impressed him. He had yet to taste such power, but tasting such a powersource would push his body to its limits. With each choice weighed and considered he had one thing to say "No....I will accept that I would be policed, as it should be. Someone should control my power in some way, as I cannot stop myself from tasting all the power in the universe. But Paris will be my own, as will its people. My brethren need a source of food and a place to find hosts, if any survive this day they would be great potential hosts to my kind. So all I ask oh great Emperor..." Trying not to sound too irritated or arrogant "Is for Paris and its people to be mine alone, France outside can all be yours. You can police me and the people, but I need them. This war was for my people, and nothing more.....and as for the one who dare not speak his name.....Consider him forgotten."With those words he cast aside a brother of Apocalypse and gained an Emperor, one in which he could come to in a case he needed it.

Turning on his heel for a moment he looked to Salem and then to Doom "She is a mighty fit woman to be a Empress, why has she not succeeded in that title." Wondering if he cared at all for the Witch. If he did not he would move to gain her for his side, in some chance he needed a woman who had such powerful magiks. "What is it Emperor, may I have Paris and its people. Forgoing France as a whole. My people have made a home within its Catacombs already, uprooting them would prove....difficult for me."Gen was no fool as he knew he had to prove himself to Doom in some fashion, he knew that just agreeing outright to such a term would show weakness and frailty. But trying to bargain further without asking for too much would show him he was no one to be trifled with without being arrogant.

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@darkchild: @schlampe:

Unaware that the Darkchild before him was a mere dupe, Leonel registered the apparent success of his attack as well as Trinity's participation with a smile of earnest contentment. Detecting the surge of psychic energy from the Destructor's employment of her mental powers, the New God was certain that she had either sought to telekinetically restrain their opponent or distract him with a potent assault on his psyche. Regardless, their combined assault seemed to succeed in swallowing their enemy whole and leaving no trace of him in the aftermath. It felt too easy a task but Leonel's mind wasn't troubled, he knew of his own power and he could feel the sheer magnitude of Trinity's simply from her presence, he didn't at all feel it far-fetched that they may have seemingly achieved a one-shot victory.

The scent of scorched air accompanied the rampant electrical filaments from the airborne particles that had been ionized by the New God's plasma stream as the only reminder of battle. Turning to face Trinity, his eyes still flaring with his divine red power, their incandescent, red glow gradually faded as he offered a kind smile in the Destructor's direction. Now was not the time to blowtorch entire planets with superheated storms of ionized electrons, protons etc. As he returned to his more discreet level of power, Leonel managed to discern from Trinity's trademark scowl that she was displeased, undoubtedly from the lack of his social interaction with her since her arrival. "Thanks", he began, "And sorry. About not saying hello or anything. I was distracted. I thought that guy was the real deal. Apparently he wasn't".

"Or maybe we're just that good a team", Leonel paused, crossing both arms before his chest as he hovered in the air gone red from the heat of his blast. "I don't know what you did but I could sense the spike of psychic energy coming from you. It was either telekinesis used to restrain him or a telepathic assault to distract him. In any case, that was clever. Remember when I said you were beautiful?", and he was certain she did if her departure during their last encounter was any indication that she wouldn't forget it, "Well so is your mind. Especially when battle is concerned. I like working with you, Trinity", she was just as powerful as he was, in fact she may even be more powerful. He knew that together as a duo there wasn't any force on Earth that could stop them. No villainous faction that could withstand them.

No Caption Provided

"And I'd like to continue working with you. Not just because you're powerful, but you know what you're doing", he paused before confessing with a shrug, "And I like the way you carry yourself. Your confidence may be quiet but you walk into battle with this flair that says 'I'll always win', and that nobody can convince you otherwise. I like that. A lot", and he also felt as though they were kindred spirits in some fashion. Both outsiders. Foreign to the world they now lived in. Powerful, almost frighteningly so. Temperamental albeit more subtle in Leonel's case. Ruthless. And a history of tragedy, or rather a life of tragedy in Leonel's case. He felt a wordless connection to the Destructor. "Can I count on you to help me when I need it?", he paused, extending a hand towards the golden-haired force of nature. "If so, help me clear Paris of the remaining demons I'm sensing", he requested before if she'd accept, and even if she wouldn't, accelerating to Paris.

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Time Siphon had by now carved a rather noticeable hole in the demonic legion. The corpses of other worldly creatures lie smoldering all around her as she moved toward the government offices of Paris, intent on protecting the civilian government there. She relied not on her abilities, but on her powered armor and its plasma weaponry, at least for now. In truth, she did not fear the demons on the outside, it was her inner demons that worried her and she was afraid of what memory fragments floating through her mind might yet reveal to her if she fed further.

At last she made her way to the steps of the government building where local military forces were still holding sway. She was breathing hard, killing without powers took a lot of work. Her armor was scraped and torn in places but was still mostly in tact. Her blood stained cape lapped at her booted feet as she walked up the steps to the front entrance of the building. She turned to face the mess that was Paris once she arrived at the military barricade at the top of the steps. It would be so easy, why are you risking your life for these insects? You are a Time Siphon, there's no need for you to bother. She shook her head, trying to clear the dark thoughts trying to push her to feed on everything in sight. No. I am Raeyn, the one Time Siphon trying to be worth a damn. I will stand with them because I've spent far too long running. This is my world now.

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"You are really in no position to negotiate, Darkchild," Doom replied harshly. His strength as Emperor would not be denied, not now - and not ever - especially by the demonic entity before him.

"To even think that you could ever question my authority is an insult to me. What I stated before are my terms, whether you accept them or not. I will not tolerate the deaths of more citizens of Paris - who are now of Elysian nationality, mind you. If you are so desperate to keep your parasitic people alive, then I have a solution that does not necessitate further violence towards the Elysian populace,"

He removed a series of deactivated boom tubes that Ace Pilot Powell recovered during one of his raids on a stranded Ragnarok vessel. They were rewired to be smaller than normal, and to be isolated in such a way as to never be combined to make larger portals.

"Use these machines designed by your former Brother of the Apocalypse. Scavenge the people of Ragnarok, and do your new Emperor a service by thinning out the ranks of his enemy,"

As if Darkchild needed further explanation, Doom continued to speak as the people of Paris were relieved of this hell by an armada of Doombots ferrying them to the outlying encampments.

"But to think I would surrender the title of Emperor is perhaps the most asinine of your statements so far, Darkchild. Doom yet lives, and it will be Doom who rules over all he sees one day - unto the endless void between what we know and the Beyond Realm. Even what lies there will be mine. Remember this, and you will have a place in Doom's plan. Stray from that path and you will be forgotten."

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(first person)

Aware am I, of all the things that are transpiring, or have already transpired today. All that have come here today, all that will fall at my booted heel, should they challenge me. None could ever hope to defeat me, not even the megalomaniac in the Iron mask whom is posturing in front of Gen, as if he was important to the grand scheme of reality in some significant way. The cosmos would survive without him, should he fall, the world goes on as if he was never even a part of it. Just another dead monkey. If someone truly significant was to meet their end, someone truly designed for grander purposes, the world begins to unravel, it starts to unmake itself. Such is one as, I.

I will kill every single remaining citizen of Paris personally, if I must. Nothing will stop me. Nothing can stop me. I welcome anyone, or anything to try. Bring it. Expect no mercy, because none will be given. Expect an act of god, for nothing will deny me my desires, I will be Queen of Paris, again. I continue to make myself at home in Paris, my long walk was pleasing, as I arrive at the, Eiffel Tower.

(third person)

Naamah arrives at the Eiffel Tower, or how they say in French, "La tour Eiffel," located on the Champ de Mars. Erected in 1889 as the World Fairs entrance arch, it is also the tallest structure in Paris, it is constructed of iron, and reaches 324 meters towards the heavens. "Oh, Gustave, I'm home!" Naamah says mockingly, referring to the engineer who's company designed and built the tower, the tower itself was named after the man, his name was Gustave Eiffel.

After her whimsical entrance, she immediately goes to work, as her hands grab the cold rusty iron at the base of the tower, one of the four legs itself. She then begins to send a charge of some strange type of energy throughout the tower itself, as all of the iron beams, plates, rivets, ext. All of it, starts to slowly gain an ill looking glow of the same energy, an energy that is green and gives off a mist that smells of sour eggs, and rotten meats. The energy is slow moving, but it is a very powerful energy with a Chaotic energy signature. Naamah knows that her plans would take a little bit of time to achieve, due to the spell she is casting being one of a higher level of mystic properties than any human could ever hope to attain.

So as not to be disturbed, Naamah pulls a page out of Gens playbook, as four copies of herself emerge from her back as they take point at the four corners of the Eiffel tower, they would keep watch over her and intercept any would be attackers, until her task was complete. These copies are not exact copies of herself, they are fluxed copies, that would mimic any arrivals own power levels, in order to make the event, more exciting and give them a sporting chance. These copies are on point, and have very serious looking expressions painted upon their faces.

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"Live forever? I swear to god K if I end up a girl Robocop because of you. Your going to be slapped until that charming grin is almost, almost nonexistent." The remark a mix of a playful threat but a seriousness in concept. She wouldn't be a machine if the proud lion in her had to pass so it would be. Evidence was slight but Victoria was fantastic at reading people. And thus could tell there was indeed someone who owned the affection of the Welshmen. Comforting in thought alone for the queen of the concrete jungles. Her purpose on the world was to guard people, particularly those cared for like they were her own kin.

A playful punch to the shoulder followed the hug conveying the competitive annoyance. "I'm not insecure. I'm in a suit of armor it kept track...for strategic purposes." The delayed follow up told that she obviously built the armor to tally the score so her defensive was more pride then anything else. "You know there is quite a catchy track from Lorde about how Guts and Glory go hand in hand. I could play it if you like." The iron maiden remarked finishing the final aspects of the game plan in her mind.

Lioness had in her latest branch of technological innovation constructed a series of 'environment control' weaponry such as the mines she'd scattered, or the flame throwers. Though far from what an elemental could do they did assist in shifting an ordeal to her favor. Her favorite new gadget though was the nanites sent into the streets which were used as a small teraforming apparatus. She'd wait till she could wait no longer, the first wave of creatures getting close enough that one could almost feel hot breath upon their necks. Once as many of the foul creatures had gained entry as possible the earth shot up boxing the fiends in with the dynamic duo. A sea of stone spears arose along the battlefield pinning multiple targets slaying some.

An abrupt follow up had the armored knight launching into the air providing a greater view of the horde. Her arm canon and the Roar system were used in joint efforts to make as much of an impact as possible. The quick three sixty rotation dispensed a maelstrom of solar energy combined with the demon banishing magic of Kieren to provide an air assault that would thin the masses exponentially. Ash remains filled the air upon landing, the armor sparking as the helmet and cannon collapsed folding up being completely spent. Using Cornelius to aid targeting she fired her small quantity of rockets at a few of the crippled larger demons. "So that was as flashy as my moves get. I'm down to swordplay." The Brit remarked retracting her blade.

"I mean I guess I've other guns but sometimes a cat just has to sharpen her claws."

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"Live forever, absolutely", Kieran affirmed with a smile, seemingly in jest but not quite, "Everyone I care about must live forever. It's a universal law decreed by King Kieran and you'd have to be mental to disobey King Kieran", he chuckled with a playful nudge of Victoria's arm. Following the Lioness' pyrotechnic eradication of the bulk of the demon horde before them, the notorious Wilshere met the government-employed Brit's gaze with an adventurous smirk, "Only a few of them left, love. How's about you and I have some fun with those lads?", he suggested, gesturing towards the remaining demons while conjuring his greatest weapon, his longsword 'God-Mauler', a Wilshere family heirloom and every bit a part of the Welshman as his electrifying social magnetism.

Responding to the emergence of Victoria's retractable blade with a subtle nod of approval, he remarked, "You know a lot of people have told me that treating these fights like a game, it'll end me some day. They say I overlook my opponents. I disagree", he paused, carrying himself with a brand of unshakable confidence and wicked swagger as he steps forward, "Do I look over my opponents? Of course. Most of them come up to my knees", he chuckled, referencing the difference in height between his enormous 6 foot 6 inch frame and the better part of his adversaries, "But I do not overlook them. I look into them. When I look at my opponents, I don't even see people anymore. I see the human anatomy. And all that matters is that after five minutes against me, all of my opponents cease to exist".

Imagining a circle around himself as he consciously estimates the distance between him and his opposition, Kieran began with a quick thrust of his sword, arm extending from his shoulder for maximum reach as the blade tore through the first demon's flesh like a knife through melted butter. Remaining practical and simplistic, Kieran's continued bladework flowed with grace and fluidity, mimicking the smooth rhythm of a waterfall. Abandoning off-line footwork as he tore through the remaining horde of hellspawn, the notorious Wilshere applied quick stepping advancements while targeting the exposed body zones of his enemies with fast, sweeping swings as his maneuvers came at horizontal and vertical angles, his attacks perpendicular to one another as he shifted diagonal strikes, increasing his blade's velocity while reducing his body movement as a means of retaining stamina.

And in the span of several minutes, certain that Victoria had done the same, their opposition had been laid waste to. Smirking, a drop of sweat trickled down the right side of the Welshman's temple. "The French army will thank us for this, Victoria. Kieran bless them".

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@naamah_obyzouth: Transporting Callen to his castle in WoD Death figured it would keep him safe, telling his servants to now serve the child as well. Then joining his sister Naamah on the tower she now casts up on.

"Sister, the forces of darkness have dwindled, is Gen making a deal? or is this world ours? I see your planning something on your own.... I shall aid in distraction. " says Death.

No Caption Provided

"Arise, my legion and protect your you master and his family" says Death while channeling a gateway.

No Caption Provided

Death's personal guardians spill out through the portal... "That is eternal, may never die" says Death to his legion, "Now use your dark Magik to widen this hell gate.... " he continues. The necromancers begin to chant and the portal widens more and more.

No Caption Provided

An angel residing deep within the chasm begins to rise, as 1000 years of imprisonment, his sentence is over. The portal taring his domain wide open...... as ascending from his damnation carried on the gust of infernal wind. Lucifer loosed now stands before his brother, Gabreil and says " it's been awhile brother and I see our sister... Naamah. " Lucifers words like a boom of thunder in the sky as he says her name. I shall raise my minions as well and make short work of this war.... Pathetic monkeys ...." says Lucifer.

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She'd known the losses he had faced were heavy on the heart. Evidence shown a new in the remarks about how she wouldn't die, that King Kieren demanded his subjects never perish. It was sad in a way, Victoria was almost always an elated person but never did she consider herself immortal. If anything she imagined she'd die young a hero and soldier. Initially they'd had a fling business however parted the two and silently the blonde had concluded that affairs of the heart were not for her. She'd eventually be it in a week or many years be wounded beyond human repair. When that came she'd die refusing to be machine, it'd only break hearts so distance was ideal. Moments like this solidified the idea as now she couldn't see Kieren as anything but something to protect to not see hurt again. "Just promise I keep my good looks I don't want to be old or a mech." She remarked in playful honesty.

With that she'd dived into the mass of remaining demons. They were smaller fragile creatures Victoria wasn't going to have the grand threats survive her volley. That move while costing almost all her fuel made the pressent engagement an easy victory. Kieren was to good to be touched by these fiends and Victoria though not as skilled had her armor. And the blade of choice met very little resistance against the meat of the rotting and foul creatures. Within her technique was nothing flashy or artistically stylized. Rather the HUD suggested the ideal point and her blade stabbed or cleaved into it. What was performed was her reflexes melding with her strategic mind and the integrated software that led to a rapid rate of killing. Each motion flowed to the next and each motion was designed to kill.

"You know I don't judge. I treat them like hunts that's not much better. Besides have you seen that receptionist at Avalon that girl thinks her fights ARE a video game." The remark came as Victoria set eyes on a demon mutating. The ghastly image concluded with an emergence of wings only serving to please the armored knight. It was admittedly played up, much like a big brother or sister might do something to make the younger sibling laugh. Using the ornate structure of the Notre Dame as a platform her jumps very much akin to a predatory cat she ascended the tower and leapt for the devil in flight. Sword was sheathed to allow the retraction of claws providing Victoria to snag the demon like a feline taking down a bird. Clearly she could of just flown but that would have been less charming.

Landing though led to a slight sigh. "Don't think they will my king. That famous tower, you know the one. Yeah it's gut by the looks of it a fresh horde. And the best players on their team seem ready to make there claim. Know how crowd control was all mine a few minutes ago? Well if we go there it'd be all you. My resources are about spent." Her spirit was far from broken she'd infact go if Kieren wanted she simply was stating the reality of her own limitation.

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@naamah_obyzouth: @connoisseur: @wearelegion: @lioness_: @darkchild: "Hmm, it seems that I will need to apply more force." She said, her connection to the primordials ensuring that her abilities remained her own a she started focusing her evil destroying aura directly on Gen Esis (what a ridiculous name she thought) as the aura of light permanently around her was then redirected to apply directly to him with all of its scalding force. As a being who was thoroughly of evil alignment, this aura would be at the very best extremely damaging and incredibly painful just to be around, Such brutality of course, was in her mind needed before he grew any stronger and the two's duel ended up with enough force to do far too much damage once they stopped focusing their power purely on each other.

"Unlike others who bear the mantle of hero, I will not settle for containing you. I am here to destroy you; mind, soul, and body." She said as she suddenly began speaking in a stream of tongues, speaking the true speech of the cosmos as reality itself began bending to her will, the scenarios she described in this eldritch; impossible to pronounce tongue starting to play out as she spoke words that when translated to English "cut this fiend off from his ability to draw power from others", grasping at the winds and tendrils of the cosmos and weaving them into a metaphysical blade meant to strike deep into the very being of Gen Esis and carve out that particular power from him.

Then she began twirling her scythe and shouted "EMBLEM OF FLAME!" As she suddenly disappeared in a flash step before appearing to his side, making a sideways cut meant to bisect him, then disappeared and reappeared behind him and made a downward strike meant to literally cleave him in half, then she reappeared to his upper left and made a diagonal stroke meant to further dice him. Each time she disappeared and reappeared at a speed so intense that light itself was standing still from her perspective, she made another cutting motion, all meant to literally carve out a burning emblem made out of the protest of the atoms of the air and hopefully his body burning alight.

Not intent on allowing him to breathe or even rest, she appeared again and made a swinging motion with the butt of her scythe meant to literally crush what was hopefully the sliced and diced apart remnants of his skull into a burst of exploding quarks and torn apart atoms with a massive uppercutting stroke. Then she would call upon her telekinetics to contain the already forming explosion of sliced apart atoms and torn apart particles directly onto him, all to make sure that he felt every last iota of force of the slowly forming nuclear explosion. For most, this would be enough; but Maria was not finished. Maria sought his complete and total destruction.

All of this would be over faster than a single oxygen atom in the air could oscilate back and forth across its own length once. It was taking place so quickly that the explosion of the abused atoms may as well have not been occurring at all. At these speeds, light itself may as well have not been moving at all. Such an assault of an incredibly over the top nature seemed almost surreal in a duel, but Maria was nothing if not brutally over the top in her methods of finishing off her opponents. On the other hand, it would look incredibly awesome in a fighting game.

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@emperor_von_doom: @naamah_obyzouth: @high_queen_maria:

His words hit true and both excited and irritated the Demon King, the thought of losing his people within Paris was something he disliked immensely but he did not have the power to stop the man. As both men turned to leave a screaming banshee came up behind him, striking at him with such blinding speed he had no time to react...but his body did. Still holding onto his sons power of Quantum energy his body reacted on instinct and went intangible tearing apart the molecules of his dark body and then re-bonding them together once again moments after she had finished her onslaught.

The mighty woman stood thinking she was triumphant, while Gen stood intangible and near invisible. Stepping up behind Doom he whispered "I accept your proposal, and in kind I shall treat your police and your givings with respect......farewell until we meet again."In an instant any remnants of Gen were gone from the area leaving the banshee woman to find herself alone with the Emperor, he had little patience for those like her. Disappearing quickly and reappearing behind his Queen and her dupe's he smiled wide as his body reconstituted itself fully and he was once again tangible. Hoping not to startle her he spoke low "Naamah....it is already happened. We have all of Paris, much like I wanted we have achieved what we came to do. If you so desire continue to play with the Eater and those who would come. But I am leaving...to gain more of my brethren...come if you wish my dear Queen."Taking one of the small boom tube devices that Doom had given him he tosses it out before him. A loud WHOOSH sounds and almost pops his ear drums as the tube opens to Ragnarok and a whoosh of energy falls over both. Ragnarok is a inhospitable place, and a place with enough hosts for Gen and his people. Looking back to Naamah before stepping through the tube he mocks "See you soon..." Before stepping through the portal and into his new playground....Paris was the first, but it will be far from the last.

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The deal had been made, DOOM has France, we have Paris. An invasion on France, or the people of Paris, would be seen as an act of war, against DOOM. Naamah knew it was a good deal, she just had plans of her own. Mischief for the sake of amusement, nothing more really. So it is with a heavy heart, that she calls back her doubles, and severs her connection to the Eiffel Tower, as her magics slowly begin to dissipate.

"Fine," she mutters to herself, before making her own dramatic exit off of the stage. Hers did not pertain a portal to another world, she simply, transforms her body in a massive swarm of Scarabs, that quickly scurry and meld into the very earthen ground beneath, disappearing from the scene, moments later.

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@naamah_obyzouth: @darkchild: The hell gate having no reason to remain open, Death releases it's opening. In a flash it was closed, the necromancer horde whom stood around, was absorbed into his very being for they were of him. Lucifer his brother decided to remain in Paris to keep up the appearance of Gen's deal, he would establish a residence. Death, in the other hand would return to WoD, and his people.

He then using his scythe slices the air itself apart stepping through to his domain.