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Paris, France

Paris hadnt changed in a many great ways since his own time period and universe. More and more of the meta and mutant lived and flourished in its streets, but beyond that it had gone unchanged. This was something that bothered Gen on a deeper level, such a place ripe for change and yet no one but the meager ever tried to change it and were uninterrupted by the people and were allowed to walk among the elite even though they were just as pathetic as the rest. The weak prevailed whereas the strong simply sat and watched, never wanting to move unless provoked. It burned him inside to see such greatness sitting on the sidelines, but now after five months within the new world he was going to make a difference. Inside a small villa and markets groups of parasytes wait for the telepathic command from there master and brother Gen, slowly he moves through the catacombs of Paris.

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As he moved through the catacombs his plan unveiled and his followers moved beside him. @wearelegion was one who wished to please him in so many ways, images of what he had planned filled Gens mind. As they moved to the entrance of the catacombs he spoke to the shadow creature "I want you and @ambrose_entheo to move towards the Water Treatment plant, take this with you." Moving his fingers and speaking an incantation a orb of black light shined in his palm. Inside it a single vial of a unknown substance glowed bright within the glass of the vial. "It is embronic parasytes, they will bloom into full blown parasytes once they are ingested. Not an armies worth, but enough to pose a problem so unleash them. An if anything or anyone steps in your way, deal with them as you see fit. If any decide to help you reward them as you two see fit."

Behind him was @warsman who stood battle ready as any of the others, and beside him the illustrious and ominous @tenjin. Behind each of them lined up were a fleet of demons and creatures from the depths of hell and Warsmans own temporal void. Smiling wide he waved and outstretched a finger to the closing entrance "Raise hell my brother and friend, give them no leadway into the city. Close all exists and slaughter as many as you can.....for today will bleed for years to come."

From the darkness a beautiful specimin appeared, her name was Naamah and she brought a smile to his face as she unfurled her gown to show there son beneath it. Callan had grown exponrentially since his birth a few months ago, and now is a young man with tremendous power. @naamah_obyzouth "My Queen, take my son along side me and we shall go for the center of the city. Where it all began so many years ago for myself, I shall reach the Embassy and destroy any who go against my word."

As the entrance to his old home a place plagued by death and horror, his smile shines through the darkness as they all walk out into the light of the day. No longer will they hide in the dark and wait for a chance to strike, no they would attack in broad daylight for the world to see. As he finally stepped out through the darkness he screamed a telepathic command to all who would listen "Brothers and Sisters, FEAST!"

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As the command rang out the parasytes within Paris who had been hidden in plain sight erupted. Each transforming and devouring all they could see, his brothers and sisters were now free to unleash the hell they wanted for so long. An eat to there hearts content.......

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Exiting the catacombs alongside Ambrose as they crawl forth from the sewers onto the streets heading towards the water treatment facility, upon exiting the sewer system weARElegion summons a massive portal opening into WoD and Gargantuan beast begin to enter the city. The monstrosities ordered to run rampant and enjoy the flesh of the mortals, feeding on the innocence which lures their senses enticing their blood lust.

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The beasts wander the city gorging on the flesh of man, while weAreLegion and Ambrose begin their journey. "Ambrose, is there anything you'd like to summon before we leave the gateway? it shall bring forth anything your mind desires" says weARElegion in a raspy tone... prepared for a fight along the way in his new garb.

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Awaiting Ambrose to answer he chants to maintain the portal.


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Long ago, the Titans forged the ultimate defense mechanism for all life on Earth. They created an eighth continent outside the influence of the world itself, one where they could implant various devices with which to combat the Infernal Phalanx. Without a direct method of invading the Earth en masse, the endless demonic legions of the Infernal Phalanx were funneled through this continent and trapped by constant war with the native species. Though this plan necessitated great sacrifice, it existed as the preferable option besides burning the Earth in its entirety.

That continent, some now know, is called Skellbrieg.

And upon its surface hide numerous artifacts.

Emperor Otto von Doom has secured one of the most powerful: the deadly runeblade Ebonfrost.

Ebonfrost once held the power to ensare souls and multiply its own nefarious manifestations without restraint, making it the ideal weapon for any necromancer or warlord of the undead. Doom, however, took the blade to Elysia for analyzation. Through intense inspections, he discovered its truer potentials and a hidden purpose within the blade itself. The many souls trapped there made it possible to open vast gateways into other realities by their sacrifice. Doom's wizened readings of dark texts through his many years of learning hinted at ancient gods who challenged the Titans. These were the progenitors of the Infernal Phalanx, and their multitudinous masters who demanded bloodshed and chaos. The most profound phrase in all of these books, perhaps, stood out as: "All Power Demands Sacrifice."

It would seem that the Titans reversed this psychology, demanding instead great sacrifice to stop maleficent powers.

And so, Doom took Ebonfrost to the threshold of the apocalypse, where the rising tide of enemies would be the highest, a foaming wave of adversity climbing into the horizon and darkening all underneath its sway. He would not stand as a paladin, nor as a paragon. Surely, the people of Elysia would sing praise of his deeds for generations to come. But they were his own people. No one else on the face of the Earth could understand why he did such things or for what purpose.

Only he knew this.

Only Doom knew his own path in life.

And it would be as EMPEROR.


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Two phenomena would appear in the sky, simultaneously and with such sudden force that only the victor would remain constant while the other flickered into nothingness, obscured by the brilliance of the former. Firstly, the beginnings of a vast tear in the atmosphere twinkled for a split second. If one were to look beyond its border, they would see untold horrors spanning billions of galaxies. They would see the full armada of the Infernal Phalanx, having finally won out their limitations to Skellbrieg thanks to the technology of Warsman and his technicians on hellish Ragnarok. They would see banners streaming in airless space, fleshy ships of organs and mechanics all ground together, a disgusting display of crude and barbaric combinations of organic and inorganic to create the perfect war machine. They would see the Master, resplendent in his ribbed red armor and robes, standing a tier above the myriad Seats of Chaos, their various forms making the foundation of the far-reaching and terrifying grasp of the Phalanx.

And then they would see Warsman himself, the Regent Lord of Ragnarok, and his fellow Xelu'tari underlings, his many lieutenants from the hundreds of fortresses on that burning world, and their own unique armies marshaled in full force, prepared for the sacking of Earth and its ultimate destruction. Nothing would have saved humanity in this moment of peril. Nothing would have spared them from this danger, the endless tide of demons and demonic soldiers spilling forth without pause or mercy and raining the Final Battle of Armageddon upon all fronts.

This was the true terror of Ragnarok, of the Infernal Phalanx, and of their alliance. The triad now formed between them and Darkchild made certain disaster possible at any given second.

But now for the second flash of light - infinitessimally smaller, but nonetheless potent.

A single man floated in the air against this terror, one dressed in an ornate green cloak, his body bound in mighty armor, and his face plated with iron. With him, the runeblade Ebonfrost. He raised it quickly, all of this happening in the blink of an eye. The single man, his name known across the globe and beyond as a tyrannical monster, called forth from the runes themselves, summoning their limitless potential and unleashing that power all at once.

In an instant, the portal disappeared, and all of the legions behind it floated past the rendezvous point as if there never existed a doorway to begin with. Earth had been spared the price of earning the ire of the Infernal Phalanx so many thousands of years ago. But, as Doom realized and as the Titans promised, great sacrifices were needed to stay the progress of great powers.

Ebonfrost, its core exhausted, fluttered into nothing but ash, forever gone to the world and never destined to return. The souls captured by its many evil masters were finally free.

"And now," he said at length, before turning on a pivot in the sky and facing the Dark Child, his voice carried to all corners of the battlefield.

"You face DOOM."

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So destructive, these bizarre creatures. It seemed that everywhere the Swamp Fairy traveled there was some form of strife, tyranny, plotting, or mayhem -- but so far, the worst of what she had seen appeared to be taking place in Paris. Her travels throughout Europe had finally brought her here, and it had been so much... well, more, than she had expected. She wouldn't say it was entirely worse, as the horrific monsters and deviant mutants rampaging through the city were actually pleasant and cute in their own way.

To Leena's tastes, at least.

Hanging by her hair from a half-toppled skyscraper, the Imp chirped pleasantly to herself as she watched the screaming and the madness. She saw only occasional glimpses at what appeared to be leaders of this takeover -- more like slaughter -- and found them to be uniform in their unique way. Tall, dark, armored, powerful. Almost bland in their imposing style. Her hair unwound itself from the half-melted steel girder, allowing Leena to float casually to the cracked streets below and drift through the madness without a care in the world. She was almost too small to be noticed by a great many of the larger creatures, but it was only a matter of time before one strange one -- a betentacled goliath of a thing -- got the Circumstance Imp in its sight and lunged for her, only to miscalculate her position and drive its head into a nearby crane. It was no fault of the creature's, Leena understood. She was the Circumstance Imp for a reason... chance was perpetually on her side, a characteristic of hers so intrinsic that even the Harness Crown could not suppress it.

"Hihihihihihi," the ageless imp giggled to herself, drifting over to pat the half-conscious creature on top of its head. "Nan kal shnn," she whispered in her own tongue, stroking and petting the enormous creature almost playfully, the way one might adore a silly puppy that had harmed itself. Hopping onto the scales behind its neck, Leena patted it once again and rose into the air, surveying the destruction of Paris with no more than a thrill-seeking laugh and a wide-mouthed grin.

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The weeks following the birth of Tassania were some of the most memorable memories Ziccarra had, instead of being plagued with the duties of being “The Goddess”, she was able to spend much needed time with her newborn. The time with Tassi proved what Z knew all along, she was able to sit the life of a warrior to the side and be a mother to her children. These motherly feeling begin to dissipate shortly after learning that Darkchild and a sizeable force had infiltrated Paris in an attempt to overthrow the government and establish a political setting.

Within the first few hours of his confirmed attack the Spanish President sat in a meet with several of her top generals deciding what actions to take should France fall. A number of ideas were pitched; a lot of them good, some of them not so good. What it boiled down to was Ziccarra doing what was best for the people of France, while not jeopardizing Spain’s security.

“There will be no war.” Ziccarra ultimately decided, actually siding with the members of congress on this particular instance. “Darkchild is nothing more than a terrorist, we will not jeopardize our sons to fight someone who poses no immediate threat” She commanded, killing any more rumors of a Spanish invasion of Spain on the behalf of the French.

“We will provide aid to the cities along our borders but nothing else.” She hissed, moving from her presidential war room to her private quarters were she could mentally assess the status of the French crisis.

“Darkchild’s forces have isolated themselves in Paris…making a push North very easy” She said, eying the actual grid distance between Paris and Madrid. Honey, how soon can you arrive?” She asked, only to have the link between her son cut by static.

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“Madame, I thought you saw Spain had no business in the affairs of France?” her closest vizier questioned. “I did, and I meant it; but this is not business…it’s personal.” Darkchild was a target on her list—right up there with Amora. He attacked her in Egypt for seemingly no reason, and even attacked her grandson Mark at her own villa in Spain. She made a promise to strike down those that targeted her babies…and promises about the subject and matter were often kept in good faith.

Instead of going with her typical “Goddess” attire, she stood adorned in a black cat suit with dense crimson breastplate with silver shin and arm guards, and decorative shoulder armor. Bringing this new ensemble together was the addition of a gold Athenian helmet, forged to fit the head of the modern day Athena just right.

Fashioning every one of her core weapons from her bow to her axe, the war goddess prepared to aid France with her godly presence. Motivated by the thought of removing DC’s head, the graceful woman from Malaga shot into the air and sped off North.

Hours later – Rhone

She sat patiently atop a hill awaiting the arrival of her son Leonel, the only person besides Alexis she trusted to join her in battle. She truly believed that Leonel was the only one who could understand the mechanics of battle, and the only one other than Catalina that could take a life if it meant protecting more. His aid in this battle would provide her with unrelenting thoughts of victory, even more so now; that she saw DC fortified himself in just the city of Paris. The rest of France was left virtually untouched, making it easier for a résistance to navigate.

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This world needed to burn, safety was a lie, sanctuary a tomb in waiting, family was unreliable, friends traitorous. Earth was a kingdom of filth deception and finite hope. The monastery was a peaceful place and in her years Ali had grown to love the world not weighed down by man. More time passed though the more apparent it was that tranquility was a concept welcomed only by destruction. There was only one way to deliver peace, by bringing about death.

What came after was speculative it changed from person to person and from belief to belief. Regardless though there was a simplicity and balance that could only be found in the land beyond flesh and blood. Alianette knew that solace would only be given when life was forfeit. No need to attempt claiming dominion, no need for betrayal. More importantly in the mortal plain the quest of superiority outweighed the quest of improving ones self. As the chaos continued to climb Alianette decided it was time for her true return.

l'Ossuaire Municipal the catacombs of Paris, it was the home to the bones of millions. From nothing the prodigy of existence materialized amongst the remains. She didn't disturb so much as the dust floating in the air her reemergence as simple as it was supernatural. Along her fingers were rings one for each, they didn't seem composed of any form of iron or mater. Incorporal whisps was all they were, each a soul a Keijio Grandmaster Soul. Their Yoso Mastery and skill tied to her own spirit. Many could say they were legion she was the true embodiment of such a notion however. These were the entirety of individuals bound to one spirit, all coexisting for a single objective.

Darkchild was nothing as were his friends, obsidian eyes only saw the souls soon to depart the world. She was not here to aid this devil seeking ownership of Paris. She'd find herself on that side of the line however in her search for the conclusion of mortality. When she stepped from the mass grave however she watched as one of the worst of sites came to pass.

The skies split open and a sight enough to make one believe in hell unraveled. Ragnarok, Armageddon, the Apocaylpse call it what you will it seemed upon the horizon. But just as madness was about to breach reality inviting all to the maelstrom of extinction the fold was closed. One man sealed away the promise of eradication, his name was an insult to his actions. Doom.

With a blast of flame like rocket propulsion the YinYang Reaper launched toward the emperor. She'd become one of the finest fighters possible, her mastery of life death and soul made her a spectral reaper rivaling death itself. Her ability over elements was beyond any of the other Keijio. This combined into the apex death dealer that made way toward one of the fiercest of individuals known and perhaps a man who's cosmic potential itself rivaled gods. Indeed he had clashed with his share of the devine.

Breaching the distance Ali sought to use metal Yoso to part armor from the man that might be so much more. Warsman was the armor to her dream of extinction, she'd do her best to strip him physically as he'd done psychologically. A lance of lightning would shoot toward the man's heart bright as the sun, or better yet the blinding light at the end of the tunnel. The current was enough to reduce most to ash, for what better for somebody to become? And the third motion was a simple attempt to dig her index into the mans cranium. She'd flicker briefly as a ghost her form moving beyond most protection possible. That one touch if successful would be great for gripping his mortal soul. And as is customary of soul stealing force like her she'd attempt to rip that soul from it's mortal shell.

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Hex knew a fair deal about what was happening on this lovely evening. In fact she knew the very individual who'd launched this invasion. She'd been there last time, well that's not entirely true she was there when he wanted to be an astronaut. A shame really what that group did in someways France was beautiful, they'd carved into an oasis of hell. Wasn't all bad however that team was virtually family. That was then however, a then that was some time ago.

Salem when she surfaced in this world was soon one to join Doom. Their relationship was somewhat complex and obscure. She saw Doom as her Emperor, teacher, and like a grumpy uncle. And she thought of herself as the princess of Elysium, a straight A student with more sass then anyone wanted to deal with. None of that mattered however at the end of the day it was about who they were in regard to conquest. Doom wasn't a god, or a man, or king, he was Doom. Nothing matched what he was but himself. And well on some days she might argue herself as a rival. After all she was the alchemist who'd handled the cosmic cube. She was the witch who got to study the Rainbow Bridge, her touch was divine. Her mom had aided in the claim of France in her world, making out with severed heads and being the nightmare who'd become queen of hell.

Hex wasn't that bombastic or aggressive in her aid. No she was rather melancholy and bored with it all. Below her was a symphony of terror, gun fire and screams. Powder from cannons and burning flesh were the candles she had to endure. Through it all she simply sat at the tip of the Eiffel Tower flipping through the pages of a book, behind her fluttering against cinders and smoke was the flag of Elysia. She didn't mind raising it so early it wasn't like Doom had any real competition.

With a ruckus that threatens her hearing a beast climbs the tower. It's gargantuan nature made it's climb doable in less then a dozen steps. It a reached at her with a roar that shook the tower and enough saliva to leave the witch soaked. As it's maw and sea of teeth closed it raised it's many hands claws and writhing tentacles. It's body spasmed abruptly amidst the swing and suddenly the head erupted in a shower of gore while it's bones were reduced to nothing. The large sac of guts and bile simply tumbling to the ground crushing cars pedestrians and the lesser critters of oblivion. "Ew" being the only remark as the alchemist turned the saliva into a mist of floral fragrance and returned to her book.

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Presently engaged in conversation with Avalon's very own Kieran Wilshere over the commenced invasion of France and how they'd respond to it, Leonel inquired, "You've seen it all in the news. We can't just let this slip by us without trying to stop it". And he certainly wouldn't. He'd done everything in his power to ensure that he would be there in France and in full force to bring forth a premature end to this mayhem. He'd spoken with his mother, Ziccarra, and was certain that she would join him in battle. And he'd also requested that @schlampe lend her assistance to him with the promise of allowing her to crush their opposition with as much destruction as heart desired. Though he wasn't entirely certain, at least not after Trinity's abrupt departure from their most recent encounter, that she would appear. He'd simply have to wait and see.

"And we won't, mate", the Welshman affirmed with a personable smile, "Whoever this chap is, he's completely mental for trying to take over France in this period of time. Right after that Strigidae woman took over Venezuela? I don't think the world's to keen to see another one of their nations taken by a madman. Odds are, this chap's probably going to face a lot of resistance", Kieran reasoned. "So you say your mum's going to be there, yeah?", he inquired, an expression of curiosity overtaking his comely features. "She will be. And I'm also hoping someone else will show up. Trinity. I was told by Mr. Porthos that she used to be affiliated with Avalon", Leonel paused, garnering a quick shrug from the Welshman who made his lack of knowledge regarding Trinity obvious, "Sorry mate, I've no idea who you're talking about. Listen, it's been a fun chat but we've got business to take care of. I'll see you there, in France".

"How're you going to get there?", the New God asked, concerned that whatever means of transportation Kieran had might not be the speediest. "Because I can fly you there, man", Leonel suggested. "No worries, mate. I've got a power animal, a flying elephant that'll take me. And it talks too. Yeah. Kieran Wilshere has an elephant that flies and talks. And it won't even stop talking. I'll arrive in France, on top of my elephant and I'll look this Darkchild wanker in the eye and say 'Listen mate, I'm on top of a f*cken talking, flying elephant telling you to yield. So yield'. And you know, hopefully he'll yield", the Welshman jested, a relaxed laugh following his words before both an amused Leonel bid his farewell and departed for France. Mid-flight as both he and his mother made attempts to communicate, static seemed to prevent any means of conversation from taking place.

Fortunately, blessed with the ability to detect The Goddess' bio-electric field, Leonel was able to pinpoint her location to a hill in Rhone, France. Accelerating into the distance, leaving a trail of reverberating sonic booms in his wake, Leonel arrived in the cool French skies in no less than a matter of seconds, a bright streak of scorching red tearing the sky asunder signaled his arrival. Decelerating as he lowered his altitude before spotting his mother, Ziccarra atop a hill, Leonel completed a tame landing, the bottom of his feet touching the top of the hill three feet from the Malagan Marvel. Crossing both arms before his chest, he turned to his mother before inquiring, "Mom, what do the reports say? About Darkchild's position and deployment of his forces? Is he only attacking Paris like they say in the news?". He was a soldier, understanding the tactics and strategic prowess of the enemy was fundamental.

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"Who dares?"

There were numerous assassination attempts on the life of Doom. Those purely physical were thwarted by his bodyguard and Impenetrable Shield, Clovis Hammerstein. However, there existed attacks that not even Clovis' bulk could absorb nor his mind perceive. Taking into account the sheer multitude of these affronts on his person, some were psionic or telepathic in nature. Air bubbles in his brain, sudden and violent electro-neural impulses, raising the temperature of his blood to just past the boiling point - all of these and many, many more were experienced and dealt with accordingly. After all, Doom still lived and did so magnificently.

Elemental strikes, however, were far more common than these.

Even with the advent of the mutagenic gene and its eventual meteoric rise into the human population, the battle of the minds did not occur as the majority of impersonal assassination attempts. Croatian and Romanian terrorists who woke up one day with the power to cast lightning or channel fire suddenly realized that they could fly over Elysian borders and potentially wipe out all of their "worthless" neighbors behind the mountains. They thought they could even try and char the illustrious Otto von Doom to a crisp, given his metal armor. Soon, these dreams would be smeared across Elysian newspapers as a propaganda tool.

Nothing could kill their mighty liege.

And yet, the generations would spawn more mutants and children of mutants, all with the same dream of becoming the one who killed Doom. All destined to die.

No Caption Provided

This would be no different.

Doom had the experience of many, and a knowledge that spanned lifetimes. Very few would dare to attack him outright, in the open, and where he could pinpoint their exact location. This harbinger of death accomplished all three blunders in one fell swoop. Firstly, his armor's capabilities to channel electric current, extreme cold and heat, as well as magnetic pulses, were unmatched. One of the primary tasks of Doom's suit was to dissuade anything related to the natural weaknesses one thinks of upon seeing the heavy metal plates.

While Doom's suit did in fact attract electricity, it redirected this energy into various power cells and backup battery systems. Upon completely charging one of these, the current would move on towards the next cell until nothing else could be stored. Following this, the current would simply be redirected to wherever Doom placed a similar attractive waypoint, not necessarily the nearest available lightningrod. Instead, he placed the router at a nearby neural impulse.

Darkchild's. (@darkchild)

Meanwhile, Doom would be free to fight the nuisance without any further delay. He recognized her combative stance as well as her mastery of the elements, something he was already no stranger to, but the style in which she implemented them piqued his curious nature - as well as sparked an old hatred in his heart. Long ago, he made contact with the Keijijo Clan as well as the Impero of that age - Ishin. This launched a long diplomatic and militaristic struggle between the two, during which there was no distinct victor. Ishin surrendered the title of Impero to someone else, killing Doom's interest in the Keijijo Clan as well as keeping Ishin as a rival.

And yet, ever since then, there never has been anyone to truly be called that by the Elysian King.

The two finger strike seemed derivative of a typical acupuncture remedy, aimed to strike at the nerves under the skin and between the muscle. Except, with the knowledge of the Keijijo Clan under his belt, Doom knew of the strength behind this simple gesture. It would puncture even his own armor and close off or overflow control of the limb targeted. Of course, there existed some nerve strikes tailored to disable the entire body. Again, experience paid off for the Iron Tyrant.

Avoiding the strike would invite further attempts. Doom would be pushed back against his will, played to the attacker's whims. He refused to choose this reality.

"You who so willingly married into the philosophy of annihilation," he began, commanding the battlefield with words before actions, as his doctrine often allowed.

"Have just made the biggest mistake of your short and pathetic existence,"

With one hand, Doom intercepted the half-closed fist nearing his frontal lobe. He had no time to waste. With his other, he emitted a very specific electromagnetic pulse. Information gathered by scanning the bioelectric readings from the woman in front of him instantly made itself available. The current in his open hand became the opposite charge. Upon contact, the woman's kidneys would become extremely powerful magnets, attracted to each other from either side of the torso.

They would collide, and rupture, causing near-instant and nigh-irreversible collateral damage along the way.

"Such is the will of Doom."

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@wearelegion: @darkchild:


"I am my own monster, and I brought only a stomach growling with hunger" an accent heard across the chattering of crashing sounds, the monster returning from a long awaited slumber to taste french cuisine at its finest. American gets old after a while, and the Japanese need to be bred to increase their stock which he will do later so that he can taste them for years to come. Four legs stood atop of a pile of rubble as he exploded from the ground.

Each step taking off between urban structures as he takes his stride leap by leap, removing humans from the scenery from each jump. Feeding a mouth that rests between his legs as his upper body savors the others that did not get caught within the motion. Police men found their heads inside the mouth of the monster, their last visions are that of a lashing tongue which sucked the eyes from their sockets. With each visual feedback of the victims Earl increases his efficiency in which he removes their parts.

Earl removed their resistance with flying bone shards before he sets off to the immigrant district, his mouth yearns fora Moroccan meal to start off the raid the kind that can only be acquired by getting into the Mosques. Remembering that some of them would fight to the very end, a noble way to go out and a good way for him to try out their bravery. Served raw on a plate of floor tiles and served with a dish of despair.

Their punches and kicks added as a meager presentation. Lubrication for the esophagus before he ambushes the people gathered up on the emergency shelters. Plenty of women and children to be found, the elderly can barely put up a fight as they would end up as dressing for his meals. When there is only one exit they would all rush to that vocal point, and all he had to do is to wait for the lucky schmuck to see his face when they realize that it is too late.

Survivors are left as he shifts between districts to reach his destination, children without limbs are left to cry out in the streets and women left without their skin splayed on the roads for their dying families to see. These can return to fight him should they survive, and that will be interesting. From his long lived experience they would often do so with a varied set of skills or even a useful power or two that they think can take him down.

The men are left 'patched' together along the roads, with bone inserted through their meaty parts as they move into the land of the dead. In the city of culture he must try his best to be artistic, rats just follow behind to eat his spoils. Gnawing through the barely living, who are conscious to feel the creatures burrowing into their organs. Fur rubbing against their faces as small teeth chip against the bones inside the roof of their mouths.

Upon reaching the roads he saw someone wearing a nikab and he simply turned her into a kebab with her students behind her, now sticking on the center of his bony tail as they are hoisted up for all of the settlers to see. Bingo, as he received gunfire on the upper body which he barely noticed as they passed through his shoulder. They ended up losing their index and middle fingers, just like those archers on crecy.

Learning their language, taking in their culture and picking bits of habit. He can now reply their cries for help in their own tongue .

The weak can't pick their way to die"

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@emperor_von_doom:@alianette: Death watching on as Doom & Alianette interact he sees her fall clasping her sides as her innards erupt. Death chants as watching her approach her demise raising his hand as to hold the soul in place as Alianette's dark powers can heal her wounds while her soul remains with her body rather then moving on.

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"I hold dominion over souls coming and going, So go ahead do your worse. I've been in the presence of a god and your merely a man. Now step aside or face your damnation as our legions rise to meet you.

"Now a show of power......" says Death

No Caption Provided

The arch angel showing his true form, siphoning the souls around him drawing out all life force in his sights.into himself. Spectral energy flowing through him, he once again manifests the hell portal which Doom had closed sacrificing his time piece which the titans had crafted for Death to stop time before a soul becomes lost. The time piece surged slowing time to a halt ..enchanting Death empowered his scythe striking the infinite time piece causing it to explode taring reality enough for Death to mold it back into an infernal gateway. Waving his hand over the portal, giving it the ability to feed on life energy to sustain itself using a spectral mist.

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The spectral knights of lost forgotten warriors are first exit the portal flooding the streets with spirits whom begin standing in battle formation. "Archers to the ready, Fire!" says Death, shooting ethereal arrows the blacken the starlight for an hours time. Then waiting to see Dooms response.

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Paris, France

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I return to the city of bones. The alleyways of the dead. In the silent boulevards and promenades, the impasses of the cimetiere de Montmartre in Paris, a place inhabited by tombs and stone angels, a place inhabited by loitering ghosts of those forgotten before they are even cold in their graves.

I am an Angel. I murder firstborns, while their mothers watch. I turn cities into salt. I even, when I feel like it, tear the souls from little girls, and from now until kingdom come. The only thing you can count on, is never understanding why.

So, here I stand, child at my side. We stand at the pantomime of a burial. A small paid notice in Le Figaro advertized the place and date, the hour, although few have come. It is a sparse crowd, dark veils and morning coats, polished boots and extravagant umbrellas to shelter from the unseasonable January elements.

I stand beside the open grave with my son Callan, my striking face obscured behind black lace. From the priests lips fall platitudes, words of absolution that leave the hearts cold and all emotion untouched. Ugly in his unstarched white necktie and vulgar buckled shoes, his greasy complexion, its obvious he knows nothing of the lies and threads of deceit that have led to this patch of ground in the eighteenth arrondissement, on the northern outskirts of Paris.

"See how fragile they are my son. Nothing more then, monkeys. I will not allow a bunch of talking monkeys, to take our rightful place as the rulers of this world." I finish my sentimental moment of finer learning to the boy. I am careful not to disturb the others in attendance, not because I care about their feelings or anything as trivial as all that. Simply because I am above such ignorance, and have absolutely no interest in starting an ordeal.

Callan's eyes are fixed upon the coffin being lowered into the damp earth where worms and spiders dwell. If he were to turn, quickly now, catching me unawares, he would see the expression upon his mothers face and puzzle at it. Its not a sense of loss that swims in my eyes, but rather a sense of wealth.

As the priest finishes the proceedings, my mind is swimming with thoughts of the Will in Testament, of the now departed Anatole Garnier, an incredibly wealthy man that I had manipulated in his final years in order to gain his amassed resources. Including all the business property that Anatole held ownership until the time of his death. "In nomine Patri, et Filii, et Spiritus Sancti. Amen. In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost." He makes the sign of the cross, then walks away.

"Lets not dolly either Callan, we still have a war to win, after all." I tell the boy, as I tug at his hand, and we follow his Father Gen towards the center of Paris. As we walk away from the graveyard, we can feel the gazes of angry eyes upon our backs. The remaining blood ties that were left out of the paperwork, all due to the gold digging whore of Paris. I get a wicked smirk on my face, just thinking about how easily Anatole made it for me.

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(Former) Estate of Andres Knightfall; Malaga, Spain

Olivier cautiously regarded the tall slender girl standing on the balcony of her estate. This girl with a distinctly familiar accent, and a differently familiar but even more alien face and tonality. This peculiar girl who knew her name and where she stayed but with whom she herself was not familiar, and who did not flinch when faced with the dyad of Durandal and Incendie. She came as if from nowhere with an offer equally as strange as herself, representing an unknown party. Olivier had no stake in the conflict, but the offer was intriguing nonetheless.

"This kind of attack, 'tis exactly the kind of thing you were brought here to stop, no?" the girl, who had introduced herself as Anastasia, asked. "Besides, it could be an opportunity to remind the world the name of the original weapon of mass destruction and one of the greatest warriors of all time. Perhaps the greatest of all time."

She knew how to appeal to the Olivier, her pride. Whether or not the empress knew when persons were attempting to play her personality or not, her boredom was enough to motivate her and she abandoned her aggressive stance, weapons fading into thin air.

"Your words ring true, Anastasia. If nothing else, for the fact that the attempt has been staged upon my ancestral home, it should be an interesting undertaking. Would that I had my army..." Ultimately, she shrugged it off. "'Tis unfortunate, but I am as always as good as any army. I will fight in their names."

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"Gracias, ma'am. We appreciate your service," the young businesswoman nodded her thanks. "If you need anythin--"

"That is unnecessary, my friend," Olivier assured, placing a hand up on her shoulder. Before departing, she gave one last look at her face. "You remind me of a friend." She smiled. And then she vanished in a flash.

Left alone on the lawn, Nastya returned the smile to the air in front of her. Self-satisfied, she spoke into her earpiece. "Connection established. The queen is ours."

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@wearelegion: @emperor_von_doom:

Her elemental motions faulter failing to deliver any form of worthwhile result. No need for further summery it was simply failure. Her mastery of Yoso was an amalgram of many grand masters and her own skill which may have been on par. She was able to use the elements with a grace so simple and natural it rivaled mutants and surpassed anyone before her of the fabled Keijio. None of it went anywhere. Her final strike looked much like a regular pressure point based strike, she'd have performed a move however much worse. Using spectral abilities she'd have gone into the state of a ghost and then materialize. This failed however when something that very well may have been death itself came to the scene.

What would follow was a complex battle nobody would see and likely even fewer would understand. Yin and Yang chakra was the metaphysical energies of life and death. These were what Ali had a natural mutation for, which she branched out under the tutorage of Ishin and others. Her mastery moved to a point of spiritual manipulation. The laws of life and death didn't have a hold on her. Almost three months ago Alianette died, gone from this world. Today she'd surfaced from nothing flesh and blood as if no different. Her soul was her own, there was a natural fluctuation and conflict however when a devine force came by, when they tried to effect her.

That struggle lasted milliseconds what happend however in that opening though was enough to disrupt Ali. Her body did not become like a ghost and as such instead of a frontal lobe being struck she hit a palm. Her index and middle finger made an audible snap and a pulse found the soul thief' gut flawlessly. Her insides collapsed on eachother colliding in a way that pulverized her internal organs. She fell to a knee coughing up blood.

Her chi had been disturbed by outer interference disrupting what should have been an instant recuperation. With such a hold on the properties of life and death Ali could usually mend wounds in a second. In fact before she'd explored the afterlife she'd even been able to resurrect Ishin within minutes something no other Keijio could rival. Now however her hand glowed as it rested on her stomach the light moving to the wounds as she got to her feet. Recovery would take some time she herself however could still fight fine.

"I really wish people stopped thinking they understood me." Was the words in dispute of Doom's words. Using fire to propell her palm forward with rocketing force Alianette targeted the iron torso before her. It was here she'd make use of Zadkhiau a technique she'd learned from the Strigidae when her ghost visited the Nest. Zadkhiau was the method of sthatterpoint. Of one blow that could level a building. Using this she sought to destroy the armor of her foe. The following strike was using the art of Vespa understanding the body in a way that might go beyond any other pressure point style. This was used for a jab at the heart executed with the design to stop ones heart pulse entirely.

Finally at the end of those quick motions her right hand would jet upward aiming to grasp the emperor's throat. At the same time using metal Yoso she'd attempt to use the current armor and hopefully the destroyed armor to create a collar around the tyrants throat. Manipulating metal to form a brace chocking and insulting and on it the signs of her clan. Perfect for turning the metal into a bomb. She wasn't in possession a power as frightening as sister Shiho. She didn't have the years of father Ishin. But there was reason she was often called the Prodigy.

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@wearelegion: @alianette:

"As expected of one of the Keijijo roaches. Your refusal to accept defeat is perturbing, at best,"

He understood few materials could withstand the atrociously powerful martial arts taught by the infuriating Impero line. Attempting to wall himself off with air molecules transformed into any variety of metals or stone would be folly. It would also give his opponent something to work with. She exhibited a constant showing of mastery over the elements, and now over the spiritual plane. Doom observed and scanned her movements as they happened, up to the first attempted strike. The supernatural steamed around her, misting her muscles. This did not do unnoticed, and Doom prescribed another assortment of tests for this fight-turned-experiment.

No longer were the Keijijo an affable threat due to the disappearance of Ishin.

This would be irrefutable proof of that.

Doom started his counter attack with two separate fields of radiation, one gamma and the other alpha. The alpha radiation would push her back, the larger molecules stopping with pieces of paper given no momentum. Save, in this situation, Doom's control over radioactivity gave them all the forward momentum needed to physically challenge the oncoming prodigy. Meanwhile, the gamma radiation would pierce through every layer of the woman's body, causing intense burns and irreversible damage to her DNA.

Of course, the Iron Tyrant would keep her alive. He noticed that her attachment to the bonds of life and death did not stop when they were naturally supposed to. Causing nerve damage did not exist solely in martial arts and acupressure. Doom had his own ways of causing immense harm to the more tender landings of physical life.

"And who would dare to defy Doom?" he retorted to the vision of Death itself, glaring back at him from Darkchild's side.

"I am no mere mortal man. If you call yourself Death, then you must know I have denied your cold grasp many times - and I will do so again until I decide to pass away! For I am Doom, you oafish clod! Even the gods you claimed to stand with know better than to question that!"

The fabric of reality opened before him, torn asunder by his own two hands. Very few commanded the expertise necessary for what he was about to do. Even fewer dared to attempt it. And yet, Doom dared what no others did. For he was Doom, and that is all he needed.

Spreading his arms wide, ripping the sky apart in a cosmic array of starlight and distant void, Doom broke the barrier between Earth and the endless beyond, swallowing the arrows and the archers who released them into the world along with them. Though the sky grew dark, it appeared that much darker once Doom accomplished this feat. The battlefield changed in an instant, a testament to Doom's power over all creation. Death stood before him, but he was beyond death. A warrior adept who grew stronger than Death challenged him as she leapt between the realms, but he was beyond anything relative to the mortal coils. For he was Doom.



"Let this be a lesson to you, Keijijo roach, and to you as well oh 'mighty' Death," he spoke out loud again, void clouds bursting and reforming all around him. Paris, France existed now in the endless abyss, between realms, between realities, where life and death did not matter and the souls of the damned had nowhere to tether themselves to. At least, it did as long as Doom commanded it to. Upon his impending victory here, he would return it to the physical plane. He just did not require additional reinforcements from beyond the grave to tailor to Darkchild's insidious demands here.

"Do not trifle in the affairs of Otto von Doom."

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"This'll simply loosen me up"

Having received a text message from Leonel confirming that both he and Ziccarra were devising a plan to implement against Darkchild's forces in France, Kieran too readied himself for what would be a prolonged period of demanding physical activity the best way he knew how. Drinking. "Tis not wise for you to be drinking when you intend to involve yourself in war, mano", Santiago advised as he met the flippant Welshman's gaze with a sportive smirk. "Nonsense, mate. This'll simply loosen me up", Kieran dismissed with a relaxed smile, indulging in a sip of his stainless steel liquor flask. "Is that so?", Santiago paused, coolly leaning his back against a wall and folding both arms before his chest, "You are not concerned that this may impair your performance?".

"Not at all. A little alcohol can't stop me. I can't even stop myself. Kieran Wilshere is a bloody force of nature, Santi", the Welshman jested with a swashbuckling smirk, somehow maintaining his sober state despite the strength of the alcohol he consumed. "As much as this will inflate your ego, you never have been one to under-perform whenever it came to combat. So, I trust you know what you are doing. I just wonder what Leo and his madre will think when the notorious Kieran Wilshere arrives with the scent of liquor", the Spaniard sniped. "They'll thank me. Thank me just like my mirror does every morning for being given the opportunity to see Kieran Wilshere. Because without me, they'll be missing a key piece of the puzzle", Kieran winked.

Gathering his items, most importantly his longsword, 'God-Mauler', Kieran bid Santiago farewell, "Come on, give us a hug, mate", he insisted, eliciting compliance and a chuckle from the reputed Spaniard. "It would've been nice if you tagged along but I know Avalon is very important to you. Bye bye brother", Kieran concluded, breaking their amicable hug with a pat on Santiago's back before exiting the corporate juggernaut's headquarters. Summoning his power animal, a supernatural elephant named 'Terry', gifted with the power of flight, Kieran mounted it and as soon as it took off, directed Terry to take them to France where he would encounter Leonel/Azure Son. "Behold as the sun's light shines on Lord Kieran", he smiled before affectionately stroking Terry's head as they soared through the sky, "I missed you, Terry".

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The Mask of Naamah
The Mask of Naamah

As I guide Callan throughout the streets of Paris, leaving the eighteenth arrondissement, we are now somewhere between the ninth and tenth arrondissement, heading straight for the first which is located at the very center of Paris. The way the arrodissement's of Paris are set in place, almost reminded me of a dart board in design.

I had already decided that once Gen, the child, and I, finally did reach the center of Paris, I had important business to attend to in the seventh arrondissement. I would laze my way along the La Seine, and make my way to The Eiffel Tower, once there, one of my many plans would go into effect. Still, there was absolutely no reason that a girl couldn't start to at least, have a little fun.

So as Callan and I walk hand in hand, I call up a strong (60 mph), cold breeze and direct it towards a gathering of talking monkeys, (humans). This breeze chills anyone not prepared for it, and it disperses (or redirects) clouds of vapor (including tear gas or airborne toxins) or swarms of insects. This power is granted to me by invoking, local wind-spirits.

I know a great many spirits in this place, and I can call upon them by name. What is more is that they remember me well, for I am Naamah and I have a great deal of history in this place. I have walked these streets before, for many ages, and have given witness to the very modernization of Paris. For you see there was a time when I was known by other names: Sainte Geneviève, Berthe, Blanche de Castille, Marguerite de Provence, Marguerite d’Anjou, Anne de Bretagne, Marie Stuart, Marie de Médicis, Anne d’Autriche, and Marie-Antoinette, just to name a few.

A map of the Arrodissements of Paris.
A map of the Arrodissements of Paris.

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In all the world there was one being who had no choice but to go to Paris. The Time Siphon was drawn there like a moth to a flame. As she flew over the city in her power armor, she viewed the city below not as individuals and monsters, but as timelines. She had done her best to be a hero and would continue to do so here, though she feared the results. Her best means of fighting would be the one she dreaded using the most...feeding, feeding on beings with such gloriously long life spans. A Time Siphon could feed on anything, even immortals aged in their own way. Look at it all, so much time...I could remember everything...I could restore my power...and if I did, I'm not sure I'd like the person I would become.

She banked over the city, taking a wide circle around the Eiffel Tower I can't just watch...She chose a target, a large worm like creature assaulting a gathering of local defense forces. Their weapons were proving ineffective. It crashed aside tanks and people alike, consuming whole squads at a time as it darted to and fro far too quickly for normal humans to react. She flung an experimental ball of plasma in its direction and frowned when it simply fizzled against its did, however, get it's attention. Cursing to herself, Time Siphon altered the flow of time around herself, allowing her to react quickly enough as it lunged forward at lightning speed. She dodged to the side just as its massive jaws would have snapped shut around her. Taking a deep breath and assuring herself it would be ok, she latched herself onto its back and began to feed. Temporal energy, all of its remaining years if all things were equal, began to flow into her body from every contact point she had with the creature. It whipped and snapped around in an attempt to throw her off, but it grew increasingly weak as its body aged aeons at a time. As the creature began to die and her body was infused with temporal energy, she thought of an old quote from a piece of Human literature. and in strange aeons, even death may die.

She released the worm, the great beast collapsed and exploded into dust, drained of all its possible years. Time Siphon hovered over the spot, listening to the cheers of the ground forces below. Shards of memory began to snap into place, repairing a memory pane long ago shattered. New abilities flooded into her as she remembered how to use them, old battles, old crimes, old horrible actions flooded into her mind as well. All the while she looked down at the city of Paris, remembering how to consume...whole cities. I could stop this now. The city was just so old...and it had so much time left to it...and the creatures inside, some short lived, others...No. Humans are not creatures, they are people deserving of protection, I will not sacrifice a city, I will not.

Instead, she landed among the troops. "Go form a perimeter, seal off the edge of the city so none of this crap gets out. This is a job for people like me." She didn't have to say it twice, they soon withdrew towards the edges of the city. Time Siphon turned slowly to face the monsters assaulting Paris. I'm not going back to that person.

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Fire burned in the eyes of The Ancient's Daughter as she gazed upon the mutual carnage caused both by herself and the...whatever they were, working for the opposing forces. All were indistinguishable from the outside, and even she had a limited grasp on the situation. All she knew or even cared for was that she had been invited under the pretense that she could act as she pleased, do what she did best, and show everyone how amazing she was.

Where her eyes fell, destruction usually followed, almost as much of it civilian as hostile, for lack of control if not concern. Before the loss of her powers her eyes had been capable of outdoing the sun and punching a hole clean through a planet. She was back, and better than ever, thanks to her increasing control over her biology and understanding of its capabilities.

Her biology, which was half the reason she even bothered to show up. She entered the fray with an additional objective of gathering bodies for assimilation. But even in light of her success thus far, Trinity surmised she could get more out of the experience - i.e. higher profile samples - if she followed a measured directive. That, she couldn't get on her own; she didn't totally understand the nuances of that particular type of conflict, beyond destroying things. But Leo might.

Had she known, she might have found him via his own bioelectric field, but although she had his genes and could presumably express the associated phenotypes within herself, Trinity had next to no idea how the Young Champion's power worked. But she could smell him. Smell the trail of scorched air as good as fresh from his travel, hear the sonic booms in his wake, halting at his precise position within the country.

That's how she found him. Then she too boomed across the distance, arriving behind him in just under a second. Arms folded, resting bitch face apparent in all its glory, her expression read already impatient for recognition and direction. In that, she could admit to a particular need. Where he was born and bred a soldier, she was designed and trained a weapon. He understood, he aimed; she followed suit. Besides, the whole thing seemed more personal for him anyway.

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@azure_son: @shanana: @wearelegion: @naamah_obyzouth: @emperor_von_doom:

Moving through the scurrying men and women of France as they ran in utter terror of the oncoming things that came from the darkness. Monstrosities of all shapes and sizes moved along through the city of Paris and even further out into France. But it was more the behemoths within Paris that Gen felt kindred soul with, he looked up at the Lovecraftian beasts that walked overhead and within the city. As he moved into the city and towards the Embassy he snapped his fingers twice, then a third time and finally a fourth time. With each snap of his finger he duplicated himself a exact copy of his prime self.

Each at there fullest power set, but slightly different with each duplication. Smiling at his three duplicates he waved them away and they disappeared in a shimmer of darkness. The prime self maintaining its course, and soon was at the steps of the Embassy a wide and terrifying smile upon his face as he moved forward.

Dupe 1 (Sha and Lionel)

Rhone was a beautiful place in its self, but the beauty was slowly becoming something akin to a battlefield with the encroaching hordes of Gen and his followers. As he stepped out from the shadows a few yards away from where the Son and Goddess stood watching. They were deciding on if they should attack and where, the forces of Gen were stretching far and outward from Paris. Rhone would soon fall to the hordes if nothing was done.

The dupe smiled and cackled something wicked, letting his voice echo through the darkness. Speaking he notices a new arrival of @schlampe and does not dismiss it but continues. "Seems that I have an audience, sad to say that I know only one of you. And my my dear Grandmother Liafador, you look beautiful."His arm waving out in a gesture asking who the others were "Decided that this time you would bring in I believe in the two times that we have seen each other, I have won both times. First time you left me high and dry, and second...oh yes it was against your grandson was it? How is the little tyke doing? Is he still ripe for the picking, or has he blossomed into the whelp I had envisioned him to be?"He was goading them all, trying to force them to attack without thinking. He had the powers of the Matriarch, but not the others and he could smell the power each held. Wanting for them to unleash something so he could taste it.

Dupe 2 (Doom)

Before he could parade around he was beckoned towards a fight between the Emperor of Elysia and an unknown individual. Feeling the psychic tether that kept him tied to this fight, he felt it was weak yet strong at the same time. This Emperor was powerful on a Cosmic level and his power drew Gen closer, he wanted a taste much like the Human Eater who had shown itself in France @ult_nerx would of done if given the moment. He sat off in the distance waiting for the moment where he could intervene and drain what he needed from both. Feeling even another presence @salem_hex off in the distance, this Hex child she was one with Doom. Kept close to him and even closer during times like these, smiling wide he knew that Doom would try and over power him if he didn't do something quickly. Vanishing and reappearing behind the Hex child he spoke. "My dear, is there a way to quell your Masters anger and speak to him on an intelligent level, or am I as lost in this endeavor as I seem to be?" Smiling to her and holding out an overturned hand with his palm down. Showing no threat to Hex he wanted to make this next move as easy as possible, if the Child would not give an answer and Doom would attack he would pop in an out and unleash the Quantum Energy his son so thankfully gave him mere moments ago being in proxy to his father.

Dupe 3(Naamah and Callan)

Appearing behind his Queen, he wrapped his arms around her as she called forth a gust of wind and turbulent skies above transformed. Smiting down the monkeys as she would call them, he kissed her neck in hopes of appeasing her and moving slowly away from her he knelt down beside his son. Callan smiled and with wide eyes looked up to his father. The three looked out at the destruction that had been wrought on the city of Paris and he couldn't help but feel at home with such chaos. "What plans do you have my dear Queen? I am growing quite fond of the screaming and blood letting that we all are performing. But I am no fool, I know you too have a plan. So pray tell what is the cunning and beautiful Naamah thinking now?"

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Salem didn't take the dark kings hand. She knew him, perhaps the deity of deviance didn't remember her but Hex wasn't so forgetful. And what bothered her the most was that while this replicant was near flawless from this high up she could see that there were others. He wanted his pervasive hands in everything so he did so, how nausiating. Gods were a lie and had no respect in Salem's eyes. King's were moronic creatures. Only an emperor deserved to rule the world someone like the titan that at the time battled Death and the Soul stealing Keijio.

"First off, if your going to talk to me" she smiled and pointed in front of her "move. Look me in the eyes and show some damn respect. Power is nothing if you've got no balls." She'd wait as long as it took to get the dark king before her. "Secondly how are you? I see you managed to move to this universe as well. I got to ask did you fuck your way here? Because knowing how sick of a creature you are that's kind of what I'd expect. And thirdly, you should have come in person, I know the real you is out there. I'd be far less obnoxious then. Suppose I can answer you however." The 'kid' obviously was infatuated with her own voice.

"Doom's will is his own. He doesn't kneel to anyone. Reminds me of mom hm anyway. He's gone toe to toe with the likes of Amora and Odin and they really gave him no more challenge then the best ants of this world like Dark Vengeance. The man, and all men should probably be honored be called men because that's as close to Doom as they'll get, is a force like no other." It was hard to tell what was sarcastic and what was honest. "So try and make a good impression because Doom can hold a grudge, I'm like a adorable neice my introduction transgression can be left to slide, but your not nearly as pretty as me."

"And lastly he's not my master. If you could cut off your tongue and give it to me for saying that shit that would make my day." Then after commanding respect and being as mouthy as she had been. Salem Hex returned to reading her book virtually ignoring the calamity about her and the child of oblivion.

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Her attacks fell short and soon the prodigy of souls and master of life and death was countered by force of undisputed devastation. Radiation directed against her in a frightening display, it knocked her back no footing of hers would of let her physically hold her ground. On an atomic level she was ripped apart. Done on a way that should have been fatal to anyone else. Her left leg was gone her right arm as well. Her body was covered in blistering burns. And when it ended the landscape changed.

Swallowed by the void, Paris or at least the portion the emperor and her stood upon was altered. And in this amazing domain Ali for one of very few times was truly excited. Here she was a mangled near corpse a good fifty feet away from Doom and she looked up to him with a bloodied smile. "Thank you" she remarked knowing she could now access a chi that can barely even be explored in the mortal plain. Devata Chi. *Not unlike ordinary chi, Devata Chi functions as a powerful metaphysical, binding force of near-limitless potential. Characteristically different from ordinary chi, as well as Yin-Yang Chi, Devata Chi is by nature, impossible to be harnessed by those naturally inhabiting the physical plane of existence. Incapable of manifesting in the physical dimension, it adheres to the fundamental laws of higher metaphysical realms where it is found. Originating from a mysterious metaphysical entity named "Deva Bhavana", Devata Chi possesses properties that appropriately differentiate it from all other types of chi. Unlike ordinary chi, it is not virtually omnipresent due to its natural inability to exist in the physical world. The stark difference between Devata Chi and other types of chi comes in the form of its ability to fully spiritually enlighten an individual in its presence, as well as render them immortal at the cost of stripping their ability to exist in the physical world. Interestingly enough, Devata Chi, due to its unique properties, is capable of spawning things from nothingness and it serves as the binding maintainer of the spiritual and existential balance between all metaphysical planes of existences and dimensions. As a result, Devata Chi is fundamental to the existence of all metaphysical dimensions. It is a very poorly understood type of chi, even more-so than Ying-Yang Chi. Instantaneously upon manifesting in the physical world, it transitions into ordinary chi. Along with Yin-Yang Chi, and ordinary chi, it makes up the Universal Chi that is ambient in all of existence.*

"But Doom as much of an insect as you think me. You should stomp on me not hold back. Her physical body incinerated reduced to fluttering ashes as she let her existence fade. Alianette had died, she'd died so many times. For awhile she'd been a ghost only because she wanted to be. As shown today she could surface whenever she wanted. But even before then in her training she'd died regularly. Pressing her abilities the only way you really could with Yin Yang Chakra. The spectral image of Alianette was radiant like a star, pure and blinding light. "This Doom is what immortality is for me." She bowed in the classic fashion one might do before a standerd duel.

Alianette vanished, for in a domain like this her speed could be what she wanted, she could be like she wanted. She moved at the speed of light. Two punches moved for Doom that sought the heart and the brain. Her touch designed to not hit on a physical but metaphysical level. Her two simple moves were designed to remove the heart and brain purely from existence. Not cripple or impact simply make them vanish. She'd been angered before now Alianette was in blissful calm. This fight for her was just exploring new ground. Result didn't matter this was zen for her. A simple exploration of self.

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When he first heard what was going on in Paris, he had to think about joining in and try to help out. Pyrrhus then thought that a lot of people would join in and tries to stop what ever is going on. What the Star Captain next thought, what if these people who are coming to help Paris had there own agenda then just saving people and the city itself. Pyrrhus Hawkins thought this time and time again when he getting his ship ready to go to Paris and hopefully, in some way save the city, that was once a beautiful city but now it has turned into hell on earth. There was a sense that he had to go, that it was his duty to go and save those people but at the same time... nah he was going, but to what end that he will help is unknown to him.

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What was doing right now was making sure that the BlueHawk, his personal starship, was in top order and ready for almost anything. When he was in the cockpit of the BlueHawk, he notices that the sky was clear with not a single cloud in sight. In some weird way Pyrrhus knew that the skies over at Paris was not as beautiful as the open fields of the American Plains are. Starting up the powerful intergalactic engines, which made a lot of noise at first but slowly quite down after ten seconds or so. He then check out all of the systems before making the take off. All systems seemed to be in the green and Pyrrhus felt confident in that matter.

"Well, I was wanted to go to Paris." Pyrrhus muttered while the BlueHawk started to hover above the ground. The grass below the BlueHawk was still on the ground but the green grass blades that were not connected on the ground were forceful blown away by the engines. Taking one deep breath while the Alpha-12, Pyrrhus's headgear materializes all around his head. “I guess it's now or never. “Were his final words before the BlueHawk took off into the clear blue sky and in the direction of Paris, where he hope that he was not to late.

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"You have achieved your own metaphysical isolation, it seems,"

Time did not matter in this plane of thought, of contact. Everything vanished and reappeared on a whim. This was the void, where nothing truly mattered - save Doom. Life and Death, mere concepts by comparison, were as nothing to him. He had long ago mastered the powers this child still explored and wanted to learn. Each punch she felt his flesh crumble and fade into nothingness, only to find photons - reflections of light particles. A shadow of life. Doom had moved into the next phase of domain, where self did not matter.

Self, divided, could not withstand the void.

Doom had ventured past this threshold, become more than a mere mortal creature. Ascension no longer existed for him. The forces in contact on the spatial, cosmic, and magical realms were at his beck and call. Around the woman, appeared a series of halos. Again, these were not gradual nor were they instant. They always existed. They were the times she had eluded death, over and over again, only to be resurrected. Avoiding the cold grasp of the underworld left her with these scars on the immutable netherscape. Doom drew them out of hiding, and gave them purpose. Breathed a bloody vengeance into their fibers.

They were his weapons, symbolic or not, regardless of structure or origin. His sorcerous gaze beckoned them closer, and his scientist's guile ripped their existence asunder, remaking them constantly in that fold of time that never passed or existed before. Entire stars burned within them. Unmade universes, unborn realities, swarming with potential - weaponized, by the Emperor of Elysia.

"The Keijijo like to think they have mastered their bodies. Honed the spirit. Kindled the flame of the mind. Yet they stay on Earth, exploring the vast eternities in thought. But not once has one of them grasped it themselves. The vast infinity, where reality and possibility intermingle into the gravity of ages. Nothing escapes it. And yet only one can master it in its entirety,"

The halos surrounding the Keijijo prodigy would tear her apart again and again, eternally adding to their number, breaking her atoms apart and reforming her until she achieved the greatest possible death and rebirth only to cycle back through gestation, fetal life, infancy, and back through everything. Peeling the layers back on the atomic principle of an untapped universe within ourselves, forever destined to experience everything and forget it in finality. Not death, but one last rebirth to begin the cycle anew.

This would do no damage to her physically, but perhaps her spirit would finally be broken.

"And that master - IS DOOM!"

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@emperor_von_doom: Thee abyss looking like the ancient prison that once he himself had created to hold the great old ones, notices Death. Absorbing the void essence into himself, he was to chanting in Enochian releasing angelic light which burst from within transforming his look to that of pure light.

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This form usually designed as a final sacrifice, as the energy would transport the angel back to heaven. Instead Death continued to absorb the void of the abyss spreading his holy light through out so upon shining on his allies sending them from the abyss back to the streets of France. Finally releasing his allies, sacrifice completes it's ritual taring a hole and sending the light energy back to heaven where it would recompile into angel form but without his chosen duty as Death instead going by Gabreil once more.

Watching on seeing the sacrifice, the god embraces his sons return to purity. Gabreil mentions of his will to assist his sister Naamah, yet for the moment the choice of aiding her remains undesirable as she is mated with a being known as Darkchild. Gabreil asks for mercy and explains his powers returned would assist her to return to the light as he did in his darkest hour. God seeing his sons best intentions says he must first punish Garbreil for his disobedience and would first go to hell, then once the Devil seemed fit for his return to the position of Death. Gabreil agreed, and was sent instantly to the 9th circle where his punishment came swiftly as a demon whipped him mercilessly beyond recognition towards the brink fainting.

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The Mace of Naamah
The Mace of Naamah

Evil may enter the world in the guise of a single creature, but its family multiples quickly, and there is never an end to the trials of men. Heroes become great by opposing terrible villains. Champions have an instinctual need to hunt, one they direct against their most insidious foes. The evils they face are not always supernatural, of course.

Many champions fight seemingly ordinary battles, from crusading with political activism to protecting against crime and exploitation. Yet wherever they hunt evil, they often find the same foul stench of corruption behind it. Behind the shadows of reality, champions see the spirits of the void ready to exploit, corrupt and victimize.

Describing the void, is like describing the Great Serpent of Darkness itself, spawning monsters for the champions to wage bloody battle with. Some see it as spiritual despair lurking near families devastated by domestic violence and abuse. Others smell its foul stench in corporate corruption and ecological exploitation. The hydra has a thousand heads, yet all of them are formed from the same body, as it slithers and scurries toward the weak, the helpless, and the sinful.

Dupe 3(Naamah and Callan)

Appearing behind his Queen, he wrapped his arms around her as she called forth a gust of wind and turbulent skies above transformed. Smiting down the monkeys as she would call them, he kissed her neck in hopes of appeasing her and moving slowly away from her he knelt down beside his son. Callan smiled and with wide eyes looked up to his father. The three looked out at the destruction that had been wrought on the city of Paris and he couldn't help but feel at home with such chaos. "What plans do you have my dear Queen? I am growing quite fond of the screaming and blood letting that we all are performing. But I am no fool, I know you too have a plan. So pray tell what is the cunning and beautiful Naamah thinking now?"

From behind, I hear the sound of a familiar voice. Gen decides to take it upon himself, to shower me with some affection, before in-questing of my desired intentions. He has manifested himself into multiple vessels, nothing, evades my keen senses. This Gen is only a shadow of his true self, a forgery if you will. Yet, there is no reason to elude to the knowledge that I posses, or too be childish or rude. I am many things, and I have many skills. I am not rude however, not even to my enemies, let alone my friends or family. This only changes if one is rude to me first, if I am not shown my proper respect, then I will not show any in return.

"The answer to that question eludes even me. The possibilities are endless, in grand scheme of who I am, and what I am capable of devising. As of the moment at hand, I plan on using the elements of bitter cold, snow and ice. Blistering blizzard winds, to lay waste to all and any who oppose me. For now, at least." I then flash my trademark wicked smirk, and continue to walk Callan towards the center of Paris, we are very close now, indeed.

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Maria had not spent much Imperial blood and treasure to build a worthy defense for the Earth without taking some factors into account. Namely that some would try to strike at the Earth from within the defenses she had constructed spanning the breadth of the emptiness of interstellar space. Knowing that the governments of Earth were loathe to accept Imperial garrisons on it, she instead placed a series of warning devices to warn her of when a great catastrophe would face the Earth. But she would not marshal forth a great host to crush this onslaught, she knew full well how impressively obstinant the petty politicians of mankind's homeworld were about their sovereignity even in times of crisis.

She simply would take herself and her best two warriors with her to ride to the world's rescue, she resolved as she strode the halls of the Platinum Palace of the Basileus of the Imperium of Man. She walked calmly towards the massive ambulatory sarcophagus of her father in law, kneeling before the imposing figure of her crippled sovereign, and offered him a prayer. High Queen she may be, but she, like all servants of the Imperium; always answered to a higher power. "Father, I ask that you speak on my behalf to the blessed Primordials, I ask that you request that they give us what we need to triumph today. I ask that they protect the two, for they are needed for the battles to come. And I ask that they keep you, that they see that you continue to live long despite the treachery of the Fallen son." She said softly, head bowed so as not to meet the helmeted gaze of the mechanical figure sitting on his platinum throne.

Finally, the thundrous voice of Thule spoke. A voice that was rarely heard, for the wounds dealt to the Basileus were so grievous that even with his life support he had to spend much of his time in a trance inside of his sacrophagus at the very heart of the mecha that served as his body for the last one hundred and fifty millenia. It was a voice like the rumble of the mountains, modulated by having to press through the vocoders in his system as he spoke like an Iron Giant. The metallic voice seemed to fill the room as it uttered it's hushed handful of words.


As he spoke, his massive frame deigned to look down from his throne, the head stylized to resemble the helmet he once wore turning downwards to gaze upon his child with optics that functioned where his eyes once did. Knowing immediately what was requested of her, Maria gave him a respectful bow as she walked away. Calling forth her helm and arms to herself, she muttered a soft hymn to herself as she sought to contact the two that she sought, clutching her scythe in her hand as her winged helmet enclosed and encapsulated her vision.


"Alright, you advance into the gate, finding dank, horrible darkness and the distinct feel of something wet around your boots when an Aboleth's red eyes reach out for you! It lashes out with its tentacles as it catches you flat footed!" John said to his game group as they gathered over a table for a rousing game of some non-descript role playing game.

"John if you're going to make me read through the grappling rules again I will fucking hurt you." Dave said, pinching his brow.

A coy look appeared on his face as John slooooowly reached over to the player's handbook.

"John, no."

He reached a little closer.


He touched the book.


He opened it.


He started turning the pages.

"No, no, no." Dave kept on repeating as John flipped to the necessary page.

"Roll for grap-" John said before Dave slammed his head into the table to Rose and Jade's giggling.

"Don't be such a baby, jeeze." John said with an eyeroll that could have powered a turbine.

"You really do have an inordinate unfondness of the grapple system." Rose said, an easy smile forming on her lipstick painted lips as Dave made a sound that was best described as the mixture of a gurgle and a groan.

"Cheer up Dave! It's not that bad." Jade said, patting him on the back.

"Chica, it's grappling rules in a tabletop game. It is *always* that bad." He complained as he picked his head up and gave a defeated sigh.

John snorted before he and Rose received a psychic message causing him to look upwards and frown, swiftly followed by Rose who repeated the gesture while Dave and Jade looked on and gave nods.

"Oh man duty calls sorry gotta go, pick this up later bye!" John said ridiculously quickly as he and Rose scrambled out of their seats while Dave and Jade were left there.

"Sooo, what now?" Jade asked.

"Well, Mythbusters is on." Dave shrugged.

Platinum Palace

John and Rose quickly dashed into the room, clad and clanking in their heavy gear as Maria nodded to the two; a portal to the Earth already opened by her Scythe. "Came as soon as you called mom!" John said, offering Maria a quick salute while Rose just gave her a bow.

"Good, we'll be going to Paris."

"Beat the bad guy's face in and take names right?" He said cheerily.

"An oversimplification of the plan, but generally accurate." Maria said, nodding to the two as they fearlessly marched through the portal and onto the Earth.


The first few monsters that presented themselves as obstacles to the two's advance did not live for very long when the three exploded out of the portal and gave the area only the briefest regard before making their move.

The very first one to stare at the oncoming trio found John's hammer slamming right through it's midsection before the hammer guided itself to a dozen more monsters, a thundercrack announcing to the world that something had massively violated the sound barrier as monsters shrieked from the power of the blessed hammer that annihilated so many of them in such rapid succession before swirling tendrils of wind tore everything in sight apart, slaying countless hundreds of monsters while John jumped onto the head of the largest one he could find, grabbed it by the eye, then forcefully yanked at it while he launched himself into the air to viscerally tear out it's skull and spine from it's rib cage.

Blood splattered everywhere as the demonic titan's spine was ripped free from the rest of it's skeletal system, viscerae poured in a geysering fountain as the boy flung himself into the air and let the creature's body slump over to the ground, swinging around the creature's spinal column in his armoured hand to sweep away countless lesser creatures like so much wheat before the scythe before he finally discarded of the skeleton and reclaimed his hammer, grabbing it in an outstretched hand right after it obliterated a hydra-like monster that attempted to flank him by crushing its way through his chest. .

In their confusion; there was precious little the creatures could do to slow down or halt the sudden emergence of Rose, whose entrance was made evident by a quick spell that turned many of them into nothing more than unmoving statues, while others were forcefully polymorphed into nothing more than harmless rabbits. Reacting with mounting alarm, the creatures sought to try and confront whatever sought their oblivion. But it was much too late to do much to stop Rose as she blitzed her way out of the portal, letting out waving tentacles of raw mystical energy around herself to impale those creatures nearest to her through while she focused on the probability of other such creatures.

Taking steps forward, the beasts blundered into a peculiarly improbable instance, namely the little particles that defined quantum physics aligning in such a way that many of them were torn right from their current places in space and time to a few seconds before the big bang; while others simply dispersed into their individual atoms, all of the bonds that made up their body spontaneously dissolving as their particles broke away from one another. One creature, a more elite form of its kind, tried to approach her to do melee battle with her; but quickly whipping out the quills of destiny, she ducked under it's one and only swing before vaulting over its head, jabbing her quills into its eyes, and then yanking the quills in opposite directions to tear its skull apart in a gory display of violence.

Turning to meet the source of the sudden onslaught, more of the creatures crumbled into dust as a few spoken words were made, virtually unpronounceable truespeech making its power known as the creatures addressed by the hurtling figure of Maria suddenly disintegrated into nothing but dust while others were met with a whirlwind of scythe swings, dying as the blades tore through their bodies with unrivaled speed and precision. Other creatures; being evil of heart, simply started to disintegrate in her holy presence as she carved out her entrance zone.

Letting loose a burst of radiant energy, she let the power purge those beings that continued to try to assail her, forming a radiant sphere of benighted energy as she let the fury and anger that surrounded her empower her own motions. She breathed out a hymn as those creatures that continued to dumbly try to press themselves against the High Queen of the Imperium of Man rapidly disintegrated into nothing but ashes. Others, realizing that the odds were against them, decided to flee with all due haste rather than face this terrifying trio. Stabbing the butt of her scythe into the ground, Maria regarded the city and frowned beneath her helmet.

"There is much work to be done." Maria said as she clutched her scythe with both hands.

"Woohoo that was awesome!" John cheered.

"I would rather us quickly work to cut off the serpent's head than dilly dally around with his tail." Rose said as she turned her seer's gaze to the battlefield.

"Indeed, you two should work to continue to deal with the beasts and any lieutenants of their lord. I will attend to their master personally." She said, rubbing the haft of her Scythe as she walked forward.

" safe mom!" John said as Maria gave him a nod before walking away.

"And may the primordials keep you son." She said back.

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With each punch her target of choice crumbled, triumph against any other force. She'd ripped her mark practically from existence entirely. Still he stood, worse though still he talked. And talked. And talked and talked.

And talked

And talked.

And talked.

Slowly, or perhaps swiftly time was hard to gauge in this tribulation and trial by fire, she started to have a realization. Her thoughts were disrupted again. Back on track 'this was an infinite loop', distortion again. She was reliving countless battles 'victory, tie, loss, intervention, usually Doom won' reset. 'Self is the flaw. Look beyond this' reset. 'Clarity'.

Time after time she relived lives and different possibilities and countless lessons. But this domain she was free, not restricted by time by life by death. Anyone who says they've mastered powers like these Ali had to believe a fool. With focus she could take all she learned from all those revisions and still a fraction of the potential was understood. Infinite possibilities could not be seized by a finite mind. And one could not look beyond self if so self absorbed as Doom. The Alianette imprisoned would be there forever, but so many Alianette's were gathered in reliving those infinite outcomes. And Doom he helped for his self righteous preaching was a constant something to grab hold onto. While Devata brought clarity of mind Doom brought the grip. An Alianette from another time from another universe was placed in the shell of Ali's body and thus the Alianette of this fight stood behind her. Closing obsidian eyes Alianette exhaled and that limitless loop flowed into Ali. Those eyes to became luminous like the rest of her. "Hmm not sure what I'll do with that. Anyway back to business."

"You don't understand this at all I would wager. Doom this is infinity, boundless endless. It isn't some quantifiable force you can master or anyone. This is enlightenment a shame you can never truely look beyond you." She realized fighting as self wasn't a method and wasn't accurate. In a region like this she should think of chi itself of the energies all about her. So it was that while her youthful figure stood there Alianette in truth was omnipresent. From here she began her next calculated and thought out move.

She sought all the matter that was Doom on an atomic level. Every molecule and through the limitless potentials being explored was able to find even a way to quantify things like spirit and other energies of self that might escape simple atomic definition. And with a thought Alianette attempted to plant each of these particles a Geijutsu symbol of teleportation. Her two part move was at first cruel and limited, she would take those particles and teleport them into a new form. A mass of matter in a nice spherical shape. Besides shape it'd be unrecognizable just a mesh of atoms reassembled.

Her second move receiving much more focus and drive was to then teleport each particle each atom and strand of soul to some random point. She didn't bother to focus on the where just somewhere would do. An effort was made not to 'kill' Doom but rather relocate every posible concept of him to a different location. In a way she found it fitting, he wanted to rule everywhere it seemed and so it was Ali sought to place the tiniest portion of him everywhere. Again though none of this was do to violence or objective. This was just Alianette exploring new grounds.

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Victory. Defeat.

For Doom, they were one in the same. While victory brought with it the obvious chariot of glory, defeat did not go undecided into the hallowed halls of history. No, Doom would forever turn defeat into another victory, as with the Infinity Gauntlet on Asgard or with the confrontation with the White Queen over Gothic City.

No, this battle and all battles were his to command. He had played every card accordingly, set every trap perfectly. This would be the final stretch, where preparation and measurement won out in the end. To the Keijijo prodigy, she was testing herself against one of the greatest cosmic forces ever to exist. But now the reality of that situation would come crashing down on her. She had the capacity of learning and recovering from her mistakes at an accelerated rate, making her extremely dangerous. Doom would not allow further investigation of these limitations. He had seen enough of these petty demonstrations.

"To beg ignorance of Doom is to ask for destruction, Keijijo roach,"

The barriers of the universe started to close around them. They occupied their own unique spheres in space-time, harbingers of their birth and destruction. An entire reality began to shrink and deflate, closed inwardly by ten massive digits spanning all of existence.

"No matter where you hide, or think of escape to,"

In that instant, the vast infinity became a distinct shape. Doom's shell collapsed, and his flesh corroded at the woman's touch. His soul shattered, his essence broken, but his presence never stronger as the hands of eternity crashed down on all sides.

"Doom will find you,"

And shut forever.


Atoms containing entire universes, untapped realities for the taking. Ensorceling the Keijijo roach inside of one of them on a submolecular level, confining her in a timeline separate from any other, unique to her, laid the building blocks of Doom's vast and unrelenting mad genius. It would be a reality which she could never escape from.

This was not the will of Doom.

Once the unique instance collapsed around her, the Keijijo prodigy would appear on the other side, in the streets of Paris, away from the immeasurable void - very much alive, and unharmed. The hands of Doom were her salvation, hands that would have imprisoned her indefinitely if not for the pride and honor of the black heart behind their movements.

"Leave this place, child. You have no more to learn here than I have patience to keep you alive. My quarrel is with Darkchild, and the possibility of an attack on Earth by the Infernal Phalanx - not you. I have wasted enough time, a resource that I have very little of to begin with. I say again - leave."

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@darkchild: @schlampe:

Standing atop the hill, Leonel's eyelids shut as his extraordinary senses seized the moment. Kieran had arrived in Paris. A subtle smile of contentment curled upon his gentle, personable features as he detected the Welshman's sprightly and dynamic bio-electric field. "Good", he whispered to himself, crossing both arms before his chest as an expression of earnest confidence overtook his visage. He was certain that where Kieran went, the charismatic Welshman's opposition would find him a troublesome threat, and in due time he would leave Rhone for Paris to aid him. Though as he supposedly developed an attack plan with his mother, the reputed Goddess Ziccarra, Leonel sensed an immediate shift in the surrounding airflow followed by the loud, sharp crack of a thunderclap.

It was Trinity. Her velocity was such that she scorched the air, bringing forth a massive thermal expansion that resulted in perhaps the most iconic of shockwaves, thunder. He didn't turn to greet her as she hovered behind him, though a smile, affable and sweet, was instinctively spread across his features. He was glad she held true to her words. He wasn't entirely certain following her abrupt and confusing departure during their last encounter. His smile however, soon shifted into a smirk, one of knowing as the one known as Darkchild emerged and made conversational attempts at goading Ziccarra into battle. Though, as it would soon become apparent, it was not Ziccarra who stood in Leonel and Trinity's company. It was no living thing. A mere illusionary projection from The Goddess in her presidential seat in Spain designed to lure France's would-be conqueror to them. Little did the New God know however, that before him stood no Darkchild, but a dupe.

"Today", Leonel paused, uncrossing both arms and clenching his fists, "Is the day you die". Violently, the ground shook, threatening to reduce the hill to dust as Leonel levitated several inches into the air. His eyes grew blank and colorless before pulsating with copious amounts of energy, the same tangible divine might that coursed through his veins and caused them to swell. The air followed, growing still and surging with azure electrical filaments as the sound of static became fervent as arcs of lightning crackled around the young Champion. Throwing his head back, Leonel roared, shattering the sky above with the power of a god as his frame flared with an outward flailing aura of divine power. The power to swallow entire stars and their planetary systems when at his mightiest. "Trinity". That was it, her name was his call for her aid. He attacked and he hoped that she followed suit.

In the span of what couldn't even be registered by existing measures of time, the New God thrust both palms forward, in Darkchild's direction, streaming a gargantuan jet of searing plasma, ionized particles accelerated to near-superluminal velocities. The kinetic energy, the temperature, and the sheer amount of destructive energy in the beam could not be determined. Approaching the Sun's core temperature, harboring enough kinetic energy to induce instant super-heating and reduce nearly anything to ionized dust, and traveling just shy of the universe's natural speed limit, the plasma jet sought to swallow Darkchild whole and leave nothing of him behind. Leonel however, was anything but convinced that the task would be this facile. He was right to have requested Trinity's aid.

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Never Forget.. Space France

"You know, I was there once." Ivana said as their cargo jet begin its landing.

"Might I inquire as to which 'there' you refer?" The blue furred Arrachtach asked.

"Space France."

"...Space France?"

"Oh yeah. There was some kind of interdimensional disturbance and some people from our world ended up on there world. I was one of them. Actually my plane crashed into 'Space France'."

"Who in the name of all creation put France into space?"

"When I was over there I got a bunch of records from their world. Turns out it was this same damn dude that's after this France."

"Surely you jest."

"Oh no, I'm serious. Anyway he took over France on their world and.. floated it into space. For some reason. I'm not really sure what the hell was up with that."

"..Truly bizarre. And now he is on our world?"

"Yeah. According to the reports he came over a while back. Not really sure what he was up to but I guess he's looking to recreate his old days. That or he has some kind of sexual fetish for floating France into space."


The unmarked private jet rolled to a halt in the runway of a billionaires private airport. A mutant with ties to Venezuela he had been happy to aid them entering the country, both out of mutant loyalty and to protect France from the latest threat.

Ivana disembarked first. Matte black vibranium armor wrapped around her body. Her crimson cape now boasted a hood which was pulled up over the engraved golden helm that encased her skull. A black blade hung from her golden utility belt and her collapsible bow was mounted to hardpoints at the back of her belt, tucked snugly into the small of her back.

Arrachtach followed after her. He wore a grey suit of kevlar with titanium plates for reinforcement. His belt hung heavy with exotic tools and gadgets and a plasma rifle hummed with energy in his grasp.

The Serpent of Steel came next, followed by a long line of Orochi warriors. Her black armor glistened amid the sea of red shinobi, vibranium-edged blades at their hips.

The massive frame of Carnifex cast a long shadow as he swooped out of the cargo bay on his glider, adamantium axe in one hand, mini-gun in the other. Belts of ammo and grenades crossed his massive chest and he stared out impassively from the blank glass of his helm.

Above them a drone uncloaked, Venezuelan stealth technology on display, and dipped its wings in a salute before re-cloaking, vanishing into the darkening sky with the rest of Skysword's drone fleet.

The Shogunate had arrived.

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Making their way through the open expanse of the cloudless azure sky, Kieran, in the company of his power animal, an anthropomorphic, flying elephant named 'Terry', made use of a unique communications device in the form of an unassuming earpiece to remain in contact with Santiago. "So, tell me, mano. Have you arrived in-", the Spaniard's words however, were cut short by the Welshman's relaxed interruption, "Hush now, mate. Allow Terry and I to treasure this moment as the sun shines on Lord Kieran". Enjoying a brief, two second period of requested silence, the sportive Welshman smiled, "But no we're not quite there yet. We're about ten to fifteen minutes away. Have you learned about anything useful from your side? Anything to help me solve this bloody mess?".

Taking a moment to carefully select his words, Santiago's voice, exotic and engrossing as always, spoke through the notorious Wilshere's earpiece. "Si. Tis something that is in fact right in your area of expertise. The majority of this Darkchild's forces are comprised of demons it seems". With an expression of subtle curiosity, Kieran inquired, "You're one hundred percent sure?", garnering a mild scoff from the enigmatic Black Viper. "But of course, Kieran. My probes are livestreaming these things to me. Also I am never wrong, so you are welcome". Rolling his eyes in a tame fit of amusement, Kieran responded. "Right, whatever. In any case, if they're all demons, it'll be easier for me. I know how to banish demons", he paused, a cavalier smirk spreading across his inviting, charismatic features.

"I'm about to arrive. We'll talk later sweetheart", the Welshman taunted. "Alright Terry, I won't need you until this is over. I can't have you risking injury for me". Lowering them from the gelid altitudes of the open sky, Terry descended from beyond the layer of clouds looming over the city, speaking in it's flat, ponderous monotone manner, "Very well, Wilshere". Lowered enough for Kieran to leap from it's back and land on a desolate rooftop, Terry bid his farewell and departed. Casting his crystal blue gaze all about, the Welshman took in the sheer magnitude of the situation and could have sworn that the atmosphere of hopelessness had become tangible enough for him to touch. "Bloody hell...", he murmured under his breath. The numbers game was against him.

While his runecrafting expertise would serve him well in leaving behind a collection of runes to banish or otherwise attack the horde of demons all about, on his own he lacked the ability to cover enough ground for his plan to be fruitful. He needed someone. Someone with long range abilities. Perhaps a wielder of magic or another archer, at least so that he could inscribe runes on their arrows to maximize the potential success of his plan. "Leo. Abby. Santi. Anyone one of them would do here".

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@salem_hex: @naamah_obyzouth: @emperor_von_doom:

Original Darkchild

Gen moves closer to the French Embassy with wicked intentions in mind, but the army that soon surrounds him stops him momentarily. Without missing a beat as he links up with there minds he shuts them down, each and every member of the French military is dropped within seconds without Gen ever lifting a finger against them or a bullet fired. Moving up the steps he moves into the embassy a wicked smile plastered across his face he slowly disappears as the door slowly closes, unknown to him he was being watched by another who wished to test there mettle against his might.

Dupe 2(Doom, Salem Hex)

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Moving into the air he moved in front of her and glared at the insolent child, he had not remembered her from her time beside him. He looks her over and shrugs his shoulders slightly and turns from her and facing the Emperor. Her master or not she knew more about him than he did, without looking at her he spoke to her hoping to further infuriate her in some form or another "Magic...Always hated magic. Makes things too easy...but alas. Seems I will need to speak with him on a level he will understand, face to face."Disappearing instantly from before her and between the Emperor and the other female he looked to her and then to Doom. He bowed his head respectively to the woman, and then bowing to one knee in a greater show of respect to the Emperor he begun "You and I have yet to meet and you seem to be under the mistake that I have something against you. Please tell me how I have offended you..."Gen was not afraid of this man, but he did want to know why he wanted him dead, or at the very least wanted to see him in some form.

Dupe 3(Naamah)

Moving beside her he watched as she cast things there and there, but he knew she had something in mind and he wanted to be a part of it. Lifting the small Callan onto his arm he held him close to his chest, moving together they made there way towards her destination whatever it may be. Smiling he looked down to Callan and spoke "Do you know where your mother is taking us?"The little one shrugging as if he knew nothing, but Callan knew more than he ever would tell his father. His Quantum powers giving him the ability to peer through reality, he more than likely knew what was coming even before Naamah herself.

Callan was a child with limitless power, but almost no control over it, something Gen wished to control in some fashion. But the beautiful Naamah for as seething as her anger was right now with his recent attempt at affection, she would burn his soul clear from his body if he tried to push the child further than he could endure. So he would wait until Callan was older and manipulate him from afar for now, and now he holds the child close waiting for Naamah to truly tell him where they were going.

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Naamah reading from one of :The Books of Destruction.
Naamah reading from one of :The Books of Destruction.

Standing on the steps of the Palais Garnier, clutching my chatelaine bag and tapping my foot impatiently. Where is he?

Dusk cloaked the Place de l'Opera in a silky blue light. A frown comes to my face. It is quite maddening, to wait for almost one hour. "I hate to wait." Even more so when it is at the agreed rendezvous, beneath the impressive bronze gaze of statues that graced the nearby roof of the opera house. I even had to endure impertinent looks by passerby's. I have to watch the fiacre's come and go, private carriages with hoods up, public conveyances open to elements, four-wheelers, gigs, all disembarking their passengers. A sea of black silk top hats and fine evening gowns from showrooms of Maison Leoty and Charles Worth. It was an elegant first-night of the season audience, a sophisticated crowd to see and be seen.

"Finally!" I bark as the intended, late arrival approaches. Her head down and her arm stretched outright, as she hands me my purchase. "What took you so long?" I ask her, before shewing her off with a brush of my hand. "On second thought, never mind, I don't really care. You may go now." I finish my abuse, before examining my goods. Stuffed inside a large handbag, neatly folded, my desired attire for the rest of this whole, hostile takeover bit.


"Thank you for your patients." I say to both Gen and Callan, as they stare off in blank distant gazes. Seeing as how I needed to wait for my purchase, they ended up waiting too. "Now I need only find a place to slip into these." I say, as I start pulling different pieces of the black leather dominatrix outfit, I ordered Jean Paul Gaultier, to fashion it for me and he did just that.

I return my gaze to the Avenue de l'Opera. It stretches diagonally all the way down to the Palais du Lourve, a remnant of fragile monarchy, when a nervous French king sought a safe and direct route to his evening's entertainment. The lanterns twinkled in the dusk, and squares of warm light spilled out through the windows of nearby cafes and bars. I look to one of the nearest ones, and point to it. "There, I will be right back." I then promptly, make my way inside the bar, in order to use their facilities, in order for a change of wardrobe.

I am gone, no less than five minutes before I exit the bar. As my third step made leaving the foul place is completed the entire building bursts into flames, a raging inferno. "They were out of my favorite brand of scotch... Heathens."

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@darkchild: @strigidae_23:

Rafael was fast. Ridiculously so. He was however, just as physically strong. He was as strong as he was fast, and as beautiful as he was intelligent. His body was sculpted to the proportions of Michelangelo's David and his chiseled Adonic features were touched by the hands of the divine. He was perfect. In every sense of the word. And he could be anything he set his mind to. He had the power to be a force of nature. The elite-level martial artistry to be a grandmaster. The Greek god good looks to be one. The genius to be a scientist. And the cold confidence and tactical mind to be a military general. Instead, he was by modern society's definition, a terrorist. A man whose ideals border on the very edge of the extreme. It was ironic then that a so called terrorist had come to prevent Darkchild's aggressive takeover of France.

"I know where he is", he began, an earpiece transmitting his words to Ivana. "My sources have informed me. Have Arrachtach track this earpiece a minute from now. You'll find me in battle with our target". Where Rafael presently was, was of no importance. After all, he was fast. A speedster whose previous preference for aerokinesis had masked the true scope of his powers. And he was a speedster faster than most realized. Superhuman speed makes possible a curious variety of effects. But none more curious than time perception. Light requires several steps in the human eye and brain before it can actually be seen. When one stares at a computer screen, photons hit the back of the eyes and touch off complex chemical signals that are translated into electrical signals sent along neurons to the back of the brain and gradually translated into what people 'see'. The process unfortunately for most, is not instant.

A period of time, as subtle as it may seem, is required, meaning that there are portions of life that those without Rafael's time perception miss. They see not only what life was milliseconds ago but they are incapable of seeing life continuously, the majority essentially see life in frames. Sixty frames per second. Rafael however, was one of the few that approached the pinnacle of perception. Because he can sprint and move to near-superluminal velocities, and can process information just as fast as he can move, he is closer to reality than the majority of the world. By processing information that fast, he can pick out any frame of a video simply by watching it. He can see every individual flap of a hummingbird's wings. To Rafael, how the majority of the world processes information would be not unlike a buffering YouTube video. He would take advantage of this ability against his enemy today. Not only the ability to move fast, but perceive reality just as fast.

And so, he sprinted forward, making use of his heightened acceleration as a destructive stream of sonic booms erupted behind him while a searing hot cone of red plasma enveloped his hyper-herculean frame. Rafael's movement required heightened acceleration, acceleration which required an incredible amount of force. Attributes that would serve him well in battle as his gaze caught sight of his adversary in the French Embassy. And as he arrived, faster than most, he struck. Changing levels with a subtle duck as if to shoot for a takedown, the Black Jaguar immediately exploded upwards with an elbow-strike that sought to blast into Darkchild's features with god-slaying power. He wouldn't stop however, he believed he had an advantage. His perception. He was certain that his adversary would 'see' the attack milliseconds after it's execution, he would see only the leftover frame of Rafael, but the Panther King would not be there.

He was a millisecond faster he hoped and sought to take advantage of what would supposedly be Darkchild's inability to perceive him in real-time. He would dart to the side and hoped to tap Darkchild's leg to distract him into believing in the threat of a single leg takedown, but he was fast, he was no longer there, it was an afterimage, a frame. Because Rafael's left arm had already shot outwards, a thundering left straight was timed to crack Darkchild's chin just as his opponent potentially lowered his hands to defend against what he would initially believe to be a single leg takedown by virtue of the frames left behind in Rafael's wake. To move at this velocity, it meant only one thing. The Black Jaguar's elbow strike and straight left carried with them enormous momentum, that on contact would exert a force so large it would maul Heracles himself.

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Nineteen (19) Sythmpalian Birds are sent towards the other areas, for his extra eyes and surprise attacks their wings felt the waft of the smokes left behind by the trail of blood. At a whim they can be sent to assist his 'allies' on certain points, some have transformed into men while others remain airborne to scout interesting things. It would be foolish to think that only America has a mutant or superhuman populace. Win or lose he has plenty to gain by simply being here, eating people is fun but specials are an 'objective' when it comes to this tour.

People can thrive with limited resource, but under those circumstance most of the First Worlders would die. Sure they can put their finger into a minimal lifestyle, but once tentacles reach from under the surface to pull them into the depths they will die. A big majority would suffer starvation in a forest rich of food since they lost that hunter/gatherer mindset. Like a poor housedog, wolves are at home in nature but domesticated breeds would end up as food for others. Not because they are physically incapable but because they lost something. Now people are domestic.

"They are my food"

With that the crowd becomes more and more filled with delicious choices, world shakers and world makers have come from all over the world. Earl is confused at the moment, his senses are having an overload. One of his birds are placed with the instigator and his woman while the rest are scavenging for survivors to eat or transform. While the fights are taking place he is having a power hunt, and he has found some good ones in the concentration of the immigrant district. One or two good ones and a bunch of mundane ones, but that is enough for him.

He takes whatever he can get to face the rest, the big monsters distract everyone else from the little guy eating up the dead scenery. Picking off his prey, as in those who cannot fight back. Little ones in maternity wards simply slide down his gullet as their smooth skin tasted like boiled eggs. A shared field of vision helps him monitor the area around, as of now he is merely the shadow.

Waiting to strike.

At the smell of first blood.

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Maria arrived not long after Rafael did, wings spead as she descended from her meteoric path through the skies. The wind whistled and whined as she pierced through it, the sound barrier made its displeasure with her pacing known, but at her speed she moved silently in her own way, through the simple virtue of moving faster than the noise she created. Extending her wings to brake her speed and righting herself, she brought her foot down to goomba stomp the nearest parasyte into paste beneath her booted feet, Seeing the others gather around her, she simply gave them a particularly displeased gaze.

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"Get out of my way and you will be spared. Intrude and you will fall upon my scythe like all the rest." She said harshly, the creatures hesitating before she spoke a few words in true speech. "Virtuulkrasnamaxkasal'uurmokno Ivaaanoistramakanlikiorskix!" Words of repulsion that put a seed of stark terror and fear into the minds of the beasts that sought to come to grips with her. And in a few moments, each one started fleeing from her in a panic. She did not need their interference in her assault on the perpetrator of all of this. If Darkchild was as powerful as she had heard, she would prefer his minions keep out of it.

Through her listening to the whispers of the warp and the scratching of the servants of the Chaos Gods, she was able to determine that her foe had brought himself to the parliament/embassy. Turning herself now to the parliament with the silent motions of synth-muscles beneath the plating of her armor suit, she narrowed her eyes at the parliament building. A long standing edifice of democracy for those born of earth, the working of children who needed to be protected to her. Each clack of her boots on the steps of the parliament brought her closer to her foe as the High Queen held her scythe in both hands.

Loading Video...

She kicked the door down, scythe in hand and white rosarius glowing and crackling with powerful and arcane energies while she herself folded her wings behind her back and announced her challenge to the dark lord, her winged helmet concealing a gaze filled with righteous contempt. She took a few steps forward, her golden scythe being held like the weapon of the reaper as she approached her designated foe. "It takes quite the coward to bully those with so much less power than you and avoid those who could actually lay you low." Maria taunted as she advanced.

"But I am here to end your cowardice. I am Anna Del Maria, and I dub you a future corpse." She said, leveling her scythe at him in challenge before she suddenly sprinted forward to make an overhead cutting motion; the blade of her weapon immediately switching from a harvesting to a warscythe position as the air screamed. Fire surrounded the scythe as the blade cut through the molecules in the air, and at the lowest point of her swing, she drew herself back to make a wide leftward slash meant to carve him in half before making another stabbing motion to skewer him like a fish. She let the whispers in the realm of the Warp guide her swings, using the ebb and flow of fate to judge where he was most likely to dodge and where others may end up being, seeking to aim so that he was as unlikely to avoid her strikes as possible while minimizing the chances of hitting any other contestants in this melee.

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@darkchild: @emperor_von_doom:

This collision of mind over matter this moment of an educated look beyond reach of most was why Alianette sought the resolution she did. Within that span of time when Ali saw universe and outcome in countless conclusions she'd seen in some ways the man beneath the iron and a kingdom marked very much why she craved the end of the human race. Routine trials came to that land, hardships they had to persevere. Elysia had Doom however many other regions were not as safely harbored. And so racism ridicule and conquest was the way of the world. Equality only seemed possible when bonds to the physical world was parted. Elysia was close to a vision of prosperity in flesh though Alianette had derived. Still she fought, and her move was successful it would seem.

Regardless of what Doom claimed the soul ripper did believe mastery of a realm like this would never come. The existence of her pressence was within a bottomless and endless sea of energy. Yet in the cunning prosperity that could transpire in this domain where limitation was a dead word she saw a hint that if nothing else Doom knew this realm better. For slowly the universe became on the trajectory of being contained. If she was omnipresent and needed to be seized then seal off the realm she was in. As the end began to come to pass the prodigy was rather gleeful, that energy that was her reached visibility as it began to radiate like a star. Not in the sense of harm or an attack it was just the sparks of her bursting with excitement at the next lesson. What would it take to escape, how many limitations would she shatter stepping free from the prism?

She'd never know as she was abruptly sucked from that void the pair fought in now on the outskirts of Paris once more. The duo standing no worse for ware. A shame that was a lesson that perhaps nobody else could provide Alianette with a chance to explore. In a customary fashion of those who practice martial arts and self discipline the prodigy simply bowed in thanks of a grand spar. "There is always more to learn Doom. Still best of luck on your travels."

Seeing the one known as Dark Child Ali gave a respecting nod. "See I didn't waste your time Doom, just filled the gap between then and now." With that the master of life and death began the journey away from France. A casual walk would do, she'd meditate along the way. France, fate of worlds such was not a focal point of the prodigy.

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Victoria had been taking refuge in the new dominion of Noc Haven, no surprise there. This was a woman who only seemed to do two things, explore tech, and fight criminals. Another benefit was that there she didn't have to use her tech as much for image modification. Cybernetics were a common sight and thus comfortable someone like her who had given arms legs a lung an eye and ear and more for her work. The best part of Noc however, intel.

This a city where hacking is a skill as easy as opening a regular door. If a room had a camera, if somebody was recording there was a nine out of ten chance it could likely be aquired in Haven. If knowledge is power then a city of monitors was like the library. So within seconds of the incident Victoria knew Paris was under assault, armor dawned and taking off minutes later.

She wasn't the fastest suit, but she'd been able to span the distance in about an hour. It wasn't optimal but the best she could do was provided none the less. There was no call for back up, and she never thought on the matter for a minute. Victoria was someone who didn't consider what could happen to her. She was only human, her scars showed it. She wanted to retain humanity, the limited cybernetics proved it. With an arm just machine she probably could have been a technopath. Her eye probably could have been designed to hack super computers on sight. For all her love for innovation however she'd focus on keeping the mechanized suit called Lion, from the lioness herself and her human will. She didn't want to be the next man of iron or steel guy or whatever some armored soldiers were. Being human was enough.

Reaching the city was regretted upon visionary confirmation. Paris was a beautiful place the architecture was crafted by human hands. Paris and really most of France in general was testament of the artistry of ordinary people. Today it burned, today it crumbled as monster and war battered fine craftsmanship. One building was really no diffrent then other outside of some color and minor framing. It fit well within the rest of the designs but it caught her eye. Untill a monstrosity summoned by the malevolent soul waging war on such a fine city brought the building down.

Should go without saying that it wasn't long before that fiendish serpent was absent a cerebrum and jaw structure. Carmine ichor dripped from the armored suit as Victoria saw a friend in near proximity. Taking a brief moment she retracted her helmet using a shattered window to briefly check her hair. And with a brief slash of her blade to the pipelines of the demolished building to wash off at least some of the disgusting scent of war and giant monster blood. Image complete in being at least slightly better she made way to Kieran. "Good evening sir I regret to inform you that tours our canceled to day. Seems Armageddon wishes to ruin a perfectly fine day." The king of concrete jungles remarked to her friend making light of the dire situation.

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@naamah_obyzouth: feeling like eons had past in Hell his mind once again manipulated into doing the devils bidding his Scythe is returned. The memories stored within it empower his mind to remember whom he was and what he last was doing, he now desired to return to his sisters side. "Naamah" he said whilst feeling his powers returning watching as he begins to fade into a mist traversing between Hell and Earth.

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rising from an open crypt with a new time piece in hand designed by satan himself, empowered to weaken those whom stand in the reapers path. Looking slightly different as chains of damnation are now kept on his person, to be used as a weapon but as well a reminder of being punished. Able now to transport himself by means of shadow walk, he steps through and arrives next to the stage where his sister sings. "Darling sister, I know my look is strange....I did not abandon the fight, merely escaped and sacrificed my holy spirit so others could go free. Father, punished my sins and gave me back to satan his puppet whom kept me from you til I earned my freedom. I once again wear my garbs and carry this scythe and time piece, shall I now accompany you? my behemoths still wander the streets and what of Darkchild?. Callan looks well...." says Death

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My brother appears before me, wearing the look of shame upon his face. I take hold of him in a warm embracing hug, and then break away, taking hold of him by the shoulder. "I know." With a blink of my eyes, I wisp us away from this place.

Moments later and we are a float in the absence of space. A drift amongst celestial bodies, light years away from Earth. I stare deeply into my brothers eyes, as I shift my own towards the anomaly that is to our side. We both look and behold a black-hole, a destroyer that not even light itself can escape. However we as Seraph, we are not confined by the realities of mans universe, even though we travel amidst them, we live by our own rules.

I then speak to my brother, in this place where there is nothing but void, no words should be heard, no sound should be carried, once more I repeat myself, we are not held to their rules. "How did it happen that way, is what I wish to know. You, just seemed, to give up... A Seraph. Nay, one of the eldest of Seraph, giving up. Playing victim to the demands of a Monkey. A truly gifted monkey is DOOM, make no mistake, but a monkey all the same."

I scowl at my beloved brother, in order to scold him further. "Never again, will you embarrass me like that. I know all that has transpired, and everything that transpired afterwards. I was there with you." She places her hand over his heart. "You are my brother and I love you. Yet, from this moment on you will act like it, or father help me, I will send you to meet him again, personally."

Not many would dare talk to Death in such a way, I am one of a handful of extraordinary individuals that would, and have the means of backing up my words. The scowl fades from my face, and is replaces with a warm smile. "Now, let us return to Paris, together." Moments later and we are standing back on the streets of Paris, as if we had been there the whole time. Callan and Gen, might have noticed the disappearance, but it is doubtful that anyone else had.

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Announcing her presence with a sonic boom, Trinity arrived with the expectation that all eyes would fall on her and she'd get some sort of direction. Maybe some of the good words Leonel seemed fond of attributing her, or his earthly pleasantries. For but a few seconds after, Leo said nothing, and did not even bother to look at her or acknowledge her presence.

It was annoying. He went through the trouble of asking for her help so that she could go through the trouble of showing up to help him with what seemed so important to him, and he didn't acknowledge her. At a mere few seconds, it wasn't long, but it was long enough. Her perception speed adjusted to the rapid movement of her entry, The Destructor possessed of an already short fuse, it didn't take long for her temper to rise.

Her brow sat elevated and her lip curled into its familiarly irked scowl. Fine, asshole. She'd just opened her mouth to announce her departure when the duplicate demon arrived. In truth she yet had half a mind to leave for the disrespect she felt from her ally. Her eyes shifted and scanned the Darkchild copy and she rolled her eyes. Like Nordok and the men of the Imperium, he liked to talk. Trinity cared not one bit for his personal squabbles with the others or goading measures. She was annoyed only by the fact that he had chosen his method as such. Well, if he wanted to waste the first move...

It would then be both their responsibility and intent to ensure there would not be a second. As she watched Leo beginning his attack, a moment of surprise took her. She smiled. Maybe it was worth sticking around after all. He'll have to teach me that. In the same span of time, she offered her aid first in as minimal a manner possible, assuming more would be a waste on an enemy who was so obviously going to die. Without a movement, she reached out with her mind, seeking to restrain the dupe, holding him in place to ensure the full measure of success for Leo's attack.

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@naamah_obyzouth: Death heeding his sisters words knowing her strength and unwilling to be punished again just yet, manifests an object which found it's way into WoD which he created and such being an extension of his reach. " A Djinn, resides inside this vessel...a rather tricky species these beings, yet perhaps we can use it to our advantage". Reaching out his skeletal palm revealing the lamp for Gens duplicate, and Naamah to see.

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Rubbing his ragged cloth garb across it, releasing the Djinn name Wysh Master.

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"Greetings master, how may I serve you? Just wish it and it'll be so " says Wysh Master.

"You see, Gen .... Sister it is ours to command" says Death. "Another lil something I can introduce to those monkeys as you say sis, wraiths I call them. Mimicking my own visage they feed on souls....." says Death, as he chants in enochian.

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"Feed my children, devour the souls, tare the flesh from bone, feast to your darkest content..... Now go!" he commands them. Like ghosts in the wind they vanish walking through the building grabbing those in proximity sucking their life essence out and discarding them like trash.

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Settling himself on the spacious rooftop, Kieran coolly inhaled the ambient air, stained with the wails of the innocent, before calmly exhaling as he readied his arcane longbow, 'Ice'. His plan seemed simple. He would use an archaic but supernaturally aggrandized tool to inscribe the necessary 'banishment runes' on each arrow he intended to use. And once enchanted, the arrows, upon striking the target or a surface near the target, would erupt, and the generated wave of esoteric energies would banish as many demons as possible. Alone he could remove a handful of the demonic creatures from the battlefield, with a partner however, he could accomplish so much more by significantly lessening the enemy's numbers.

As luck would have it however, a partner did emerge. It wasn't Leonel, Abigail, or Santiago. It was another dear friend of his who had gone off the grid and rendered herself impossible to contact. "Victoria!", the Welshman exclaimed, recognizing the veteran government agent's voice. Embracing her with a tight, tenderhearted hug, he smiled, "You've been missing". While compelled to catch up with his friend and the like, the notorious Wilshere was quick to remember the austere situation at hand and unwrapped his arms from Victoria's lithe frame. "I'd love to catch up with you and everything, and we will, but Paris is in a bloody mess of a war right now and I need your help", he revealed, "It'll be like old times. Just you and me", he smiled, playfully nudging her arm before resuming.

"I've been on this rooftop for a bit and with some info I received from a mate of mine, I understand that the majority of those creatures are demons. Not nature's perversions or mutants gone wrong, actual demons. And while that may not be good for some, it's good for me", he smirked, somewhat sportively. "I know exactly how to banish demons. I'm an expert on the supernatural and I've prepared runes to banish them. But I'm only one chap and I lack the ability to project enough of these runes to banish enough of these demons to make a difference. But now that you're here, I've got another pair of hands. Anything you might have, a gun or a cannon, as long as it's long range, it'll do. I'll enchant it with the necessary rune and whatever you shoot will be banished. Sound good enough, dear?".

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@darkchild: @alianette:

The minor detail of the Keijijo prodigy showing her respect towards the Emperor did not go unnoticed. He softened his gaze if only for a microsecond. She would feel the vibrations in the muscular structure of the man behind the metal armor and know that she had won his admiration.

But he was still no teacher of her's.

Now, turning towards the idol of this confrontation, the vaunted subject of the coming war, Doom returned to his cold glaring visage. Darkchild stood as a lynchpin of this operation, as well as many operations outside of his Earthen goals. Doom folded his arms over his barrel chest. Despite the great honor of seeing Darkchild kneeling before him, he was not pleased.

"You show me disrespect, Darkchild. You hide behind holograms and pale imitations of your own flesh and blood. Have you no shame? Would you show the Emperor of Elysia such dishonor? It is no matter. As if someone like you could rely on anything besides petty tricks in my presence,"

Doom knew of Darkchild's connections to Warsman and the Infernal Phalanx. The Triumvirate of power known as the Brotherhood of the Apocalypse did not sneak by Doom's vast intelligence-gathering systems. Even with the portal closed above them, with Darkchild still on Earth, Warsman could find a way of transporting his endless armies planetside. And then, the third rock from the Sun would become much like Warsman's native Ragnarok - forever burning, an effigy to the death gods from beyond the void.

"Yet war is what I have come to prevent, Darkchild, despite your claims to this city and the country of France as a whole. I will leave you with an ultimatum. Break your alliance with Warsman, the Xelu'tari, the Infernal Phalanx, and all related parties and I shall allow you to occupy Paris - and only Paris. Its occupants and objects of historical significance will be moved. The remainder of France shall become part of the Greater Protectorate of Elysia, and will fall under Doom's direct jurisdiction. Whether or not you shall truly uphold your end of the bargain, I will know. Paris shall be yours, but it will be a policed city-state enforced by the Elysian-Vulcan military,"

Not only did the bargaining chip of Paris hang in the balance, but all of France. With the advent of Darkchild's possible ascension to ruling a city-state occupying France's center, actions needed to be taken to ensure that it stayed in the center of France. Breaking apart the Brotherhood of the Apocalypse remained paramount, however. If sacrificing a city necessitated that, then Doom had nothing to fear. He knew he had Darkchild's full attention now.


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@darkchild: "Djinn, for my first wish I wish that the Ebonfrost was destroyed before Doom could sacrifice it's power." says Death. "As you wish master" says the Djinn folding back time and vanishing it from existence.

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"Master your second wish is ready when you are......" says Wysh Master. "Away for now Djinn" says Death the Djinn returns to his vessel. "Lets see how Doom, likes that Gen" Death says.

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" Well you see I had a bunch of ideas. So you know I had to go shut out the world and tinker." She remarked embracing the Welshmen with a rather tight hug. Nothing major just some crushing affection it really had been to long. Dropping to a knee the armored veteran of hunts began removing some segments of armor. Once done she motioned for her friend to do his thing as she set Cornelius off to do his routine occupation.

The small drone took off, and Vic bringing up her phone looked to be almost playing a game. With every tap however a land mine dropped to the streets. She'd been careful with each minimal in property damage while still providing an over lapping field. "Soften them up some. On my vacation I thought I could use some better group control. Never can be that one mark anymore you know? Instead you've got to take on twenty small game just for the desired hunt." Her annoyance showing ever so faintly. As was custom of her regal manner she showed very little of her agitation.

She'd take most her gear back besides the arm cannon she favored. Was the wisest call she deducted to let the best gun get the most arcane focus. "You know humans and mutants are usually my game. Demons smell terrible, what lion wants a bite of that?" She released a sarcastically long sigh before taking the cannon and letting the helmet once more mask her features. "Where to first? Sure we could just roam the lovely streets but these fiends ruin the sights I'd rather make it quick before a fine museum has it's art scorched."

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So far from the immigration district he sensed some mutants with unique gifts, as he mentioned before two of them are useful while the rest are minor. Most of them had been evacuated by local heroes but few chose to stay, some in hiding while others in fighting. The first of the useful ones fought against him, the boy's name is Hamza. Someone who fought valiantly as his family's life depended on it, in this case they do as he is the only things standing between his twin boys and the beast that wants his blood. Policemen brought their guns but this man showed Earl his arms, it was lights blinding. Immediately his eyes burn, it wasn't something that he had any immediate resistance towards. Shuffling through potential animals would not reach the speed of those photons enhanced by willpower. However sight is not the only sense that he can apply in this situation. No, he had many options that can be picked from a wide spectrum of living creatures. He got it. Ears guide his hands to strike a soft spot hidden under the ribs, with direction the man would have been able to concentrate his powers to cut off a limb or more but his thoughts are polluted by emotion. Intensity that Earl can feel as he stroke the man's still beating heart, he was stunned as Hamza's mouth opened too wide. It was a scene that brought out tears from the eyes of children as he made a fist inside the chest cavity to execute the loving father. With that he gained [the ability to manipulate light], but his skills are still that of a novice. His 'glow' only intensified the sounds coming from his immediate food. It took seconds for those kids to become kibble.

Hair from the piece of scalp stuck to the bottom of his chin, Earl licked type O blood from the back of his right palm. There is something about the blood of youth that makes them so delectable. The tragedy of this day is that he can only eat human once, at least most of them. Middle eastern meat feels good, not quite as salty as Caucasian nor quite as sweet as Japanese but it had a special place inside his stomach. Memories started to flash but his aptitude in handling the power is only as good as Hamza, a bright singing flash and he is trying to focus them to create cutting lines of light. Before he can finish chewing a piece of ear he was caught off by an explosion that took away half of his face. Earl went down as he did not know what hit him, he was dying as it seems that his lower body was caught as well. Only the left side of his head and his upper torso were in place. Left arm was intact but the right arm was burnt off by another explosion. Unlike the photon attack before which there were some ways to dodge this one came at an instant, he was surprised that someone or something is capable of reducing him into pulpy goulash in less than a second. The world certainly is a big place, it made him rethink his options. However because the nature of his appetite he found it weird that he can 'feel' his mouth and his stomach. Phantom limb is something that he did not knew about, every other sensation is dead and the pain overrides his body. Yet the hunger still prevailed, he can only see from one eye. He can only touch from one limb but he can smell a flow of blood inside a living human body. Nearby he cannot hear correctly from the ringing of the explosion but he can 'tell' where it is coming from.

It was a gut feeling. His glow became a flash, and the wave of light engulfed the streets. Earl's body is still the same but his senses told him of a shambling individual, he began to smell burnt clothing. With a neck and half a face he sniped the head of the figure from his vulnerable position. Using available parts to mount an offensive, then it all became clear to him as everything returned to sight. It wasn't that he lay dying within reality, but rather that it was substitute for another reality that was constructed by the stealthy figure. She had a burka, yet he only remembered a bitter taste as he awakened with [the power of illusions]. A man put him on the edge of surprise, and a woman put him towards the cliff of death. Now he sees his body with the color of their own, his face with the visage of their elders. Yet his true shape remained as the monster. It was a minor trick, as she can only go up to imitating grievous wounds.

The rest fell toward him as he experiments the usage of the newly acquired duo of powers, he made his hand glow for an effect. Noting that the glow is not from inside but tinkering of the available light outside of his body and using the fabricated reality to create debilitating injuries. Going straight for the kills he had put several into comatose state , from the bodies of the fallen he's earned several quirky abilities such as [The power to make his own footprints in any shape], [The ability to make hand shadow puppets in any shape.], [One of his fingers works as a pen/pencil.], [The power to jump over anything that is in front of me.], and [The power to make people tired, but not make them fall asleep.]

Turning his attention to the Gauls he began to relay to his birds. Spreading false realities through their senses, sharing the images of contagious death through their lines of vision.

the two powers use a random generator for fairness sake, for the less useful ones they were taken online

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Concluding the hug with a gentle peck on the forehead, Kieran winked in agreement with Victoria's necessity to separate herself from the world in order to make good of her innovative ideas. "Hmm true. Funny that we separate ourselves from the world when we invent, but we can't wait to show it what we've conceived when we're done". Reaching into his pocket, Kieran's hand emerged with a vial containing a red, fluorescent liquid. Staining his index fingertip, Kieran was immediate in decorating his longbow Ice, with the runic inscriptions necessary for his plan to be made possible. "Come here, love", he paused, turning towards Victoria as he reached for her arm cannon.

Painting the same runes onto it, he smiled with contentment, "There we go! Now any bloody demon you shoot will be banished to Lord knows where". Humoring the Lioness' hunt-inspired banter, the notorious Wilshere smirked, "Well I wouldn't know what kind of lion would. I'm not a hunter. I'm a lover, slash unbeatable fighter, slash free thinker", he jested. "I'm sure your cybernetic enhancements offer you some kind of augmented physical abilities. We can jump from rooftop to rooftop to cover more of this area. We don't need to banish all of them. Just a little is all we need to allow the French military to make use of the numbers game". Unruffled by the frantic atmosphere and intensity of war, Kieran assumed his stance and steadied his breathing.

Among the very elite of history's combatants, Kieran's skill-set was not limited to unarmed arts. He was a juggernaut of a swordsman and an archer whose talent rivaled even Artemis'. With his bow held in his left hand, the Welshman drew the string with his thumb, curling his fingers around the thumb for additional support. Resting the arrow on the same of the bow as the drawing, Kieran raises and draws his first arrow. Placing his index, middle, and ring fingers under the nocked arrow, Kieran positioned it's rear near his dominant eye before making aiming adjustments with the assistance of not only his impeccable motor and muscle memory, proprioception, and subconscious faculties, but his sonar hearing to obtain a complete and total understanding of the environment's encompassing physical system and it's components (his targets).

Opening his fingers out and relaxing his thumb as the bowstring slides off it, the first arrow experienced a smooth, fluid release as it pierced through it's targeted and erupted, swallowing the struck demon into a portal that forced it to parts unknown. The next barrage of arrows followed, fast-paced and with lethal accuracy as the banishment of a horde of demons commenced.