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Ever been asleep in the middle of the night and here things shift from the corner,or think you see a shadow out your window?Because there are things out there

like that...the things that hunt and feed on souls,but lately they havent been so quiet about it,evil is on the loose.

Why?The hunt for a sacred item that will forge a dynasty for the first ones that get it,The Werewolves are stationed in forest of Russia.The Vampires own the night and set up base in New Orleans.The Witches are in England stirring up black magic.The Vatican are determined to get the stone at any cost.

Your Job?Find the Sacred Stone to insure you or your species ultimate power.

You can also be solo or it can be a team effort.For Outlawz I have an idea.

Werewolves Leader-

Vampires Leader-

Witches Leader-Ghoul.

Vatican Leader-

"They . . . were quiet all the night, saying, In the morning, when it is day, we shall kill him."

Joe was just a farmer,living in the bayou of Louisiana,growing tobacco for profit,which wasn't much,it was time someone put him out his misery,or about time he got a lucky break.

Joe looked at the moonlit sky and rocked in his chair,vigilant for animals,he would rather shoot what he ate then buy it,his whiskey sat next to him and his rifle laid on his lap.

In the sky a crimson star shined brightly,almost as bright as the chaste white moon,that covered the swampy land.Soon it fell from the sky and into Joe''s backyard.There was that lucky break....or the death note tagged on his head.

"Boi I tell ya,I dun struck it rich now."

The farmer raced to his backward,and looked at the crater which cradled the crimson object,he reached down and at that very moment the sound of a gun getting cocked made Joe freeze,and a dark raspy voice called out from the shadows,it was matched by a pair of white eyes.

"Thanks Farmer Joe."


Joe was dead,and died poor,the object was gone in the hands of who knows.


The mercenary rushed from under the lights of the helicopter and dodged bullets like it was just something everyone could do,his name was Akira.A member of the Outlawz,a team of underdogs that took no sh!t,and know he was on his way to meet them.

His phone rang and he clicked his headset on to answer.It was Gambler.

"Just the man I wanted to talk to,I got us a job."