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The Reisho Monastery
The Reisho Monastery


The Monastery

The Meta-Statue
The Meta-Statue

Shielded by metaphysical barriers and chi-based enchantments that protect it from the freezing climate of its outskirts, the Reisho Monastery boasts a welcoming and warm climate. It is home to lush gardens and devoid of the snow that so ruthlessly pelts the mountain that holds it. Located behind a towering gate that greets all who make the pilgrimage to it, the monastery is in truth a large architectural complex comprised of numerous temples and buildings with a distinct aesthetic of Japanese nobility. A city in its own right, the Reisho Monastery dedicates a large portion of its buildings and temples to philosophical and martial exploits.

Because the mountain itself is a nexus of metaphysical energy/chi, many of the temples are used as centers of meditation to better teach clansmen along with strangers how to appropriately harness chi or simply to guide them into heightened states of spiritual and universal awareness. But perhaps no act is considered more sacred and spiritual by the Keijijo clansmen than climbing the ten thousand steps that lead up to not only the monastery but the peak of the mountain. This act is considered the top spiritual priority of all Keijijo clansmen because it is believed by them that the mountain's peak is where its metaphysical energy is most concentrated, it is where those who have survived the climb claim to have felt at peace with the world and a conduit for the entire mountain's chi.

This had led to many Eastern spiritualists and pilgrims from all across the world to visit the monastery whereas others are content to be sit on one of the many steps to the peak or simply study the etched tablets along the way. But perhaps the most important aspect of the monastery is its Meta-Statue. The Meta-Statue resembles a gigantic Buddha with a large ring attached to its back. Blessed with various chi enchantments, it was created by ancient Keijijo clansmen as a means of lessening the metaphysical pressure caused by the mountain on those who make the climb. The Meta-Statue's sole purpose is to regulate the flow of chi into and out of the monastery and maintain stability while lessening the pressure imparted on those unaccustomed to it.

The Mountain

The Peak
The Peak

A cold and unwelcoming mountain, its climate is inhospitable and the various creatures warped by its metaphysical energy serve as abrupt threats to unwary travelers. Religious Keijijo clansmen hold a belief that the first Keijijo were formed there when the sky breathed its chi onto the mountain. The mountain itself is a thing of legend among the Keijijo, said in their ancient folklore to be the source of the region's entire chi. In particular, its peak is rumored to be where metaphysical energy is at its most concentrated, enabling those who survive to become truly enlightened and in tune with the world.

Because of the presence of considerable amounts of chi, the snow at the peak is said to never melt and is claimed to hold supernatural properties that are unfortunately, poorly understood. With ten thousand steps leading up to the peak, there are ten etched tablets along the trail telling of the founding of the Reisho Monastery and the Keijijo Clan. Beginning at the one thousandth step, the first tablet is found. At the two thousandth, the second is found, and so on. Along the steps however, a variety of creatures and spirits warped and changed by the presence of the mountain's metaphysical energy exist. While some prove to be helpful and welcoming, others are malevolent and violent.

The mountain's climate itself is almost unnaturally cold. Snow is perpetually present, often resulting in the numerous deaths of unprepared travelers.

The Keijijo Clan

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  2. Sell the security. These are superhuman martial artists with the ability to manipulate chi.
  3. Obviously if your character is powerful, you won't have much of a problem but if you're not, sell the difficulty in climbing the mountain's steps.
  4. Sell the difficult of locating the monastery.
  5. Anyone can come here.
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Sooooooo pretty.

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Any thread with pictures of the Hard and Soft Arashikage masters is win. I'll be by shortly for the greatest martial arts training montage in history lmao

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Badass. I might have Katashi drop by some time.

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@Mercy_: Thanks, bella <3

@The_Assassin_: Thanks, and sure thing man :)

@Quintus_Knightfall: Badass!

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@Impero: Of course :)

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@Impero: Through his limited various travels in his quest to reforge himself an inescapable myth had remained the one constant denomination regardless the continent. Dismissed by many as a transcending fable as old as the martial arts philosophies themselves, yet revered in its captivating story. Quintus knew if even there were the slightest possibility of truth to the legendary Reisho monastery and its Keijijo grandmasters then his quest would truly begin, and end, with their unrivaled tutelage.

Months had passed with little to show for his expedition. While remaining to keep his body in the pinnacle of physical perfection he had not lost sight of keeping his mind equally proficient. Reading about any and everything he could in the company of dogmatic Asiatic tribesmen clandestinely cut off from the rest of the World, many never having seen, let alone opened their home, to a foreigner. However it was because of this unprecedented symbiotic relationship between East and West that Quintus had finally been shown the treacherous mountain climb to the enigmatic house of martial worship. Exhausted, the Knightfall heir reached out pounding against the massive decorated double doors before collapsing from dehydration.

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@Quintus_Knightfall: Ancient and undeniably wise, decorated Keijijo Elder, Zaraki was accompanied by a carefully selected group of Keijijo Elite clansmen. Opening the symbolically decorated doors of the legendary monastery, Zaraki's weathered features were greeted by freezing gusts of winds and barrages of hazardous airborne snow. Before him lied the withering body of a recognizable man, a Knightfall to be precise. "What should we do with him?", the Keijijo Elite queried, uncertain of their future course of action. "Bring him inside", Zaraki responded, "We cannot allow him to die. Besides, Ishin-sama would like to meet anyone who was capable of making this journey".

Elsewhere, in his ceremonial quarters, the enigmatic Impero indulged himself in metaphysically smoke-augmenting meditation, his symbolic mask resting before his knees as a lone candle illuminated his prominently scarred facial features. A respectful knock on his door signaled the unanticipated pause of an intense meditative practice. Informed by loyal Zaraki of an unconscious man who had somehow managed to overcome the countless hazards and difficulties in locating their secluded home. "Bring him to me for healing". Resuming his spiritually replenishing meditation, Ishin was soon presented with the unconscious body of the Knightfall heir. Set down before him, he briefly observed the dehydrated figure prior to commencing the healing process, transferring a specific amount of chi into the Knightfall's physical chakras, steadily healing him of injuries while metaphysically conjuring an airborne mass of water for the man to drink upon regaining consciousness.

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grabs popcorn

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Maybe I should come here someday.

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@Impero: Opening his eyes immediately he knew the legends to be true. The opal colored mask of emotionless conveyance was an authorizing signature of unspoken credibility. Initiating the Knightfall's devoted sign of respect. Shown through his disciplined lowering of the head while in a kneeling position diverting his entire upper body to the floor. "Forgive my unannounced intrusion." Speaking in Japonics as an accomplished polylinguist. "I have traveled very far to study at the hand of the eminent Keijijo masters."

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@_Strigidae_: You should :P

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Love it :)

@NameIess said:

grabs popcorn

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@Quintus_Knightfall: Like many, the Knightfall sought to study the esoteric combat arts of the Keijijo Clan. Fortunately for him, his success in reaching the fabled monastery presented him as a potentially deserving outsider. With a calm nod, Ishin replied, motioning the mass of water towards the Knightfall heir, "You need to drink some water first. You're somewhat healed, but still a little dehydrated", he requested, the mass of water, ready to transition into a small stream of water that would tunnel into the Westerner's mouth upon his compliance. "We do not give many opportunities to outsiders my friend. But your effort in finding us was noted. I will help you", he agreed, "But first, we must heal you completely", he revealed, standing to his full height, calmly placing his iconic mask on his face. "Please, come with me", he requested, "Your name?".

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@Mr. Mercury: @_Enchantress_: Thanks :)

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@Impero: "Quintus, Quintus Knightfall." following closely behind the martial arts mamba. Unable to keep from examining the priceless antiquities and artifacts lining the walls. Their craftsmanship unlike anything he had ever seen before. The potential net worth of simply one of the artistically painted urns would be worth more then 5 of the riches families in the World combined. But for a conservative connoisseur such as himself the historical significance far out weighed any monetary value they may have possessed. "Is it true the Keijijo have no reveals? That their techniques can turn the very lifeforce contained within the body into a weapon?"

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@Quintus_Knightfall: (Martial Arts Mamba, I am stealing that :P)

Emerging from the secluded quarters of the Impero, Ishin directed his attention towards his most recent invention, the Chi Springs, powerful replicas of the metaphysically-empowering hot springs found during a misadventure that led him to a secret chamber in Santa Maria de Montserrat. "So its as I expected. You're a Knightfall", he said while approaching one of the Chi Springs, "It is all true, Quintus-san. With our knowledge, any ordinary person can become a god among men. I will answer all of your questions, but first, please my friend, immerse yourself in this hot spring. It possesses healing qualities that will rid you of your injuries and render your dehydration nonexistent".

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@Impero: (My gift, for the training lol)

Immersing himself in the healing spring body and mind melded in meditative matrimony. It was as if time and reality were veils that had suddenly been lifted opening up a hidden World of potential. After a period of substantial replenishment Quintus emerged from the powerful waters to be greeted by two dogmatic zealots wrapping his sculpted from in a plan white robe. The hospitality shown on this night would not soon be forgotten.

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@Quintus_Knightfall: (Haha how considerate)

Having completed the metaphysical healing process, Quintus was clad in a ceremonial white robe. Approaching his soon-to-be pupil, Ishin would now indulge himself in answering the various queries that the charismatic Knightfall may have. "I have much to tell you, Quintus-san. But before I do so, please ask me all your questions, I'll answer them", he assured prior to introducing himself, "My name is Ishin".

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I'm coming home
I'm coming home
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@Madame_Blossom: I've been waiting for you baby <3

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@Impero: "I have just one, Sifu Ishin. Will the usage of esoteric chi techniques corrupt my soul?" Situated in a folded leg yoga position, he listened intently.

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@Quintus_Knightfall: A valid question, it was not uncommon for one to encounter corruption in the pursuit of martial supremacy, none serving as a better example than the Impero's indisputable rival, Oni. "No, it won't. The Keijijo have spent hundreds of thousands of years indulged in chi techniques. Chi is a universal metaphysical force. And naturally, it does possess its dark aspects. With chi, you can do something such as manipulating an element or even shaping your environment. There are techniques and certain fighting styles that do corrupt one's soul however. We in the clan have labeled them forbidden techniques. Some forbidden because they will corrupt your soul.. others because they possess fatal drawbacks. My ultimate fighting technique is a forbidden one because of fatal drawbacks. But we here in the clan, do not teach forbidden techniques that corrupt the soul", he paused, "Those techniques often rely on drawing power from the darker aspects of chi or in imbuing the power of demonic manifestations in oneself", he concluded.

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@Impero: A fascination had been born. One that would only subside after having obtain a complete understand of the metaphysical teachings, techniques, and philosophies of the Keijijo. Quintus was ready. Ready to shed the years of OSC indoctrination. Ready to shed his father's overbearing grip. And most importantly, ready to become the hero his city deserved. Bringing a solid fist against his vertical stretched fingers, "I would be honored if you would agree to become my Sifu."

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@Quintus_Knightfall: "Of course, Quintus-san", he responded with a calm bow, a testament to his respect for the ambitious Knightfall. "What I can teach you is vast. And I must know what it is that you want to learn. There are a variety of elemental martial arts. Fire Yoso, Water Yoso, Air Yoso, Earth Yoso, Wood Yoso, San or rather, Acid Yoso and the most difficult, Lightning Yoso. Aside from those, there are more chi-centered fighting styles. There is the power-based fighting style, Gaibu Dengen but you do not possess the necessary chi reserves for that yet. The more controlled and precise pressure point style known as Naibu Dengen may benefit you more. It is our deadliest martial art for close combat. It relies on surgically injecting your own chi into the various pressure points or rather chakra-points of your opponents to achieve a variety of internal effects. You would be able to crush your opponent's organs, paralyze them, burst their blood vessels, blind them.. the effects are almost limitless", he paused. "You will have to mentally and spirituality hone yourself through intense meditation, followed by increasing your speed through precise physical exercises". "But of course, there is much more available, there is another close combat fighting style that is both devastating and easier than Naibu Dengen to learn".

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@Impero: Never before had such a display of unequivocal martial arts academics been witnessed by an outsider, a foreigner, a novice, in ever basic sense of the word. Even the illustrious Order of Sancta Camisa could not hold their combat elitism as high as the elevated Keijijo clan's esoteric mastery of the form. Yet determination and natural athletic ability coupled with his own cultivated style allowed Quintus an impressively rapid rate of growth. His natural photographic polymath ability pushing his performances past the normal means of any human. Under the expert tutelage of the Keijijo grandmaster through the written word, as well as the daily physical trails specifically tailored from years of disciplined practice, Quintus was quickly being molded into the Living Weapon.As a reward for his unwavering devotion and ethical purity he was granted the ceremonial hooded uniform and red mask of the Red Veil Guardsmen.

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@Quintus_Knightfall: Quintus' rapid progression in the innumerable Naibu Dengen training exercises in particular was unanticipated, with many outsiders encountering unmitigated struggle in their initial immersion in the Keijijo's enigmatic martial arts and combat techniques. Having taught the Knightfall heir the art of precise chakra-point control, the kind that was fundamentally necessary for true mastery of the chi-based pressure point combat style, the Impero reveals the untold potential of a true Naibu Dengen master. "You've progressed very fast. Quintus-san, upon achieving true mastery in Naibu Dengen, you will become the deadliest of combatants in close quarters. Only a fellow Naibu Dengen master can hope to match the skill of another Naibu Dengen master. With it, your hands have been molded into surgically precise weapons of peerless offensive prowess. In your hands, you possess the power to internally manipulate your opponents. There is one final thing you must learn in order to become a complete master. You must learn to use your chi-senses as your vision, with it, you will be able to detect the presence of your opponent's chakra-points before your eyes can even perceive your opponent. It is what I have dubbed the Chakra-Point Field. Once an opponent steps into this field, they are at the mercy of your ability. Learn to rely on this more than your vision and muscle memory", indeed, should Quintus' mastery transcend to truthfulness, he will become a virtually unparalleled weapon for close combat. Naibu Dengen possessing only one true counter, Gaibu Dengen, a forbidden fighting style with only one living master.

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@Assault: LOL

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(I seriously love people that put this much effort into a thread! I wish I had the skill lol I'll be bringing a new friend by, as soon as I work out what the hell look to use...)

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@Impero: "Yes Sifu." rolling his wrists together in one full rotation bringing his hands together in a peak as he bowed. Taking his masters spiritually guidance into account as later that day he trained alongside the Keijijo elite practicing the esoteric technique of visual identification through respective chi patterns. Taking the initiative and furthering the method into a form of "chi blocking" pressure point styles complimentary of his frame and stylish attacks.

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@Surreal SaDiablo: (Thanks girl :))

@Quintus_Knightfall: Quintus' continued refinement of the deadly Naibu Dengen martial art proved a testament to his undying desire to martially perfect himself. Under the tutelage of the Keijijo Grandmaster, the Knightfall heir's skill transcended far beyond what is thought to be epitome of martial mastery by the common world. "The Chakra-Point Field, use it as a weapon. You will be able to anticipate your opponent's movements with it, an advantage against a faster combatant. In your Chakra-Point Field, you are nearly unbeatable. You see everything, anticipate everything", he concluded.

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Calmly knocking on the door to his most boisterous pupil's temporary quarters, Ishin coolly voiced his desire to conclude the final stages of the Amazonian fighting genius' fruitful training. "Asteria-san, its time that we commence the final phase of your Gaibu Dengen training".

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@Impero: Hopping to her feet, abandoning her meditation. Electrical energy crackles around her hands, generated in her long hours of focused contemplation.

Throwing the door open with a wide smile. "Alright. Lets get started then."

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@Eagle_of_the_East: Hoping to witness what conclusive fruits that the final training session would bring, Ishin gestures for Asteria to follow him, leading her to the secluded training grounds, not of the clan, but of the Impero. "After everything you've learned coupled with your meditation and self-training, you should be able to access all eighty of the forbidden chakra-points", he paused upon reaching the desired location. Turning round to face his Amazonian pupil, Ishin continued, "You are a genius after all, correct?", he teased with a smirk, "Now what I want to see is how well your body handles the strain of using seventy nine of the chakra-points. Access their chi, now".

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@Impero: Following him through the monastery, and experiencing a moment of surprise as they arrive within Impero's personal training quarters. Interesting, it seemed this would be the culmination of all their work thus far.

"Of course I'm a genius." A pleasant laugh. "I've got this far, after all!"

Closing her eyes and tapping into her chakra-points. Slowly she accesses one after another, slowly opening more and more chakras until all seventy nine points are open. Electrical energy flickers from her hands. Her hair drifts in the air, static popping and cracking around her. When she opens her eyes, they glow with the full might of her godlike chi reserves.

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@Eagle_of_the_East: "I can't have you doing this in the normal training grounds. You'd destroy them", he pointed out, calmly crossing his arms before his chiseled chest, carefully observing the fruits of Asteria's training. Upon the conclusion of her "transformation", Ishin begins, "As tempting as it may be to see what the eightieth chakra-point will do, never embrace it unless you're prepared to die", he warned briefly. "Attack me", he requested, instantly relying on his exclusive Lightning Yoso Armor technique, electrically stimulating his nervous system, experiencing a dramatic increase in both speed and durability. A violent blue aura of lightning-like energy radiates around his body, eyes crackling with fearsome energy.

"We're going to accustom you to rigorous high-speed combat", he revealed, adopting his self-taught Lightning Yoso stance for the brief spar, while colossal indeed, continued use of Gaibu Dengen had eventual physical drawbacks on the user.

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Parka pulled tight to protect him from the elements, the Madripoor Mastermind ascends the snow pelted peak, his intended destination the Reisho Monastery, his intentions purely peaceful. Of course he would most likely have been able to near instantaneously arrive inside the sealed compound with the help of his rather unique mutation, the Lord of the Yakuza chose to pursue a more traditional method of travel. His meeting with the enchanting Miya and her praises of the clan's leader, Ishin, had peaked his interest in meeting such an enigmatic figure.

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@Impero: She started to run forward and attack him, however the massive quantities of chi empowering her body were staggering even to her. What was intended to be a simple step became a mighty lunge, and she flew across the training area to smash headlong into the ground.

Attempting to flip herself to her feet, she whips her body FAR to hard, and snaps around in a full flip that smashes her back to the dirt in a loud THUD and spray of dust.

She sighs.

Slowly climbs back to her feet, being very careful of the vastly enhanced speed and power of her motions.

"I meant to do that. I'm lulling you into a false sense of security." A little chuckle, and she settles into her combat stance once more, preparing to try again.

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@Katashi_Nagano: (At a different time :))

Alerted of an approaching chi-signature, the Keijijo Elders instruct a triad of the Keijijo Elite to stand before the ominous entrance to the fabled Reisho Monastery, a trinity to greet a potential visitor or confront a potential threat. Situated in front of Reisho's grand gates, they wait in trained patience.

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@Eagle_of_the_East: A calm chuckle was presented as his response, "Of course. I wouldn't assume you were finding this difficult", Ishin teased, waiting for her following attack while instructing her to do as he advises, "Accessing the power of the chakra-points is an easy enough task for a genius. Learning to control the dramatic leap in power and speed will prove slightly harder. You must concentrate. Eventually, you'll be doing it subconsciously".

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@Impero: Effortlessly pulling himself over the edge of the cliff and swiftly rising to his feet, Katashi quickly closes the distance between the trio and himself, maintain a pace not to fast and not quite to slow, his intentions were purely peaceful and his posture reflected such, stopping several paces from the guards he offers a respectful bow to them as a greeting.

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@Katashi_Nagano: Bowing respectfully in response, the Keijijo Elite, certain of the man's peaceful intentions, permitted him entrance into the legendary monastery. Inside, stood a single Elder, the most prominent and knowledgeable, Zaraki. Waiting to meet with this supposed visitor.

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@Impero: "Difficult, pfft, nothing could be farther from the truth!" Grinning at the bold faced lie. The very magnitude of her power worked against her now, her lifetime of intuitive physical balance and control learned so deep as to now create a massive challenge to her. She had to completely relearn how to move when utilizing her chi.

Listening carefully to his instructions, making note of his words she focuses. Concentrating on the most basic of things, her physical motions. Taking one step, and then another, slowly walking over to him.

However her ego is significantly greater than her control, and after her careful walk to him she throws a punch, a amazingly fast strike of such titanic speed it rips her from her feet. Throwing her toward him, smashing the sound barrier over and over as her fist cracks toward his mask like a whip.