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OOC Stuff-

Yea, so I wanted to do one of these too. If you haven't seen it already, Vrakmul did one of these for the "My Immortal" fan-fiction (Here is the link). A MST3king is basically an in-character reaction to something, usually something so bad it's half comical and half torture to watch/read. My characters will be "reviewing" a fan fiction by "dark lemur" about Pokemon. I will not be changing any amount of the spelling or content aside from font. Before you read this, I'll tell you that I have only read through the first two chapters and I don't know what the rest of the story holds. WARNING: This fan fiction has a likely hood of giving you an aneurism. Avoid this if you have OCD on grammar and logic, you'll likely go mad.
I got permission, not trying to rip off anybody here! For the lolz and only the lolz.

IC Setup-

Harris stepped into the theater; or, more so was pushed in by one of the large, godly ushers. He could see many recognizable faces sitting in the seats. That horse-faced Thor guy from Martial City, Lord Rake; The werewolf warrior chick Astrid; even the giant metal scrapyard that had been causing trouble in Paradise and the Balkans, Darwin. He could hear a large crowd of individuals being forced in behind him. He took his seat, wondering why he was doing this. The theater screen flashed on as what he would soon come to know as torture phased into view.  

Let the Script begin!-

Pokemon attack of mewtwo made by dark lemur
Harris: "Okay, great Pokemon. Fun fun fun."
Leo: "Dark Lemur? What kind of name is that?"
Astrid: "Lemurs are jittery Earthen creatures."
Leo: "Yea, duh. Not what I was asking."
Cesar: "What the hell is a mewtwo?"
Dynekes: "I think it's like a weird alien mutant that can mind control you."
Cesar: "That's f#cking weird, kaypay."
*Dibella turns at Cesar with a grimace, Cesar does the middle finger dance*
Leonardo: "Stop you're foolery, the tale is still going."

  this is dark fic it has many dark themes and death and vilence do not read unless you want to
Hector: "So I don't have to watch this? Good." *Gets up, but is nestled back into his seat by the staff*
Nick: "Vilence?"
Tony: "Isn't that the sound a cat makes when it gets stepped on?"
Seth: "No! It's the sounds a rat makes when you punt it like a football!"
Harris: "Well, hopefully it is violent."
Noah: "I can deduce that this story was likely made by a child from the spelling. I doubt a child has the ability to write a violent story."
Harris: "Have to stomp on my hope, huh?"
Ivan: "I'm reasonably sure a bit of hope died when we entered the theater."
*Nathan looks at Ivan with a bit of detest. Ivan shrugs back into his seat.*

"wake up Sarah" said Sarahs mom. Sarah was pokemon trainer who was thirteen years old with black hair and nice smile and really pretty.
Leonardo: "I can feel the author is going to continue with these grammar issues."
Leo: "Of course it will! It's a freaking LEMUR!"
Tammy: "Lemurs suck."
Alfred: "It's why we sent chimps into space and not those odd little rat things." 
Noah: "I've eaten Lemur before. It was tasty."
Leo: "Don't really care."

"ok mom" said Sara and she rememberd that she was old enough for pokemon journey because pokemon leage changed age that trainers could leave home and Sarah went to see professer Oak.
Dick: "Didn't Ash leave home at the age of ten?"
Nick: "The kid probably watches the newer seasons. She might not even know who Ash is...."
*Darwins lights flicker*
Ivan: "The spelling is in the least consistently flawed."
Seth: "Oh don't you worry! They'll get worse!" *Laughs maniacally*
*Everyone stares at Seth, and he quiets down*

"Hi Oak" said Sarah and Oak told sarah that he had only one pokemon left.
Harris: "Uh, how often does Professor Oak only have one Pokemon? When Ash came, he didn't even want to give the electric mouse to him."
Dick: "Not to mention she called him Oak. Everyone calls him Professor Oak."
Hector: "Why am I even here?"
Darwin: "/DArwin observes thAt An higher power despises our existence/"
Astrid: "Obviously."

"It is evee" said Oak and Sarah said it was her favorite and Oak gave her pokeball and sarah let pokemon out. "eevee" said the eevee. "it is so kawaii" said sarah (it is japanese for cute ok!!!)
Ivan: "Oh, she's Japanese. That explains the brain curling spelling."
Nick: "Hopefully..."
Hector: "At least she got that right."
Dynekes: "Perhaps we were seeing this in the wrong light."
Hysteria: "I see things in a lot of light... this still doesn't look good..."
Darwin: "/Agreed/"

Sarah walked out of labradory and suddenly mewtwo. "who are you" asked sarah "i am mewtwo and I hate pokemon trainers and I will explode oaks laboratory so that NO ONE CAN BE TRAINER"
Dick: "...."
Harris: "I'm pretty sure there are other labs..."
Hector: "I'm sure there is no point in trying to think about this, judging on how media has progressed."
Ophelia: "Mewtwo was always on my Pokemon roster."
Seth: "Cool story bro."
*Dynekes eyes Seth, Seth laughs*

"NO said sarah "why do you want to explode lab" "because humans are evil" sad mewtwo" no mewtwo you are evil" said sarah and then mewtwo blew up lab anyway "no" said sarah and saw oak was dead and was Gary. "no why did you do this mewtoo you are evil" said sarah "Shut up or I EXPLODE YOUR HEAD" said mewtwo but sarah not listen and mewtwo shat sichic at her.
Harris: "....what?"
Hector: "So, this 'mewtwo' creature wants to blow up a lab.... but stops to talk in bad English to some underage girl?"
Harris: "And then he "shat" at her. Is this Pokemon or a porno?"
Seth: "I hope it's porn! We might see some tentacles!"
Ophelia: "What is he talking about?"
Dynekes: "You're too young. Ignore him."
Dick: "Gross."

"now she is dead" said mewtwo and flew away but sarah was not dead and blacked out and so was eve.
Astrid: "This is what the Lemur considers violent and dark? And I thought I was going to get something out of this."
Cesar: "I feel ya pretty lady, maybe I can help you with that?"
Astrid: "Unless you mean you're gonna let me gut you, no, you can't."
Cesar: "Too kinky for me."
Punk: "Not for me."
Dick: "Ew."
*Astrid flusters*

then sarah woke up and saw that mewtwo was gone and was sad and sad
Noah: "This girl survives being defecated on by a mutated clone and she is SAD?"
Leo: "Translation; she lives through getting a dirty hairy, and then starts crying."
Alfred: "She's a 13 year old girl for God's sake."
Seth: "It's Hentai, remember?"
Tammy: "She said sad twice..."
Lukas: "Perhaps she's giving us a sign."
Harvest: "A sign of what? That the b#tch enjoyed the alien taking a sh#t-?"
Dick: "Please, stop talking about that." 

"mewtwo I will take ravange on u for exploding oaks lab" and decided to train eevee to become stranger than mewtwo even though mewtwo was legendry and so her pokemon journey begun. 
Noah: "She misspelled her favorite creature's name..."
Nick: "She mispelled more than that."
Harris: "I don't think anything could be "stranger" than a mutant alien clone that takes sh#ts on underage girls to the point of being deadly."
Dick: "I said not to talk about that!"
Ophelia: "Yea, I don't wanna hear that either."
Alfred: "Let's just be glad it's over."
Ivan: "For now..."
Leonardo: "By Odin's beard, I need a drink."
Cesar: "I'm with you on that, horse face!"

Chapter 2 coming soonish

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Leonardo: "By Odin's beard, I need a drink."

By Odin's beard indeed.

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