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Know what's really fun? D20 Roleplaying games. I want to bring that fun to comicvine.

I'll be putting 4 brave souls through the ringer.

If you would like to play in the most classic Pathfinder Campaign, known as Rise of the Runelords, all you need to do are three things to apply to this game.

  1. Express Interest
  2. Create a character concept
  3. Let me know if you have played Pathfinder, or at least know how to play. Let me know if you have ever played in a PBP (play by post) games as well (and this doesn't have to be a Pathfinder PBP, it can be any system), which is what we will be doing here. If you do not know how, that's ok, you may have time to learn before we start, and I might be able to answer a few questions along the way, my free time permitting.

That's all you need to do to apply to this game now. SO GET TO IT!

But it you would like a little more information on what game you will be playing, and some tips for creating your character, read on.

No Caption Provided

The town of Sandpoint needs you!

No Caption Provided

Welcome to Sandpoint!

Please stop to see yourself as we see you!

Some of you have lived in the gossipy little coastal town of Sandpoint for years, while others have been more (or less) frequent visitors to the picturesque hamlet over the years. A few of you are newcomers to ‘The Gem of the Lost Coast’, as Sandpoint bills itself.

In any case, you are all in Sandpoint on the Autumnal Equinox, the day of the Swallowtail Festival (and the Harvest Fest, for those adherents to Erastil). The town has a particular reason to celebrate today, as the Sandpoint Cathedral is finally complete! This magnificent stone structure, the largest building in town, is dedicated to the many gods of the villagers: Erastil and Abadar, Gozreh and Desna, Sarenrae and Shaelyn. It is built on the former site of the Sandpoint Chapel, a wooden structure which burned to the ground several years ago, but it also encircles the seven standing stones, sacred to the Varisians who worshipped here long before any buildings were present.

Though you may have come to Sandpoint to renew your faith at the cathedral, or to seek your fortune, or to turn a coin or two, today is a joyous occasion, and you have joined the throngs of residents and visitors to experience all Sandpoint has to offer!

This is where your journey begins...

All is not as it seems in Sandpoint. Goblin songs can be heard echoing in the distance. Dark magics reverberates from the very ground below your feet. Ancient powers are awakening. Sandpoint needs heroes.

If you would like a Player's Guide to this campaign, that teases what is to come, and gives some advice on starting out on this campaign, here's a copy of my PDF version I'll share.

No Caption Provided

Let's play Pathfinder!

I will be running the classic Pathfinder campaign, Rise of the Runelords. Your humble beginnings as a resident or visitor of Sandpoint will quickly escalate, forcing you to either become a legendary hero, or just another victim to the rising darkness. Do you have what it takes to become a hero?

How to play Pathfinder on ComicVine

We will be using a PBP (Play By Post) method. It's the same as playing on a tabletop, except you are posting what you would normally be saying. I will include specific formatting for posts at the bottom of this OP, but here is a small example of what a post might look like:

Celeste awoke in a foreign place. Someone must have summoned me here, but who?, the Sorceress thought.

"Alright, I'm here. What do you want?", she hears herself say, quite conscious of the breathy, husky quality of her voice. She wonders at her words, but nods after a moment. Rooms did not move people, rooms did not summon people, only beings did that.

Her eyes narrow and she looks around [perception], muttering an incantation [detect magic].

Perception Roll





Casting Detect Magic

Trying to discover what sort of magic summoned her to this place

That would be a typical post for this game.

Notice that there will be dice rolling. We will use this Dice Roller, or any other dice rolling website you prefer, but you must be able to show your rolls by either copy and pasting the roll, or posting a screen shot. The Dice Roller I used in the example above allows you to copy and paste multiple rolls easily.

There will also be some combat scenarios using grid based maps, like this one:

No Caption Provided

This is just a tool to help structure combat. You can state your actions, and where they take place by use of grid coordinates. Not all combat scenarios may require a map though. Some may be completed through just text.

Besides that, there will be basic Pathfinder rules, with any official Paizo content allowed. If you would like any unofficial content or rules, run it by me first. All that is necessary to play though is the free version of the core rules. I will link copies of the rules later in this OP.

Example of a Character Bio and Background

You will probably need to know what race and class (or classes) you will be playing to complete this section, so if you don't know the rules, you might want to at least see what races and classes are available, and pick which one sounds fun, even if you don't quite understand the mechanics at this point. But you're application should be something along the lines of what I put together in the spoiler block below.

Fialdus Reinhardt

No Caption Provided

Backstory:Fialdus, the...brave? Fialdus, the...powerful? Fialdus, the....boring...

Fialdus, the son of the great hero Stelio, sat at the Rusty Dragon Tavern, day dreaming of his future titles. He had been nursing the same mug of ale for the past hour. Normally by this time of night, Fialdus would be dancing and laughing his way into a drunken stupor, but today he just sat and pondered when his chance would come to earn the right to call himself his father's son.

Stelio Reinhardt, also known as Stelio the Trollsbane, had been a local legend of Sandpoint. The story goes that Stelio fought off a Troll in single combat. Fialdus had heard a thousand versions of the story. Some versions had his father wrestling the Troll into the ground with his bare hands, or fighting for 4 straight days before the Troll finally fell, others told that he cleaved the troll in half with a greatsword twice the size of a grown man. Fialdus always liked that last one.

But Fialdus never knew his father, besides from the stories. His father had left Sandpoint on some adventure, or so Fialdus had assumed. His mother never did tell him why his father left before he was born.

Fialdus, the...mighty? He was back to day dreaming of his own adventures.

Fialdus, the...heroic? Fialdius, the...sober!

"Hey! Ameiko!" Fialdus shouted at the Rusty Dragon's owner and operator, then turned his mug up and guzzled the whole thing."Another round? Make it two. I've got some catching up to do!".

So Fialdus waited, until the one day adventure would find him.


Fialdus has a chip on his shoulder. He wants to live up to his father's legendary status, yet doesn't really know how to do that. When he came of age, he took up arms with the city guard, thinking he'd have a chance to defend Sandpoint from evildoers, and make a name of himself. But after 7 years of throwing drunks in a cell until they sobered up, he realized that was never going to happen. Now he finds himself in that cell more often then he'd ever care to admit.

Fialdus is known in each tavern of Sandpoint as a regular. He wants nothing more then to make a name for himself, but he's done just that more then he realizes. People around town know him to be the hardest drinker, loudest talker, and worst dancer.

He may spend every night laughing, drinking and brawling, but he spends every day training. Unknown to everyone in town, Fialdus practices every morning with his greatsword. Surprisingly, he is fiercely determined to become more then, well, whatever it is that Fialdus currently is. He enjoys his drinking and nightlife, but he uses that behavior to put on a show for his friends in town. He doesn't want them to see this side of him, because he is embarrassed about not being the type of man his father is known for. He'd rather be seen as the carefree drunk, as someone who isn't meant for anything, as someone besides his father's son, because he is not worthy of being his father's son.

It doesn't have to be exactly like that, or even formatted like that, but let me know what is important about your character. I might even recommend submitting only a few short sentences that tell me about your character, while you keep your own more detailed bio for you to personally use to help roleplay your character better when we get to the game. It can be fun to have a firmly established character, but slowly building your character's life during play can be fun too. But all I need for now is the basics.

With Fialdus, I wanted to convey that he's a resident of Sandpoint, has a missing father, is a hard drinker, and is skilled with a great sword. If Fialdus was your character, that's about all you would have to tell me. Including his missing father could be a possible element to the campaign. If this is something you'd be interested in, be sure to include some sort of backstory that could pop up at some point during the campaign. Maybe your character has a childhood friend who is also his biggest rival, that is always one step ahead of you. Be creative.

You might want to consider having your character be from Sandpoint as well. Or if not from Sandpoint, visiting Sandpoint for some reason, like to attend the Swallowtail Festival that the campaign starts in. Maybe as a Cleric to make a pilgrimage to the new cathedral that has been built. Be creative.

Pathfinder Core Rulebook

If you need to look over the rules, now would be the time to do that, since I would like to start the game as soon as possible.

Paizo offers there entire rulebook online for free. I prefer the actual core rule book, and find the PRD difficult to navigate, but here is a link to Paizo's free rules.

In the spoiler block, is my PDF version of the Core Rule Book I'll share for this game. I will be structuring the game so you can learn as you play, but you should try to learn the basics of a D20 system, and the basics of how combat works in the mean time.

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Tagging everyone who expressed interest in the original thread. @spareheadone@believer@supremegeneration@fu-dog007@red_ruby_petal

This will be a lot simpler then the original thread I made, and you no longer need to have a completed character to apply. If you are accepted, we can complete your character as a group in a PM, where we can answer questions and I can help everyone out. I am structuring the game so new players can learn as we progress as well.

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Cool, I'm interested.

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@higherpower: Have you ever played Pathfinder? It's not a requirement that you have, so it's ok to say no.

If you want to play, just come up with a brief character description, and you're application is complete.

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I would be interested in playing. I have not played pathfinder before, but I've played Exalted which I think is somewhat similar.

I'll try making a character concept soon.

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@tparks: I've gotten a somewhat decent handle on the rules, as well as a few characters in mind. I'm definitely down now lol.

Here is the one of the characters I came up with (idk how set I am on him quite yet tho):

Kazimir Van Xander, Dhampir Inquisitor

No Caption Provided

Backstory: Kazimir Van Xander is a Dhampir, a creature that shares the blood of a human and Vampire. He was born to a human mother who worshiped the goddess Sarenrae as an esteemed cleric of the Sandpoint Chapel, but she tragically passed away in childbirth for Kazimir. The father was a charismatic yet deceitful vampire who charmed Kazimir's mother into bearing his child. He left after Kazimir was born.

After being born, the clerics at the Sandpoint Chapel took Kazimir into their care and treated him with respect and trust. The other villagers of Sandpoint on the other hand, not as much. The townsfolk treat Kazimir in a similar way as any normal person would treat someone who carries vampire blood; with fear and distrust. Thankfully, Kazimir tends to himself often and cares little for the people in town who fear him, instead focusing on his training of becoming an Inquisitor of Sarenrae.

Kazimir seeks revenge for the vampire who seduced his mother, in addition to a hatred for all undead. Most of the time, Kazimir spends his days training his mind and body to fight such foes, as well as any foes that would come to destroy the newly built Sandpoint Cathedral (which he assisted in constructing after the Chapel was destroyed). Over the years, Kazimir has grown quite skilled with the Scimitar, the favored weapon of Sarenrae.

During the Swallowtail Festival, Kazimir has been tasked by his fellow clerics to keep an eye on the festival and make sure nothing gets too out of hand (a job he doesn't mind taking).

Personality: Kazimir is very studious and withdrawn, having spent a large portion of his life simply among the clerics in Sandpoint and in dusty tomes/books. Kazimir prefers the company of them over most anyone else, but isn't shy from anyone who treats him decently.

Kazimir is also very religious, as he finds comfort under Sarenrae's light in the Sandpoint Cathedral. He seeks redemption from his tainted blood, and hopes to prove he can reject the evil nature of his heritage.

Despite his many years in the safety and solace of Sandpoint, Kazimir yearns to venture off and hunt the fiends of undeath to confirm to himself and others that he is not fated to be an unholy creature of the night.

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@fu-dog007: @believer:

Believer: Sounds good. 👍

Fu-dog007: Wow, went with an inquisitor Damphir. That’s awesome. I wasn’t expecting anyone to look outside of the core rules. The backstory sounds like it could provide some good material for the game too. 👍

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@tparks: I'm in, why not. I'll try to think of stuff up on the fly.

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@supremegeneration: Great. Start thinking of a character concept. It can be as basic as "Orius is a newly trained wizard, who is seeking adventure. His travels take him near Sandpoint, where he learns of the Swallowtail festival, and decides to stops to observe the festivities". That would be good enough at this point, but you would likely want to start thinking of the character's personality and how you will play him/her. Let me know if you have any questions.

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I'm am totally in to this. Never played Pathfinder, but I have played DnD...once.

Still would be excited.

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@tparks: Admittedly no, I haven't played it, but the premise is interesting and I'm a quick learner.

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@higherpower: @lucia_aurelius: I would suggest reading over the rules until I accept applications. They can be overwhelming at first, but there are a lot of videos and articles that help beginners. And I will teach as we play too. In the mean time, you should come up with a character concept. You don’t have to worry about mechanics at this point though, we can get to that later.

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@tparks: Thanks! I spent a lot of time the other day looking at the rules and https://paizo.com/pathfinderRPG/prd/ for all the different options I had for races/classes. I was hesitant to play something so different from the core book, but that's usually the kind of characters I make for DnD lol. The other characters I had in mind for this were a Dwarf Barbarian, Goblin Summoner, Human Skald, or Fetchling Rogue

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Argh. I would totally do this, but between RP comeback here and the 5e games I'm in, I'd just drag it down. Good luck though!

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@fu-dog007: Nice! Any of those would have been fun, but I really like what you did win Kazimir.

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@fu-dog007: @lucia_aurelius: @supremegeneration: @believer: @higherpower: I was planning on only using 4 people, but since 5 have said they want to play, I will make that work, but not anyone else, I’m just going to keep it to this group. When I’m able to get to my computer later tonight, I will take some time to start helping put your character sheets together. You will need your character concept/background to do this though. You can keep it simple if you like.

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@tparks: I won't be able to get up my character concept until tomorrow. If you want a rough idea, I'm basing him around a stealthier version of Eggsy from Kingsman (m4d g4dget sk1llz), but I'm also making him a form of tinkerer making random shiate out of nothing.

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@supremegeneration: Nice. There is a tinkerer subclass of the Alchemist, which is in the advanced player’s guide I believe. I’ve never seen anyone play it, but it sounds fun. You can build an automaton to follow you around, which sounds really cool.

You could maybe take a level of rogue to get your stealth too.

It’s completely up to you how you build it though. I shouldn’t interfere. Lol

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@tparks Character Concept

No Caption Provided


Akira was born a bastard under a renowned Blacksmith. After years of tension, he was cast out from the only home he knew by his family and forced to drift the streets. Eventually, he came across the Fight Pits, a one on one duel to the death, winner take all. Akira was never much of a fighter, much less a killer but he was desperate. "If they signed up for it, it's not murder right?" He thought to try and justify to himself. When he entered the arena though, he wasn't facing some distinguished warrior, no he was facing some scared kid not unlike himself. The fight was brutal, both clearly would have died had it not been for the other's lack of skill but Akira eventually prevailed. Joy was not a word Akira would have used to describe taking a life, but the fight was different. He had never felt so alive.

Several years later, Akira had become the Champion of the Pit. Warriors of different races, standings and skill came all around to challenge him but all eventually fell to his sword. One day, he caught the attention of a Princess. Knowing her father would never allow it, they kept their love secret for many months until a servant caught them. The Emperor had banished Akira from the surrounding lands, only being saved from death by his lover. She attempted to flee with him, but died during the escape to an Archer's rogue arrow.

Akira has now fled to Sandpoint, somewhere he is not known to try and get away from the bounty that now hovers over his head.


Although some might disagree, Akira is not an evil person. He will occasionally out of his way to help someone in need but his methods can be.. unorthodox. Years in the pit have made him find a love for dueling and fighting in general. He doesn't have as much experience hunting supernatural creatures as some other adventurers.

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Nice. Good luck with this.

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@tparks: Wow you put a lot of time into this! It actually looks really cool >.>

I wish you nothing but the best of luck! I'll be keeping my eyes on this cause... well... it just looks like super interesting way to RP on the site lol

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@tparks:Well, here goes:

No Caption Provided

Despite his appearances, Jason Vertelius was part of an unknown, unnamed organization put together by rich men in the events of catastrophe, on a completely different planet. Now something was on the verge of happening on another planet, so they sent their best man.

Chosen for his unique blend of tinkering intelligence and above-ordinary physique, Jason Vertelius was the man you sent to complete an impossible job. Abandoned by his parents at an early age, his displays of unique metalwork in a society where creativity was limited caught the eye of many. Eventually adopted by the Vertelius family, his creativity was allowed to flow through his own engineering station and he was enrolled in the most prestigious metalwork school on the planet.

His IQ was off the charts, he had multiple gold medals in gymnastics, was a black belt in every martial arts in the Vertelius family neighborhood, and was eyed by multiple intelligence agencies, both on and off the books. Eventually joining an off-the-books intelligence and military agency known as the Phoenix Foundation at 16, the earliest induction in any agency, Jason began training to the highest possible levels.

Today, he lives his life in pride of the man he became. He no longer wonders what happened to his birth family. His missions happen with no resources; he ventures into the unknown with simply his two hands and everything he can find when outside. Not that he needs to build; he can take most men without the need of help. But for when situations get a little more... dicey... it's good to have a backup plan.

His mission, now that he chose to accept it, is simply to investigate. Weird readings, messed up sensings, wards of warning, all have brought him to a small, secluded place known simply as Sandpoint. Of course, his first thought is naturally

What if this is something to do with the so-called... Swallowtail Festival?

Personality: This man is straight-forward: accomplish the mission no matter what. Work with whoever, be friendly, be nice, take lives if necessary. His intelligence can make a bit of an egoist at times. He's a bit weird; not socially but sometimes he can be. People are often put off by his asking for stuff in pockets, so some people don't take him seriously.

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@supremegeneration: That looks great! He should be fun. I’ll pm you tonight to help you start working on your character sheet. If you’re feeling confident, you can start without me though.

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@supremegeneration: Oh, and this is the character sheet I use, in case you decide to start without me, but you can use any sheet you like: http://commonroomgames.com/PF_char_sheet-fillable_3_pgs.pdf

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@tparks: I'll pretend not to be intimidated by that.

I won't be able to constantly respond, as based on our few conversations I'm guessing we're in different timezones or have different schedules (you're on much later than I am) so fair warning of a slow process.

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@tparks: I'll have a character concept soon.

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@tparks said:

@supremegeneration: Oh, and this is the character sheet I use, in case you decide to start without me, but you can use any sheet you like: http://commonroomgames.com/PF_char_sheet-fillable_3_pgs.pdf

Okay, how is someone supposed to save that once when it's filled out?

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@paragonxxx: @higherpower: @supremegeneration:

SG: Lol. I’ve been there when I first started. Don’t be nervous though. It seems like a lot to take in at first, but it gets easier once you start playing and get the hang of it. Also, if you can decide on a race and the class you will take for first level, I can leave more help for you tonight, so you can get to it on your schedule. I’m currently working a night shift, so it will be late night messages for the most part.

HP: 👍

PGxXx: You should be able to download the sheet and save it. Give it a try.

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@lucia_aurelius: @supremegeneration: @believer: @higherpower:

The link I gave for the character sheet is actually an older version. This one is a better version. It has more on it, so it can look more complicated, but you will be able to ignore a lot of it. The older one's Hit Point calculator wasn't working, so I wouldn't use it. Sorry if you already started with it.

@fu-dog007 The one you have started with is the correct one.

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PGxXx: You should be able to download the sheet and save it. Give it a try.

Thanks, but no. I was simply curious how one saved a character sheet like that. I'm afraid I won't be joining this game, so I wish you the best of luck. ^_^

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@lucia_aurelius: @higherpower: The other guys playing have gotten started on their character sheets. Try to get your concepts worked out today. It can be really short and basic. We pretty much just need a general idea, so when I help you put together your character sheets, we have an idea of what classes and abilities we should look at.

If you are able to pick a race and class without my help, you can do that too. Then we can get right into your character sheets. As soon as those are finished, we can start playing.