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"I am often asked what I think of Ivana and Venezuela. Whether I believe she is a righteous ruler or just a dictator. I have always answered that people cannot be so easily defined and that she is not one or the other. The world is not black and white. I will tell you what I think of her, but in order to do so you need to understand how and why she rose to power." My fingers are intertwined together, resting right at the center of the table. A cup of water at the side and the press all looking right at me. The majority were recording their cellphones while the older, more grizzled and traditional crowd were writing down everything I was saying on their note pads.

"Some time ago, we were at war with Venezuela. It all started with the HALO corps and President Stark. Back then, he was the still CEO of Peak Industries. Stark had apparently sent fifty of his employees on a peacekeeping mission after a terrorist attack and they were killed on site. And it all went downhill from here. President Ziev went behind Stark's back and he sent his own personal hit squad to attack the HALO corps, killing dozens, and injuring hundreds. Using Stark as a scapegoat in case it went south for him." Of course, this is only the official story of what happened. The world will never know the truth, not that it matters anymore.

"President Ziev used this war as an excuse to take all the resources he could from the country. Thousands died on his war, he left a country devastated by prostitution and corruption, where crime rampaged the streets. The local militias enlisted by him only made things worse. The nation was broken and they had destroyed it because of their greed. It was like Hiroshima all over again, except in many ways worse, since they never helped reconstruct the country." I decided to stay away from Venezuela at the time. I thought about becoming an ambassador for a moment to get experience there before it all went to hell, but I chose not to. If there's a skill I have mastered after decades of working with the government is that I can smell where the shit storm is going to blow.

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"Instead of cleaning the wound, they let it rot and get infected. They created Xenon, the tyrant and made it easy for him to take over Venezuela. On his reign of terror, he massacred millions of humans and ruled with an iron fist. Even then they did not intervene. They let it happen under their watches. It was their fault." Like Ivana wouldn't have done the same thing had she been given the chance.

"Ivana came in and killed the Chancellor of Venezuela. The people chose her as her leader. So what is my opinion on her? I believe she is the lesser of two evils. At least she is open to communicating with the U.S unlike Xenon was. Like Malcolm X, she only has in mind what is best for mutant race and everyone else is second. I hope that one day she can see that humanity and mutant kind can live together. For now, Venezuela is a place where mutants can live without fear, and that is something that I respect as a mutant myself. However, I cannot support any attacks that she made in Gothic and her denouncements of the human race."


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I love the comparison between Ivana and Xenon. It's been easily forgotten just how that country was created -- At the expense of thousands of humans lives.

Also loved this.

Like Ivana wouldn't have done the same thing had she been given the chance.

Brilliant post.

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A reporter approached, the subject of mutant terrorism provoking more inquiry into the subject matter.

"Mr. Donn, what is your stance on the security of this nation? A band of terrorist mutants once stormed through New York and Into Washington DC itself, in an attempt to kill former president Clara Mass. Another attack by a supernatural, extra-dimensional continent of so called "Gods" bent on dominating the world. There is an ever spreading consensus among the minds of Americans all over the country that no where is truly safe. Where can it be improved? And how can it be improved?"