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Secret Base of N.Y.A.R.L.A.T.H.O.T.E.P, 14:00

"Are you sure this is going to work?" Project Picasso, Persephone Gray looked anxiously at the small floating sphere.

"Preliminary testing has proved satisfactory. At this point field tests are the only way to work out any remaining kinks." His face softened slightly and he put a hand on Persephone's shoulder. "You'll be fine Percy. Dali and I will be with you every step of the way."

Persephone saluted. "Yes sir. I know sir." Her face told a different story. "At ease soldier. Activation in T-minus 30..."

There was a blinding flash of color, the sound of ice cracking in reverse, the smell of childhood dreams and everything faded out.

Earth-T, 14:02

Persephone fell to the ground, sparks fading around her. She quickly rolled to a crouch, paintball gun clutched tightly in her hand. But there was no one here. A single cricket chirped. "Picasso to base. I've arrived. No militants present." She got to her feet, her eyes darting between any places that could provide cover to potential enemies. "I repeat, I've arrived. Please confirm course of action." Silence. "Base?" Nothing. "Dad, where are you?"

And now she noticed the terrain, the rock formation that she had seen so man times before. "Where am I?"


So it's been a while since I last did this and well...come on, Earth Tangent is the best. The basic premise is I take your username, and based ONLY on that I reimagine your character. It doesn't matter if you're nU or Prime, this is non-canon and totally separate from both.

I will be updating the story in THIS THREAD so stay tuned! :)

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You've peaked my interest >.>

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Heh, I remember that.

Sideslash and Mattersuit.


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woot, look forward to more

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Anyone else? I'd like to start work on this tomorrow and the more the merrier.

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Kind of interested. Though many consider many of my names to be a bit out of the mainland.

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@The_Lost_LeBeau: YES

@Arquitenens: Honestly doesn't matter...I like a challenge. >:D

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@Icarusflies: Would it help at all if you knew the origin, in case of this one? Or others. Or would you just rather continue without?