One shall Stand, One shall Fall: Rated R vs Longshot

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Several outposts have recently began to spring forth with the passing of the Registration Act. Many heroes and villains have been forced to work side by side and for the most part the Initiative has been running smoothly. However some villains, like Gambler’s right hand man, cannot bring themselves to work alongside the symbols of liberty and justice. Arrogant and out of control the Rated R Superstar has called out one such hero, Half man Half Amazing, other wise known as Longshot. Gladly the hero accepts the challenge brought before him and as the moon shines down on an old nearby cemetery, the two prepare to settle their dispute the old fashioned way.

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The dark blue sea reminded Longshot of his home across the pond,the silver moon reminded him of that faithful knight when retrieved his Ebony Blade and the surroundings didn't seem to help.Why did they have to fight at a cemetery?It gave Longshot doubts of his battle as he spun his legendary blade in his hand and toyed with his fuschia amulet.

Where can the old bugger be?

The Lost Messiah stood intrepidly in the reticent arena,he looked backwards and side to side,being vigilant was a plus when you didn't know where your enemy was.Soon he got tired of waiting and began to sneak around the tombstones furtively,hoping to stumble across Rated R Superstar yet found nothing.Perhaps his enemy was trying to make a statement by being fashionably late,but Longshot just leaned against a tombstone and nodded off as his black trenchcoat blew in the wind.

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There was barely any sound as the lethal assassin ran across the cemetery. The ball of his heels barely touched the ground as he seemingly glided atop the grass in full stride. As the self proclaimed, Last Messiah, started to come into view, the martial arts practitioner kicked it into another gear before weaving from side to side. His right hand held his sheathed Katanna down by his waist, his thumb securely wedged where handle and case met, ready to be drawn out at a moments notice.

In one movement the Rated R Superstar planted his foot on the top of a tombstone launching his body into the air at a sideways angle. Once reaching the apex of his jump his body began to drift upside down, while his left hand simultaneously fanned out three silver throwing stars between his fingers. While still in the air the HFC bodyguard unleashed the deadly projectiles at Longshot with precision and bad intentions.

Immediately as he landed his stance took on a defensive posture while unsheathing the hand crafted blade and twirling it under his arm. The first move had been made, there was no turning back now.

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The enhanced senses of Sir Kennedy alerted him of the presence of Rated R and he suddenly opened his eyes to see the killer launching himself off on of the many tombstones that graced the resting place of dead.Longshot could only marvel at the mans speed and superior ability to launch throwing stars.The Lost Messiah rolled to the ground and the metal clanked off the aged stone.

"There ye are,I was waiting all night!"

Longshot's thick English accent resonated in the air after the clang of shuruikens,he stood up and faced the man that seemed to want to kill him,he rushed automatically after carefully observing the mans movements and twirled the unbreakable ebony blade in his hand before spinning around for a heavy horizontal slash.Longshot just bobbed to the side of his own attack and jabbed in with a powerful strike of the blade.

This was no joke,the man was obviously a better fighter but Longshot would not be broken by the lack of his martial arts skills.He parried backwards into a defensive stance that he had learned from his teacher in the Queen's Navy.

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The sounds of metal on metal echoed throughout the night as the assassin’s throwing stars ricocheted harmlessly off Longshot’s battle suit. Quickly the hero rolled up to his feet before cutting lose with a sly remark in his thick British accent. Without warning or pause Longshot easily transitioned into an offensive series of moves. The first of which was an educated yet stylish twirl of his fascinating blade in the palm of his hands before unleashing a devastating horizontal slash, quickly followed by a straight forward thrust.

In his arrogance the Superstar attempted to block the first strike with merely his sheath. Instantly the majestic blade shattered the sheath and sliced the cocky killer along his midsection. However Rated R kept his composure, and utilizing the movements of Last Arrow managed to bring his Katanna around in an underhanded sideways swipe deflecting the straight forward thrust attack.

As the blood ran down the Instant Classic’s leg he began to smile. He had underestimated his opponent and it nearly coast him his life, it was a mistake he would not make again. Stabbing his blade into the ground the villain began slowly raising and lowering his hands and wrists in long drawn out motions. The surrounding area began to ripple as illusions of children playing began to overlap the cemetery. Before long the tombstones had been replaced by swing sets, and tittertatters.

The Master of Illusions was creating a perfect replica of a playground complete with smells of sand and sounds of laughter. As he spun around in a 360 unearthing his blade, he sent a reverse backedge slash aimed for Longshot’s chest. With any luck the underhanded villains illusion had caused the hero to lose focus and concentration.

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Longshot kept himself paced as his enchanted sword broke through the sheath of Rated R's katana.He kept his attack up with pressure and as much strength as he possibly could,it was successful and he pushed back after the killers underswipe blocked his second swipe upwards,he stumbled back and watched as the Superstar began to move in weird manners.Soon Longshot was sucked into another world,a world that was not of his own.

"What the Bloody hell?"

All the Lost Messiah could do was spin around looking for an answer to where he was,he paced towards the sings and touched the swing set hoping to find out if it was real,and to his sense of touch and sight it was.There was no answer until his Darkhawk amulet began glow,he looked at it it began to throb continuously,it was warning him and began to tear the illusions down.

Longshot's senses struck again and he turned around to see the Master of Illusion once again airborne and ready to strike.There was few seconds in between Sir Kennedy and he was frozen in time,stuck with fear at the killer.


The Amulet broke into a purple light and Longshot was covered in his signature armor,the blade met with the metal just before he was cut.He flew back from the pure force and he crashed into a tombstone,the rock cracked and fell atop Longshot,he tried to get up but he was still taking in the fact that he could have died if not for his amulet.The Ebony Blade laid about 10 yards from Rated R and he just and looked at the Ninja.

"I'm not ready for this."

Longshot thought to himself.