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It's here, it's finally here. The RPG where you can be a peaice of trash and tell do all the things you ever wished to do. Go to other places, meet other trash, and if you're a piece of paper, you can transform into whatever you want, but still be paper.


Piece of Paper

Banana Peel

Left-over Cheese

Now join, and do whatever you want.



Normal Rules Apply

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Crappy Pony started to move. "God, what's all this trash over me," he said as he tried to climb out of the trash can. He was a peice of paper, all his life he had waited for the moment a human picked him up and drew or wrote on him. If he was lucky, he could end up in a museum as a famous painting, or in a novel as a famous book chapter. But no, instead, a 7 year olf girl had picked him up and had drew a crappy pony, thus his name.

Hey man, watch the edges

Dude, you woke me up!

Aww geeze, don't you pieces of trash ever consider that someone is a fruit?

Other trash inside the can said as Crappy Pony climbed out. Well, this was a new beginning, and he would make the best of it.