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The sound of clanking machinery resonated off the metal walls of the ocean submerged base in the Pacific. Men were hard at work, scrambling like ants in an ant hill. All rigid at labor all occupied there was not one individual out of place. Everybody had an assignment, and everyone knew what to do. If you didn’t you’re life would quickly be ended. No one would have believed that only a month ago this chaotic venue was a dormant US army base. Yet recently with the commotion of Champions of Peace and the subconscious threat that they created the Governments of the World had no choice but to create a failsafe, a backup plan just encase things didn’t end up going the way they wanted. And this failsafe wouldn’t be thwarted like its previous attempt, no this time it would be better this time it would work.

“Sir!” A young man’s voice echoed off one of the many hallways of the submerged establishment. His breathing was heavy as he attempted to keep pace with his superior. “The United States President has arrived and is in the waiting room.” A dark haired man dressed in a full black suit stopped in mid step as a devious smile crept up his callous lips. His beady emerald eyes glared back at the young man dressed in a white lab coat. “Proceed as scheduled.” He said before walking off once more reeking of apathy. “But sir…you’re presence is required if we are to persuade the United States Government to help fund our project.” The now slightly agitated man once again stopped several feet away from the lackey his hands resting deep within his pockets. “Who said anything about persuasion?”

With that he walked off until making a sharp turn down the hall leaving the man speechless. “You must watch your tongue.” A voice said coming from the shadows, before stepping out to reveal a young woman. “He only has level 1 access, by divulging too much you could get him killed-“ “By who? You?” The man sneered as he turned his neck staring at her. She glared at him in disgusted, her teeth showing before she let out a deep sigh in composure. “Yes.” She replied lowering her head. “We can’t risk anything; we’ve gone too far to turn back now.” She uttered under her breath her eyes staring daggers at the dark haired man. With his attention seized he fully turned to face before  slowly approached her his hand resting up her shoulder, though she shuddered pulling away.

“’re paranoid?” He said in a sneering tone as an insulting smile crossed his pail lips. “No…just-” She paused a moment in silence as a group of men passed them by. Nodding in acknowledgment she waited till they were out of hearing distance before continuing. “-cautious.” She whispered. “I see…well then, I suppose you have a right to calm your own fears. Dispose of him, he was a lackey and will not be missed.” Her fists tightened as her teeth gritted against one another. Her deep silver eyes stared the man down before her as he knew the resentment locked away with in her. “Go along then, finish him off, I have no time for loose ends in this operation.”   Turning on her heel, with anger radiating off her like fumes she prepared to do as she was told when “Oh…and one more thing. It appears the Vice President of the USA has arrived; make sure he leaves well informed of the situation.”

Moments later, meeting room.

The Vice president sat fidgeting away with his pencil that was tightly gripped in his hand. He was only allowed two guards, who now sat beside him in silence. It was a large enough room furnished with two couches both facing one another and an oak coffee table that was been bolted in the center. All around it were see through mirrors so that the whole meeting could be monitored from the outside in. Tension was high as the young lackey, who had hoped to convince his superior to stable the situation, was now attempting to calm the temper of the Star Spangled States Second in Command.

“Please sir I do apologize for the delay. My Lord is busy and has much more things to attend to”. This only caused the America’s leader s temper to sky rocket. “More important! More important than meeting with me after, he planned this meeting, venue and time himself. I have had to take great precautions to cater for your so called “Lords” Wishes and now I put my foot down! I will not be at the bidding of this man!” Standing to his feet he looked at both his guards and they rose as well. Glaring down at the young man he was about to make his exit when – “Sorry sir, but I cannot allow you to leave.”

The young lady said as she walked through the automated doors. Her lush blue hair falling over her shoulders as her silver eyes glared down all three of the US individuals. She glanced at the lackey who now stared at her entranced. "Meet me outside will you Vincent, I have an important matter to tie up with you."She whispered tossing him a playful smile before seating herself across the Vice President and his men. “See Lord, my master has a proposition for you, one that I think you will find very irresistible.”

Weeks later

The news papers were plagued with head lines of the United states joining forced and creating a treaty between the Asian countries of China, Russia and Japan. It was so unbelievable to a point where no one saw it coming. Following a speech in white house, the President of the united sates announced this stunning event on life television. The media were buzzing with scoops, and their own personal opinions on the matter. Some thought it foolish, others saw it a great break through for peace on the globe. But like always there were those elect few most thought them crazy skeptics, but those elite individuals who knew something was going on. Obviously their voices and concerns were drowned out by the raging hysteria that the country was plunged into, but even in the midst of what might have seemed a dream come true, one thorn remained in their side.

“The heroes pose no threat, they are far to occupied with inter galactic concerns. The Villains are content as long as you give them a piece of land and fake supremacy. The Neutrals remain no threat, they dwell in the shadows concerned for their own well being.” The words slid off her lips like wine, as she stood before a board of directors all dressed in black suits their hands swiftly taking notes. She was an angle in disguise he grace and poise mimicked none other as she won over the executive and high officials of government. “Yet we have one threat.” She said brushing her midnight blue hair out of her face staring each member dead in the eye. “There are a few, not many but enough to be a threat, vigilantes that seem to have no allegiance no connection. Rogue agents, assassins and mercenaries that have dwelled in the shadows.”

Pausing for effect she pressed a button on the hand held remote and the whole room went dark. Before them a screen appeared with the faces of several dozen people, some of them had the words “Located” “Terminated” upon their face but there were a select few that contained the words “intangible” above their picture. “These remaining men and woman gentlemen have eluded us either subconsciously, or intentionally we do not know. But their location we can no pin down.” She stopped as she noticed one of them officials had his hand raise. Nodding in acknowledgment she let him speak. “Forgive me for asking but what threat could a few scattered vigilantes pose to the governments of the world?”

Snickering her crimson red lips curled up in a devious smile as she let out a deep sigh approaching the man. Placing the palms of her hands on his desk she leaned in forward her hair draping over her smooth and luscious skin. The mans forehead began to sweat as his heart rate accelerated. “They pose no threat on their own. But if one of them had even a suspicion and banded the others together we would have a threat on our hands.” Pulling away she walked back to the front of the stage clicking the hand held remote once more flipping to a world map with certain locations pin pointed. “These gentlemen are the locations we think some of these remaining survivors are, I ask that you aid us in taking these remaining neutrals out before they discover things we wouldn’t want them too.”

With that the young woman left, leaving the men to discuss how they would proceed. “Well my dear Selice, it appears you’ve won the crowd once more.” But the young woman’s mind was already deep in thought. “They won’t succeed you know.” She murmured her silver moon lit eyes glaring at her superior. He simply snickered shaking his head as he brushed his dark locks out of his face. “You don’t know that.” He said before glancing through the window observing the senators as they conversed in conversation about the matter at hand. “Yes, but what if they do. These rogue agents you should not underestimate. They have dealt with assassins, mercs and everything under the sun. You better have an endorsement plan.” She said walking up behind him her fingers grazing the glass. As she looked over toward her superior she could see the devilish smile curling upon his dry lips. “Don’t worry my pet, I have a plan B already in the works as we speak".

At the end of that day the world leaders, unknown to the public, unknown to the heroes or villains sent out their greatest and most deadly assassins to hunt down the remaining threats, and to silence them to remove them like the others, before they had the chance to discover anything at all.

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Time is money, and time will not be wasted. We pioneer our lives off the opportunity to get money, and once succeeded, we grasp our ultimate satisfaction. Of course, the process of obtaining proper currency requires legal skill acceptance and education. Most lack the motivation or will to pursue these components due to the potent lust for money, so they look for alternate methods to obtain there cash. Whether it is larceny or controlled substances, we seek the cash in abundance.

Chase Brett aka Larceny Ghost, adept theft and Financial tactician. The Criminal Prodigy lust money more than your average criminal, he was absolutely obsessed with the fragrance of cash, it was as sweet as the scent of magnolia to his nose. He possess an masterful notion, developed check schemes, drug traffics, and strings to robberies. Chase went to the maximum extent to ensure that money flowed directly into his pockets, and if any interfered with his cause, death was the minimum consequence

Unknown Area: Months Ago

Complete silence radiated an austere essence within the hallow catacombs of the facility, only the echoes incongruous shoes clacking against the metallic surface of the arcane HQ nadir could be heard. Dimly lit snake like tunnels perfected an eerily scene to the eyes of the foreign, making it uncomfortable for the current  quad of guest to bare. The odor of freshly constructed machinery was potent within the vicinity, due to the development of the au courant  HQ.

They reached the terminus of the cavern maze, and entered a highly technologically advanced chamber. Various forms of integrated machines synchronized to perform a multitude of tasks bewildered the current applicants of the secretive faction. A mélange of colored light patterns created an epileptic feeling if the monitors were glared at for too long. It took years to create such an advanced facility, and the process isn't even close to its terminus.

 “Welcome bruhs, why don’t yall take a seat for lil bit..dont be shy” A   warm southern accent echoed throughout the small military like chamber.  The quad of Caucasian males searched for the source of the voice around them, but nothing could be seen.   A round automated slide door open in front of the group from the floor” oh wow..sh1t…never seen that before” one of the guest   beamed as he watched there “ ciceron” debut from his platform elevator. His dark brown med length hair was dense, oily with thick gel. His eyes were colorless from the screen of his crimson eye piece mask, his black leather jack glistened with gloss from a well done polish. His guest simply stared at his holster, hoping that the outcome of this meeting doesn't come with a bullet to the cerebellum 

“Yall do know theres seat behind yeh?” the man said friendly as he point directly behind them, four   egg shell like chairs appeared behind the men” this is some place you got hear….i don’t even understand what im getting myself into any more..god..”“ well that why im going to explain yeh my kind bruh, just take yall seats and we can   move on to the hear orientation I got on set” The anxious men took their seats quietly and anticipated the details of the mysterious organization

   “okay, first off, I would like to introduce myself…we don’t tend to use our government names round here got it? My name is Larceny Ghost, pioneer of  Black Diamond Mafia that yall wish to are yall names?”“ Name is jeffre..”“AYE I said no government names..people can find out a lot of sh1t bout yeh from a name , gimme sutin you wanna be called?”“ okay …Brute” the tall pale muscular blond man said .” And you?.. whats your name?” Larceny asked the second man “ Brain sir” a short silk black haired man replied “good good..okay now you there fat man!” Larceny asked the third man ” I don’t think I want to reveal that..” The large round irish looking male replied “ oh yeah? Why is that?” The Mafia Kingpin asked curiously, with his hands rested on his waist, itching to pulls his gun from  his holster. The wise  man located Larceny’s hands and negated his personal wishes to save his life, he sensed that denying membership to this faction would result in death.”  Pardon me..i couldn’t figure out a name but I think I have one..Hip”  The elephant like man boasted in fear, not even figuring a serious name for himself.” Hip?...uh okay..i guess”   Chase” Larceny” Brett then turned to his final applicant, a warm colored woman well rounded malevolent looking female , without a distinct emotion surfacing though expressionless white facial defenses.” What your name beautiful?” The woman eyed Larceny closely with her captivating almond shaped green eyes, without expression before replying” Façade”  Larency stared at the mysterious individual   and examined him closely, he could feel an essence he couldn’t grasp off any other of the candidates” your definitely in …I don’t even have to look at you for more than 5 seconds to realize your about your business sis”  Larceny observes the rest of the group, and withdraws  his Pietro Barreta slowly” none of you serve a purpose to me anymore..sorry but yeh got to go.

“Wait what the he..POW” before Brute could even finish his question, a cold slug to the brain, obviated any statement that could’ve been made.  The Homicidal Diamond Boss, aimed the smoking barrel of his gun to the next shellshock   prey,” you all must die..Mafia policies   HeHa.....POW!"

 Currently: The Tragedy

 “I cant believe this sh!t is happening to me all I lived for ending like this! God dammit!”  The Money Hungry Savage yelled as he laid sheltered behind a vibranium desk within his HQ office. His facility was under attack, his home, the life he had invested so much in. He gripped the body of his M7A1 Carbine tighly as he reminisced of the memories he shared with his brethren in the Mafia. All he could feel was a cold chill down his spine as he looked at the bloodstained surfaces of  heart, his place of escape. He couldn't help but to tear as he sat helplessly by the last morsel of his heart,"Facade" the love of his life.

 “We have to figure a way out of here before they find us Sandra, im not the type to just run..especally…since…nuh…”  Larceny just lowered his head in shame, stricken by the thoughts of living through his brothers death.” You don’t have to explain yourself my love, they were my family too. But we have more we have to live for..” Chase rubbed her abdomen softly and placed a soft comforting kiss upon it.” Yes our daughter I didn’t forget about that…I promise you ill get us out of here, you got ammo for your gun?...cuz we bout to head get us outty!” Façade simply smirked before placing a soft gentle motivating kiss upon her lovers forehead” lets go baby”.

 The two criminals got to their feet hastily , motivated by thoughts of having a family together, this inspired them to want to live a little bit longer. Larceny crouched his way slowly towards the office door as sneaky as a leopard focused on prey.   He pulled over his crimson red mask, with homicidal intentions burning within his heart, he wanted to live his life with his beloved more than anything in the worth right now. “Babe give me the suppressor. Make sure you equip yours too” Sandra Aka Façade said creeping behind Larceny” Thanks for reminding me sweetie pie, you’re the best”. Mr. Brett halted at the door cautiously; he distributed an M7a sound suppressor to his girlfriend, and equipped one himself.” Okay  at the count of 3 we are going to leave the room you cover behind me, I cover the front. Got it?” Larceny plotted” of course I got it love” The Pregnant Sandra said cockily” tsh ..two..three!”

The two lunged outside of the room rifles prepared to terminate any hostile on sight.  Luckily the corridors were empty” keep your guard up, remember it was only two people who whipped out our whole fukkin family…damn” Larceny stressed sadly to sandra as he lowered his head once more. The Deuce Diamond Mafia bosses made their way all the way down the corridors safely towards an staircase leading to an exit” hmm guess   …GET DOWN!!” Larceny yelled alarmingly.

  Larceny and Sandra dropped to the floor immediately as a school of deadly razor disk zipped through the air in bloodlust” There!!” Sandra screamed as she pointed at a black suited Ninja like figure that resembled that image of Tenjiin or Rayne“.” Who the he…” "it doesn’t matter! help me up!!”   Sandra interrupted anxiously. The Grand Larceny lifted his beloved wife by her underarms, as she made her way to her feet she began to fire at her adversary with adept precision. She was not up against no average adversary, the infiltrator weaved through each bullet with abnormal speeds and evasive skills, drawing closer for a more physical assault “ we gotta get the fk outta here babe ..that man is not fkkin human”" oh you dont fukkin say?!"
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15 Years ago, Southern Ohio


The sun begins to set on horizon, leaving the buildings in the distance a mere silhouette. The leaves dance in the autumn wind along with the litter spread throughout the children’s playground. Lamont stands behind a girl on the swing set pushing her at a steady pace, though the cool breeze works against him. “ Push me higher Montie”, she giggles ascending and descending; an angel in his eyes. “ I’m too tired. We should get home”, he murmurs as he sits on the swing beside her, noticing the street lights flicker on illuminating the deceptive roads of the ghetto. “Let’s stay for a little bit, I like hangin with you.” She grabs his soft, little hand and interlocks their fingers, staring deep into his eyes. “ I..I like hangin witchu you too Chelsey..”  Something wells inside his being and he leans forward. He approaches slowly and kisses her softly on the lips. As he does, he opens his eyes as they radiate with a light blue aura. He looks at her face turning sour as she begins to disintegrate into thin air. TSOOM! Without a word, she’s gone. Lamont twirls in horror, and everything seems to compress around him. “NOOOOOOOOOOOOO..”. A florescent beam launches into the sky as he wails in agony. A pillar of energy bursts through the atmosphere that can be seen miles away. Thus was the birth of Siphon.

Present Day

Siphon stares into the eyes of one of the many heads of the Infinitive, an underground organization responsible for the assassination of all of his family members. It took all of his being to restrain himself as he attempts to gain information from the man. He had been tracking him for months, seeking not only revenge, but answers to the tradgedy committed.  “Itachi Ohura, one of the many generals in the crime organization known as the Infinitive. I’ve gotta say you’re pretty elusive, but today it ends. Tell me about the crime organization your involved with. What do you want with me?.” Across the dimly lit room at the end of a long steel table sits a man with eyes sunken into his wrinkled face with protruding jowls and a calm expression. Around the two lay the lifeless bodies of his personal lackies who attempted to halt Siphon’s intrusion. “ Heh...You believe your acquired knowledge scares me Mr. Quentin? Lamont Quentin, age 21, single male, 6’1’’ 220 pounds, energy manipulation, formerly of Tenth Magnitude, Bladed Angels, The Regulators. Constantly switching schools, killed an innocent girl, abandoned your family. I could continue this dick swinging contest all day. You’ll have to do better than this. You have no idea the powers you are dealing with. You just a scared child seeking a false sense of redemption by running around in a costume. You should go home while you can. Enjoy life while you have it boy”

    His frustration builds. The lights whir and flicker. Siphon lets out a heavy sigh and recollects himself. “ You’ve obviously been keeping tabs on me. But your wrong about one thing Itachi..I didn’t abandon my family. You and your boys killed them. I WANT TO KNOW WHY” He springs up from his chair and walks toward the unusually confident gentleman. “See, that’s where your wrong. You did abandon you family. And blood demands blood.”  A tall figure enters the room and emerges from the shadows. Equipped with an impressive assortment of throwing knives, kevlar armor and an eerie mask , the person in front of him stopped Siphon dead in his tracks. “Who are you?!”

 The man’s hand raises slowly and lifts away the mask. Horror wipes across his face as Siphon views the culprit’s face. Siphon is locked in disbelief and the new player uses this to his advantage. In a swift and precise movement, the man twirls around projecting the mask at Siphon’s head. The attack connects and he stumbles backward toward a window overlooking the San Francisco streets several stories below. “ It’s been too long” The man whispers in a flustered Siphon’s ear after speeding across the room. With that the energy reaper is kicked out of the window and goes flying towards the depths below. 

“That will only leave a scratch. I should go and finish him off.” the assassin implores. “No we can’t do that yet. We still need him in one piece to achieve our goals. Contact the other heads. They will want to know of our progress”, Itachi proclaims. 

A hovercraft approaches the ledge of the broken window as the men walk off. “How deep in cover are these individuals?” Itachii” We have agents with positions within the U.S Government, Triads, Yakuza, the U.N, Parliament- wait why do you ask Ty?” Itachi takes his buckles in and the hatch closes followed by a pressurized hissing. “ I don’t like there to be secrets between me and my clients. It messes with my business.”

“ Haha your business? Being detached will keep you from spilling the beans if you’re caught. A risk that we won’t be taking Mr. Quentin. We’ve have been around for centuries. Assisted with the alliance with Ancient Egypt and Rome, appointed Popes who lead the templars, covered up the Black Dhalia mystery, shrouded truths about Area 51. No sense in getting sloppy now.”

“I was attached the moment you hired me. Lamont is my brother!” The hovercraft disappears as it climbs in altitude. 

The shards of glass rain downward falling on the corpse of the Blue Harvester. His bloody fingers clench the concrete  and he pushes himself up. KABOOM!!!. The building explodes from the base upward and the area is quickly subdued in a cloud of fire and smoke. The Infinitive, a force that blinds it's victims with the light of the sun and hides in the shade. They're a league far too powerful for Siphon alone. But his new found blood lust wouldn't prevent him from finding them and bringing them to their knees. He would find them and his brother an eventually uncover this madness.

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The Program-American Branch Three Months Ago  

Delon screams to a green suited buffoon “Can this hunk of sh!t go any faster?!!!! I can run faster than this, come on you damn fool. I didn’t save your ass so we could get run off the fucking road!” The man in green suit curses at Delon as the Program closes in. Their base of operations had been destroyed by the duo mere moments ago and the last experiment of The Doctor is out for its revenge. Delon was its brother in many ways but it wanted nothing better than to see him dead, watching the tanks and four wheelers getting closer Delon did the only thing he could. “Bob, been real fun. Next time you’re in town….please, PLEASE DON’T LOOK ME UP!” Delon stood up in the back of the jeep, his legs sinking into the ammunition case. Soon the contents of the case were gone, all absorbed into his body. Leaping from the jeep Delon sailed through the air for a moment before splattering on the road. Reforming as Bob continued on, he looked back to make sure Delon was still alive. Before continuing down, Delon watched as Bob and his only way out of this desert drove off into the horizon. Turning back towards the oncoming army Delon smiled wide.

Letting his arms fall he “cocked” his arms before they transformed into guns, a smile came to his face. Unleashing all the ammunitions that were within his body into the oncoming jeeps and tanks. He watched as they turned over smashing into the road, some of them flipped right over Delon as he continued. Soon out of the flames of war that was the small strip of road Delon had unleashed hell upon the final Experiment walked.   Delon had forgotten the experiments name, but he knew one thing he was better than Delon. Transforming his hand into pure electricity the experiment fired off a bolt of electricity, it slammed into Delons chest sending him backwards. Delon hadn’t gone airborne he was simply being pushed further backwards, he gritted his teeth as he could feel the slight irritation of pain. He couldn’t feel the actual sensation of pain, but he could feel his body dying slowly. The area around where the electricity had hit was beginning to break down, the experiment was something more. A monstrosity among all of the programs guinea pigs he had everything. Delon knew that if he took too many of its attacks that he wouldn’t be able to heal from them.

Turning into gas he escaped the electricity, only for the experiment to ignite Delon in his gas form. The cloud of gas he had turned himself into erupted in a white hot cloud of flame. Delon reformed out of the ashes holding his chest as his body hadn’t completely reformed. The experiment knew every loop hole in Delons body and his powers, how to bring him down. He knew how to kill him..Permanently. Delon tried to move away as the experiment inched closer and closer, soon it was standing over Delon its arm forming into a long spear. Lifting its arm high into the air it prepared to deliver the final blow, when Delon screamed out “Wait!” The experiment flinched, for that single moment it flinched and Delon took the opportunity. Turning into water he allowed for his body to be absorbed into the dirt that covered the road. The experiment tried to attack further, only turning up soil. It stood looking all around until it finally let out a roar that filled the quiet landscape.


Delon walked the streets of Washington D.C. appearing simply as a homeless man. It had been three months since he last saw the experiment or the Program. The latter making Delon’s life a living hell, labeling him a vigilante amongst the hero community. The world’s governments were singling out vigilantes, they wanted nothing to do with them. They could deal with the heroes, and even avoid the villains like Darkchild if they prayed hard enough. But vigilantes were something of a problem for them, this pissed Delon off. Because for him he cared nothing for any of them, he simply wanted to continue on living and bring down the Program. Yes the Program was funded by many governmental parties but he didn’t want to bother with the rest, he simply wanted the Program to burn for what they did to him. But what he didn’t know is the The Program had its fingers in every single cookie jar imaginable, that for him to defeat the program he would need to go through all forms of government.

The Initiative was the newest program to come out of government funds, they wanted nothing more than to purge the world of all vigilantes. All had been successful up until now, all the vigilantes who were not aligned with a team in some form or funded by the government themselves were wiped out. All of their families wiped out systematically, Delon only knew of these things through the wire. He listened to the right people, those like Bob who would help him if needed and those who Delon would help.   By listening to this wire Delon had allied himself with the very people he was being labeled as, he knew almost none of them but now he was in the massive shooting range and the target was now on his head.

Delon leaped from roof top to roof top, running as fast as he can. His gut filled with a new form of ammunition the initiative had developed, his body was healing slowly from his wounds but he needed to rest. Something the Initiative wasn’t going to allow, Delon turned looking back and screamed “For crying out loud!!! When will you guys take the hint.” Delon launched a torrent of water slamming into one of the agents as he leaped from one building to another falling to the street below. The others continued on their hunt as if the other man was nothing, Delon sighed leaping high into the air as he jumped from the building he was on to the next. Forming his arms into a glider he glided over several rooftops before dropping down onto the rooftop. The agents were several rooftops away but they were not going to give up, Delon thought to himself “What the hell do I have to do?” His body was working overtime, he had been running for five straight days, and it had been 12 hours since he was able to eat anything. The time he had to eat was not enough, he was running on fumes and his body needed constant nourishment. Soon the sounds of gunfire could be heard, and the gunfire whizzed overhead but the world was all coming to a standstill for Delon. His body was trying to eat itself now, breaking down what could be broken down without killing itself. His organs and body would heal…only if he could eat and within the hour if he didn’t, his body would be so broken down for nourishment that he wouldn’t be able to defend himself. The agents were now three buildings away from him, he thought of the thing in his pocket. One of the Wire had given him it just in case, he hated depending on the “Just Incases” in life. They just pissed him off, especially this one which meant he had to ask for help and depend on someone else for help. He sighed deep an pulled out a cell phone, opening it only one number came up it was abbreviated with RO.

Dialing the phone rang for a brief moment and then the other end picked up, Delon took a deep breath in and sighed . “Alright….I’m in. Now get my ass out of here.” The agents were now closer, leaping from the building they were on and onto the one Delon was on. Delon transformed his arms into swords, and the agents pulled out Billy clubs that upon the press of a button electrified. Electricity surged through the weapons, and Delon sighed even louder bringing the phone back up to his ear “And make it quick please…….Roulette.”

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The chattering of high priced executives and lawyers filled the atmosphere like a sweet scented aroma. It was almost as fragrant as the money each one was spending. Nights of secret pleasure seemed to be the most attracting for these types of men with money in their pockets. Strip clubs, bars, hotel rooms and affairs were their trade mark. Lilia Creed knew all about men, they were like a book she had read a hundred times over. She had met and bedded many a man form many a world and time but one fact remained: They were all the say. Below the hulking exterior or thoughtful intellect they were all the same. Greedy vagabond s who just wanted to feel special, at least that’s what they were to her.

Her body lay prostrate below a dim lit bulb as the smell of her night of pleasure still lingered. She was dressed in white silk linen that curled around her body like a cloud, so soft so delicate so easy to blow off. Her golden hair lay drenched in sweat, as her clear sapphire eyes gazed at the crummy ceiling. Her nails were pained scarlet, her cheeks pail as the night but her velvet red lips made up for that in plenty. Slowly she sat herself up leaning against the wiring of the bed as she got her breath. There’d be another in about 10 minutes, probably either some tech expert, or a scientist, or just an unhappy wealthy man that wanted one night to get rid of wife and family. They all had different tales, some of them Lilia could see through and knew were lies but in this business honestly none of it mattered.

Despite Lilia’s questionable life style one thing placed her in a category all of her own. She was still a virgin. The untouched prostitute, it didn’t come without perks though. Men would come just to her door to attempt to rip off what’s her but she wouldn’t let them. Her mind was filled with ways to occupy these creatures, to give them what they wanted and she could do many better things to men that just give them plain and simple intimacy. But tonight was a close one, he was big and hulky the strong type, almost managed to succeed but she figured him out, it just took a little longer that’s all. But if you were to look at her now you’d have no clue of what she use to be.

Lilia Creed, code name Saber, recent informant of the Russia military, KGB unit. For most of her life she was a spy, espionage was what she did in her spare time, but she majored in information gathering. Concerning both men and woman she was an expert her words and physical gestures could get a mans heart racing in seconds. She had studied every aspect of the thing called man, she knew his buttons and she knew what he wanted, it was the same with every man actually. Even relating to high ranking officials she could dress up like a layer, a wife, a mistress whatever. She was the perfect thespian in the situation. But if times were hard and situation dire and money limited she’d go straight to the core and skip all the “getting to know you” speeches and just do what she was good at, seduction.

“Sabre I swear if you don’t open the freakin’ door I’m going to brake it down!”   “And brake every bone in your body? Well if so then do it quietly!” Lilia moaned as she started packing her things. She really didn’t carry much. Clothing, a cell phone, a few personal items along with her three inch dagger, silver laced Katanna, adamantium knife along with some other items. Miss Creed knew the ways of a warrior she once was one, before this. Now she was forced to stoop to a level lower than hers, just to get what she wanted. Well tonight was her lucky night, the bug fella was exactly what she wanted, and so much more. He worked for them, well for whoever was doing this. Truth is, she actually had a partner, a close and dear friend one that was killed with now clues, no trail to follow. It had been 4 months since that incident and now she had gotten enough.

But just then the door slammed open as a midnight blue hard girl stood holding Shamus by the collar. “Oh…Laura do you ever knock” Sabre said her Russian accent weighing heavily on her words. The midnight haired assassin grinned slightly as she dropped the unconscious table boy on the door and proceeded to enter the room. “You called to talk?”Lilia cracked a smile a she swung her backpack over her shoulder. “Yes but not here, remember Weapon X Squad?” Talon paused a moment eyeing her friend closely. “Yeah why?” Shaking her head Lilia chuckled “You could never keep up.” With that Sabre leaped out the window sliding off the slanted roof top before leaping into the air, and somersaulting before her feet hit the ground. Snapping her head up her golden locks rested on her shoulders as she saw Laura standing next to her.

“You’ve gotten better.” “No…you’ve just gotten old.” Talon said with a teasing smile. The two continued to walk down the river’s edge. “Laura’s something’s going on. Something that might make me….disappear for a while.” Talon’s eyes grew out of concerned. “They killed him Laura, they got Knight. I don’t know who or what…but they just….took him just like that. I couldn’t stop it. He threw me off the edge before I could intervene. He knew they were coming!” Tears began filling Sabre’s eyes as Talon took on a more composed nature. “Who?” Lilia Creed glanced over to Laura her emerald eyes staring deep at her “I don’t know, but I was hoping it could be like old times?” Talon hesitated in her reply but had say the truth “Lilia, I can’t….I’m currently the leader of Shadow Squad, Champions has taken a major hit and us next gen have to pick up the slack. I can’t just abandon them and go…my team, my lover I can't.”

“Uhhhggg!!” Lilia cried out as she turned her back to the emerald eyed assassin. “Fine then, I can handle this myself. You may go.” She said in a low monotonous voice. There was a long silence between the two femme fatales but finally Talon broke it. Placing her hand on her old friends shoulders Laura smiled weakly. “I said I won’t be able to go with you…not help. Sabre I don’t know much but I know that the Sates allaying themselves with the Asian nations was no coincidence follow the trail and I know you’ll find what you want most of all, it’s what I want too.” With that the midnight haired assassin started to walk into the darkness. Glancing at Laura in slight surprise Lilia asked “What is that?” Smiling darkly as she glanced back Talon simply replied “Revenge.”

Hours later

Following Talon’s clue, she had found herself in the heart of the main state in the United Sates, Washington DC. The sun beamed heavily down upon her back, as she was dressed in a full on grey suit. Her hair tied up into a bun at the back of her head as she had sunglasses covering her eyes. Her lips were a natural light pink as she was walking currently on high heels. It had been ages since she played dress up in a while. After connecting a few dots, she found herself here walking among normal people trying to blend in. She got a few stars from some individuals but only those that thought she reminded them of a Prostitute they had once been in bed with. But they were mistaken, she wasn;t that at least not now. She was a consultant on her way to the Pentagon.

“Look out for him. He’ll no doubt be in a hell load if trouble, and screamin’ my name.” Her orders were clear, not what she wanted but clear enough at least. Her feral like senses were not as heightened as Talon’s in truth she hadn’t used her powers in what felt like years but she knew she’d have too. His trail was strong, it was virtually impossible to miss him. Either he didn’t groom himself or he had been running so much that he didn’t have time. Either way she was on his trail. After wandering far enough she detected that a pursuit had taken place. Her mild mannered walk now turned into a sprint as she was started to wonder why the hell she had picked this attire.

Eventually she saw then over a dozen of men perusing an individual and altering appearance.  He was leaping from roof to roof and Sabre having no way of flying knew she’d get nowhere on the ground. Ripping off her overcoat she dashed down the street determined to go faster and get ahead of the. She set her ocean eyes forward as she undid her hair. Her heart rate quickened as her breathing grew heavier and heavier. Her shoes had already come off and now she was running on her bare feet. “How do I get myself into these things.”She moaned finally ahead of the gang and catching up on her target. He was perched on a roof seemingly exhausted, but the agents tailing him were nearing.

Finally reaching his building she got to the wall and on command her nails started to grow in length. “So much for my manicure.” She wined as she dug them into the brick wall and started climbing. Gasping for breath since she was greatly out of practice she managed to leap over the edge and land on the roof in front of her assignment. Looking at him one moment she shrugged as she turned her attention to the agents heading their way. Pulling out a device that was in her pants pocket she stared them down watching their moves as they closed the distance. Three buildings, now two and finally they managed to get onto the other leaping like jack rabbits. A wicked smile curled upon her lips as she waited, waiting for the first man to prepaid to jump toward them. She ensured that the man she was after was behind her as she dogged the oncoming wave of bullets. Finally with no time to spar she pressed the button and instantly the building in front of them burst into flames. The whole thing fell backward causing the domino effect crushing the other agents behind.

With cop sirens in ear shot and smoke fogging up sight she turned toward the individual known as Delon, and let out a deep sigh placing her hands on her hips her nails returning to their previous length. “Roulette sent me, he said you’d need him and to keep an eye on you.” She said dropping the remote and throwing it into the flames behind her. “I assume from the phone call you’ve decide to accept his offer, it was wise.” Smiling playfully she extended her hand “You and I both know the threat looming, and there are a few others out there that might need us, and that we need to find. Will you help me?”

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Secret Government High-Security Facility: Cell Block 3; Outside of San Francisco; 4:46 P.M.

The alarm buzzers continued to blare as bullets continued to fly in all directions. As inmate and security alike were killed, a tall, imposing figure menacingly walked through the corridors, gunning down any inmate in his way as he spoke into a comm-link.

“I need a status report on the seven high-priority prisoners, now!” He yelled while jamming the stock of his custom M4 Carbine into the face of an attacker, finishing him off with a single shot to the head.

The voice on the other end of the comm-link was obviously nervous, his voice shaky and panicky.

“They’re under control for now, captain. However, we’re having a lot of problems with Subjects 86, 19, and…”

He was cut off suddenly as every electronic device in the facility seemed to go offline at once before coming back on suddenly.

Impatiently, the captain yelled into his earpiece. “Johnson! Johnson! What the hell is going on down there?!?” For a few minutes, there was no reply, until Johnson finally responded, more panicked than before.


The signal was cut off suddenly, and the captain understood immediately what had happened. Before he could send a request for government aid, however, all electronics went down again. Now engulfed in near-complete darkness, and realizing that he and his men were most likely doomed, he dropped his gun and kneeled against a wall.

“Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name…”

Same Facility: Special Containment Block 3; 4:46 P.M.

He had been sitting in this facility for roughly ten days, six hours, fort-five minutes, and thirty-six seconds. The walls were dull gray brick reinforced with several layers of steel. No windows. The only exit to this cell, a reinforced steel door, was to his right from where he sat on his bed. Across from him was the toilet. He wore a bright orange prison jump-suit with the sleeves torn off, revealing his toned, and muscular arms.

This prisoner was Marcus McClain, also known as the Midnight Assassin, and he was currently contemplating the best and quickest method of escape. He stood and began to pace the cell; he had plenty of time to come up with something.

Suddenly, and most unexpectedly, the entire cell went dark and the door opened. Inexplicably, he was now free. That’s rather convenient. If the cell is open, then I wonder if…

A blast of psychic power erupted from his body at the slightest thought.   The power nullifiers were down. Marcus smiled to himself and began to crack his joints.


 He emerged from the cell to a crowd of armed prison security. Marcus could sense and feel how nervous they were. After a brief stare down, the security opened fire, their bullets bouncing ineffectively off of a telekinetic shield. With a brief thought, Marcus expanded the shield outwards, forcefully knocking every guard back. With another thought, every guard in the vicinity was lifted into the air. Finally, with a snap of his fingers, each security guard was telekinetically crushed into a bloody mess the size of a basketball.

Marcus smiled, content that he had retained his great control over his abilities as he stepped through the gory scene. He looked around once more. Probably a bit over-dramatic and non-discreet. He shrugged and laughed silently to himself. But it sure was effective.

 He unleashed a blast of psychic energy, creating a large hole in the side of the facility, before telekinetically propelling himself into the air towards San Francisco and the sweet taste of freedom.