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  • Hawkshade has infiltrated the DSA because he trusts neither the governments of the world (which he sees as corrupt) or the powerhouse superheroes (whom he sees as potential weapons of mass destruction.)
  • He intends to steal as much of their computer records as he can to learn as much as he can about both the DSA and the worlds powerhouses, hoping to turn that information into a plan to counter any rogue powerhouse or murderous government agency.
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The Huntington family has an infamous reputation for wild and opulent partying. Stories as far back as the 18th century claim that if someone could party an entire night with a member of the Huntington family, that person would be guaranteed political positions through the use of Huntington social resources. There have been rumors of Valerie Huntington continuing this game during her early adulthood.

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@valerie_huntington: In that case, *Has my character Nemesis, as Monica Sharr, successfully party all night with the Huntingtons* Tehe. ^_^

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It’s a darker kind of partying than that lol. Gotta make a deal with the Devil.

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In the game of partying, you win or you die. Or you black out and wake up not remembering anything you did. Lol

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@valerie_huntington: And I am okay with literally every option.

He who joins this game leaves either master, or a dead man.

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  • Minor update on Helena's relatives: Athena (Mother), Ivar (Father), Thor (Grandfather), Gróa the Völva (Grandmother).
  • Tyr was originally her grandfather, but decided to change it to Thor for character reasons that will be explained later.
  • Helena was half Native American originally because of her mortal grandmother, but she's been replaced with Gróa, a legendary mortal seer from Norse Mythology.
  • Athena conceived Helena by joining her mind with Ivar's mind. So, Helena technically sprung from the head of her parents and Athena is still a Virgin Goddess. (Burrowed this concept from the Percy Jackson series)
  • Helena's father was a good man and very wise. (You'll learn more about him in a upcoming RP)

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  • Linnea is a huge fan of classical music: her favorite classical composer being Frédéric Chopin
  • Linnea used to dance when she was little ,but got bored quickly, once the dance teacher left
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  • The Feral Nova during the Great Depression and WWII
  • Was 17 when she began her start as a hero
  • Was able to fly as fast as one of the Nazi's fastest airplanes as of 1943.
  • Was known as "Ms. Nova" in the public eye because "Feral" sound too "evil".
  • Is very popular with the kids. Whenever she does a meet and greet children would always bring stuff to her to either melt, set aflame or bake.
  • While her costume was technically fire proof, it would sometimes breakdown due to prolong exposure to her powers. Because of this she usually carries more than one costume with her per mission.
  • Was a part of The Justice Alliance of America
  • Her mask always tends to get in the way as it was heavy, and would even sometimes fling off her face in mid-flight. She has been seen to rip it off her face in the middle of a battle but then make her face too bright to be directly looked at by the human eye.
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  • Born in Whitewood, South Dakota to a pair of rancher-farmers.
  • Two older brothers, one younger brother, and a younger sister.
  • They owned 228 acres of land, on which the parents and younger brother still live.
  • Plans on obtaining all of that land - all of it, one way or another - to use as a vacation/getaway home, after the parents have passed away.
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Goes to church every week. Sings in the choir.

Has tattoos from wrist to collar bone to ankles.

"Nathan, Olivia, Mani" are the only names he has, Olivia twice.

Though he can communicate with animals he prefers the wolves.

close to 150 yrs old


Royal birth line

hates shoes

Imprinted on Hawk's daughter