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Zoe goes and visits her families grave every month that includes her father, mother, sister and brother.

Her father was murdered, her sister died of a heart abnormality and her mother and brother were both killed by Darkchild

While she takes flowers to all the graves, she doesn't take flowers to her brothers grave because he had really bad allergies and takes him his favorite candy instead

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Heathen is lactose intolerant.

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  • Helena hates seafood, but will eat it if necessary.
  • Her first kill was a man who attempted to rape a female member from the Sisters of Artemis. She loosed two arrows into the man's Achilles tendon, and then dragged his body into a cave packed with wolves. She then sat by a nearby tree and listened as the wolves tore through his flesh.
  • While she does not regret slaying the man, she regrets the way she killed him.
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Cube is a cube who likes fun

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  • Force sensitive
  • Has a younger sister
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  • Follows the edicts of the Eternal Empire as a means of freedom through the Force
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I can't believe I made this thread eight years ago.

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  • Despite being freed from Grimmwald, Valentina has continued having trouble putting her weight back on, often gorging herself to the point of actual sickness, resulting in emesis.
  • Has asked Franklin to see if he can create some sort of wearable device - "a necklace or bracelet or something" - to allow her to utilize the Soul Lavaliere's power, keep it close so it's not stolen, and ideally leave her less vulnerable to its corruption.
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  • Catalina is not a "Hero", despite having saved Daytonville from @daughter_of_nordok, she only did it to protect her daughter, and to ensure the Mind Lavaliere did not fall in the wrong hands.
  • Cat's connection to the Prize Fighter can be interrupted resulting in both Cat and Faore losing control; which then Cat's body will enter "Berserker" mode and attack anything within the vicinity.
  • Catalina was in possession of the Mind Lavaliere that was once wore around Zeon and Ziccarra Liafador's necks during their times as the Matriarch. She has since given it to her father @thee_champion so it doesn't fall into the wrong hands.
  • Catalina and @feral_nova have started dating.
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  • Plans on taking all of the Lavalieres for himself.
  • Might assemble a team for the task.
  • Not sure what he will use them for. Maybe something along the lines of dimension-hopping, or retconning himself.
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  • As a result of injuries sustained during his battle against Tenjin, Quintus has completely lost the use of his right eye
  • After the events of the Purge, the struggle to keep his faith in humanity has substantially dwindled. His personality has shifted into a high fueled gear of obsession over a series of particular items he believes can restore his universe, and finally open the way for his return home. A return to, Reality-M
  • His original costume, bat-themed attire modeled after the trappings of a shinobi and worn in honor of his fallen brother; Cassius, was destroyed during the collapse of Knightfall Saint's underground hospital
  • He now wears a suit that is identical to the one worn by the mutant hating militant of the CVnU, the former author of the Arashikage massacre, Charlemgnae LeBeau
  • Though Quintus is unaware of this fact as for in Reality M, Charlemagne never existed.
  • Is -was- an exceptional painter.
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  • His shop is named Warehouse 451, after Fahrenheit 451.
  • He buys from companies such as Star Comics, Iconic, Cave Incorporated, Retro, and Hero Surplus.
  • Pull lists are usually made from titles like "Astounding Action Comics," the Retro-brand "Horror! And Other Tales" graphic novels, "Kaligar the Space Barbarian," "War Fiend," "Full Auto," and the surprisingly kid-friendly "Adventures in Eldritch Space."
  • Anissar collects various items and displays them on the walls of his shop, such as autographs from interesting people and their accompanying photographs.
  • His shop also accommodates a wide variety of gaming, such as the War Fiend Battle System - a popular miniature strategy game.
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He has plans to make a video game nook add-on

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Tries to stay honest at all times.

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Star is an albino German Shepard

His favorite things to do are roll around in grass, eat treats that Tassi gives him, go swimming, run around, have Tassi read to him, go on adventures with Tassi, watch Catalina do laundry (it's the only time Cat talks to him), have Mari scratch his ears, play tag with So-So (She's fast!) and listen to Maya sing.

Tassi named him Star because of his blue eyes. This is in reference to when Leo took her to space to see a blue star when she was a few months old.

Star always sleeps in the bed with Tassi

He takes baths with Tassi everyday. He thinks they're fun.

His favorite treats are the cookies that Mr. French made for him and Tassi when they were with We Are Legend

He hates the sound of the vacuum

He always falls asleep during bedtime stories before Tassi

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  • Valentina decided to keep the suit Ashley let her borrow, at least until Franklin can analyse and hopefully make her a copy.
  • Sometimes masquerades about wearing it. Although she has no idea how far she wishes to take it, she's figured a "super hero" identity could help her spread roots and get information from places otherwise inaccessible to her.
  • Although she understands, on some level, how powerful the lavaliere is, Valentina has little ambition or interest in it besides tormenting Grimmwald's soul, both as recompense and to hopefully interrogate the soul for information, before returning it to his body.
  • Aside from that, its utility as a tool to protect her is constantly weighed against the internal struggle it's seemingly forced upon her.
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  • His time stranded on Battleworld has left him emotionally and physically traumatized.
  • Struggles with a conscious decision on whether or not to use the metaphysical forces of the lavaliere to return to Battleworld to find his missing wife and son.
  • Hasnt shaven in 4 months.
  • Has been searching the numerous warehouses of his stolen company. In search of what however, remains a mystery. Possibly even to himself.
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  • Recently built the Quantum Chamber, a machine that harnesses the exotic variants of gluons he discovered and named "M-particles" after his wife, Mercy.
  • These discovered M-particles mediate the strong nuclear force and produce unusual quantum effects when quantum tunneling. Quantum tunneling that Andres has traced to higher dimensions.
  • The Quantum Chamber tunes the "flow" of M-particles quantum tunneling back and forth between ordinary space-time and these higher dimensions to introduce energy into the system of the strong nuclear force.
  • Through this process, the Quantum Chamber can trigger expansion, enlarging mass via a space-time lensing-like process at the quantum scale, thereby avoiding violations of thermodynamic laws.
  • And by emitting an M-particle field, the Quantum Chamber can shrink mass by storing atoms in a higher-dimensional data structure, enabling the Quantum Chamber to shrink live subjects to subatomic scales where quantum effects reign supreme.
  • The Knightfall Don intends to use the Quantum Chamber to better explore and interact with the quantum world and it's laws, for what specific goal however, no one can yet say.
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  • Tassi's biggest fear (aside from disappointing her family) is being abandon by her family
  • Tassi can fly, but she can't fly well, she has a hard time controlling her balance, which is why she's always seen running or walking to destinations rather than flying
  • So-So has been training her how to use weapons. Sword, shield and bow and arrow have been things she has been going over with her as well has hand to hand combat. She likes it because it reminds her of mommy.
  • Tassi rarely gets hungry, but will eat if food if it's presented to her. She eats more out of habit because it has been taught to her that eating is normal. When she say's she's 'hungry' its because she knows Star is hungry, not because she is actually hungry. This has been an issue since she was an infant.
  • Her memory is impeccable, she remembers everything.
  • Tassi knows how to read second grade level reading and can spell her name and write simple sentences but her handwriting needs work
  • This is how she writes her name
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-Half Cosmic Entity and Half Humanish race

-Dad and Mom alive, also has an elder twin sister who took over the mantle of responsibility (And in turn power)

-Not mentioned in bio but has a vulnerability to penetration type attacks (Blades/Bullets) but physical attacks that can like destroy cities (Blunt damage, punches/hammers) will just bruise her.

-Her physical attributes scale to the amount of sunlight she's absorbed through her skin (Think Supergirl) but they begin to rapidly fade away to the negative value in dark areas or at night

-Massive calorie intake

-Can create hardlight constructs (under her own power) and golems made of said hardlight but only if she feels she needs the help.

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@paragonxxx: Ty ^_^

She's actually a reboot of a reboot of a reboot.

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  • Loves the taste of sushi
  • Loves giving his own life
  • Thinks he's the descendant of the god of creation
  • He gave a dog the power to create bones
  • His isn't against kill children.
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  • Has been away from the public eye for several years now. The reasoning behind his withdrawal from the public eye however, remains unknown. Though his quantum telepathy has improved since his last outing.
  • Has since reemerged with a renewed interest in the ideological conflicts in the metahuman community in light of the Purge.
  • His concern doubled following reports of a battle in Daytonville for a cosmic artifact, one of many like it.
  • Is, as far as he's aware, the only person who knows the truth behind Antonia's origin and the reason behind her departure.
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@la-espada: I know the reason for his withdrawal. ~_^

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  • Zoe's family on her mother's side own's a saw manufacture called "Blaze Saw Manufacture" The family themselves don't run the business, but rather family friends.
  • The wealth is distributed to the family who carries the mantle of Feral Nova
  • Because of this, Zoe is actually considered 'wealthy'.
  • Her Aunt, Heather, is her only known living relative left that is connected to the Feral Nova line.
  • Her dad side she has an Uncle named Ben who has a wife and five kids, but she doesn't really know them. They live somewhere in Canada
  • Zoe likes cookies... a lot, but she really likes doughnuts too
  • She likes putting on live private concerts in her car and while taking a shower (aka she likes singing alone)
  • Planning on moving out of Los Angeles, just... doesn't feel like she fits there anymore.
  • Possible new city? Valor City.
  • Is nervous for the day Cat does tell her family they're dating... because of the whole complex history between her and Ziccarra
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While the Norse Pantheon on Helena's earth does not seem to be orchestrating anything in her life, there are two individuals who are watching her every move. One is actively trying to destroy her, while the other is just watching her every move.

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  • While currently consumed by his goal to defeat a Secret Master of the Strigidae, Kellan has also discovered his ancestor, the Brahma Bull to have never died. He is still alive, where and doing what however, only Kellan knows.
  • If he defeats/survives the Beast of Brass, Kellan intends to search for Richard following the latter's sudden disappearance. Though he first hopes to retrieve the Brahma Bull's black kukri as he believes Richard may have been captured by another Secret Master.
  • And unbeknownst to him, Richard has now allied with the Seventh Secret Master, Ivana.
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  • The Prize Fighter used to be a benevolent Goddess, however it is believed she lost her trust in humanity during WWII where she host turned out to be a Nazi Sympathizer and sent hundreds of people to their deaths.
  • Cat would've been able to earn the Goddess respect had Ziccarra not perished and her form changed. Catalina is one of the few Liafadors to complete the pit. Something that would've attracted the PF.
  • The Prize Fighter has no respect for Cat and will only emerge when a situation benefits her; she's more inclined to allow Catalina to die before assisting her in battle.

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  • Has begun developing hero psych profiles, for both individuals as well as establishing overarching patterns for the "archetype," and at variable levels of schema.
  • As such, Valentina has decided to take even more contracts on those who fall into the "abnormal" category. This including heroes, anti-heroes, villains, and basically anyone beyond standard civilian/military/political contracts. Most namely, people who may fight back. She does this with the aim of exposing herself more to them and, thus, familiarizing herself with them in a variety of contexts.
  • Still seeks to manipulate the atmosphere and setting to minimize danger to herself before making her move. Especially since she's come to believe many of these contracts are grossly underpriced for the threat involved.
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  • Gear comes from a combination of sources:
  1. Traditional Strigidae gear, funded by the Arcani and designed and hand crafted by families of artisans who have served the Arcani and Strigidae for generations. These artisans are often from old mutant linage that include technopaths, allowing them to build devices more advanced than the tech level of the world around them. This gear is difficult to replace but advanced.
  2. Gadgetry invented by Arrachtach and field tested over Ivana's long career as a supervillain. These are often simple, yet clever designs that rely on a new application of an old and widely known scientific principle. This equipment is robust, contains few if any moving parts and can be built from readily available materials so Arrachtach can replace components or the entire piece as it is inevitably damaged or destroyed in use.
  3. Devices designed by Richard are innovative, light weight and high tech. They include cutting edge components and are oriented toward performing a specialized function. These are expensive but easy to replace due to Richard's wealth and access to industrial machinery.
  4. Equipment left over from Venezuela. This is absolutely irreplaceable but almost always made from, or utilizing, vibranium in some way. Because Ivana wanted to avoid the danger of quantum hacking and technopaths she required that her vibranium equipment be as 'dumb' as possible, containing no electronics, computers or moving parts.
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  • Amaranth's old equipment was recovered thanks to the Space Lavaliere.
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  • Likes pizza, strawberry sundaes, and waffles.
  • Hates avocados and tomatoes.
  • Has a tremendous appetite and is occasionally a compulsive eater.
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  • Though he managed to defeat one of the Secret Masters - the Beast of Brass - Kellan could not have foreseen the consequences of his actions.
  • Now the Beast of Brass shares both mind and body with Kellan, his neurons steadily conquering his and fighting him for control over his body. Kellan's paranoia has since spiraled completely out of control. Though the psycho-spiritual Keijijo wards he's learned are acting as his only means of resistance, he wonders how long they'll endure.
  • As a result, he no longer sleeps. Nor is he able to distinguish between what action, thought etc. is his or the Beast's.
  • Though having learned of the Secret Masters' betrayal of Kratesis, he now searches for her to gain revenge on what he hopes Kratesis will regard as a common enemy.
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  • He thinks he’s superior to literally everyone
  • Has all of his friends birthdays on his calendar
  • He is bipolar
  • Listens to K-pop and if you make fun of him for it he will remove you from his life
  • Watched every Disney movie ever
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@red_jay: Don’t let Amazonian find all that out 😉😂

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I can’t even imagine what she would do if she did😂

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Is a vegan.

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As a result of the purge in Gothic, Vincent hasn't been able satisfy The Mark's hunger for murder. He is starting to go through withdraws, and is researching ways to overcome it.

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  • The Imperium ship containing Venilia was attacked by unknown forces or an unknown individual, causing her pod to be released to earth prematurely.
  • When Ares found and released her from her container pod, he explained how the Ancient One saw little potential in her, and decided to dispose her to earth. This was done to manipulate her, and make her dependent toward him.
  • Despite the God of War's efforts, Venilia continued to follow her programming and remain loyal to the Ancient One. Realizing his plan was not working, Ares made a deal with her: Since they both wanted Shield-Maiden gone, and Helena was apart of the Justice League Alliance, whom Ares also wanted destroyed, they both agreed to help each other get what they want. Ares also promised to help her obtain the Prize Fighter in exchange for helping him enact his revenge against Superion, Mister Surreal, and Shield-Maiden.
  • Ares once managed to get through her brainwashed mind, but it resulted in Venilia falling into depression. Seeing this, the God of War had to show her proof that the Ancient One did not abandon her.