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Was this all a punishment? Was this God? Was this Karma? Why was this all happening to Stark? Was he finally being punished, and rightly so, for all of his purely villainous crimes against humanity? Stark, fundamentally was a hero. Yet power had corrupted him, made him perform things which he never thought possible. Or was he a puppet? For so long, he was refereed to as the Iron Puppet. Hah, but he had made them all seem so wrong. For he, the technological marvel had become the puppeteer upon taking over the presidents mind and body, but....this was a short lived victory indeed...

Daily. Nightly. Hourly. Even minutely sometimes he would see faces, or rather, one single face. The lifeless, faceless entity which was worse than any horror movie or teen thriller on the planet, the terror Stark had bestowed upon him every waking minute, even sleeping second he would see this face whenever he thought he had forgotten about it, true...utter torment.

Was he going crazy? Horizon thought so, and a few reasons for it, a form of paranoia or post traumatic stress since the entire world was resting on his shoulders at one point?....But it was something far...far...more sinister than that.

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Party after party, meeting after meeting conference after conference fight after fight all without sleep, having been over two weeks now Stark did not dare attempt to sleep out of fear, Horizon had to physically force Stark into an unnatural rest last week due to his body not being able to take the stress of being awake for this much of a prolonged period regardless of the peak serums regenerative abilities. Anyhow, Stark had his next mission. His next assignment.

- Inside PEAK Tower - Starks Office -

Sitting at his desk, Stark contemplated what his next mission would actually entail, deciding to test his limits of control over Premo and the powers associated he would play around. For no apparent reason Premonition would feel an urge to go order a cup of water, then use his powers to turn it into wine. Just beacuse. Stark had a reason, yet he would reveal that soon enough. His only trouble with this face, and hoping Premo's memory did not return before he had carried out his master plan.

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If he had been acting 'off' lately, Orpheus Ziev's staff simply passed it all off as trauma. For once in recent history, the president was actually being given a bit of a break when he was not absolutely perfect. This obviously wasn't a publicity stunt: Ziev had the bruises to prove how close to death he had come.

And since then everything had been quiet. Too quiet. There were long blocks of velvet time, a soft darkness which Orpheus would slip into and awake from without knowing it; moments of blankness in which he moved like an automaton on its programmed tasks.

But he was not afraid. In those moments of blurred time, a faceless man spoke to him about the secrets of the universe. All would be well, since they were in the hands of their God. He did not dream anymore (and, thanks to the machines in his brain he did not question this absence), but if he did he knew the man would be there as well.

"Who are you?" Orpheus asked of the faceless man, his voice echoing strangely as if they were in a room that stretched to eternity? "Feel my face and see for yourself" the man replied. But as Orpheus reached out everything vanished in a burst of pink light and he was himself again.

His last speech had been a bit of a disaster. He would be re-entering the public eye for good again in a couple days. His friend and aide, William Keller, was trying to give him a briefing. Orpheus was absently playing with the sharp punch he used, effectively doodling on some piece of paper or other on his desk. "HEY! Z!" Will yelled. Orpheus dropped his punch, which rolled to the floor. "Huh? Sorry." Orpheus replied, folding his hands.

The paper, forgotten, revealed a stylized three-eyed man grinning up at nothing.

"Hey Will...d'you think you could send someone in with a glass of water?" he was suddenly parched. The only thing in his head was the thought that he NEEDED water. Not the coconut water he usually favored, not tea, not coffee. Water. It caused him physical pain not to have it. Will noted his obvious distress. "Are you okay? Do you need to lie down? You may have suffered a mild concussion, it's not a good idea to push yourself." Orpheus waved him away, took the proffered glass.

But he didn't drink it. Instead, he felt a peculiar whim...he would transmute it, just to see if he could. Smiling slightly, he touched his finger to the surface. As the liquid rippled, it changed.

It wasn't hard. A simple freak chemical reaction caused by impurities in the water interacting in such a way that the bonds became identical to those of a finely aged Cabernet. The chances were exponential, but they existed. Satisfied, Orpheus put the glass on the desk, oblivious to Will Keller's stare.

"Mr. Ziev....what...what did you DO?"

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Stark watched in amusement at this turn of events, in awe that the president could perform such magnificent yet deadly procedures turning one substance into another at the touch of a finger...amazing. Having previously assumed that Premonition would not be able to perform such acts, due to the nearly improbably impossible odds however... The wine changed almost instantly, being transmuted.

Stark laid back in his seat closing his eyes as he was now virtually placed inside of the presidents mind in total influential control, or seemingly so, he spoke to Premonitions subconsciousness as he saw the turn of events, "You shall kill Will Keller, you WANT to kill him!" Stark smiled to himself without realizing as he continued implanting thoughts into the Presidents mind "I will slit his throat, and turn his blood into liquid metal...just beacuse I CAN" Stark was unaware that premonition may be able to resist, he was even more unaware these constant ripples in time were creating a rift, a rift which was letting in another stark from another point in time, another point in a parallel universe.

Quickly, Stark let go off of the connection allowing Premo to follow through whatever he was about to do, smiling to himself he stood up and took a glass of his own wine, sipping it satisfied. Finally finishing he stood up ready to dress himself in his suit and perform a few duties while constantly intruding in on the presidents affairs, however his head crumpled into pain as he held it tight, what was happening? Letting out a scream of agony Stark collapsed onto the ground, in reality his mind was currently undergoing a memory swap, or rather a memory implanting into another Stark in another timeline. Two Starks were about to roam the earth......